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					    Beta Alumni                                                                         Newsletter
   Volume CL - Number               1                          SIGMA TAU GAMMA                                             Winter - 2011

Sigma Tau Gamma to Celebrate
90 years At Kirksville with BIG                                            Websites established for Beta
reunion on July 29-31                                                      Alumni And Goetze
      The oldest and most prominent college fraternity at Truman
                                                                           Educational Foundation
State University will culminate a memorable year in its history next
July 29-31 when hundreds of brothers gather in Kirksville to celebrate           Much of Sigma Tau Gamma‘s illustrious history at Truman
the 90th anniversary of the chartering of Beta Chapter of Sigma Tau        State University is now accessible on the internet, thanks to the
Gamma. It will be the first reunion planned by the Beta Alumni             efforts of Pat Thornton, ‟92, who has created websites for both
Association since 1996 when the Diamond Anniversary Celebration            the Beta Alumni Association and the Goetze Educational
attracted nearly 700 brothers and family members.                          Foundation. The Beta Alumni Association website address is
                                                                  and the address for the
                                                                           foundation is
                                                                              ―The creation of these two websites represents a real
                                                                           milestone for Beta chapter and the foundation we created in
                                                                           1967 to support Sigma Tau Gamma at Kirksville,‖ said Keith C.
                                                                           Dinsmore, ‟65, who has recorded much of the chapter‘s history.
                                                                           ―They will assure that our young brothers in the future will have
                                                                           access to the publications that tell the story of Beta chapter‘s
                                                                           leadership throughout our history, which goes back to 1894
                                                                           when our predecessor, Phi Lambda Epsilon, was founded.‖
                                                                              He commended Brother Thornton, who serves as treasurer of
                                                                           the Goetze Foundation, for donating his time and expertise to
                                                                           make both websites possible and thanks Walter J. Podraza, ‟80,
    Keith C. Dinsmore,‟65, who chaired the Beta 75 Committee in            whose generous contribution to the Goetze Foundation has
1996 that conducted the reunion and fund drive to build the                underwritten the initial expense of its website.
Atterberry Brotherhood Center, has agreed to serve as general                 Brothers may peruse the chapter directory published in 1969,
chairman of the 90th anniversary reunion. He has also offered to           a brief history of the chapter published in 1971 for Beta
update the chapter‘s alumni records and publish a 90th anniversary         chapter‘s 50th anniversary celebration, the chapter directory
membership directory and historical booklet prior to the reunion. It       published in 1981 for the chapter‘s 60th anniversary, the
has been 30 years since Keith published the previous alumni directory      commemorative program for the Diamond Anniversary
for\ the 60th anniversary in 1981.                                         Celebration in 1996, the tabloid newspaper published in the
    ―It‘s time that we raise the banner again and celebrate our heritage   Kirksville Daily Express that year in recognition of Sigma Tau
as this incredible extended family of brothers,‖ said Keith. ―In the 14    Gamma‘s 75th anniversary at Truman State University, and the
years since our last reunion, we have welcomed an entirely new             program from the dedication of the Atterberry Brotherhood
generation of brothers into the chapter and we need to get to know         Center on April 26, 1997, contains a history of the houses
each other,‖ he said. ―There is a lot of enthusiasm among older and        occupied by Beta chapter since it was chartered in 1921.
young alumni alike, as well as chapter members to have a gathering            Brother Dinsmore is encouraging alumni to pull out from
we will long remember.‖                                                    their files past issues of the Beta Alumni Newsletter as well as
    Preliminary plans call for a golf tournament at the Kirksville         old chapter composites and other historic photographs so that
Country Club on the afternoon of July 29 and an opening reception          they may also be posted on the website to preserve them
that evening. Saturday‘s events will be centered at the chapter house
with the dedication of a new courtyard followed by an old-fashioned
                                                                           for history. Photos can be scanned and emailed to him at
barbecue on the grounds with time for lots of visiting. A reception ―We will be glad to give
and banquet will be held at the Shrine Club that evening and the           appropriate credit to those who are willing to help us
festivities will conclude with an interdenominational worship and          preserve the chapter‘s history,‖ he said. Recently, Larry
memorial service on Sunday morning when tribute will be paid to            D. Magee, ‟60, who served the fraternity as field secretary
departed brothers.                                                         after graduation, turned over his entire file for the
            Richard H. Holmes, ‟74, the new alumni president will          archives, including the first issue of the Beta Alumni
chair the golf tournament, and R. Barry Bloom, ‟64, of Golden,             Newsletter published 50 years ago in October 1960.
Colo., a minister, will preside over the memorial service. Other              Alumni are also encouraged to post their personal
committee assignments will be announced soon and registration
                                                                           information and reflections on being part of Sigma Tau
information will be mailed to all alumni in the spring.                    Gamma at the Beta Alumni Association website.

                                                                                                                                   Newsletter 1
Brothers rally to support Josh                                      LETTER TO SIGMA TAU GAMMA ALUMNI
Flint and son who fought                                            Dear Fellow Alumni of Beta Chapter,

courageous battle against                                              As we wind down activities for 2010, we want to express our gratitude and
                                                                    deep appreciation to each of you who responded to our appeal in October for
leukemia                                                            contributions to our 90th Anniversary House Renovation Fund as well as for
                                                                    annual dues and Life Memberships in the Beta Alumni Association. The
                                                                    tremendous response we received enabled your Alumni Association to move
                                                                    forward on some badly-needed improvements to improve the safety and
                                                                    maintenance of our chapter house.

                                                                        Our annual meeting at Homecoming was uplifting for everyone who was
                                                                    there as brothers expressed their commitment to supporting the Beta Alumni
                                                                    Association‘s ambitious plans to make our chapter house more inviting. There
                                                                    was also a lot of excitement expressed about our plans to hold our largest
    When Lucas Flint, son of Joshua D. Flint, 04, and his wife
                                                                    reunion ever next July 29-31 in celebration of Sigma Tau Gamma‘s 90th
Tiffany, was diagnosed with leukemia in June, several fraternity
                                                                    anniversary on campus. Since we haven‘t published a chapter directory in 30
brothers from Beta chapter soon learned of it and sprung in to
                                                                    years, Keith Dinsmore has been working day and night to locate our more than
action. As Lucas began an aggressive chemotherapy program to
                                                                    1,600 living brothers to include them in a publication that will help all of us stay
treat the rare disease known as acute myelogenous leukemia, Sig
                                                                    in closer touch with our old friends. He has also been collecting email addresses
Taus helped organize a Bone Marrow Drive in an effort to find a
                                                                    to enable us to communicate more frequently with our fellow alumni.
suitable donor.
                                                                       With all these accomplishments, we still have much to do in the months
   On July 10, more than 100 people showed up at St. Ambrose
                                                                    ahead in order to complete the projects that our new Chapter House Renovation
Church in St. Louis to see if they would be a match for an
                                                                    Committee has proposed. The committee – comprised of Rob Shults, ‟82, of
eventual bone marrow transplant Lucas will need following the
                                                                    Dallas, Tex., and Ken Slaughter, ‟73, of Cedar Rapids, Mike Standfuss of
chemotherapy treatments. Normally, only about 30 people show
                                                                    Farmington, in addition to President Dick Holmes, ‟74 – has proposed
up at such a drive. One fraternity brother said he was there to
                                                                    improvements that carry a price tag of nearly $38,000. In the past two months,
help because he didn‘t know what he would do if the roles were
                                                                    we have received about $10,000 of that amount, so we still have a ways to go
reversed and it was his child who needed help.
                                                                    before we reach our goal. (For an itemized listing of house projects, go to the
   Brothers then established the Lucas Flint Fund to help the       Beta Alumni website at
family meet the considerable medical expenses the family is
incurring with Lucas‘ treatment. A Trivia Night was then               When we gather in Kirksville next July for our reunion, we hope that each of
scheduled to raise money for the fund. Eric J. Barnhart, ‟04,       us will feel good about our having made a personal investment in the future of
who is in charge of the fund, reports that three tables of Beta     Beta chapter by contributing to this effort. In addition to your annual dues or
chapter alumni along with their families and friends attended the   becoming a Life Member of the Beta Alumni Association, we hope you will
event and that the winning table was composed of Sig Tau            consider a contribution in some amount to protect our investment and make
brothers. ―They promptly donated back the cash prize so that the    certain our facilities are ―second to none‖ on campus. You can remit by mail or
money could be used to help pay Lucas‘ medical bills,‖              go online and make a contribution at our website by using PayPal. Either way,
according to Eric, who reported that the event raised more than     we thank you!
                                                                       All donors – as well as dues payers and new Life Members – will be
    Sadly, Lucas lost his courageous battle on Nov. 17, despite     recognized in the spring issue of the revived Beta Alumni Newsletter. We
his family and friends doing everything they could to provide       thank you for your continued support and look forward to seeing many of you
what he needed to sustain his life. Josh and his wife, Tiffany,     next summer in Kirksville. It promises charter on July 30, 1921. We extend to
report that they made it through Christmas despite some rough       you and your family a joyful Christmas and a happy and prosperous New Year!
   ―Tiff and I are both still stunned with how quickly Lucas was    Richard Holmes – President                               Brad Beard - Treasurer
taken,‖ writes Josh. ―We both thought he would be with us for
one more Christmas. That said, we‘re thankful the Lord took
him when He did because Lucas was in a lot of pain.‖

   ―Lucas‘s grave marker arrived a couple weeks ago and we are
extremely pleased with his final resting place at Lakeview
                                                                                 Beta Alumni Newsletter
                                                                                        SIGMA TAU GAMMA FRATERNITY
Memorial Gardens in Fairview Heights,‖ writes Josh. ―I‘ve
never seen a more beautiful cemetery.‖                                       Official publication of the Beta Chapter of Sigma Tau Gamma
                                                                             Fraternity, Inc. and the Beta Alumni Association, Inc.
    To read more of Lucas‘ inspiring story, you can read about it
at                             Address all communications to the Beta Alumni Newsletter,
                                                                             Editor, P.O. Box 686 Kirksville, Mo. 63501 or by email to

                                                                                          Published Since 1960
                                                                                                                                       Newsletter 2
                                 Homecoming 2010

Joe Hasenstab and Blue Key members
Joseph K. Hasenstab, '60, of Nevada City, Calif., is pictured to right at
Homecoming with Keith Dinsmore, '65, and four Beta chapter leaders who
are all members of the Blue Key Honor Society. Brother Hasenstab awards
an annual scholarship to benefit a member of Blue Key and recognize
campus leadership and service. Others pictured from left are Mike
McKenzie, Caleb Hulsey, Ryan Cochran and John Cicotte, who is the new
president of Sigma Tau Gamma at Truman State. Brother Hasenstab,
founder of Performance Learning Systems, recently published an
autobiography which describes many of his experiences as a leader within
the chapter and on campus when he was a student.

           Dr. Joe Visker, the new adviser for Beta
           Chapter, is pictured at right getting acquainted
           with several loyal brothers who returned for
           Homecoming then gathered at the Dukum Inn
           after the football game. Pictured from left are
           Ben Beard, '75, who recently completed many
           years of service as secretary of the Beta Alumni
           Association; Bruce Allen, '82, who traveled
           from Asheboro, N. C., Wally Podraza, '80, from
           Sterling Heights, Mich., Kirk Walker, '82, from
           Liberty, Mo., and Dr. Visker.

         Ed Harvey Honored for Service
         Edwin G. Harvey, '79, a partner in the Thompson Coburn
         law firm in St. Louis, was honored by Beta chapter during
         the annual Homecoming alumni meeting for his
         extraordinary service during the past year in representing
         Beta chapter when it faced disciplinary sanctions because
         of the actions of a few members. A plaque expressing
         appreciation for his leadership and selfless service was
         presented by Mike McKenzie and Brian Sammons on
         behalf of the chapter. Brother Harvey was honored with a
         standing ovation from his fellow alumni after accepting
         the award.

                                                                            Newsletter 3
                            Alumni Spotlight
                                                                Rev. Bill Koch Honored in June at
Guy Burton – Athlete, Educator,
                                                                Retirement as District
Entrepreneur is a Loyal Alumnus
   Guy N. Burton, ‟53, a loyal alumnus of Sigma Tau             Superintendent of United
Gamma and Truman State, is now retired after a                  Methodist Church
successful career as an educator and businessman. A star             Rev. William F. Koch, ‟67, was honored at a
athlete in college, Guy was first team all-conference in        reception in Kirksville upon his retirement this summer as
football for two years and also ran on the track team. He       District Superintendent for the Mark Twain Distsrict of
taught and coached in Kansas City then served as a school       the United Methodist Church. Dr. Robert A. Libby, ‟60,
administrator.                                                  led the tribute to Bill by praising his example of
    Guy subsequently established an award-winning               ―shepherdship‖ on behalf of his fraternity, his church and
swimming pool construction business in the Kansas City          his community.
area. He designed and installed pools at the homes of such         A native of Trenton, Bill served Sigma Tau Gamma as
notable figures as Hank Stram, Buck O‘Neill, Lenny              a chapter counselor for two years then spent over a decade
Dawson and Sen. Kit Bond. Guy and his wife, Betty, also         in business before he felt a call to the ministry and entered
a Truman graduate, have four grown children, including          the Saint Paul School of Theology in Kansas City. After
Dr. Michael D. Burton, ‟73, an osteopathic physician in         graduating in 1985, he spent the next 20 years serving
Key West, Fla.                                                  congregations in Wellington, Springfield, Nixa, Cameron
   A recipient of Truman State‘s ―Alumni of the Year‖           and Sikeston. Bill and his wife, the former Marti Acuff,
award, Guy also collects World War II memorabilia               returned to Kirksville in 2005 when he was named District
including items from Adolf Hitler and Evan Braun. Guy           Superintendent. (Marti is a sister of Charles D. Acuff,
and Betty love to travel and have been all over the world,      ‟56, and the late J. Frederick Acuff, ‟57, and a cousin of
mainly on ocean cruises. Beta Chapter salutes one of its        Jack R. Acuff, ‟51.)
most accomplished brothers: Guy Burton.                            They recently moved to Lake Viking near Gallatin and
                                                                plan to do a lot of traveling during retirement, especially
B. J. Pumroy Names Director of                                  to the homes of their children in Chandler, Ariz.,
                                                                Algonquin, Ill., and Kansas City. Bill was also recently
Athletics at Shepherd University.                               elected as vice president of development of the Goetze
   B. J. Pumroy, „ 92, a former adviser to Beta chapter,        Educational Foundation.
has been named Shepherd University‘s new director of               In addition to Dr. Libby, other brothers who attended
athletics and began his new duties on June 30. A former         the reception in Bill‘s honor were Carl R. Baldwin, ‟58,
head baseball coach at Truman State who earned a                R. Russell Harrison, ‟55, Larry E. Whitney, ‟58, E.
master‘s degree in sports administration from                   Wayne Newman, ‟58, and Keith C. Dinsmore, ‟65, who
Northwestern (La) State, B. J. then served as assistant         hired Bill more than 40 years ago to serve on the Sigma
athletic director at Truman.                                    Tau Gamma headquarters staff.
     Before going to Shepherd this summer, B. J. was
athletic director at Valley City (N. D.) State University. In
his new position, B. J. will direct the activities of all       Dick Darrah is noted New York
coaches and staff in addition to attracting private funds to    Life agent in his hometown
support the school‘s athletic programs.                             Richard E. Darrah, ‟76, a former chapter president,
                                                                has enjoyed an enviable career as a leader in the insurance
Brandt Crocker Honored by                                       industry as an agent for New York Life in his hometown
                                                                of Corydon, Ia. A chartered life underwriter, Dick has
Drum Corps International                                        been honored by his company for 30 years and has
    Brandt D. Crocker, ‟62, was honored last spring by          qualified for the Million Dollar Round Table for 19 years.
Drum Corps International when he was inducted into the              Dick and his wife, the former Sue Warren, have raised
organization‘s Hall of Fame. A former teacher, school           three children; Brandon, 29, Grant, 25 and Cassandra, 19,
superintendent and business owner, Brandt has been ―The         who is attending the University of Wisconsin at Madison
Voice of DCI‖ since the first world championship event          on a softball scholarship. Dick and Sue plan to spend a lot
was held in 1972.                                               of time this spring following her team in competition.
    Brandt continues to be the voice of Marching Mizzou
at the University of Missouri. He and his wife, Janet, live      MARK YOUR CALENDAR FOR JULY 29-31
in Ankeny, Ia., and have two children – Greg and Erin.
                                                                   AND OUR 90th ANNIVERSARY REUNION

                                                                                                                Newsletter 4
        Sireno serves as President of                                         Dr. Larry Wickless completes
        Darton College in Georgia                                             Presidency of American
           Dr. Peter J. Sireno, ‟64 has been president of Darton              Osteopathic Association
        College, one of the largest of the University System of                   A former chapter treasurer of Sigma Tau Gamma at
        Georgia‘s two-year colleges, for 16 years. The school ,               Kirksville recently completed his term as the 113th president of
        located in Albany, has grown from less than 2,00 students             the American Osteopathic Association, the first member of the
                                                                              fraternity to hold that position. Dr. Larry A. Wickless, ‘63, a
        to more than 4,500 students during his tenure.
                                                                              native of Unionville, Mo., has practiced gastroenterology in
           Before he became president of Darton, Brother Sireno               Farmington Hills, Mich., for more than 35 years.
        serves as provost of the Dale Mabry Campus of                             Also an educator and mentor, Dr. Wickless is a clinical
        Hillsborough Community College in Tampa, Fla., a                      professor of medicine at the Michigan State University College
        campus with 18,000 students. Prior to that, he was dean of            of Osteopathic Medicine and served nine years on the Board of
        Dodge City Community College in Kansas for two years.                 Trustees for the A. T. Still University-Kirksville College of
        He holds bachelors and masters degrees from Truman                    Osteopathic Medicine.
        State and the Ed.D. degree from the University of                         Dr. Wickless joined the AOA Board of Trustees in 2000 and
        Missouri.                                                             was instrumental in establishing the Osteopathic International
                                                                              Alliance, which he chaired for three years. He has served as
           Dr. Sireno was also recently a finalist for the
                                                                              president of the Kirksville Osteopathic Alumni Association and,
        presidency of Gwinnett College, the newest campus in the              in December, received the Distinguished Service Award from his
        University.                                                           alma mater at the AOA convention in New Orleans.
           Beta Chapter congratulations Brother Sireno on the                      John Crosby, the AOA Executive Director, recently spoke of
        leadership he has provided for higher education in the                similarities that he sees between Andrew Taylor Still, the
        State of Georgia.                                                     founder of osteopathy, and Dr. Wickless..                  ―Maybe
                                                                              Orleans.Crosby, the AOA Executive Director, maybe the
                                                                              similarities originate in their shared roots in Missouri or in their
     Peace Corps Volunteer Louis Byers, ’63,                                  shared demands for facts and truths,‖ said Crosby.
                                                                                  ―Whatever it is, I can‘t help but thinking that if A. T. were
     Now Retired in Guam … and Batanes                                        alive today, there is nobody he‘d more enjoy discussing the
                                                                              future of osteopathic medicine with than our immediate past
                                                                              president, Dr. Larry Wickless.‖
                                                                                  A native of Unionville, where his father, Paul, was
                                                                              superintendent of schools, Larry was a highly respected leader of
                                                                              Beta Chapter as chapter treasurer before he graduated and began
                                                                              his studies at KCOM.
                                                                                Dr. Wickless and his wife, Carol Crosby Wickless, have two
                                                                              sons, Scott Wickless, also a D. O., and Kevin Wickless, an

          Of the more than 2,100 brothers who have been part of Sigma Tau Gamma at Kirksville in the past 90 years, few have lived
a more interesting and challenging life than Louis C. Byers, ‟63. A native of University City, Louie began his lifetime of service to
others as a social studies teacher for three years at Cloudcraft (N. M.) High School before becoming a Peace Corps volunteer in 1966.
          He was assigned to teach at the Mahatao Elementary School at Batanes in the Philippines and remained there for three years.
He then went to Guam where he served as guidance counselor for the Guam Department of Education, retiring in 1995. Louie
subsequently taught remedial reading at the Oleai Elementary School for the Commonwealth of the Northern Marianas, retiring from
that position in 1999.
          Louie‘s wife, Dolly, is a graduate of the Philippine Normal College of Manila, Philippines and they have two grown sons,
Theodore and Louis. Since they fully retired, Louie and Dolly have built a vacation home in Mahatao, Batanes in the Philippines,
near her old family home, and close to where they met while teaching at the elementary school. They now go back and forth between
there and their home on Guam—three weeks in Batanes then two weeks on Guam.
          He explains that it is only 1,500 miles between Manila and Guam so they have a three-hour flight between their two home
bases. ―All of our mail goes to Guam since mail takes one month to reach Batanes,‖ Louie writes. ―Batanes is the northern most
province in the Philippines and is just 80 miles southeast of Taiwan,‖ he says. ―We now have 24 hour power in Mahatao along with
cell phone and broadband service, although the broadband is very slow.‖
          Louie and Dolly have a Honda motorcycle that they use to get around in Batanes, which is composed of 10 islands, but only
three are inhabited (population 18,000). ―We have bought two small fields and have planted fruit trees,‖ he writes. ―We enjoy
gardening and planting flowers. Batanes is very quiet, clean and peaceful. We get a lot of fresh vegetables, fruits, and fish.‖ Louie
reports that there are a few small hotels and that they are getting more cultural tourists, which is helping the local economy.
          He has maintained contact through the years with James C. Owen, ‟63, of St. Charles, Mo., and is grateful that Jim
forwarded to him emails from Keith Dinsmore this spring to put him back in touch with his fraternity brothers. Louie‘s life journey
has taken him a long way from Kirksville, but few of his brothers can claim a more interesting or purposeful life than the one he has
led since joining the Peace Corps and moving to the islands. Brothers who would like to get in touch with Louie can email him at
                                                                                                                                     Newsletter 5
                Brothers through the Years
                           1950‟s                                        William A. Lewis, ‟64, an original member of the Blue Notes
    David D. Rissler, ‟51, retired in 1993 after 42 years as an       quartet when he was in college, recently retired as Municipal
instrumental music instructor, many of them in Creston, Ia.,          Judge for the City of Lee‘s Summit after 34 years in that role but
where he continues to live with his wife, Kathryn. They have          continues to practice law. A former president of the Missouri
two grown daughters, Melodie Ann and Heather Leigh.                   Municipal Associate Judges Association, Bill specializes in
    Dr. Gale O. Jones, ‟53, enjoyed a successful career as a          estate planning, including wills, trusts and asset protection. Bill
physician in Kansas City and is now retired in Ethel, Mo. Gale        and his wife, Carol, live in Lee‘s Summit and he has three grown
and his wife, Elizabeth, have been married for 52 years and they      children;; Dr. Daniel Lewis, a chiropractor, Matthew, an
have two sons and a granddaughter.                                    entertainer in Las Vegas, and Catherine, who lives in Dallas,
    Max C. Thompson, ‟53, retired in 1992 as a school                 Tex. Bill starred in many musical productions when he was a
administrator in Cedar Rapids, Ia., and now lives with his wife,      student at Kirksville.
Arlene, at Hot Springs Village, Ark. He was principal at
Washington High School when it was honored as a Blue Ribbon
School by President Reagan. Max, a native of Allerton, Ia.,               J., Alan Daniels, ‟70, a former educator in the
continues to work part time as a realtor in his retirement. They      Kirksville schools, is now office manager for the
had two children, Gwen and Kenton.                                    Kirksville Country Club and also substitutes part-time as a
    Judge Stanley A. Grimm, ‟54, is retired in Cape Girardeau,        rural mail carrier. Alan and his wife, Lynda, have three
Mo., after completing a distinguished career as a lawyer and          grown children – Wendy, Michael and Bryan.
judge on the Missouri Court of Appeals. After graduating from             John K. Ruggeberg, ‟70, is the student teaching
the University of Missouri law school, Brother Grimm began his        supervisor at Winona State University, where he lives
law practice in Cape Girardeau. He was elected circuit court
                                                                      with his wife, the former Jan Van Deventer. A native of
judge in 1972 and held that position until 1987 when he was
appointed to th eastern district of the court of appeals,             DeWitt, Ia., John was formerly a teacher and coach for
headquartered in St. Louis. Since retiring from the bench in          more than 35 years. His brother, Mark W. Ruggeberg,
1998, he has been a mediator and arbitrator. Stan and his wife,       ‟73, lives at Jordan, Minn.
Jane, spend two months each year at Longboat Key in Florida.              Donald D. “Bucky” Green, ‟71, and his wife,
Their three sons—David, Mark and John – have all followed in          Barbara, live at Auxvasse, Mo., where Bucky is a retired
their father‘s footsteps by becoming lawyers.                         teacher. A native of Hannibal, he and Barbara have four
    Marvin E. Russell, ‟59, retired in 1996 after serving as          grown children. He enjoys working with kids, coaching
senior sales operation manager for Amoco Oil Co. in Springfield,      and spending time with his grandkids.
Ill. Marv and his wife, Anne, a registered nurse, have two grown
                                                                          Drennan M. Cloyd, ‟72, a native of Staunton, Ill.,
children—Heather and Thomas.
                                                                      continues to enjoy a successful business career as an oil
                           1960‟s                                     developer and now makes his home at Osage Beach on the
  Francis B. Sporer, ‟61, lives in Virginia Beach, Va., where he      Lake of the Ozarks. He and his wife, Judi, have three
is semi-retired but continues doing free-lance graphic design and     daughters – McKinzie, Shelby and Baillie. Drennan
maintains a massage practice. Specializing in pain elimination        comes from a prominent Sigma Tau Gamma family as his
and sports massage – having worked on John McEnroe and                father, Marshall Cloyd, ‟45, and three uncles Gordon T.
Rudolf Nureyev as well as many musicians, He has been an
                                                                      Cloyd, ‟46, Jack L Drennan, ‟43, and Dr. Ollin J.
advanced massage therapy instructor of the Cayce/Reilly School
of Massotherapy in Virginia Beach.               Francis was art      Drennan, ‟46, were all members of Beta chapter. Dr.
director/designer of a bimonthly magazine for 23 years until          Drennan, who died last year, was a distinguished
2007 and continues singing in four choruses.                          professor at Truman State and served as national president
    Gary G. Hendren, ‟62, a former college basketball star,           of the fraternity.
retired in 1997 after a notable career as a teacher and athletic          Daniel J. Klein, ‟72, lives in Wake Forest, N. C.,
coordinator at Parkway Central High School in St. Louis county.       where he is a long distance moving contractor. A founder
A native of Gilman city, Gary and his wife, Lynda live in             of the National Moving Contractors Association, Dan was
Maryland Heights. He has two grown daughters, Sheri and Jana,         named North Carolina‘s ―Mover of the Year‖ in 1990. He
and enjoys philatelic activities.
                                                                      is the father of three grown children.
    Lawrence B. Beaver, ‟63, and his wife, the former Stevie
Chromoga, are enjoying retirement at Osage Beach, Mo., near               David L. Umbarger, ‟72, is a retired teacher in the
the Lake of the Ozarks. Larry was a teacher and coach, then           Hazelwood School District, who now lives in St. Charles,
athletic director and principal at the Kansas School for the Deaf     Mo., with his wife, the former Susan Zieger, an alumnae
in Olathe, Kan., for 35 years until he retired in 2000. They have     of Western Illinois. Hey have a daughter, Lauren, 23,
two grown children, daughter Kelly and son Cory.                      who graduated from Mizzou and now teaches in St.
           E. Gene Schneider, ‟63, retired in 1997 as director of     Charles. A talented artist, Dave is enjoying golf during
the physical plant at Truman State and lives in Kirksville with his   his retirement. His father, the late Robert E. Umbarger,
wife, Ginny. They have three children—Julie, Tracy and Rob.           ‟50, was a school administrator.

                                                                      Dr. Darren G. Deering, ‟95, is associate program
                          1980‟s                                   director for internal medicine and works on the inpatient
                                                                   medicine service at the V. A. Medical Center in Phoenix,
    Judge Kevin L. Walden, ‟80, is Associate Circuit
                                                                   Ariz. A native of Greenville, Mo.and a 1999 graduate of
Judge for Carroll County in his hometown of Carrollton,
                                                                   KCOM, Darren was in search of a warmer climate when
Mo. A graduate of the University of Iowa College of Law,
                                                                   he moved to Phoenix for an internship in the internal
he served as prosecuting attorney of Carroll County for
                                                                   medicine and pediatrics program at a hospital. He was
seven years before he was elected to the judgeship.
                                                                   recognized by the University of Arizona Medical School
Following the tradition of his father and two older
                                                                   for excellence in resident teacher and was named ―Senior
brothers, Kevin is now serving as master of the Masonic
                                                                   Resident of the Year‖ in Pediatrics.
Lodge in Carrollton. Kevin and his wife, Linda, enjoy
                                                                      Mike A. Wilson, ‟91, and his wife, Terri, live in
spending time at the Lake of the Ozarks. Son Michael
                                                                   Kansas City‘s northland area with their four sons. Mike is
lives in Carrollton and daughter Kayla I a senior at
                                                                   vice president for consumer administration for UMB Bank
Mizzou. Kevin was recently elected to serve as a trustee
                                                                   in Kansas City and is involved in many volunteer
of the Goetze Educational Foundation.
                                                                   activities. He is active in the Truman State alumni
     Timothy C. Yancey, ‟80, is in sales with Alpha
                                                                   association and his parish. A native of Odessa, Mo., Mike
Packaging in St. Louis and lives in Maryland Heights. A
                                                                   also trains for marathons.
native of Hannibal, Tim enjoyed seeing old friends at
                                                                      Joseph R. Kraichely, ‟82, was recently promoted to
homecoming this year and has already made a hotel
                                                                   corporate financial manager of fleet management for
reservation in Kirksville for the 90th anniversary reunion
                                                                   Enterprise Leasing in St. Louis, overseeing the financial
next July.
                                                                   operations of the company‘s fleet management offices in
    Mark W. Martens, ‟81, is senior vice president for
                                                                   the northeast. Joe and his wife, the former Ellen Wood (a
business banking at Wachovia Bank in Daytona Beach,
                                                                   Tri-Sigma at Truman State), have moved from Mason,
Fla. A Kirksville native, he is married to Terri and has a
                                                                   OH., back to the St. Louis area with teir sons, Kyle, 13,
daughter, Tiara, 24.
                                                                   Ryan, 10, and Tyler, 5.
    Todd E. Allen, ‟81, is a commercial insurance broker
for Italiano Insurance Services in Tampa, Fla. A native of                                 2000‟s
Kansas City,Todd is single and has two children, Brooks               John P. Phelps, ‘00, and his wife, Laura, live in
and Paige.                                                         Kansas City where he is a systems architect with the
    J. Thomas Breen, ‟81, has enjoyed a successful career          Cerner Corp. John has a bachelor‘s degree in Business
in sales and lives in Jacksonville, Ill., with his wife, Jane, a   Administration from UMKC and he enjoys barbecuing,
graduate of SIU-Edwardsville. They have a daughter,                fishing and golf.
Katie, who is a recent graduate of SIU. Tom‘s brother,                 Dr. James W. George, ‟00, a chiropractor, is a
Joseph W. Breen, ‟88, is a science teacher at Francis              consulting physician for the Central Institute for Human
Howell North High School and lives in O‘Fallon, Mo.                Performance in St. Louis. He has taught and lectured on
          Charles L. Scalise, ‟85, a former chapter                chiropractic rehabilitation throughout the U. S. and
president, practiced law in Florida for 20 years before            Canada and has published numerous articles in peer-
moving to Austin, Tex., two years ago to join the Ross             reviewed journals. Jim is also the senior staff physician at
Law Group, where he specialized in employment law. A               the Musculoskeletal Pain in Pregnancy Clinics at Barnes-
native of Hampton, Ia., Chuck graduated from the                   Jewish Hospital.
University of Iowa School of Law where he was Associate                Matthew J. Barnhart, ‟01, is a senior associate in the
Editor of the Iowa Law Review. His brother, Dr. Steven             law firm of Evans & Dixon in St. Louis, concentrating on
V. Scalise, ‟79, is a D.O. in Westerville, Ohio.                   the firm‘s workers‘ compensation practice. A law
                          1990‟s                                   graduate at UMKC, Matt lives in the historic Soulard
                                                                   neighborhood in St. Louis.
   James M. Schafer, ‟90, is a strategic communication
                                                                       Ryan K. Shreve, ‟02, lives in Olathe, Kan., where he
and training specialist at the University of Iowa. Jima nd
                                                                   is assistant controller for Garmin International. A former
his wife, the former Maureen Schafer, live in Coralville
                                                                   chapter president, Ryan is a step-son of the late John H.
and they have two daughters, Adriana, 10, and Lauren, 8.
                                                                   Jepson, ‟62, and is active in Truman State alumni
   Matthew l. Higginbotham, ‟91, and his wife, Karen,
                                                                   activities in the Kansas City area. Ryan and his wife, the
live in O‘Fallon, Mo., whre they own the Fresh Steps
                                                                   former Lauren Rase, have a one-year-old son, Grant.
Carpet Cleaning business and a real estate development
                                                                       Gregory W. Millman, ‟02, is a student at the Ross
company, Hig Investments. Matt and Karen have three
                                                                   University School of Medicine studying to earn an M. D.
children – Jessica, Justin and Josh – and are very active in
                                                                   degree. A native of Moline, Ill., Greg loves triathlons and
their church. Hey enjoy traveling, boating, water skiing
                                                                   distance running. He is glad to see the increased alumni
and scuba diving.
                                                                   organization and involvement for Sigma Tau Gamma.
   Jon O. Tavares, ‟96, is the Hawaii Regional Manager
                                                                       Dale M. Sweetnam, ‟04, is stationed at the Pentagon
for Standard Parking and they live at Kailua. A native of
                                                                   where he is a staff sergeant and a public affairs specialist
Makawao on Maui, Jon and his wife, Michele, have three
                                                                   for the U. S. Army. Dale has a son, 3, and is engaged to
sons – Jon, 7, Oren, 5, and Paul, 2.
                                                                   Olivia Christensen.
                                      Chapter Eternal

Gerald E. Carmody, ’72,            of Panama City, Fla.,
                                                                      Dr. Jay G. Crump, ’73, a former president of Beta
                                                                     Chapter, died at his home in Rolla, Mo., on Nov. 26, 2010
passed away September 2, 2010. Gerry was born and raised
                                                                     after a brief illness at the age of 60. A native of Kirksville,
in Oak Park, Ill. He lived and worked in Iowa and Illinois,
                                                                     Jay earned his D. O. degree from KCOM (now A. T. Still
and had been a resident of Panama City since 1991.
                                                                     University) and was Chief Medical Officer at the Phelps
                                                                     County Regional Medical Center in Rolla.
Gerry was a graduate of Fenwick High School, Oak Park,
                                                                               He practiced in the state of Washington for several
Ill., and Wentworth Military Academy, Lexington, Mo. He
                                                                     years until returning to Missouri in 1981 to join the staff of
also attended Truman State University, Kirksville, Mo.
                                                                     the hospital in Rolla, working in the emergency room. He
                                                                     became Medical Director of Emergency Services three years
Gerry worked as manager of Skyline Farms in Kenwood,
                                                                     later, a position he held for 13 years when Jay became was
Iowa. He was the co-developer of Rock Island Brewing
                                                                     named Vice President and Chief Medical Officer. His
Company and five other Mississippi Brewing Companies in
                                                                     greatest passion was the emergency department that he
Iowa and Illinois. He was a partner in Code South, Panama
                                                                     watched grow from a five bed facility to its current 25 rooms.
                                                                     Jay is survived by his wife, the former Lugene Rust of
                                                                     Houston, Mo., and their three children – Seth, Lindsey and
Gerry was dedicated to improving his community. He was a
                                                                     Sarah – along with a grandson and a brother, Gary Crump
co-founder of America‟s first bi-state St. Patrick‟s Day
                                                                     of Warrensburg. A memorial service for Dr. Crum was held
Parade and the proud parade lead for 30 years. He served as
                                                                     on Dec. 19 at the Oak Meadow Country Club in Rolla.
the co-chair of a successful school sales tax referendum and
was co-chair of the committee to build the area‟s first public
swimming pool. Gerry was a member and Multiple Paul                  Dr. Henry E. “Hank” Scott Jr., ’54,                died at his
Harris Fellow of the Rotary Club of Panama City; a                   home in Arlington Heights, Ill., on Oct. 11, 2010 at the age of
member of the Educational Facilities Planners Association;           82. A native of Hannibal, Hank served in the armed forced
a member of the Woodlawn United Methodist Church; and                and earned an M. A. degree from the University of Chicago
a member and former director of the Bay Point Yacht Club.            and a Ph.D. from the University of Wisconsin after getting
                                                                     his bachelor‟s degree at Kirksville.
Gerry is survived by his wife, Gail; son, Peter..                       He taught English for many years at the college level,
                                                                     most recently at De Paul University and Roosevelt University
                                                                     in Chicago. He had a lifelong love of nature and spent many
                                                                     happy times hiking, bird watching and traveling in his RV to
                                                                     the mountains and the “north country.” A lover of music,
                                                                     Hank was a founding member of the Institute for Continued
                                                                     Learning and was active in the Countryside Church in
                                                                     Palatine for many years.
                                                                        Hank is survived by his wife of 54 years, Edith, their two
                                                                     daughters, Karen and Katie, five grandchildren.

 Dr. Robert C. Hogenson, ’58,                a noted composer who    Lt. Co. David G. Beckman, ‟65,               died on May 4,
 taught music at the University of Delaware for 32 years, died on    2010 at the age of 66. He served nearly 22 years in the U. S.
 May 2, 2010. Dr. Hogenson, who was awarded emeritus status          Army, including two tours in Vietnam, A native of Quincy,
 upon his retirement in 2001, wrote nearly 50 musical works for      Ill., David had a second career with the U. S. Postal Service
 instruments, ensembles and orchestra. A native of Kirksville, Bob   in Washingotn, retiring in 2005. He is survived by his wife,
                                                                     Linda, a daughter and four grandchildren.            Brother
 receive a master‟s degree from Louisiana State University and a
                                                                     Beckman was buried on Aug. 26 at Arlington National
 Ph.D. from Michigan State University. He and his wife, Evelyn,      Cemetery with full military honors.
 made their home at Landenberg, Pa., in their retirement years.
                                                             Dr. Delbert E. Maddox, ‟36,                 a past
                                                             president of Beta chapter and a noted athlete in
                                                             college, died on Mar. 28, 2010 at the Forum at
                                                             Desert Harbor in Peoria, Ariz., at the age of 97. A
                                                             native of Hannibal, Del lettered in all four sports
                                                             in all four years he was a student at Kirksville
                                                             while also serving as president of Sigma Tau
                                                             Gamma. While earning his master‟s degree from
Charles B. “Buzz” Adams, ’56, a prominent                    the University of Missouri, he served as varsity
Kirksville attorney and a past president of the Beta         baseball coach.
Alumni Association, died on Oct. 4, 2010 in Aventura,
Fla., after battling a brain tumor for several months.          A Navy veteran of World War II who served 19
A Kirksville native, Buzz‟s education was interrupted        months of sea duty, he returned to Kirksville after
by service in the U. S. Army during the Korean               the war to become chairman of the physical
conflict. After receiving his degree, he went to law         education department and athletic director at his
school at the University of Missouri then returned to        alma mater. In 1951, he enrolled at KCOM and
                                                             received the D.O. degree in 1955. For the next 30
Kirksville to practice law for 42 years before retiring in   years, he taught at KCOM and was head of the
2004. He also served as prosecuting attorney for             general practice department when he retired in
several years.                                               1986.
   Buzz was active in many community organizations,
including Masonic orders, and was president of the               Dr. Maddox received many honors, including
Shrine Club and the Beta Alumni Association. He was          the Truman State Hall of Fame and All Century
very involved with Boy Scouts, earning the Silver            football team, and served as president of the
Beaver Award, and instrumental in establishing the           American College of General Practice in 1976. He
                                                             is survived by his son Matthew of Glendale, Ariz.,
Adair County Nursing Home. Buzz and his wife,
                                                             a daughter Michele of Twentynine Pals, Calif., six
Shirley, who died in 2001, had two children, John C.         grandchildren and nine great-grandchildren.
Adams, ‟85, of South Barrington, Ill., and Deb
Boughton of Kirksville.
   Upon retirement, he moved to Florida and was                Dr. Russell C. Vannoy Jr., ’55, a native of
subsequently married to Lea Leibowitz in Fort                  Shelbyville who served as chapter president and
Lauderdale, Fla., in 2003. She survives along with his         subsequently graduated from Harvard University,
two children, eight grandchildren, two sisters and three       died on July 30 at Buffalo, N. Y., at the age of 77.
                                                               Dr. Vannoy, who had a Ph.D. from the University
                                                               of Rochester, was an associate professor of
                                                               philosophy at SUNY-Buffalo for 34 years until he
                                                               retired in 1994. His theories on sex, love and
                                                               sexual perversion were widely discussed.

                                                                       He was best known for his 1980 book, “Sex
                                                               Without Love: A Philosophical Exploration,”
                                                               considered as one of the leading defenders of sex
                                                               for its own sake. In the widely cited book, Dr.
Dr. Gary P. Jelinek, ’67, a general surgeon and                Vannoy drew on the philosophies of Sigmund
surgical oncologist in metropolitan Detroit, died at his       Freud, Jean-Paul Sartre, Thomas Nagel, Marquis
home from complications of cancer on May 29, 2010 in           de Sade and others. He maintained: “The only
West Bloomfield, Mich., at the age of 64. A 1972               thing that expresses love is the totality of the
graduated of KCOM, was in private practice for many            experiences two persons share through whatever
years then decided on a career change, making the              time their love endures. No part of sex can
transition to a cosmetic surgery practice specializing in      possible express all or even a major part of what is
hair transplantation. He was the founder and Medical           implied by the phrase „being in love.‟” He was
                                                               active as chairman and speaker in meetings of the
Director of the Michigan Hair Loss Institute and a             Society for the Philosophy of Sex and Love.
member of numerous professional organizations.
         He loved the outdoors, especially hunting and
fishing, and was a gourmet cook, avid reader, a history
buff and a world traveler who enjoyed his cottage in
Folyet, Ontario. Brother Jelinek is survived by his
wife, the former Mary Lee Anzick, sons Craig, Steven
and Christopher and daughter, Andrea, his mother, a
brother, sister and two grandsons.
                         Active Chapter
      Directory                                        CHAPTER HOUSE: Sigma Tau Gamma
                                                     Fraternity, 1001 S. Davis St., Kirksville, MO
BARTELS, T. Keith, ’10    St. Louis, MO                         63501 - 660-665-9622
BAX, Jorden W., ’13       Jefferson City, MO
BEDWELL, Andrew M., ’11 Waterloo, IL
BELL, Thomas M., 09       Eureka, MO                          CHAPTER ADVISER
BROWN, Erik J., ’11       St. Peters, MO
CICOTTE, John J., ’12     St. Charles, MO          VISKER, Dr. Joe        
CINTEL, David M., ’10     Chesterfield, MO                             w-660-785-4456
COCHRAN, Ryan W., ’11     Fairfield, IA
COLLINS, Patrick A., ’11  Independence, MO            Assistant Professor, Department of Health & Exercise
CRUMP, Larry D., ’11      Farmington, MO                        Science, Truman State University
DELGADO, Gerardo R., ’10 Wildwood, MO
DUNLAP, Collin J., ’12    St. Louis, MO
EDWARDS, Ian J., ’13      Chesterfield, MO
GRANBERG, Birk _., ’11    Kirksville, MO
GROSS, Perry A., ’11      Prairie Village KS
GUM, Steven _, ’11        St. Louis, MO
HELTON, Bradley A., ’13 Florissant, MO
HOPPING, Jonathan B., ’13 Florissant, MO
HULSEY, Caleb R., ’11     O’Fallon, MO
HUNKINS, Daniel P., ’13 St. Peters, MO                 New Executive Board is Elected
JACKSON, Robert A., ’13 Florissant, MO
JONES, Kenneth _., ’12    Duke, MO             At the beginning of November the Chapter elected the new
KELLOGG, Connor T., ’13 Farmington, MO         officers for the 2011 Calendar year.
KUTTEN, Robert F., ’12    Wildwood, MO
LINHARES, Patrick F., ’13 Florissant, MO
MADRIGAL, Ian A., ’10     Hot Springs, AR      President                                    VP of Programs
McKENZIE, Michael E., ’11 Hannibal, MO         John Cicotte                                 Joe Stock
LUERDING, Nickolas A., ’12 Kansas City, MO     Accounting and Finance double major          Finance and
MEIER, Zachary L., ’10    St. Louis, MO        Economics double major
MENDIS, Sanjaya I., ’12   Kirksville, MO       St. Louis, MO                                St. Louis, MO
MOHAMMED, Imran, ’10 Scottsdale, AZ            Junior                                       Junior
MOORE, Jason T., ’10      St. Louis, MO        Pledged Fall 2008                            Pledged Fall 2008
NIDAY, Patrick _., ’11    St. Louis, MO
RIGGINS, Nicholas M., ’12 St. Charles, MO
RUDGE, Bradley O., ’11    Ankeny, IA           Executive VP                                 VP of Finance
RUSSELL, Roderic R., ’11 Lee’s Summit, MO      Connor Kellogg                               Robert Kutten
SACHS, Jeffrey M., ’11    St. Louis, MO        Biology Major                                Accounting Major
SAMMONS, Brian R., ’11    Wildwood, MO         Farmington, MO                               St. Louis, MO
SCHRIK, Michael G., ’11   Chesterfield, MO     Sophomore                                    Junior
SIMPSON, Geoffrey S., ’11 Springfield, IL      Pledged Fall 2009                            Pledged Fall 2008
STEPHENSON, Charles W., ’13 Columbia, MO
STEVENS, David M., ’13    St. Louis, MO
STOCK, Joseph D., ’12     St. Louis, MO        VP of Membership                             Secretary
TRUITT, Aaron C., ’11     Wildwood, MO         Mike Standfuss                               Patrick Linhares
VANDER WEERD, Eric A., ’12 Chesterfield, MO    Math Major                                   English Major
WEIS, Joseph C., ’12      Ellisville, MO       Farmington, MO                               St. Louis, MO
WETTER, Justin T., ’11    Charles, MO          Sophomore                                    Sophomore
WILDHABER, Brent J., ’13 City, MO              Pledged Spring 2010                          Pledged Fall 2009
ZHANG, Patrick _., ’13    Ballwin, MO
               A Sig Tau Wins Homecoming King
Brother Jeff Sachs won Truman’s Homecoming King for 2010 this semester by
popular vote of students on campus. Jeff pledged in Fall 2008 and is currently a
Senior Biology and Spanish double major who is also an active member of Alpha
Phi Omega Service Fraternity and Sigma Delta Pi National Hispanic Honor
Society. Jeff is graduating this May and is waiting to hear back from medical
schools, which he hopes to be attending next fall. His queen was Emily Williams a
member of Delta Zeta Sorority; both are pictured to the right.

                                                                             Sig Tau Represents in 2010 Homecoming
                                                                     The theme for this year’s Homecoming was iTruman:Now Playing
                                                                     Homecoming 2010, which was a music theme. Our team name was
                                                                     Jackson 5 and consisted of Sigma Tau Gamma, Sigma Kappa
                                                                     Sorority, Phi Delta Sorority, Phi Kappa Tau Fraternity, and Phi
                                                                     Kappa Theta Fraternity. Our team place 2 nd overall out of six
                                                                     teams and also received the following awards:

                                                                             1st place in sidewalk paint
                                                                             2nd place in Float (pictured on left with three brothers on
         Chapter Sponsors Youth                                               the front of it)
                                                                             2nd place in trivia
                                                                             2nd place in cake decorating
         The active members of Beta Chapter                                  3rd place in lip sync
         voted to sponsor a YMCA youth boys                                  3rd place in improv
         basketball team this year. Brothers
         Jorden Bax and Dave Stevens coach
         the Little Goats, named after our

                           Philanthropy – The Walk
                        On November 13th, Brothers
                        participated in the annual philanthropy
                        The Walk, where we walk from the TV
                        Station north of town back to the house
                        to raise awareness and funds for the
                        Northeast Missouri Citizens with
                        Disabilities. We raised over $1,000 this
                        Fall. Picture below
       Fall 2010 Pledge Class                               Photos from Fall Semester
The first weekend of December Beta Chapter
activated the 9 members of the Fall 2010 Pledge
                                                                                 participated in the
Class. Below is a little information about our
                                                                                 Lady Bug Tug
newest brothers.
                                                                                 (Alpha Sigma Alpha
                                                                                 philanthropy) in
Andrew Feldmann                                                                  their Halloween
Chemistry Major
St. Louis, MO

Mike Gassert
Math Major
St. Louis, MO

Victor Luerding                                       Brothers attended
Communication Major                                   the National
Kansas City, MO                                       conference in
Freshman                                              Cleveland, Ohio
Victor is a Beta Chapter legacy of his brother Nick   this summer.
Luerding, who pledged in Spring 2009.

Jacob Motes
International Business Major
Kansas City, MO

Sean Parker
Exercise Science Major
Lakeville, MN
Sean is a member of Truman‘s club soccer team as                                  Brothers before
well as the Iron Dogs Olympic Weight Lifting                                      going to a sorority
Team.                                                                             formal together.

Dale Race
Computer Science Major
St. Louis, MO

Sean Reilly
Psycology Major
St. Louis, MO
Freshman                                              Brothers
                                                      Connor Kellogg,
Nick Shea                                             Brent
Exercise Science Major                                Wildhaber, and
Jefferson City, MO                                    Dan Hunkins
Freshman                                              started the “Go
Nick is a varsity wrestler for Truman.                Green”
                                                      Committee this
Alex Williams                                         Fall in an
French Major                                          attempt to use
St. Louis, MO                                         less utilities in
Freshman                                              the Chapter
Alex is a Beta Chapter legacy of his late             House.
grandfather, James Raymond Williams, ‗58

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