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           Regional Development Australia, Sydney (RDA)


This directory is a compilation of philanthropic grants available for tax-exempted (deductible gift
recipient) not-for profit organizations, as well as links to relevant websites. It does not represent the
totality of available grants. RDA Sydney cannot guarantee the accuracy and currency of every grant.
Therefore users should check information on the websites and seek advice from relevant foundations or
philanthropic organizations before applying. Last updated September 2010.

Regional Development Australia, Sydney


Smart Company          Advanced           It offers $25,000 grants in financial assistance to      On going
Scholarship Fund       Solutions          NGOs workers for professional development.
                                 Tel: (03) 9869 7503

Alcoa Foundation       Alcoa Foundation   $92 million are available to advance the knowledge       On going
Conservation and                          and support of exemplary work in the fields of
                                          conservation and sustainability, by granting
Sustainability                            fellowships to outstanding academics and
Fellowship Program                        practitioners from NGOs. By bringing together the
                                          academics NGOs and business communities, the
                                          Foundation addresses urgent problems of global

American Express       American Express   Grants are available to ensure public engagement
Philanthropic                             with a restored work of art or historic sites. To
                                          produce or present a new interpretation of a work
Program                                   of art in danger of being lost and to preserve
Cultural Heritage                         significant cultural traditions. The Program
Programs                                  supports NGOs that are preserving or enriching our
                                          diverse cultural heritage; that are developing new
                                          leaders for tomorrow and are encouraging
                                          community service, where American Express
                                          employees and customers live and work.

AMP Community          AMP Foundation     The Program helps AMP financial planners                On going
Fundraising Programs                      fundraise for their local community. AMP financial
                                          planners are encouraged to organize a fundraising
                                          event in conjunction with a local charity to raise
                                          money for a project that will benefit the
                                          community. The AMP Foundation then matches
                                          half of what is raised. Up to $10,000.

AMP Foundation         AMP Foundation     Youth employment and capacity building                  Quarterly
Grants                                    programs.

Anna Wearne            Anna Wearne        To assist young people to enable the pursuit of         On going
Memorial Trust         Trust              educational goals, to support the rights of women
                                          and seek ways to advance the reconciliation of
Grants                                    women.

Annie Dunks Trust      Annie Dunks        For projects/organizations that fit the categories of   Trustees meet in
grants                 Trust              religion, education or relief poverty. Money can be     February and
                                          disbursed to any charitable cause.                      August each year.
                                 Tel: (03) 9264 5007              Closing dates
                                                                                                  31/1 and 31/7
ANZ Staff Foundation   ANZ Foundation     Funds a range of charitable projects that offer a       On going
                                          direct and tangible benefit to the Australian

Regional Development Australia, Sydney


The Australian and       Australian and       To encourage high quality research by scientists in     On going
Pacific Science          Pacific Science      Australian national or State institutions. Occasional
                                              support may also be given to such activities such as
Foundation Grants        Foundation           training publications and conferences.
                                              The funding seeks to complement rather than
                                              compete with funding bodies. There is seed
                                              funding available to initiate projects which may
                                              subsequently expand and attract major funding
                                              from other sources. Contact:
                                              Tel: 6582 7813

Australian Ethical       Australian Ethical   For projects for a wide range of environmental,         April 2010
Investments Grants       Foundation           charitable and community activities.

Australian Rotary        Australian Rotary    To encourage, promote, stimulate and aid medical        Quarterly
                                              and health research in Australia.
Health Research Fund     Club                 - To coordinate and manage Rotary health
                                              initiatives and community health projects
                                              - To promote, encourage and stimulate public
                                              interest in the prevention and treatment of ill
                                              health in Australia.

Australian Sports        Australian Sports    It assists eligible organizations to raise funds for    On going
Foundation Grants        Foundation           the development of Australian sports. The
                                              programs enable eligible organizations to register
                                              sport related projects. To date, the ASF has helped
                                              raise over $100 million for facility development,
                                              sports equipment, sports development, team
                                              travel and the hosting of major sporting events.

Max E Grants             Barnardos            To provide school supplies and funds for                On going
                                              excursions for disadvantaged children.

Beacon Foundation        Beacon               Innovative projects for youth unemployment.             On going
grants                   Foundation 

Besen Family             Besen Family         For arts and culture (performance and visual arts)      20 March 2009
Foundation Grants        Foundation           for health and welfare projects.

Bloom Foundation         Bloom                To promote and encourage education of the Polish        On going
grants                   Foundation           language and culture.

BHP Billiton grants      BHP Billiton         Funds are granted for medical research, education       Applications may
Applications should be                        & training, arts & culture, environment,                only be made in

Regional Development Australia, Sydney

brief and contain                                conservation & heritage.                               writing - Email
approximately six pages of                       Also for touring arts or cultural projects that        applications are
single spaced typed text. It                     benefit rural and remote communities. Also grants      accepted.
may be presented in point                        for Indigenous arts or cultural programs;              1 March, 1 July, 1
form. For ease of                                leadership; community capacity building.               November
application and                                  Grant application criteria and procedures can be
assessment, an application                       found outlined on the website.
pro-forma is available in              
Word format.

BHP Billiton                   BHP Billiton      Funds are granted for medical research, education      Three times a
                                                 & training, arts & culture, environment,               year, applications
Corporate                                        conservation & heritage touring arts or cultural       should reach no
Community Program                                projects that benefit rural and remote                 later than 1
                                                 communities, Indigenous arts or cultural programs;     March, 1 July and
                                                 leadership, and community capacity building            1 November
                                                 Applications are written according to the word
                                                 document pro-forma. In the application an
                                                 organisation should:
                                                 * Identify specific objectives or problems and
                                                 present specific plans and solutions.
                                                 * Show that the project is planned around an
                                                 achievable timetable and budget.
                                                 * Be able to demonstrate that the project is
                                                 directed at solving problems in a sustainable way
                                                 rather than providing short-term relief from
                                                 symptoms or long-term dependency.
                                                 * Build in reporting and project evaluation.
                                                 * Be innovative and present a project idea that
                                                 may not readily attract funding from traditional

Bonnie Babes                   Bonnie Babe       It funds projects that benefit the health and well     On Going
Foundation Funds               Foundation        being of families. For counselling of families after
                                                 the loss of a baby.

Positive Future                Bobby Goldsmith   For people living with HIV who want to embrace         On going
Grants                         Foundation        positive change in their lives. They provide
                                                 practical assistance, information, advice and
                                                 support on how to return to paid work, undertake
                                                 study or use volunteer work as a way of re-
                                                 engaging with the community and building self
                                                 Tel: (02) 283 8666. Email:

Sponsorship Program            Caltex            To assist worthy community organizations with the      On going
                                                 primary focus on groups in the vicinity of Caltex
                                                 major facilities.

Camp Mallana Trust             Camp Mallana      For camping activities for disadvantaged               Early October
Grants                                           individuals, particularly young people.                each year.

Regional Development Australia, Sydney

Cecilia Kilkeary             Cecilia Kilkeary   Funding for medical research, medical welfare,             Application must
Foundation Ltd               Foundation         social welfare, but also interest on ageing and aged       be both posted
                                                care. Applications no later than 1 June 2010.              and emailed and
Guidelines and Application
                                                Individuals submitting applications will not be            must be
form can be obtained from
                                                considered.                                                submitted
email. Address:
                                                                                through the
Churchill Fellowship         Churchil Trust     To provide an opportunity for Australians to travel        On going
                                                overseas to conduct research in their chosen field
                                                that is not readily available in Australia. It also aims
                                                to reward proven achievement of talented and
                                                deserving Australians with further opportunity in
                                                their pursuit of excellence for the enrichment of
                                                Australian society.

Street Smart Small           City of Sydney     To assist people to permanently exit homelessness          April May 2009
Grants                                          and assist families to prevent it.

The Coca Cola                Coca Cola          To provide one off support for a local community           Ongoing
Foundation                   Australia          program that will make a difference to the lives of
                                                marginalized youth.
Community Grants             Foundation

Colonial Foundation          Colonial           $30 million to address the needs of mental health          On going
Grants Program               Foundation         of young people, by supporting the ORYGEN
                                                Research centre. The foundation also proposes to
Tel: (03) 9620 5340
                                                establish a fellowship program under the category
                                                of general grants.
                                                The Community Resources grants are for projects
                                                that have a flow on effect by calling on qualified
                                                volunteers or making use of community resources.
                                                Skills base grants: The Foundation favours working
                                                with not-for-profit organisations or individuals
                                                with the skills, track record and commitment to
                                                accomplish the work proposed.
                                                Feasibility grants: for programs or projects that
                                                are perceived to be of benefit to the community
                                                and can translate into, and have a reasonable
                                                likelihood of encouraging changes in policy and

Local Grants Program         Commonwealth       Supports projects that enhance the health and               5 September
                             Bank               wellbeing of Australian children. Grassroots                2009

Civil Society                Commonwealth       Activities involving intercultural and international        March 2009
Responsive Grants            Foundation         exchange.

The Christensen Fund         Christensen        Provides funding to maintain the rich biological and        3/1/10

Regional Development Australia, Sydney

                       Foundation           cultural diversity of the world.

Dan Murphy in the      Dan Murphy           Supports groups that focus on children’s health,         On going
Community                                   children in rural and regional Australia, as well as
                                            education and employment.
                                            1300 723 388.

Danks Trust Grants     Danks Trust          For projects that fit the categories of religion,        31 January
                                            education or the relief of poverty. Apply in writing.    31 July each
                                            There are no formal application forms. Amount:           year
                                            $400,000 - $500,000

Daniel Scott Trust     Daniel Scott Trust   Grants for charitable purposes                           31 March and
                                   Tel: (02) 9229 3957          30 September
Dreamworld             Dreamworld           To help dreams come true for children experiencing       On going
Sponsorship                                 hardship, disability or sickness who would benefit
                                            from visiting Dreamworld.

Deloitte Foundation    Deloitte             Deloittes provide pro-bono services. They work to        On going
                       Foundation           ensure people’s efforts are focused on delivering the
                                            best possible outcomes. Grants support five areas:
                       Grants               welfare, health, medical research, environment,
                                            education, arts. Fundraising assistance.

Equity Trustees        Equity Trustees      The Equity Trustees Foundation was established for       Application
Trustees Foundation    Foundation           the general benefit of charity. They are also            details are
                                            interested in funding projects related to medical        available from
30 June annually
                                            research, addiction, community development,              the Equity
                                            ageing and aged care, education & training, arts &       Trustees Ltd
                                            culture, environment, conservation & heritage,           website at:
                                            crime, justice & legal issues, animal welfare &
                                            wildlife, Indigenous people
                                            poverty relief, child & youth development, disability
                                            support, overseas aid.

Eric Ormond Baker      Eric Ormond          For eligible charitable organizations that fall within
Charitable Fund        Baker                the following categories. Funding for hospitals not
                                            conducted by profit, public benevolent institutions
                                            or societies and organizations, established for the
                                            relief of persons in necessitous circumstances; public
                                            scientific and public educational purposes. Funds are
                                            available for general charitable purposes and
                                            medical research.

Ernst & Young          Ernst & Young        This foundation offers support and works with
Foundation             Foundation           charities to provide practical help to those who need
                                            it most. They also provide pro-bono services
Grants                                      (finances, management) at significant discount rates
                                            or free of charge.

Regional Development Australia, Sydney


Estate A M White            Estate AM White   For social welfare, community benefit - general,          Applications will
Application details are                       science & technology, culture, employment, medical        be accepted
available from the Equity                     research, addiction, community development,               after 1 April
Trustees Ltd website at:                      disaster relief, aging and aged care, religion &          2010. 30 June
                                              spirituality, education & training, literacy, peace &     each year
                                              security, social justice, health & wellbeing, housing &
                                              accommodation, arts & culture, environment,
                                              conservation & heritage, crime, justice & legal issues,
                                              animal welfare & wildlife, mental health projects and
                                              Indigenous people.

Foster’s Community          Fosters           For projects across physical and mental health, the       To be
Grants                                        arts, sport; education and the environment.               announced in
                                                                            March 2009

Foundation for              Foundation for    To improve children’s health and welfare. It also         To be
Children Grants             Children          funds a range of charitable projects that offer a         announced for
                                              direct benefit to the Australian community.               2010

The George                  George            Supports education of young talented people,              On going.
Alexander Program           Alexander         particularly for rural and regional areas and in
                                              funding environment and conservation initiatives,
Grants                      Foundation        especially programs that offer practical experience.

Graham F Smith              Graham F Smith    To help individuals and organizations involved in arts    On-going
Peace Trust Inc             Trust             projects that address the aims of the Trust
                                              promoting peace, justice and care for the

Google Grants               Google            These are unique in kind donation programs                Ongoing
                                              awarding free AdWords advertising to selected
                                              charitable organizations around the globe. The
                                              program helps NGOs use AdWords to reach people
                                              who are searching Google for information that is
                                              relevant to their organization. Key word targeted
                                              text ads labeled ‘sponsorship links’ appear alongside
                                              or above Google search results. Clicking an ad takes
                                              the searcher to the organisation’s website.
                                              Google grants ads that are run through AdWords,
                                              the ongoing, self service program used by paying
                                              Google advertisers. Participating grantees set up an
                                              account, create their ad campaigns and are
                                              responsible for its ongoing management.
                                               Active management of a Grants AdWords account
                                              means your account contact must be responsible to
                                              email requests from Google’s team and log into your
                                              account monthly to review campaign performance
                                              and make updates. To help participants run
                                              successful campaigns the Google grants help centre
                                              features user guides, tutorials, and other resources
                                              created specifically for grantees as well as a Google
                                              Grants help Forum for a discussion about managing

Regional Development Australia, Sydney

                                          the Google grant.

Harold Mitchell         Harold Mitchell   Initiates discovery in the arts and or health fields to    On going
Foundation Grants       Foundation        break new ground and set up opportunities for the
                                          future. It aims at increasing the capacity of
                                          communities and individuals to advance their arts
                                          and health activities. The grants enable the
                                          establishment of arts or health activities with real
                                          potential to take off and be on going.

HBOSA Community         HBOSA Australia   Supports people in disadvantaged communities.              On going
Grants                  Foundation

Holden Community        Holden            Provides cash, goods and services in kind to               On going
Support                 Foundation        community groups, NGOs and educational
                                          institutions across Australia. It supports activities in
                                          the areas of environment, communities, innovation
                                          and education as well as road safety.
                                          Holden is committed to existing long-term

Honda Foundation        Honda             For projects for the disadvantaged, the disabled or        On going
Grants                  Foundation        those suffering from long term illnesses.

Ian Potter Cultural     Ian Potter        To encourage the diversity and excellence of
Trust (7,000)           Foundation        emerging artists. For early career artists practicing in
                                          a wide range of disciplines within the arts, including
                                          the performing and visual arts, crafts, music, the
                                          media, literature, design, community arts and other

Ian Potter Foundation   Ian Potter        To advance knowledge and benefit the community in          On going
Grants                  Foundation        the areas of the arts, community wellbeing,
                                          education, environment and conservation, health,
                                          medical, research and science.

On Demand               IBM               It is a global program to promote the spirit of            On going
Community (ODC)                           volunteerism across IBM’s world class workforce and
                                          retiree population. The ODC website provides our
                                          employees with on line technology solutions,
                                          strategies and tutorials to share with community
                                          organizations. It provides volunteering skills
                                          assessment and training.

IBM Community           IBM Foundation    For projects that will encourage self sufficiency and      June July 2009
Foundation Funding                        development of communities in the Macarthur area.          to be
Program                                   htm/

Regional Development Australia, Sydney

Adobe Software               IBM               Supports qualified Australian NGOs with donations          On going
Donation Programme                             of their latest version of software. They provide
                                               eligible schools and NGOSs with the tools they need
                                               to provide digital technology and visual literacy in
                                               the community.

ING Foundation               ING Foundation    For social welfare, community benefit - general,           Grant
(Australia)                                    medical research projects.                                 application
                                               Only organisations that provide services or resources      criteria and
                                               that directly benefit individuals in need, and deal        procedures are
                                               with the welfare of the disabled or the                    outlined on the
                                               disadvantaged, or, assist children (and/or their           ING website.
                                               immediate families), will be considered for financial      Closes on 1
                                               grants. ING will also consider supporting medical          March and 1
                                               research, if it is specific and fits into the above        September,
                                               criteria.                                                  each year
                                               All applications need to be made via website-
                                               =grant_application and on an official ING
                                               Foundation application form (available on the

Inger Rice Foundation        Inger Rice        To foster activities and programs concerned with           On going
Grants                       Foundation        improving parent/child relationships.

IOOF Grants                  IOOF Foundation   Supports NFP organizations working with                    On going
                                               disadvantaged families, children and youth as well as
                                               aged care.
                                               Nicole Wright, Foundation Manager. Tel: (03) 8614

J.O. & J.R. Wicking          J.O. & J.R.       The Trust grants funds to provide benefits for the         1 July each year
Trust                        Wicking Trust     blind or visually impaired; the aged or persons
                                               suffering from Alzheimer's disease, and includes
Obtain detailed guidelines
                                               funding research into problems associated with the
from Philanthropy Partners
                                               above. There are also medical & scientific grants are
or the website and apply
                                               available for research into better diagnosis,
using application form.
                                               therapeutic intervention care, or treatment of
                                               Alzheimer's disease, as well as research into cures.

James N Kirby                James Kirby       The Foundation provides grants to charitable,              30 September
Foundation Grants            Foundation        educational and technical bodies in Australia              2009
                                               working in the areas of health, education,
                                               technology and science, art, literature, the
                                               conservation, maintenance and development of
                                               Australian natural resources, with particular
                                               attention given to technical education projects that
                                               assist young Australians achieve their highest
                                               standards. For projects related to social welfare, arts,
                                               the environment and natural resources.

Regional Development Australia, Sydney

                                          Approximately $100,000 is available for this type of

John and Anna           John and Anna     For projects that contribute to the welfare of           Ongoing
Woods Memorial          Woods Memorial    Aboriginal children.
                                          Enquiries: (03) 9667 6740

KPMG                    KPMG Grants       Helps organizations achieve their community              On going
Foundation                                objectives. Also for projects related to volunteering,
                                          engagement through the arts, pro-bono work and

General Grants          Law and Justice   Projects to meet the needs of socially and               March 2009
Program                 Foundation        economically disadvantaged members of the

In Kind Grants          Law Justice       Projects that promote education about the justice        On going
                        Foundation of     system to community members.
Motor Accidents         MAA               Promotes road safety messages to young people via        On going
Grants Scheme                             sports, music and art.
‘Arrive Alive’ ‘Youth
MBF Foundation          MBF Foundation    To encourage people to take up and maintain              On going
Grants                                    healthy behaviours at home, school and the
                                          workplace. Particularly they want to encourage
                                          young people to exercise and develop healthy habits
                                          in the young years.

Macquarie               Macquarie Bank    It funds projects related to Indigenous art,             On going
Foundation Grants       Foundation        education; capacity building, youth, cultural
                                          activities, low interest loans for young
                                          entrepreneurs, environmental projects, health and

Empowering              Malian            It offers products and services for non-profit           On going
                        Foundation        organisations around the world. These products and
Communities                               services support their design and organisational
Program                                   philosophy of sharing hope.

Mary Mckillop           Mary Mckillop     It provides support for people with mental illness or    30 June 2009
Program                 Foundation        disabilities, as well as assisting refugees and asylum

Matana Foundation       Matana            For NFP organizations with Tax Exemption Charity         On going
for Young People        Foundations       status.

Regional Development Australia, Sydney

Mercantile Mutual      Mercantile        Grants available for disadvantaged children and          28 February and
Fund grants            Mutual Fund       young people.                                            31 August each

Mercy Foundation       Mercy             To provide funding for services, research, services to   Ongoing
Grants to end          Foundation        end homelessness.
                                Tel: 9699 8726
Mercy Foundation       Mercy             Community groups seeking to address the causes           On going
$20,000                Foundation        and elimination of poverty and work toward a more
                                         just society, are invited to apply.

Microsoft Unlimited    Microsoft         To increase computer literacy among all members of
Potential –                              the population regardless of age, background,
                                         education, location and socio-economic status.
Community                                Microsoft supports more than 190 Unlimited
Technology Skills                        Potential Community Based Technology Learning
Program Grants                           Centres (CTLCs) throughout Australia.
                                         The aim of this program is to help improve lifelong
                                         learning opportunities for the disadvantaged by
                                         connecting individuals and communities. It creates
                                         affordable opportunities for local people to
                                         contribute to society and to the local community.
                                         This program’s objective is to support CTLCs enhance
                                         their impact in the community and ensure their long
                                         term sustainability.

Milton Corporation     Milton            It has a focus on disadvantaged people. $50,000          On gong
Foundation Grants      Corporation       Tel: (02) 9233 4166
Unlimited Potential    Microsoft          Provides not- for-profit organizations with funding
Software Donations                       to support technology training programs. Donations
                                         of cash, software curriculum and technical expertise
                                         enable individuals to learn about technology and
                                         gain the IT skills needed for employment in the IT
                                         field or other industry sectors.

Monsanto Fund          Monsanto          To help bridge the gap between people’s needs and        January 2009
                                         their available resources.

Hotel Club             Motel clubs       To provide funding for small businesses, community       Ongoing
Sponsorship Program                      organizations and charities.

Road Safety            Motor Accidents   To support an event or activity that provides            On going
Sponsorship            Authority         opportunities to raise the profile of road safety.

The Myer Foundation    Myer Foundation   Capacity building for youth organizations,               27 January 2009
                                         environmental education for young people, youth          14 April 2009
Small Grants                                                                                      29 June 2009
                                         drivers, events, activities and initiatives addressing
                                                                                                  27 October 2009
                                         the health of young people.

Regional Development Australia, Sydney


The Myer Foundation    Myer Foundation   To alleviate the negative effects of Indigenous            27 January 2009
                                         poverty, and child family poverty.                         14 April 2009
Large Grants                                                                                        29 June 2009
                                                                                                    27 October 2009

Sidney Myer Fund       Myer Foundation   To build the capacity of individual professional artists   4 February 2009
                                         so that they gain access to training, development          8 April 2009
                                         and mentoring.                                             16 July 2009
                                                                                                    14 October 2009

The Myer Foundation    Myer Foundation   To build capacity by ensuring professional artists         27/1/10
Arts and Humanities                      gain access to training, development and mentoring.
                                         To develop new works by individual Australian artists
                                         and small to medium sized organizations
                                         (Indigenous, or rural) in experimental and emerging
                                         arts forms. Also for projects that support humanities.

National Association   NAVA              A number of grants are available from different            All throughout
for the Visual Arts                      foundations (through NAVA) to provide financial            the year
                                         assistance to professional artists for the public
(NAVA)                                   presentation of their works and to promote their

Norman Wettenhall      Norman            To support projects that enhance, or maintain the
Foundation grants      Wettenhall        vitality or diversity of the Australian natural living
                                         environment. The Foundation has funded projects
                       Foundation        ranging from local communities to maintain and
                                         restore the habitat; for the production of education
                                         kits, publications and widespread dissemination of
                                         research information essential to species
                                         Projects that involve collaboration with a number of
                                         partners across a region are of special interest to the
                                         Foundation. These multi-stakeholder projects are
                                         the ones that are most likely to have a long-term
                                         effect and have the potential to have most widely
                                         spread knowledge and understanding.

Perpetual Trustees     Perpetual         General Charitable Purpose                                 On going
Grants                 Trustees          It includes over 270 trusts. This is a public foundation
                                         that receives contributions from Perpetual Trustees
                                         Australia Ltd and within which gift funds may also be
                                         established by individual donors. Funding is provided
                                         in the categories of social and community welfare,
                                         medical and scientific research and education,
                                         environment and arts/culture.
                                         Phone 1800 501 227

Regional Development Australia, Sydney

Peter Brock                    Peter Brock        It allocates funds and directs support to individuals,   On going
Foundation                     Foundation         families, community groups and organizations that
                                                  have demonstrated their genuine need.

Pratt Foundation               Pratt Foundation   Supports NGOs to help disadvantaged people.              On going
Pricewaterhouse                Pricewaterhouse    For community volunteering and community                 On going
Coopers Foundation             Coopers            leadership. They fund different causes (health
                                                  related mainly). The Foundation is also engaged in
                               Foundation         pro bono work and in assisting with fundraising
                               Grants             activities.
                                         ... /community-

Project AWARE                  Project AWARE      It provides funds to conserve the underwater             On-going
Foundation Grants              Foundation         environment through education, advocacy and
                                                  action. Focus areas include coral reef conservation,
Program                                           shark protection, sustainable fisheries, ecotourism,
                                                  aquatic education, shoreline, underwater cleanups
                                                  and mooring buoy installations and maintenance.

Ronald McDonald                Ronald             Ronald McDonald House Charities supports Ronald          1st September
Charities Grants               McDonald           McDonald Houses throughout Australia and other           each year
                                                  programs that directly help seriously ill children to
                               Charities          live happier, healthier lives (community benefit -
                                                  general, medical research, education & training,
                                                  health & wellbeing, housing & accommodation
                                                  Application Procedure send email to
                                         or visit the website at

Sabemo Trust Grants            Sabemo Trust       Grants for children up to 8 years and for those          1 November
                                                  advocating for young people. This is an early            and 1 May each
                                                  intervention program which seeks to prevent              year.
                                                  problems or difficulties before they increase
                                                  severity. Up to $50,000

Scalon Foundation              Scalon             For cultural diversity, social cohesion, and social      28/2/10
Grants                         Foundation         entrepreneurship related projects. The aim is to
                                                  encourage leadership from CALD groups and
Their approach to grant
                                                  individuals to build awareness and acceptance of the
giving seeks to identify and
                                                  right to cultural identity and the understanding of
invest in ideas that
                                                  the difference, to enhance the social development of
endeavor to result in
                                                  CALD individuals and groups by improving self-
sustainable outcomes and
                                                  awareness, self-esteem, tolerance and
benefits aimed at achieving
                                                  communication, fulfill the potential of youth through
social and structural
                                                  education, mentoring and early intervention and
change in supporting the
                                                  support issues-based research that focus on
creation of a more
                                                  achieving cohesive social change.
cohesive Australian society
that will draw strength and
pride from its diversity

Regional Development Australia, Sydney

Shane Warne            Shane Warne          It raises funds to enrich the lives of seriously ill and   On going
Foundation Grants      Foundation           underprivileged children.

Shell Foundation       Shell Foundation     To assist community organisations with social              On going
Grants                                      investment.
                                            Phone (03) 9666 2292

Sisters of Charity     Sisters of Charity   Provides support and financial assistance to people        On going
Foundation Grants                           affected by poverty and disadvantage.
                                            Tel: 9367 1211

Philanthropic          State Trustees       State Trustees Australia Foundation is a public            31 August
                                            charitable trust that provides income in perpetuity        each year
Grants                                      from bequests and donations, to Australian charities
                                            as grants. Funding is currently available in the
                                            following areas:
                                            Older people and aged care; psychiatric illness,
                                            intellectual disability, and acquired brain injury;
                                            physical disability; support for the needy & destitute;
                                            support for disadvantaged Australian children,
                                            animal welfare; cancer research and treatment;
                                            breast cancer research and treatment; medical
                                            research and treatment.
                                            All applications must be made via the website using
                                            the State Trustees Australia Foundation Online Grant
                                            Application Form.

Small Scale Projects   Graham F Smith       It helps individuals and organizations with arts           On going
                       Peace Trust Inc      projects that address the aims of the Trust
                                            promoting peace, justice and care of the

Sony Foundation        Sony Foundation      It provides assistance for young Australians under 25      On going
Grants                                      including those from disadvantaged backgrounds
                                            and gifted, talented individuals.
                                            Tel: (02) 9955 1822

Sunshine Foundation    Sunshine             For the alleviation of human suffering, attention to       1 July and 15
Grants                 Foundation           matters of social need.                                    December each

Sydney Community       Sydney               Projects related to family, youth, the environment         On going
Foundation Grants      Community            and the arts.
Sunshine Foundation    Sunshine             To assist seriously ill physically challenged and          1 July 2009
Grants                 Foundation           abused children (aged 3-18) whose families cannot          15 December
                                            meet their needs.                                          2009

St George Foundation   St George            To improve the lives of disabled and disadvantaged         April and
                                            kids. Over $5,000 are available.                           September each

Regional Development Australia, Sydney

Grants                 Foundation                                      year.

St George Bank         St George Bank    The Foundation provide financial support to charities    19 February
Foundation                               throughout Australia to help assist disadvantaged        2009
                                         and disabled children up to 18 years of age              19 June 2009
                                         Approximately $4.1 million is available.

Small grants for       The Global Fund   Supports women’s groups that advance the human           On going.
women’s groups         for Women         rights of women and girls. These are small, flexible
                                         grants to operate programs including travel grants,

Telematics Course      Telematics        To assist in the promotion and support of new            On going
Development Fund                         technology to expand the range and forms of
                                         delivery of education and training programs.

Cyber Safety Grants    Telstra           It supports community programs that help keep kids       February 2009
                       Foundation        safe on line.

Indigenous             Telstra           It focuses on projects that promote health,              To be
Development            Foundation        education, leadership, employment and cultural           announced in
                                         strengthening.                                           April

Telstra Community      Telstra           It supports community-based projects that provide        Opening dates
Development Fund       Foundation        kids and young people with opportunities to reach        will be posted in
                                         their potential, enrich their social links and build     website.
Social Innovation                        their sense of belonging.

Telstra Disability     Telstra           It provides eligible customers with especialiased        On going
Equipment Program      Foundation        equipment to access the standard phone service.

Spotlight on Cyber     Telstra           To build protective factors for children and young       2 February 2009
Safety                 Foundation        people to help them develop the skills needed to         7 April 2009
                                         enjoy the use of IT in safe, supported environments.

Indigenous             Telstra           It supports Indigenous education initiatives that will   To be
Community              Foundation        lead to improved outcomes for Indigenous children.       announced
Community Programs     Telstra           To invest in big ideas that use information              To be
Social Innovation      Foundation        communication technologies to engage and connect         announced
                                         Australia’s children and young people to their
Grants                                   communities.

Telstra Connected      Telstra           To help older Australians to learn about new             9 February 2009
                                         technologies to enable them to confidently use           20 March 2009
Seniors                                                                                           16 April 2009
                                         mobiles and internet.

Regional Development Australia, Sydney

Telstra’s Disability   Telstra              These are designed to provide eligible customers           On-going
Equipment Program                           with specialized equipment to access the standard
                                            telephone service. Applicants must have a disability
                                            and be unable to use a standard telephone handset
                                            and be a Telstra customer.

United Way             United Way           It is an umbrella organization that leads, supports        On going
                                            and participates in collective, inclusive community
                                            efforts that build the capacity and mobilizes
                                            resources in order to improve lives and create
                                            positive long-term social change in local

Trust Foundation       Trust Foundation     For projects related to social welfare, community          This is an online
Grants                                      benefit - general, science & technology, culture,          process
                                            employment, medical research, addiction,                   accessible from
                                            community development, disaster relief, aging and          the Trust
                                            aged care, religion & spirituality, education &            website from
                                            training, literacy, youth & young people, peace &          April to closing
                                            security, social justice, health & wellbeing, housing &    date. Guidelines
                                            accommodation, arts & culture, environment,                are also
                                            conservation & heritage, crime, justice & legal issues,    available on the
                                            animal welfare & wildlife, mental health and               website. 30
                                            Indigenous people.                                         June annually.

Shane Warn             Shane Warn           The aim is to provide funding for established              5/2/10
Foundation             Foundation           charities that work hands on with seriously ill and
                                            underprivileged children and teenagers within

Sisters of Charity     Sisters of Charity   To provide support for a financial assistance to           On going
Grants                                      community initiatives that will benefit the poor and
                                            marginalized people.

Sunshine Foundation    Sunshine             For the alleviation of human suffering, attention to
Grants                 Foundation           matters of social needs; advancement of the
                                            frontiers of knowledge; enhancement of the quality
                                            of life. Also, for specific projects (as opposed to debt
                                            reduction) will receive more consideration.

Aim for the Stars      The Layne            To help young women further their educational and          On Going
Grants                 Beachley             professional development.
                       Aim for the Stars
The Marian and EH      The Marian and       It assists disadvantaged youth, families, people with      April May 2009
Flack Trust Funds      EH Flack Trust       physical and intellectual disability or with major
                                            health issues.

McGrath Foundation     The McGrath          It provides funding for McGrath Breast Care Nurses         On going
                       Foundation           nationally, with particular emphasis on rural and
                                            regional areas across the country. Each McGrath
                                            Care Nurse is funded for a minimum of three years.

Regional Development Australia, Sydney

                                           Funding is only available for the employment of
                                           specialist breast care nurses.

The Woodend             The Woodend        For projects related to social welfare, community          This is an online
Foundation              Foundation         benefit - general, science and technology, culture,        process
                                           employment, medical research, addiction,                   accessible from
                                           community development, disaster relief, ageing and         the Trust
                                           aged care, religion and spirituality, education and        website from
                                           training, literacy, peace and security, social justice,    April to closing
                                           health and wellbeing, housing and accommodation,           date. Guidelines
                                           arts and culture, environment, conservation and            are also
                                           heritage, crime, justice and legal issues, animal          available on the
                                           welfare and wildlife, and mental health.                   website.
                                           All decisions regarding the selection and distribution
                                           of grants are at the absolute discretion of the Board
                                           of Trustees.
                                           30 June annually.

The Winston Churchill   Winton Churchill   To provide an opportunity for Australians to travel        Last day of
Memorial Trust          Memorial Trust     overseas to conduct research in their chosen field         February each
                                           that is not readily available in Australia. It also aims   year.
Fellowships                                to reward proven achievement of talented and
                                           deserving Australian with further opportunity in
                                           their pursuit of excellence, for the enrichment of
                                           Australian society. Not prescribed qualifications are
                                           required to apply for a Churchill Fellowship.
                                           The subject of the proposed project is limitless,
                                           provided a benefit to Australia is evident, and a
                                           willingness to share the research findings with the
                                           Australian community is displayed.

Walter and Eliza Hall   Walter and Eliza   To assist those in need in times of a crisis. The          On going
Trust Grants            Hall Trust         Survival Fund provides for those affected by poverty.
                                  Tel: (02) 9264 9480

Westpac Foundation      Westpac            Supports NGOs that seek to create and sustain social       It is considering
Grants                  Foundation         enterprises in disadvantaged communities.                  programs that
                                                                          plan to start in
John and Anna           John and Anna      To fund projects that contributes to the welfare of        On going
Woods Memorial          Woods              Aboriginal children.
                                           Enquiries: (03) 9667 6740

Woolworths in the       Woolworths         The Program provides a one-off donation of a               On going
Community Program                          Woolworths WISH Card to local community groups,
                                           where the focus is related and not-for-profit.
                                           Registered charities are also offered the opportunity
                                           to purchase gift vouchers at a discounted rate. Funds
                                           are also granted for health related projects and
                                           children’s hospitals.

Regional Development Australia, Sydney

Youth off the Street   Youth off the     To help kids become more active and healthy and   To be
Scholarships           Streets           better educated.                                  announced

Regional Development Australia, Sydney

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