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									                        Subs are due. This will be the last ROM you re-
                        ceive unless you renew your subscription.
                        Please contact the treasurer — details on page 2.
                          As mentioned at the AGM I’m considering re-              ware expert. They really do help keep members up to
                        ducing my editing workload. I’ve been editing              date with what’s going on in the computer world and
                        ROM for nearly fifteen years since the early 1990’s        all of them make my editing workload easier—thanks
Editor’s &              and find that it takes up a considerable amount of         chaps, its much appreciated.
Secretary’s Bit         time that nowadays that I’d prefer to use for differ-
                        ent things. This is not to say I don’t enjoy the edit-     APC
Contact Details         ing, I really do, but there comes a time when                You’ll note that we have Steve Pendsay from APC
                        enough’s enough and I have to reduce my workload           down to talk to us in July. We met at a press event
Adobe — What’s          significantly.                                             arranged to show a range of new products from APC,
                          To this end I’ll be reducing the amount of con-          who at least as far as I knew only made power sup-
New                                                                                plies and uninterruptible power supplies, plus surge
                        tent. Many reviews we carry could just as easily be
Navicore Personal       done by demonstrating the capability of the soft-          protection devices to protect the computer equipment
                        ware or hardware under review at one of our regu-          of commercial and business customers — how wrong
Spy Cleaner Gold                                                                   because APC make in addition a wide range of reli-
                        lar club meetings. Items that lend themselves to
Pinnacle                descriptive textual reviews will continue to be re-        ability consumer products ranging from mobile power
ShowCenter 200          viewed in ROM, but be aware things are changing.           supplies via mobile routers and wireless cardbus cards
                                                                                   to slot into a mobile’s PMCIA slot, to Biometric pass-
Aerosoft’s Austria        As this is the first newsletter since the AGM I’d        word products.
                        like to put on record my thanks for the help I’ve
Pro 2004                received from our regular reviewers: Laurence                APC’s Steve Pendsay has agreed to visit us for the
VideoStudio 9 by        Fenn, John Childs and members of the Kuzmin                July meeting to describe in more detail the varied
                        family, Geoff Arnold for his occasional hints and          range of products marketed by APC. Raffle goodies
                        tips articles, not forgetting Neil Manuel, our hard-
APC Biometrics                                                                                                       (Continued on page 2)

Roxio Easy Media                          ROM is available as a full-colour .pdf download from the Group web page at:
Creator 7.5                                          
Microsoft OneCare
                                     NEXT MEETING — Monday                           Meetings are held on the 2nd Monday of
                                     13th June 2005 at 7.45 p.m.                     each month at 7.45pm at the Stoughton
                                                                                       Youth Club and Community Centre

                            Epson — Products
                                                                                          (opposite “The Royal” — Pub)
                                                                                      Worplesdon Road (A322), Guildford.
                                                                                    (Meeting Room Telephone: 01483 531449)
                               on Display
                               Epson: Two new products on display. A practical
                            demonstration of Epson’s RX620 ‘all-in-one’ printer,
                            scanner and copier. Described as a 'complete digi-      Monday 11 July at 7.45 pm
                            tal darkroom' the RX620 is an affordable multi-             APC — Not only power supplies. A
                            function device ideal for consumers who want to be
                            able to scan, copy and print from one device.               range of new consumer products being
                               Also being demonstrated is Epson’s Picture Mate          shown by APC’s Steve Pendsay.
                            compact photo printer which can produce instant         Monday 8 August at 7.45 pm
                            copies of your digital camera photos with quality to        Bring your computer to the club
                            rival the best high-street photo printing labs.
                              Please bring a friend or colleague. Coffee and        Monday 12 September at 7.45 pm
                            chocolate biscuits are free!                                In arrangement.
ROM June 2005 — July 2005                                                                                                         Page 1
                                       (Continued from page 1)                                  Tony Hawes, who produces and edits ROM our
         CONTACT                       are promised so ensure the date in your diary.           newsletter, therefore gave a demonstration of Mi-

         DETAILS                       Meanwhile some details / images of what’s new
                                       from APC can be found on page nine.
                                                                                                crosoft Publisher 2003 based on its use to produce
                                                                                                the bimonthly Newsletter. Introduced in the late
If you have any queries or                                                                      1980’s Microsoft Publisher was originally aimed
questions about the Guildford PC       Secretary’s Report — April 2005                          at the low-end consumer market for the making of
User Group and its activities please     Monday evening 11 April 2005 started with the          simple newsletters, flyers to advertise events, to
contact the following members of       AGM.                                                     design and print greeting cards etc. It was an im-
the committee:                           The meeting was opened by Tony Hawes and               mediate hit and was used by tech-savvy kids who
                                       after a few general comments the treasurer pre-          wanted to show-off their design and computer
Chairman                               sented the Income and Expenditure Accounts for the       skills. Through a number of versions it has now
Tony Wood                              year which showed a small surplus. As a result it        become a sophisticated publishing program and is
"Madrigals"                            was agreed that the present subscription of £16 per      part of the Microsoft Office 2003 Suite, as such it
                                       year and the casual visit payment of £3 should re-       is used for quite sophisticated publishing projects.
97 Broadhurst
Farnborough                            main unchanged for another year. The Membership            Tony uses a format based on one of the newsletter
                                       Secretary reported that the membership was de-           templates. He illustrated this by setting up a four-page
Hants. GU14 9XA
                                       creasing and that this was a matter of some concern.     newsletter with three columns per page; inserting a
Tel: 01252-549884                                                                               Microsoft Word document with text-flow links be-
                                       Due to the untimely death of the Chairman, Norman
e-mail:        Risbridger, we were required to elect a new Chair-       tween the columns and also the pages. He demon-
                                       man. Tony Wood was proposed and his appoint-             strated that the pages for the link process need not be
Membership Secretary                   ment was agreed unanimously. The rest of the com-        sequential. The Publisher document he created in-
Maxine Bushell                         mittee stood down but were all re-elected.               cluded text boxes, a number of WordArt items,
Tel: 01483 830034                                                                               shaded boxes, lines, headings and styles formatted to
                                         The rest of the evening was devoted to Neil Man-       give the newsletter a consistent uniformity. He dem-
e-mail:                                ual demonstrating the installation of Mandrake           onstrated text box alignment and the “nudge” facility.            Linux (now called Mandriva Linux). This can be           Pictures were then input both from PaintShop Pro and
                                       downloaded from It con-           directly from a scanner and then moved around to
Treasurer                              sists of 6 CD’s or 1 DVD.                                give a precise placement.
Francis Jacques                                                                                   It was an interesting evening to see how a very
                                       Secretary’s Report — May 2005
“Sampford”, Elmstead Road,                                                                      professional newsletter can be produced with very
                                         Unfortunately Richard Huddy of ATI was unable
WEST BYFLEET, KT14 6BJ                                                                          powerful tools allied to a simple-to-use interface.
                                       to be with us at our meeting on Monday 9 May.
Tel: 01932 341888

Secretary & Public Relations
Bryce McCrirrick                       Adobe — What’s New
Surrey Place,
                                                                                                will enable us to offer our customers better ser-
5 Coach House Gardens,
                                       Adobe Acrobat 7.0                                        vice. Faster application performance means we can
FLEET, GU51 4QX                                                                                 get to customer data more quickly and, even more
                                          A couple of months ago, Adobe Systems Incorpo-
Tel: 01252 623422                                                                               important, the intelligence inherent in PDF means
                                       rated announced the release of Adobe Acrobat 7.0
e-mail:      software, a family of desktop applications that en-      Acrobat 7.0 provides us access to the high-value
                                       ables workgroups to manage a range of essential          data that lies beneath the surface of documents.”
Web Master                             business activities. Acrobat 7.0, the latest update to
Laurence Fenn                          the Adobe Intelligent Document Platform, provides
                                                                                                Acrobat 7.0 Family
84 St George’s Road,                   users the ability to assemble documents from multi-        The Acrobat 7.0 family offers different function-
ALDERSHOT, GU12 4LJ                    ple sources, create intelligent forms, and collaborate   ality to address specific customer workflows. Ac-
Tel: 01252 330408                      on projects inside and outside the firewall, among       robat 7.0 Professional provides more advanced
                                                                                                control over engineering and design documents for
e-mail:            other capabilities.
                                                                                                technical and creative workgroups that rely on
                                          “Acrobat and PDF have made it easier for dis-         specialized software, including computer-aided
Web Page:                              persed project teams to share document-based infor-      design applications and publishing solutions such                 mation,” said Terrence Pallotto, business analyst        as Adobe Creative Suite. Acrobat 7.0 Standard is
(this site contains many of the        and professional engineer with HNTB Corporation,         ideal for business professionals in organizations of
reviews that have appeared in          a company at the forefront of the architecture, trans-   all sizes, where the ability to effectively find, use
ROM)                                   portation, urban planning, and construction indus-       and manage vital information—from emails and
                                       tries. “Acrobat 7.0 Professional opens up the re-        Web pages to everyday application files—is key to
                                       view, mark-up and approval process by enabling
Group Web Page:                                                                                 getting work done on time and budget. Acrobat
                                       enhanced capabilities in Adobe Reader. Now, all of                                                                  Elements is a license-only product that allows
                                       our clients, partners and employees can comment on       enterprises to put Adobe PDF creation capability
                                       materials electronically without having to purchase      on every desktop for more secure document distri-
EDITOR                                 specialized software like CAD applications.”
Tony Hawes                                                                                      bution.
                                          “In our business, responding efficiently to cus-
25 Folly Close, FLEET, GU52 7LN        tomer problems requires quick access to a wide           Adobe Reader 7.0
Tel: 01252 617962                      range of information, from technical documents             Adobe also announced the immediate availabil-
Fax: 01252 664756                      outlining systems to detailed maps highlighting          ity of Adobe Reader 7.0, including a public beta
Mobile: 07941 778007                   system locations,” said Phil Lee, executive vice         version for the Linux operating system. The com-
e-mail:            president of Layton Graphics, Inc., which assists        pany’s free client software can be downloaded at
                                       many of the world’s largest corporations and gov-
                                       ernment organizations in better managing technical       In addition to the ability to reliably view and print
                                       documentation and geographical information sys-                                           (Continued on page 3)
                                       tems data central to daily operations. “Acrobat 7.0
Page 2                                                                                                            ROM June 2005 — July 2005
(Continued from page 2)                         Point cuts tedious graphic and photo re-         in parallel with one another on an InDesign
Adobe PDF files, Adobe Reader 7.0 now           touching tasks by allowing users to clone        CS2 file without overriding each other. Adobe
offers more powerful capabilities. Users        paint and transform image objects while          InCopy CS2 is available with an estimated
can participate in document reviews, have       retaining visual perspective. Adobe Photo-       street price of £312. For more information
Yahoo! Search capabilities at their finger-     shop CS2 is also available as a standalone       visit
tips and can interact with 3D objects placed    software product for estimated street price of
in PDF. Adobe has distributed over half-a-      £470. For more information visit                 Pricing and Availability
billion copies of Adobe Reader since its                         Adobe Creative Suite for Mac OS X version
1993 introduction.                                 Adobe InDesign CS2 – As a leader in           10.2.8 through 10.3.8, Java Runtime Environ-
                                                layout and design, InDesign CS2 makes it         ment 1.4.1, Microsoft Windows 2000 with
Pricing and Availability                                                                         Service Pack 4 or Windows XP with Service
                                                easier, faster, more fluid and versatile for
  Acrobat 7.0 Professional will be available    designers across a variety of workflows from     Pack 1 or 2, is immediately available through
for an estimated street price of £395 ex        text-intensive book, magazine and newspa-        Adobe Authorised Resellers and the Adobe
VAT for Macintosh and Windows plat-             per production to high-end XML-based             Store at Estimated
forms. Registered users of Acrobat 4.0,         cross-media workflows. Exporting objects         street price for the Adobe Creative Suite 2
Acrobat 5.0, Acrobat 6.0 Standard, or Ac-       with the new InDesign snippets feature en-       Premium Edition is £946 and £745 for Adobe
robat 6.0 Professional can upgrade to Acro-     ables users to easily share or repurpose live    Creative Suite 2
bat 7.0 Professional for an estimated street    InDesign content and layouts from part of a        Standard Edition. Upgrade pricing is avail-
price of £135 ex VAT for Macintosh and          page. Adobe InDesign CS2 is also available       able for customers of Adobe Creative Suite
Windows platforms.                              as a standalone software product for an esti-    and Adobe Photoshop. For more detailed in-
Adobe Creative Suite 2 Now                      mated street price of £644. For more infor-      formation about features, upgrade policies and
                                                mation visit           pricing, please visit:
Available                                                                                        creativesuite.
                                                   Adobe Illustrator CS2 – Designers can
   Adobe Photoshop CS2, InDesign CS2,
                                                rediscover the power of vector graphics            Adobe Stock Photos may not be available in
Illustrator CS2, GoLive CS2 and InCopy
                                                through Illustrator CS2 with its enhanced        all countries, languages, and currencies and is
CS2 Available.
                                                user interface and expanded support for a        subject to change. For details on availability
   SAN JOSE, Calif. — April 27, 2005 —          variety of file formats, including Scalable      visit:
Adobe         Systems        Incorporated       Vector Graphics Tiny (SVG-t). The new
(NASDAQ:ADBE) today announced the               Live Trace feature easily and accurately         Reviews
immediate availability of Adobe Creative        converts scans of hand-drawn sketches and          The arrival just two days before ROM went
Suite 2 software. Adobe Creative Suite 2        digital photos into fully editable and scale-    to press means that your Editor’s review of
Premium Edition integrates new full-            able Illustrator artwork in seconds. Live        Adobe Acrobat 7 will appear in the next issue
version upgrades of indispensable design        Paint enables users to colour artwork quickly    of ROM, whilst John Childs will be donning
software - Adobe Photoshop CS2, Adobe           and intuitively, based on how it appears on      his photography mantle to do the honours with
InDesign CS2, Adobe Illustrator CS2 and         screen rather than how it was constructed.       Adobe Creative Suite 2. At press time John’s
Adobe GoLive CS2 - with the all-new Ver-        Adobe Illustrator CS2 is also available as a     review copy of Adobe Creative Suite 2 has
sion Cue CS2. It also introduces the Adobe      standalone software product with an esti-        still to materialise, but I gather there has been
Stock Photos service, Adobe Bridge and          mated street price of £460. For more infor-      an exceptional demand, so his review may be
includes the recently released Adobe Acro-      mation visit        delayed a little. — watch this space!
bat 7.0 Professional. Adobe Photoshop
                                                   Adobe GoLive CS2 – Mobile content
CS2, InDesign CS2, Illustrator CS2 and
                                                development is simplified through innova-        Navicore Personal GPS Navi-
GoLive CS2 are also available as stand-
alone software products. In addition, Adobe
                                                tive new CSS layout tools, a rich environ-       gator
                                                ment based on open standards and tight inte-       Just as we were closing for press. Navicore
InCopy CS2, a professional writing and
                                                gration with Creative Suite 2. With GoLive       launched in the UK, bringing an easy to use,
editing program that integrates tightly with
                                                CS2, Web designers and developers can            full GPS navigation to mobile phone users.
Adobe InDesign CS2 software, also ship-
                                                create, publish, manage and update content
ping. Adobe Creative Suite 2 is the power-                                                         From Navicore’s Press Release: “Navicore
                                                that adapts simply and gracefully to the lat-
house design and publishing environment                                                          Personal offers in-car quality’ GPS at a tenth
                                                est handheld devices. Adobe GoLive CS2 is
for print, Web and the latest generation of                                                      of the cost, also turning mobile phones into
                                                also available as a standalone software prod-
handheld devices. Adobe Creative Suite 2                                                         personal navigators. Navicore Personal runs
                                                uct for an estimated street price of £354. For
is anchored by a new visual file browser,                                                        on the widest range of mobile phones on the
                                                more information visit
Adobe Bridge that acts as a hub for produc-                                                      market today with full support for Symbian
tivity and enables designers to quickly         golive.
                                                                                                 Series 60 and 80 handsets.”
browse, organise, and process design as-           Version Cue CS2 – A powerful file-
                                                version manager and collaboration tool,            May 18, 2005 – Following huge success in
sets. It also provides direct access to Adobe
                                                Version Cue CS2 enables users to visually        Scandinavia since its introduction, Navicore
Stock Photos, a new stock photography
                                                preview, track and access historical and         Personal is being launched today in the UK
service that offers designers one-stop shop-
                                                alternate versions of files in Adobe Creative    offering mobile phone users the next-
ping for high-quality, royalty-free images
                                                Suite 2 projects. Workgroup users can easily     generation navigation system that works
for layout and design, and the Adobe Help
                                                share their work, and can now initiate a         directly on their handsets. Featuring the
Centre, in-depth how-to information for all
                                                Web-based collaborative review of Adobe          fastest mapping and routing technology on
of the components of Adobe Creative Suite
                                                Portable Document Format (PDF) project           the market, Navicore Personal provides a
2. Adobe Creative Suite 2 Premium Edition
                                                files.                                           reliable and easy-to-use navigation solution
includes all the elements creative profes-
                                                                                                 for devices people find most convenient
sionals need to translate their ideas into         Adobe InCopy CS2 – Adobe also began           using when on the move - their own mobile
compelling designs.                             shipping InCopy CS2. Although not part of        phone.
   Adobe Photoshop CS2 – The profes-            Adobe Creative Suite 2, this professional
                                                writing and editing program tightly inte-          John Childs will be seeing how well this
sional industry standard for digital image
                                                grates with InDesign CS2 to streamline and       device works with a review in the next issue
editing and creation brings a new level of
                                                enhance collaborative editorial workflows        of ROM. Meanwhile see Navicore’s web site
power, precision and control to the digital
                                                for small creative teams. Assignments-based      for further details:
photography experience and to the overall
creative process. New feature Vanishing         workflows allow writers and editors to work

ROM June 2005 — July 2005                                                                                                                Page 3
Spy Cleaner Gold
Reviewed by John Childs
                                                this behaviour time after time, and it re-        grams often found different spyware objects.
Introduction                                    duced my confidence in any of the pro-            The ideal situation seems therefore to run as
  This program purports to keep your com-       grams. After running scans using all three        many of these programs as you can find. If
puter free of such nasty things as spyware,     programs and deleting any spyware they            you don’t there will be objects on your com-
adware and malware. It has a database of        found, another run would invariably reveal        puter which the particular program you are
over 28,000 component signatures which          no further objects. However, the next day         using will not tell you about. This is hardly an
you can harness by running a scan anytime       another run would reveal new objects. Ob-         ideal situation and clearly shows that the situa-
you choose. In addition it has a feature        viously the monitoring facilities in the Mi-      tion needs more attention by the writers of
called “Spy Watcher” which loads at start-up    crosoft and the Spy Cleaner Gold programs         these programs.
and monitors any spyware type activity. If it   do not work well. I am forced to the conclu-        As to whether you should pay out for Spy
finds any, it warns you so that you can re-     sion that if you run regular scans manually       Cleaner Gold, only you can say, but it will
move whatever has caused the alarm.             using all three programs you’ll stand a bet-      pick up objects that the other programs didn’t
                                                ter chance of removing the spyware that has       and will not identify objects the other pro-
  Spy Cleaner Gold works with Windows           been downloaded since the previous scans.
XP, NT, Me, 95, 98 and 2000.                                                                      grams did.
                                                Relying on only one program will not be
In use                                          good enough.                                      Availability
                                                                                                    Spy Cleaner Gold is available for £19.99
  The program installed without a hitch on      Conclusions                                       including VAT from
my Windows XP machine. The screenshot             It is clear that the monitoring facility in
shows the various things it watches out for.    this program under review does not work
  In order to deal with spyware etc I run two   well enough to prevent spyware infecting
programs on my computer: Ad-aware SE            your computer. However, the three pro-
personal and Microsoft AntiSpyware. The
former does not have a real time monitoring
facility whilst the latter does. Once I in-
stalled Spy Cleaner Gold I had three pro-
grams to look after my computer and I was
interested to see how they got on. Shots of
the opening screens from the three programs
are shown.
  The first thing I wanted to do was to up-
date the database of the program. I was
pleased to see, when I delved, that the pro-
gram obtains updates automatically over the
  I used all three programs for about a fort-
night, keeping an eye on what each did. In
theory, as two have a monitoring facility, no
spyware should get through to be installed
on my computer. In practice it didn’t work
out like that. Despite two programs monitor-
ing the sneaky installation of spyware items
onto my computer, each of the three pro-
grams managed to find various intruders
when I ran scans manually. However, there
was no consistency between them. They
spotted different intruders when runs were                                              Spy Cleaner Gold
made one after the other, without my remov-
ing the intruders in between. I encountered

                             Ad-Aware SE                                                        Microsoft AntiSpyware—Beta:

Page 4                                                                                                         ROM June 2005 — July 2005
Pinnacle ShowCenter 200
Pinnacle Systems Unveils
ShowCenter 200, Including
High Definition Photo and
Video Support
  With an intuitive user interface and to-
gether with exceptional audio and visual
quality, Pinnacle ShowCenter 200 promises
an easy, engaging entertainment experience
  Pinnacle ShowCenter 200 is a digital me-
dia adapter that connects directly to a PC, or
to a home network, and streams media files
to any television or home entertainment sys-
tem connected to the ShowCenter player. A
complete solution that works with high-
speed wired and wireless (802.11g) home
networks, Pinnacle ShowCenter 200 in-            connection. The only product within its cate-       puter with ease and is powered by the USB port.
cludes the digital media adapter set-top box     gory to offer ‘watched folders,’ content can          PCTV 110i and PCTV 100e – Enjoy analogue
with a front panel USB port, a remote con-       be imported from folders automatically,             TV and FM radio on your PC. With significant
trol, Ethernet and power cables, and easy-to-    alerting the user when new media is found.          software enhancements, analogue tuners PCTV
use media management software.                   With a simple TV interface and category or-         110i and PCTV 100e make it easy to play, record
                                                 ganisation, the ShowCenter 200 provides in-         and time-shift TV and record direct-to-DVD.
High Definition Video and                        tuitive navigation for selecting content with       New to this year’s internal tuner, PCTV 110i
Photo Support                                    a remote control.                                   now offers FM capabilities.
  ShowCenter 200 includes support for high                                                             PCTV 310i – Easily enjoy your choice of ana-
                                                 Control Personal Video Re-                          logue or digital terrestrial TV on your PC. Pinna-
definition video and photo, significantly en-
hancing their quality on televisions with HD     cording on your PC                                  cle PCTV 310i supports both analogue and DVB-
capabilities. In addition, users can now view      Pinnacle ShowCenter 200 also allows con-          T reception. DVB-T support will not be offered
HD video in a variety of formats including       sumers complete control of the PVR features         everywhere immediately, but will roll out gradu-
WMV, .AVI, and .MPEGs files and enjoy            via the PCTV tuner card that can be installed       ally. This DVB-T technology allows users to en-
high quality photos taken with mega-pixel        on the PC. Timeshifting allows users to view        joy live television outside the home for a user
digital still cameras.                           live television and pause, as well as to fast       friendly, mobile TV experience in the geographic
                                                 forward and replay programs. Integrated             areas covered by DVB-T. PCTV 310i supports
Enjoy Online Video and Music                     burning makes it easy to archive recorded           free Digital TV programmes in perfect picture
                                                                                                     and stereo sound quality. DVB-T mode will pro-
Content                                          content to CD and DVD.
                                                                                                     vide digital radio, and certain regions also allow
  With ShowCenter 200 it will be possible to                                                         users to enjoy FM radio reception in analogue
enjoy music and video throughout the home
                                                 Pricing and Availability
by streaming content via integrated wireless       Pinnacle ShowCenter 200 carries an SRP
support. It offers an easy-to-use TV interface   of £199.99 inc VAT throughout the UK and            Pricing and Availability
that gives remote control access to video,       is expected to be available from May at most          The Pinnacle PCTV family is comprised of the
photo, music and TV files stored on the PC.      major retailers, online resellers and through       following products:
Music lovers can take advantage of their Mi-     the Pinnacle e-store. Pinnacle Systems may
                                                 be reached at 01895 442003 or at                    • PCTV 200e (external digital terrestrial TV
crosoft® Windows Media® 9 music                                                                          tuner with complete MediaCenter software).
downloads by streaming them from their PC
and broadband users can listen to Internet         Pinnacle Systems, a leader in digital video so-   • PCTV 100e (external analogue TV tuner
SHOUTcast™ radio on their home audio             lutions, today launched a new line of Pinnacle          with complete MediaCenter software)
system.                                          PCTV products. A unique set of complete hard-       • PCTV 110i (internal analogue TV tuner with
                                                 ware and software solutions, the latest release         complete MediaCenter software)
Powerful Media Management                        in the PCTV series enables PC users to trans-       • PCTV 310i (internal analogue/digital terres-
  Unlike competing products, ShowCenter          form their computers into a TV, Personal Video
                                                                                                         trial TV tuner with complete MediaCenter
200 includes powerful media management           Recorder (PVR) and digital media entertain-
software, Pinnacle MediaManager, which           ment centre.
allows users to manage all photo, video and      Pinnacle PCTV Product Family                          Pinnacle PCTV products carry a suggested
music files with ease. ShowCenter 200 eas-                                                           retail price that ranges from £49.99 to £89.99
                                                   PCTV 200e – Easily enjoy mobile digital ter-
ily supports large media file collections and    restrial TV on your laptop. Dubbed “Anywhere        inc VAT and are expected to be available at
includes integrated CD and DVD burning for       TV,” DVB-T is an ideal technology for the mo-       most major retailers, online resellers and
archiving collections or sharing playlists.      bile product. Simply, with PCTV 200e, televi-       through the Pinnacle e-store by the time you
Using Pinnacle MediaManager, consumers           sion signals are received by an antenna which       read this.
can create playlists, import and export con-     offers a wider range of free content without
tent and browse auto playlists including Top                                                           Laurence Fenn is currently reviewing Pin-
                                                 subscription fees within the geographic regions
Rated and Most Played.                           with DVB-T coverage. Unique to Pinnacle’s           nacle ShowCenter 200 and his review will fol-
                                                 PCTV product, 200e is equipped with an active       low in the next issue of ROM — Ed
Easy Set-Up and Installation                     antenna by Hirschmann Electronics GmbH
  A new, improved installation wizard            which enables unique high quality reception.
makes it simple to install ShowCenter 200        Design and form factor enable extreme port-
and connect it to the PC via a wired Ethernet    ability, snapping onto the back of a laptop com-

ROM June 2005 — July 2005                                                                                                                     Page 5
Austria Professional 2004 by Aerosoft
by Tony Hawes
                                               European, this makes for a better match for       sights, not just from the main Austrian cities
Introduction                                   European scenery.                                 but in the provinces too. For aviators who use
   Aerosoft is a German company specialis-        As far as I could see all Austrian airports,   the add-on for flying rather than sightseeing
ing in aircraft and scenery add-ons for Mi-    airfields and major grass strips are provided.    all the mandatory airfield visual reporting
crosoft’s Flight Simulator and Train Simu-     I have the impression that Altenrhein and         points are depicted in their exact locations.
lator. Readers will recall I gave a big        Samedan in neighbouring Switzerland have          With the replacement textures, alpine mead-
thumb’s-up to Aerosoft’s DA-20 Katana          been included too, in particular Altenrhein in    ows look like meadows. The whole thing is
trainer/general aviation two-seater.           Switzerland, just over the border from of         impressively authentic.
   This reviews covers Aerosoft’s Austria      Austria and on the Bodensee (Lake Con-            Airports and Airfields
Professional 2004. Many year’s ago (about      stance) has enhanced airfield scenery which
                                               I feel sure is not in Microsoft’s original.          Airports are well depicted and suitably
eight? I seem to recall) I reviewed                                                                               detailed, with plenty of cus-
a much earlier version of Austrian                                                                                tom 3D objects like terminals,
Scenery for Microsoft Flight Simu-                                                                                hangars, and the usual airfield
lator 98, which shows how long                                                                                    building clutter. Vienna
ago that was! Anyway I have fam-                                                                                  Schwechat is particularly well
ily connections with Austria so am                                                                                rendered and sports
always glad to see what’s new with                                                                                Schwechat’s distinctive and
flight simulator Austrian add-ons.                                                                                sexily curved aircraft bays.
   With each new version of Flight                                                                                The main regional airports:
Simulator, Microsoft improves the                                                                                 Salzburg, Innsbruck, Klagen-
scenery in one way or another and                                                                                 furt, Linz and Graz are simi-
in particular the major world air-                                                                                larly detailed. Anyone who
ports e.g. London Heathrow, New                                                                                   flies into them regularly
York JFK, Australia Sydney, but                                                                                   would recognise them straight
always there is room for improve-                                                                                 away. Minor strips may have
ment, so when it comes down to                                                                                    only one large building, but
localising your local airfield and                                                                                with many small airfields this
environs it’s left to the add-on                                                                                  is reality.
specialists to come up with the                          Vienna — with the River Danube                          I was delighted to find rela-
better looking, precisely placed                                                                                 tively unknown mountains and
and more detailed airport/airfield.                                                                              landscapes rendered in superb
So how does Aerosoft’s Austria                                                                                   and recognisable detail. While
Professional fare when used with a                                                                               Flight Simulator 2004 depicts
top-notch computer and graphics                                                                                  major European roads and
card?                                                                                                            rivers, Austria Professional
   The standard-size box comes                                                                                   2004’s roads and rivers are
with a CD and an 84-page manual                                                                                  vastly enhanced objects, being
listing all the details of the in-                                                                               in the correct places so that
cluded airfields. With a page per                                                                                they for example realistically
airfield this is quite comprehen-                                                                                follow the contours of the
sive and very useful, the only snag                                                                              mountains.
is that the manual included with                                                                                 Changing the season to Winter
the review sample as shipped from                                                                                and the Austrian winter moun-
Germany is printed only in Ger-                                                                                  tain scenery is rendered in all
man and unless you are German                                                                                    its glory, it makes you want to
speaker is not easy to get on with.                                                                              don your skis for that downhill
However, Aerosoft’s web site says                                                                                schuss and hopefully a glass of
the program does comes with an                           Vienna — St Stefan’s Cathedral                         Glühwein at the bottom!
English manual, so I can only
                                               Scenery                                              All the relevant Navaids seem to be present
think that as the review copy came from
                                                 On firing up FS 2004 and choosing one of        in their correct locations: VOR’s, NDB’s and
Germany I wound up with a German man-
                                               the Austrian airfields, the first thing that      DME’s. ATIS transmissions (giving you
                                               registers is the outstanding texture of the       flight instructions when you tune the tower
Installation                                                                                     frequency of the airfield you are at or ap-
                                               local surroundings.
  Installation is simple: insert the CD into                                                     proaching), are there too.
                                                 I was delighted to find relatively unknown
your CD drive and the installation routine     landscapes and mountains I’d walked and           Grossglockner
runs. You select the language you want to      climbed in real life rendered in superb and         I took off from Zell-am-See and climbed
use for the installation — US English or       recognisable detail. Vienna in particular has     south to see how well the Grossglockner at
German. It then goes off to find the direc-    a number of its most famous sights included,      12,500ft, Austria’s highest mountain, is de-
tory containing the Microsoft FS 2004 pro-     including the Giant Ferris Wheel, St Stefan’s     picted. It is breathtaking and instantly recog-
gram. If it can’t find it, it asks you to      Cathedral various palaces including the Hof-      nisable, as is the nearby Pastenzen glacier
browse to where it is on your computer.        burg etc. — just the job for helicopter sight-    which I’ve traversed on foot in real life!
You enter the CD-Key and it installs. Dur-     seeing.
ing installation it recommends that you                                                            Undoubtedly the best way to use this scen-
update the FS Landclass and textures to          Leaving Vienna, Salzburg’s castle is de-        ery is to fly VFR (Visual Flight Rules), but
                                               picted together with many other well known                                  (Continued on page 7)

Page 6                                                                                                       ROM June 2005 — July 2005
 Left: Rankweil Vorarlberg — a real photo. Right: The same scene in Austria Pro 2004. Allowing for the difference in perspectives, not bad at all!

                                                 Particularly noteworthy is a real photo (above        exquisite detail to really bring back the
(Continued from page 6)
                                                 left) that I took from a relative’s house in          memories. Strongly recommended.
instead of using your aeronautical chart         Rankweil, a small town in western Austria
which concentrates on aeronautical naviga-       near the border with Switzerland. As can be
                                                                                                       Pricing and Availability
tion information, use a road atlas instead —     seen it would be hard to improve on what’s in           Not too easy to find in the UK, however a
you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the detail     the Austria Pro 2004 screen-grab (above right)        couple of specialist outlets sell it. Game-
— what you’ll see out of the cockpit wind-       compared with the real photo (above left)    have it for £32.99. Another is long
screen matches very closely what the road        taken at the same location.                           established Flight Simulator specialist RC
atlas depicts plus if you have the right atlas                                                         Simulations              in     Bristol:
it’ll name the sights you are expected to        Conclusions                                  who sell it for
see!                                               If you like realistic scenery you’ll enjoy this     £34.95.
   I’ve added an assortment of screen-grabs      scenery add-on. There is very little to fault it        Aerosoft itself can be found at:
showing some of the detail one can expect.       and if you should visit Austria you’ll find well
                                                 known and remembered sights rendered in

The Grossglockner — Austria’s highest peak at 12,500 ft. Left Austria Pro 2004 version and right real photo view of the Pastenzen glacier flowing along-
                                                               side and below the peak.

  Left: BA 146 about to depart from Innsbruck on a ‘winter wonderland’ day. Right: Vienna’s Schwechat airport with a departing BA Airbus 320.

ROM June 2005 — July 2005                                                                                                                       Page 7
VideoStudio 9 by Ulead
Reviewed by Laurence Fenn
                                                  of the screen got in the way of the slideshow.       drag it onto the timeline every time you want
Introduction                                      Once you open the sequence in the Editor you         that particular style.
  Ulead Video Studio 9 requires 1.2 GB of         can remove the effects that you don’t want, or         Several video effects have been added, like
available hard drive space for the program        you can create new ones for yourself. You can        Pan and Zoom (which is used with the slide-
installation, plus the usual requirements         add mpa, mp3 or wav music files in the wiz-          shows, but can also work with video), Strobe
such as a video card, soundcard, etc., not to     ard, but once you start using the editor you can     Motion Filter (speeds up or slows down por-
mention the 4 GB+ hard drive space for            use the Smartsound music tracks. These are           tions of a video clip) and Ghost Motion Filter
video capture and editing. In fact, you can       like midi files with real instruments, and apart     (creates a ghosting effect that is great for
never have enough space for video capture,        from the variations that you can have, they can      making kids’ ghost movies). Some effects
particularly if you want to capture in un-        be adjusted to be any length. Normally if you        like Time Stretch, which lets you tweak the
compressed mode. I usually capture                used an mp3 file and it isn’t long enough, it        duration of video or audio clips to match
MPEG-2 footage which is DVD compatible            would loop, with a noticeable gap, but the           other material on the timeline, without ad-
with a fairly high bit rate, resulting in about   Smartsound Technology lets you create an             versely affecting the audio pitch or Reverse
a gigabyte of hard disc space per hour.           infinite variety of unique royalty-free tunes to     Playback are fun, but are something that I
                                                  perfectly fit your video’s mood and duration.        would not use often.
                                                                            There is also a built in
                                                                                                         Chroma Key Editing lets you superim-
                                                                            music analysis engine
                                                                                                       pose one video on top of another, removing
                                                                            that Ulead says de-
                                                                                                       the background, like the weather reports and
                                                                            tects rhythm patterns
                                                                                                       early TV effects. You don’t get a cloth to
                                                                            in the background
                                                                                                       hang up for when you want to create your
                                                                            music, enabling tran-
                                                                                                       video, and I didn’t have anything suitable as
                                                                            sitions to occur to the
                                                                                                       a substitute, so I couldn’t really test this fea-
                                                                            beat of the music.         ture. It worked with the sample footage
                                                                            I found it difficult to    given, but this is to be expected.
                                                                            edit the volume of the
                                                                                                         Flash Animation Overlay Support allows
                                                                            video footage using
                                                                                                       you to use Flash objects or clips that have
                                                                            the editor, and had to
                                                                                                       been saved with a transparency channel, as
                                                                            refer to the manual
                                                                                                       cartoon-style overlays. Flash animation sup-
                                                                            several times. There
                                                                                                       port means users can place Flash (.swf) files
                                                                            are some programs
                                                                                                       as overlays simply via a drag-and-drop action
                                                                            that I have never
                                                                                                       to the overlay track. This would mean an
                                                                            needed to look up
                                                                                                       easy way to convert flash to video by drag-
                                                                            how to do something,
                                                                                                       ging a file onto the timeline if the audio track
Figure 1 — The Start-up Screen                                              but this isn’t one of
                                                                                                       were imported as well, but it isn’t.
                                                  them. Clicking on
  The program is split into three options on
                                                  the timeline until
the start up screen, the DV-to-DVD Wiz-
                                                  your        cursor
ard, the Movie Wizard, and the main Video
                                                  changes to a small
Studio Editor. The new DV-to-DVD Wiz-
                                                  arrow and then
ard does a scan (at 6x) of all the scenes on
                                                  clicking a point
your DV tape and then lists them. You can
                                                  and dragging it
then select the ones you want and click a
                                                  can lead to mis-
button to burn them to a disc. Unfortunately
                                                  takes. You can set
I couldn’t test this as I don’t have a DV
                                                  a default transition
camera, and one wasn’t supplied with the
                                                  to use when add-
software for review!
                                                  ing clips, but there
Movie Wizard                                      is no automatic
  The Movie Wizard lets you add video             cross fade of video
and/or images and then apply one of the           and audio, like
twelve templates (if it contains video, eight     Sony Vegas. Even
if it’s just a slideshow). This adds music        though there is a
and titles in a particular style. You can then    fade to black tran-
burn a disc, or edit the sequence in the          sition, you can’t
Video Studio Editor. Some of these themes         use it at the end of Figure 2: The Video Editor
look very good, but you cannot edit the           your video. Instead,
position of the text in the wizard mode.          you have to fade to a
                                                  colour, and add a black solid colour.                   Auto colour correction can be added, but
With the overlay it creates, sometimes your                                                            it cannot cope when a scene fades to black. It
original video footage may be very small          Titling                                              also lacks image stabilization to steady shaky
and drowned out by the background music,                                                               video (a feature present in Pinnacle’s offer-
                                                    Titling has its own set of effects, which does-
but you can chose not to have music. The                                                               ing).
                                                  n’t include a fade out. You can fade in your
auto panning and zoom works well with the
                                                  text, or make it appear with a zoom or a scroll,        Ripple Editing makes removing portions
slideshows, but if you choose the blank
                                                  but you can only have the text disappear             of clips and arranging scenes easier, as it
template you do not get any transitions. The
                                                  abruptly. You can design your own style of           automatically adjusts the positions of ele-
Autumn theme worked well, but I found the
                                                  text and add it to the library, so you can then
superimposed leaves at the top and bottom                                                                                         (Continued on page 9)

Page 8                                                                                                             ROM June 2005 — July 2005
(Continued from page 8)                            and soft video clips and Audio Reverb to add          Creating your DVD you can use one of the
ments like audio, titles and overlays in rela-     a sense of acoustic space to their movies au-       30 themes available. However, you can’t
tion to the video. You can automatically           dio. Video Studio 9 also has a useful new tool      move the text on your menus, and you can’t
split your video into scenes, but it may make      that creates duplicate audio channels. This is      use SmartSound tracks for the background
too many breaks. Splitting the video footage       ideal for users who’ve recorded single-channel      music. If you want to have more flexibility
on the timeline is just a click away, but with     audio on their video and want to create left        with you menus, you should use Ulead’s
a problem. I was working on a wedding              and right audio channels, helping them              DVD Workshop, which allow you custom-
video and had joined four video files to-          achieve a true stereo sound, but unless you         ise nearly everything on your menus.
                                                                                                       DVD Menu Templates
                                                                                                         There are no updates for the program on
                                                                                                       the website as yet, and no extras to
                                                                                                       download either (unless you count the DVD
                                                                                                       menus for the 2004 Olympics), but you
                                                                                                       should check the bonus CD as there are
                                                                                                       extra DVD menu templates, a must since the
                                                                                                       basic program is light on templates, and
                                                                                                       video tutorials. You’ll also find video clips
                                                                                                       and image backgrounds.
                                                                                                       Two-pass VBR (Variable bit
                                                                                                       rate) MPEG-2 Encoding
                                                                                                         The quality of your final rendered video
                                                                                                       cannot be faulted, as it uses two-pass VBR
                                                                                                       MPEG-2 encoding to ensure the highest
                                                                                                       overall video quality. You can customise the
                                                                                                       bit rate, or output as AVI, RealMedia or
                                                                                                       wmv, in a variety of different settings. Ren-
                                                                                                       dering your video can take a while espe-
                                                                                                       cially of you are resizing the footage.
                                                                                                       Thankfully, VideoStudio 9.0 is quick with
                                                                                                       the SmartRender feature, which only re-
                                                                                                       codes the parts of the file you have made
                                                                                                       changes to. With a two hour wedding film I
Figure 3: The Movie Wizard                                                                             had created, it took Sony Vegas Video 5
                                                                                                       over five hours to render the final mpeg file
gether. I then split the footage to get rid of     have really old video footage, then this isn’t      while VideoStudio 9 did it in just over two.
the shots I didn’t want. I added the fades         going to be used much.                                Ulead have tried to combine everything
between the scenes, but then I found I need          If you create a DVD from your edited video        you need to convert your video to burning
to split the scene, as I had missed some           and set a particular menu style, this is saved in   onto DVD (although the program did let me
scenes I didn’t want. Bear in mind that this       your project. I didn’t realise this, as I opened    burn a DVD to a CD, resulting in a disc that
was from an analogue capture of a VHS              the project in the editor, but as soon as I went    didn’t work), but some of the features are
tape, and not DV footage. When I split the         to the DVD menu builder, my settings were           not very flexible. The DVD menus are re-
scene, the transition at the beginning of the      still there. Another interesting feature is that    strictive in their design, and the movie wiz-
scene was lost, and I had to add it again. I       you can insert your projects into the timeline      ard doesn’t offer enough choice. Editing
don’t know why splitting the scene is so           direct. For example, I had created the begin-       your video is a little complex, but the end
destructive, as other programs I have used         ning titles and save that as one project, and       result is relatively quick and of high quality
keep the effects in the timeline, and just split   then created the main footage in another pro-
the video into two.                                ject. If I was using any other software, I would    Pricing and Availability
                                                   have to have rendered the titles and added it as      Available for £44.99 inc VAT and free
Audio Filters                                                                                          delivery from
                                                   a video file to the main project, or vice versa,
 Some new audio filters include Volume             but with VideoStudio 9 I just inserted the
Levelling to normalise the volume of loud          saved project into the timeline.

APC — New Biometric Mouse Password Manager
                                                   easy for PC and laptop users to manage their        clude a combination of several numbers and
  Passwords are at Your Fingertips with            passwords. Based on the leading Radio Fre-          letters. However, having several different
American Power Conversion’s New Biomet-            quency (RF) fingerprint sensor technology, the      passwords makes it tougher to remember
ric Mouse Password Manager                         solution allows a user to biometrically secure      them all. Many individuals write down their
                                                   and log on to their PC or notebook as well as       passwords on pieces of paper that could
A Simple and Secure Biomet-
                                                   eliminate the need to memorise passwords.           easily be lost or viewed by unwanted users.
ric Solution to Remember                                                                               APC’s line of various biometric solutions
                                                     “With the proliferation of online transac-
Passwords                                          tions like banking, stock trading, email, shop-     solves this problem. The Biometric Mouse
  London, England – May 18, 2005 –                 ping, and credit card accounts there is an ever     Password Manager gives users a convenient
American Power Conversion (APC) today              increasing need for data protection,” said Mi-      way to access their online accounts as well
announced the APC Biometric Mouse Pass-            chael Adams, managing director, APC UK              as provides a level of security that only fin-
word Manager, an optical mouse with a              and Ireland. “To protect themselves, internet       gerprint sensor technology offers.”
personal fingerprint scanner that makes it         users should have secure passwords that in-

ROM June 2005 — July 2005                                                                                                                    Page 9
(Continued from page 9)
Twenty Fingerprints
  The APC Biometric Mouse Password
Manager permits up to twenty different
fingerprints or twenty different users to
store passwords on a single computer sys-
tem. Each user enrols using a finger as their
identification source. The Biometric Mouse
Password Manager’s sleek innovative de-
sign allows for stable placement and accu-
rate fingerprint verification. It comes
equipped with a 6-foot USB (Universal
Serial Bus) cable, easy-to-use software, and
is compatible with Windows (XP, ME
2000, and 98) operating systems. The soft-
ware stores an unlimited number of login
names and passwords. It provides one
touch file or folder encryption with five
different encryption algorithms. When
using with Windows XP, the APC Biomet-
ric Mouse Password Manager allows for
fast user switching. With touch of a finger,
the shared laptop or PC recognises each
user’s personal configurations and pass-
                                                 Clockwise from top left. Biometric Mouse Password Manager. Biometric Password Manager. A neat
words.                                           (tiny) notebook mouse with a retractable cord. 802.11b Wireless Router. 802.11b notebook PMCIA
                                                 Cardbus to communicate with the Router. (802.11g versions with faster throughput are due in July).
TruePrint technology,
  Using AuthenTec’s patented TruePrint            quire accurate fingerprint images for user          price of £49.99/ €79. For more information about
technology, the APC Biometric Mouse               authentication purposes. TruePrint is the           APC and other innovative desktop and laptop
Password Manager scans fingerprints be-           only fingerprint sensor technology capable          solutions please call 0118 903 7800 or visit
low the surface of the skin to the live layer     of acquiring anyone’s fingerprint under vir-        APC’s website at
or true fingerprint. TruePrint is unaffected      tually any condition.                                 Some of the many other items seen are shown
by common skin surface conditions includ-          APC’s new Biometric Mouse Password Man-            above. Steve Pendsay will be showing these and
ing dry, worn, calloused, dirty or oily skin      ager is currently available in North America        others from APC’s range at the July meeting.
that can affect other sensors’ ability to ac-     (UK shortly) and carries an estimated resale

Roxio Unveils Easy Media Creator 7.5 Supersonic
                                                                                                       •   Backup MyPC Deluxe 6 for comprehensive
  Members will remember the demo that                                                                      data protection and disaster recovery
Roxio gave to the Group last year when we
had Roxio’s Patrick Garrington and Rosie                                                               •   MyDVD Slideshow for fast and efficient
Tickner present to show how easy it was to                                                                 creation of DVD slideshows from still photos
manipulate your media assets with Roxio’s                                                              •   CinePlayer 2 for high-quality playback of
Creator 7 Suite of tools.                                                                                  DVD-video content. In response to strong
  Late last year Sonic Solutions acquired the                                                              consumer appetite for music downloads, inter-
                                                                                                           net radio, and portable music players, Creator
Roxio Software Division so now Roxio trades
                                                                                                           Supersonic introduces new audio features such
as a Division of Sonic Solutions. Roxio's
                                                                                                           as an LP and Tape Assistant that streamlines
Press Releases that cover details of some of                                                               the conversion of analogue recordings to digi-
their new products follows:                                                                                tal, an Easy Audio Capture utility that pro-
                                                                                                           vides a quick and effective way to record
Easy Media Creator 7.5 Super-                                                                              audio such as internet radio broadcasts, and an
sonic                                                                                                      enhanced Sound Editor that now provides
  Latest Version of Market-Leading Digital                                                                 features for the precise manipulation of audio
Media Suite Includes New Innovative Music,                                                                 files and the creation of mixes.
Data Backup, and DVD Playback Capabilities                                                             Sonic Acquires Roxio
  March 10, 2005 — Roxio, a division of                                                                  Sonic acquired the Roxio software division in
Sonic Solutions, the leader in digital media                                                           December 2004, and with Roxio's strong retail
software, today unveiled Easy Media Creator           In addition to:                                  brand and Sonic's strong OEM position, Sonic
7.5 Supersonic. The latest version of Roxio's                                                          now has an installed base of over 150 million
award-winning digital media software com-         •     PhotoSuite 7 Platinum                          users. To date, Easy Media Creator has won
bines technologies from both Roxio and Sonic      •     VideoWave 7 Pro                                over 40 awards for superior quality and ease of
into the most comprehensive suite of CD and
DVD authoring and burning, photo, video and
                                                  •     DVD Builder                                    use, from media publications across Europe.

music applications on the market. Available in    •     Disc Copier                                      “Creator Supersonic demonstrates the power
                                                                                                       and potential of the Sonic and Roxio combina-
retail channels in April, Easy Media Creator      •   Creator Classic                                  tion and illustrates Sonic Solutions’ unique
7.5 Supersonic offers exceptional value to          Easy Media Creator 7.5 Supersonic also includes    position in the market,” said Stephen Mold,
consumers who want to create, manage, share       some of Sonic’s award-winning applications:                                     (Continued on page 11)
and preserve their personal digital content.

Page 10                                                                                                            ROM June 2005 — July 2005
(Continued from page 10)                            Roxio Announces RecordNow                               performance and control, support for burning
European Sales and Marketing Director for                                                                   MPEG4 audio and WM-DRM files (Windows
Roxio, “Creator Supersonic is a must-have           Deluxe 7                                                Media Digital Rights Management protected
suite for owners of digital media devices such        Latest CD and DVD Burning Software Intro-             files), and increases its support for emerging
as cameras, camcorders, portable music play-        duced in Europe                                         technologies to remain the first choice for con-
ers, and DVD burners, and is a compelling             Roxio, a division of Sonic Solutions and pro-         sumers looking for an affordable, focused burn-
upgrade for our large installed base of users.”     ducer of the best-selling digital media software in     ing product. RecordNow Deluxe includes sup-
  Other new features in Easy Media Creator          the world, today introduced RecordNow Deluxe            port for the latest LightScribe technology, an
7.5 Supersonic include a Disc Image Loader          7, the fast and easy way to copy and burn music         integrated system that allows users to produce
that enables users to mount disc image files in     and data discs onto CD and DVD. Boasting the            professional, personalized, laser-etched labels
a virtual drive as if they were discs in a physi-   latest technologies and a wealth of features at an      for their discs. New support for Windows Me-
cal drive; a DivX-to-DVD Creator that makes         affordable price, RecordNow Deluxe is packed            dia Player 10 provides greater compatibility
it easy to convert DivX content to DVD for          with the burning tools desired most by today’s          when searching for your saved play lists, and
playback in the living room; DVDInfo Pro for        digital consumer.                                       the additional support for Double Layer re-
testing the performance of drives and media;                                                                cording means consumers can now store up to
                                                      RecordNow Deluxe is tightly integrated to pro-
support for LightScribe Direct Disc Labelling                                                               8.5GB of data on a single DVD disc.
                                                    vide seamless movement between the many tools
Technology in Label Creator, the suite’s disc       provided, enabling users to easily compile audio          Music enthusiasts can quickly scan and burn
and label artwork creation component and            CDs of their favourite music to enjoy in the car,       play-lists, use noise reduction and auto-volume
support for Media Center PC PVR files.              home or office; effortlessly backup and restore         levelling controls, and rip their CDs to MP3 or
                                                    system and data files; and make exact copies of         WAV. With RecordNow Deluxe, it’s straight-
Pricing and Availability                            their personal home movies and photos on CD or          forward to make bootable CD/DVDs and manu-
 Roxio Easy Media Creator 7.5 Supersonic is         DVD.                                                    ally or automatically archive and backup data
available now with a suggested retail price of                                                              across multiple discs.
                                                      “Designed to maximise performance and ease-
£69.99. Further information on Roxio Easy                                                                     RecordNow Deluxe is available in the UK at
                                                    of-use, this latest version of RecordNow is one of
Media Creator 7.5 Supersonic and detailed                                                          and from all major retailers at
                                                    the first products to be introduced to retail follow-
descriptions of each of the new components                                                                  about £19.99inc VAT. Currently (early June)
                                                    ing the recent acquisition of Roxio by Sonic Solu-
can be found at Roxio’s website http://                                                                     RecordNow Deluxe is available from Ama-
                                                    tions,” says Stephen Mold, Roxio’s European                                                                                   for £17.99 which includes VAT but
                                                    director of sales and marketing. “With the addi-
  Currently (early June) Easy Media Crea-           tion of RecordNow, Sonic now offers the broad-          delivery is extra.
tor 7.5 is available from for          est possible range of solutions for the digital
£49.99 which includes VAT and delivery.             consumer.”                                              Reviews
                                                      The latest version of RecordNow Deluxe fea-            A review will appear in the next issue of
                                                    tures an improved workflow, enhanced burning            ROM.

Late News — Microsoft “OneCare” to Deliver Automated All-in-One PC Health
Service for Consumers
                                                    Safety Group at Microsoft. “We’re designing             time the action was performed. If files are
Windows OneCare will span                           the service so it will continually update and           accidentally deleted or corrupted on the PC
system performance, PC                              evolve over time, helping to ensure that our            hard drive, the service is designed to restore
                                                    customers will have the most complete and               saved versions or map them on a new PC.
maintenance, data protection                        effective protection and safety services in               Simple, integrated service experience.
and security in easy-to-                            place every time they turn on their PC.”                PC users will have one simple point of refer-
manage service.                                       Windows OneCare is being designed to ad-              ence for checking the overall health of their
  REDMOND, Wash.—May 2005 -- The                    dress core safety concerns such as worms,               system. Windows OneCare will automati-
dynamic nature of the Internet and technol-         viruses and spyware, but also to span broader           cally notify users of available updates or
ogy can make the protection, maintenance            PC health issues: helping protect electronic            other recommended actions and enable users
and optimal performance of PCs a chal-              assets such as digital photos, music, financial         to easily act as needed. Otherwise, the ser-
lenge for consumers. Keeping a PC                   data and software; and guarding against per-            vice stays quiet and in the background.
“healthy” today can be daunting and time-           formance degradation and system clutter that
consuming for the average user.                     can result from heavy use. Key capabilities and         Availability
  To address the need for a more compre-            features of Windows OneCare will include the               Microsoft plans to release public beta ver-
hensive PC health solution, Microsoft an-           following:                                              sions of Windows OneCare to external audi-
nounced plans to deliver Windows One-                                                                       ences in the U.S. later this year. Customers
                                                      Defence against evolving threats. Windows
Care, a comprehensive and simple-to-use                                                                     seeking more information about Windows
                                                    OneCare will provide automatically updated
consumer subscription service that will                                                                     OneCare        should       visit:    http://
                                                    anti-virus, anti-spyware and two-way firewall
provide automated protection, maintenance                                                         
and performance tuning as an all-in-one                                                                        No information yet on what Microsoft are
                                                      Performance and reliability tools. PC own-
package for Windows-based PCs. Windows                                                                      likely to charge for OneCare which will al-
                                                    ers will be able to choose to have Windows
OneCare is initially being distributed to                                                                   most certainly be a subscription service. i.e.
                                                    OneCare automatically carry out periodic
Microsoft employees as part of an exten-                                                                    buy the product and after 12-months pay an
                                                    maintenance tasks such as disk cleanup, hard-
sive testing and development process be-                                                                    annual subscription to stay current and pro-
                                                    drive defragmentation and file repair. The
fore broad public beta availability sched-                                                                  tected. Not surprisingly OneCare will place
                                                    service also will offer boot-time information
uled for later this year.                                                                                   Microsoft in direct competition with Syman-
                                                    and proactive support tools to help improve the
  “Windows OneCare is the next major                                                                        tec, McAfee and Computer Associates.
                                                    customer experience.
advance in our ongoing efforts to help keep                                                                    If Microsoft follow Symantec’s example
                                                      Backup and restore capabilities. Windows
consumers’ Windows-based PCs ‘healthy’                                                                      expect to pay around £35 — £40 for the pro-
                                                    OneCare will enable automated backup of files
in a way that’s simple and as worry-free as                                                                 gram and then around half of that as an an-
                                                    by category on CD and DVD, along with the
possible for them,” said Ryan Hamlin, gen-                                                                  nual subscription to stay protected — Ed.
                                                    option to back up all files on the system or
eral manager of the Technology Care and             only those that have changed since the last

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