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                                        Summer 2010
                                                                   In this Brochure
     Many Thanks To                                                                                      Youth & Teens
     George I. Alden Trust, Sally Riley Bishop Education Fund in support              21                Youth & Teen Class Information
     of the Adult Art Institute, Booth Family Fund for Education and                  22-23             Summer Session 1
     Outreach through the Greater Worcester Community Foundation,
     Abbie S. and Mildred L. Cather Fund, David J. Freelander Memorial                24-25             Summer Session 2
     Education Fund, Nathan and Barbara Greenberg Fund for Education,
     Grumbacher in support of the printing of this brochure, Jacob and                26-27             August Session 1
     Frances Hiatt Scholarship Fund and the Fund for the Advancement                  28-29             August Session 2
     of Museum Education, Hoche-Scofield Foundation, The Isabel
     B. Carleton Education Fund, Christian A. Johnson Discovery
     Endowment Fund, the Goggin, Hamilton, Hendricks, Washburn, and
     Piper Scholarship Funds, Dorothy and Norman Sharfman Education
     Fund, Seth Sprague Educational and Charitable Foundation, The                                       Adult
     Stoddard Discovery Fund, The Sudbury Foundation, the Karl B.A.
     Wass/Lundquist Family Scholarship Fund, and the Worcester Cultural               3                 Adult Class Information
     Commission.                                                                      4&5               Adult Class Schedules
     The Worcester Art Museum is pleased to acknowledge the general                   6–20              Adult Classes
     operating support of the Massachusetts Cultural Council, a state
     agency; our members; and our many Business Partners.                             8–9               Travel Learning Abroad / USA
                                                                                      16                Travel Learning USA
     Education Division                  Entering the Museum:
                                         For easy access to the Museum,
            Director of education        please use the new Main Entrance                                Information
                     Honee A. Hess       on Lancaster Street. For barrier free
                                                                                      30                 Education Faculty
            Associate Director of        entrance, please use the entrance off
                       education         of the upper parking lot on Tuckerman        31                 Registration Information
                marcia A. Lagerwey       Street. Elevator access to the second
                                         floor studios is available. Free Museum
    Manager of Youth and Family
                                         parking is available in lots on Salisbury,
                class Programs
                                         Lancaster, and Tuckerman Streets.
            Christopher Whitehead
           studio/class Program          Photos:
                    coordinator          From time to time, our in-house
                   ruth Hemenway         photographer and members of the
      tour Program coordinator           news media take pictures of students
                        Janet ewick      participating in classes and programs,
                                         and their artwork. These photos may
Assistant curator of education           be used in the Classes Brochure or
                   Katrina A. Stacy      in ads. If you do not want your picture
           outreach coordinator          taken, notify your instructor.
                   Alexander Dunn
                                         Schedule Changes:
        registration coordinator
                                         The Worcester Art Museum reserves
             elaine Pusateri Cowan
                                         the right to cancel any under-enrolled
              outreach Assistant         course, to restrict the registration in
                     Suzanne Smith       a class, to change instructors when
    education classes Assistant          necessary, and to reschedule individual
                     elizabeth Buck      classes as needed and appropriate.                                                   Institute Park


       studio Program Assistant          If the Museum finds it necessary                                                                       To 190 & 495




                  Christine Dunant       to cancel classes or make schedule                                                                                                                          ost

                                                                                              WORCESTER                                         EXIT 18                                          To B

                                                                                              ART MUSEUM                                        (West)
                                         changes, every effort will be made                                                                                                             t.   9
          Art All-state Manager          to notify pre-registered students.                    Institute Rd.
                                                                                                                     r St.

                    Gillian Bonazoli
                                                                                                                                     an St.

                                                                                                                                                                                EXIT 17
                                                                                                                                                       Center Blvd.

             studio staff Assistant


                                                                                                               9                                                                 (East)

                      Amy Holmes                                                               Highland St.                                                           290

                                                                                                                                                                            To Mass Pike (90) & 395

          artwork on the Cover By: Kristen A. Elmes, Virginia C. McDonald,
2         Danielle M. Miller, Nannette Bready, Joan Betterley, Piera L. Ansel,
          Evelyn Abasciano, and Tess Fuller
                                                                                                                          Summer 2010

Every semester, we strive to create
                                                Class Information
a varied and interesting schedule
of classes, ranging from beginning                           WAM Open House
drawing to computer graphics.                                   @ C.C. Lowell
The Summer Sessions offer                                  Thursday, April 22, 5:30-7pm
something for everyone in classes                          Free and open to the public
that meet one day to seven weeks,
daytimes and evenings!
                                                Materials                                       Professional Development Points
                                                Spray paints, fixatives, and aerosols are       The Worcester Art Museum is a state-approved
                                                prohibited in adult and youth classes. We       PDP provider, and all adult classes and workshops
                                                recommend the use of non-toxic, no-odor         are available for PDPs. Please remember to request
Summer Adult                                    solvents; ask your instructor for more          PDPs when you register. PDP certificates will be
ClASS SChedule                                  information. Except where noted, materials      mailed to students at the end of the session.
                                                are not included in the tuition.
Monday May 10−June 28                                                                           college credit
(No classes Memorial Day, May 31)               scholarships                                    Each session, many of our courses are offered
                                                The Worcester Art Museum is pleased             for college credit. Classes offered for credit are
Tuesdays May 11−June 22                                                                         indicated by:
                                                to offer scholarships for on-site classes
Wednesdays May 12−June 23                       to students on limited or fixed incomes.        CredCOPACEG/CredCOPACEU=Clark University
Thursdays May 13−June 24                        These needs-based scholarships are not          CredFITCHG=Fitchburg State College
                                                competitive and are awarded based on            CredLESLEYG/CredLESLEYU=Lesley University
Fridays May 21−June 25                          availability. Scholarships cover the class      CredWSCU=Worcester State College
(No classes May 28)                             tuition but are not applicable toward
                                                college credit tuition or materials. All        Fees vary for credit; please consult course
Saturdays May 22−June 26                                                                        descriptions. For additional information, call
                                                application information is kept confidential.
(No classes May 29)                             If you or someone you know would be             the WAM Registration Desk at 508.793.4333
                                                interested in finding out more about the        or 508.793.4334.
Adult Art Institutes                            adult scholarship program, please call
June 21−24, July 6−29                                                                           Please note our Refund Policy on page 31.
                                                Ruth Hemenway at 508.799.4406 x3147.
                                                For information about youth scholarships,
teacher Institutes                              please call x3014.
July 26−30, August 9−12

August Workshops                                                                                course Listing Key
August 9−13, August 16−20                         PDPs Available for all courses                Novice/Beginner (100s)—For anyone
                                                                                                interested in learning and exploring a
                                                                                                new medium. No previous experience
                                                                                                is necessary.
                                                                                                Beginner/Intermediate (200s)—
                                                                                                For those with or without experience
As a courtesy to other students & our faculty:                                                  in a medium.
                                                                                                All Levels (300s)—Open to all levels
Please bring home all art supplies and artwork at the end of each class. We are                 of beginning and continuing students.
unable to store artwork from one week to the next. The Worcester Art Museum
is not responsible for materials or artwork left on the premises. Out of consideration          Intermediate (400s)—For those who
for other students, we ask that cell phones be turned off or switched to “silent/               have taken at least one other class in
vibrate” mode. If you must make a phone call during class, please use the Lancaster             that medium.
Lobby to avoid disturbing others. Guests and visitors, including children, are not              Intermediate/Advanced (500s)—
allowed in classes. The Worcester Art Museum is a smoke-free building. For the                  Requires two or more courses in that
comfort and safety of all students, please exit the building to smoke and use the               area or in related skill areas.
appropriate trash receptacles.
                                                                                                Advanced/Intensive (600s)—
                                                                                                For advanced students only.

                  all adult classes qualify for Woo points—call to inquire or sign up today!

www.worcesterart.org/Education                               REGISTER TODAY! 508.793.4333 or 508.793.4334
                                                     adulT suMMer Classes May-June                                                           Summer 2010
                         Monday                   Tuesday                Wednesday                 Thursday                      Friday               Saturday

                   All-Level Watercolor    Beginning Drawing         Color and Light         All-Level Watercolor      Acrylic and Oil          Beginning Drawing
                   p.10                    p. 6                      Extended p. 7           p. 10                     Painting p. 7            I and II p. 6
                   Beginning Drawing       Calligraphy I and II      Fear of Fiction p. 14   Landscape Drawing                                  Color and Light

                   I and II p. 6           p. 10                                             and Painting p. 7                                  I and II p. 7
                                                                     Portrait Drawing I
                                           Pastel Drawing            and II p. 6
                                           I and II p. 6
                                           Relief Printmaking        Brush Painting p. 10
                                           p. 10

                   Assemble, Light, Draw   Art of Yoga p. 13         Life Drawing            Digital Photography                                       Sunday
                   p. 6                                              I and II p. 6           I and II p. 12                                     Improving

                                           Beginning Painting p. 7
                   Dramatic Graphic                                  Watercolor I and II                                                        Photographic
                   Novel p. 6              Carving Workshop          p. 10                                                                      Composition p. 11
                                           p. 11
                   Writing Your Life                                                                                                            Photoshop for Digital
                   p. 14                   Exploring Color                                                                                      Photographers p. 12
                                           and Light p. 7

                   Asian Brush Painting    Art of Stone Carving      Acrylic and Oil         Adobe Creative
                   I and II p. 10          p. 11                     Painting p. 7           Suites I and II p. 13
                   Beginning Drawing       Art of Tai Chi            Art of Calligraphy      Art Critique p. 13
                   p. 6                    I and II p. 13            p. 10
                                                                                             Beginning Painting p. 7
                   Collage and Altered     Art of the Comic          Art of Travel Writing
                   Art—In and Out          Book p. 6                 I and II p. 14          Drawing and
                                                                                             Perspective p. 6
                   of the Box p. 10
                                           Landscape Drawing         Continuing                                          June Adult InstItute
                                                                                             Fashion Illustration

                   Digital Drawing         and Painting p. 7         Photography p. 11                                   Intensive Figure Drawing & Portraiture
                   and Painting p. 13                                                        p. 6
                                           Photoshop II p. 13        Digital Photography                                 Monday-Thursday
                   Exploring Color                                   I and II p. 12          Fiction Workshop 2.0
                                           Portrait Drawing I                                p. 14                       June 21-24, 9:30am-4:30pm
                   and Light p. 7                                                                                        p. 15
                                           and II p. 6               Life Drawing
                   Printmaking Survey                                I and II p. 6           Improving Your Travel
                   p. 10                   Studio Photography I                              Photography p. 11
                                           and II p. 11              Modern Art for
                                                                     Dummies p. 13           Introduction to
                                           Writer’s Workshop—                                Photography p. 11
                                           The Inevitable End        What Matters—
                                           p. 14                     Sculpture I and II      Portrait Painting p. 7
                                                                     p. 11

                                            July adulT InsTITuTe
                      Monday 5-26              Tuesday 6-27            Wednesday 7-28           Thursday 8-29
                                                                                                                                     WAM Open House

                   Learn to Draw p. 15     Exploring Color           Color and Light         Figure Sculpture

                                           and Light for             Extended p. 15          I and II p. 15                           @ C.C. Lowell
                                           Watercolorists p. 15
                                                                     Photoshop for Digital
                                                                     Photographers p. 15                                          Thursday, April 22, 5:30-7pm
                                                                                                                                  Free and open to the public

                                           Black-and-White           Digital Photography     Acrylic and Oil
                                           Photography               II—Advanced             Painting p. 15                What do you get when you mix
                                           I and II p. 18            Retouching p. 18                                      5,200 square feet of art supplies with
                                           Blogging and Selling      Exploring Drawing       Photography                   100+ art classes? More creativity
                                           Your Art Online p. 18     p. 15                   I and II p. 18                than you can imagine—all of which
                                           Exploring Color           Expressive Drawing      Introduction to               will be on display at the WAM Open
                                           and Light for             and Painting p. 15      Practical Graphic             House @ C.C. Lowell. Preview spring/
                                           Watercolorists p. 17                              Design p. 18                  summer classes; talk with instructors;
                                                                     Night Photography

                                           Drawing from              p. 18                   Landscape                     find out the latest in the world of art

                                           the Model p. 15                                   Photography p. 18             supplies; and get special discounts on
                                                                     Pop-Up Books p. 17
                                           Joy of Painting p. 15                             Monoprint Workshop            art materials during the Open House.
                                                                     Watercolor I p. 17      p. 17
                                           Writing Your Life                                                               PLUS, enter a free raffle for a beautiful,
                                           p. 18                     Writer’s Toolbox        Moleskin Magic—               professional easel, a WAM art class
                                                                     Series p. 18            Traveling Sketchbook
                                           Felted Garment                                                                  (value to $200), and other goodies
                                                                                             p. 15                         from neighboring restaurants!
                                           Workshop p. 17
                                                                                             Portrait Drawing
                                           Portrait Drawing                                  and Painting p. 15               C.C. Lowell | 258 Park Avenue
                                           and Painting p. 15                                                                508.757.7713 | www.cclowell.com
                                                                                             Stone Carving
                                                                                             I and II p. 17

                  Codes: 100: Novice 200: Beginner/Intermediate 300: All Levels 400: Intermediate 500: Intermediate/Advanced 600: Advanced
Workshops & Travel learnIng                                                                                   Summer 2010

teAcher InstItutes                                              ArtIst WOrkshOp serIes
Teacher Institute: Clay of the Americas                         Photographing Your Artwork
Monday-Friday, July 26-30, 9am-4:30pm, p. 19                    Saturday, June 12, 10am -2pm, p. 10
Teacher Institute: Math & Art                                   Matting & Framing Workshop
Monday-Friday, August 9-13, 9am-4:30pm, p. 19                   Saturday, June 19, 10am-4pm, p. 10
                                                                Stretching Your Own Canvases
One tO three-dAy summer WOrkshOps                               Saturday, June 26, 10am-4pm, p. 10
Buying a Digital Camera
Sunday, May 9, 9:30am-12:30pm, p. 12                            August WOrkshOp Week I, August 9-13
Observational Drawing                                           A Taste of Drawing
Sunday, May 16, 1-4pm, p. 7                                     Monday-Friday, August 9-13, 1-4pm, p. 19
Introduction to Your Digital Camera                             Acrylic Painting I and II
Sunday, May 16 & 23, 9:30am-12:30pm, p. 12                      Monday-Friday, August 9-13, 9am-Noon, p. 19
Abstract Painting                                               Art of the Children’s Picture Book
Sunday, June 6, 1-4pm, p. 7                                     Monday-Friday, August 9-13, 9am-12:30pm, p. 20
Shooting Digital Camera RAW                                     Outdoor Landscape Drawing and Painting
Sunday, June 6 & 13, 9:30am-12:30pm, p. 12                      Monday-Friday, August 9-13, 9am-Noon, p. 19
Adobe Lightroom for Digital Photographers                       Portrait Photography—Inside Out
Sunday, June 20 & 27, 9:30am-12:30pm, p. 12                     Monday-Friday, August 9-13, 1-4 pm, p. 20
Mosaic Panel Workshop
Saturday & Sunday, July 24 & 25, 10am-4pm, p. 17
                                                                August WOrkshOp Week II, August 16-20
                                                                Intensive Life Drawing and Anatomy Workshop
Sacred Clay Artist Workshop
                                                                Monday-Friday, August16-20, 10am-4pm, p. 19
Saturday, July 24 & 31, 10am-4pm, p. 17
                                                                Watercolor Workshop: From A-Z
Digitizing Your Old-Fashioned Slides
                                                                Monday-Friday, August 16-20, 10am-4pm, p. 19
Sunday, August 8, 1-4pm, p. 20
                                                                Encaustic Painting Workshop
What Matters to Your Art
                                                                Monday-Wednesday, August 16-18, 9am-4pm, p. 19
Saturday & Sunday, August 7 & 8, 10am-4pm, p. 20
                                                                Oil Stick and Oil Pastel Workshop
Paste Paper Workshop
                                                                Monday-Wednesday, August 16-18, 10am-4pm, p. 19
Saturday, August 7, 10am-4pm, p. 20
Portfolio Review and Elements of Photography                    study usA
Saturday, August 14, 10am-Noon, p. 20
                                                                American Impressionists—Following the Connecticut Trail
                                                                May 14 & 15, 2010, p. 16
hIghlIghts Of the WAm cOllectIOn
                                                                Escape to Rocky Neck—Twenty-four Hour Writing Exploration
Flashback—The American Portrait Miniature Revival
                                                                June 12 & 13, 2010, p. 16
Thursday, May 13, 5:30 -7pm, p. 13
                                                                Landscape Painting: Searching for the Spirit of Georgia O’Keeffe
The Changing Landscape through Art History
                                                                August 7 -14, 2010, p. 8
Thursday, June 3, 5:30-7pm, p. 14
                                                                Painting & Photography on the Isles of Shoals with
the chAngIng lAndscApe serIes                                   Sue & Lou Swinand
The Changing Landscape through Art History                      August 31-September 2, 2010, p. 16
Thursday, June 3, 5:30-7pm, p. 14
                                                                study AbrOAd
CSI: Asian Longhorned Beetle,
                                                                Drawing and Painting in Italy with Nan Hass Feldman
Thursday, June 10, 5:30-7pm, p. 14
                                                                April 18-25, 2010 Still room-call to inquire!
The Artist in a Changing Landscape—Journaling in the Woods
                                                                From Galway to Killarney—Painting in Ireland with Bill Griffiths
Saturday, June 19, 9am-4pm, p. 14
                                                                May 8-15, 2010, p. 8
summer phOtO WAlks WIth scOtt erb                               Exploring China—Past and Present with Paul Ropp
Hanover Theatre—Monday, May 17, 6-9pm, p. 12                    May 10-22, 2011, p. 9
Tower Hill Botanic Garden—Monday, May 31, 2-5pm, p. 12
Worcester Tornados—Monday, June 7, 6-9pm, p. 12

www.worcesterart.org/Education                           REGISTER TODAY! 508.793.4333 or 508.793.4334
    Classes for adults May/June                                                                     PDPs Available for All Courses
    10SADRW102A                                      10SADRW324                                         10SADRW317A
    Beginning Drawing                                Dramatic Graphic Novel     new!                    Life Drawing I and II
    Ella Delyanis M 6:30pm to 9:30pm                 Andy Fish M 1pm to 4pm                             Tom Grady W 1pm to 4pm
    May 10-June 28, 7-sessions                       May 10-June 28, 7-sessions                         May 12-June 23, 7-sessions
    (No class May 31)                                (No class May 31)                                  Non-Member $225 Member $205
    Non-Member $185 Member $165                      Non-Member $175 Member $155
                                                     Graphic novels are the fastest growing
    10SADRW102B                                                                                         Life Drawing I and II
                                                     section in bookstores and libraries and have
    Beginning Drawing                                won Pulitzer prizes and critical acclaim for       Ella Delyanis W 6:30pm to 9:30pm
    Theresa Spadafora T 9:30am to12:30pm             their story-telling approach. Even if you          May 12-June 23, 7-sessions
    May 11-June 22, 7-sessions                       can’t draw, learn how to create the layouts        Non-Member $225 Member $205
    Non-Member $185 Member $165                      needed from your own script. An exciting           There’s no better way to learn to draw than
    Learn the basics of drawing including            new class for artists and writers! Bring a small   by working from a live model. Assignments
    composition, perspective, scale, line, value     sketchbook and pencil.                             will include a variety of model poses and
    and texture. Focus each week on a different                                                         exercises that teach proportion, anatomy
    aspect of drawing through demonstrations,        10SADRW202A                                        and creative expression. Bring 2B and 5B
    critiques and Museum visits. Strengthen your     Portrait Drawing I and II                          pencils, vine charcoal (soft and medium),
    observation skills and gain a strong hold on     George Hancin T 6:30pm to 9:30pm                   kneaded eraser and 18”x24” sketchpad.
    drawing media. Bring 2B and 6B drawing           May 11-June 22, 7-sessions
    pencils and a sketchpad 14”x17” or larger.       Non-Member $220 Member $200                        10SADRW306
                                                                                                        Drawing and Perspective
    10SADRW205A                                      10SADRW202B                                        Christopher Whitehead Th
    Beginning Drawing I and II                       Portrait Drawing I and II                          6:30pm to 9:30pm
    Patricia Kelly M 9:30am to12:30pm                JoEllen Reinhardt W 9:30am to12:30pm               May 13-June 24, 7-sessions
    May 10-June 28, 7-sessions                       May 12-June 23, 7-sessions                         Non-Member $175 Member $155
    (No class May 31)                                Non-Member $220 Member $200                        Understanding perspective is crucial whether
    Non-Member $185 Member $165                      Working from portrait models, learn to             you are a fine artist, cartoonist, animator, or
                                                     portray character and likeness through a           draftsman. Learn one-, two-, and three-point
    10SADRW205B                                                                                         perspective including how to place figures,
                                                     range of techniques. Continuing students
    Beginning Drawing I and II                       will explore more advanced techniques in           architectural objects, and more in this hands-
    Patricia Kelly Sa 9:30am to12:30pm               a variety of media. Bring 2B and 5B pencils,       on drawing class.
    May 22-June 26, 5-sessions                       kneaded and vinyl erasers, 18”x24”
    (No class May 29)                                sketchpad, conté crayons and/or charcoal.          10SAFSH310
    Non-Member $140 Member $120                                                                         Fashion Illustration
    Begin or continue to learn the fundamentals      10SADRW302                                         Colleen Fish Th 6pm to 9pm
    of drawing. Sharpen your observation and         Pastel Drawing I and II                            May 13-June 24, 7-sessions
    composition skills by working in a variety       Ella Delyanis T 9:30am to12:30pm                   Non-Member $200 Member $180
    of drawing materials, visit the Museum for       May 11-June 22, 7-sessions                         Analyze the fashion figure and learn how
    inspiration, and practice drawing from a         Non-Member $185 Member $165                        to draw the figure in correct proportion
    model. Bring 2B and 6B drawing pencils           Learn about pastel drawing, from quick             by working from a model. Master accurate
    and a sketchpad 14”x17” or larger.               sketches to rich painterly applications.           rendering of garment details and fabrications
                                                     Work with a variety of toned papers and            using pencil, colored pencil, charcoal, ink,
    10SADRW320                                                                                          watercolor and marker. Research and
                                                     subject matter including still life, landscape
    Assemble, Light, Draw                            and portraiture. Bring one sheet Canson/Mi         develop customer profiles, and create and
    Tom Grady M 1pm to 4pm                           Teintes gray paper, vine charcoal (medium)         design a cohesive collection. High school
    May 10-June 28, 7-sessions new!                  and black, white and gray Rembrandt pastels.       students are welcome. Bring 18”x24”
    (No class May 31)                                                                                   sketchpad and pencil.
    Non-Member $175 Member $155                      10SADRW325
    Join this exciting new class and assemble        The Art of the Comic Book
    a sculpture to use as a subject for a series     Andy Fish T 6:30pm to 9:30pm
    of drawings. Holes cut in the light box will     May 11-June 22, 7-sessions
    illuminate interior space, creating dramatic     Non-Member $175 Member $155
    effects to draw. Construct a light box with      Learn everything you need to know about
    found objects, adding new elements to the        different styles and approaches to the comic.
    interior by cutting away and building onto       Break into the comic book industry, or
    the exterior. Bring any kind of cardboard box,   just make your own comics and get them
    charcoal, 18”x24” drawing paper, scissors,       distributed to a wider audience. Comic
    tape and string.                                 artists work in a variety of mediums from ink
                                                     to watercolor to block print—try them all!
                                                     Bring a small sketchbook and pencil.

        Codes: 100: Novice 200: Beginner/Intermediate 300: All Levels 400: Intermediate 500: Intermediate/Advanced 600: Advanced
                                                                                                                             Summer 2010
10SADRW326                                         10SAPNW322
                      new!                                                    new!
Observational Drawing                              Abstract Painting                                 10SAPNT102A
Angela Ackerman Su 1pm to 4pm                      Angela Ackerman Su 1pm to 4pm                     Beginning Painting
May 16, 1-session                                  June 6, 1-session                                 Theresa Spadafora T 1pm to 4pm
Non-Member $55 Member $35                          Non-Member $55 Member $35                         May 11-June 22, 7-sessions
                                                   Ever wanted to paint freely and create            Non-Member $185 Member $165
Time to shed all your phobias about
                                                   wonderful abstract art? Learn about
drawing, plunge in, and become the artist                                                            10SAPNT102B
                                                   color blocking, shape, balance, collage and
you have always wanted to be! Enhance                                                                Beginning Painting
                                                   texture. Bring in your favorite photos and
your creativity and learn how to draw and                                                            George Hancin Th 6:30pm to 9:30pm
                                                   push the limits of your imagination. Get
to see. Practice with your favorite subject                                                          May 13-June 24, 7-sessions
                                                   inspired by Matisse, Hockney and children’s
matter, unlock your creativity, and develop                                                          Non-Member $185 Member $165
                                                   book illustrator/author Eric Carle. Includes
skills to enhance all your future artistic
                                                   materials.                                        Start with the basic materials, add the right
endeavors. Includes materials.
                                                                                                     tools, focus on techniques and mechanics,
                                                                                                     and painting can become a lifelong passion.
                                                                                                     Work in acrylics or oils and undertake
drAwing And PAinting                                                                                 several projects including a still life, landscape
                                                                                                     and portrait. Bring an 18”x24” sketchpad,
10SADAP502A                                        10SADAP402                                        pencil and soft charcoal.
Landscape Drawing and Painting                     Color and Light Extended                          10SAPNT418
Ella Delyanis T 6:30pm to 9:30pm                   William Griffiths W 9:30am to12:30pm
May 11-June 22, 7-sessions                         May 19-June 30, 7-sessions                        Portrait Painting
Non-Member $175 Member $155                        Non-Member $175 Member $155                       Randy LeSage Th 6:30pm to 9:30pm
                                                                                                     May 13-June 17, 5-sessions
10SADAP502B                                        Work in any color medium including oils,          (No class May 20)
                                                   pastels, watercolors, acrylics or colored         Non-Member $165 Member $145
Landscape Drawing and Painting                     pencils to create rich color and the
Randy LeSage Th 9:30am to 2:30pm                   luminous feeling of light. Come with a basic      Work from portrait models in your choice
May 27-June 17, 4-sessions                         understanding of your medium, and we’ll           of oils, acrylics, watercolors or pastels. We’ll
Non-Member $170 Member $150                        start from the beginning on color. Bring your     explore both naturalistic and subjective
Learn to capture this accessible subject in        chosen medium and an appropriate ground.          approaches. Bring your preferred supplies
the 2D medium of your choice. Working                                                                and a knowledge of your medium.
from photographs, sketches and the                 10SADAP304
collection, develop ideas as you explore           Color and Light I and II
perspective, color, light and composition.         William Griffiths Sa 9am to Noon                  Acrylic and Oil Painting
Bring white drawing paper (at least 11”x14”),      May 22-June 26, 5-sessions (No class May 29)      William Griffiths W 6:30pm to 9:30pm
erasers, 2B and 5B pencils and charcoal.           Non-Member $130 Member $110                       May 19-June 30, 7-sessions
                                                                                                     Non-Member $175 Member $155
10SADAP317A                                        Do your color choices yield the desired
                                                   results? Begin or continue to learn the basics    10SAPNT401B
Exploring Color and Light
                                                   of color theory in oils, watercolors, acrylics,   Acrylic and Oil Painting
William Griffiths M 6:30pm to 9:30pm               colored pencils or pastels. Bring your chosen
May 17-June 28, 6-sessions                                                                           William Griffiths F 9:30am to12:30pm
                                                   medium and an appropriate ground.                 May 21-June 25, 5-sessions
(No class May 31)
Non-Member $155 Member $135                                                                          (No class May 28)
                                                                                                     Non-Member $130 Member $110
10SADAP317B                                                                                          Work on paper or canvas and explore acrylic
Exploring Color and Light                                                                            or oil painting media. Color and design will be
William Griffiths T 1pm to 4pm                                                                       stressed through traditional and experimental
May 18-June 29, 7-sessions                                                                           approaches. Bring your acrylics or oil paints
Non-Member $175 Member $155                                                                          and paper or canvas grounds.
Color can be your friend or foe. Learn the
basics of color theory and how to apply
color to your artwork with dazzling results.
A combination of demonstration and one-
on-one instruction will help you explore
color with master colorist Bill Griffiths. Bring                                     WAM Open House
your preferred medium and appropriate
ground or call for advice.                                                              @ C.C. Lowell
                                                                                   Thursday, April 22, 5:30-7pm
                                                                                   Free and open to the public
www.worcesterart.org/Education                                  REGISTER TODAY! 508.793.4333 or 508.793.4334
    TRAvEL LEARNING USA                                                          TRAvEL LEARNING ABROAD
    new mexiCo
    Landscape Painting—Searching for the Spirit of Georgia O'Keeffe
    Kat O’Connor
    Aug 7-14, 2010, 8-days
    Non-Member Fee $2,175 Member $1,975
    Spouse/Non-Student $1,775
    CredLESLYG $480 CredLESLYU $480
    45 PDPs available
    Follow in Georgia O'Keeffe's footsteps as we paint in many of
    her favorite locations in and around Ghost Ranch—including the               Ireland
    spectacular White Place (Plaza Blanca) where she painted Blue
    Sky, owned by the Worcester Art Museum. Spend the first night
    at Ghost Ranch in Santa Fe and the remainder of the class at                 From Galway to Killarney—Painting in Ireland with Bill Griffiths
    Ghost Ranch Abiquiu. Learn to create strong compositional studies,           William Griffiths
    preparatory sketches and color studies for on-site works. Work               May 8-15, 2010, 8-days
    in your preferred medium—oil, acrylic, watercolor, colored pencil,           Non-Member $2,415 Member $2,215
    or pastel—and come with a basic understanding of that medium.                Spouse/Non-Student $2,015
    Course instruction will include lectures, discussions, individual time       Finally, the opportunity of a lifetime that you’ve been asking for—
    with the instructor, museum tours and critiques. Returning students          traveling and painting with Bill Griffiths in Ireland! Discover and
    to Ghost Ranch will be challenged anew with long-term projects               experience the luscious landscape of western Ireland, while learning
    and paintings.                                                               from a master colorist and painter how to translate what you see
    This exciting travel course, co-sponsored with the Art Institute             into your own art. Create sketches along the way that will fuel
    of Boston and Lesley University, provides you with opportunities             your work for months upon your return. Work in your favorite
    to paint in the magnificent New Mexico landscape while                       mediums to capture a variety of stunning landscapes from Galway
    simultaneously absorbing the area's rich Spanish and Indian cultures.        to Killarney. Enjoy a great sense of camaraderie as you start your
    Residing at Ghost Ranch, you'll have ample time to explore the               painting tour at Galway Bay, a large bay on the west coast of Ireland
    nearby hills, Kitchen Mesa, Chimney Rock and the Pedernal, some of           with beautiful vistas, and then move on to paint in Old Galway, with
    O'Keeffe's favorite painting sites. A first-day stop at Santa Fe's Ghost     its cathedral, castle, and pubs. From there you’ll travel and sketch
    Ranch on the way to Ghost Ranch Abiquiu will allow you to explore            your way to Killarney via Connemara National Park, the home of
    Santa Fe's rich culture, food and art scene, including sketching and         the famous Connemara Ponies. Spend a day painting the quaint
    visits to the O'Keeffe Museum and the Canyon Road galleries. For             Irish village of Killarney, and travel along the Ring of Kerry to sketch
    more information on location, visit: http://www.ghostranch.org.              and paint along Ireland’s most popular tourist route that features
                                                                                 breathtaking mountain and coastal views. Conclude this painting
    Fee includes instruction, 7-nights dormitory room and board at Ghost         adventure with a visit to Ross Castle, built in the late 1400s by the
    Ranch (double occupancy with common bath—plus $420 for semi-                 ruling O’Donoghue clan. Choose oil paints (traditional or water-
    private with shared bath; plus $560 for private with bath--limited           based), acrylics, or watercolors, and enjoy Bill’s demonstrations of
    availability); pick-up and drop-off at Albuquerque Airport, field trips in   various media as well as a critique after each day’s painting session.
    New Mexico, and O'Keeffe House and Museum admission. The fee
    does not include airfare to and from Albuquerque, New Mexico. The            Bill Griffiths has developed a unique system for painting and
    non-refundable $300 deposit is due immediately. Full payment (minus          watercolor and has taught at WAM for over 36 years. He exhibits
    deposit) is due by Friday, May 14, 2010 or before. If you are interested     at the San Francisco Gallery in Shrewsbury and does portraits and
    in receiving academic credit, let us know when you register. Note: Most      landscapes on commission.
    painting is done outdoors, requiring considerable walking and carrying       Fee includes tuition, housing (double occupancy—an additional fee
    abilities. Please call 508-799-4406 x3148 for more information and to        of $315 provides single occupancy), all land travel in Ireland, all tips
    register.                                                                    and gratuities for hotel and bus, field trips and museum admissions,
                                                                                 two group dinners during the program; does not include airfare or
                                                                                 most meals. Full payment is due immediately. Online registration is
                                                                                 not available for this course. Please call 508-799-4406, ext. 3148 to

                                                                                  There is still room available!

                                                                                  Drawing and Painting in Italy
                                                                                  with Nan Hass Feldman
            see page 16 for more Travel usa classes                               April 18-25, 2010
                                                                                                                            call for information
          reGISTer TODAY! 508.799.4406 ext. 3148                                               PDPs Available for All Courses
              Exploring China—Past and Present
              Paul Ropp
              May 10-22, 2011, 13-days
              Non-Member $3,990 Member $3,790
              CredCOPACEG $975 (3 credits) CredCOPACEU $510 (3 credits)
              Sponsored by the Worcester Art Museum with Clark University
              Take advantage of this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see China
              with a renowned expert from Clark University as your guide.
              Learn about the diversity of China’s regional cultures, from the
              metropolitan and modern to the rural and historical. With Paul Ropp,
              Professor of Chinese history and fluent Chinese speaker as our
              guide, we will traverse ancient ruins, royal palaces, cultural treasures,
              and natural wonders as we discover Beijing, Xi'an, Hangzhou (the
              beautiful West Lake), the stunning Huang Shan (Yellow Mountain),
              and Shanghai. We'll see major monuments of the past such as the
              Great Wall, the Forbidden City and the Temple of Heaven in Beijing,
              and the Terra Cotta Warrior Museum near Xi'an, and we'll explore
              contemporary life by visiting the traditional Beijing courtyards
              (Hutongs), experiencing the "People Mover" in Shanghai through the
              sea tunnel to Pudong, and visiting art galleries, museums and some
              of the modern architectural marvels of Beijing and Shanghai. We'll
              rest our heads at 4-star hotels as we reinvigorate each day for more
              chances at experiencing the glories of China's past and its sometimes
              turbulent but energetic economic boom of today. On this intimate
              trip (our group is small), you will be in the know as we experience
              firsthand one of the world's most important, complex and fascinating
              countries. Includes three days in Beijing; 2 full days in Xi'an; 1 day in
              Hangzhou; 2 days on Huang Shan (Yellow Mountain); and 2 days in
                Fee includes tuition, housing (double occupancy—an additional
                fee of $1,195 provides single occupancy), all land travel in China
                (including flights), all tips and gratuities for hotel and bus, field trips
                and museum admissions, most meals; does not include international
                airfare. Non-refundable $500 deposit is due December 1, 2010. Full
                payment is due by February 21, 2011 or before. The $500 deposit
                is non-refundable except in the case of program cancellation. Online
                registration is not available for this course. Please call 508-799-4406,
                ext. 3148 to register. Early reservation is encouraged due to small
                size of the tour group. Requires moderate amount of physical activity.

                                                           call us to ask about optional pre-trip and post-trip
                                                            extensions, Chengde Imperial Summer Resort and
                                                          Sublime Mountains of Guilin, Longsheng and Yangshuo.
Become a member and save $200                           reGISTer TODAY! 508.799.4406 ext. 3148
     Classes for adults May/June

     wAterColor                                           ASiAn BruSh PAinting                              mixed mediA
     10SAWAT203                                           10SAORT303                                        10SAMXD332
     Watercolor I and II                                  Asian Brush Painting I and II                     Collage and Altered Art—In and
     JoEllen Reinhardt W 1pm to 4pm                       Sharon Smith Viles M 6pm to 9pm                   Out of the Box
     May 12-June 23, 7-sessions                           May 10-June 28, 7-sessions                        Donalyn Schofield M 6pm to 9pm
     Non-Member $175 Member $155                          (No class May 31)                                 May 10-June 28, 6-sessions
     Learn or review basic watercolor techniques.         Non-Member $175 Member $155                       (No class May 17 & 31)
     Work from a variety of subject matter                Begin or continue learning the four traditional   Non-Member $155 Member $135
     including landscapes and still-lifes or work         subjects of Asian brush painting: orchid,         Incorporate the box form—any size or
     on your own independent project. Ask                 bamboo, chrysanthemum and plum. Use a             shape—into your constructions. Focus will
     for a materials list.                                loaded brush to create simple, impressionistic    be on glues, construction techniques and
                                                          forms, and explore a variety of modern and        finished surfaces. Bring your treasures and
     10SAWAT301A                                          traditional subjects. Ask for a materials list.   create extraordinary art. Ask for a materials
     All-Level Watercolor                                                                                   list.
     William Griffiths M 9:30am to12:30pm                 10SAORT308                                               new!

     May 17-June 28, 6-sessions                           Sumi-e—Japanese Brush Painting
     (No class May 31)                                    Jan Zaremba W 9:30am to12:30pm
     Non-Member $155 Member $135                          May 12-June 23, 7-sessions
                                                          Non-Member $175 Member $155

                                                          By using understatement, suggestion and
     All-Level Watercolor                                 concentration on the essential, express
     William Griffiths Th 9:30am to12:30pm                the spirit of nature rather than its precise
     May 20-July 1, 7-sessions                            appearance. Describe the beauty of flowers                                        serIes
     Non-Member $175 Member $155                          and the majesty of mountains with a few            10SAPHW102
     Learn basic watercolor techniques or refine          strokes. Ask for a materials list.                 Photographing your Artwork
     your skills in watercolor. Advanced students                                                            Christopher Whitehead Sa 10am to 2pm
     will work on independent projects with
     individual guidance. Bring all your watercolor
                                                          PrintmAking                                        June 12, 1-session
                                                                                                             Non-Member $65 Member $45
                                                          Classes include inks and plates; paper             Your portfolio is only as good as your
                                                          not included. Bring a sketchpad and                photos. Learn how to get the correct
     CAlligrAPhy                                                                                             lighting and exposure when you photograph
                                                                                                             your artwork. Photographic lights will be
     10SACAL301                                           10SAPRT502                                         provided. Bring a digital camera or a 35mm
     Calligraphy I and II                                                                                    camera with slide film and a 2D or 3D
                                                          Printmaking Survey
     Gerry Jackson Kerdok T 9:30am to12:30pm                                                                 piece of your own artwork to photograph.
                                                          Randy LeSage M 6:30pm to 9:30pm
     May 11-June 22, 6-sessions                           May 10-June 21, 6-sessions                         10SAWKS103
     (No class May 25)                                    (No class May 31)
     Non-Member $155 Member $135                                                                             Matting and Framing Workshop
                                                          Non-Member $200 Member $180
                                                                                                             Christopher Whitehead Sa 10am to 4pm
     Learn the art of the hand-drawn letter using         Continue to learn printmaking techniques           June 19, 1-session
     a broad pen. Beginners will focus on Italic          including non-toxic photo-etching, photo-          Non-Member $85 Member $65
     texts, traditional and innovative illumination       lithography and woodblock printing. Explore
     in watercolor and an overview of the history                                                            Learn the basics of matting and framing
                                                          combining printmaking techniques such as
     of the illuminated letter. Continuing students                                                          including weights and types of mat board
                                                          monoprint, drypoint, collograph and linocut.
     will follow an individual course of study. Bring                                                        and backing, beveled edges, window mats,
                                                          Refine your techniques though class critiques.
     any kind of calligraphic marker and a pad of                                                            hinging the artwork, floating the image,
     graph paper.                                         10SAPRT320                                         lifts and spacers and conservation. Framing
                                                                                        new!                 will be demonstrated. Bring a small work
                                                          Relief Printmaking
     10SACAL302                                                                                              (8"x10" or smaller) on paper to mat in class.
                                                          Eugene Charov T 9:30am to12:30pm
     The Art of Calligraphy                                                                                  Includes some materials.
                                                          May 11-June 22, 7-sessions
     C. J. Kennedy W 7pm to 9pm                           Non-Member $220 Member $200                        10SAWKS101
     May 12-June 23, 7-sessions
                                                          Be inspired by works created by Gauguin and        Stretching Your Own Canvas
     Non-Member $125 Member $105
                                                          Degas! Use water-and oil-based inks to learn
     Using a broad-edge pen and ink, create                                                                  Christopher Whitehead Sa 10am to 4pm
                                                          a variety of methods of relief printmaking
     graceful and elegant letters in Italic, a style of                                                      June 26, 1-session
                                                          with wood blocks and linoleum. We’ll also
     handwriting used in the 15th-16th centuries.                                                            Non-Member $85 Member $65
                                                          explore other printing techniques such as
     Following traditional forms of design, learn         traditional and painted monotypes.                 Learn how to stretch and prime your
     how to draw illuminated initials and borders                                                            own canvases including building your own
     with a modern twist. Bring a pad of graph                                                               stretcher arms. Includes some materials.
     paper, pencil and calligraphic marker.                PDPs Available for All Courses                    Bring 4 (16”) stretcher arms and 1 yard
                                                                                                             of raw canvas.
         Codes: 100: Novice 200: Beginner/Intermediate 300: All Levels 400: Intermediate 500: Intermediate/Advanced 600: Advanced
                                                                                                                               Summer 2010
SCulPture                                             dArkroom                                         non-dArkroom
                                                      PhotogrAPhy                                      PhotogrAPhy
Sculpture classes include most
materials. Bring a sketchpad and pencil.              Bring your camera and manual.                    Bring your film or digital camera,
10SASCL306                                                                                             appropriate accessories and manual.
The Art of Stone Carving                              Continuing Photography                           10SAPHT304
Thomas Kellner T 6:30pm to 9:30pm                     Rosemary LeBeau W 6:30pm to 9:30pm               Improving Your Photographic Composition
May 11-June 22, 7-sessions                            May 12-June 23, 7-sessions                       Norman E. Eggert Su 1pm to 4pm
Non-Member $225 Member $205                           Non-Member $210 Member $190                      May 9-June 20, 6-sessions
Gain a basic understanding of the techniques          Bring your working knowledge of black-and-       (No class May 30)
and hand tools used in stone carving. Learn           white photography and darkroom printing,         Non-Member $155 Member $135
the use of chisels, files, rifflers and rasps while   and achieve new levels of innovation through     Explore new techniques and improve your
acquiring the skills needed to coax an image          a series of compelling shooting assignments      photographs by learning basic composition
from stone. Returning students welcome.               and stimulating darkroom work. Visit the         principles. Study composition in paintings
                                                      special exhibition, Who Shot Rock and Roll for   and photographs including a visit to the
10SASCL308                                            inspiration and continue to work on building
                            new!                                                                       special exhibition, Who Shot Rock and Roll.
Carving Workshop                                      a portfolio of original work.                    Includes weekly photo assignments and a
Thomas Kellner T 1pm to 4pm
                                                                                                       field trip. Bring your camera and four to five
May 11-June 22, 7-sessions                            10SAPHT106                                       photographs.
Non-Member $225 Member $205                           Introduction to Photography
Begin or continue to learn how to work with           Maxine L. McDonald Th 6:30pm to 9:30pm           10SAPHT323
clay, plaster, wood, and/or stone. Novices will       May 20-June 24, 6-sessions                       Studio Photography I and II
start at the beginning, and more advanced             Non-Member $195 Member $175                      Christopher Whitehead T
students will expand their insights and skills,       Learn how to use your 35mm film camera           6:30pm to 9:30pm
learning the techniques and hand tools in the         through shooting assignments, developing         May 11-June 22, 7-sessions
medium of their choice.                               film and making prints from your negatives       Non-Member $175 Member $155
                            new!                      in the darkroom. Improve your photography        Review camera controls and accessories like
10SASCL322                                            with better lighting, composition and camera     lenses, flash and tripods, lighting techniques
What Matters—Sculpture I and II                       techniques. Visit the special exhibition, Who    for hot lights and electronic flash using a
Lynn Simmons W 6:30pm to 9:30pm                       Shot Rock and Roll for inspiration. Bring your   variety of backgrounds. Shoot black-and-
May 12-June 23, 7-sessions                            35mm SLR film camera, owner’s manual,            white and color in 35mm, 120, 4x5 or digital,
Non-Member $210 Member $190                           notebook and pencil.                             and learn to photograph products, fashion,
Drawing on the exhibition What Matters,                                                                portraits, still-life, food and animals. Portfolio
explore traditional and contemporary                                                                   development is emphasized, and high school
sculptural processes and techniques as well                                                            students are welcome. Bring your camera
as the use of everyday materials as makers                                                             and manual to the first class.
of meaning. Continuing students may work
on individual pieces in the medium of their                                                            10SAPHT315
choice.                                                                                                Improving Your Travel Photography
                                                                                                       Norman E. Eggert Th 6:30pm to 9:30pm
                                                                                                       May 13-June 24, 7-sessions
                                                                                                       (No class June 3; Field trip to Old Sturbridge
                                                                                                       Village Saturday, June 5)
                                                                                                       Non-Member $175 Member $155
                                                                                                       Do your travel photographs capture the look,
                                                                                                       character, and feel of the place? Gain the
                                                                                                       tools you need to make great travel photos,
                                                                                                       and learn basic camera handling that will
                                                                                                       improve all your photographs.

                                                                                                             WAM Open House
                                                                                                                @ C.C. Lowell
                                                                                                           Thursday, April 22, 5:30-7pm

www.worcesterart.org/Education                                    REGISTER TODAY! 508.793.4333 or 508.793.4334
     Classes for adults May/June

         all new!
                                                       digitAl PhotogrAPhy                               WOrkshOps WIth
                                  summer                                                                 rIchArd hOyer
                                                       Bring your camera, appropriate
        phOtO WAlks                                    accessories and manual.                           10SADPH106

     WIth scOtt erb
                                                                                                         Buying a Digital Camera
                                                       10SADPH330                                        Richard Hoyer Su 9:30am to12:30pm
     Join one, two, or all three of these              Photoshop for Digital Photographers               May 9, 1-session
     educational and social photography classes.       Richard Hoyer Su 1pm to 3:30pm                    Non-Member $60 Member $40
     Walk around, shoot photos, and have fun           May 9-June 20, 7-sessions                         Thinking of buying a digital camera for
     with other photographers. Scott Erb will          Non-Member $195 Member $175                       the first or second time? Demystify the
     guide the walks and answer photography            Learn how to get the most out of all the          process and choose a camera that’s right
     questions along the way. There will be plenty     newest features of Photoshop to improve           for you. We’ll look at the current digital
     of time for shooting and exploring. Conclude      your images. Photoshop provides instant           camera models from small cameras to
     each session with informal photo sharing and      results and makes professional-level tools        digital SLRs and talk about the differences
     receive the link to a dedicated Flickr group      accessible to all digital photographers. Master   between them as well as what features are
     to post and share your favorite photos! Dress     the basics including resolution, color and        the most important. Additional topics will
     comfortably and bring your camera, photo          contrast controls, and selection tools. Through   include: camera prices, where to buy, online
     equipment, sunscreen, water and a snack.          discussion, demonstration and hands-on            resources and camera reviews.
     Includes admissions and all-access-passes         application, learn tools and techniques for
     to the Worcester Tornados.                        retouching, digital hand coloring, layers and     10SADPW101
           Sign up for all 3 workshops                 type.                                             Introduction to Your Digital Camera
                 and get $10 off!                                                                        Richard Hoyer Su 9:30am to12:30pm
                                                       10SADPH202A                                       May 16 & 23, 2-sessions
     10SAPHT317A                                       Digital Photography I & II                        Non-Member $100 Member $80
     Photo Walk: Hanover Theatre                       Sarah Dugan W 6pm to 9pm                          Learn the basics of digital photography
     Scott Erb M 6pm to 9pm                            May 12-June 23, 7-sessions                        from camera to computer. For anyone using,
     May 17, 1-session                                 Non-Member $215 Member $195                       planning to use or wanting to improve
     Non-Member $50 Member $30                                                                           digital photography technique.
     Take advantage of this special opportunity        Digital Photography I & II                        10SADPH300
     to photograph one of Worcester’s Historic         Richard Hoyer Th 1:30pm to 4:30pm                                                 new!
     Landmarks, The Hanover Theatre, restored to                                                         Shooting Digital Camera RAW
                                                       May 13-June 24, 7-sessions                        Richard Hoyer Su 9:30am to12:30pm
     its original glory. Join Scott Erb and wander     Non-Member $215 Member $195
     around and photograph the grandeur as well                                                          June 6 & 13, 2-sessions
     as the details of this magnificent building.      Begin or continue to learn about digital          Non-Member $100 Member $80
                                                       photography including equipment, software,        Learn how to shoot in the camera RAW
     10SAPHT317B                                       imaging techniques, photo editing with Adobe      format to make extraordinary photos. Use
     Photo Walk: Tower Hill Botanic Garden             Photoshop and uploading digital photography       Adobe Photoshop Elements to process
     Scott Erb M 2pm to 5pm                            from camera to computer.                          digital negatives.
     May 31, 1-session
     Non-Member $50 Member $30                                                                           10SADPH301
                                                                                                         Adobe Lightroom for Digital     new!
     Join Scott Erb for a photo walk around the
     distinctive gardens of Tower Hill. The array of                                                     Photographers
     outstanding plants, beautiful landscaping, and                                                      Richard Hoyer Su 9:30am to12:30pm
     wildlife create a wide range of choices for                                                         June 20 & 27, 2-sessions
     taking stunning photographs.                                                                        Non-Member $100 Member $80
                                                                                                         Learn how Adobe Lightroom—the essential
     10SAPHT317C                                                                                         digital photography workflow solution—can
     Photo Walk: Worcester Tornadoes                                                                     help you quickly import, manage, enhance
     Scott Erb M 6pm to 9pm                                                                              and showcase all your images from one
     June 7, 1-session                                                                                   application.
     Non-Member $50 Member $30
     Love baseball and photography? Here
     is a unique opportunity to get access to
     photograph in places on the field, in the
     dugouts and from the top of the press box!
     Baseball games are ripe with photo ops. Join
     Scott Erb for the opportunity to photograph
     beyond what the fans in the stands see at
     the game.
                                                                                                           PDPs Available for all courses

         Codes: 100: Novice 200: Beginner/Intermediate 300: All Levels 400: Intermediate 500: Intermediate/Advanced 600: Advanced
                                                                                                                               Summer 2010
ComPuter Art                                         the Art of movement
10SACMP307                                           10SAINT301
Digital Drawing and Painting                         The Art of Tai Chi I & II
Andy Fish M 6:30pm to 9:30pm                         William Riordan T 5:15pm to 6:15pm
May 10-June 28, 7-sessions                           May 11-June 22, 6-sessions (No class June 15)
 (No Class May 31)                                   Non-Member $85 Member $65
Non-Member $215 Member $195                          Begin or continue to learn the ancient art of
Learn how to duplicate the look and feel of          Tai Chi, practiced for health and relaxation.
classical painting and drawing styles in this fun,   The benefits include improved balance,
informative class. Look at modern masters,           health, range of motion and a calming effect
get inspired by contemporary artists and             on the mind. The class will consist of light
explore your own style on the computer.              warm ups, breathing exercises (qi-gong) and
No computer background required.                     incremental learning of the Yang style 24 form
                                                     Tai Chi sequence. Please wear comfortable
10SACMP403                                           clothing.
Photoshop II
Liz Carren T 6:30pm to 9:30pm                        10SAINT309
May 11-June 15, 6-sessions                           The Art of Yoga
Non-Member $190 Member $170                          D. Zeutas-Broer T 12:15pm to 1:15pm
Learn more advanced Photoshop techniques.            May 11-June 22, 7-sessions
From color-correction to masking and digital         Non-Member $95 Member $75
darkroom effects, use your own images                Clear your mind and develop a stronger,
(or images provided) to become adept at              more flexible body. The instructor will draw
maximizing the use of Adobe CS2. Includes            on several yoga traditions while adapting
lecture and hands-on lab time to practice.           them for each student. Breathing techniques
Come with a comfortable knowledge of                 and guided imagery will energize, calm,
layers and how to make selections. Bring             and relieve stress. Contact instructor at
in your own laptop if desired.                       pureenergyyoga@gmail.com if you have
                                                     questions. Dress comfortably and bring
10SACMP329                                           your yoga mat.
Adobe Creative Suites I & II                                                                           Pamelia E. Hill, Phyla Walker Dean, 1843,
                                                                                                       Watercolor on ivory, 4 9/16 x 3 3/8 in.
Andy Fish Th 6:30pm to 9:30pm
May 13-June 24, 7-sessions
                                                     Art hiStory
Non-Member $215 Member $195                          10SAHST373                                        hIghlIghts Of the
Explore the wide spectrum of spectacular             Modern Art for Dummies
opportunities for both traditional and digital       Donna Winant W 7pm to 9pm                         WAm cOllectIOn
artists alike in Adobe Creative Suites. Begin        May 12-June 23, 7-sessions
or continue to learn how to work with                Non-Member $130 Member $110                       10SAHST376                       all new!
Photoshop, Illustrator, Image Ready and a few                                                          Flashback—The American Portrait
                                                     “My kid can draw that!” Befuddlement and
of the other hidden gems in this great suite                                                           Miniature Revival
                                                     misunderstanding often accompany viewing
of programs!                                                                                           William Rudolph Th 5:30pm to 7pm
                                                     modern and abstract art. Explore the
                                                     meaning of modern art—its evolution and           May 13, 1-session
                                                     the ideas and statements that came directly       Non-Member $25 Member $15
                                                     from the artist’s mouth or writings. Begin        This lecture will discuss the moment in the
                                                     to understand the mindset and progression         late nineteenth and early-twentieth centuries
                                                     of “the great revolt” and the visionary art       when portrait miniatures made a comeback
                                                     that came along with the movement we              as a desirable means of representation.
                                                     call “Modern Art.” By understanding what          Artists experimented with types of painting
                                                     motivated the art and artist, you may, at last,   and different sizes, allowing for unique and
                                                     learn to appreciate this art—or not!              exciting objects. WAM possesses some of
                                                                                                       the most distinctive examples of Revival
                                                     10SAHST302                                        Miniatures, and this lecture will discuss them,
  WAM Open House                                     Art Critique                                      as well as extraordinary examples from sister
                                                     Tom Grady Th 7pm to 9:30pm                        institutions.
     @ C.C. Lowell                                   Class dates: May 13, June 3, & 24, 3-sessions     Also, see The Changing Landscape through
Thursday, April 22, 5:30-7pm                         Non-Member $70 Member $50
                                                                                                       Art History with the Director, James A.Welu
                                                     Join fellow artists for encouragement and a       on p.14.
Free and open to the public                          helpful exchange of ideas. Set aside essential
                                                     time to look at your art and think about its
                                                     direction and development.

www.worcesterart.org/Education                                    REGISTER TODAY! 508.793.4333 or 508.793.4334
     Classes for adults May/June
                       new!            the chAngIng lAndscApe serIes
     When natural or man-made disasters hit, our
     perceptions of place and the landscape we inhabit are
     shaken. Whether an event like hurricane Katrina in the
     Gulf states or the invasion of the Asian Longhorned
     beetle in our own backyard, dramatic and/or sudden
     changes in the landscape can encourage us to
     reevaluate our sense of place. This three-part series
     will help create a larger context for changes in our
     perceptions and suggest ways that we can artistically
     and intellectually cope.
                                                                               Ralph Earl, Looking East from Denny Hill, 1800, Oil on Canvas, 453/4 x 793/8 in.

     10SAHST374                                           10SAHST375                                              10SATRP345
     The Changing Landscape through Art History           CSI: Asian Longhorned Beetle                            The Artist in a Changing Landscape—
     James A. Welu Th 5:30pm to 7pm                       Maureen McConnell Th 5:30pm to 7pm                      Journaling in the Woods
     June 3, 1-session                                    June 10, 1-session                                      Alexander Dunn Sa 9am to 4pm
     Non-Member $25 Member $15                            Non-Member $25 Member $15                               June 19, 1-session
     Delving into the history of art, Museum              Maureen McConnell, the Ecotarium’s Team                 Non-Member $150 Member $130
     Director, Jim Welu will discuss how we can           Leader for Programs has been using Crime                Bird watcher, artist, and Museum staff member
     use art to track and understand the way the          Scene Investigation (CSI) techniques as a               Alex Dunn will lead an exploration of the
     landscape has changed over centuries. This           metaphor for understanding the bigger                   Harvard Forest. View the dioramas and
     exciting talk will include a gallery tour.           picture of the Asian Longhorned Beetle in               walk the trails, use journaling, photography,
                                                          the Worcester area. Learn about her research            or painting to record what you see and
                                                          (field research as well as research using               experience in this changed landscape. We’ll
                                                          different technologies) along with ideas                discuss visual clues for encoding these changes
                                                          for the future in this lively presentation.             and as a group connect our findings. Includes
                                                                                                                  transportation and admission.

     10SAWRT316                                          10SAWRT342                                            10SAWRT400                  new!
     Writing Your Life                                   Fear of Fiction                                       Fiction Workshop 2.0
     Adelle Leiblein M 1pm to 4pm                        Laurel D. King W 9:30am to Noon                       Laurel D. King Th 6pm to 8:30pm
     May 10-June 28, 7-sessions                          May 12-June 23, 7-sessions                            May 13-June 24, 7-sessions
     (No class May 31)                                   Non-Member $150 Member $130                           Non-Member $150 Member $130
     Non-Member $175 Member $155                         Want to write but afraid to take the plunge?          Take your fiction to the next level! This
     Reflect on your life and personal experiences       Start with simple exercises that plumb life           new class is designed to give you an intensive
     and find sources for self-expression and            experiences for raw material and learn                review to make your stories deeper and
     individual discovery through the art of             techniques to shape your ideas into memoir            sharper. Discuss your work and focus on
     memoir. All ages are welcome, particularly          or fiction. Share your work and receive               writing exercises and craft issues that arise
     those with years of life experience. Write in       suggestions to take your writing to the               from your writing. In addition to student
     any form in this supportive and creative class.     next level.                                           feedback, you will receive in-depth written
     10SAWRT360                                                                                                feedback from the instructor. Write and
                                                                                                               revise one or two complete short stories
     Writer’s Workshop—The Inevitable End                The Art of Travel Writing I & II                      or novel chapters, up to 20 pages each.
     James Beschta T 6:30pm to 9:30pm                    Ken Lovering W 6pm to 8:30pm                          For intermediate/advanced writers.
     May 11-June 22, 7-sessions                          May 12-June 30, 7-sessions
     Non-Member $175 Member $155                         (No class June 2)
     Because it is inevitable and so much a part         Non-Member $175 Member $155                           Writers!
     of life, death has long been a focus of artists     Travel writing in its many forms—from
     and writers. Consider this iconic topic from        magazine and newspaper articles to journal            See Dramatic Graphic
     varying viewpoints, often those suggested
     and explored by significant contemporary
                                                         writing—is alive and well! Focus on your own
                                                         travel writing in this supportive workshop.
                                                                                                               Novel on page 6 and
     poets. Your writing will be discussed as artistic   For inspiration, venture into the galleries one       The Art of the Children's
     literature in a constructive workshop setting.      evening to record the travel and discovery
                                                         that jumps off a canvas.                              Picture Book on page 20.

          Codes: 100: Novice 200: Beginner/Intermediate 300: All Levels 400: Intermediate 500: Intermediate/Advanced 600: Advanced
ADULT ART INSTITUTE June/July                                                                                          Summer 2010
Daytime Classes                                 10IADAP402
                                                Color and Light Extended
                                                                                                 Figure Sculpture I and II
10IADAP602                                      William Griffiths W 3pm to 5:30pm                Thomas Kellner Th 3pm to 5:30pm
Intensive Figure Drawing and Portraiture        July 7-28, 4-sessions                            July 8-29, 4-sessions
Randy LeSage M-Th 9:30am to 4:30pm              Non-Member $100 Member $80                       Non-Member $150 Member $130
June 21-24, 4-sessions                          Work in any color medium including oils,         Begin or continue to learn how to use clay
Non-Member $245 Member $225                     pastels, watercolors, acrylics or colored        and plaster to model the figure. Working
Focus on the figure by working from a life      pencils to create rich color and the             from a live model in a variety of poses, learn
model in the morning and a portrait model       luminous feeling of light. Come with a basic     to build armatures and shape the human
in the afternoon. Work primarily in drawing     understanding of your medium, and we’ll          form expressively. Includes most materials.
media such as charcoal; however, advanced       start from the beginning on color. Bring your
                                                chosen medium and an appropriate ground.         10IADPH330
students may work in other media. Bring
an 18”x24” sketchpad, board and soft vine                                                        Photoshop for Digital Photographers
                                                10IAWAT503A                                      Richard Hoyer W 2:30pm to 4:30pm
                                                Exploring Color and Light for Watercolorists     July 7-28, 4-sessions
10IADRW105                                      William Griffiths T 3pm to 5:30pm                Non-Member $105 Member $85
Learn to Draw                                   July 6-27, 4-sessions                            Learn how to get the most out of all the
Patricia Kelly M 3pm to 5:30pm                  Non-Member $100 Member $80                       newest features of Photoshop to improve
July 5-26, 4-sessions                           Watercolors are a fluid, flexible and            your images. Master the basics including
Non-Member $100 Member $80                      fascinating medium but present their own         resolution, color and contrast controls, and
Learn about the basic materials of drawing      color challenges. Bill Griffiths has developed   selection tools. Learn tools and techniques
and everything you need to know to get you      tried-and-true techniques to conquer these       for retouching, digital hand coloring, layers
drawing on your own. Learn sighting with        challenges. Through lecture, demonstration       and type.
a pencil, linear perspective, rendering form    and personal instruction, he’ll help you take
and space and much more. Recommended            your watercolors to the next level. Bring
for beginners and students getting back to      a knowledge of your medium and all your
drawing.                                        watercolor supplies.

                             evening SeSSion in July
                                                10IADRW108                                       drAwing & PAinting
                                                Exploring Drawing
                                                Sarah Williams W 6pm to 9pm                      10IADAP323
                                                July 7-28, 4-sessions                            Expressive Drawing and Painting
                                                Non-Member $115 Member $95                       Patricia Kelly W 6pm to 9pm
                                                                                                 July 7-28, 4-sessions
                                                Learn basic drawing materials and techniques     Non-Member $115 Member $95
                                                such as line, shape, value, compostion,
                                                dimension and color. A great starting point      Through demonstrations and exercises, put
                                                to begin drawing and then move on to other       more expression and life in your artwork
                                                mediums!                                         and gain the confidence you need to create
                                                                                                 stronger works. For all levels and types of
                                                10IADRW319                                       painters!
                                                Moleskin Magic—Traveling Sketchbook
                                                Andy Fish Th 6pm to 9pm                          10IADAP324
drAwing                                         July 8-29, 4-sessions                            Portrait Drawing and Painting
10IADRW408                                      Non-Member $115 Member $95                       JoEllen Reinhardt T & Th 6pm to 9pm
                                                                                                 July 13-29, 6-sessions
Drawing from the Model                          Meet weekly in and around the Museum and         Non-Member $200 Member $180
George Hancin T 6pm to 9pm                      occasionally off-site at local coffee shops as
July 6-27, 4-sessions                           well as Union Station. We’ll people-watch,       Enjoy painting or drawing a portrait of a live
Non-Member $150 Member $130                     sketch and learn to draw from observation        model. The model will hold one three-hour
                                                —one of the most important skills. Bring a       pose to give you ample time to study the
Learn how to capture the human form in                                                           form. Learn traditional methods of the old
the drawing media of your choice. Using         sketchbook.
                                                                                                 masters. Bring your preferred supplies and
a selection of exercises, improve your                                                           a knowledge of your medium.
technique and concentrate on developing
your artistic eye. Bring an 18”x24” sketchpad
and, 2B and 6B drawing pencils.                                                evening Institute Classes continue on page 17

www.worcesterart.org/Education                               REGISTER TODAY! 508.793.4333 or 508.793.4334
     ConneCtICut                                                                roCky neCk
     10SOSTA305                                                                 10SOSTA304
     American Impressionists—Following the Connecticut Trail                    Escape to Rocky Neck—Twenty-four Hour Writing Exploration
                                                                                Laurel D. King
     with Martha Krom Chiarchiaro
                                                                                June 12 & 13, 2010, 2-days
     May 14 & 15, 2-days
                                                                                Non-Member $375 Member $275
     Member $325 Non-Member $425
                                                                                Spouse/Non-Student $225
     Take advantage of this wonderful opportunity to experience                 30 PDPs available
     the sites of American Impressionist art colonies including
                                                                                Make a date with your inner artist to explore one of New
     the Bush-Holley Historic Site at Cos Cob and the Florence
                                                                                England’s most dramatic coastlines, Cape Ann harbor of
     Griswold Museum at Old Lyme. The Cos Cob art colony
                                                                                Gloucester. Whether you’ve always wanted to write or you’re
     was the first Impressionist art colony in Connecticut and its
                                                                                ready to take your prose to a higher level, this twenty-four hour
     early members included Childe Hassam, Theodore Robinson,
                                                                                retreat will give you the time, the support, and the inspiration
     John Twachtman and J. Alden Weir. Their artwork, which we’ll
                                                                                you need. Writing exercises will be geared to all levels; some will
     examine, illustrates how the house and setting inspired artists.
                                                                                include an advanced option. Individual meetings with instructor/
     Then, step back in time at the home of Florence Griswold in
                                                                                fiction writer Laurel King will be available to those who wish to
     Old Lyme, which became known as the “American Giverny”
                                                                                discuss their writing goals.
     and the most famous Impressionist colony inamerica. We’ll
     also explore the collecting of American Impressionists works               We’ll stay at Rocky Neck, America’s oldest artist colony and
     as shown in the collections at the New Britain Museum of                   inspiration to artists such as Winslow Homer, Fitz Henry Lane
     American Art and the Hill-Stead Museum. While the former                   and Edward Hopper. For further inspiration we’ll visit Dogtown
     collection extends from colonial to contemporary times, one                Commons (setting of Anita Diamant’s novel, The Last Days of
     of its most extensive collections is that of the Impressionists            Dogtown), Babson Boulders, and the Gloucester Art Museum.
     working in Connecticut. A visit to the Hill-Stead Museum will              Indulge your inner artist in this historic setting on the water for
     allow us to experience Alfred Atmore Pope’s prized collection              twenty-four hours and be rewarded with writing material for
     of Impressionist paintings including the works of Mary Cassatt             many weeks to come.
     and Edgar Degas.                                                           Fee includes: Instruction and individual consultation with author
     Fee includes lively, thought-provoking lectures by Martha; hotel           Laurel King, continental breakfast both days, lodging with kitchen
     (double occupancy—single room an additional $60); convenient               facilities and deck, and Gloucester Art Museum admission. Please
     door-to-door transportation; and 2-month Museum pass for 15                call 508.799.4406 ext.3148 to register.
     area museums. Please call 508.799.4406, ext 3148 to register.

     Isles of shoals                                                                       see page 8 for class in new Mexico!
     Painting and Photography on the Isles of Shoals with Sue and Louis Swinand
     August 31-September 2, 2010, 3-days
     Non-Member $625 Member $525 Spouse/Non-Student $400
     Please let us know if you are a painter or photographer when you call to sign up!
     Join Sue and Louis Swinand to visit or return to the legendary Isles of Shoals off the coast of New Hampshire. Enjoy plenty of time to
     paint and sketch in any media and/or photograph. From our home base on Star Island, visit Appledore Island where Celia Thaxter lived,
     wrote, painted, and hosted many of the most important literary and artistic figures of her time including Hawthorne, Whittier, and William
     Morris Hunt. Her gardens were made famous by the exquisite paintings of Childe Hassam. Family-style meals and lodgings will be provided
     at the Conference Center on Star Island. Individual instruction in painting and photography on-site, group critiques, and poetry readings
     will be included. Non-student/spouses, writers, photographers, etc., are welcome! For more information, please visit: http://seacoastnh.com/
     Fee includes: two nights double-occupancy at Star Island Conference Center with common bathroom (an additional $100 covers single occupancy),
     two breakfasts, three lunches, and two dinners, boat transport from Portsmouth to Star Island and Star Island to Appledore (Isles of Shoals).
     Transportation to Portsmouth, New Hampshire not included; let us know if you would like to carpool. Class will meet in Rye, New Hampshire, 20
     minutes south of Portsmouth, at 9:15am to depart for Star Island. Return trip to Rye will be at 3:30pm Thursday, September 2, arriving at Rye
     at 4:15pm. Call to register—508.799.4406 x3148.

                   www.worcesterart.org/education                                 PDPs available for all travel classes!
  ADULT ART INSTITUTE                                         evening SeSSion in July                                          Summer 2010
PAinting                                          SCulPture
10IAPNT302                                        10IASCL321                                                      guesT arTIsT
Joy of Painting                                   Stone Carving I and II
Christine Murphy-Cross T 6pm to 9pm               Thomas Kellner Th 6pm to 9pm                                     Workshop
July 6-27, 4-sessions                             July 8-29, 4-sessions
Non-Member $115 Member $95                        Non-Member $155 Member $135
Work abstractly or from the real world with       Begin or continue to learn the techniques
                                                                                                         Sacred Clay—Artist Workshop
                                                                                                         Dawning Shorty Sa 10am to 4pm
acrylics or water mixable oils. Explore how       and hand tools used in stone carving. Learn
                                                                                                         July 24 & 31, 2-sessions
nature and the artist connect through the         the use of chisels, files, rifflers and rasps while
                                                                                                         Non-Member $290 Member $270
creative process. Bring charcoal, drawing         acquiring the skills needed to coax an image
paper (at least 18”x24”), pencils, paints,        from stone. Visit the galleries for inspiration        This Artist Workshop is offered in Collaboration
brushes, palette knife, palette, spray bottle     for your own work. Bring a sketchpad and               with the Worcester Center for Crafts and is
and masking tape.                                 pencil.                                                supported by a grant from the Worcester
                                                                                                         Cultural Commision.
10IAPNT401                                        10IASCW317                                             Join Native American clay artist Dawning
Acrylic and Oil Painting                          Mosaic Panel Workshop                                  Pollen Shorty to discover the art of creating
William Griffiths Th 6pm to 9pm                   Cynthia Fisher Sa & Su10am to 4pm                      with micaceous clay. Drawing on her artistic
July 8-29, 4-sessions                             July 24 & 25, 2-sessions                               and spiritual traditions, Dawning Shorty
Non-Member $115 Member $95                        Non-Member $160 Member $140                            will emphasize the importance of making
Work on paper or canvas and explore acrylic       Vitreous glass mosaics are fun to make                 a connection with the earth as part of the
or oil painting media. Color and design will be   and last forever! Learn about color and                success of working with clay. This artist
stressed through traditional and experimental     the mosaic palette, visual texture, pattern            workshop will begin with a demonstration
approaches. Bring your acrylics or oil paints     design and how to use the indirect method              of how to make sculptable clay from the raw
and paper or canvas grounds.                      to create your mosaic. Come with an                    material shipped directly from the earth in
                                                  idea or find inspiration in a mosaic source            Taos, New Mexico. Then, create your own
wAterColor                                        book or the Museum’s renowned mosaic                   clay art pieces from this micaceous clay. The
                                                  collection. Visit bigbangmosaics.com to see            second day will include painting the clay
10IAWAT503B                                       the possibilities, or to contact Cynthia with          pieces with natural pigments from Taos and
Exploring Color and Light for Watercolorists      questions.                                             a traditional outdoor firing using cedar wood.
William Griffiths T 6pm to 9pm                                                                           Includes materials.
July 6-27, 4-sessions
Non-Member $115 Member $95
Watercolors are a fluid, flexible and             10IAPRT312
fascinating medium but present their own          Monoprint Workshop
color challenges. Bill Griffiths has developed    Randy LeSage Th 6pm to 9pm
tried-and-true techniques to conquer these        July 8-29, 4-sessions
challenges. Through lecture, demonstration        Non-Member $140 Member $120
and personal instruction, he’ll help you take     Monoprints combine the spontaneity of
your watercolors to the next level. Bring         painting with the sensuousness of ink and
a knowledge of your medium and all your           paper. Explore this exciting process, and work
watercolor supplies.                              with a variety of materials. Bring drawings, an
10IAWAT102                                        11”x18” plexiglas or lexan plate, 4-5 sheets
Watercolor I                                      of Canson or Lenox printmaking paper and
William Griffiths W 6pm to 9pm                    an apron. Includes some materials.
July 7-28, 4-sessions
Non-Member $115 Member $95                        mixed mediA
Designed to de-mystify the basic techniques       10IAMXD336                                             10IAMXD333
                                                                             new!                                                 new!
of water-based media, this class will have you    Felted Garment Workshop                                Pop-Up Books
painting in the first class! Open to beginning    Barbara Poole T 6pm to 9pm                             Donalyn Schofield W 6pm to 9pm
adult and high school students. Please bring      July 6-27, 4-sessions                                  July 7-28, 4-sessions
to the first class: 18”x24” support board,        Non-Member $155 Member $135                            Non-Member $115 Member $95
artist tape (or masking tape), watercolor         No sewing required! In four weeks, create an           In this fun and unique workshop, learn
paper, a set of tube watercolors, watercolor      article of clothing with no seams and without          how to use cutting and gluing techniques
brushes, pencil, plastic containers, sponge and   sewing—a felted seamless garment. Learn                to construct simple pop-up patterns. Bring
paper towels.                                     how to measure your body to create                     a used pop-up book (if you have one) to
                                                  a garment pattern and use silk, wool and               alter and replace with your own pop-up
                                                  other textiles create a wearable piece of              designs. Have a theme or images in mind to
                                                  art. Includes most materials.                          create your own unique book. Includes some
                                                                                                         materials. Ask for a materials list.

www.worcesterart.org/Education                                       REGISTER TODAY! 508.799.4406 ext. 3148
     adult art INstItute                                        evening SeSSion in July
     dArkroom                                          digitAl PhotogrAPhy                             writing
     PhotogrAPhy                                       10IADPH400                        new!          10IAWRT316
     10IAPHT203                                        Digital Photography II—Advanced                 Writing Your Life
     Black-and-White Photography I and II              Retouching                                      Adelle Leiblein T 6pm to 9pm
     Maxine L. McDonald T & Th 6pm to 9pm              Scott Erb W 6pm to 9pm                          July 6-27, 4-sessions
     July 6-29, 8-sessions                             July 7-28, 4-sessions                           Non-Member $115 Member $95
     Non-Member $250 Member $230                       Non-Member $145 Member $125                     Reflect on your life and personal experiences
     Begin or continue to learn about your 35mm        Do you have a great image but think it could    and find sources for self-expression and
     SLR film camera and darkroom techniques,          be better? Taking the photograph is just half   individual discovery through the art of
     and work on a portfolio of original work.         of the equation. The next step is optimizing    memoir. All ages are welcome, particularly
     Continuing students build on the basics to        it using your digital darkroom, Adobe           those with years of life experience. Write in
     refine composition, exposure and darkroom         Photoshop. Learn real world Photoshop           any form in this supportive and creative class.
     techniques through the zone system, on-           techniques to bring your photo to the
     camera filters and paper grades. Bring your       next level.                                      all new!
     35mm SLR film camera, owner’s manual,                                                                          WrIter's
     notebook and pencil.                              ComPuter Art                                              tOOlbOx serIes
                                                       10IACMW305                     new!
     non-dArkroom                                      Blogging and Selling Your Art Online             Register for all four and save $10!
     PhotogrAPhy                                       Andy Fish T 5:30pm to 8pm                       10IAWRT361A
     10IAPHT320                                        July 6-27, 4-sessions
                                  new!                                                                 The Writer’s Toolbox—Exercise Sampler
     Night Photography                                 Non-Member $120 Member $100
                                                                                                       Laurel D. King W 6pm to 9pm
     Norman E. Eggert W 6pm to 9pm                     You can’t be successful without an online       July 7, 1-session
     July 7-28, 4-sessions                             presence, but you don't have to pay             Non-Member $45 Member $25
     Non-Member $115 Member $95                        expensive hosting fees for websites. Blogs
                                                       provide a FREE alternative and the ability to   Need a vacation from a long-term writing
     Enjoy summer evenings and learn how to
                                                       access and update your blog from virtually      project? Or a jump start to get your writing
     take stunning night photographs! Learn
                                                       any computer in the world.                      going? Come for a fun and instructive evening
     how to determine the correct exposure,
                                                                                                       of writing exercises.
     keep the camera steady, and make exciting
     compositions of nighttime scenes. Take            10IACMP328
     frequent field trips to practice the techniques   Introduction to Practical Graphic Design
                                                       Kathryn Egnaczak Th 6pm to 9pm                  The Writer’s Toolbox—Creating your Artist
     learned in class. Bring an adjustable camera
     and a solid tripod.                               July 8-29, 4-sessions                           Statement
                                                       Non-Member $145 Member $125                     Laurel D. King W 6pm to 9pm
     10IAPHT321                           new!                                                         July 14, 1-session
                                                       Do you need to design print materials but       Non-Member $45 Member $25
     Landscape Photography                             are not sure how to start? Use InDesign and
     Norman E. Eggert Th 6pm to 9pm                    Adobe Creative Suite to learn how to create     Yes, you need one, and no, writing one does
     July 8-29, 4-sessions (No class July 22; Field    beautiful, budget-friendly solutions. Come      not need to be an arduous task. Follow
     trip Saturday, July 24)                           with a project idea and your text or images.    simple prompts that will help you to write
     Non-Member $115 Member $95                        Learn the fundamentals of layout while you      a worthy introduction to your art. By the
     In this exciting new class, learn about the       design a project that fits your needs.          end of the evening, you will have written and
     equipment needed to make memorable                                                                received feedback on your artist statement.
     landscape photographs—cameras, lenses,                                                            10IAWRT361C
     filters and tripods. During the field trip on
     Saturday July 24, 2010, use the techniques                                                        The Writer’s Toolbox—Pruning Your Prose
     learned in class. Explore how light affects                                                       Laurel D. King W 6pm to 9pm
     your landscape photography and learn                                                              July 21, 1-session
     compositional techniques to improve                                                               Non-Member $45 Member $25
     your photographs.                                                                                 You do it for your shrubs, now do it for
                                                                                                       your prose! Get rid of the excess words
                                                                                                       that overshadow the beauty of your
                                                                                                       sentences. Bring five pages of prose that
                                                                                                       could use a trim.

                        WAM Open House @ C.C. Lowell                                                   The Writer’s Toolbox—Chipping Away at
                                                                                                       Writer’s Block
                           Thursday, April 22, 5:30-7pm                                                Laurel D. King W 6pm to 9pm
                           Free and open to the public                                                 July 28, 1-session
                                                                                                       Non-Member $45 Member $25
                                                                                                       Explore the causes of writer’s block and learn
                                                                                                       some strategies to pull yourself out of it.
          Codes: 100: Novice 200: Beginner/Intermediate 300: All Levels 400: Intermediate 500: Intermediate/Advanced 600: Advanced
                                                      adult august Workshops                                                Summer 2010
teAcher                                              drAwing                                           PAinting
InstItutes                                           10AADRW107                    new!                10AAPNT306
                                                     A Taste of Drawing                                Acrylic Painting I and II
10IATCH334                        new!               Patricia Kelly M-F 1pm to 4pm                     William Griffiths M-F 9am to Noon
Teacher Institute—Clay in the Americas               August 9-13, 5-sessions                           August 9-13, 5-sessions
Jane Lattimore M-F 9am to 4:30pm                     Non-Member $145 Member $125                       Non-Member $135 Member $115
July 26-30, 5-sessions (Includes lunch break)        Have you always wanted to learn how to            Acrylics are one of the most versatile
Non-Member $290 Member $270                          draw? Sample a variety of materials such as       painting media ever invented. Begin or
CredFITCHG $380                                      pencil, charcoal and ink washes to create still   continue to learn the basics and demystify
Clay—the most basic of art materials—has             life, landscape and portrait drawings. Learn      the process. This course is also good for
been used for centuries to make beautiful            the basics of line, form, value and volume        more experienced acrylic painters wanting to
and functional objects, spiritual vessels, body      in this one-week class!                           reacquaint themselves with the basics, while
adornment and much more. Be inspired by                                                                catching up with the many new variations in
visiting artist Dawning Pollen Shorty whose          10AADAP319                                        acrylic paints. Bring paper and pencil and
micaceous clay creations tap into her Native         Outdoor Landscape Drawing and Painting            any acrylic materials you already have.
American heritage. Learn about cultures              Ella Delyanis M-F 9am to Noon
throughout the Americas who have used                August 9-13, 5-sessions                           10AAPNW305
clay as an art medium and experience the             Non-Member $135 Member $115                       Encaustic Painting Workshop
deep satisfaction of experimenting with clay.        Work with your chosen drawing and painting        Theresa Spadafora M-W 9am to 4pm
This course is for artists, classroom teachers       media to explore landscape fundamentals:          August 16-18, 3-sessions
and dabblers who want to investigate                 choosing the scene, organizing the picture,       Non-Member $275 Member $255
concepts such as the physical characteristics        defining landscape space and forms, and           Made from wax and resin, encaustic paint
of clay, its connection with the earth, its          creating a believable sense of light. Weather     offers exquisite surface qualities. Through
spiritual significance, its economic role, and       permitting, we’ll work outside each morning.      demonstrations and hands-on work,
the opportunities for working with clay in           Bring an 14”x17” or 11”x14” sketchpad,            learn all aspects of the encaustic method.
teaching across the curriculum. Extend your          2B and 5B pencils, and an eraser.                 Traditional painting and fusing techniques
learning about clay—sign up for the Sacred                                                             will be combined with contemporary
Clay Workshop with guest artist Dawning              10AADRW406                                        approaches such as collage, image transfer
Shorty Pollen on July 24 & 31! See page 17.          Intensive Life Drawing and Anatomy                and monoprint. Learn about the preparation
                                                     Workshop                                          of supports and grounds and the safe and
10IATCH335                        new!
                                                     Tom Grady M-F10am to 4pm                          archival uses of this medium. Includes most
Teacher Institute—Multi-Dimensional Art              August 16-20, 5-sessions                          materials. Ask for a materials list when
(2D, 3D, and 4D Art)                                 Non-Member $275 Member $255                       you register.
Jeannine Mosely M-F 9am to 4:30pm
                                                     In this popular class, view Robert Beverly
Aug 9-13, 5-sessions (Includes lunch break)
Non-Member $265 Member $245
                                                     Hale’s popular lecture series on anatomy and      wAterColor
CredFITCHG $380
                                                     figure drawing as taught at the Art Students      10AAWAT310                     new!
                                                     League in New York. Then, focus on the
Taught by internationally known origami                                                                Watercolor Workshop from A to Z
                                                     human skeletal and muscular systems to learn
artist-mathematician, Jeannine Mosely, this                                                            JoEllen Reinhardt M-F 10am to 4pm
                                                     anatomy and how it informs figure drawing.
class will explore the connections between                                                             August 16-20, 5-sessions
                                                     Expand your drawing skills through lecture,
the content areas of Math and Art and is                                                               Non-Member $250 Member $230
                                                     demonstrations, and drawing from direct
designed for classroom teachers as well              observation with a live model.                    This intensive class will cover all major
as art specialists. Experiences will include                                                           watercolor techniques. Work from a variety
studio activities and gallery visits. Participants   10AADRW409                                        of subject matter including landscapes and
will have the opportunity to work with               Oil Stick and Oil Pastel Workshop                 still lifes, and come away with a wonderful
sculpture, collage, origami, and painting            Jill Pottle M-W10am to 4pm                        collection of paintings. Ask for a materials
materials. Content will focus on four Math           August 16-18, 3-sessions                          list when you register.
Frameworks Strands: Number Sense and                 Non-Member $155 Member $135
Operations; Geometry; Patterns/Relations;
                                                     In this exciting workshop, combine oil
Measurements, and address five Visual
                                                     sticks—oil paint without the odor and
Arts Framework Strands: Media, Materials,
                                                     mess—with oil pastels. Oil sticks, which dry
Techniques; Elements and Principles of
                                                     overnight, are bold and direct and can be
Design; Observation, Abstraction, Invention,
                                                     used for painting as well as drawing forms,
Expression; and Connections. Learning
                                                     making marks and creating layers of colors
through the arts contributes significantly
                                                     and textures. Work from a variety of subject
to improved critical thinking, problem
                                                     matter including still life and landscape, and
posing, and decision-making and offers
                                                     use oil sticks and oil pastels in combination
opportunities for differentiated instruction.
                                                     and solo. Beginning drawing experience
Participants will leave with practical ideas
                                                     required. Bring oil sticks and a support.
and specific activities to incorporate into
classroom teaching.

www.worcesterart.org/Education                                   REGISTER TODAY! 508.793.4333 or 508.793.4334
     adult august Workshops

     mixed mediA                                      10AAMXD335                                          10AAPHT324
                                                      Paste Paper Workshop                                Portfolio Review and Elements
     10AAMXD348                                       Donalyn Schofield Sa 10am to 4pm                    of Photography
     The Art of the Children’s Picture Book           August 7, 1-session                                 Mari Seder Sa 10am to Noon
     Suzanne Becker M-F 9am to12:30pm                 Non-Member $85 Member $65                           August 14, 1-session
     August 9-13, 5-sessions                                                                              Non-Member $55 Member $35
     Non-Member $155 Member $135                      Using paste recipes, simple tools and
                                                      pigments, create wonderful papers to                Examine the work of photographers—
     Learn how to turn your idea or draft for a       use in your artmaking. These papers                 and media artist Bill Viola—to analyze the
     picture book into a manuscript that is ready     can be transformed into cards, used as              different ways they use composition, point
     for story time and submission! Part lecture,     embellishments or folded into wonderful             of view, light, focus and action. Then, we’ll
     exercise, and workshop, let Suzy Becker guide    gift containers. Includes some materials. Ask       look at your prints as a group and individually.
     you through the development of characters,       for a materials list and bring a bag lunch          Bring 10 related prints to learn about
     plot, dialogue, layout, and a plan to get your                                                       sequencing and developing a cohesive body
     stories to an audience. Writers (who do not
     illustrate) and artists (who do not write) are   PhotogrAPhy                                         of work for future portfolio presentations.
                                                                                                          For all levels and types of photographers
     welcome. Bring a notebook, sketchbook, and/      10AAPHT322
     or laptop and three of your favorite picture     Portrait Photography—Inside Out
     books.                                           Norman E. Eggert M-F 1pm to 4pm
                                                                                                          ComPuter Art
                                                      August 9-13, 5-sessions                             10AACMW306
     10AAMXD334                                       Non-Member $135 Member $115                         Digitizing Your Old Fashioned Slides
     What Matters to Your Art     new!
                                                      In this new class, learn how to take natural        Andy Fish Su 1pm- 4pm
     Randy LeSage Sa & Su10am to 4pm                                                                      August 8, 1-session
     August 7 & 8, 2-sessions                         looking photographs of people inside and
                                                      outside. Inside, create studio-quality portraits    Non-member $65 Member $45
     Non-Member $115 Member $95
                                                      in a formal setting with studio lights and          Breathe new life into your old slides in this
     Learn what matters to your art as we             backgrounds and in a more informal setting          fun class that will stretch your imagination
     discuss, write and create art inspired by the    with available lighting or flash. Outside, create   while restoring family treasures. Bring a
     contemporary exhibition What Matters and         great outdoor portraits with available light,       notepad, pencil and five slides.
     the newly installed American galleries. Bring    supplemented at times by flash or a reflector.
      a sketchbook/writing pad and pencils/           Explore making casual candid people
       colored pencils.                               photographs and visit the special exhibition,
                                                      Who Shot Rock and Roll for inspiration.
         Codes: 100: Novice 200: Beginner/Intermediate 300: All Levels 400: Intermediate 500: Intermediate/Advanced 600: Advanced
Youth Classes
     Over 1,200 youth annually attend art classes at the Worcester Art Museum. Our program combines looking
     at authentic art objects with over 50 centuries of art in the Museum galleries with art-making experiences
     in the Museum studios. Our philosophy places value on the process of creating art and learning to think
     creatively. We provide an environment where students can explore other cultures through our outstanding
     collection of artworks from antiquities to contemporary art.

     Students will have the opportunity to try new materials and gain                             DID YoU KNoW?
     self-confidence. All youth, not just those with perceived talents, benefit
     from working with art materials and learning about self-expression. Need                        our youth
     day long activities for your child? Classes can be combined with extended                       classes provide
     day programs (morning and afternoon) to create a day-long experience.
                                                                                                     constructive fun
     If you have questions about Youth Art Classes, please call 508.793.4333.
                                                                                                     and an opportunity
                                                                                                     to meet neW
                                                                                                     friends. With quality
                                                                                                     instructors and all
                                                                                                     of the materials
                                                                                                     provided, there
         Don’t miss!!                                                                                is no better way to
      August Workshops                                                                               spend this summer
               August 9-20                                                                           than at the Worcester
             see pages 26–29                                                                         art Musuem!
                for details

AgES 3 – 5                                                                Materials
These classes introduce young children to art materials and new           Materials are provided in youth classes. Dress for mess!
experiences through studio activities, games, and stories. Required
parent/guardian participation reinforces communication skills and         Dropping off & Picking up
assists children in developing motor skills. Shared and individual        Classes meet in the Museum’s Lancaster Street lobby. Parents must
activities help children gain self-confidence as adults model life-long   accompany students to and from the lobby. Please be on time.
learning habits. These classes require one adult (guardian) per child     refund Policy
enrolled.                                                                 Please note our refund policy on p. 31.
AgES 5 – 8                                                                scholarships
Students are exposed to a broad range of ideas and art forms              Scholarships are available for children whose families may not be
through medium–specific classes such as sculpture and painting, as        able to afford classes at WAM. We encourage you to apply as
well as through theme-based classes. Emphasis is on self-expression       early as possible for the fall, winter, spring, and summer sessions.
and experimentation.                                                      Scholarships are based on financial need, and applications are
                                                                          processed on a first-come, first-served basis. Students awarded
AgES 9 – 13                                                               scholarships are placed in classes according to availability and
Confidence in creativity and technical skills is strengthened             student age. Specific course requests cannot be guaranteed. Call
through medium–specific courses. Projects focus on developing             508.799.4406, x3014 to receive an application or download one
observational and technical skills as well as furthering the student’s    at www.worcesterart.org. Scholarship recipients will be notified
ability to think independently.                                           by mail, two weeks prior to the start of the session. Limited
                                                                          transportation within Worcester is available for scholarship
AgES 14 – 17                                                              students. For information about adult scholarships, please
Projects and critiques continue to help develop technical skills          call 508.799.4406 x3147.
and support the student’s ability to make personal decisions about
expression, style, and content. Assistance in developing a portfolio
or selecting a class is available.
www.worcesterart.org/Education                                  REGISTER TODAY! 508.793.4333 or 508.793.4334
                                                           summer 1                                       July 12-23
                                                                                      Mornings 10am-Noon
                                                       101YMXD121                                         Fundamentals of a Masterpiece 8–10 Years
                                                       Art Together–Tropical Getaway                      Patricia Kelly
                                                       3–5 Years w/Adult                                  Non-Member $180 Member $160
                                                       Jane Lattimore                                     Be inspired by masterworks in the galleries
                                                       July 12 –16 Note Dates                             and then create your own. Develop skill and
                                                       Non-Member $140 Member $120                        style, as you experiment in a variety of media
                                                       Tour the galleries for inspiration and then        including watercolor, pencil, printmaking and
                                                       create your own tropical plants, fish and          ink.
                                                       birds with drawing, painting, printmaking and      101YDRW501
                                                       sculpture materials. Lessons will help develop
                                                       motor skills and encourage visual and verbal       Cartooning 11–13 Years
                                                       expression.                                        Scott Nelson
                                                                                                          Non-Member $180 Member $160
                                                       101YMXD102                                         Explore ways to bring characters and their
                                                       Art Together–Museum Explorers                      stories to life on paper. Focus on drawing
     NEW! for teens                                    3–5 Years w/Adult
                                                       Jane Lattimore
                                                                                                          techniques using pen, ink, pencils, and markers
                                                                                                          to develop your own style in comic strip or
                        14-17 years                    July19 – 23 Note Dates                             book format.
      WAM will host a four-day teen intensive          Non-Member $140 Member $120
      program. Students will be provided with          Explore a variety of cultures while looking
      more studio time than the average class                                                             The Art of Fashion 11–13 Years
                                                       closely at art in the Museum. Classical and
      and more chances to get advice from                                                                 Colleen Fish
                                                       contemporary art will be brought to life in
      instructors and peers. Classes run from                                                             Non-Member $180 Member $160
                                                       the studio, as you create paintings, sculptures,
      5-8pm from July 6–9, 2010. A great               mosaics and more in this fun-filled class.         Learn how to draw the fashion figure,
      experience for the college bound artist                                                             design a variety of fabrics, and create mood
      looking to increase their portfolio or a         101YMXD307                                         boards. Work in colored pencils, markers,
      new artist just looking to have some fun         Draw, Paint, Create! 5–7 Years                     watercolors, and more as you build skills
      Intensive classes include a pizza dinner         Priscilla Harvey                                   and express yourself through fashion design.
      each night.                                      Non-Member $180 Member $160
      Non-Member $125          Member $105             Tour the Museum with an artist guide and get
                                                                                                          Artful Intrigue — Illustrating Murder,
                                                       inspired by art! In the studio, experiment with
      101YDRW600                                       paint, collage, clay and much more to create       Mystery and Suspense 14–17 Years
      Drawing Intensive                                your own works of art.                             Andy Fish
      Veronica Hebard                                                                                     Non-Member $180 Member $160
                                                       101YPNT307                                         Learn fundamental drawing skills while
      101YPNT600                                       Painting Fun 5–7 Years                             investigating the world of mystery and gothic
      Painting Intensive                               Jennifer Swan                                      horror. Through researching and creating art,
      Sharon Holmes Keller                             Non-Member $180 Member $160                        solve crimes in the vein of Sherlock Holmes,
                                                       Visit the galleries to look at paintings. In the   and wade deep in the gothic horror stylings
      101YSCL600                                                                                          of Edgar Allen Poe and H.P. Lovecraft. Learn
                                                       studio, have fun mixing colors and working
      Sculpture Intensive                              with a variety of painting materials including     or improve pen and ink technique, and
      Hector Aguilar                                   watercolors, tempera paints and watercolor         discover how to create dark and ominous
                                                       pencils.                                           illustrations.

      July 6-9 /5-8pm                                  101YDRW404
                                                       Art of Cartoon 8–10 Years
                                                                                                          Looking Through the Lens: Black-and-White
                                                       Bret Herholz                                       14–17 Years
                                                       Non-Member $180 Member $160                        Maxine L. McDonald
     101YEXTAM                                                                                            Non-Member $180 Member $160
     Extended Day (5-13 years) SSI                     Learn fundamental drawing skills and be            Includes lab fee
     M–F 8:30am–10am                                   inspired by your favorite comics. Develop
                                                       your style and create comics with your own         Focus on developing film, printing negatives
     Non-Member $85 Member $70
                                                       characters and stories.                            and critiquing work as you shoot, develop
     Take advantage of our Extended Day                                                                   and print black-and-white photographs.
     program and register for fun-filled,                                                                 Learn the basics of camera operation
     instructor-led morning activities! Space                                                             and darkroom processes. Bring a manual
      is limited and is available on a first-come,            all classes include                         35mm or a point-and-shoot camera (not
     first-served basis.
                                                                a gallery visit                           a digital camera) and a notebook. First
                                                                                                          class attendance is essential.
                                                Summer 1, July 12-23 • Summer 2, July 26-August 6
                                                                                                                              July 12-23
                      Afternoons 12:30pm¬2:30pm
101YLUNCH                                         101YCMP509
Lunch–SSI                                         Computer Painting 11–13 Years
                                                  Andy Fish                                             Extended Day (5-13 years) SSI
M–F Noon−12:30pm                                                                                        M–F 2:30pm−5:15pm
Non-Member $20 Member $20                         Non-Member $190 Member $170
                                                                                                        Non-Member $140 Member $125
                                                  Take traditional painting to a new place.
                                                  First, create an artwork or illustration              Take advantage of our Extended Day
101YDRW310                                                                                              program and register your children for
Drawing Your World 5–7 Years                      with traditional painting media. Then, learn
                                                  Photoshop techniques to manipulate, add to,           fun-filled, instructor-led activities. Children
Theresa Monteith                                                                                        can join this late afternoon session to
Non-Member $180 Member $160                       and layer your original piece. Get inspiration
                                                  from contemporary illustrators who use this           complement their afternoon workshop.
Explore landscape, cityscape, and dreamscape      experimental combination of old and new.              Space is limited and is available on a
in the galleries, and then draw your own                                                                first-come, first-served basis.
beautiful world using inks, watercolors, oil      101YPHT503
pastels, and other drawing materials.             Photography Explorers 11–13 Years
                                                  Maxine L. McDonald
101YMXD303                                        Non-Member $190 Member $170
Creature Feature 5–7 Years
Jamie Buckmaster                                  Shoot, develop and print black-and-white
Non-Member $180 Member $160                       photographs using your own manually
                                                  adjustable 35mm or point and shoot camera
Discover works of art depicting our friends       (not a digital camera). Learn how to operate
with fins, feathers, and fur. Tour the Museum     the camera, compose images, and work in
and get inspired by stories of fantastic          the darkroom. Explore pinhole imaging,
creatures! In the studio, experiment with         toning, and creative printing techniques.
paint, paper, clay and more.                      Repeat students welcome. Bring your
                                                  camera and manual.
Family Fun–World Art 6–10 Years w/Adult           101YPNT508
Jane Lattimore                                    Paint Your Mind and Mind
Non-Member $240 Member $220                                                new!
                                                  Your Paint 11–13 Years
Sight-see in the Museum each day to be            Jennifer Swan
inspired by works of art. Discover the            Non-Member $180 Member $160
architecture of the Chapter House, learn how      Explore the process of painting and learn
white affects color in French Impressionist       how to use color, light, composition, special
paintings, and explore how washes create          effects and perspective in your work. View
beautiful compositions in the Asian collection.   traditional paintings and experimental
Experiment in the studio with paint,              artworks. Then, experiment with watercolors,
collage, clay and more. Share a rich cultural     tempera paints, non-traditional and drawing
experience together. ($300 NM, $280 M             materials to build skills and inspire creativity.
for 3 participants)
                                                  Fashion Design 14–17 Years
Drawing and Painting 8–10 Years                   Colleen Fish
Priscilla Harvey                                  Non-Member $180 Member $160
Non-Member $180 Member $160
                                                  Learn to draw fashion figures, create mood
Learn how to use paints, pastels, and             boards and expand confidence in your own
pencils to illustrate what you see. Practice      wardrobe. Repeat students are welcome
observation skills while working directly from    and will work on more advanced projects.
objects in the Museum. Then, experiment
with color mixing, mark making, composition,      101YPNT604
and shading.                                      Painting Workshop 14–17 Years
                                                  Veronica Hebard
                                                  Non-Member $180 Member $160
Create Your Own Super Hero 8-10 Years
Bret Herholz                                      Strengthen your skills working with color, light,
Non-Member $180 Member $160                       composition, and perspective. Study Dutch,
                                                  French, British, and American paintings in
Learn basic drawing skills to help you draw       the galleries. Then, use acrylics, watercolors,
your own original superheroes. Create             temperas, and drawing materials to build skills
characters and put them into action by            and inspire creativity.
developing and drawing your own
short comics.                                                                                         Annie F. Colby-Mckeon
www.worcesterart.org/Education                                 REGISTER TODAY! 508.793.4333 or 508.793.4334
        summer 2                                      July 26-august 6
                                   Mornings 10am-Noon
      102YEXTAM                                       Drawing From the City 8–10 Years
      Extended Day (5-13 years) SS2                   Theresa Monteith
      M–F 8:30am−10am                                 Non-Member $180 Member $160
      Non-Member $85 Member $70                       Draw on location in the parks and buildings
      Take advantage of our Extended Day              that surround the Museum, as well as in
      program and register for fun-filled,            the galleries. In the studio, use a variety of
      instructor-led morning activities!              drawing materials to further develop your
      Space is limited and is available               city drawings and work together to develop
      on a first-come, first-served basis.            a large mural.

     102YMXD109                                       Faces, Forms and Feelings 8–10 Years
     Art Together–Paint, Collage, Clay                Patricia Kelly                                    102YPHT601
     3–5 Years w/Adult                                Non-Member $180 Member $160                       Continuing Photography 14–17 Years
     Priscilla Harvey                                                                                   Maxine L. McDonald
                                                      Experiment with a variety of materials to
     July 26–30 Note Dates                                                                              Non-Member $190 Member $170
                                                      create portraits, landscape paintings, and
     Non-Member $140 Member $120                                                                        Includes lab fee
                                                      sculptures about your favorite people, objects,
     Build motor skills and use creativity as you     and feelings. Visit the galleries to see how      Expand your photography skills with more
     mix colors, draw shapes, tear and paste paper,   artists throughout history have been inspired     in-depth shooting assignments, fine-tuning
     and sculpt. Tour the Museum each day and         by similiar themes.                               of black-and-white printing, and learning to
     create something inspired by art from all over                                                     create enlargements. Also, learn burning/
     the world.                                       102YFSH503                                        dodging techniques, sepia toning, and dry-
                                                      Fasion Design 11–13 Years                         mounting of finished work. Students must be
     102YMXD128                                       Colleen Fish                                      comfortable using their camera and printing
     Art Together–Artful Creatures                    Non-Member $180 Member $160                       in the darkroom. Bring negatives from former
     3–5 Years w/Adult                                                                                  classes.
                                                      Learn to draw fashion figures, create mood
     Priscilla Harvey                                 boards, and expand your confidence in your
     August 2–6 Note Dates                                                                              102YPNT606
                                                      own wardrobe. Repeat students are welcome
     Non-Member $140 Member $120                                                                        Painting for Teens 14–17 Years
                                                      and will work on more advanced projects.
                                                                                                        Scott Nelson
     Introduce your preschooler to the Museum
                                                      102YPNT502                                        Non-Member $180 Member $160
     and the fun of viewing and making art. Create
     a variety of real and imaginary birds and        Painting Workshop 11–13 Years                     Explore the process of painting and learn
     beasts using paints, clay and collage.           Cynthia Woehrle                                   how to see color, light, composition, and
                                                      Non-Member $180 Member $160                       perspective in your work. Study Dutch,
     102YDRW303                                                                                         French, British, and American paintings in
                                                      Explore the process of painting and
     Artful Doodles 5–7 Years                                                                           the galleries and use acrylics, watercolors,
                                                      strengthen your skills in using color, light,
     Jamie Buckmaster                                                                                   tempera paints, and drawing materials to
                                                      composition, special effects, and perspective
     Non-Member $180 Member $160                                                                        build skills. Use these skills to develop an
                                                      in your work. View Dutch, French, British,
                                                                                                        advanced painting or series of paintings.
     Explore artwork in the galleries and learn       and American paintings, and experiment
     to sketch what you see. Use your drawings        with acrylic, watercolor, tempera paints, and
     as inspiration for creating your own             drawing materials to build skills and inspire       102YLUNCH
     masterpieces in the studio.                      creativity.                                         Lunch–SSI
                                                                                                          M–F Noon−12:30pm
     102YMXD336                                       102YCMP617                                          Non-Member $20 Member $20
     Wings, Tails and Scales 5–7 Years                Cut-Out-Animation 14–17 Years
     Kelley Parsons                                   Bret Herholz
     Non-Member $180 Member $160                      Non-Member $190 Member $170
     Discover creatures that creep, wiggle, and fly   Learn how to create a traditional cut-out
     as you explore the Museum and hear stories       animation, like in Monty Python or South
     about animals from around the world. Create      Park using a mix of drawn characters and
     your own real or imaginary animals using clay,   photographic references in magazines. Bring
     paint, and more.                                 them to life using computer animation.

                                             Summer 1, July 12-23 • Summer 2, July 26-August 6
                                                                                                        July 26-august 6
                                                   Afternoons 12:30pm¬2:30pm
102YPNT302                                                                                           102YPHT505
Painting Nature 5–7 Years                                                                            Basic Black-and-White Photo 11–13 Years
Priscilla Harvey                                                                                     Maxine L. McDonald
Non-Member $180 Member $160                                                                          Non-Member $190 Member $170
Learn all about texture, line, color, and shapes                                                     Focus on developing film, printing negatives,
in nature. Explore paintings of the natural                                                          and critiquing work as you shoot, develop
world in the Museum and then use a variety                                                           and print black-and-white photographs.
of painting and natural materials to create                                                          Learn the basics of camera operation and
your own nature scenes.                                                                              darkroom process. Bring your own 35mm
                                                                                                     manual or point and shoot camera (not a
102YSCL301                                                                                           digital camera) and a notebook. First session
Sculpture FUNdamentals 5–7 Years                                                                     attendance is essential for this class full of
Kelley Parsons                                                                                       information and fun.
Non-Member $180 Member $160
Sketching 3D works in the Museum for
inspiration, explore basic sculpture techniques.                                                     Digital Photography 14–17 Years
In the studio, learn hand-building with clay                                                         Jeffery Baker
and create art with paper, wood, wire                                                                Non-Member $190 Member $170
and found objects.                                                                                   Learn about digital photography including
                                                                                                     equipment, software, imaging techniques,
102YMXD201                                                                                           Adobe Photoshop for digital photo editing,
Family Fun–Mixed Media Adventure                                                                     and uploading digital photography from
6–10 Years w/Adult                                                                                   camera to computer. Bring your own digital
Theresa Monteith                                                                                     camera.
Non-Member $240 Member $220                         102YSCL400
                                                    Young Sculptors 8–10 Years                       102YFSH605
Visit the Museum together and get inspired
                                                    Jamie Buckmaster                                 Fashion Design I and II 14–17 Years
by art from cultures around the world. In the
                                                    Non-Member $180 Member $160                      Colleen Fish
studio, work together and independently to
                                                    Get inspired in the Museum. Tour the galleries   Non-Member $180 Member $160
create drawings, prints, and sculptures using
paint, clay, and much more.                         to sketch 3D works. Then, explore hand-          Learn how to draw the fashion figure,
                                                    building with clay as well as creating 3D        design your own fabrics based on innovative
102YMXD403                                          works with paper, wood, wire, and found          materials, create mood boards, and
People, Places, and Things 8–10 Years               objects.                                         work on several collections. Create fresh
Patricia Kelly                                                                                       contemporary looks by using the Museum
Non-Member $180 Member $160                         102YDRW513                                       as inspiration. Work in pencils, markers,
                                                    Comics–Animals and Creatures                     watercolor paints and more to bring your
Experiment with a variety of materials to
                                                    11–13 Years                                      ideas into the future of fashion. Repeat
create portraits, landscape paintings, and
                                                    Bret Herholz                                     students are welcome.
sculptures about the people, places, and
things that are important to you. Visit the         Non-Member $180 Member $160
galleries to see how artists all over the           Comic illustration is the basis for character      102YEXTPM
world are inspired.                                 development in comic books, children’s             Extended Day (5-13 years) SS2
                                                    books, toy design, animation, and video games.     M–F 2:30pm–5:15pm
102YMXD445                                          Focus on developing non-human characters,          Non-Member $140 Member $125
Art That Pops 8–10 Years                            and learn to use traditional comic drawing         Take advantage of our Extended Day
Andy Fish                                           techniques to illustrate animals and create        program and register your children for
Non-Member $180 Member $160                         unique creatures.                                  fun-filled, instructor-led activities. Children
Explore the process of painting and                                                                    can join this late afternoon session to
strengthen your skills in capturing color,                                                             complement their afternoon workshop.
light and composition. Study the motifs and         Studio Art 11–13 Years                             Space is limited and is available on a
icons used in Pop Art and other American            Cynthia Woehrle                                    first-come, first-served basis.
paintings, and then use watercolor and              Non-Member $180 Member $160
tempera paints to create your own                   Explore 2D and 3D materials while
paintings based on popular culture.                 building skills and expressing yourself. Focus
                                                    on composition and perspective while
                                                                                                          all classes include a
                                                    experimenting with images from real life,
                                                    the Museum and your imagination.
                                                                                                               gallery visit

www.worcesterart.org/Education                                   REGISTER TODAY! 508.793.4333 or 508.793.4334
           august session 1                                                  august 9-13
                                                                                   Mornings 10am-Noon
                                                      10AYMXD105                                       10AYCMP502
                                                      Art Together–Movin’ in the Museum                Computer Animation 11–13 Years
       Extended Day (5-13 years) AWS1                                                                  Andy Fish
                                                      3–5 Years w/Adult
       M–F 8:30am−10am                                                                                 Non-Member $145 Member $125
                                                      Kelley Parsons
       Non-Member $48 Member $38                                                                       Includes Computer Lab fee
                                                      Non-Member $140 Member $120
       Take advantage of our Extended Day                                                              Have fun looking at a wide range of animated
                                                      Let’s have some hands-on fun! Encourage
       program and register for fun-filled,                                                            cartoons from Bugs Bunny to SpongeBob
                                                      your preschooler’s self-expression and
       instructor-led morning activities! Space                                                        Squarepants. Then, learn the tricks of the
                                                      motor skills in this art, movement and music
       is limited and is available on a first-come,                                                    trade to create full storyboards and animated
                                                      workshop. Get in the mood to be creative as
       first-served basis.                                                                             sequences on the computer.
                                                      we stretch, wiggle, create and smile our way
                                                      through gallery activities and creative studio
                                                      projects.                                        10AYFSH504
                                                                                                       3D Fashion 11–13 Years
                                                      10AYMXD332                                       Colleen Fish
                                                      Come on an Art Safari 5–7 Years                  Non-Member $135 Member $115
                                                      Jennifer Swan                                    Turn your fashion ideas into sculptural
                                                      Non-Member $135 Member $115                      art. Work in colored pencils, markers,
                                                      Come on an art safari and search the             watercolors and pastels. Using butcher paper
                                                      Museum for animals from around the world.        and natural materials to create and illustrate
                                                      In the studio, use watercolors, pastels, clay    3D fashion designs.
                                                      and more to create real and imaginary
                                                      animals and habitats.                            10AYPRT602
                                                                                                       Graphic T’s and Poster Art    new!
                                                      10AYPNT310                                       14–17 Years
                                                      Painting for the Young Artist 5–7 Years          Veronica Hebard
                                                      Jamie Buckmaster                                 August 9–20 (2 week class) Note Dates
                                                      Non-Member $135 Member $115                      Non-Member $200 Member $180
                                                      Learn how great artists got their start.         Use a variety of printmaking techniques
                                                      This class celebrates the paintings of young     to create exciting poster and t-shirt designs.
                                                      artists and the process of learning painting     Use graffiti typography, gorilla art, and
                                                      techniques. Use watercolors, tempera paints,     underground stenciled pop art as inspiration
                                                      and drawing materials to build skills and        for your designs. Develop your own style
                                                      inspire creativity.                              and symbolism–and wear it home!

     Rachel J. Bator                                  Drawing 8–10 Years                                10AYLUNCH1
                                                      Theresa Monteith                                  Lunch – AWS1
                                                      Non-Member $135        Member $115                M–F 12pm to 12:30pm
                                                                                                        Non-Member $10 Member $10
                                                      Draw and learn to view art and the world
                                                      around you in new ways. Experiment with
                                                      various drawing materials and focus on basic
                                                      shapes, composition, texture and volume in
                                                      your drawings.

                                                      Express Yourself! 8–10 Years
                                                      Ellen Donaldson
                                                      Non-Member $135 Member $115
                                                      Get inspired in the Museum and let loose
                                                      your creativity. Experiment in sculpture,
                                                      printmaking, paint, and other materials to
                                                      develop fun, colorful and experimental

                                       August Session 1, August 9-13 • August Session 2, August 16-20
                                                                                                                       august 9-13
                       Afternoons 12:30pm¬2:30pm
10AYMXD334                                          10AYPNT510
Meet the Artists 5–7 Years                          Painting with Color 11–13 Years
Ellen Donaldson                                     Jennifer Swan
Non-Member $135 Member $115                         Non-Member $135 Member $115
Visit the galleries to see how artists like         Explore the process of painting as you
Claude Monet and René Magritte used                 capture color and form in your art. Learn
materials in their art. Create your own art         about painting techniques in the Museum.
as you have fun learning the basics and             Use watercolors, tempera paints and drawing
expressing yourself in painting, drawing,           materials to build your painting skills.
printmaking and sculpture.
10AYSCL304                                          Foundations of Computer Art 14–17 Years
Giant Animals 5–7 Years                             Andy Fish
Jamie Buckmaster                                    Non-Member $145 Member $125
Non-Member $135 Member $115                         Learn or build on the computer skills needed
Go for an adventure in our Precolumbian,            for artistic creation. Then, explore techniques
Greek, Egyptian and Asian galleries, and be         to design collages and digitally layered images.
on the lookout for animals. Back in the studio,     Examine the impact of technology on the
create large animal sculptures out of paper,        visual arts and learn how to add your own
clay and natural materials based on your            work to the web. Bring your art into the
imagination or the animals you saw.                 21st-century with this critical skills class.

10AYDRW411                                          10AYFSH608
Drawing Animals 8–10 Years                          Fashionable Duct Tape   new!
Theresa Monteith                                    14–17 Years
Non-Member $135 Member $115                         Colleen Fish
Explore the galleries for animals. Then             Non-Member $135 Member $115
research and create your own world for              Have you ever used duct tape to fix your
them using a variety of drawing techniques          outfit? Have you ever used duct tape to
with pencils, markers, craypas, and more. Also,     create an outfit? Explore the Museum for
learn about contemporary artists who use            ideas, and then use duct tape instead of
imaginative creatures in their creations.           fabric as a tool to design and make your
                                                    own fashion designs.
Painting in Black and White 8–10 Years
Kelley Parsons                                       10AYEXTPM1
Non-Member $135 Member $115                          Extended Day (5-13 years) AWS1
Explore how the process of painting in               M–F 2:30pm−5:15pm
grayscale (black, white, or gray) using little or    Non-Member $73 Member $63
no color are used in art noir, graphic novels        Take advantage of our Extended Day
and pop art. Learn about painting techniques         program and register your children for
in the Museum. Use watercolors, tempera              fun-filled, instructor-led activities. Children
paints, and drawing materials to build painting      can join this late afternoon session to
skills.                                              complement their afternoon workshop.
10AYDRW504                                           Space is limited and is available on a
                                                     first-come, first-served basis.
Manga 11–13 Years
Veronica Hebard
Non-Member $135          Member $115
Comic book art was created first in America                all classes include
but the Japanese turned comics into a
phenomenon. Discover how Manga differs                       a gallery visit
from comics in the States. Then, learn the
tricks and tips Manga cartoonists use and                                                              Sonja Plavsic
create your own Manga-style comic strip!

www.worcesterart.org/Education                                   REGISTER TODAY! 508.793.4333 or 508.793.4334
     august session 2                                            august 16-20
                                                                Mornings 10am-Noon
                                                                                     Sculpture Hunt 8–10 Years
                                  Extended Day (5-13 years) AWS2                     Kelley Parsons
                                  M–F 8:30am−10am                                    Non-Member $135 Member $115
                                  Non-Member $48 Member $38
                                                                                     Inspired by a variety of artists, time periods
                                  Take advantage of our Extended Day                 and cultures in the Museum, create your own
                                  program and register for fun-filled,               sculptures with clay, papier-mâché, cloth and
                                  instructor-led morning activities! Space           more.
                                  is limited and is available on a first-come,
                                  first-served basis.                                10AYMXD514
                                                                                     The Art, Culture, and Language new!
                                  10AYMXD125                                         of Ireland 11–13 Years
                                  Art Together–Out to Sea 3–5 Years w/Adult          C. J. Kennedy
                                  Jennifer Swan                                      Non-Member $135 Member $115
                                  Non-Member $140 Member $120                        Travel back in time to Ireland, land of the
                                  Develop your preschooler’s skills and              ancient Celts. Learn to write their alphabet
                                  confidence working in several materials, all       and a few words and phrases in Gaelic.
                                  inspired by art and stories about the ocean        Create twisted and knotted dragons and
                                  and its creatures. Draw, paint, and sculpt         creatures to decorate your writings to
                                  treasure boxes, mermaids, boats, fish              be bound into a journal.
                                  and much more.
                                  10AYMXD340                                         3D Art 11–13 Years
                                  French Art, Culture, and Conversation              Haruo Shiga
                                  5–7 Years                                          Non-Member $135         Member $115
                                  Priscilla Harvey                                   Expand your mind and artistic repertoire
                                  Non-Member $135 Member $115                        in this creative and challenging out-of-the
                                  Experience the art, music, culture and             box class. Take risks and be freer in your art
                                  language of France. Paint an Impressionist         while exploring 3D techniques. Express your
                                  landscape with dots and design a stained           creativity and push beyond flat and into 3D!
                                  glass window after viewing French cathedral        10AYCMP607
                                  windows. Explore the works of French artists
                                  in the Museum, listen to stories about these       Computer Art–Manga 14–17 Years
                                  artists, sing French folk songs, and learn some    Andy Fish
                                  French words in this fun-filled, hands-on class.   Non-Member $145 Member $125
                                  Bienvenue!                                         Create your own Manga-style comic
                                                                                     strip while exploring the possibilities of
                                  NEW 10AYMXD460                                     Photoshop, Comic Life, and other programs
                                  Egyptian Art, Dance, and Culture                   to manipulate your images. Combine
                                  8–10 Years                                         photographs, drawings, paintings, web images,
                                  Bayda Asbridge                                     and text to create your own unique storyline.
                                  Non-Member $135 Member $115
                                  Experience all Egyptian art, music, dance and      10AYLUNCH2
                                  culture. Explore the Egyptian artworks in          Lunch – AWS2
                                  the Museum, learn Egyptian dance moves,            M–F 12pm–12:30pm
                                  and create artworks using Arabic words             Non-Member $10 Member $10
                                  in this exciting new class.

      all classes include a
           gallery visit

                     August Session 1, August 9-13 • August Session 2, August 16-20
                                                                                                      august 16-20
                          Afternoons 12:30pm¬2:30pm
   10AYDRW300                                       10AYCMP501
   Heroes, Villains, and Creatures 5–7 Years        Claymation 11–13 Years
   Jamie Buckmaster                                 Andy Fish
   Non-Member $135 Member $115                      Non-Member $145 Member $125
   Learn basic drawing skills and create your       Claymation is the standard for model-based
   own original superheroes, villians and           animation in the movies. Create and build
   creatures. Then, lead your characters into       characters and then photograph them frame-
   action by drawing comic strip adventures!        by-frame to create a modern masterpiece of
                                                    3D animation.
   Drawing and Nature 5–7 Years                     10AYMXD509
   Kelley Parsons                                   The Art, Culture, and Language of Japan
   Non-Member $135 Member $115                      11–13 Years
   Experience art making for all four seasons.      Haruo Shiga
   Draw winter with its silvery snows, the          Non-Member $135 Member $115
   animals that awaken in spring, the green plant   Take one last trip this summer–head to Japan
   life of hot summer, and have fun with the        at WAM! Spend a week exploring the art,
   fiery colors of fall!                            culture and language of Japan with Haruo
                                                    Shiga. Study master Japanese artisans such as
   10AYSCL409                                       Isamu Noguchi, view Japanese art, and pick
   3D Creatures 8–10 Years                          up some Japanese vocabulary along the way.
   Jennifer Swan                                    In the studio, explore Japanese art forms
   8/16/2010–8/20/2010                              including origami (Japanese paper folding)
   Non-Member $135 Member $115                      and the extremely popular Japanese anime
   Step into a world of fantasy and discover        (cartooning).
   creatures great and small plus the legends
   that surround them. Become an inventor
   and create your own creatures, habitats          The Art of Illustration 14–17 Years
   and stories.                                     Veronica Hebard
                                                    Non-Member $135 Member $115
   10AYMXD402                                       This intensive drawing class will lead students
   Mixed Media–People and Places                    through time-tested techniques, working
   8–10 Years                                       from still life arrangements, landscapes, and
   Priscilla Harvey                                 clothed figure studies. Learn and practice
   Non-Member $135 Member $115                      the fundamentals of drawing from direct
   Work with a variety of media to create           observation. Media will include charcoal,
   landscape paintings, life-size portraits, and    pencil and pastel as you create a portfolio
   sculptures about the people, places, and         of 2D works.
   things that are important to you. Visit the
   galleries to see how artists all over the         10AYEXTPM2
   world are inspired by similar themes.             Extended Day (5-13 years) AWS2
                                                     M–F 2:30pm to 5:15pm
                                                     Non-Member $73 Member $63
                                                     Take advantage of our Extended Day
                                                     program and register your children for
                                                     fun-filled, instructor-led activities. Space
                                                     is limited and is available on a first-come,
                                                     first-served basis.

Kathleen A. Cohen

   www.worcesterart.org/Education                                REGISTER TODAY! 508.793.4333 or 508.793.4334
     eduCaTIon FaCulTy
     Angela Ackerman                     colleen Fish                         Adelle Leiblein                      Donalyn schofield
     Rhode Island School of Design,      Fashion Institute of Technology,     University of Massachusetts,         Marygrove College, BFA; Wayne
     BFA                                 BFA; The University of the Arts,     Amherst, Boston, BA; Boston          State University, MFA
                                         MAT                                  University, MA
     Hector Aguilar                                                                                                Mari seder
     Academy of Art College, San         tom Grady                            Ken Lovering                         Wheelock College, BA; Clark
     Francisco, C; Douglas Education     Rhode Island School of Design,       University of Lowell, BA;            University, MA; School at
     Center, Monessen, PA                BFA; Art Institute of Boston at      Emerson College, MFA                 the Worcester Art Museum,
                                         Lesley University, MFA                                                    Certificate Program
     Bayda Asbridge                                                           Maureen Mcconnell
     Tishreen University Syria, BA;      William Griffiths                    University of Windsor, Ontario       Haruo shiga
     Saint Michael's College, MA;        Pratt Institute, BFA                 BS; University of Rhode Island,      Denver University, BFA; Rhode
     Applied Linguistics PhD Course                                           MS; Woods Hole Oceanographic         Island School of Design, MFA
                                         George Hancin                        Institute, Courses and Research
                                         Kent State University, BFA; Yale                                          Lynn simmons
     Jeffery Baker                       School of Art, MFA                   Maxine L. McDonald                   Maine College of Art, BFA;
     University of Maryland, MBA                                              Tufts University, BSEd;              Vermont College of Fine Arts,
                                         Priscilla Harvey                     Framingham State College, BA;        MFA
     suzy Becker                         State University of New York,        Master Classes in Photography,
     Brown University, BA                Cortland, BA                         Maine Photographic and Cape          sharon smith Viles
                                                                                                                   Assumption College, MS;
     James Beschta                       Veronica Hebard                      Cod Workshops
                                                                                                                   Andover Theological School,
     Dominican College, BA;              Massachusetts College of Art,        theresa Monteith                     MDir
     Assumption College, MA              BFA                                  Framingham State College, BA
                                                                                                                   theresa spadafora
     Jamie Buckmaster                    Bret Herholz                         christine Murphy-cross               Boston University, BFA; State
     Massachusetts College of Art, BA    Savannah College of Art &            Anna Maria College, BFA;             University, New York, New Paltz,
                                         Design, BFA                          Cambridge College, MA;               MFA
     Liz carren
     Ithaca College, BS                  sharon Holmes Keller                 Clark University, MA
                                                                                                                   susan stoops
                                         Maine College of Art, AS; Anna       scott Nelson                         Syracuse University, BFA;
     eugene charov                       Maria College, BFA; Fitchburg
     Technological Institute, Moscow,                                         Freelance artist, author, and        University of Massachusetts,
                                         State College, MEd                   illustrator with clients including   Amherst, MA
                                         richard Hoyer                        Hallmark and Goldenbooks for
     Martha Krom chiarchiaro                                                  Children; Worcester Technical        Jennifer swan
                                         Southern Connecticut University,                                          Rhode Island School of Design,
     Anna Maria College, BA, MBA;        New Haven, BA; Fairfield             Institute, Certificate
     Williams College, MA                                                                                          BFA
                                         University, MA                       Kathleen o'connor
     ella Delyanis                                                            Montana State University, BFA;       Louis swinand
                                         thomas Kellner                                                            St Joseph's University, BS; MBA
     Boston University School of Fine    College of the Holy Cross, BA;       University of Texas, MFA
     and Applied Arts, BFA; Suffolk      University of Massachusetts,                                              susan swinand
                                                                              Kelley Parsons
                                         MFA                                  Emerson College, BA                  Moore College of Art, BFA;
     ellen Donaldson                                                                                               Barnes Foundation, Diploma;
                                         Patricia Kelly                       Jill Pottle                          Summer Academy of Fine Arts,
     Miami University, BSEA, MEd         Massachusetts College of Art,        Painting studies at St. Martin's     Salzburg, Austria, Diploma
     sarah Dugan                         BFA                                  School of Art, London, England;
     Boston University, BFA, MFA                                              Syracuse University, BFA; Tufts      James A. Welu
                                         c. J. Kennedy                                                             Loras College, BA; University of
                                         Boston University, BA                University, MFA
     Alexander Dunn                                                                                                Notre Dame, MA, MFA; Boston
     Western Washington University,      Gerry Jackson Kerdok                 Joellen reinhardt                    University, PhD
     BA                                  Framingham State College BSEd;       Westfield University, BA; Rhode
                                                                              Island School of Design; New         christopher Whitehead
     Norman e. eggert                    completed four international                                              Iowa State University, BFA, Point
                                         Institutes of Lettering Artists;     School of Classical Art
     University of Massachusetts,                                                                                  Loma Nazarene University, MA,
     Amherst, BA                         Year Master class with R. Ezell      William riordan                      Harvard University Extension
                                         Laurel D. King                       Studied with master Chow Ling        School, ALM
     Kathryn egnaczak
                                         Pennsylvania State University, BA;   Chang and Sifu Stan Tabor;
     University of Massachusetts,                                                                                  Donna Winant
                                                                              grandmaster Chan Pui of Wah
     Dartmouth, BFA; Pratt Institute,    Emerson College, MFA                                                      Atlantic Union College, BA; New
                                                                              Lum, Florida; master Liu Chengde,
     MPS                                 Jane Lattimore                       Jinan, China; master Joseph Chen;    York University, GC (Graduate
     scott erb                           Massachusetts College of Art,        and Master Jou Tsung Hwa.            Certificate of Appraisal Studies);
     Clark University Computer Career    BFA; Lesley College, MEd                                                  University of Nice, GC
     Institute; Southeast Center for
                                                                              Paul ropp
                                         rosemary LeBeau                      Bluffton College, BA; University     cynthia Woehrle
     Photo/Graphic Studies               School of the Worcester Art          of Michigan, MA; University of       Montserrat College of Art
     Nan Hass Feldman                    Museum, certificate; Maine           Michigan, PhD                        Jan Zaremba
     State University of New York,       Photographic Workshop                                                     UCLA, pictorial art; Master
     Buffalo, BFA; Goddard College,
                                                                              William rudolph
                                         randy Lesage                         University of Nebraska, BA;          classes with Zen Master and
     MA; Vermont College, MFA            Framingham State College, BA;        University of Virginia, MA;          Living National Treasure of Japan,
     Andy Fish                           Tufts University, School of the      Courtauld Institute of Art,          Hisashi Ohta.
     School of Visual Arts in New York   Museum of Fine Arts, MFA             University of London,                Diane Zeutas-Broer
      City, studied with Will Eisner;                                         Post-Graduate Diploma;               University of Massachusetts,
      author of six graphic novels                                            Bryn Mawr College, PhD               Amherst, BA; Anna Maria
                                                                                                                   College, MA
Last Name                                                         First Name
                                                                                                                                       (Youth Only)

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