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									Chelating Agent Overview
While reading about detoxing you may come across a term that you have never heard before.
This term is chelation. It is a scientific thing were ions from different chemicals bind to each
other, that is, they stick to each other.

How a Chelating Agent Works
When there is a toxin in your body like mercury or lead a chelating agent is needed to bind to
the toxin. Once the heavy metal has made an ionic bond with the chelating agent your body
can eliminate it. It does this via the excretory system, generally the renal system. Basically
you pee it out. There are a lot of things on the market claiming to be chelating agents when in
fact they are very poor chelators.

Popular Chelating Agent Myth
A good chelating agent will have been proven scientifically to get rid of things like lead and
mercury. One popular chelating agent is chlorella. This is an algae that grows in ponds. All the
hype about chlorella being a good chelating agent comes from one single observation (not
even a proper study) what showed the levels of mercury being lowered in a pond because of
chlorella. So all the marketing wizards started saying take this chlorella and it will detox your
body. This is incorrect because the chlorella must be alive for it be function as a chelating
agent. When you take chlorella as a supplement it is dead and will do nothing. What a great
way to waste a lot of money eating dead algae.

The Only Approved Chelating Agent
So what is a proven chelating agent? Why not turn to the FDA and see what they approved.
Turns out they have only approved ONE substance as a scientifically proven chelating agent,
that is dimercaptosuccinic acid, or DMSA. DMSA was approved as being save and beneficial
for use in children to remove lead. It also removes 22 other toxic heavy metals without
removing any beneficial minerals. It only chelates substances that are foreign to the human

DMSA in the Media
Think you have never heard of DMSA? Well you actually might have. The TV show House
mentions it all the time. Sure it is just a show but they use actual doctors as medical advisers.
Yes the show is sensationalistic or people would not watch it. It is also accurate medically.
House will often prescribe 'captomer' or 'chemet' or 'succinic acid' to deal with cases of heavy
metal poisoning. These are all different words for DMSA. Next time you watch House listen for
these words.

Obtaining DMSA: A Real Chelating Agent
Contrary to popular belief DMSA is available without a prescription in many countries
including the United States. You can get it with a prescription but it is very expensive as it
often has to be 'compounded' by your local pharmacist. The usual price is about $2 per pill.
You can buy DMSA online from a reputable site such as for about $0.65
per pill. DMSA is an over the counter product so there are no problems getting it delivered to
your house.

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