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									Druid Hills High School

    Cllassss off 1962 40tthh Reeuniion
    C a o 1962 40 R un on
     Augusstt 2 and 3,, 2002
      Augu 2 and 3 2002
Druid Hills High School                                         Class of 1962

                           In Memoriam

            In loving memory of those gone but not forgotten:

                             Louise Adams

                              Susan Brock

                            Gloria Campbell

                           Virginia Caraway

                             Joan Friedberg

                           William Goodyear

                             Robert Harrell

                           Marianne Jarrell

                              Philip Reed

                             Karin Sjostrum

                              Allan Steine

                            Faith Thompson

                             Ronald Yuhas
Druid Hills High School                               Class of 1962

                      40-Year Reunion Committee

                          Courtenay Starnes Budd

                             Sandra Mattox Hall

                                Jim Kenimer

                              Lynn Whittle Law

                              Ralph McCumber

                                 Joe Nodvin

                          Dorothy Vandegrift Powell

                           June Gesner Scarbrough
Druid Hills High School                                          Class of 1962

                          A Trip Down Memory Lane

Do you remember?

Emory Theater
Decatur Theater
“Dime” Stores
Plaza Drugs
Zesto’s at Clairmont and North Decatur Road
DHHS Football Team—Mostly Losing Seasons
DHHS Wrestling Team
DHHS Drill Team
DHHS Band, Cheerleaders and Majorettes
All Our Great Teachers—Mrs. Garrard, Mr. Green, Mrs. Trimble, Mrs.
Clements, Mrs. Hagan, Mrs. Hill, Mrs. Gibson, Mr. Green, Mr.
Hampton, Mr. Morgan
Loew’s Grand, Roxy and Paramount Theaters
Rich’s Downtown and the Great Tree on the Bridge at Christmas
Rivalries between DHHS and Decatur and DHHS and Briarcliff
The Saga
Krispy Kreme on Ponce de Leon
The Majestic
Mary Mac’s Tea Room
The Rollerdrome

             If you do, then good for you. You may be old(er),
                           but you’re not senile!
Druid Hills High School                      Class of 1962

                          1962 Druid Hills


Druid Hills High School                                                                  Class of 1962

Joan Alford                                          Jeanne Bond (Knox)
689 Crestview Terrace                                1700 Berry Lane
Gainesville, Georgia 30501                           Snellville, Georgia 30078
Phone: 770-532-6758                                  Phone: 770-972-5669
E-mail: joanaccs@bellsouth.net                       E-mail: jeanne_knox@gwinnett.k12.ga.us
Occupation: Elementary counselor, Alford Child       Spouse’s name: Grant
Counseling Services (children aged 2-12)             Married: 37 years
Education: Ed S, Georgia State University            Children: Grant IV, 33; Kathy, 30
Hobbies/interests: Reading, dancing, traveling       Grandchildren: Only granddogs at present
                                                     Occupation: School technology coordinator
                                                     Spouse’s occupation: National sales manager
Lucinda (Cindy) Apt (Wall)                           Education: Georgia Southern University;
6304 Ballinger Road                                  Memphis State
Greensboro, North Carolina 27410                     Hobbies/interests: French hand sewing and
Phone: 336-834-9967                                  smocking, gardening
E-mail: billjrl@bellsouth.net
Spouse’s name: Bill
Married: 16 years                                    Sheran Burger (Proctor)
Children: Lora, 35; Chris, 33; Camille, 21           20 White Oak Drive
Grandchildren: Kaitlyn, 8; Lindsey, 5; Griffin, 3    North Augusta, South Carolina 29860
Occupation: Retired ICU and ER registered nurse      Phone: 803-279-2893
and OCN                                              E-mail: proctor351@aol.com
Spouse’s occupation: Aviation electronics            Spouse’s name: Tom
engineer                                             Married: 38 years
Education: Georgia State University; Piedmont        Children: Lynda, 36; Gail, 33; Fletcher, 28
School of Nursing                                    Grandchildren: Madeline, 6; Ryman, 2
Hobbies/interests: Pampering Bill, ballroom          Occupation: Retired from 12 years of politics
dancing, volunteer work                              Spouse’s occupation: Veterinarian
                                                     Education: West Georgia College; University of
Phillip Aycock                                       Hobbies/interests: Crafts, being a “grammie,”
1001 Liberty Church Road, N. E.                      traveling
Ranger, Georgia 30734
Phone: 706-334-5551
E-mail: oldgoat01@msn.com                            Allen Busbee
Spouse’s name: Heather                               7160 Berry Patch Drive
Married: 7 years                                     Cumming, Georgia 30040
Children: Robert, 35; Ron, 32 (wife’s children)      Phone: 770-886-2991
Grandchildren: 1 (wife’s grandchild)                 E-mail: cbusbee123@earthlink.net
                                                     Spouse’s name: Patti
                                                     Married: 36 years
Patricia Barber (Boatwright)                         Children: Michael, 21
8910 Kitmore Drive                                   Grandchildren: None
Houston, Texas 77099                                 Occupation: Insurance
Phone: 281-879-9627                                  Spouse’s occupation: Educator
E-mail: pboatwright@second.org                       Education: BBA, University of Georgia; CPCU,
Spouse’s name: Grimes (“Bo”)                         CIC, professional designations
Married: 39 years                                    Hobbies/interests: Fishing, bowling, golf
Children: Laura Elizabeth, 33
Grandchildren: None yet
Occupation: Prayer ministry assistant
Spouse’s occupation: Financial planner
Education: Greenleaf Business College; American
Institute of Banking courses; Texas Nursery
Association Certification
Hobbies/interests: Writing poetry, travel, flowers
Druid Hills High School                                                                   Class of 1962

Cheryl Campbell (Beckham)                             Carol Clinkscales (Gaines)
4905 Jett Road                                        3063 Westwood Road
Atlanta, Georgia 30327                                Augusta, Georgia
Phone: 404-255-0451                                   Phone: 706-733-9923
E-mail: cbeck100@aol.com                              E-mail: gaines627@yahoo.com
Spouse’s name: Paul                                   Spouse’s name: Gene
Married: 37 years                                     Married: 36 years
Children: Debbie, 36; Mike, 35                        Children: Tommy, 35; Doug, 31
Grandchildren: Bailey, 7; Samantha, 5; Nick and       Grandchildren: Mary Rose, 2 1/2; Lily, 4 weeks
Zack, 16 months                                       Occupation: 7th grade math teacher
Occupation: Grandmother                               Spouse’s occupation: Retired
Spouse’s occupation: Business owner                   Education: Emory University
Education: BS Ed, Mercer University                   Hobbies/interests: Sewing, reading, gardening
Hobbies/interests: Tennis, traveling,
                                                      Alan Cohen
                                                      1760 Brandon Hall Drive
Bill Chapman                                          Dunwoody, Georgia 30350
1116 Cambridge Drive                                  Phone: 770-394-9365
Starkville, Mississippi 39759                         E-mail: alanc@scrapmetal.com
Phone: 662-324-8067                                   Spouse’s name: Pamela
E-mail: billchapman@alum.emory.edu                    Married: 34 years
Spouse’s name: Tan                                    Children: Jennifer, 32; Gregg, 27
Married: 2 years                                      Grandchildren: None
Children: Jereme, 29; Betsy, 28; Tim, 26; Andy,       Occupation: Recycling/used auto parts
24; Julie, 21; Emily, 19; Christy, 16
Grandchildren: None
Occupation: Manager for electrical and computer       Cheryl Collins
engineering firm                                      51 Mizzen Circle
Spouse’s occupation: Office manager                   Hampton, Virginia 23664
Education: BS Geology, Emory; MDiv, Reformed          Phone: 757-850-9575
Theological Seminary; MCS, Mississippi State          E-mail: osmcollins@aol.com
University                                            Divorced (married 17 years)
Hobbies/interests: Computers, basketball, church      Children: Virginia, 33; Shannon, 31; John, 29
                                                      Grandchildren: Andrew, 3 1/2; Charles 16
Judy Clements                                         Occupation: Vice president of operations at
964 Waverly Way                                       AMERIGROUP
Atlanta, Georgia 30307                                Education: BSN, MA, MBA
Phone: 404-523-9922                                   Hobbies/interests: Jogging, kayaking, reading
E-mail: jclement@heery.com
Spouse’s name: Harold Saether
Married: 3 years
Children: Julie, 40; Jeff, 36; Gregg, 32 (husband’s
Grandchildren: 3 boys (husband’s grandchildren)
Occupation: Facility software consultant
Spouse’s occupation: Housing consultant; retired
from U.S. HUD
Education: BA, Randolph Macon; MA,
University of Virginia
Hobbies/interests: Travel, good books, collecting
folk art
Druid Hills High School                                                                  Class of 1962

Barbara Daniels (Huggins)                           Joe Edwards
6005 Grand View Way                                 2847 Missy Drive
Suwanee, Georgia 30024                              Marietta, Georgia 30062
Phone: 770-476-9933                                 Phone: 770-977-2958
E-mail: fah1029@earthlink.net                       E-mail: eje627@aol.com
Spouse’s name: Frank                                Married: 16 years
Married: 35 years                                   Children: Joey, 20
Children: Scott, 32; Heather, 27                    Grandchildren: None
Grandchildren: Owen and Merritt, 9 months           Occupation: Retail
Occupation: Private tutor                           Education: University of Georgia
Spouse’s occupation: Retired from insurance         Hobbies/interests: Golf
sales; Captain, Forsyth County Sheriff Department
Education: Wesleyan College
Hobbies/interests: Languages, dolls, logic games    Warren Fogel
                                                    945 Ivy Falls Drive
                                                    Atlanta, Georgia 30328
Frank Deal                                          Phone: 404-252-7939
204 Hatton Place                                    E-mail: nickandnora@mindspring.com
Franklin, Tennessee 37067                           Spouse’s name: Carol
Phone: 615-771-6543                                 Married: 36 years
E-mail: frankdeal@comcast.net                       Children: Brandi, 34; Damon, 32
Spouse’s name: Nancy                                Grandchildren: None
Married: 38 years                                   Occupation: President, The Mast Group
Children: David, 35; Donovan, 30                    Spouse’s occupation: Lighting consultant
Grandchildren: Dakota, 4; Mackenzie, 2              Education: BA, University of Georgia
Occupation: Self-employed (mostly retired)          Hobbies/interests: Travel, antiques, golf
Spouse’s occupation: Senior sales manager
Education: BBA Actuarial Science, Georgia State
University; Fellow of Society of Actuaries          Erin Gay (Metters)
Hobbies/interests: Gardening, reading, hiking       1903 Romany Road
                                                    Mission Hills, Kansas 66208
                                                    Phone: 913-432-2274
Susanne (Sanny) Doscher (Morris)                    E-mail: e_metters@hotmail.com
3958 Valle del Sol                                  Spouse’s name: Dahl
Bonsall, California 92003                           Married: 32 years
Phone: 760-724-4150                                 Occupation: It consultant; owner of e-commerce
E-mail: mwmtmorris@aol.com                          business
Spouse’s name: Bill                                 Spouse’s occupation: Engineering manager
Married: 39 1/2 years                               Education: Masters degree, Project Management
Children: William, Jr. , 33; Max, 28                Hobbies/interests: Reading, travel, computers
Grandchildren: William, III, 21 months; Lennox,
2 months; Isabel, 19 months
Occupation: Homemaker
Spouse’s occupation: Retired real estate
developer/investor; orange grove owner
Education: Georgia State University
Hobbies/interests: Traveling, hiking, biking
Druid Hills High School                                                                  Class of 1962

June Gesner (Scarbrough)                             Jane Ham (Chute)
314 Spring Ridge Drive                               2712 Fountain Head Drive
Lawrenceville, Georgia 30045                         Plano, Texas 75023
Phone: 770-995-0261                                  Phone: 972-867-4897
E-mail: june.scarbrough@ing-fsi-na.com               E-mail: j.mccall@prodigy.net
Spouse’s name: Harry                                 Spouse’s name: Michael
Married: 15 years                                    Married: 8 months (still a newly wed)
Children: Jimmy, 31; Andy, 27; Melissa, 23;          Children: Lolly, 31; Dan, 29; Jesse, 23
Rosie, 4 (Jack Russell Terrier)                      Grandchildren: Sam, 3
Grandchildren: None yet                              Occupation: Special education teacher
Occupation: Executive assistant                      Spouse’s occupation: Teacher
Spouse’s occupation: Retired personnel officer-      Education: BA Ed, University of Georgia;
insurance                                            University of North Texas
Education: Georgia State University                  Hobbies/interests: Tennis, grandson, yoga
Hobbies/interests: Crafts, sewing, collecting
teddy bears
                                                     Evelyn Hancock (Goodwin)
                                                     1072 Villa Drive, Number 5116
Linda Goodwin (Brooks)                               Ellijay, Georgia 30540
435 West Richmond Avenue                             Phone: 706-636-4847
Point Richmond, California 94801                     E-mail: lggodwinus@yahoo.com
Phone: 510-236-5380                                  Spouse’s name: Louie
E-mail: lindabrooks@hotmail.com                      Married: 2 1/2 years
Spouse’s name: Jim                                   Children: 5 children (aged 32 to 41)
Married: 41 years                                    Grandchildren: 13 grandchildren (aged 2 months
Children: Jim, Jr, 40; Mike, 35; Kelli, 31           to 14 years)
Grandchildren: Becci, 21; Ben, 18; John, 11;         Occupation: Homemaker
Rachelle, 4; Kassidie, 2; Jenna, 3; Natalie, 1       Spouse’s occupation: Retired Navy-former Blue
Occupation: Manager of finance and                   Angel
administration (non-profit organization)             Education: DeKalb College
Spouse’s occupation: Director of hospital facility   Hobbies/interests: Louie
Hobbies/interests: Video canasta, grandkids,
reading                                              Libby Hargis (Luckey)
                                                     1151 Tinley Court
                                                     Palm Harbor, Florida
Billy Grimes                                         Phone: 727-945-1734
P. O. Box 922055                                     E-mail: jml1183@aol.com
Norcross, Georgia 30010                              Spouse’s name: Jim
Phone: 770-448-6881                                  Married: 37 years
E-mail: bg@billygrimes.com                           Children: Jim, 35; David, 32
Spouse’s name: Claire                                Grandchildren: Jaime Olivia, 10 months
Married: 13 years                                    Occupation: Interior design
Children: Bill, Dean, Clark, Dana, Dawn              Spouse’s occupation: President, Luckey, Conrad
Grandchildren: Dana, Christopher, Allison,           and Associates
Austin, Samantha                                     Education: BA, University of Georgia
Occupation: Photographer                             Hobbies/interests: Boating, golf, tennis
Spouse’s occupation: City clerk
Education: ABJ, University of Georgia
Hobbies/interests: Traveling, swimming,
Druid Hills High School                                                                     Class of 1962

David Harmon                                          Candy Hosch (Smith)
1250 Remington Circle                                 11 Woodview Drive
Shreveport, Louisiana 71106                           Cartersville, Georgia 30120
Phone: 318-797-7471                                   Phone: 770-382-0175
E-mail: hconnieharmon@aol.com                         E-mail: jamesfsmith@mindspring.com
Spouse’s name: Connie                                 Spouse’s name: Jim
Married: 38 years                                     Married: 37 years
Children: Joseph, 36; Brittainy, 33; David, Jr., 31   Children; Howard, 33; Andrew, 31; Carter, 30
Grandchildren: David, 6                               Grandchildren: Katie, 8; Anna Claire, 4; Hill, 3;
Occupation: Personnel director                        Drew, 3, Addie, 2; Brant, 2; Lollie, 7 months; 2
Spouse’s occupation: Homemaker                        more due in January and February, 2003
Education: BS Marketing, University of Georgia        Occupation: Homemaker
                                                      Spouse’s occupation: Trucking executive
                                                      Education: BS Ed, University of Georgia
Mary Lee Hightower (Garner)                           Hobbies/interests: Traveling, gardening, tennis
6428 Deep Wood Court
Flowery Branch, Georgia 30542
Phone: 770-965-8598                                   Tanya Howard (Geller)
E-mail: mlg9863@aol.com                               6A Charlesbank Way
Children: Angie, 35; Floyd, Jr., 33; Amy, 31          Waltham, Massachusetts 02453
Grandchildren: Matthew, 13, Austin, 8; Brook, 5;      Phone: 781-788-9933
Clayton, 5; Garner and Garrett, 3 months              E-mail: tgeller@fede.com
Occupation: Doting grandmother                        Spouse’s name: Michael
Education: Emory at Oxford; Georgia State             Married: 9 years
University                                            Children: Shadow, 5 (cat)
Hobbies/interests: Gourmet cooking, painting,         Occupation: Administrator
gardening                                             Spouse’s occupation: Owner, Michael Geller
                                                      Education: BA, Georgia State University
Brenda Hill (Estes)                                   Hobbies/interests: Travel, antiques, finding best
2230 Leisure World                                    seafood restaurants in world
Mesa, Arizona 85206-5385
Phone: 480-924-5256
E-mail: bpestes@cox.net                               Henry Huie
Spouse’s name: Perry                                  4700 Treeline Drive
Married: 33 years                                     Allison Park, Pennsylvania 15101
Children: Wayne, 38; Kevin, 36; Preston, 34           Phone: 412-487-2418
Grandchildren: Hayley, 9; Savanna, 7                  E-mail: henrymhuie@eaton.com
Occupation: Personal trainer                          Spouse’s name: Pat
Spouse’s occupation: Retired                          Married: 28 years
Education: Certified personal trainer (older          Children: Karyn, 37; Shelby, 24; Emily, 22,
adults)                                               Rebekah, 20
Hobbies/interests: Dancing, jazzercise, swimming      Grandchildren: None
                                                      Occupation: Product line manager
                                                      Spouse’s occupation: Secretary
                                                      Education: Georgia Tech
                                                      Hobbies/interests: Camping, hiking, being a
                                                      conservative Republican
Druid Hills High School                                                                     Class of 1962

Jo An Johnson (Chewning)                              Jim Kenimer
706 Chesterfield Drive                                120 West Maple Street
Lawrenceville, Georgia 30044                          Alexandria, Virginia 22301
Phone: 770-972-7890                                   Phone: 703-836-2354
E-mail: jaccb1@aol.com                                E-Mail: jgk@bcg-usa.com
Spouse’s name: Walker                                 Spouse’s name: Cathy Davis
Married: 35 years                                     Married: 13 years
Children: Rob, 33; Lynne, 29                          Children: Bradshaw, 12; Eleanor, 9
Grandchildren: Katlin, 11; Kindl, 7; Walker, 3        Grandchildren: None
Occupation: Retired school administrator              Occupation: Consultant
Spouse’s occupation: District manager                 Spouse’s occupation: Teacher
Education: BA, Wesleyan College; M Ed,                Education: PhD
Georgia State University; Ed S, University of         Hobbies/interests: Boating, fishing
Hobbies/interests: Grandchildren, gardening,
genealogical research                                 Leland (Lili) Kline (Collins)
                                                      739 Spring Valley Drive
                                                      Melbourne, Florida 32940
Martha Carol (Marty) Joiner (Palmer)                  Phone: 321-242-2379
417 Windsor Terrace                                   E-mail: whimsy@bv.net
Rock Hill, South Carolina 29732                       Children: 2 adorable cats
Phone: 803-366-9113                                   Occupation: Retired from social services
E-mail: jabp@comporium.net                            Education: BA, University of Alabama
Spouse’s name: John                                   Hobbies/interests: Boating, crafts, learning to
Married: 34 years                                     play harp
Children: John, Jr., 30; Heather, 28; Katie, 24
Grandchildren: Joshua (due in September)
Occupation: Retired physical therapist                Barbara Lane
Spouse’s occupation: Senior vice president            2707 N.E. 14th Street, Number 405
Education: BS, Physical Therapy, University of        Pompano Beach, Florida 33062
Florida                                               Phone: 954-785-4284
Hobbies/interests: Beach, traveling, spending         E-mail: bjlane28@juno.com
time with family                                      Children: Clint, 33; Lane, 30; Blake, 30
                                                      Grandchildren: None
                                                      Occupation: Realtor
Suzanne Joiner (Nieman)                               Education: Georgia State University
2057 Castleway Lane                                   Hobbies/interests: Walking, acting in small
Atlanta, Georgia 30345                                community theater group, swimming
Phone: 404-321-5480
E-mail: niemans@mindspring.com
Spouse’s name: Charles                                Marshall Lichtenstein
Married: 25 years                                     1221 Cameron Court
Children: Michael, 34                                 Atlanta, Georgia 30306
Grandchildren: Daniel, 6; Anna, 2; Charlie and        Phone: 404-371-0921
Mac, 2 months                                         E-mail: vp1944@juno.com
Occupation: Retired Delta flight attendant; retired   Spouse’s name: Vicki
teacher, gifted program                               Married: 13 years
Spouse’s occupation: Retired colonel, US Air          Children: Ruth, 12
Force                                                 Grandchildren: None
Education: BS, Georgia College; M Ed, Georgia         Occupation: Attorney
State University, Ed S, Georgia State University      Spouse’s occupation: Administrative assistant
Hobbies/interests: Travel, gardening, movies          Education: University of North Carolina; George
                                                      Washington University Law Center
                                                      Hobbies/interests: Renaissance man
Druid Hills High School                                                                  Class of 1962

Dick Littlefield                                    Betsy Massey (Spradling)
146 Michigan Avenue                                 5733 Creekside Drive
Decatur, Georgia 30030                              Norcross, Georgia 30092
Phone: 404-378-2212                                 Phone: 770-840-9013
E-mail: cr1000@bellsouth.net                        E-mail: betsys@att.net
Occupation: Semi-retired respiratory therapist      Spouse’s name: Bill
Education: Emory University; Georgia State          Married: 38 years
University                                          Children: Stephanie, 35; Mike, 30
Hobbies/interests: Yard sales                       Grandchildren: None
                                                    Occupation: Registered nurse
                                                    Spouse’s occupation: Retired banker/stockbroker
Jim Luckey                                          Education: Georgia State University; DeKalb
1151 Tinley Court                                   College
Palm Harbor, Florida                                Hobbies/interests: Sewing, crafts, tennis
Phone: 727-945-1734
E-mail: jml1183@aol.com
Spouse’s name: Libby                                Nancy Mattox (McMurrer)
Married: 37 years                                   20412 55th Place, N.E.
Children: Jim, 35; David, 32                        Lake Forest Park, Washington 98155
Grandchildren: Jaime Olivia, 10 months              Phone: 206-363-9204
Occupation: President, Luckey, Conrad and           E-mail: mcmurrer@u.washington.edu
Associates                                          Spouse’s name: Jim
Spouse’s occupation: Interior design                Married: 27 years
Education: BBA, University of Georgia               Children: Matthew, 21
Hobbies/interests: Boating, travel                  Grandchildren: None
                                                    Occupation: Law librarian
                                                    Spouse’s occupation: Retired
Donna Marlow (Hewitt)                               Education: BA, Furman University; JD,
1637 S.E. 14th Street                               University of Virginia; MLbr, University of
Ft. Lauderdale, Florida 33316                       Washington
Phone: 954-522-1834                                 Hobbies/interests: Cooking, reading, gardening
E-mail: rhewitt3@bellsouth.net
Spouse’s name: Richard
Married: 34 years                                   Sandra Mattox (Hall)
Children: Richard, IV, 30; Diana, 24                1140 Country Club Drive
Grandchildren: Carley, 9 months (black and          Orlando, Florida
white cat, beautiful but dumb); Susie, 3 years      Phone: 407-422-5202
(orange, black and white cat, smart but ugly)       E-mail: stewarth@ashcorp.com
Occupation: Homemaker                               Spouse’s name: Stewart
Spouse’s occupation: Manufacturer of high           Married: 37 years
performance power boats                             Children: Shannon, 33; Stewart, 31
Education: BA, Georgia State University             Grandchildren: Leighton, 8; Brett, 6; another on
Hobbies/interests: Flying, reading, stained glass   the way
                                                    Occupation: Housewife
                                                    Spouse’s occupation: Retired
                                                    Education: Brenau University
Druid Hills High School                                                                  Class of 1962

Heather McEwen (Gray)                               Barbara Mills (Kuhlke)
985 Castle Falls Drive                              34 Conifer Lane
Atlanta, Georgia 30329                              Augusta, Georgia 30909
Phone: 404-634-8765                                 Phone: 706-736-7684
E-mail: hgray20299@aol.com                          E-mail: desseyk@aol.com
Children: Scott, 30                                 Spouse’s name: Dessey
Grandchildren: 1 (due in September)                 Married: 38 years
Occupation: Director of communications              Children: David, 34; Kathy, 30
Education: Masters, Sociology                       Grandchildren: 4 and expecting another
Hobbies/interests: Hippie in ‘60’s, social and      Occupation: Housewife
political change activist                           Spouse’s occupation: Real estate investments
                                                    Education: DeKalb General Hospital X-Ray
                                                    Technician School
Harriet McPherson (Morrow)                          Hobbies/interests: Golf, tournament bridge
8602 Green Branch Circle
Waco, Texas 76712
Phone: 254-772-2958                                 Ed Mumford
E-mail: morrowtx@aol.com                            475 Robin Road
Spouse’s name: Joe                                  Covington, Georgia 30016
Married: 26 years                                   Phone: 770-787-7065
Children: Allen, 39; David, 38; Chris, 35; Kenny,   E-mail: mumfore@yahoo.com
32; Sheri, Julie, Steve and Brett (step children)   Children: Wendy, 29; Ed, 27
Grandchildren: Sarah, 18; Brittany, 15; Ian, 13;    Grandchildren: Mason, 2 1/2
Taylor, 13; Emily, 12; Sabastian, 11; Katie, 8;     Occupation: Semi-retired from newspaper
Calab, 6; Cole, 3, Josh, 1                          business; marketing consultant
Occupation: Retired (self-employed)                 Education: Georgia State University; Atlanta Law
Spouse’s occupation: Retired (self-employed)        School
Education: 2 years in junior college with 3         Hobbies/interests: Salt water fishing, rock and
degrees in mental health                            roll shows
Hobbies/interests: Volunteer for Meals on
Wheels, hiking, needlework
                                                    David Nance
                                                    4385 Ben Hill Road
June Milledge (Overton)                             Lithia Springs, Georgia
2831 Greenrock Trail                                Phone: 770-941-9726
Atlanta, Georgia 30340                              E-mail: dnance@mindspring.com
Phone: 770-934-1947                                 Spouse’s name: Pam
E-mail: overtonjmo@aol.com                          Married: 16 years
Spouse’s name: Lynn                                 Children: Kimberley, 31; Brian, 29; Michael, 22;
Married: 38 years                                   Allison, 20
Children: Lisa, 35; Allison, 31                     Grandchildren: Samuel, 2 1/2; Ella Grace, 3
Grandchildren: Kelly, 6 1/2; Matthew, 3             weeks
Occupation: Housewife                               Occupation: Engineer
Spouse’s occupation: Fulton Paper Company           Spouse’s occupation: Contract administrator
Education: West Georgia College                     Education: 4 years college
Hobbies/interests: Grandchildren, tennis, walking   Hobbies/interests: Masons/Shriners, golf, fishing
Druid Hills High School                                                                   Class of 1962

Joe Nodvin                                          Rick(y) Pallotta
P.O. Box 888632                                     251 Hunting Creek Drive
Atlanta, Georgia 30356-0632                         Marietta, Georgia 30068
Phone: 770-396-8056                                 Phone: 770-973-9496
E-mail: nodvinjj@aol.com                            E-mail: pallotta@mindspring.com
Spouse’s name: Janice                               Spouse’s name: Gail
Married: 29 years                                   Married: 30 years
Children: Mindee, 36; Alison, 28; Michelle, 27;     Children: Laurie, 23
Evan, 23                                            Grandchildren: None
Grandchildren: None                                 Occupation: Self-employed real estate developer
Occupation: Real estate broker and developer        Spouse’s occupation: Freelance writer
Spouse’s occupation: Director of non-profit         Education: BBA, University of Georgia
corporation dealing with children with special      Hobbies/interests: Vacationing in Florida
needs                                               panhandle
Education: BBA, Georgia State University
Hobbies/interests: Hiking, traveling, seeing high
school friends                                      Connie Ross (Harmon)
                                                    1250 Remington Circle
                                                    Shreveport, Louisiana 71106
Edwin Oliver                                        Phone: 318-797-7471
50 Lighthouse Lane                                  E-mail: hconnieharmon@aol.com
Hartwell, Georgia 30643                             Spouse’s name: David
Phone: 706-377-3122                                 Married: 38 years
E-mail: eddieo@hartcom.net                          Children: Joseph, 36; Brittainy, 33; David, 31
Spouse’s name: Janice                               Grandchildren: David, 6
Married: 37 years                                   Occupation: Homemaker
Children: Andrea, 36; Christy, 32; Vickie, 30;      Spouse’s occupation: Personnel director
Martine, 29                                         Education: University of Georgia
Grandchildren: Garrett, 3                           Hobbies/interests: Gardening, traveling, spending
Occupation: Retired insurance agent                 time with family
Spouse’s occupation: Retired
Education: Rhinehardt College; Georgia State
University                                          Linda Russell (Middlebrooks)
Hobbies/interests: Fishing-fishing-fishing,         19512 N.E. 188 Street
piddling                                            Woodinville, Washington 98072
                                                    Phone: 425-788-5186
                                                    E-mail: linrmiddle@verizon.net
Toni Oster (Urban)                                  Spouse’s name: Jack
214 Foster Drive                                    Married: 36 years
Des Moines, Iowa 50312                              Children: Jay, 34; Kate, 31
Phone: 515-255-2458                                 Grandchildren: Zeek, 1 1/2 (granddog)
E-mail: toniurban@aol.com                           Occupation: Housewife
Spouse’s name: Tim                                  Spouse’s occupation: Executive vice president for
Married: 34 years                                   aluminum company
Children: Heather, 32; Andrew, 30; Jonathan, 19     Education: BA, Georgia State University
Grandchildren: Mackenzie, 4; Rachel, 8 months       Hobbies/interests: World travel, church activities,
Occupation: Self-employed retailer                  grief counseling
Spouse’s occupation: Developer
Education: BA, Women’s College of University
of North Carolina; M Ed, University of North
Hobbies/interests: Travel, volunteer work,
collecting miniature antique cups and saucers
Druid Hills High School                                                                  Class of 1962

Barbara Scott (Thompson)                            Charles Skillern
1594 Ridgeview Drive                                2967 Summitop Court
Conyers, Georgia 30012                              Marietta, Georgia 30066
Phone: 770-860-1920                                 Phone: 770-924-0071
E-mail: blayee@att.net                              E-mail: c-skillern@attbi.com
Children: Michael, 38; Keri, 27; Jill, 25           Spouse’s name: Paula
Grandchildren: Will, 10; Jordan, 7; Dalton, 6       Married: 13 years
Occupation: Accounting                              Children: Greg, 35; Leigh, 28
Education: University of Georgia                    Grandchildren: None
Hobbies/interests: Showing horses, interior         Occupation: Retired business owner
design, swimming                                    Spouse’s occupation: Retired risk manager
                                                    Education: BSBC, Georgia Tech
                                                    Hobbies/interests: Travel, fishing, flying
Alta Ruth Sexton (Neese)
105 Woodsdale Drive
Peachtree City, Georgia 30269                       Betsy Smith (Braden)
Phone: 770-632-3622                                 Chemin du Blagour
E-mail: jerryneese@aol.com                          Le Soulier
Spouse’s name: Jerry                                19600 Chasteaux
Married: 38 years                                   France
Children: Gina, 35; Alicia, 30                      Phone: 011-33-5-55-22-90-95
Grandchildren: None                                 E-mail: lavieenrose@compuserve.com
Occupation: Homemaker                               Spouse’s name: John
Spouse’s occupation: Retired from Georgia           Married: 20 years
Power                                               Children: Lara, 32; Sheri, 30 (stepchildren)
                                                    Grandchildren: Mackenzie, 3; Courtney, 6;
                                                    another expected in January
Warren Simonds                                      Occupation: Journalist specializing in travel
6100 Gulf of Mexico Drive                           Spouse’s occupation: Retired director of
Longboat Key, Florida                               marketing
Phone: 941-383-0211                                 Education: ABJ, University of Georgia
E-mail: warrensimonds@comcast.net                   Hobbies/interests: Travel, continued study of
Spouse’s name: Kathleen                             French
Married: 24 years
Children: Lauren, 29; Julie, 26
Grandchildren: Caden, 2 1/2                         James (Jimmy) Smith
Occupation: Marketing/strategic planning            4628 Ivygate Circle
consultant                                          Smyrna, Georgia 30080
Spouse’s occupation: Real estate broker             Phone: 770-438-2540
Education: BSIM, Georgia Tech; MBA,                 Occupation: Retired
University of Georgia; PhD, University of           Education: BS, Georgia Tech; MBA, Georgia
Wisconsin                                           State University
Hobbies/interests: Golf, collecting Roseville art   Hobbies/interests: Reading, swimming, hiking
pottery, spending time with grandson
Druid Hills High School                                                                  Class of 1962

Susan Smith (Hosford)                              Judy Thomason (McCord)
1179 Springdale Road                               2131 Robin Road
Gainesville, Georgia 30501                         Auburn, Alabama 36830
Phone: 770-536-2311                                Phone: 334-821-3375
E-mail: drmikepedi@aol.com                         E-mail: sjmccord@charter.net
Spouse’s name: Mike                                Spouse’s name: Sam
Married: 36 years                                  Married: 36 years
Children: Jennifer, 31; Abigail, 28; Rebecca, 23   Children: Matthew, 30; Neal, 30
Grandchildren: Jolie, 8; Sydney, 6; Fischer, 1     Grandchildren: None
Occupation: Homemaker and tutor                    Occupation: Middle school math teacher
Spouse’s occupation: Pediatrician                  Spouse’s occupation: Auburn University
Education: BA, Emory University                    professor
Hobbies/interests: Gardening, non-profit           Education: BA, LaGrange College; M Ed,
volunteering                                       University of Arkansas; Ed S, Georgia State
                                                   Hobbies/interests: Walking, biking, going to
Warren Smith                                       sports events
329 Glenn Circle
Decatur, Georgia 30030
Phone: 404-377-2168                                Dorothy Vandegrift (Powell)
E-mail: shoedogs@bellsouth.net                     4326 Morrowick Road
Children: Stephanie, 35; Ashley, 30; Brad, 26      Charlotte, North Carolina 28226
Grandchildren: Stephen, 6                          Phone: 704-366-3459
Occupation: Retail                                 E-mail: charles.powell@cit.com
Education: BA, University of Georgia               Spouse’s name: Charlie
                                                   Married: 39 years
                                                   Children: Kimberly, 36; Susan, 34; Charles, 29
Courtenay Starnes (Budd)                           Grandchildren: David, 12; Elizabeth, 9;
270 South Shore Drive                              Madeline, 8; Bradley, 6; Marshall, 4; Thomas, 7
Newnan, Georgia 30263                              months; Nathan (due in November)
Phone: 770-304-2833                                Occupation: Homemaker
E-mail: courtsb1@aol.com                           Spouse’s occupation: Senior vice president
Spouse’s name: Warren                              Education: Samford University
Married: 36 years                                  Hobbies/interests: Grandchildren, lap swimming,
Children: Courtenay, 34; Dorothy, 33; Candler,     genealogy
28; Wesley, 18
Grandchildren: Christopher, 11; Candler, 7
Occupation: Homemaker                              (Norma) Lynn Whittle (Law)
Spouse’s occupation: Life insurance agent          1095-I North Jamestown Road
Education: BA, University of Georgia               Decatur, Georgia 30033
Hobbies/interests: Walking, traveling, sewing      Phone: 404-634-8575
                                                   E-mail: normalaw@mindspring.com
                                                   Spouse’s name: Charlie
                                                   Married: 29 years
                                                   Children: Mary, 34; Charlotte, 33; Charles, Jr., 31
                                                   Grandchildren: Austin, 14; Amanda, 12; Cody, 8;
                                                   Katilyn, 6; Zachary, 2; Joshua, 2 months
                                                   Occupation: Retired; part-time training consultant
                                                   Spouse’s occupation: Retired
                                                   Education: University of Georgia; Troy State
                                                   Hobbies/interests: Sewing, photography, crafts
Druid Hills High School                                                                 Class of 1962

Alan Wilensky                                        Mary Woodall (Barnes)
3771 Vineyard Trace                                  8180 Grogan’s Ferry Road
Marietta, Georgia 30062-5227                         Atlanta, Georgia 30350
Phone: 770-977-1726                                  Phone: 770-393-1554
E-mail: alan.wilensky@natdistco.com                  E-mail: marybarnes60@hotmail.com
Spouse’s name: Gwen                                  Spouse’s name: Joseph
Married: 30 years                                    Married: 37 years
Children: Heather, 26; Anna, 16                      Children: Emily, 34; Jennifer, 33
Grandchildren: Luke, 1                               Grandchildren: Joseph, 7; Anna, 5; Matthew, 3
Occupation: Director of purchasing                   Occupation: Retired registered nurse
Spouse’s occupation: Registered nurse                Spouse’s occupation: Physician (gynecologist)
Education: BBA, Georgia State University             Education: Crawford Long Nursing School;
Hobbies/interests: Jogging, collecting lighthouses   Georgia State University
                                                     Hobbies/interests: Gardening, enjoying
                                                     grandchildren, caring for elderly mother
Shirley Wolkin (Zaner)
703 River Mill Circle
Roswell, Georgia 30075
Phone: 770-993-5206
E-mail: szaner@dwacpa.com
Children: Marc, 24
Grandchildren: None
Occupation: Accountant
Education: BS, University of Georgia
Hobbies/interests: Reading, needlepoint

Louise Wood (Smith)
20 Seawatch Drive
Savannah, Georgia 31411
Phone: 912-598-0413
E-mail: weezyemail@aol.com
Spouse’s name: Jim
Married: 38 years
Children: Mike, 35; Matt, 31
Grandchildren: Cameron, 4; Madison, 2
Occupation: Homemaker
Spouse’s occupation: Retired; currently self-
employed as consultant
Education: AA, Sullins College
Hobbies/interests: Family, Bible study, sewing
Druid Hills High School                                                                Class of 1962

The following information was
received after the booklet was printed:

Genie Chandler (Minor)                            Mitzi Smith (Hagan)
882 Thomas J. Egan Road                           185 17th Street
Denton, Texas 76207                               Atlanta, Georgia 30309
Phone: 940-382-4030                               Phone: 404-872-5739
E-mail: genieminor@prodigy.net                    Spouse’s name: Paul
Children: Jason, 32                               Married: 25 years
Grandchildren: None                               Children: Elizabeth, 22; Bowie, 20
Occupation: Retired                               Grandchildren: None so far
                                                  Occupation: Interior design sales
                                                  Spouse’s occupation: Writing and public
Peggy Morris (Jabaley)                            relations/marketing
1172 Ragley Hall Road                             Education: BA, MA
Atlanta, Georgia 30319                            Hobbies/interests: Traveling, antiques, hiking
Phone: 404-252-3567
E-mail: jabaley@mindspring.com
Spouse’s name: Gerald
Married: 34 years
Children: Eric, 31; Mark, 29
Grandchildren: None yet
Occupation: Teacher, 7th grade
Spouse’s occupation: Retired teacher
Education: Georgia State University; Masters,
Hobbies/interests: Tennis, bird watching

Diane Nunez (Wachtel)
7801 Foxhound Road
McLean, Virginia 22102
Phone: 703-790-5442
E-mail: dwachtel@aol.com
Spouse’s name: Michael
Married: 37 years
Children: Alison, 34; Michael, 32
Grandchildren: None
Occupation: Retired
Spouse’s occupation: Retired
Education: Emory University
Hobbies/interests: Gardening, reading, handwork
Druid Hills High School                    Class of 1962


                          1962 Classmate

Druid Hills High School                                                       Class of 1962

Alford, Joan                   Chandler, Genie (Minor)       Erickson, Alan
689 Crestview Terrace          882 Thomas J. Egan Road       3983 Spalding Hollow
Gainesville, GA 30501          Denton, TX 76207              Norcross, GA 30092

Anderson, Adrienne (Gaskill)   Chapman, Bill                 Essam, Judy (Canfield)
3450 Quinn Ridge Drive         P.O. Box 1262                 502 O’Rorke Drive
Snellville, GA 30078           Mississippi State, MS 39762   Stone Mountain, GA 30082

Apt, Cindy (Wall)              Chapman, Roy                  Evans, Lyn
6304 Ballinger Road            113 Split Rail Court          223-227 Water Street
Greensboro, NC 27410           Cherry Hill, NJ               Brooklyn, NY 11201

Aycock, Phillip                Clark, Susan (Jacobs)         Faust, Vega (Davidson)
1001 Liberty Church Rd., NE    6561 Madeira Hills Drive      2350 Emerald Drive
Ranger, GA 30734               Cincinnati, OH 45243          Loganville, GA 30052

Ayer, John                     Clements, Judy                Flaschka, Hermann
1042 Trail Ridge Place         964 Waverly Way               3224 East Willard Avenue
Dunwoody, GA 30338             Atlanta, GA 30307             Tucson, AZ 85716

Barber, Pat (Boatwright)       Clifton, Donna (Partington)   Fogel, Warren
8910 Kitmore Drive             508 West University Avenue    945 Ivy Falls Drive
Houston, TX 77099              Deland, FL 32720              Sandy Springs, GA 30328

Barnett, John                  Clinkscales, Carol (Gaines)   Fornara, Gina (Bussey)
15101 Thompson Road            3063 Westwood Road            P.O. Box 72073
Alpharetta, GA 30201           Augusta, GA 30909             Atlanta, GA 30358

Blaustein, Robert              Cohen, Alan                   Freedman, Dorothy (Cohen)
186 Courtland Street, NE       1760 Brandon Hall Drive       91 Oliver Potts Road
Atlanta, GA 30303              Dunwoody, GA 30350-3705       Newnan, GA 30263

Bond, Jeanne (Knox)            Collings, John                Fullerton, Ned
1700 Berry Lane                1900 Ridgewood Drive, NE      2793 Heath Lane
Snellville, GA 30078           Atlanta, GA 30307             Duluth, GA 30136

Boozer, Jack                   Collins, Cheryl               Gay, Erin (Metters)
2112 Heritage Heights          51 Mizzen Circle              1903 Romany Road
Atlanta, GA                    Hampton, VA 23664             Mission Hills, KS 66208

Burger, Sheran (Proctor)       Cox, Virginia (Burgess)       Georgius, John
20 White Oak Drive             713 Galloway Drive, SE        529 Hempstead Place
North Augusta, SC 29860        Leesburg, VA 20175-8983       Charlotte, NC 28207

Busbee, Allen                  Daniels, Barbara (Huggins)    Gesner, June (Scarbrough)
7160 Berry Patch Drive         6005 Grand View Way           314 Spring Ridge Drive
Cumming, GA 30040              Suwanee, GA 30024             Lawrenceville, GA 30045

Campbell, Cheryl (Beckham)     Deal, Frank                   Giles, George
4905 Jett Road                 204 Hatton Place              1974 Muskett Court
Atlanta, GA 30327              Franklin, TN 37067            Stone Mountain, GA 30083

Capeloto, Annette(Schulman)    Doscher, Sanny (Morris)       Goodchild, Susan (Jordan)
3475 Shoreland Drive           2958 Valle del Sol            2442 Brookhurst Drive
Buford, GA 30518               Bonsall, CA 92003             Dunwoody, GA 30338

Carmichael, John               Edwards, Joe                  Goodwin, Linda (Brooks)
2039 Westminster Way, NE       3847 Missy Drive              435 West Richmond Avenue
Atlanta, GA 30307              Marietta, GA 30062            Point Richmond, CA 94801
Druid Hills High School                                                    Class of 1962

Grimes, Billy                 Joiner, Suzanne (Nieman)    Massey, Betsy (Spradling)
P. O. Box 922055              2057 Castleway Lane, NE     5733 Creekside Drive
Norcross, GA 30010            Atlanta, GA 30345           Norcross, GA 30092

Ham, Jane (Chute)             Joiner, Martha (Palmer)     Mattox, Sandra (Hall)
2712 Fountain Head            417 Windsor Terrace         1140 Country Club Drive
Plano, TX 75023-6316          Rock Hill, SC 29732         Orlando, FL 32804

Hancock, Evelyn (Goodwin)     Joyner, Jean (Burgess)      Mattox, Nancy (McMurrer)
1072 Villa Drive, #5116       2169 Hendersonville Road    20412 55th Place, NE
Ellijay, GA 30540             Skyland, NC 28776           Lake Forest Park, WA 98155

Hargis, Libby (Luckey)        Iconis, Carol (Rappold)     McCall, Edward
1151 Tinley Court             3031 Randolph Rd            3822 Bridge Water Drive
Palm Harbor, FL               Atlanta, GA 30345           Eagan, MN 55123

Harmon, David                 Johnson, Jo An (Chewning)   McCumber, Ralph
1250 Remington Circle         706 Chesterfield Dr         77 Dartmouth Avenue
Shreveport, LA 71106-8297     Lawrenceville, GA 30044     Avondale Estates, GA 30002

Haynes, Tom                   Kahn, Bruce                 McEwen, Heather (Gray)
1084 St. Louis Place          4225 Navajo Trail           985 Castle Falls Drive, NE
Atlanta, GA 30306             Atlanta, GA 30319           Atlanta GA 30329

Held, Arlene                  Kenimer, Jim                McFarland, Jack
1058 Brandon Square           120 West Maple Street       262 Heaton Park Drive
Lawrenceville, GA 30244       Alexandria, VA 22301        Decatur, GA 30030

Hightower, Mary L. (Garner)   Kline, Leland (Collins)     McFee, Zoe (Hicks)
6428 Deep Wood Court          739 Spring Valley Drive     1907 Mercedes Court
Flowery Branch, GA 30542      Melbourne, FL 32940         Atlanta, GA 30345

Hill, Brenda (Estes)          Knox, Fred                  McPherson, Harriet (Morrow)
2230 Leisure World            6122 Lee Brooke Place       8602 Greenbranch
Mesa AZ 85206                 Springfield, VA 22152       Waco, TX 76712

Holybee, Lynda (South)        Lane, Barbara               Meadows, Jane (Elliott)
2694 Johnny’s Lane            2707 NE 14th Street, #405   12940 New Providence Road
Doraville, GA 30340           Pompano Beach, FL 33062     Alpharetta, GA 30201

Hosch, Candy (Smith)          Lichtenstein, Marshall      Milledge, June (Overton)
11 Woodview Drive             1221 Cameron Court          2831 Greenrock Trail
Cartersville, GA 30120        Atlanta, GA 30306           Atlanta, GA 30340

Howard, Tanya (Geller)        Littlefield, Dick           Mills, Barbara (Kuhlke)
6A Charlesbank Way            146 Michigan Avenue         34 Conifer Lane
Waltham, MA 01453             Decatur, Georgia 30030      Augusta, GA 30909

Huie, Henry                   Loftis, Pamela (Lane)       Mitchell, George
4700 Treeline Drive           340 Morivea Lane            991 Blue Ridge Avenue, NE
Allison Park, PA 15101        Roswell, GA 30075           Atlanta, GA 30306

Hunt, Anthony                 Luckey, Jimmy               Morris, Peggy (Jabalay)
210 Landsdale Avenue          1151 Tinley Court           1172 Ragley Hall Road, NE
San Francisco, CA 94127       Palm Harbor, FL             Atlanta, GA 30319

Hunt, Mary E. (Chandler)      Marlow, Donna (Hewitt)      Mumford, Ed
238 Coteau Place              1637 SE 14th Street         475 Robin Road
Lilburn, GA 30247             Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33316    Covington, GA 30016
Druid Hills High School                                                     Class of 1962

Nance, David                 Rackley, Terry                Simonds, Warren
4385 Ben Hill Road           4613 Cinco Drive              6100 Gulf of Mexico Drive
Lithia Springs, GA 30057     Lilburn, GA 30247             Longboat Key, FL 34228

Napoles, George              Raines, Henry                 Simpson, Carol Ann
350 Spindle Court            3307 Hillside Drive           527 NW Franklin Street
Atlanta, GA 30350            Powder Springs, GA 30073      Bend, OR 97701

Nesmith, Henry                Reilly, Barbara (Newell)     Skillern, Charles
4985 Via Rosa                4520 Past Oak Tritt Road      2967 Summitop Court
Yorba Linda, CA 92687        Marietta, GA 30062            Marietta, GA 30066

Newberry, Carol (Britt)      Remington, Barbara(Frazier)   Smith, Betsy (Braden)
5025 Fawn Valley Drive       480 Jan Scott Drive           Chemin du Blagour, Le Soulier
Loganville, GA 30052         Alpharetta, GA 30004          19600 Chasteaux, France

Nodvin, Joe                  Ross, Connie (Harmon)         C. E. Smith
P.O. Box 888632              1250 Remington Circle         3060 Peachtree Road, NW, 13th Fl.
Atlanta, GA 30356            Shreveport, LA 71106          Atlanta, GA

Nunez, Diane (Wachtel)       Ross, Janet (Roe)             James Smith
7801 Foxhound Road           2481 Joiner Court             4628 Ivygate Circle
McLean, VA 33102             Decatur, GA 30033             Smyrna, GA 30080

Oliver, Edwin                Russell,Linda(Middlebrooks)   Smith, Mitzi (Hagan)
50 Lighthouse Lane           19512 NE 188th Street         185 17th Street, NE
Hartwell, GA 30643           Woodinville, WA 98072         Atlanta, GA 30309

Oster, Toni (Urban)          Saperstein, Jan (Kinsler)     Starnes, Courtenay (Budd)
214 Foster Drive             P.O. Box 1239                 270 South Shore Drive
Des Moines, IA 50312         Duluth, GA 30096              Newnan, GA 30263

Packard, Sandra              Saunders, John                Swinks, Archie
121 Shadow Pine Road         3621 Paces Ferry Road         1081-E North Jamestown Road
Columbia, SC 29210           Atlanta, GA 30327             Decatur, Georgia 30033

Pallotta, Ricky              Schecter, Barbara (Lobel)     Thomason, Judy (McCord)
251 Hunting Creek Drive      6030 Weatherly Drive          2131 Robin Road
Marietta, GA 30068           Atlanta, GA 30328             Auburn, AL 36830

Palmer, Sandra (Popham)      Scherbell,Suzette(Schwartz)   Turner, Ed
474 Royal Oaks Terrace       40 Pine Cone Court            123 Parkwood Lane
Stone Mountain, GA 30087     Vincentown, NJ                Decatur, GA

Patillo, Linda (Hulsey)      Scott, Barbara (Thompson)     Turner, Susan (Orenstein)
90 Georgian Terrace          1594 Ridgeview Drive          6125 Old Hickory Point
West Point, GA 31833         Conyers, GA 30012             Atlanta, GA 30328

Penland, Carol (Holberth)    Sexton, Alta Ruth (Neese)     Underwood, Terry
2573 Swords Road             105 Woodsdale Drive           506 West Greenway Drive
Greensboro, GA 30642         Peachtree City, GA 30269      Greensboro, NC 27403

Pennebaker, Ashley           Sharp, Steven                 Van Hoof, Connie (Holcomb)
1142 Lake Washington Drive   1 Ashley Oaks Lane            2451 Landsdowne Court
Lawrenceville, GA 30043      Newnan, GA 30263              Lawrenceville, GA 30044

Pipkin, Tommy                Sharp, Kate (Newman)          Vandegrift, Dorothy (Powell)
2600 NW 112th Avenue         1940 Johnson Ferry Road, #G   4326 Morrowick Road
Coral Springs, FL 33065      Atlanta, GA 30340             Charlotte, NC 28226
Druid Hills High School                                                 Class of 1962

Warren, Roberta (Goldberg)    Williams, Nancy           Womac, Carol (Patton)
821 Tanglewood Trail          2000 Four Mile Drive      3946 Sable Drive
Atlanta, GA 30327             Kalispell, MN 59901       Stone Mountain, GA 30083

Weinberg, Joseph              Williams, Mary (Burns)    Wood, Louise (Smith)
305 Buckhead Avenue, NE       2882 Livsey Drive         20 Seawatch Drive
Atlanta, GA 30305             Tucker, GA 30084          Savannah, GA 31411

Whittle, Lynn (Law)           Wimbish, Larry            Woodall, Mary (Barnes)
1095-I North Jamestown Road   2755 Harrington Drive     8180 Grogan’s Ferry Road
Decatur, GA 30033             Decatur, GA 30033         Atlanta, GA 30350

Wilensky, Alan                Wolkin, Shirley (Zaner)
3771 Vineyard Trace           703 River Mill Court
Marietta, GA 30062            Roswell, GA 30075
Druid Hills High School                                      Class of 1962

              Druid Hills High School Alma Mater

                          Let my voice in joyous song
                          Praise thy graces, Druid Hills!
                          Let my life, if short or long,
                          Show thy traces, Druid Hills!
                          Let my life reflect thy glory,
                          Let my life repeat thy story,
                          Crowning thee with more renown,
                          Crowning thee with more renown.

                          Join my voice and soul and heart
                          All who love thee Druid Hills!
                          So that even when we part
                          Spirit of thee, Druid Hills!
                          Binds us brother as to brother,
                          Binds us closely to each other,
                          Hail to thee, O Druid Hills!
                          Hail to thee, O Druid Hills!

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