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                    TECHNICAL WRITER for IT and MORE!
Self-motivated, team-oriented technical writer offers over sixteen years' experience in desktop publishing,
word processing, presentation graphics, spreadsheets, and Visio. Leverage extensive experience in end user
support, network administration, and requirements specification to produce documentation, training, and online
Help for IT products and services, targeting audiences such as sales, management, and field support. Support
development team by serving as in-house subject matter expert. Develop tools for task allocation and progress

   Subject matter examples: external output management system for SAP R/3, printer and queue management,
    product administration, product configuration, production, installation, Six Sigma-based analysis of
    document production systems, SNMP
   Organized documentation of over 1,200 firewall rules by developing matrix of equivalent rules for use in
    task allocation and progress measurement. Use of matrix reduced overall workload by 70%.
   Wrote plans for disaster recovery and Y2K compliance to meet industry standard practices and autors'
    requirements. Evaluated, selected, and wrote implementation plan for machine shop job management
    software that leveraged new LAN and retained report formats familiar to management.
   Organized and implemented LAN migration from NetWare 3.2 to Windows 2000 that users cited as smooth
    and error-free.


   Desktop publishing: Adobe Acrobat and FrameMaker; Microsoft Publisher, TechSmith SnagIt
   Presentation graphics: Microsoft PowerPoint
   Spreadsheets: Microsoft Excel, Lotus 1-2-3
   Word processing: Microsoft Word, Corel WordPerfect
   Online Help: Adobe RoboHelp
   Other software: Microsoft Visio, Xara eXtreme Pro
   Workstation OS: Windows 3.x/9x/NT/2000/XP/Vista; Linux; Macintosh OS 9 and OS X
   Documentation developed: Administration guides, configuration guides, "how to" guides, implementation
    service guides, installation guides, internal sales announcements, Microsoft HTML Help, quick reference
    cards, reference manuals, technical support disclosure guides, user guides
   Training formats: Distance learning, problem-based learning, CBT scripts, supervised lab exercises
   Documentation, training, and Help development for multifunction output devices, network output device
    management software, document production systems assessment, and SQL Server 2000 backup/restore
   Subject matter examples: external output management system for SAP R/3, printer and queue management,
    product administration, product configuration, production, installation, Six Sigma-based analysis of
    document production systems, SNMP
   Online conferencing: PlaceWare (now Microsoft Live!), LearnLinc
   Network administration: Windows Server 2003, Windows 2000, Windows NT 4.0, IIS, Linux,Solaris, Unix,
    Novell NetWare
   Network security: CheckPoint FireWal-1, AVG Antivirus, CA InoculateIT
   Network applications: Symantec Backup Exec, Microsoft Exchange, Novell Group Wise, CA ARCServeIT,
    Legato NetWorker, Geac AMSI property management suite
   Network protocols: TCP/IP, DNS, 801.11a-b-g-n
   Database progamming: dBase, FoxBASE+, FoxPro, SQL database design, SQL queries
   Read sample code: COBOL, HTML, XML, Pascal, VBScript


Training: H&R Block advanced income tax courses, Web design, Web graphics, Web site marketing, 2007

H&R BLOCK, Rochester, New York, Tax Professional, 2006-2007

   Prepared income tax returns by interviewing clients and processing records.
   Presented settlement (payment) options in compliance with banking and security regulations.


o   Conversion rate to extended service plan was 20% above average.

Training: CompTIA Linux+, H&R Block Income Tax Course, XML, 2005-2006

SYSTEMS ENGINEERING SERVICES CORP., Atlanta, GA, Technical Writer, 2005

   Client: Nova Information Systems, Knoxville, TN
   Lead writer in three-person team
   Used Microsoft Word to document firewall rulebases to satisfy PCI (Payment Card Industry) audit
   Analyzed rulebases and created Excel matrix of equivalent rules to use in work allocation and progress
   Recommended and implemented documentation specifications for ports list table, including development of
    Word template and assignment of tasks.
   Converted source HTML files to Microsoft Word format and documented process.


o   Use of equivalent rules matrix decreased workload by 70%.

PREMIER TECHNICAL SERVICES, INC., Fairport, New York, Technical Writer / Systems Administrator,

   Client: Xerox Corporation
   Used desktop publishing tools such as Acrobat, FrameMaker, and SnagIt, as well as Microsoft Word, to
    develop documentation such as installation guides, administration guides, reference manuals,
    implementation service guides, "how to" guides, technical support disclosure guides, and quick reference
    cards on IT products and services. Used Microsoft Word, Adobe FrameMaker, and TechSmith SnagIt to
    develop source files, graphics, TOCs, and indexes; converted to secure PDF format for customer handoff.
   Used Microsoft Word and PowerPoint to develop training in the following formats: CBT scripts for Web-
    based courseware, distance learning, instructor-led presentations, and problem-based learning. Subject
    matter included SNMP, Six Sigma-based analysys of document production systems, as well as configuration
    and administration of asset management and output device management software.
   Delivered pilot and vendor-approved training in person using PowerPoint and remotely using PlaceWare
    (now Microsoft Live!) and LearnLinc.
   Used RoboHelp to develop Microsoft HTML Help system for Microsoft Management Console output
    device management application, and to develop HTML source files on administration and configuration of
    enterprise-wide help desk application for that application's Web-based Help.
   Worked within stylistic and logistic limitations imposed by translation requirements.
   Researched sjbject matter by reviewing client materials, attending demonstrations, and interviewing client
   Assisted three to six-person development teams by setting up test labs and serving as first level application
   Contributed to development of project proposals and design documents by participating in meetings and
    reviewing drafts.
   Edited deliverables for style, grammar, and technical accuracy. Tested and validated lab exercises.
   Supported 25 to 50-user LAN; responsibilities included backup, security, e-mail support, and


o   In response to customer feedback, used FrameMaker to develop new content for printer driver
    documentation on driver's use within network cluster and Citrix server environments. Project manager
    praised new section as meeting request perfectly.
o   Used visio to creat LAN diagram for company with offices on three floors as part of a business continuity
o   At a team meeting, developer of distance learning course's connectivity module cited support as essential to
o   Implemented Web-based e-mail client to permit remote e-mail retrieval with less vulnerability to spammers;
    time synchronization for better troubleshooting; seven-day backup to secure work done on business days,
    weekends, and holidays; and network-based antivirus software to automate signature files updates.

Training: MCSE for NT 4.0, Web site design, 1999

HOME PROPERTIES of NEW YORK, INC., Rochester, New York, IT Manager, 1987-1999

   Used Lotus 1-2-3 and Microsoft Excel to develop business projections for use in limited partnership
    offering memoranda and presentations to financial institutions.
   Used Microsoft Word and WordPerfect to develop systems requirements spoecifications for LAN
   Supported up to 100 end users in WordPerfect, Lotus 1-2-3, Microsoft, Word, Microsoft, Excel, Microsoft
    PowerPoint, and in live maintenance of custom database applications.


o   Planned and implemented evolutions in infrastructure from Apple III to MS-DOS and from standalone
    workstations to 100-user network with remote connections to sites in seven states, to support deployment of
    enterprise property management software, merger with company of approximately equal size, and
    unprecedented growth following IPO.


OF ROCHESTER, Rochester, New York, Computers and Information Systems / Accounting and Information
Systems / Finance


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