WOC 2008 Olomouc Czech Republic Bulletin 3 by dfgh4bnmu


									WOC 2008 Olomouc
 Czech Republic
    Bulletin 3

    	    1	   Welcome	to	WOC	2008	
    	    2	   	The	Organisers
    	    3	   Event	Controllers
    	    4	   Jury
    	    5	   WOC	2008	Programme
    	    6	   Competition	Rules	
    	    7	   Classes	and	Participation	Restrictions	
    	    8	   Anti-doping
    	    9	   Embargoed	Areas	
    	   10	   Competition	Areas
    	   11	   Maps	
    	   12	   Courses	
    	   13	   Terrain	Description	 	       	
    	   14	   Punching	System	and	Timekeeping
    	   15	   Start	Draws	
    	   16	   Coaching	and	Team	Zones
    	   17	   Start	Bibs
    	   18	   Clothing	
    	   19	   Team	Officials‘	Meeting
    	   20	   Peculiarities	of	WOC	2008
    	   21	   Transport
    	   22	   Event	Centre
    	   23	   Accommodation	
    	   24	   Dining	Service
    	   25	   Accreditation	
    	   26	   Weather
    	   27	   Training	opportunities
    	   28	   Visas
    	   29	   Entries
    	   30	   Media	Services
    	   31	   IOF	Guests	and	IOF	Congress
    	   32	   Payment
    	   33	   Welcome	to	the	Orienteering	Festival	2008
    	   34	   Welcome	to	the	World	Trail	Orienteering	Championships	2008	
    	   35	   Information

1	Welcome	to	WOC	2008	
Dear	Sporting	Friends,
Over	the	next	few	months	the	sporting	world	will	be	hosting	a	number	of	championship	events.	In	June	there	are	the	
finals,	in	Switzerland,	of	the	UEFA	EURO	2008	football	championship.	Then	in	August	our	attention	switches	to	China,	
where	the	Summer	Olympics	are	being	held,	with	medals,	cash	prizes	and	fame	in	the	world	of	the	media	will	all	be	
at	stake.
But	in	this	introduction	I	would	like	to	extend	to	you	a	welcome	to	a	much	more	modest	championship	event,	but	one	
which,	in	terms	of	its	attractiveness,	interest,	the	level	of	performances	rea-
lised	by	those	taking	part	in	it,	and	the	rigour	of	training	preparation	they	
undergo,	far	surpasses	the	standards	achieved	in	many	Olympic	sports.	On	
behalf	of	the	Czech	Orienteering	Federation,	it	is	my	pleasure	to	invite	you	
to	the	city	of	Olomouc	and	its	surroundings	where	the	25th	World	Orien-
teering	Championships	will	take	place	in	mid-July.	Czechoslovakia	previ-
ously	hosted	the	WOC	in	1972	and	1991,	so	this	will	be	the	third	occasion	
on	which	participants	will	be	able	to	exercise	their	orienteering	skills	to	the	
full	and	compete	for	medals	while	traversing	Czech	terrain.	WOC	will	offer	
you	a	unique	opportunity	to	realise	your	favourite	sport	-	and	of	course	
participation	and	enjoyment	are	far	more	important	than	the	gratification	
that	comes	from	winning	medals.
We	look	forward	to	meeting	you	at	WOC	2008!

Radan Kamenický
President of the Czech Orienteering Federation

                                   Olomouc Region               City of Olomouc                 City of Prostějov

    2	Organisers

    The	Organising	Committee	on	behalf	of	Czech	Orienteering	Federation:

    	         Pavel	Sekanina	                                  Chairman
    	         Petr	Klimpl	                                     Prime	Vice-Chairman
    	         Radan	Kamenický	                                 Vice-Chairman
    	         Vladimír	Šimíček	                                Vice-Chairman
    	         Josef	Váňa	                                      Vice-Chairman,	Marketing	Director
    	         David	Aleš	                                      Event	Director
    	         Ivan	Matějů	                                     Financial	Director
    	         Vojtěch	Hála	                                    Representative	of	the	City	of	Olomouc
    	         Vlastimil	Uchytil	                               Vice-Mayor,	City	of	Prostějov
    	         Petr	Kadeřávek	                                  Media	Director
    	         Robert	Zdráhal	                                  Director	of	Organisational	Section
    	         Jindřich	Smička	                                 Director	of	Public	Events
    	         Miloš	Rychlý	                                    WTOC	2008	Event	Director
    	         Marek	Petřivalský	                               Secretary

    WOC Course Planners
    Jaroslav	Kačmarčík,	Josef	Hubáček

    WOC Mapping Team
    Petr	Hranička,	Zdeněk	Lenhart,	Petr	Mareček	,	Roman	Horký

    WOC	2008	and	the	Orienteering	Festival	2008	public	event	are	both	organised	by	the	Czech	Orienteering	Federation,	
    local	O-clubs	from	the	Olomouc	region,	and	volunteers	from	all	over	the	Czech	Republic.

    3	Event	Controllers

    	          Unni	Strand	Karlsen,	NOR	                       IOF	Senior	Event	Adviser
    	          Henning	Spjelkavik,	NOR	                        IOF	SEA	Assistant	for	IT
    	          Dušan	Vystavěl,	CZE	                            National	Controller
    4	Jury

    	         Unni	Strand	Karlsen	(NOR)	-	Senior	IOF	Event	Adviser,	Chairman	of	Jury
    	         Christine	Brown	(AUS)
    	         Karl	Johan	Clemmensen	(DEN)
    	         András	Hegedüs	(HUN)
    	         Tuomo	Peltola	(FIN)	
    	         David	Rosen	(GBR)

5	WOC	2008	Programme

	   Date	             Time	            WOC	Events	                            Venue
	   Sat			July	12	    12:00	           Deadline	for	entry	sprint	Q	           Event	Centre
	   	                 14:00	–	16:00	   Model	sprint	distance	                 Olomouc
	   	                 16:00	–	18:00	   Technical	model	                       Olomouc	–	Event	Centre
	   	                 19:00	           Team	Officials‘	Meeting	               Event	Office	
	   Sun		July	13	     09:30	–	10:30	   Sprint	distance	qualification	W	       Prostějov	
	   	                 10:30	–	11:30	   Sprint	distance	qualification	M	       Prostějov
	   	                 14:00	–	14:30	   Team	Officials	Meeting	                Olomouc	–	Event	Centre
	   	                 16:00	–	16:30	   Opening	ceremony	                      Olomouc,	Horní	náměstí
	   	                 16:45	–	17:45	   Sprint	final	–	W	                      Olomouc
	   	                 17:50	           Flower	ceremony	W	                     Olomouc
	   	                 18:00	–	19:00	   Sprint	final	–	M	                      Olomouc
	   	                 19:05	           Flower	ceremony	M	                     Olomouc
	   	                 19:35	           Prize-giving	ceremony	W,	M	            Olomouc
	   	                 19:45	           Press	conference	                      Olomouc
	   	                 20:00	           Banquet	for	guests	and	VIP	            Olomouc	Town	Hall
	   Mon	July	14	      09:30	–	15:00	   Model	long	distance	qualification		    Mutkov
	   	                 12:00	           Deadline	for	entry	long	Q	             Olomouc	-	Event	Office
	   	                 19:00	           Team	Officials‘	Meeting	               Olomouc	-	Event	Office
	   Tue		July	15	     09:30	–	12:30	   Long	distance	qualifications	          Dalov
	   Wed	July	16	      09:00	           IOF	Pre-General	Assembly	Seminar	      Hotel	Tennis	Club
	   	                 09:30	–	15:00	   Model	middle	distance	                 Žďárský	Potok
	   	                 12:00	           Deadline	for	entry	middle	Q	           Olomouc	–	Event	Office
	   	                 15:30	           IOF/VIP/media		race		                  Golf	Véska
	   	                 19:00	           Team	Officials‘	Meeting	               Olomouc	–	Event	Centre
	   Thu		July	17	     09:30	–	11:30	   Middle	distance	qualifications	        Stará	Ves
	   	                 13:30	           Team	Officials	Meeting	                Rýmařov
	   	                 15:00	–	17:05	   Middle	distance	final	–	M	             Stará	Ves
	   	                 17:10	           Flower	ceremony	M	                     Stará	Ves
	   	                 17:30	–	19:35	   Middle	distance	final	–	W	             Stará	Ves
	   	                 19:40	           Flower	ceremony	W	                     Stará	Ves
	   	                 19:50	           Press	conference	                      Stará	Ves
	   Fri				July	18	   09:00	           IOF	Congress	                          Hotel	Tennis	Club
	   	                 09:30	–	15:00	   Model	long	distance	final	and	relay	   Kořenec
	   	                 19:00	           Team	Officials‘	Meeting	               Olomouc	–	Event	Centre
	   Sat			July	19	    09:30	–	13:30	   Long	distance	finals	                  Skřípov
	   	                 09:30	–	12:00	   Model	long	distance	final	and	relay	   Kořenec
	   	                 12:00	           Deadline	for	entry	relay	              Event	Office	Skřípov/	EC
	   	                 13:00	           Flower	ceremony	M,	W	                  Skřípov
	   	                 13:45	           Press	conference	                      Skřípov
	   	                 17:00	           Team	Officials‘	Meeting	               Olomouc	–	Event	Centre
	   	                 19:00	           Prize-giving		ceremony	middle	M,	W	    Olomouc,	Horní	náměstí
	   	                 19:15	           Prize-giving		ceremony	long	M,	W	      Olomouc,	Horní	náměstí
	   	                 19:30	           Prize-giving		ceremony	OF	2008	        Olomouc,	Horní	náměstí

    	      Sun		July	20	     09:00	–	11:00	         Relay	W	                                 Skřípov
    	      	                 11:30	–	13:45	         Relay	M	                                 Skřípov	
    	      	                 14:00	                 Prize-giving		ceremony	W,	M	             Skřípov
    	      	                 14:15	                 Closing	ceremony	                        Skřípov
    	      	                 14:30	                 Press	conference	                        Skřípov
    	      	                 19:00	                 Banquet	                                 Olomouc

    6	Competition	Rules

    The	Competition	Rules	for	IOF	Foot	Orienteering	Events	(valid	from	January	1,	2007)	apply	for	WOC	2008.	A	deviation	
    from	the	competition	rules	3.2.	and	9.9	has	been	approved	by	IOF	Council.	

    7	Classes	and	Participation	Restrictions

    The	following	rules	from	the	Competition	Rules	for	IOF	Foot	Orienteering	Events	(valid	from	January	1,	2007)	apply	to	
    participation	in	WOC	2008:

    5.7	There	is	one	class	for	women	and	one	for	men.	There	are	no	age	restrictions.

    6.1	A	competitor	may	represent	only	one	Federation	during	any	one	calendar	year.

    6.2	Competitors	who	are	representing	a	Federation	shall	have	full	passport-holding	citizenship	of	the	country	of	that	

    6.3	Each	participating	Federation	shall	appoint	a	team	manager	to	act	as	a	contact	person	between	the	team	and	the	
    organiser.	It	is	the	team	manager’s	duty	to	see	that	the	team	receives	all	necessary	information.

    6.4	Competitors	participate	at	their	own	risk.	Insurance	against	accidents	shall	be	the	responsibility	of	their	Federation	
    or	themselves,	according	to	national	regulations.

    6.5	All	competitors	represent	a	Federation.	Each	Federation	may	enter	a	team	of	up	to	14	competitors	-	up	to	7	women	
    and	7	men	-	and	a	number	of	team	officials.	The	organiser	shall	fix	the	maximum	number	of	officials	per	team,	in	accor-
    dance	with	the	available	facilities.	This	maximum	number	shall	be	the	same	for	each	team	and	shall	be	at	least	5.

    6.6	In	each	qualification	race,	every	Federation	may	enter	up	to	3	women	and	3	men	and,	in	addition,	the	current	World	
    Champions	for	the	distance	may	be	entered	by	their	Federation(s)	provided	they	are	members	of	the	Federation’s	
    team.	In	the	final,	only	the	competitors	placed	fifteenth	and	better	in	each	qualification	race	heat	may	participate.

    6.7	In	the	Relay,	each	Federation	may	enter	one	women’s	team	and	one	men’s	team,	each	consisting	of	3	team	mem-
    bers.	Incomplete	teams	and	teams	with	runners	from	more	than	one	Federation	are	not	allowed.	Under	no	circumstan-
    ces	may	persons	other	than	entered	competitors	participate	in	the	competition.

    For	WOC	2008,	each	Federation	may	enter	a	team	consisting	of	up	to	7	women,	7	men	and	8	team	officials.	

Summary of participation arrangements in WOC 2008

	           Max.	number	                 Number	of	heats	         Number	of	qualified	         Total	number
	           from	each	team	M/W	          in	qualification	        runners	from	each	heat	      of	runners	in	Final
Sprint	     3	/	3	+	World	Champion	      3	                       15	                          45
Middle	     3	/	3	+	World	Champion	      3	                       15	                          45
Long	       3	/	3	+	World	Champion	      3	                       15	                          45
Relay	      1	team	of	3	legs	            -	                       -	                           -
	           (both	for	M	and	W)

8	Anti-Doping	Code
Doping	is	forbidden:	«think	positive	–	test	negative».	
The	organisers	are	committed	to	do	everything	required	to	assist	the	official	anti-doping	authorities	at	WOC	2008	to	
successfully	and	transparently	undertake	their	work.	We	strongly	support	all	positive	efforts	to	keep	our	sport	clean	
and	doping-free.	IOF	Anti-Doping	Code:	the	rules	of	the	IOF	Anti-Doping	Code,	valid	from	January	1,	2007	apply.

9		Embargoed	Areas	

With	reference	to	the	IOF	Competition	Rules	(article	26.6),	the	areas	listed	below	are	embargoed	for	all	potential	WOC	
2008	team	members	(runners,	team	official,	coach,	doctor,	etc.)	and	other	persons	which	through	their	knowledge	of	
the	terrain	or	the	events	may	influence	results	of	the	WOC	2008.

Spelt	out	in	detail	this	means	that:
	      no	organised	orienteering	activities	may	take	part	in	these	areas.
	      no	training	sessions,	i.e.	running/races,	testing	out	routes	can	take	place	here.
	      no-one	with	potential	connection	to	a	team	(athlete	or	other	function)	may	visit	the	embargoed	areas.
	      areas	1,2	and	5	are	totally	embargoed	and	any	visit	to	these	areas,	even	on	public	roads,	
	      is	strictly	prohibited.
Offences	must	be	reported	to	Marek	Petrivalsky,	WOC	2008	Secretary,	marek.petrivalsky@woc2008.cz

    	      Number	                        Area	                      Previous	O-maps	
    	      1	                             Olomouc	-	centre	          Olomouc	-	EFOL	2000,	1:	5000
    	      	                              	                          Olomouc	-	Čechovy	sady,	1998,	1:5000
    	      	                              	                          Olomouc,	1998,	1:5000
    	      	                              	                          Flóra	Olomouc,	1988,	1:10000	
    	      2	                             Prostějov	                 Brněnské	předměstí,	2003,	1:5000
    	      	                              	                          Prostějov	2002,	2002,	1:4,000
    	      	                              	                          Prostějov	–	Hvězdárna,	1999,	1:5,000
    	      	                              	                          Prostějov	–	centrum,	1996,	1:2,500
    	      	                              	                          Hvězdárna,	1996,	1:2,500
    	      	                              	                          Zámek,	1982,	1:2,500
    	      	                              	                          Sady,	1981,	1:2,500
    	      5	                             Olomouc	                   Wedding	day,	2003,	1:10000
    	      	                              	–	Svatý	Kopeček	          U	Hanáků,	2001,	1:7,500
    	      	                              	                          Kopeček,	1999,	1:15000
    	      	                              	                          Jebuješka,	1997,	1:15000
    	      	                              	                          Sv.	Kopeček	1995,	1995,	1:15000
    	      	                              	                          Radíkov	1994,	1994,	1:15000
    	      	                              	                          Milíře,	1989,	1:15000	
    	      6	                             Libavá	                    Čertovy	Kazatelny,	1995,	1:15000	
    	      7	                             Rýmařov	and	Jeseníky		     Žďárský	potok,	1993,	1:15000
    	      	                              	                          Nová	Ves,	1991,	1:15000
    	      	                              	                          U	Hájků	(Ski-O),	1992,	1:15000
    	      	                              	                          Švýcárna	(Ski-O),	1990,	1:25,000	
    	      8	                             Sovinecko	                 Kukačka	1999,	1998,	1983,	1:15000
    	      	                              	                          Rozhraní,	1991,	1986,	1:15000
    	      	                              	                          Prameny,	1989,	1:15000
    	      	                              	                          Kamínka,	1981,	1:20000
    	      14	                            Konice	                    Durana,	1989,	1:15000
    	      	                              	                          Flinťour,	1973,	1:20000
    	      	                              	                          Loupežník	1992,	1:15000
    	      	                              	                          Švábensko	2002,	1:15000

    Please	note	that	while	in	the	list	of	embargoed	areas	in	WOC	2008	Bulletin	n.1	only	the	name	of	the	most	recent	O-
    map	was	listed,	in	Bulletin	n.2	as	well		in	Bulletin	n.3,	all	significant	previous	maps	since	1980	covering	respective	areas	
    are	listed,	but	this	list	is	not	exhaustive	as	it	does	not	include	the	same	maps	printed	with	minor	actualizations	with	
    different	names.

    Access	to	Embargoed	Area	1	(Olomouc-Centre)	by	WOC	2008	participants	in	the	WOC	2008	Opening	Ceremony	will	
    be	allowed,	under	the	organiser’s	instructions	to	be	published	in	Bulletin	4.	
    Embargoes	in	all	the	WOC	2008	Embargoed	Areas	are	valid	until	all	the	WOC	Events	in	these	areas	are	finished.

10	Competition	Areas
                  Location of the competition, model and reserve areas within the Olomouc region

A Prostějov -	Sprint	Qualification
B Olomouc	-	Sprint	Model,	Sprint	Final	
C Olomouc – Svatý Kopeček	-	Sprint	Reserve
D Sovinecko -	Long	Qualification	Model,	Long	Qualification
E Rýmařov	-	Middle	Model,	Middle	Qual.,	Middle	Final,	Middle	Reserve
F Konice -	Long	Final	Model,	Long	Final,	Relay	Model,	Relay
G Libavá -	Long	Reserve,	Relay	Reserve

                            A Prostějov                                           B Olomouc	
                       -	Sprint	Qualification                             –	Sprint	Model,	Sprint	Final

     GPS	coordinates	of	the	arena:	49°28’10”N,	17°5’39”E   GPS	coordinates	of	the	arenas:	
                                                           -	Sprint	Model	-	49°35’28”N,	17°14’38”E
                                                           -	Sprint	Final	-	49°35’38”N,	17°15’01”E

                   C Olomouc – Svatý Kopeček	                                      D Sovinecko
                        -	Sprint	Reserve                         -	Long	Qualification	Model,	Long	Qualification

                                                           GPS	coordinates	of	the	arena:	
                                                           -	Long	Qualification	Model	-	49°48’08”N,	17°17’18”E
                                                           -	Long	Qualification	-	49°47’55”N,	17°20’56”E

                       E Rýmařov	                                                        F Konice
-	Middle	Model,	Middle	Qual.,	Middle	Final,	Middle	Reserve          -	Long	Final	Model,	Long	Final,	Relay	Model,	Relay

GPS	coordinates	of	the	arenas:	                                  GPS	coordinates	of	the	arenas:	
-	Middle	Model	-	49°58’27”N,	17°12’43”E                          -	Long	Final	Model,	Relay	Model	-	49°32’27”N,	16°44’16”E
-	Middle	Qualification	and	Final	-	49°57’24”N,	17°12’12”E        -	Long	Final	+	Relay	-	49°34’30”N,	16°48’32”E

Part	 of	 the	 embargoed	 area	 E	 -	 Rýmařov	 was	 opened,	
for	 purpose	 of	 selection	 races.	 This	 concerning	 part	                            G Libavá
will	 be	 available	 for	 teams‘	 training,	 but	 when	 arran-                –	Long	reserve,	Relay	Reserve
ged	 by	 WOC	 organizers	 only.	 For	 booking	 of	 this	
possibility,	 please	 contact	 training@woc2008.cz.

 11	Maps

 	      Competition	map		                                   Scale	                     Vertical	contour	interval	
 	      Sprint	Qualification	                               1:5000	                    2.5	m
 	      Sprint	Final		                                      1:5000	                    2.5	m	
 	      Middle	Distance	Qualification	                      1:10000	                   5	m
 	      Middle	Distance	Final		                             1:10000	                   5	m	
 	      Long	Distance	Qualification		                       1:15000		                  5	m	
 	      Long	Distance	Final		                               1:15000		                  5	m	
 	      Relay		                                             1:10000		                  5	m	
 Maps	are	drawn	according	to	the	International	Specification	for	Orienteering	Maps	(ISOM	2000)	and	the	International	
 Specification	for	Sprint	Orienteering	Maps	(ISSOM	2007).

     12	Courses

     	   WOC	Event	                      Length	         Climb	 Controls	 Winning	Time	   Refreshment	
     	   Sprint	Qualification	-	Prostějov	(1:5000,	E=2.5	m)
     	   Women	A	                        2.4	                10	       12	      12	min	             -
     	   Women	B	                        2.35	               10	       12	      12	min	             -
     	   Women	C	                        2.4	                10	       13	      12	min	             -
     	   Men	A	                          2.8	                10	       15	      12	min	             -
     	   Men	B	                          2.75	               10	       14	      12	min	             -
     	   Men	C	                          2.8	                10	       15	      12	min	             -
     	   Sprint	Final	-	Olomouc	(1:5000,	E=2.5m)
     	   Women	                          2.5	                45	       18	   13-14	min	             -
     	   Men		                           2.8	                45	       17	      14	min	             -
     	   Long	Distance	Qualification	-	Dalov	(1:15000,	E=5m)		
     	   Women	A	                        6.9	               240	       16	      45	min	             1
     	   Women	B	                        7.0	               250	       15	      45	min	             1
     	   Women	C	                        7.1	               255	       16	      46	min	             1
     	   Men	A	                          11.3	              450	       24	      60	min	             2
     	   Men	B	                          11.2	              440	       23	      59	min	             2
     	   Men	C	                          11.1	              425	       23	      59	min	             2
     	   Middle	Distance	Qualification	–	Stará	Ves	(1:10000,	E=5m)	      	
     	   Women	A	                        3.8	               110	       15	      25	min	             -
     	   Women	B	                        3.8	               120	       16	      25	min	             -
     	   Women	C	                        3.8	               110	       16	      25	min	             -
     	   Men	A	                          4.7	               135	       18	      26	min	             -
     	   Men	B	                          4.6	               140	       18	      25	min	             -
     	   Men	C	                          4.6	               130	       19	      25	min	             -
     	   Middle	Distance	Final	–	Stará	Ves	(1:10000,	E=5m)	 	
     	   Women	                          5.1	               190	       23	      35	min	             1
     	   Men	                            6.1	               215	       27	      35	min	             1
     	   Long	Distance	Final	-	Skřípov	(1:15000,	E=5m)	        	
     	   Women	                          12.4	              450	       34	      75	min	           3-4
     	   Men	                            17.5	              800	       37	      95	min	           4-5
     	   Relay	Final	-	Skřípov	(1:10000,	E=5m)	                	
     	   Women	leg	1	                    5.5-5.7	km	 250-270	m	        16	      37	min	             1
     	   Women	leg	2	                    5.5-5.7	km	 250-270	m	        16	      37	min	             1
     	   Women	leg	3	                    6.6-6.8	km	 280-290	m	        23	      46	min	             2
     	   Women	total	                    17.9	km	              	         	     120	min	
     	   Men	leg	1	                      7.8-8.0	km	 320-340	m	     24-25	      42	min	             2
     	   Men	leg	2	                      7.8-8.0	km	 320-340	m	     24-25	      42	min	             2
     	   Men	leg	3	                      8.4-8.6	km	 360-400	m	     26-28	      50	min	             2
     	   Men	total	                      24.3	km	              	         	     134	min	

13	Terrain	Description

Sprint Distance Qualification

	      Terrain	form	            Urban	terrain	located	225	metres	above	sea	level
	      	                        Very	flat	with	almost	no	climbing
	      Vegetation	              The	competition	zone	comprises	3	different	areas:
	      	                        -	residential	suburbs	built	in	the	1970s,	sporadic	vegetation	
	      	                        features	such	as	bushes,	flower	beds	and	isolated	trees
	      	                        -	urban	park	with	open	areas,	thickets	and	isolated	trees
	      	                        -	urban	centre,	with	a	minimum	of	vegetation	features
	      Runnability	             Very	good
	      Visibility	              Mostly	very	good,	reduced	in	some	densely	planted	parts	of	urban	parks
	      Paths	and	roads	         Mostly	paved	or	asphalted,	some	unpaved	paths	in	urban	parks

Sprint Distance Final

	      Terrain	form	            Urban	terrain	located	220-250	metres	above	sea	level
	      	                        Generally	flat	with	climbing	up	to	30	metres
	      Vegetation	              The	competition	zone	comprises	2	different	areas:
                                -		 rban	parkland	with	a	lot	of	detailed	vegetation	(flower	beds,	thickets,		 	
                                	 edges)	and	artifical	features	(statues,	monuments,	banks)	
	      	                        crossed	by	a	deep	watercourse
                                	 	historic	city	centre	comprising	a	combination	of	narrow	streets,	
	      	                        squares,	passages	and	fortification	walls,	with	very	few	vegetation	features
	      Runnability	             Very	good
	      Visibility	              Mostly	very	good,	reduced	in	some	densely	planted	parts	of	urban	parks
	      Paths	and	roads	         Mostly	paved	or	asphalted,	some	unpaved	paths	in	urban	parks

     Middle Distance Qualification and Final

     	      Terrain	form	                      Mountain	terrain	located	750-850	metres	above	sea	level
     	      Vegetation	                        Mostly	mountain	spruce	forest,	in	some	parts	quite	humid	including	
     	      	                                  	 xtensive	but	runnable	marshes,	in	some	parts	multiple	rock	
     	      	                                  and	stone	elements	including	a	little	„city	of	rocks“
     	      Runnability	                       Ranging	from	very	good	to	very	difficult
     	      Visibility	                        Mostly	good
     	      Paths	and	roads	                   Limited	network	of	forest	paths	and	roads

     Long Distance Qualification

     	      Terrain	form	                      Terrain	located	500-700	metres	above	sea	level
     	      	                                  Mountain-like	terrain	with	very	deep	valleys	in	the	western	part,	
     	      	                                  with	climbing	up	to	100	metres	,	sporadic	stones	or	man-made	terrain	
     	      	                                  elements	in	the	valley	slopes,	eastern	sector	is	generally	flat,	partly	humid
     	      Vegetation	                        Spruce	or	deciduous	mixed	forest,	a	lot	of	vegetation	features	like
     	      	                                  rootstocks,	isolated	or	distinctive	trees,	and	clearings
     	      Runnability	                       Mostly	good	with	undergrowth	in	some	parts
     	      Visibility	                        Mostly	good
     	      Paths	and	roads	                   Average	network	of	forest	paths	and	roads

     Long Distance Final and Relay

     	      Terrain	form	                      Terrain	located	440-640	metres	above	sea	level
     	      	                                  	 ypical	centro-European	terrain,	variety	of	terrain	elements,	
     	      	                                  a	lot	of	deep	valleys	and	erosion	gullies,	in	some	parts	steep	
     	      	                                  slopes	with	stony	ground,	sporadic	stone	outcrops
     	      Vegetation	                        Spruce	or	deciduous	mixed	forest,	a	lot	of	vegetation	features	like	
     	      	                                  rootstocks,	isolated	or	distinctive	trees,	and	clearings
     	      Runnability	                       Mostly	good,	difficult	in	steep	slopes	areas,	some	undergrowth	around	
     	      	                                  open	clearing	areas
     	      Visibility	                        Mostly	good
     	      Paths	and	roads	                   Average	network	of	forest	paths	and	roads

     14	Punching	System	and	Timekeeping

     The	punching	system	employed	for	all	WOC	2008	competitions	will	be	SPORTident.	The	SPORTident	control	cards	
     will	be	provided	by	the	organisers.	The	SI	cards	will	be	given	to	all	WOC	competitors	upon	their	accreditation	in	the	
     Event	Office.	They	will	be	used	for	all	the	WOC	events	and	must	be	returned,	in	one	package	per	team,	to	the	Event	
     Office	before	the	team	departs	after	the	championship.	A	charge	of	50	euros	for	each	lost	or	unreturned	SI	cards	will	
     be	made	to	the	Federation	held	responsible.	
     In	all	individual	competitions	the	start	times	will	be	determined	using	a	starting	gate.	The	finish	times	will	be	measu-
     red	by	photocells	at	the	point	where	the	runner	crosses	the	finish	line.	The	running	times	will	be	rounded	down	to	the	
     nearest	1.0	second,	except	in	the	Sprint	Final,	when	they	will	be	rounded	down	to	the	nearest	0.1	second.	

The	punching	and	timekeeping	equipment,	together	with	the	organisation	procedures	for	starting	and	finishing,	will	
be	explained	at	the	Technical	Model	Event	on	Saturday	12th	July,	close	to	the	WOC	Event	Centre	in	Olomouc-Neředín,	
from	16.00	to	18.00.
15	Start	Draws

The	start	draws	for	the	Sprint	Distance	Qualification,	Long	Distance	Qualification	and	Middle	Distance	Qualification	
races	will	be	realised	according	to	the	IOF	Foot	Orienteering	Competition	Rules	(Chapter	12),	under	the	supervision	
by	Event	Advisor.	There	will	be	no	public	draw.

16	Coaching	and	Team	Zones	

Team	zones
Team	Zones	are	restricted	areas	where	only	accredited	team	members	with	their	personal	WOC	2008	ID	card	will	have	
access	and	where	privacy	will	be	guaranteed	during	the	competitions.	The	Team	Zones	in	the	WOC	arenas	are	all	
within	100	m	of	the	finish	line.
In	the	Team	Zones	the	teams	will	be	provided	with	tents	by	the	organiser.	It´s	not	allowed	to	put	up	private	tents	in	
the	Team	Zones.	Shower	and	toilet	facililities	will	be	available	in	the	Team	Zones	of	all	arenas,	except	of	those	for	sprint	
qualification	and	sprint	final,	where	showers	won‘t	be	provided.

Coaching	zones
In	the	Long	Distance	Final,	Middle	Distance	Final	and	the	Relay	races	there	will	be	clearly	marked	Coaching	Zones,	no	
more	than	200	metres	from	the	finish,	where	team	coaches	may	encourage	and	assist	their	athletes	as	they	pass	by.	
Only	2	accredited	coaches	per	team	are	allowed	to	enter	these	zones.	In	order	to	maintain	a	high	level	of	fairness	the	
only	activities	allowed	in	the	coaching	zone	are:
	       Exchange	of	verbal	communication	with	athletes	-	no	written	information;
	       Exchange	of	personal	equipment	such	as	compasses,	shoes,	contact	lenses	etc;
	       Food	and	drinks	may	be	handed	out	personally	to	the	athletes.

The	 exchange	 of	 any	 information	 or	 material	 to	 or	 from	 athletes	 outside	 the	 official	 Coaching	 Zones	 is	 not	 per-

17	Start	Bibs	

During	WOC	Events	all	runners	must	wear	start	bibs	on	the	chest.	The	bib	numbers	will	be	handed	out	at	the	respecti-
ve	Team	Officials’	Meetings.
Just	prior	to	the	flower	and	prize-giving	ceremonies,	special	bibs	will	be	handed	out	to	the	runners	placed	between	
first	and	sixth	in	the	events,	and	these	must	be	worn	on	the	chest	during	the	ceremonies.

18	Clothing	

There	are	no	regulations	concerning	the	type	of	clothes	or	shoes	worn	by	runners.	It	is	recommended	to	cover	arms	
and	 legs	 to	 avoid	 tick	 bites.	 Increased	 occurrences	 of	 ticks	 transmitting	 boreliosis	 and/or	 encephalitis	 have	 been	
reported	in	the	competition	areas	for	the	Long	Distance	Qualification	and	the	Long	Distance	Final	and	Relay.

     19	Team	Officials’	Meetings

     All	Team	Officials’	Meetings	(TOMs)	will	be	held	in	the	WOC	Event	Centre	as	indicated	in	the	WOC	2008	Programme,	
     with	the	exception	of	the	TOM	on	Thursday	17th	July	which	will	be	held	in	the	Elementary	School	in	Rýmařov.	Only	
     accredited	WOC	participants	and	invited	guests	(IOF	officials,	organisers)	are	allowed	access	to	TOMs.	At	the	TOMs	the	
     start	bibs,	control	descriptions,	start	lists	and	further	official	information	will	be	distributed	to	the	teams.	All	informa-
     tion	will	be	available	15	minutes	prior	to	the	opening	of	the	TOM	in	the	meeting	hall.
     20	Peculiarities	of	WOC	2008

     The	Long	Distance	Final	race	will	include	a	forking	method.	More	details	will	be	included	in	Bulletin	n.4.

     21	Transport

     On	request,	we	can	organise	transport	for	teams	from	and	to	the	nearest	international	airports,	which	are	at	Brno,	Pra-
     gue,	Wien	and	Bratislava.	We	can	also	on	request	provide	transport	from	and	to	the	main	railway	stations	in	Olomouc	
     in	connection	with	trains	arriving	from	Prague	and	Wien.	The	organisers	can	also	provide	transport	to	and	from	Model	
     Events	and	WOC	event	arenas	for	any	teams	that	are	interested.
     Please	 send	 your	 transport	 requirements	 for	 transfers	 to	 and	 from	 Olomouc,	 Model	 and	WOC	 Events	 to	 the	WOC	
     Secretary,	Marek	Petrivalsky	(marek.petrivalsky@woc2008.cz),	by	31st	May	2008	at	the	latest,	to	receive	further	detai-
     led	information	and	prices.	

     For	rental	car	arrangements	we	recommend	Hertz,	the	official	car	rental	partner	of	WOC	2008	(	http://www.hertz.cz	).	
     To	receive	promotional	rates	please	quote	PC#	CZMS2008	when	you	make	your	reservation	(this	can	be	applied	only	
     when	making	the	reservation	by	email	rezervace@hertz.cz,	phone	+420	225	345	000	or	fax	+420	225	345	019).	The	
     rates	are	published	on	the	WOC	website,	http://www.woc2008.cz	,	section	For	teams/Transportation.

     Getting to and from WOC Events

     There	will	be	no	organised	transport	provided	by	the	WOC	organisers	to	WOC	Events,	except	for	the	Sprint	Qualifica-
     tion	and	Sprint	Final	–	more	details	will	be	published	in	Bulletin	4.
     To	travel	to	and	from	all	other	WOC	Events,	WOC	participants	are	expected	to	arrange	their	own	transport	at	their	own	
     expense	and	risk.	Meeting	points	at	which	WOC	participants	can	arrange	transport	will	be	determined	and	described	
     in	Bulletin	4.	Transport	from	these	meeting	points	to	the	Start	Area	or	Finish	Area	will	then	be	provided	by	the	organi-
     sers.	Upon	accreditation	in	the	Event	Office,	WOC	participants	will	receive	parking	cards	and	maps	with	descriptions	
     of	the	routes	to	all	meeting	points.	Please	note	that	only	vehicles	with	WOC	parking	cards	can	be	parked	in	the	special	
     parking	zones	at	the	event	arenas.

     22	Event	Centre

     The	official	Event	and	Media	Centre	of	WOC	2008	will	be	in	the	“Neředín”	campus	of	Palacký	University	in	Olomouc.	
     The	campus	is	the	home	of	the	Faculty	of	Physical	Education	and	provides	high	standard	accommodation,	of	suffici-
     ent	capacity	to	sleep	all	the	WOC	2008	participants	during	the	World	Championships.
     The	Event	Centre	of	WOC	2008	will	be	organised	in	an	„Olympic	village“	manner	with	all	facilities	located	close	to	one	
     another	(the	maximum	distance	between	them	will	be	just	200	metres):	


	     	 The	central	WOC	building	including	the	Event	Office,	Team	Officials’	Meeting	Hall,	Media	Centre,	and	several	
classrooms	or	gyms	for	team	meetings
	     	 Two	accommodation	blocks	of	the	University	halls	of	residence,	with			a	total	capacity	of	500	beds
	     	 Dining	facilities	in	the	University	restaurant

As	mentioned	above,	in	the	building	accommodating	the	WOC	Event	Office,	classrooms	will	be	available	for	team	
meetings,	some	of	them	equipped	with	a	PC	and	data	projector,	and	2	small	gyms	for	warming-up	sessions.	The	use	
of	meeting	rooms	is	not	included	in	the	WOC	Accreditation	fee.	
The	booking	of	meeting	rooms	during	the	WOC	will	be	organised	by	the	Event	Office,	but	if	you	wish	to	reserve	such	
facilities	in	advance	please	contact	the	WOC	Secretary	at	marek.petrivalsky@woc2008.cz

Head	of	the	Event	Office:	David	Kabáth
Phone	contact:	+	420	776	849	531
E-mail	contact:	office@woc2008.cz

WOC	Event	Centre	address:
Faculty	of	Physical	Education	(FTK)
Palacky	University
Tř.	Míru	115,	771	11	Olomouc

GPS	coordinates	of	the	WOC	Event	Centre	in	Olomouc:	49°35‘40‘‘	N			17°12‘49‘‘	E.	

Event	Centre	opens	on	Friday	10th	July	10.00	hrs.	

     23	Accommodation	
     Special offer of accommodation arrangement and booking
     We	are	fully	aware	of	the	importance	of	providing	a	peaceful,	comfortable	environment	for	the	accommodation	of	top	
     class	athletes.	All	National	Teams	are	thus	offered	the	opportunity	to	reserve	complete	self-catering	apartments	within	
     the	University	halls	of	residence.	Each	apartment	block	is	self-contained	and	has	two	kitchens	and	four	independent	
     WC/shower	rooms.	The	ground	floor	and	upper	floor	apartment	units	have	differing	configurations:	
     -	up	to	13	persons	in	9	rooms	for	the	apartments	on	the	first	and	higher	floors	(5	single-	and	4	double-bed	rooms)	
     -	up	to	12	persons	in	8	rooms	for	the	ground	floor	apartments	(4	single-	and	4	double-bed	rooms)
     If	you	decide	to	book	an	entire	apartment,	you	will	be	able	to	enjoy	the	independent	and	undisturbed	organisation	
     of	your	team	life.	This	means,	however,	that	you	must	pay	the	whole	price	for	the	apartment,	regardless	of	how	many	
     beds	you	plan	to	use.	Please	note	that	when	renting	the	entire	apartment	you	are	not	allowed	to	use	it	for	accommo-
     dating	more	people	than	the	stated	sleeping	capacity	of	the	beds!

     The booking of entire apartments by teams is subject to room availability and will be distributed strictly on a first
     come – first served basis. If this option interests you, you are strongly advised to book as soon as possible.

     Mixed team accommodation
     We	also	offer	all	national	teams	an	accommodation	option	based	on	the	exact	number	of	beds	required.	In	this	case	
     the	teams	sharing	the	same	apartment	unit	must	bear	in	mind	that	they	will	have	less	privacy	-	corridors,	kitchens,	
     WCs	and	showers	are	shared	with	other	participants	lodged	in	the	same	apartment.	

     How to book your team’s accommodation:
     You	can	book	your	team	accommodation	on	the	basis	of	the	number	of	members	in	your	team	using	the	official	on-
     line	entry	form	on	the	WOC	website.	As	this	on-line	form	does	not	differentiate	between	different	accommodation	
     options,	you	are	advised	to	contact	the	WOC	accommodation	manager,	Robert	Zdráhal,	to	discuss	the	options	availa-
     ble	and	to	reserve	your	chosen	accommodation	in	the	halls	of	residence.	
     Robert	Zdráhal
     Phone:	office	+420	585	242	472,	mobil	+420	602	805	696
     e-mail:	robert.zdrahal@woc2008.cz

     You	can	find	more	details	on	accommodation	options,	including	plans	and	photos	of	the	apartments	in	the	halls	of	
     residence	of	residence,	on	the	WOC	website.
     The	official	confirmation	of	your	accommodation	reservation,	together	with	all	necessary	details,	will	be	sent	together	
     with	your	invoice,	after	31	May.

     24	Dining	Service
     The	dining	arrangements	for	Federation	Teams	will	be	provided	according	to	their	requirements	as	specified	on	the	
     WOC	on-line	entry	form.	All	teams	will	receive	the	meal	tickets	corresponding	to	their	requests	following	accreditati-
     on	at	the	Event	Office.
     On	rest	days,	all	meals	for	teams	lodging	in	the	Event	Centre	will	be	served	in	the	University	restaurant.	Proposed	
     dining	hours	are	06.00	to	08.30	for	breakfast,	12.00	to	15.00	for	lunch	and	18.00	to	21.30	for	the	evening	meal.
     On	competition	days,	for	WOC	participants	who	have	ordered	lunch,	two	options	will	be	available:
     A)	Hot	meals	in	the	field	restaurants	of	the	WOC	Arenas	

B)	Cold	lunch	packs,	to	be	collected	in	the	morning	from	the	University	restaurant.	Requests	for	these	must	be	made	
in	advance,	by	12.00	at	the	latest	on	the	previous	day,	at	the	WOC	Event	Office.		

More	details	of	dining	arrangements	will	be	given	in	Bulletin	4.	

25	Accreditation	
All	registered	participants	of	WOC	2008,	including	team	members,	IOF	officials,	media	representatives	and	guests	are	
kindly	requested	to	check	in	for	accreditation	at	the	WOC	Event	Office	in	the	WOC	Event	Centre	in	Olomouc-Neředín	
upon	their	arrival.	Each	registered	team	member	must	present	his	or	her	personal	passport	before	he	or	she	is	accre-
dited.	A	personal	WOC	ID	card	with	photo	and	coloured	access	rights	codes	will	be	handed	out	at	accreditation.	All	
accredited	persons	must	wear	their	WOC	ID	card	at	all	relevant	times	-	it	must	be	presented	for	access	to	permitted	
zones,	and	this	is	based	on	the	coloured	access	rights	codes.

26	Weather

Usually	in	July	the	weather	in	the	Olomouc	district	is	warm	and	pleasant	(between	25	and	30°	C),	though	be	prepared	
also	for	the	occasional	rainy	day	when	the	temperature	can	drop	to	10°	C!	
Weather	forecasts	for	the	WOC	2008	region	will	be	given	at	the	Team	Officials’	Meetings.

27	Training	opportunities

A) Individual training programmes
Individual	training	programmes	and	races	can	also	be	arranged	on	request.	Please	consult	the	WOC	2008	web	page	at	
www.woc2008.cz	for	updated	information	concerning	official	and	individual	training	opportunities	and	the	training	
map	offer.	
For	 information	 concerning	 WOC	 2008	 training	 please	 contact:	 Martina	 Jindřišková,	 Email:	 training@woc2008.cz;	
mobile:	+420	733	152	581.

B)	Selection	races
Selection	races	for	national	teams	will	be	organised	during	the	weekend	of	28th-29th	June	2007.	Following	selection	
races	arranged	by	the	WOC	organisers	will	take	place	as	follows:
Sprint	–	on	the	morning	of	Friday	27th	June,	in	Šumperk	
Middle	–	on	the	morning	of	Tuesday	24th	June	and	on	the	afternoon	of	Friday	27th	June,	at	Žďárský	Potok	
Long	–	on	the	afternoon	of	Thursday	26th	June	and	on	the	morning	of	Sunday	29th	June,		at	Jedovnice

All	teams	interested	in	running	in	these	selection	races	are	invited	to	contact	Martina	Jindřišková,	
Email:	training@woc2008.cz

     28	Visas

     According	to	the	current	regulations,	citizens	of	the	following	IOF	full	member	countries	must	obtain	a	visa	in	order	
     to	enter	the	Czech	Republic:
     Belarus,	 Colombia,	 People’s	 Republic	 of	 China,	 Kazakhstan,	 North	 Korea,	 Moldova,	 Russia,	Turkey,	 Ukraine,	 Croatia,	
     Republic	Serbia,	South	Africa.
     Visas	have	to	be	applied	for	at	your	nearest	Czech	Embassy.	Invitation	letters	from	WOC	organisers	are	required,	and	
     these	may	be	obtained	by	contacting	the	WOC	Secretary	at	marek.petrivalsky@upol.cz.

     Please	note	that	conditions	of	entry	to	the	Czech	Republic	can	change,	and	all	WOC	participants	are	advised	to	keep	
     abreast	of	the	current	situation	by	consulting	their	local	Czech	Embassy	-	see	the	website:	
     http://www.czechembassy.org	.

     29	Entries

     A	continually	updated	summary	of	Federation	team	entries	for	WOC	2008	is	published	on	the	WOC	2008	website,	
     http://www.woc2008.cz	(link	For	spectators/National	teams).	The	deadline	for	submitting	team	entries	is	31st	May	

     Final	entries	for	Federation	teams,	including	the	full	name,	sex,	date	of	birth	and	passport-size	photo	of	each	athlete	
     and	team	official	must	be	fed	into	the	on-line	entry	form	on	the	WOC	website	by	2nd	July	2008	at	the	very	latest.	
     There	is	no	entry	fee	for	national	teams	from	the	following	countries:	Democratic	People‘s	Republic	of	Korea	(PRK),	
     Turkey	(TUR),	Colombia	(COL),	Liechtenstein	(LIE)	and	Chinese	Taipei	(TPE).	The	WOC	2008	organisers	deem	it	appro-
     priate	to	waive	such	charges	for	runners	from	these	five	countries,		where	orienteering	as	a	sport	is	still	very	much	in	
     its	infancy.
     Entries	and	reservations	for	accommodation,	board	and	transport	will	only	be	valid	once	we	receive	full	payment,	
     which	must	be	submitted	not	later	than	15th	June	2008	(see	Payments).

     30	Media	Services

     All	media	representatives	are	welcome	to	come	and	cover	all	the	WOC	2008	events.	The	Media	Centre,	together	with	
     the	Event	Centre,	will	be	situated	in	the	main	building	of	the	“Neředín”	campus	of	Palacký	University	in	the	western	
     outskirts	of	Olomouc,	where	the	majority	of	the	WOC	2008	participants	will	be	accommodated.	Full	media	services	
     and	facilities	as	well	as	high	capacity	internet	connections	will	be	available	there.	
     Media	facilities	will	also	be	available	in	the	arenas	for	all	the	events,	i.e.	the	qualifying	races	and	finals	for	Sprint,	Middle	
     Distance	and	Long,	as	well	as	in	the	arena	for	Relays.	Press	conferences	will	be	held	after	each	final	event.

Opening hours of the Media Centre:

	               	                       Media	Centre	Olomouc	-	Neředín	               WOC	Arena
Sat	12	July	    	                       10:00	–	22:30	                                -
Sun	13	July	    Sprint	Qual		           08:00-12:00
	               Sprint	Final	           08:00	-	9.00,	12.00-16.00,	18.00-22.30	       14:00-20:30
Mon	14	July	    	                       10:00	-	22:30	                                -
Tue	15	July	    Long	Qual	              08:00	-	09:00,	13:00-22:30	                   08:30-14:00
Wed	16	July	    IOF/VIP/media	race	     10.00	-	22:30	                                -
Thu	17	July	    Middle	Qual	+	Final	    08:00	-	09:00,	18:00-22:30	                   08:30-20:30
Fri	18	July	    	                       10.00	–	22:30	                                -
Sat	19	July	    Long	Final	             08:00	–	09:00	,	14:00-22:30	                  08:30-14:00
Sun	20	July	    Relay	                  08:00	–	09:00	,	14:00-19:00	                  08:00-15:00

The	WOC	homepage	will	offer	a	complete	database,		with	information	on	all	participating	athletes,	with	their	results	
records	from	other	important	international	competitions.	The	WOC	Media	Centre	will	also	provide	an	official	event	
service	including	photos	taken	during	the	competitions.	These	will	be	offered	at	the	WOC	website	for	downloading	in	
high	resolution	quality	for	accredited	media	representatives.

Photo	zones	for	accredited	photographers	will	be	available	in	the	arenas	and	there	will	also	be	a	photo	zone	adjacent	
to	one	of	the	one	control	points	in	competition	area,	though	the	number	of	photographers	permitted	at	any	one	such	
site	might	be	limited.

For	media	representatives,	we	recommend	the	Hotel	Flora	on	the	western	edge	of	Olomouc	city	centre.	It	is	located	
2.5	km	from	the	Media	Centre,	easily	accessed	by	frequent	direct	tram	services.	
The	hotel	offers	various	grades	of	accommodation	and	wi-fi	internet	connections.	For	full	details	and	prices,	please	
visit	the	http://www.woc2008.cz	website.	For	WOC	2008	visiting	media	representatives,	reduced	room	rates	are	off-
ered	for	the	period	of	10th	-	21st	July	2008,	if	accommodation	is	booked	using	the	WOC	2008	website	registration	

Media Race
The	VIP,	Media	and	IOF	Race	will	be	held	on	Wednesday	16th	July	from	15:30	on	the	Véska	golf	course,	as	part	of	the	
programme	for	Day	2	of	the	World	Trail	Orienteering	Championships.	More	details	can	be	found	on	the	VIP/Media/IOF	
race	and	supporting	social	event	programme,	which	will	be	included	in	Bulletin	4.	There	will	be	no	entry	fee	for	the	
VIP/Media/IOF	race.

Media Registration
For	entry	to	WOC	events	and	booking	of	accommodation	and	other	services,	please	fill	in	the	registration	form	in	the	
Media	section	of	the	http://www.woc2008.cz	website.	The	latest	date	for	registration	is	31	May	2008.	The	reservations	
requested	will	only	be	confirmed	if	the	payment	due	has	been	received	by	15	June	2008.	
WOC	2008	Media	Director:	
Petr	Kadeřávek
E-mail:	petr.kaderavek@woc2008.cz
Mobile:	+420	605	766	591	

     31	IOF	Guests	and	IOF	Congress

     The	XXIV	IOF	Congress	and	General	Assembly	will	be	organised	in	conjunction	with	the	World	Championships	2008.

     The	official	Congress	programme	is	as	follows:
     Wednesday	16th	July:	       IOF	Pre-General	Assembly	Seminar,	IOF/Media/VIP	Race	
     Friday	18th	July:		         XXIV	IOF	Ordinary	General	Assembly

     The	IOF	Congress,	IOF	Pre-General	Assembly	Seminar	and	all	IOF	meetings	will	be	held	in	the	Tennis	Club	Hotel	in	
     Prostějov	(	http://www.tennis-club.cz	).

     We	also	recommend	the	Tennis	Club	Hotel	in	Prostějov	for	accommodation	for	IOF	delegates	and	guests,	and	attrac-
     tive	discounts	on	the	standard	room	rates	are	on	offer	for	those	involved	in	the	WOC	2008.

     An	 accreditation	 form	 with	 full	 details	 and	 prices	 is	 available	 on	 the	WOC	 website,	 http://www.woc2008.cz	 .	 Here	
     IOF	delegates	and	guests	can	register	and	also	book	accommodation,	meals,	transport	and	other	services.	Once	you	
     have	registered,	the	WOC	organisers	will	you	send	the	invoice	for	the	services	you	have	booked.	Accommodation	and	
     accreditation	will	only	be	confirmed	when	the	corresponding	payment	has	been	received,	and	the	deadline	for	this	
     is	30th	June	2008.

     Accommodation	 bookings	 for	 IOF	 delegates	 and	 guests	 must	 reach	 the	WOC	 2008	 office	 no	 later	 than	 30th	 April	
     2008.	The	number	of	rooms	available	in	the	Tennis	Club	Hotel	is	limited,	so	once	this	establishment	is	fully	booked,	
     alternative	accommodation	will	be	arranged	in	nearby	hotels	in	the	centre	of	Prostějov.	Please,	therefore,	endeavour	
     to	reserve	your	accommodation	as	soon	as	possible!

     Contact	person	for	IOF	guests	is	Jiří	Šubrt,	jiri.subrt@woc2008.cz	.

     32	Payment
     WOC Participants
     Based	on	the	final	entries	received,	which	must	be	submit	by	31	May	2008	at	the	very	latest	on	the	WOC	on–line	entry	
     forms,	by	7	June	the	Czech	Orienteering	Federation	will	send	all	participating	Federation	two	separate	invoices:
     a)	    for	the	event	entry	fee	(payable	to	Czech	Orienteering	Federation)
     b)	    for	accommodation,	meals	and	banquet	(payable	to	Česká	orientační,	s.r.o.)

     Please	note	that	all	the	payer	is	responsible	for	paying	all	bank	charges	that	may	be	applied	to	transactions.		
     Entries,	bookings	and	reservations	will	not	be	valid	until	we	receive	the	full	payment.

     Invoicing	address	-	Entry	Fees	for	Federation	Teams
     Beneficiary:		                         Český	svaz	orientačního	běhu,	Zátopkova	100/2,	160	17	Praha	6
     Account	No.	:		                        1716809504
     Beneficiary’s	Account	No.	(IBAN):		    CZ76	0600	0000	0017	1680	9504
     Beneficiary’s	Bank	name	and	address:		 GE	Money	Bank,	Vítězné	náměstí	2,	160	00	Praha	6
     Bank	Identification	Code	(SWIFT):		    AGBACZPP

     Invoicing	address	-	Accommodation	and	Board	of	Federation	Teams
     Beneficiary:		                     Česká	orientační,	s.r.o.,	Zátopkova	100/2,	160	17	Praha	6
     Account	No.	:		                    180463343

Beneficiary’s	Account	No.	(IBAN):		    CZ61	0600	0000	0001	8046	3343
Beneficiary’s	Bank	name	and	address:		 GE	Money	Bank,	Vítězné	náměstí	2,	160	00	Praha	6
Bank	Identification	Code	(SWIFT):		    AGBACZPP

IOF Oficials and VIP Guests
IOF	Officials	and	VIP	Guests	will	receive	just	one	invoice	covering	the	payment	of	the	accreditation	fee,	accommoda-
tion,	meals,	banquet	and	any	other	services	requested.
Please	note	that	the	payer	is	responsible	for	paying	all	bank	charges	that	might	be	applied	to	transactions.
Entries	will	not	be	valid	until	we	receive	the	full	payment.

Invoicing	address	–	Entries	of	IOF	Officials	and	WOC	Guests
Beneficiary:		                          Česká	orientační,	s.r.o.,	Zátopkova	100/2,	160	17	Praha	6
Account	No.	:		                         180463343
Beneficiary’s	Account	No.	(IBAN):		     CZ61	0600	0000	0001	8046	3343
Beneficiary’s	Bank	name	and	address:		 GE	Money	Bank,	Vítězné	náměstí	2,	160	00	Praha	6
Bank	Identification	Code	(SWIFT):		     AGBACZPP

33	Welcome	to	the	Orienteering	Festival	2008

A	warm	invitation	is	extended	all	orienteers	to	participate	in	the	Orienteering	Festival	2008,	a	six-day	international	
orienteering	event	to	be	held	concurrently	with	the	World	Orienteering	Championship	2008.	The	competitions	are	
open	to	participants	from	all	over	the	world,	and	of	all	ages.	
WOC	 2008	 participants	 who	 do	 not	 qualify	 for	 final	 WOC	 races	 and	 the	 team	 officials	 have	 free	 ent-
ry	 to	 Orienteering	 Festival	 2008.	 If	 possible,	 please	 enter	 in	 the	 ordinary	 way	 as	 the	 other	 competi-
tors,	 by	 filling	 in	 and	 sending	 the	 entrance	 form,	 which	 can	 be	 downloaded	 from	 the	 website	 of	 OF	 2008,	
http://www.woc2008.cz/en/public-race.	If	not	possible	to	do	this	in	advance,	the	entry	can	be	applied	in	the	Event	
office,	two	days	before	the	race.

OF 2008 Program

Date	             OF	2008	     Event	        Start	        Venue	                    WOC	2008	           WOC	
Sun	13	July	      	            	             	             	                         Sprint	Q	/	         Morning	/	
	                 	            	             	             	                         Sprint	F	           Afternoon
Mon	14	July	      E1	          Long	         10:00	        Čechy	pod	Kosířem	
Tue	15	July	      E2	          Long	         13:00	        Dalov	                    Long	Q	             Morning
Wen	16	July	      E3	          Middle	       10:00	        Bělkovice-Laštany	        	
Thu	17	July	      E4	          Middle	       12:00	        Stará	Ves	u	Rýmařova	     Middle	Q	/	         Morning	/	
	                 	            	             	             	                         Middle	F	           Afternoon
Fri	18	July	      E5	          Middle	       10:00	        Olešnice	                 	
Sat	19	July	      E6	          Middle	       14:00	        Skřípov	                  Long	Final	         Morning
Sun	20	July	      	            	             	             	                         Relay	              Morning

More	information	about	OF	2008,	including	entry	forms	and	details	of	accommodation,	meals	and	transport	arrange-
ments	can	be	found	on	the	OF	web	pages,	http://www.woc2008.cz/en/public-race	.

     34	Welcome	to	World	Trail	Orienteering	Championships	2008	

     Parallel	to	the	WOC	2008	events,	Olomouc	is	hosting	the	World	Trail	Orienteering	Championships	2008	between	12	
     and	16	July	2008.	This	will	be	the	first-ever	major	international	trail	orienteering	event	in	the	Czech	Republic.	The	
     WTOC	2008	organisers	will	be	delighted	to	welcome	both	world-class	elite	trail	orienteering	athletes	and	all	others	
     who	enjoy	this	sport	to	take	part	in	a	number	of	public	events	in	and	around	Olomouc.

     For	more	information	on	WTOC	2008,	
     please	visit	http://www.wtoc2008.cz

     35	Information
     For	further	information	on	WOC	2008,
     	please	contact	the	WOC	2008	Organising	Committee:	
     WOC	2008
     Legionářská	12
     77200	Olomouc	                                                                         Final details of all events will be published
                                                                                                     in WOC 2008’s Bulletin 4,
     Czech	Republic	
                                                                                                     which will be distributed
     Tel:		+420	585	203	836	(office)                                                                    at the Event Centre
     Tel:	+420	602	559	996	(mobile)                                                                      upon your arrival.
                                                                                                        We look forward to
     E-mail:	marek.petrivalsky@woc2008.cz                                                                seeing you soon
     Web:	http://www.woc2008.cz                                                                            in Olomouc!

                                                                                                                                      Olomouc, Horní náměstí; Photo: Jiří Fajt

                    WOC	2008
                Legionářská	12
               772	00	Olomouc
                Czech	Republic
         Tel:	+420	585	203	836
E-mail:	woc2008@woc2008.cz
Web:	http://www.woc2008.cz

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