SIlverlight by xiangpeng


                        Silverlight Exploration
• James Alexander
• Edward Baker
• Andrew Carolla
• Jess Davis
• Anna Demas
• Sarah Merchant
• Matthew Robinson
• Kevin Thomas
• Nathanael Wolfe
              Project Overview
• Explore and showcase the Microsoft Expressions
  software and Silverlight plug-in.
• Develop a web application which will help families share
  their everyday lives, communicate easier, and manage
• To document every step of our exploration, challenges
  and failures, successes and innovations via our blog, We want to craft this blog in such
  a way that it becomes not only our story, but also a
  resource for developers and designers alike.
            Project Objectives
1. Research the potential of Microsoft Expressions
   software and Silverlight plug-in.
2. Explore basic user interactions from both design and
   developer perspectives.
3. Explore development beyond Javascript. Utilize C#
   programming language and the Visual Studio 2008
4. Explore the implementation of Adobe software into both
   Microsoft Expressions software and Silverlight.
5. Document explorations via our blog,
6. Develop a web application.
              Target Audience Blog
• Any designer, developer, or enthusiast who is interested
  in the potential of these Microsoft technologies.

Web Application
• Families who use, or wish to use Internet based
  technologies to communicate at a more integrated level.
              Deliverables List Blog
• A running deliverable that showcases Microsoft
  Expressions software and Silverlight plug-in.

Web Application
• A finished web application that showcases Microsoft
  Expressions software and Silverlight plug-in.
                   Blog Outline
•   Installation
•   Designer
•   Developer
•   General
•   Widgets
Blog Design
       Web Application Features
•   Customized Family Member Tabs
•   Family Tree Structure With Individual Member Profiles
•   Photo Gallery with Commenting Capabilities
•   Video Gallery with Titling/Text Features
•   Text Messaging/AOL IM API (optional)
•   Calendar/Schedule/Alerts
•   Stories/Gossip/News Bulletin Board
        Web Application Usability
•   Limited sharing with extended family.
•   Easy and simple to use. Icon Driven.
•   Easy up to update.
•   Secure and safe for all ages.
•   Tool tips for main features.
Design Comp
    Equipment & Technologies
Operating System
• Windows XP/Vista

Organizational Tools
• Base Camp
• Google Docs
      Equipment & Technologies
•   Silverlight 1.1 Alpha
•   Microsoft Expression Design
•   Microsoft Expression Blend 2
•   Microsoft Expression Web
•   Microsoft Expression Media
•   Microsoft Visual Studio 2008
•   Adobe Creative Suite 3

• C#
• Javascript
         Client Responsibilities
1. Provide Software for exploration past 60-day trial.
2. Provide found resources and professional contacts to
   further our research of these Microsoft technologies.
3. Critique and follow our process on a regular basis.
4. Inform Xamlhouse team of Effective UI’s projects that
   potentially explore the said technologies.
5. Inform Xamlhouse team of how our research and
   exploration will benefit Effective UI in industry.
             Team Organization
•   Project Manager - Ed
•   Art Director - Nate
•   Content Manager - Jim
•   Head of Technologies – Anna
•   Developers – Andy, Jess, Anna
•   Designers – Matt, Kevin, Jim, Ed, Nate, Sarah
                  Project Schedule
Winter – learn, plan
•   week 1 - “what is silverlight”
•   week 2 - waiting for software/ reading blogs
•   week 3 - installing software
•   week 4 - exploring software / toolbox and examples
•   week 5 - brainstorming for project, research
•   week 6 - research, project plan outline, presentation
•   week 7 - further wireframes and comps
•   week 8 - refine comps - explore technologies
•   week 9 - refine comps - explore technologies (examples)
•   week 10 - refine comps - program components, paper usability testing
•   week 11 - refine comps - program components, paper usability testing
                Project Schedule
Spring – execute, refine, launch
•   week 1 – execute main structure
•   week 2 – execute user profiles
•   week 3 – execute family tree/ tabs
•   week 4 – execute photo gallery
•   week 5 – execute video gallery
•   week 6 – execute calendar, begin usability testing
•   week 7 – execute bulletin board
•   week 8 – execute live chat
•   week 9 - tweak and refine, final usability testing
•   week 10 – tweak and refine
•   week 11 – tweak, refine, launch live web application.
         Critical Success Factors
1.   Showcase the Potential of Silverlight/Expression
2.   Ease of use, simplicity, Icon driven
3.   Cross generation appeal
4.   User attraction/satisfaction

• my
                 What They Do
•   Cluttered, Rigid, Overwhelming design
•   Not for the technically challenged
•   overwhelming amount of features
•   Membership levels, the better ones cost money
•   Heavy application look and feel
             What We Will Do
• Symbol and Icon driven for greater usability
• Minimal design to reduce clutter and increase emphasis
• Clean, timeless design that isn't trendy.
• More emphasis on communicating and sharing as
  opposed to simply connecting.
• Environment based
• Free to register
Reading Assignment
                     Office Matters
• The less offices/possessions signifying rank, the happier and
  more creative employees will be.
   o Give all workers a view
   o Take room that would have been for executives, and make it common
     areas that encourage meeting and discussions.
• Watch the fine line of filling the space with employees to make a
  more filling, busier workspace.
   o Make sure not to squeeze everyone in like sardines.
   o However, too much space is like having too much time for a deadline,
     we'll gladly take it, but it doesn't necessarily help get the job done
• Creativity grows if people are allowed to personalize their space
  without repercussions.
•    Toolboxes with others work, and random items help the
  starting processes.
Happy Accidents & Misconceptions
• Allow your product to go with the flow. Many products
  become famous for uses that they were not originally
• Sometimes accidents create products
Happy Accidents & Misconceptions
  • "Subscribe and Surf"
      • Look at various websites and magazines for new innovative ideas
  • "Play Director"
      • Break the world down into scenes like you are a movie director
  • "Hold an Open House"
      • Invite people to come in and give you suggestions on what you are
        doing, with food, pictures and get comments and ideas
  • "Inspire Advocates"
      • Have people who have areas where they are passionate, and who you
        can go to for resources
  • "Hire Outsiders"
      • Hire people whose backgrounds are slightly different than what you do.
  • "Change Hats"
      • Become the person who will be using your product and see what they
        would want in the product
             Outside The Box
Barriers & Bridges
  • There are many things that keep people from being
    creative, and many things that help them
  • Barriers:
     • Hierarchy-Based
        • Innovation and structure don't mix
     • Bureaucracy
        • Having to fill out forms before every project does not
          encourage creativity
     • Anonymous
        • Places where you have to play it safe do not encourage
               Outside The Box
Barriers & Bridges
     • Clean
        • If you desk has to be clean and restricted, you can't "think
          outside the box"
     • Experts
        • Being an expert may cut you off from learning new things and
          doing things differently
               Outside The Box
Barriers & Bridges
  • Bridges:
     • Merit-Based
         • Ideas can come from any source
     • Autonomy
         • Being able to control your own destiny means you might take risks.
           Some of those risks might be great
     • Familiar
         • Being close to your co-workers makes a more comfortable area
           and surroundings to work in
     • Messy
         • Having a place that you can make your own, means that you are
           more comfortable when you create
     • Thinkers
         • People who are thinkers are tweaking things and improve
           themselves and their work and bring projects to new levels
               Outside The Box
Good Products or services are like generous hosts
   • Sounds on computers
   • Record Albums
   • Aspirin
Humans are habitual people
   • Wine Corks
   • "Good Rituals don't die, they just get reinvented"
      • Legos
Going beyond typical processes
   • Running with Al Gore
   • Isuzus
• Things Learned
  o Technology happens
  o Workflow

• Anticipated Future Hurdles
  o   Technological restrictions and adaption
  o   Time limitations
  o   Lack of technical support
  o   Ratio of developers to designers

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