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									The Observer 01-2009
                                              Dear Readers,                              tice events and numerous other
    The Observer                              This issue of the Observer marks           internal training exercises. In
                                              the end of a challenging 1st Quar-         March-April 2009 the DJSE along
    Serving the military, civilians and
    family members of ALCC HQ HD              ter in 2009. As the Headquarters           with the Command Group from
    Lt. Gen. Roland Kather
                                              continues its transformation to a          Joint Command Lisbon and the
    Commander                                 Force Command Headquarters,                ARRC deployed to Elmpt in order
    Lt. Col. Hans-Joachim Gemballa            personnel of the DJSE are poised           to demonstrate to external audi-
    Ch, Public Affairs Officer                to accomplish the goal of fully            ences the viability of the DJSE
    Editor                                    operational capability certifica-          concept. The next step will be
    1Sgt. Major Morreels                      tion and assume NATO Response              to certify the DJSE as fully op-
    Techn. Multimedia
                                              Force (NRF) 13 standby.                    erational capable during exercise
    Published four times each year,
    The Observer is an authorized,
                                                 Soldiers of the Headquarters            STEADFAST JUNCTURE 09, in
    unofficial publication.                   Support Group along with sup-              Norway at the end of May 2009.
    Its aim is to inform headquarters         port from NAMSA, accomplished              This spring issue of the Observer
    personnel and their family members.
    Opinions expressed in this publication    a significant task by setting up           focuses on the achievements
    are those of the authors and do not       Command Post 156 for exercise              so far, and also on a few other
    reflect official policy.
                                              STEADFAST SHELTER in Elmpt,                events which were conducted at
    Suggestions for articles, comments and
                                              Germany. During this time, the             the beginning of 2009. For me
    contributions are welcome and should
    be directed to the editor.                Operational Preparation Directo-           it is time to say goodbye to our
    The editor reserves the right to edit     rate successfully evaluated Sol-           leadership as I will take on an-
                                              diers of the Forward Support Ele-          other assignment in the national
    Public Affairs Office
    Postfach 102620
                                              ment. Additionally, members of             environment. I want to say thank
    D-69016 Heidelberg                        the Forward Element of the DJSE            you to all contributors and en-
    (Bldg 8, Campbell Barracks)               were carefully preparing them-             courage everybody in the Head-
    Phone: 06221.398.5316
    Fax: 06221.398.5349                       selves through a series of training        quarters to continue providing
    Email:                  events to enhance their ability            the editor with stories reflecting
    Printed by:                               to act as the Forward Element of           the achievements we are making.
    ABT Print und Medien GmbH                 Joint Command Lisbon.                          Let me close with saying that
    Bruchsaler Straße 5
    69469 Weinheim                               To accomplish their goals, the          was impressed me the most dur-
    Phone: 0 62 01/18 90-0                    Forward Element participated in            ing my nearly four years in the
                                              many other activities in Heidel-           Command was the comradeship,
    Visit our web site at   berg prior to deploying to Elmpt,          especially during training exer-
                                              to include workshops, short no-            cises. Keep that spirit up!

    Commanders Message............................... 3           NATO Response Force .............................. 10
    A good way to wrap up ............................. 4         Deployable Joint Staff Element ................. 11
    Deployable Joint Staff Element (DJSE)......... 5              ALCC HQ Heidelberg ............................... 16
    Starting up again! ...................................... 7   Winter Warfare Training ........................... 17
    G7 Workshop 2009-1 ................................ 8         Nothing happens until it moves! .............. 20
    NATO member countries ............................ 9          Visits ........................................................ 23
Finally, Spring is in the air! The ar-    Command Lisbon also participated               The Commander Joint Force Com-
rival of Spring allows us to tackle the   with a response cell as JHQ Main.          mand Brunssum, General Ramms,
implementation of the Deployable             The Operational Preparation Di-         held his first Commanders’ Confer-
Joint Staff Element Concept with          rectorate from SHAPE was on site to        ence here in Heidelberg this past
renewed energy. We continue to            evaluate and certify our Forward Sup-      February with a focus on the ongoing
train and work hard to achieve Full       port Element – well done, congratula-      PE review and ISAF operations. Also,
Operational Capability for DJSE 2 by      tions to the team!                         this year’s first Bi-LCC Corps Com-
1 July 2009. Achieving Full Opera-           Once again in late March we             manders’ Conference in Lille, right
tional Capability is our main focus       returned to Elmpt (and to Lisbon)          after the April NATO Summit, brought
and in order to reach our goal, we        for NRF 13 Battle Staff Training. This     together the NATO Response Force
are undergoing an ambitious training      was an excellent opportunity to train      Structure leadership with representa-
schedule throughout the first half of     the interoperability between the JHQ       tives from the NATO Command Struc-
2009.                                     Forward Element and the JHQ Main.          ture. Very fittingly, the conference
   January and February were ex-          This exercise was a first-rate test-run    motto was “60 years of NATO”, and
tremely busy training months with         to operate as one seamless Head-           we, as a Headquarters, will celebrate
the aim of deepening our knowledge        quarters. The ability to operate as one    this anniversary in October (more to
of the DJSE concept and procedures        seamless Headquarters is extremely         follow). For now, let me say, ‘Happy
and with familiarizing ourselves with     important in order to overcome the         Birthday, NATO.’ The Alliance has
new software and new collaborative        “us” and “them” mentality and to           come a long way since 1949 and we
tools. In February, during Exercise       work as one team.                          are all proud to be members of the
STEADFAST SHELTER in Elmpt/DEU               There is no doubt about it; we          NATO family.
we were given our first opportunity       have come a long way to reach Full             At the combined Allied Chiefs of
to test NATO’s Command Post 156, a        Operational Capability for DJSE 2,         Army Staff Talks/Land Command-
mobile command post which will be         thanks to everyone’s hard work. Still      ers’ Conference in Canada in June,
used by the DJSE upon deployment.         there remains more to be accom-            the Chiefs of Army Staff from NATO,
The Headquarters Support Group and        plished, STEADFAST JUNCTURE itself         Partnership-for-Peace, Mediterranean
Forward Support Element tackled this      to be held at the end of May, will be      Dialogue, Istanbul Initiative coun-
challenge with tremendous enthusi-        the culmination of our efforts thus        tries and select partner countries,
asm; thank you for a job well done!       far, as it will be the Full Operational    will gather. Although Heidelberg and
   At the beginning of March, we          Capability exercise for DJSE 2. I am       Quebec are 5600 km or 3500 miles
returned to Elmpt right in the middle     confident that we will return from         apart, it is our Director of Staff as-
of their rainy season for the linked      Stavanger with the FOC certification       sisted by his Protocol team who are
set of exercises LOYAL LEDGER and         in time for the start of NRF 13 stand-     organizing this conference - with a
LOYAL MARINER; a lucky few in the         by period! From 1 July onwards, DJSE       helping hand from our Travel Office,
Headquarters were fortunate enough        2 will be on stand-by for a period of      of course.
to relocate to Sardinia/ITA, North-       6 months. Meanwhile, in mid-July,              On a closing note, a heartfelt thank
wood/GBR and Lisbon/PRT as part           the physical build-up of DJSE 1 will       you to everyone for the energy and
of this exercise. This training focused   enable us to commence training with        enthusiasm, for all the diligent hard
on the close cooperation and interac-     JFC Brunssum in autumn 2009.               work and, last but not least, a few
tion between the DJSE (in the default        Although our main focus clearly         welcomes: To our friends and neigh-
C2 option) at the operational level       continues to be on the DJSE concept,       bours from France, welcome back
with the Component Commands,              the framework tasks do not disappear       into the integrated military structure
the ARRC acting as Land Compo-            and the “regular” staff work contin-       and to our new allies from Albania
nent Command and Northwood as             ues, such as real life support, training   and Croatia, a warm welcome to our
Maritime Component Command; Joint         and conference support.                    Alliance family.

                                                                                                  The Observer 01-2009          3
    A good way to wrap up
    the year of the NCO within NATO

                                        recognized with a special certifi-
                                        cate that was presented to them
                                        by the Commander ALCC HD,
                                        LGen Roland Kather.
                                           I would also like to congratu-
                                        late CWO Linda Lindsay for her
                                        well deserved promotion to Chief
                                        Warrant Officer (OR-9), the pin-
                                        nacle for a Non Commissioned
                                        Officer. The Commander pre-
                                        sented her with her promotion
                                        in the presence of her husband
                                                                              Form left to right: LTG Gen Roland
                                        Mike Lindsay.                         Kather, newly promoted CWO Linda
                                           Let there be no doubts, just       Lindsay, CWO Lindsay’s husband
    ALCC Command Sergeant Major         because 2008 is behind us, the        Mike, COL Mark Hodgson, Cana-
    Camil, Samson (CAN)                 initiatives and of the Year of the    dian Senior Officer and DOS, CWO
                                        NCO will not cease. The “Year         Samson
    In order to wrap up 2008 on a       of the NCO” was the means by
    good note, it was recognition       which to promote the NCO corps           corps. It is up to us all in 2009
    time for many NCO within the        within the NATO Alliance. It was      to keep striving for excellence
    HQ on 11 Dec 08 in ALCC Hei-        so well supported by our Senior       in our daily work and continue
    delberg. We took advantage of       Officers throughout NATO that         promote the NCO corps.
    the fact that CWO Ouellet, CSM      many professional development            Now, lets focus on the readi-
    from JFC Brunssum was present       initiatives were put forward and      ness of the Deployable Joint Staff
    for a Non Commissioned Offic-       numerous opportunities were           Element II and the upcoming
    ers Professional Development        also made available for the NCO       exercises.
    Session to recognize ten NCO of
    the HQ from different Divisions
                                        The guests and recipients are shown on the picture from left to right;
    for their outstanding contribu-     Standing; CSM JFC Brunssum, CWO Mario Ouellet, OR-4 Dierickx (BEL), OR-8
    tion during the past year. Among    Hvorecka (CZE), OR-8 Corremans (BEL), LGen Kather, OR-8 Van Hende (Bel),
    other things, the recipients were   OR-8 Wagner (DEU) and CWO Samson.
                                        Kneeling; OR-8 David (DEU), SFC Bodrogi (CZE), OR-8 Schmit (DEU), OR-6 De
                                        Zwart (NLD), PO Olsen (Cdn Navy),

Deployable Joint Staff Element (DJSE):
Far away, but always present
by LTC Knut Peters, DEU Army

They might be physically separated       theater in order to provide
over a distance of 5,000 kilometers.     situational awareness for
Nevertheless they will act as one        the Joint Force Commander.
seamless Headquarters - anytime.         Since situational awareness
The Deployable Joint Staff Element       is crucial for the conduct of
(DJSE) is the forward deployed ele-      operations, the DJSE Forward
ment of a much larger main Head-         Element provides the com-
quarters that provides operational       mander with a truly compre-
capabilities in theater for the Joint    hensive, reliable and up-to-
Force Commander. “In this in-            date common operational
stance, it means that the ‘HQ Main’      picture of the area of opera-
is NATO’s Joint Command Lisbon           tions – anytime. “Our task is to put
while we are here in Heidelberg or       together a kind of mosaic”, says             LTC van der Molen is proud of
elsewhere”, explains Colonel Bryan       Dutch Lieutenant Colonel Bert van         what SitCell staff members have
Foy. Colonel Foy is the American         der Molen. As Director SITCELL, he        achieved thus far and states a clear
staff officer, responsible for plans     is in charge of selecting the colorful    objective: “We aim to have every-
coordination in the Forward Ele-         stones in order to arrange a useful       body here knowing in the blink of
ment of the DJSE who views the           overall picture. “Every single event      an eye what to do.” He continues
first half of 2009 as a big challenge.   in the battlefield, every new report      by explaining the importance of
“We will be successful on our way        from the units has its own quality,       knowledge to the SitCell, “knowl-
to reach full operational capability     its own level of importance. We           edge in the military is like a bucket
in May”, he emphasizes and adds          evaluate them all, check them for         of water with holes in it, you have
that “we have a lot of work ahead        plausibility and transfer tactical data   to constantly keep your fingers in
for comparatively few people.”           into information”, he adds.               the holes in order to not lose pre-
Some 90 men and women form the              The DJSE FE SitCell consists of        cious skills and capabilities”. The
Forward Element – organized into         some 20 personnel, subdivided             Dutchman continues by commend-
a Situation Cell (SITCELL), a Joint      into three entities. The focal point,     ing his well-trained crew, “there are
Coordination Centre (JCC) and a          known as “the bridge”, is com-            always worries and concerns about
Theatre Engagement Centre (TEC).         parable to the crew on a ship’s           details, but if they were to send us
Their staff skills and capabilities      bridge where all incoming and             on a mission tomorrow with these
will be certified through series ex-     outgoing information is monitored.        people, this would work!”
ercises such as LOYAL LEDGER in          The Second entity is a group of
March and STEADFAST JUNCTURE             specialists, called “the desks”, who      Joint Coordination Centre:
in May.                                  provide their expertise in areas like     From challenge to solution
                                         special operations or air operations      Smart planning is the key to suc-
SITCELL:                                 in order to assess the relevance of       cess of any military operation. As
Putting together a mosaic                each new report. SITCELL’s third          there are various plans for many
As the in theatre arm of the Joint       entity, “info man”, has to make           different operational aspects, they
Headquarters Main, the Situational       sure that all incoming and outgoing       all need to be precisely coordinat-
Cell (SITCELL) gathers information       information is processed properly
from operations occurring within         and correctly.                                 continued on page 6

                                                                                               The Observer 01-2009        5
                                                                      “Our main task
                                                                      is to provide the

                                             capable and I am convinced that         ward Element and NATO forces
                                             our team is ready to go, now,” he       are deployed. This challenging task
                                             says with pride. At the same time       requires staff officers from each of
                                             he remains realistic, admitting that    the services, giving it a real joint
                                             “some computer and other infra-         flavor once it is deployed.
       continued from page 5                 structure issues still have to be          “As NATO fully anticipates work-
                                             worked out. In this regard, ”there      ing with many agencies and gov-
    ed. The members of Joint Coordi-         is a hectic program ahead of us.”       ernment officials where it deploys,
    nation centre (JCC) form a multi-                                                we also have a Civil Engagement
    functional team.                         Theatre Engagement                      Cell in our TEC”, explains the TEC
       “Whenever we get confronted           Centre (TEC):                           director. “They are responsible for
    with a challenge, we either rec-         Linking to the others                   coordinating directly with inter-
    ommend a direct solution to our          To wherever the Joint Headquar-         national organizations (IO’s) and
    commander or propose sufficient          ters Forward Element might be           non-governmental organizations
    ways that lead to a solution”, says      deployed, it will have to interact      (NGO’s) as well as the host nation”,
    Norwegian Lieutenant Colonel             closely with various military and       he adds. Always thinking about
    Lasse Magnes. As a land operations       non-military players and organiza-      the safety of NATO soldiers, sailors
    expert, he is one of 27 experts          tions. “Our main task is to provide     and airmen, the TEC also includes
    from all services in the JCC. They       the commander with the view of          a section responsible for force pro-
    provide the operational command-         others as well as with information      tection and interaction with similar
    er with expertise in fields like air     about their possible impact on us”,     minded organizations within the
    operations, intelligence, personnel,     says Danish Colonel Henrik Friis.       host nation security structure. Last,
    logistics, civil-military cooperation,   As Director Theatre Engagement          but certainly not least, the TEC is
    engineering and psychological            Centre (TEC), he and his team           also responsible for providing a
    operations. ”Being only a small          establish the vital link to those who   small element for computer and
    team, we act as one and normally         have important influence in a joint     information systems.
    do not deal with tactical issues”,       operations area. “We are coordinat-
    Magnes explains and clarifies that       ing and conducting high level per-      The Way Ahead
    “we pinpoint where the solution          sonal meetings for our commander        Heidelberg’s current DJSE is on
    might come from rather than doing        in order to create engagement with      track to be certified fully opera-
    it here. This is one reason amongst      influential key leaders and senior      tional by the end of May. It is then
    many others why we also maintain         representatives in theatre”, states     scheduled to be in support of the
    the closest possible contact to the      Colonel Friis. To fulfill their mis-    NRF during the period from July
    Joint HQ Main in Lisbon”.                sion, the TEC is subdivided into        to December 2009, which means it
       LTC Magnes is already looking         specialized functions. The military     must maintain readiness for de-
    forward to May when the whole            engagement cell coordinates with        ployment within five days notice
    Forward Element will deploy to his       security forces from other nations      to move. But no matter how far
    home country for exercise STEAD-         not formally aligned with NATO.         away they might be – they will be
    FAST JUNCTURE. “In Stavanger we          Primarily, these are security forces    present, anytime.
    will be certified as fully operational   from the nation where the For-

Starting up Tagng in!
          SE SA Traini
ALCC HQ HD conducts DJ
After Initial Operating Capability   13 certification during exercise      diction Ops and others. This was
(IOC) evaluation in December         STEADFAST JUNCTURE, in May,           to broaden the understanding
last year and a short time of rest   ALCC HQ HD conducted a Staff          towards Joint Operations as well,
during the holiday season Allied     Academic Training (SAT).              as to get a better understanding
Land Component Headquarters             Built on a mixture of briefings,   of scenario related events during
Heidelberg (ALCC HQ HD) con-         Functional Area Training and          upcoming exercises.
tinues to push the development       Functional Services Training this        All members of the DJSE
of the Deployable Joint Staff Ele-   SAT offered the opportunity to        welcomed the training event as
ment (DJSE) structure.               incorporate experiences gained        a valuable entry into this year’s
   With Final Operating Capability   during last year and to enhance       exercise cycle.
(FOC) evaluation due in June this    the processes inside the DJSE.           Parallel significant parts of the
year all efforts now are concen-        As a special highlight one extra   Heidelberg Headquarters Support
trated on honing the capabilities    day was dedicated to a Maritime       Group have deployed to Elmpt,
required to reach this aim.          Seminar dealing with maritime         located in Northern Germany,
   After a series of training and    aspects of operations.                close to the German-Netherlands
exercises during the second half        A number of briefers from Joint    border, to build up the IDP 200
of 2008 a vast number of lessons     Command Lisbon, Strike Force          from Taranto, Italy, which will
identified have to be incorporated   NATO and CC Mar from Naples           be used as Command Post dur-
into the process of building an      and Northwood lectured on top-        ing the exercises LOYAL LEDGER
efficient DJSE.                      ics like Maritime capabilities and    09 and LOYAL DILIGENCE, in
   As a first step prior to some     C2, NRF MCC Logistics, Maritime       March.
key exercises leading to the NRF     Situational Awareness and Inter-

                                                                                       The Observer 01-2009       7
    G7 Workshop 2009-1
    10-11 February 2009 representa-       allowing the different participat-   ment to set the stage for discus-
    tives from the G/J7 communi-          ing HQs to present their training    sion among the participating
    ties of 9 NFS Corps HQs, JFC          plans highlighting events that       HQs.
    Brunssum, JFC Naples, HQ SACT         could be subject for Mutual Train-      These briefings and the fol-
    and ALCC HQ MD were gathered          ing Support and what kind of         lowing exchange of experience
    in Heidelberg for the bi-annual       support they required. Based on      and opinions provided a shared
    G7 Workshop, this time being          these presentations the different    understanding of the subject,
    facilitated by ALCC HQ HD.            HQs were then able to coordinate     and further disclosed a number
       The workshop was a follow-up       and make support arrangements.       of topics that will be brought up
    to the October 2008 workshop             The second day was allocated      during the next workshop in Sep-
    held in Münster. The aim was to       to discussions on exercise and       tember 2009 (NDC-GR, Thessalo-
    allow participants to solidify pre-   training related topics of mutual    niki, Greece), hopefully drawing
    viously identified requirements       interest. HQ SACT, ALCC HQ           even a wider representation to
    for training and exercise support     Hd and HQs RRC-FR, NRDC-TU,          include SHAPE, JWC and JALLC.
    in 2009-2010, and forecast Mutual     1GNC all provided a number              The very professional serv-
    Training Support requirements         of briefings on subjects like the    ices rendered by the ALCC HQ
    for 2011, in order to synchronize     MTEP and JJJ-Program of Work,        HSG in support of the workshop
    these activities where possible.      DJSE Implementation, NRF train-      helped guarantee the successful
       The first day was set aside for    ing and lessons learned, ISAF        fulfilment.
    mutual information exchange           training and MEL/MIL develop-

                                              NATO Member countries
                                              at a glance.

                                                In this edition Estonia.
Estonia Officially the Republic of      tuity. During World War II, Estonia     where it emerges into the Gulf of
Estonia is a country in the Baltic      was occupied and annexed first          Riga, climb up to Toompea Castle
region of Northern Europe. It is        by the Soviet Union and subse-          for views. The town is known
bordered to the north by Finland        quently by the Third Reich, only        as a seaport and a health resort.
across the Gulf of Finland, to          to be re-occupied by the Soviet         Tartuis Estonia‘s second-largest
the west by Sweden across the           Union in 1944. Estonia regained         city, seated on the Emajõgi River
Baltic Sea, to the south by Latvia      its independence on 20 August           is full of ancient architecture. Visit
(343 km), and to the east by the        1991. It has since embarked on          the city‘s old university, the Vysh-
Russian Federation (338,6 km).          a rapid program of social and           gorod Cathedral, the Town Hall
The territory of Estonia covers         economic reform. Today, the             (18th century) and the university‘s
45,227 km² and is influenced by         country has gained recognition for      Botanical Garden. Narva, one of
a temperate seasonal climate. The       its economic freedom, its adapta-       the oldest towns in Estonia, situ-
Estonians are a Finnic people           tion of new technologies and as         ated on the western banks of the
closely related to the Finns, with      one of the world‘s fastest growing      River Narva. Visit the Herman Cas-
the Estonian language sharing           economies. Tourism is flourishing       tle, the town‘s oldest architectural
many similarities to Finnish. Esto-     in Estonia with plenty of places        monument, and the city museum.
nia is a democratic parliamentary       to visit and explore. Tallinn with      Saaremaa, the largest island in
republic and is divided into fifteen    its magical medieval cobble stone       Estonia has old windmills, stone
counties. The capital and largest       streets is an ancient Hanseatic city.   churches, fishing villages and a
city is Tallinn. With a population      Particularly interesting is the old     3,000 year-old meteorite crater.
of only 1.4 million, it is one of the   town centre, which is dominated         Hop over to Estonia‘s second-larg-
least-populous members of the           by the soaring steeple of Oleviste      est island, Hiiumaa a true oasis of
European Union. Estonia was a           Church. Pärnu established in the        tranquility and biodiversity. This is
member of the League of Nations         13th century is small town situated     also the best spot for bird-watch-
from 22 September 1921, has been        on the banks of the Pärnu River,        ing in the whole country.
a member of the United Nations
since 17 September 1991, of the
European Union since 1 May 2004
and of NATO since 29 March
2004. Estonia has also signed the
Kyoto protocol. The settlement
of modern day Estonia began
around 8500 BC, immediately after
the Ice Age. Over the centuries,
the Estonians were subjected to
Danish, Teutonic, Swedish and
Russian rule. In 1918 the Estonian
Declaration of Independence was
issued, to be followed by the
Estonian War of Independence
(1918-1920), which resulted in the
Tartu Peace Treaty recognizing
Estonian independence in perpe-

                                                                                            The Observer 01-2009         9
     NATO Response Force Conducted Exercise
     in Northern Germany
     Preparing for NRF 13 certification

     The NATO Command Post Exer-          Both exercises made use of a         gration of maritime operations.
     cise (CPX) LOYAL LEDYER 2009         common developed scenario with          Military personnel from 20
     (LLR09) took place during the        a coordinated political back-        NATO nations participated in
     period 2nd - 13 March 2009 in        ground.                              LOYAL LEDGER 2009.
     Elmpt, Northern Germany.                Exercise LOYAL LEDYER 2009           The exercise also served as a
        It was commanded by Vice          was carried out under the respon-    test bed for the Deployable Joint
     Admiral Bruce W. Clingan, Com-       sibility of Allied Land Component    Staff Element (DJSE) concept.
     mander Allied Joint Command          Command Headquarters Heidel-         This concept aims at improving
     Lisbon. This exercise was intend-    berg.                                the NATO Command Structure
     ed to certify participating Land        This exercise evaluated and       with regard to increased flexibil-
     Forces for the NATO Response         assessed the combat readiness of     ity and mobility.
     Force (NRF).                         the Allied Rapid Reaction Corps         The philosophy behind this
        The purpose of the NRF is to      (ARRC) as the incoming NRF land      new concept is to provide De-
     provide a fully integrated com-      component.                           ployable Joint Staff Elements
     bined land, sea and air force that      In parallel exercise LOYAL        (DJSEs) capable of managing
     is able to respond at short notice   MARINER 2009 tested and certi-       operational tasks in an austere
     to a wide variety of operational     fied the maritime units and afloat   environment as the extended
     commitments and missions any         maritime staffs of the Italian       arm of the Joint Force Command
     where in the world. The Com-         Maritime Force (ITMARFOR), the       Headquarters which remains out
     mand Post Exercise LLR 09 was        incoming High Readiness Force        of theater. The default C2 option
     linked to the maritime exercise      (Maritime) Commander, by refin-
     LOYAL MARINER 2009 (LMR 09).         ing the interoperability and inte-       continued on page 15

The Observer 01-2009   13
The Observer 01-2009   14
    continued from page 10

provides the Joint Force Com-          representatives from the NATO          to evaluate the concept under
mander, on the ground in theater,      political level, as well as from the   field conditions. A number of
with a joint, lean, flexible rapidly   NATO Command- and NATO Force           other exercises are to follow, aim-
deployable operational headquar-       Structure used the chance to get       ing at finally certifying this new
ters element.                          some insight into the new concept.     approach.
   During a Distinguished Visitors        The exercise LOYAL LEDYER
Day a number of high-ranking           2009 provided a first opportunity

                                                                                         The Observer 01-2009       15
     ALCC HQ Heidelberg conducts
     NRF 13 LCC-Training
     By LTC J.P. Rasmussen, Training Branch Chief in G-7 Division.

     In the timeframe 19 – 22 January      Training will be exercise LOYAL         vignettes supported by JCL, ALCC
     2009 Allied Land Component Com-       LEDGER, in March, which will            HQ, HD, and by the other NRF
     mand Headquarters, Heidelberg         have ALCC HQ HD as Deployable           Component Commands representa-
     (ALCC HQ HD) conducted the NRF        Joint Staff Element (DJSE), and         tives.
     13 Land Component Command             in the OCE function. Finally the           With the mentioned programme
     (LCC) Training for Allied Rapid       NRF certification will follow with      the planning phase was much
     Reaction Corps Headquarters (HQ       exercise STEADFAST JUNCTURE in          easier than for previous rotations.
     ARRC) and the Key Leaders of the      May.                                    Now the job for ALCC HQ HD G-7
     NRF 13 subunits at the HQ ARRC           The reason why ALCC HQ, HD           was to coordinate with JCL and
     barracks at Rheindahlen, Germany.     was responsible for the LCC Train-      the other NRF Component Com-
         The LCC Training comprised an     ing, is that it still holds the NATO    mands on the external briefing
     audience of about 200 personnel.      land expertise on tactical level, and   day and the support for the ARRC
     This event was the second training    therefore is able to plan, organize     led workshops. The fact that the
     event in the series of training and   and conduct the training, as it was     LCC Training was hosted by HQ
     exercises that are in the recur-      also done for NRF 7, 8, and 11,         ARRC alleviated the administrative
     ring training programme for every     and as we will do again for NRF 15      requirements.
     incoming NRF LCC HQ. The first        and 16 in 2010.                            So, how did it go? Thanks to a
     event was conducted the week             The planning for the LCC Train-      very detailed planning and dou-
     prior by Joint Command Lisbon         ing for HQ ARRC started exactly         ble checking, everything went
     (JCL).                                12 month prior to the execution         according to plan. The external
         The aim of the LCC Training is    phase. At a planning conference in      presentations were relevant and
     to give the theoretical background    January 2008, ALCC HQ HD G-7            well conducted even in front of an
     for the NRF Land HQ on how to         presented to HQ ARRC the pro-           audience of 200 participants. The
     act as the NRF LCC HQ, in case        gramme that had just been used          HQ internal presentations were
     it is activated during the 6 month    for the LCC Training of NRF 11          interesting also for the external
     stand by period, which follows the    (RRC FR) and asked HQ ARRC to           participants. The workshops that
     6 month of NATO - led prepara-        come back with its comments and         efficiently combined contribu-
     tions. The next significant step      proposals. In this case HQ ARRC         tions from HQ ARRC and external
     for HQ ARRC following the LCC         came back with a clear approach         participants was probably the most
                                                      to it’s training needs,      valuable for the functional level
                                                      which in short meant that    experts and key leaders. In his
                                                      HQ ARRC wanted one           closing remarks COS HQ ARRC
                                                      day of external briefings    thanked everybody for the contri-
                                                      followed by one day of       bution to the training of HQ ARRC
                                                      internal briefings and one   to take over as NRF 13 LCC from
                                                      day of workshops and         July 2009.

                        Allied Land Component Command
                        Conducts Winter Warfare Training
                        Team building event amidst tight exercise programme

                                       German-Austrian border in early      Group (HSG) was responsible
                                       February 2009.                       for the planning, preparation and
                                          Fuessen offers excellent condi-   execution of the event. A small
                                       tions, as it provides access to      team headed by the Deputy
                                       alpine regions as well, as the       Commander HSG, Lieutenant
                                       support of the local Mountain        Colonel Georg Annen, did a ter-
                                       Reconnaissance Battalion, which      rific job in ensuring a smooth
                                       provided experts for the training.   conduct of the operations.
For years Allied Land Component           Basically the training was con-       The participants of the training
Command Headquarters Heidel-           ducted in three cycles to provide    and a number of family members
berg (ALCC HQ HD) traditionally        the opportunity for as many HQ       enjoyed the chance to “fill up the
conducts the so-called Winter          members as possible to partici-      batteries” prior to the exercise se-
Warfare Training (WWT).                pate.                                ries which will finally lead to the
   This training provides the op-         Every cycle consisted of an       certification of the DJSE concept
portunity to familiarize the partic-   introduction into basic survival     in June this year and subsequent-
ipants with the conditions in an       techniques, skiing lessons and       ly to the NRF 13 stand-by phase
austere environment. It offers the     some hiking experience in            starting on 1st July 2009. As one
opportunity to learn how to sur-       snowy terrain. Lieutenant Colonel    participant put it: “….this was a
vive in a hostile environment, in      Stephan Basener, a member of         great combination of precious
teaching the soldiers techniques       the G2 division and an experi-       training and team experience!”
and procedures to cope with arc-       enced mountaineer was in charge
tic conditions. A second effect is     of this programme.
the team building function.               The planning for the train-
   As ALCC HQ HD currently             ing already started in Septem-
is undergoing an experimenta-          ber 2008. Headquarters Support
tion phase to validate the new
Deployable Joint Staff Element
(DJSE) concept, all soldiers and
civilian employees are committed
to a tight exercise regime. The
WWT offered to built and im-
prove team relations which will
be of significant importance in
contributing to a success of this
   As usual the WWT was con-
ducted in Fuessen, Southern
Germany, situated next to the

                                                                                        The Observer 01-2009       17
The Observer 01-2009   19
     Nothing happens until it moves!
     The Joint Logistics Support Group (JLSG),
     a critical enabler for NATO expeditionary operations.
     Joint Logistics, a background           ing Officer (TACO) concept.          and the nations and the introduc-
     Historically, logistics in NATO         These concepts were more or less     tion of a theatre level “logistic
     was considered to be a national         successfully used during NATO        brigade” , currently known as
     responsibility. In the nineties,        operations in the Balkans. The in-   the Joint Logistic Support Group
     when the operational concept of         troduction of the NATO Response      (JLSG). Also introduced was the
     the Combined Joint Task Forces          Force (NRF) in 2003 made it clear    Logistic Control (LOGCON), a C2
     (CJTF) was developed and NATO           that there was also a need for a     relation between the NATO com-
     deployed forces outside its terri-      more expeditionary, deployable       mander and the National Sup-
     tory for the first time, the doctrine   and efficient logistic concept to    port Elements (NSE). Finally, the
     of multinational logistic coordina-     support these kind of operations.    importance of Reception, Staging,
     tion was developed. The Multina-        In a relative short period of two    Onward Movement and Integra-
     tional Joint Logistic Centre (MJLC)     years the NATO nations agreed        tion (RSOI) was recognised, with
     was introduced as a coordination        to a new logistic support concept    the JLSG primarily responsible
     mechanism on the operational            for the NRF. Two of the most         for the planning and execution of
     level, as well as the Multinational     important changes where that         this process.
     Integrated Logistic Unit (MILU)         logistics would become a collec-
     and the Theatre Allied Contract-        tive responsibility between NATO

                                                                             staff for the JLSG HQ. The con-
                                                                             cept was successfully introduced
                                                                             and trained during the LIVEX
                                                                             Steadfast Jaguar at the Cape
                                                                             Verdean Islands. Of course there
The Joint Logistics Support Group         (Ammunition and Explosives).       were also a lot of lessons taken
(JLSG)                                  • Task the Intra-Theatre Lift Sys-   from the exercise.
The structure of a JLSG can con-          tem (Air and Sea), in close co-    The JLSG in the DJSE environment
sist of logistical units like hospi-      ordination with ACC and MCC.       The JLSG is one of the success
tals, transport and supply units,       • Role 3 Medical support and         stories of the NRF as a vehicle
a logistic base command and a             coordination of theatre Medical    for transformation in NATO, it
SPOD company. Unlike tradition-           Evacuation.                        was decided by SHAPE and the
al logistical units, the JLSG can       • Theatre Contracting                Military Committee to expand its
be comprised of engineer con-           • Coordinate Host Nation Support     purpose. From now on a JLSG
struction unit, infantry units for        (HNS) concerning logistics.        will conceptually be part of every
force protection, a CIMIC Support       • Establish, manage & coordinate     new NATO operation, SJO, MJO
Unit and a CIS. It all depends on         the Theatre Logistic Base (TLB).   and MJO+, and not only limited
the mission. An example of a C2         The first experiences with the       to NRF operation.
structure for a JLSG is:                new logistic support concept            That is also the reason why
The tasks and responsibilities of the   were made during NRF 7, under        there will be permanently 6 (six)
JLSG are:                               the lead of JFC Brunssum. During     JLSG HQ CSE’s as part of the
• Implement JHQ plans for the           that rotation, ALCC HQ Heidel-       DJSE’s in Heidelberg, Madrid and
  theatre level logistic support of     berg provided the commander,
  the NATO-led Force.                   BG Macko, and a big part of the          continued on page 22
• Overall command, control &
  coordination of theatre level
  logistic capabilities.
• Control of allocated Joint Logis-
  tic Support Area (JLSA).
• Provide and maintain the Rec-
  ognized Logistics Picture (RLP).
• Collect logistic intelligence
  elements and update logistic
  database (using LOGFAS tools).
• RSOM of forces deploying into
  and out of theatre.
• Provide, store and distribute
  Class I (food and water) and
  Class III (POL).
• LOGCON of NSEs stocks and
• Store and distribute Class IV
  (engineer stores) and Class V

                                                                                        The Observer 01-2009      1
         continued from page 21

     the NATO Force Structure. In a           Since September, members of        around 85% of the necessary
     rotational schedule, one JLSG will    the JLSG HQ CSE took part in          augmentess and units, although
     always be on stand-by for the         several training events like AR-      some nation have not identified
     NRF or any other NATO missions.       RCADE FUSION, LOYAL LEDGER,           them yet. Some critical capabili-
     The JLSG HQ Core Staff Element        and an extra Expeditionary Lo-        ties still missing is an SPOD unit,
     (CSE) in Heidelberg                   gistics Course. As well as several    a Theatre Logistic Base HQ, a
     In September 2008, the first JLSG     other courses at the NATO School      CIMIC Support Unit and a RSOM
     HQ CSE was stood up, with BG          Oberammergau and the NATO             HQ. Currently, Joint Command
     Kocian as the Commander and in        CIS School Latina.                    Lisbon is putting this all together
     Heidelberg, Germany. Currently,          From January until May we          in a workable Logistic Support
     JSLG is comprised of approxi-         are taking part in the different      Concept for NRF 13. SHAPE is
     mately 20 personnel with most         phases of the exercise STEAD-         working on a JLSG Augmenta-
     of them working in building 7         FAST JUNCTURE. In May, during         tion Policy and revising the JLSG
     on the 3rd floor, to include JLSG     phase III, we hope to be certified    Training Policy. And like for all of
     COS Colonel Halenka. During           as the JLSG for NRF13. And the        us, the outcome of the PE review
     exercises and deployment, the         JLSG HQ CSE hopefully will be         is of utmost importance to see if
     JLSG HQ CSE is reinforced by          declared FOC as part of DJSE 2.       the NATO nations agree with the
     staff officers from ACC Ramstein         Later this year the JLSG will go   new structure and are willing to
     and MCC Northwood to bring            to Turkey for the Ex ANADOLU          fill all the slots.
     some more joint expertise.            SAHINI with NRDC Turkey and           As you can see, the JLSG HQ CSE
        In order for the JLSG HQ to        next year the JLSG plans to par-      is a busy bee, (almost) ready to
     become operational, the JLSG HQ       ticipate in Ex COLD RESPONSE          support any NATO mission.
     CSE needs around 70 augmentees        which will take place in northern
     from NATO nations and addition-       Norway. There is never a dull
     al units. These augmentees and        moment in the JLSG.
     additional units, can be provided     Challenges and way ahead
     by the Troop Contributing Na-         The JLSG is, like the rest of the
     tions (TCNs) through force gen-       DJSE, still facing some challenges,
     eration, or can be part of NSE’s,     both for NRF 13 and in a generic
     or contractors. This requires quite   sense. For NRF 13 the good news
     some logistic planning and nego-      is that we already have NATO na-
     tiation.                              tions who have agreed to provide

                                                            Maj Gen Skare, Assistant Chief of
                                                                                              Staff Implemen-
                                                            tation, Allied Command Transformat
                                  Brunssum Command                                              ion
Participants of the Joint Command
Sergeant Majors Conference
                                 – CSM Ouellet,
Or-9 Van Der Logt, ACC Ramstein
                                  C HQ Heidelberg –
JFC Brunssum – CSM Samson, ALC
Or-7 Fenwick, MCC Northwood
                                                                         Col Ruby during his briefing on
                                                                         effects-based Operations

                                  Brunssum Commanders
Participants of the Joint Command                          Maj Gen Domröse , German Armed
                                                                                          Forces – LTG
Conference                                                 Kather, COM ALCC HQ Heidelberg
                                  LTG Kather, Com ALCC
Maj Gen Tucker, DCOS OPS-ISAF –
                                  COS ACC Ramstein – LTG
HQ Heidelberg – Maj Gen ABMA,
                                  ms, COM JFC Brunssum
Bovy, COS JFC Brunssum Gen Ram                                                       The Observer 01-2009       3
– Sir Amiral Stanhope, COM MCC
Morning/Evening Impressions of Loyal Ledger 09, ELMPT – Germany
                 Picture taken by LTC Gemballa
                    ALCC Public Affairs Office

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