personalized greeting card creation by yantingting


									                                      HSD LwICT Lesson Plan Format
Title of Lesson: Greeting Card Creation                                   Date of Lesson Submission: June 27, 2008
Mentor and/or Team Teacher: Peter Heese                 School: Bothwell
Subject Area(s): ELA                                    Grade Level(s)/Course: 4,5 6
Required (including ICT)      ELA poetry writing pre-teaching.
                              Digital camera.
                              Microsoft Publisher.

Lesson Objective/s
                              To create a greeting card that can be used for special occasions.
                              We did this for both Mother’s Day and Father’s Day cards.

ICT Integration and
Infusion Objective/s          Ability to use and navigate on Microsoft Publisher, including how to create a new text
                              Use of a digital camera and how to download and save pictures in a file.
                              Knowledge of how to acquire pictures from Shared Files.

                                              Lesson Plan Details
Activate: Teach a poetry writing skill of your preference such as limericks, acrostics, couplets, rhyming patterns, free
verse, etc.
Students will likely need time to compose a poem in advance.
Students will need to be given basic instructions on how to use a digital camera if they have not been exposed to
one yet.
Students will be told that they will create a personalized greeting card.

Acquire On the morning of the activity, preferably close to the special day, have students take pictures of each
other so that there is a current photo on file. Different aspects of camera use may be needed to be taught in case of
lack of experience.
Students should have a prepared poem to be ready to include in their card.

Apply: This is mostly a one period activity, although some students may need more time. This is great for when you
do not get much lab time and want to get a quick project done. Students are very motivated to get done.
Students find a card template on Publisher. Their picture needs to be found in the Shared Files and then it can be
Copy/Pasted onto their card where they choose. Publisher does offer verse choices but students can opt to delete
this and add their own poem or to use both. They will need to make a textbox so that they can insert their own
poem. Clip art images can also be added to complete this card.
It is very easy to see student’s computer abilities as well as the ELA outcomes of short poetry writing and formatting
for this assignment.

Blank Template                                                                                         2007/08

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