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District 6 Commufax - PDF


									                                     District 6 Commufax
                                              May 18, 2011
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Andrew’s Notes:
Last Thursday we had 75 students from five of our schools compete in the District 06 Heritage Fair.
Sixteen projects received honors and Ben LeBlanc from Hampton Middle School will represent the
District at the Provincial Heritage Fair in late June. Congratulations to all students who participated in
the District Heritage Fair this year and we wish Ben all the best as he represents School District at the
Provincial level.

This week Hampton High School is presenting the musical “Annie” with performances on Tuesday,
Wednesday and Thursday evening at 7:30 PM at the Hampton High School Community Theatre. A
huge thank you to Gary Caines, as Director, and to all of the students who have spent numerous hours of
rehearsal time - “break a leg” as the saying goes. To the many other parents and staff we do recognize
the endless hours you have dedicated to ensure this production becomes a reality.

Harry Miller School is hosting their “Arts Evening “on Thursday of this week – where students will
showcase their musical, art and drama talents. It is a wonderful opportunity for our students to
participate in an area they have a passion for.

Congratulations to Mike O’Neill - Principal at LES and to Stephanie Tomilson - Vice-Principal at
KVHS who graduated from the two year Leadership program through the New Brunswick Educational
Leadership Academy last week. Great job on the completion of such a demanding program.

Our District Education Council meeting will be held on Wednesday evening at 7:00 at Fairvale
Elementary School. You are welcome to attend!

This week our teachers will be attending their Branch AGM meetings – Branch 18 at SRHS, Branch 19
at KVHS and AEFNB at RHS – I will be attending each session for a period of time to present watches
to teachers who have been employed in our District for 25 years. NBTA Branch 18 is honoring their
retirees – Susan Bishop, Brenda Leask and Lindsay Titus this Thursday evening at the Sussex Golf and
Curling Club. Congratulations!

Condolences are extended to the following:

Peter Smith – KVHs on the loss of his uncle
Susan Walsh – HHS on the loss of her father-in-law
Lise Martin – SMS on the loss of her aunt
Margaret De Merchant - SES on the loss of her mother
Tammy Morrison – RHS on the loss of her brother
Nicole Flannery – SMS on the loss of her aunt
Kerry Casey – QES on the loss of her uncle

Celebrate Items:
Robin Baird, SMS - Congratulations to Mme. Lisa Martin and all the teams from Sussex Middle
School who attended the All Science Challenge. 38 students attended the All Science Competition in
Fredericton. The grade 8 team finished first in the preliminary round. In the final, they finished
second. There was then a final between UNB Fredericton and UNBSJ. UNBSJ won that round.
Congratulations to all and especially Mme. Martin who worked all year to prepare.

Robin Baird, SMS - Congratulations to Mike Ross and the Drama group from Sussex Middle School
who attended Drama Fest in Fredericton. SMS won 18 awards for The Love Liner and Aladdin
including Best Overall Production and Outstanding Teacher director. Over 90 students from SMS
attended. Well done everyone.

Robin Baird, SMS - I would like to celebrate Mrs. Tricia Phillips and her team of staff and students
who hosted “Stay Awake for Kids Sake” here at Sussex Middle School this past weekend. Tricia and
her team of chaperones hosted over 150 students from 7pm Friday night to 7 am Saturday for a wake-a-
thon to raise money for the IWK. As part of the Empowerment portion of the Grade 7 Social Studies
curriculum, Mrs. Phillips and her class, through project based learning, have been raising money all year
for the IWK. They have raised a whopping total of $10 816.17 since September.

Sharon McCracken, KPES - I would like to celebrate Mike O'Neill, Principal of LES, and Stephanie
Tomilson, Vice Principal of KVHS who graduated on Friday from the NBELA (New Brunswick
Educational Leadership Academy).

Gary Hall, District Office – I would like to extend congratulations to Sue White who just published her
first young adult novel The Year Mrs. Montague Cried. Sue is a retired teacher who taught at
Macdonald Consolidated School. This novel won the 2010 Writers’ Federation of Nova Scotia Atlantic
Writing Competition. The launch of her book will take place at the Kingston Farmers Market on
Thursday, May 19th at 7:00. There will also be book signing at Benjamin’s Books on May 28th from

Gaining the Peaceful Edge
Fact: Schools need to be aware of their legal responsibility in bullying matters. (McGrath, 2006; Rallis
et al., 2007; Sourander et al., 2007; Willard, 2007)
Gaining the Peaceful Edge…Schools should no longer view bullying as a rite to passage and a part of
childhood; now it is a legal matter.
                                       Brenda Bell & Pam Miller, Student Services Learning Specialists

3D datacomm presents the New Face of Learning
3D datacomm is pleased to invite you to their 2010/2011 SMART Technologies Showcase.

Feel free to drop in to Hampton Middle School today from 3:15 p.m. to 5:30 p.m.
                                                                     Paul Smith, Learning Specialist

Retirement Notices
Please be advised that if you have not already done so, advise in writing to the Superintendent or your
Manager of your intent and date to retire. If you have not done so as of yet, and plan on retiring at the
end of this school year, this will most likely will delay the arrival of your first pension deposit.
                                                             Cheryl Emmerson, Human Resources Officer

K-Gr. 2 ARTful Hour…Visual Art Workshops for Elementary Staff
You are welcome to join us for an after-school workshop featuring one hour of hands-on Visual Art
skills, concepts and lesson ideas. Media used will include torn paper collage, ‘stamping’ with tempera
paint, and using acrylic paint for small 3D works. Subject matter will relate to Spring… Ice-cream,
flowers and beach stones! Please email me at to reserve a spot for the
location/date of your choice.

Thursday-May 19th @ SES “Art Room” from 3:15 – 4:15
                                                 Heidi Stoddart, Elementary Visual Arts Mentor

Fundraising Concert to Canadian Cancer Society's Relay for Life
Jane Reinhart, a teacher at KVHS and singer/songwriter, is hosting the second Fundraising concert at
Quispamsis United Church on Thursday, May 19th at 7:00 pm. Part of the proceeds from this concert
will once again go to the KVHS Relay team! Hope you can come out, show your support, and enjoy a
wonderful evening of music with full band and special guests. For more information go to

Grades 3-5 ARTful Hour… Visual Art Workshops for Elementary Staff
You are welcome to join us for an after-school workshop featuring one hour of hands-on Visual Art
skills, concepts and lesson ideas. Media used will include tempera paint for ‘stamped’ flowers, tempera
paint and pastel for landscape silhouettes, and coloured marker for three-dimensional paper designs.
Please email me at to reserve a spot for the date/location of your choice.
Tuesday, May 24th @ HES “Art Room” from 3:15 – 4:15
Thursday, May 26th @ SES “Art Room” from 3:15 – 4:15
Monday, May 30th @ RES “Art Space” from 3:15-4:15

                                                        Heidi Stoddart, Elementary Visual Arts Mentor

Physical Education News
A reminder to all physical education specialists and coaches that the free physical literacy through
fundamental movements workshop will be held next Wednesday, May 25th at Rothesay High School
from 3:30 – 5:00. Learn what tools and resources are available through PHE Canada to support the
relationship between the Long Term Athlete Development (LTAD) and Physical Education. E-mail
Terry Wisdom to register at

Canada Walks is an evolving program of Green Communities Canada which aims to showcase best
practices in walkable communities. Check out for resources and links
to get your Walking News and to register your school for any walking practices your school is or will be
                                               Terry Wisdom, Elementary Physical Education Mentor

Music 6 Parents Association Presents...A Spring Fundraising Concert!
Featuring District 6 School Bands with special guest, Saint Mary's Band, on Thursday, May 26th at
7:00 pm, at the KVHS Theatre, General Admission Tickets for $10 are available from performers or at
the door. Proceeds to benefit District 6 Instrumental Music Programs and Saint Mary's Band.
                                                                              Chantel Corkum, KVHS

KV Community Forum in the Developmental Assets
On Monday, May 30th from 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm at the qPlex, the towns of Rothesay and Quispamsis
and School District 6 will host a community forum and present the results of the Developmental Assets
survey that was done with students in grades 6-12.

All are invited to hear the results as well as participate in small group discussions on how our youth
perceive themselves in our community.
                                                    Kent Staal, District 6 Coordinator, Community Schools

New Brunswick Day Student Writing & Drawing Contest
The Provincial Capital Commission is holding the NB Day writing & drawing contest for students
between the ages of 5 and 18 years old. This year’s theme is Pride in our environment!/Notre
environement…notre fierté! We ask for your help in encouraging and engaging our students to
participate in either component of the contest. Contest winners will be honored on Monday, August 1st
at the Town of Quispamsis’ official NB Day celebrations. However the deadline to submit entries is
Monday, May 30th. Please click on the following link for more contest rules and information.
                                                                                 Premier David Alward

District 6 Heritage Fair
Thanks again to all schools participating in this year’s District Heritage fair. Thanks to you it was a
hugely successful event.

Our overall winner this year is B. LeBlanc from Hampton Middle School. In late June he will travel to
Fredericton for a weekend of Heritage related events. He will meet with overall fair winners from other
areas of the province and together they will meet New Brunswick’s Lieutenant Governor, paddle on the
Saint John River and overnight at Kings Landing.

Provincial Capital Award – L. McGillan and S. Rankin, Quispamsis Middle School
Labour History Award – E. Trecartin, Quispamsis Middle School
Forest History Award – J. Bishop, Quispamsis Middle School
Canada’s History Medal – A. Gower, Rothesay Park School
McCain Literacy Award- S. Harvey, Quispamsis Middle School
Veterans Affairs Award – T. Henderson, Hampton Middle School
NB Historic Places Award – B. Gesner and C. Reid, Hampton Middle School
NB Sports Legacy – A. McCavour, Quispamsis Middle School
Award for the Celebration of Aboriginal Heritage – N. Byers, Sussex Middle School
NB St Croix Award- S. LeBlanc, Quispamsis Middle School
Council of Archives of NB Award – M. Gamble, Sussex Middle School
Nancy's Award- G. Sheppard, Rothesay Elementary School
NB Museum Award of Merit- J. Baker, Sussex Middle School

Local Awards
Benjamin's Books Award - P. Hickey, Quispamsis Middle School
Great Canadian Heritage Award – E. Butler, Quispamsis Middle School
                                                          Dan Vallis, Fine Arts Learning Specialist

Healthy School Lunch & After School Snack Recipes from Kids!
As the school year continues, are you struggling to come up with new ideas for nutritious lunches? If so,
you may be interested in checking out the creative recipes from EatRight Ontario’s Kids Recipe
Challenge. The Challenge invited young chefs from all over Ontario to submit fun, easy, healthy recipes
in the categories of school day lunches and after school snacks. Examples of winning recipes include
“Jack’s Special Veggie Bread” and “Ground Up Frog Smoothie”. You can find the winning recipes from
2010 and 2011 at:
                                                                                  Thelma Messer, PHN

29th Annual NB Mathematics Competition
Congratulations to all middle and high school students who participated in the 29th Annual NB
Mathematics Competition on Friday, April 29, 2011. District 6 was once again very well represented at
this year’s event. We would like to recognize those students who placed in the top ten for their grade

2nd Grade 8 - H. Remi (RPS)
3rd Grade 7- S. Cookson (HMMS)
4th Grade 7 - R. Baek (QMS)
4th Grade 8 - A. Baek (QMS)
6th Grade 9 - S. Jang (KVHS)
7th Grade 7 – S. Suh (QMS)

Thank you to all teachers who have worked with the students who participated in the NB Math
                                                            Dan Vallis, Fine Arts Learning Specialist

Summer Employment for Teachers
Teachers are invited to apply to teach a 3 week English Immersion course offered at UNB Fredericton
for high school students from abroad. Teachers do not require an ESL/EAL background, as they will
receive training from UNB. Teachers do need a degree in order to apply. In the past many young
teachers and soon to retire teachers have applied. Please direct your inquiries to:

Shawna Kirkbride, Program Assistant, English Language Programme - UNB
P.O. Box 4400, Fredericton, NB E3B 5A3
Phone: 506-453-3564
Toll-free (Canada only): 1-866-599-4646
Please ask for the English Language Programme
Fax: 506-453-3578

Attention all Teachers!
UNB Saint John is offering three exciting Education courses this Summer (2011): ED: 4565 – ESL
(English Second Language) for the Classroom Teacher. This one week intensive course is for all
teachers interested in new strategies and techniques, especially when teaching English Language
Learners. Topics covered: SIOP, Teaching Academic Vocabulary to all Learners, Best Practices, to
name a few/July 4 – 8th, 2011/ ED: 3211 – Introduction to Visual Education – How to integrate art in
the everyday classroom/TWTh – July 5-28th, 2011/ED: 6108 – Special Topics in Education
(Introduction to Learning Disabilities). Students must be in a MEd Program. This one week intensive
course provides the participant with a beginning background to inclusion, strategies and practices for
teaching students with learning disabilities/July 4 – 8, 2011. For more information/registration please
contact Mrs. Marilyn Macleod at or 648-5590.

Quispamsis Elementary School Celebrates its 50th Birthday
Quispamsis Elementary School opened in 1961. Children from Marr Road to Hammond River finally
had their own school as 220 students in Grades 1 to 6 came from Model Farm School, a one-room
schoolhouse which closed in 1960, and Rothesay Elementary School, which was housed in present day
Rothesay Park School.

Former staff and students and the community are invited to attend a birthday celebration at the school on
Wednesday, June 8th at 6:00 pm. Help spread the word and come to relive the memories of your
elementary school experience. Please bring any pictures or memorabilia that you would like to share.
                                             Nancy Littlewood, Community School Coordinator, QES


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