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					Career Planning Elective: _Radiology
Departmental Elective Director/Phone Number: David Smith, MD / 504-528-2844 (pager)

Departmental Elective Coordinator (if applicable)/Phone Number:

Other teaching faculty involved in this rotation: All Radiology faculty

Hospitals/Sites for this rotation: LSUHSC – University Interim Hospital

On the first day of this rotation, the students should report to: The Radiology Department on the 1st
floor at University hospital at 8:00 am. (903-3087)

Goals/Objectives for this rotation:

Students should learn to read basic radiographs and become familiar with the different modalities.
Student may also watch various procedures from biopsies to endovascular procedures.

Didactics schedule for students on this rotation:

Students must attend Surgery Orientation on the first day of the 12 week block and take the Surgery
shelf examination at the end of the 12 week block regardless of their elective subblock. Students must
attend Surgery didactics lectures and Cohn Conference every Thursday from 10:00 am to 12:30 pm. In
addition, students are required to attend their Surgery tutorial groups and simulation laboratory (if their
sim lab date falls during their elective) during this rotation. They may also be required to attend
additional radiology lectures on Thursdays.

What clinical responsibilities will the students have, including typical hours?

Typical hours are 8 am to 5 pm. There is no call.

What, if any, additional responsibilities (eg. other didactics, assignments) will the students have?

Students will give a presentation at the end of the block.

Evaluation of students on this rotation: Standard OME evaluation form

Teaching faculty will be responsible for evaluating the students.

***This elective is approved for Rural Track students in New Orleans***

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