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Tablet PC Comparison


									TO: Angella L. Nunez
FROM: Angella L. Nunez
DATE: April 27, 2003
SUBJECT: Tablet PC comparison


As a student, full time mother of three and a full time Database Manager I feel that a
tablet PC would be the ideal thing to help me organize my busy life. Listed below are the
features that I would like to have in a tablet PC. I have research several different brands
of Tablet PC’s and based on my criterion listed below I have selected four brands that
seam very promising.

* Indicates items that are must have.


      At least 512MB of RAM install*
      40 GB or more hard disk
      Display screen size at least 12 in.*
      Can convert from a tablet to a laptop*
      Cost no more than $3000
      Microsoft office XP for tablet pc loaded
      DVD CD R+W*
      Networking
      Wireless Card install


   Listed below are four Tablet PC that meet some or most of my requirements.

Brand/Features     Compaq Tablet        Gateway Tablet   Acer                Toshiba Protégé
                   PC TC1000            PC               Travelmate          3500 Tablet PC
                                                         C100 Tablet PC
RAM                512 MB               256 MB           256 MB              512 MB
Hard Drive         40 GB                40 GB            20GB                40 GB
Display            10.4                 12.1             10.4                12.1
Convert to         N                    N                 N                  Y
Cost               2,149.00             2,249.00         1,656.67            2,643.65
 Software          N                    N                N                   Y
DVD CD R+W       N                  Y                  Y                   N
Networking       Y                  Y                  Y                   Y
Wireless LAN     Y                  N                  N                   Y


  The Compaq Tablet PC TC1000 did not have any of my must have features. I wanted
  a display size of at least 12.1 and above and the Compaq display size is only 10.4.
  The other must have feature was that the tablet PC should convert from a tablet to a
  laptop again this feature was missing from the Compaq Tablet PC. The other must
  have feature that was missing is Microsoft Office for Tablet PC and the DVD/CD
  drive. Even though the Compaq Tablet PC TC1000 had the required RAM, Hard
  Drive space, Networking, Pricing and the Wireless LAN features that I wanted too
  many of my must have items were missing. Therefore, the Compaq Tablet PC
  TC1000 was not my choice of Tablet PC.

  The Gateway Tablet PC fell short of my must have features. Three of my must have
  features were missing from the Gateway Tablet PC. The missing features were, the
  required amount of Ram not installed, Microsoft Office software not installed, and it
  did not convert from a tablet to a laptop. Even though the Gateway had the hard
  drive, the correct display size, the DVD CD, Networking and was within my price
  range, it was missing one of the must important features converting from a tablet to a

  The Acer Travelmate C100 Tablet PC was not in the running it only had three of the
  nine features and one of the must have feature.

  The Toshiba Protégé 3500 Tablet PC was the winner easily. The Toshiba Protégé
  had all the required and must have feature except one. The only draw back to the
  Toshiba Protégé 3500 was that the DVD CD R+W must have feature was not
  included. The DVD CD R+W drive could be purchased for an additional $499.00,
  which would push the total price for the Toshiba Protégé 3500 to $3,142.65. Adding
  the DVD CD R+W drive would push the budget over by $142.65. I would gladly pay
  an additional $142.65 to get the Tablet pc I wanted.

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