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					TraDIS/ Atlantis Exchange for Business majors
One Year Exchange
Follows an initial semester on the UMass Dartmouth campus followed by an optional Fall
semester at UMass Boston.

TraDIS (Transatlantic Dual Degree Program in Information Systems)

Sponsoring Institutions
University Of Massachusetts Boston (US)
University of Massachusetts Dartmouth (US)
Frankfurt University of Applied Science (Germany)
Kemi-Tornio University of Applied Science (EU)

Open to Business majors only and participants will complete a major in Decision Information
Science. For some this may mean a second major. For questions about how participation
would affect your individual course of study, see your academic advisor in CCB.

Length of Commitment and Benefit
Participation is for a total of 4 semesters, one of which is conducted at the home university. A
single cohyort of students forms in the first semester at UMass Dartmouth, then progresses to
UMass Boston, then Germany, then Finland. UMass students have an option to spend one
semester at the other campus or not; both semesters in Europe are required. Each student
remains a degree candidate at the home university, and will also have the opportunity to pursue
a second Bachelor's degree to be awarded by one of the foreign universities. The student must
choose between the foreign universities in the 4th semester and fulfill all degree requirements of
that university as well as their own.

Financial Considerations
Tuition and mandatory fees throughout continue to be paid on the home campus in accordance
with the standard rates for that semester. The environs of the Dartmouth and Boston campuses
are different; housing and meal costs can be expected to vary accordingly. The TraDIS/Atlantis
exchange is currently funded in part by a federal grant for the period at the foreign universities.
For the international component of the program, the university offers a relocation stipend. The
stipend will be set to meet the cost of the lowest cost available student accommodation and
basic meal plan. These funds will be provided in two payments before the start of each
semester overseas. The US participants will also be given a travel advance equivalent to one
budget round-trip flight (BOS-FRA-KEM-BOS). Students are responsible for buying the airline
tickets, signing leases, making down payments, etc. Additional expenses such as an extra flight
home during summer vacation are not included.

Applications and Further Information
       The standard study abroad application can be downloaded here

       Logistics - Kristen Kalbrener, Director of International Programs
       Academics - Dr. Angappa Gunasekaran, Chair of Decision & Information Sciences

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