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					OKBFAA: Transmitter                                         

                  published by the Oklahoma Burglar & Fire Alarm Association                                    July 2011

                      Make plans now to join us for the next
                      OKBFAA board meeting!
                                                                                              Our Sympathies
                      Wednesday, Aug. 3, 2011 @ 1 p.m.                                        Our deepest sympathies
                                                                                              to OKBFAA member
                      SGI-Oklahoma City                                                       James Cookerly and his
                      3217 Cooke Way, Oklahoma City, OK 73179                                 family on the recent
                                                                                              passing of his wife.
                      Everyone is welcome!
                                                                                              Cookerly's company is
                                                                                              Security Services
                  Hot Topic:                                                                  Division of Williams
                  New residential alarm tagging requirements to go into effect                Electric, located in
                  Aug. 1                                                                      Arapaho, Okla.

                  The State Alarm & Locksmith                                                        We Need You!
                  Advisory Committee clarified the
                  language of a new provision to                                               OKBFAA is looking to you for
                  the Alarm and Locksmith Industry                                              help! Why? Because this is
                                                                                                  your industry and your
                  Act during its July meeting that                                                    association.
                  will require the tagging of any
                  new residential fire alarm panels.                                            There's a lot going on in the
                                                                                                 industry and we can't affect
                                                                                               change or educate those in the
                  The tagging requirement will go                                                industry without your help in
                  into effect on Aug. 1.                                                             spreading the word.

                                                                                                Contact OKBFAA President
                  Although the law states that only residential fire alarm panels must be      Rick Spring today to learn how
                  tagged, OKBFAA is encouraging industry members to tag all new                you can become involved with
                  residential panels, regardless of its fire rating.                            your industry's association.

                  Click here to read more
                                                                                                        About Us
                                                                                                The Oklahoma Burglar & Fire
                  President's Update                                                                Alarm Association is a
                  Complaints, budget & public access to information top of mind                 statewide, non-profit group of
                                                                                               alarm dealers, distributors and
                                                                                                manufactures joined together
                                      Over the past few months, the Association has            for the benefit of the electronic
                                      been working to obtain information from the State                security industry.
                                      that would help us work more efficiently. Many of
                                                                                                     2011 Board of
                                      these questions have been asked for quite some
                                      time now, and for the most part, all boil down to
                                      consumer safety.                                                   President

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OKBFAA: Transmitter                                           

                                      Here's what we've been working on:                                  Rick Spring

                                      Click here to continue reading.                                 1st Vice President
                                                                                                         Paul Conrady

                       Rick Spring                                                                    2nd Vice President
                                                                                                           Zeke Lay

                                                                                                    Secretary & Treasurer
                  View From the Board                                                                    Jana Davis

                  Finally, some budget numbers and a promise to explain them                          Training Officer &
                  from the Health Department!                                                         Executive Director
                                                                                                         Wanda Day
                                           We finally are getting some financial                      Sergeant-at-Arms
                                           information provided for our review by the                   John Brothers
                                           state Advisory Board, after 25 years of
                                           oversight by the Oklahoma State Department             Past President & Bylaws
                                                                                                     Committee Chair
                                           of Health and an advisory board budget that                  Pat Redpath
                                           has expanded at least 10-fold from $45,000
                                           per year to $500,000.
                                                                                                        Contact Us
                                                                                                 Wanda Day, Executive Director
                                            I do not know why this has happened now or
                           Zeke Lay         why it took so long. But I do know that now is         Oklahoma Burglar & Fire
                                            the time to ask your questions and to                     Alarm Association
                  participate. Now is the time to find out if this has become another                11210 E. 17th Street
                                                                                                       Tulsa, OK 74128
                  monolithic, bureaucratic black hole or is, indeed, the lean, enforcement
                  machine the original legislative bill intended for our industry.                 Phone: (918) 231-1696
                                                                                                    Fax: (918) 622-5486
                  There are two general areas this financial information falls in for our         Email:

                  To continue reading, click here
                  Industry News                                                                 2011 OKBFAA
                  ESA's take on House & Senate fire sprinkler incentive                         Meetings
                                                                                                Meetings are to be held monthly
                                                                                                at 1 p.m. following the State
                  (From ESA) The Electronic Security Association's (ESA) Government             Advisory Board Meetings in
                  Relations Department is requesting Congress include amendments to             Oklahoma City and will alternate
                  H.R. 1792 and S. 1035, the Fire Sprinkler Incentive Act of 2011 that          between the ADI and SGI
                  would provide a balanced approach of Fire Suppression + Detection =           Oklahoma City offices.
                  Fire Protection.
                                                                                                Aug. 3
                  ESA believes that with separate safety benefits available from both           3217 Cooke Way
                  automated fire sprinkler systems and life safety fire and smoke               OKC 73179
                  alarms, one system should not take precedent over the other.
                                                                                                Sept. 7
                  To continue reading, click here .                                             TBA
                                                                                                *Please note that due to
                                                                                                construction, September's
                  Industry News                                                                 meeting will be held at SGI's
                  Newly licensed businesses                                                     Oklahoma City office.

                                                                                                2011 State Advisory
                                                                                                Board Meetings
                                                                                                Alarm & Locksmith Advisory
                         Boehm Plumbing, Inc. (Enid) - Residential Fire Sprinkler               Committee meetings are held
                         Jerry's Lock & Keys (Burneyville) - Locksmith                          at 9 a.m. monthly at the State
                         Orion Fire and Safety, LLC (Oklahoma City) - Burglar,                  Department of Health, Room
                         Commercial Fire Alarm, Nurse Call, CCTV, Access Control                806.
                         Sac and Fox Nation (Stroud) - Locksmith, CCTV, Access

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OKBFAA: Transmitter                                                 

                                                                                                       Aug. 3
                          Statewide Fire & Consulting LLC (Cashion) - Commercial Fire
                                                                                                       Sept. 7
                          Alarm, Nurse Call, CCTV, Access Control
                                                                                                       Oct. 5
                          Trans-Tel (Tulsa) - Burglar, Commercial Fire Alarm, Locksmith,
                                                                                                       Nov. 2
                          Nurse Call, CCTV, Access Control
                          Webber's Mobile Key Shop, LLC (Seminole) - Locksmith                         Dec. 7

                  Out of State

                          Delosec, Inc. dba DFW Alarm (Flower Mound, TX) - Burglar,
                          Commercial Fire Alarm
                          Family Security & Protection Inc. (Round Rock, TX) - Burglar,
                          Commercial Fire Alarm
                          Metroplex Control Systems, Inc. (San Antonio, TX) - CCTV,
                          Access Control
                          Xanboo, Inc. (Atlanta, GA) - Monitor, Burglar, Residential Fire

                  (EDITOR'S NOTE: Companies and individuals must be licensed in Oklahoma before
                  placing a bid or they will be in violation of the Alarm and Locksmith regulations,
                  however, they are not required to hold an office in the state at this time.)

                  Many Thanks
                  The following advertisers help to make this publication possible.

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OKBFAA: Transmitter                                                 

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                                       The Oklahoma Burglar and Fire Alarm Association is a state-wide, non-profit group of alarm
                                       dealers, distributors and manufacturers joined together for the benefit of the electronic
                                       security industry. Our industry includes, but is in no way limited to: burglar alarm systems;
                                       fire alarm systems; closed circuit television; access control; nurse call; home automation;
                                       and systems integration.

                                       Not already a member? Contact an OKBFAA Board Member or find membership information
                                       and applications on our website.

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