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Tar Heel Dentist
 Official Publication of the North Carolina Academy of General Dentistry          �   Fall 2008

           AGD – The Voice of the General Dentist
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If you are interested in joining the NCAGD go to www.ncagd.org on the internet
   and click on “join ncagd” or call 1.888.AGD.DENT to request an application.
                                                                                                  5th District
John P. Pruitt, DDS, MAGD, FADI                                           Dr. John Pruitt         Dr. Brad Adams
                                                                          Winston-Salem, NC       Goldsboro, NC
The North Carolina Academy of General                                     336.765.1881            919.734.6386
Dentistry has been very busy this year. One
of our goals was to fill the positions for                                                        Dr. Angelina C. Mareil
district representative for all the state’s five                          Dr. Keith Yount         Fayetteville, NC
                                                                          Raleigh, NC             919.306.0009
districts. We now have six new district                                   919.781.6600
representatives. We also wanted to fill all
committee chair positions and this has been
accomplished. These new committee and                                                             Public Information
district representative members have                                      Dr. Stan Hardesty, Jr   Dr. Ken Chapman
brought energy, ideas, insight, and a                                     Raleigh, NC             Winston-Salem, NC
renewed focus to your NCAGD board. I am very thankful for the             919.781.0018            336.765.8878
dedication, time, efforts, and the willingness of each member to
serve.                                                                                            Constitution & Bylaws
                                                                          Dr. Glenn Miller        Dr. Ted Rogers
                                                                          Asheville, NC           Clayton, NC
Here are some of the highlights of your NCAGD board’s activities this     828.684.3839
year and into 2009. A lunch and learn with UNC dental students was                                919.553.3173
held in January at the UNC School of Dentistry. Four NCAGD mem-                                   Legislative
bers attended the AGD Advocacy Conference during March in                 Dr. Danielle Tart       Dr. Dan Creek
Washington, D.C. The NCAGD Annual Meeting was held in February in         Raleigh, NC             Hillsborough, NC
Cary. The Board met in February and April with an upcoming meeting        919.847.6000            919.732.4041
in November. Four members attended the Region 19 Caucus during
June in Charleston, S.C. Five delegates and two alternate delegates                               Dr. Gavin Harrell
                                                                          Dr. Michael Mock        Elkin, NC
attended the AGD annual meeting during July in Orlando, Fla. The          Mt. Pleasant, NC        336.835.1212
board will meet with UNC dental students and provide a pig pickin’ in     704.436.9397
November. The 33rd NCAGD annual meeting will be held in Cary                                      Mastertrack
February 20-22, 2009.                                                                             Dr. Ted Rogers
                                                                          Elizabeth Trevathan     Clayton, NC
The NCAGD joined with the NCDS and the UNC Dental Alumni Associa-         Burlington, NC          919.553.3173
tion to co-sponsor a student reception at the NCDS annual meeting.        336.584.0049
We continue to work with the NCDS mentoring program and the young                                 Pace/Continuing
dentist program. We have also advocated that the N.C. legislature                                 Education
increase Dental Medicaid reimbursement. We are presently redesigning      1st District            Dr. Cheryl Siegel
                                                                          Dr. Pete Richards       Raleigh, NC
our website (www.ncagd.org), implementing an e-newsletter, and                                    919.881.9258
developing an email blast for members.                                    Hendersville, NC
We are all extremely blessed to be able to practice our chosen            Dr. Barbara             Dr. Jennifer Bell
profession of dentistry in North Carolina. We owe much to those           Bomen-Hensley           Fayetteville, NC
who have gone before us: our mentors, who had the vision, foresight,      Asheville, NC           919.321.1364
and forbearance to pave the road we now walk on.                          828.299.8824
                                                                          2nd District            Dr. Glenn Garland
What legacy are we leaving for those who follow us in our chosen          Dr. Robert Stowe        Chapel Hill, NC
profession? Invite those interested in dentistry to come to your office   Winston-Salem, NC       919.843.4842
and observe. Invite the new dental graduate to join your local dental     336.765.1881
society and the AGD. Be a mentor to the young dentist and an              Dr. Jason Steinbicker   Student Board Member
advocate for the profession. Be aware of opportunities that exist to      Winston-Salem, NC       Laura Barringer
reach out to the next generation. Begin leaving a legacy for those men    336.765.1881            Chapel Hill, NC
and women who will follow you.                                                                    704.746.5456
                                                                          3rd District
                                                                          Dr. Pete Tzendzulian
                                                                          Chapel Hill, NC
                                                                          919.402.9200            Region 19 Trustee
                                                                          4th District            Dr. Carter Brown
                                                                          Dr. James Parker        Greenville, SC
        NCAGD Annual Meeting                                              Benson, NC

                                                                                                  Region 19 Director
                                                                          Dr. Jerry W. Caudill    Dr. Carol Wooden
                                                                          Fayetteville, NC        Smyrna, GA
                                                                          910.717.9709            770.438.2400
                          Membership Committee News
I bring greetings and wish a happy fall to our NCAGD members. I hope that you had a wonderful and
enjoyable summer. As many of you know, fall is a great time to regain energy and focus on the things that
matter most to us. As members, you have made a commitment to higher standards of learning, advocacy
for your profession and service to your communities. I want to commend you on your membership and
encourage you to take advantage of all that this great organization has to offer.

The NCAGD is excited to launch our new website this fall. The new site will feature more up-to-date
information, easy access to local and national items of interest, and new ways to become involved.

The NCAGD is also excited to launch a new incentive program for membership recruitment. For those
dentists who sponsor or refer new members to our organization, you will be eligible for rewards and
membership discounts. In order to be recognized as a recruiting dentist, the new member must include
your name on his/her application.

The membership committee will also be hosting several events with the students at UNC School of Den-
tistry, hoping to encourage our newest professionals to join our organization. If you would like more
information on any of the items mentioned in this article or additional ways to become involved in your
state branch, please email me at jsbelldds@gmail.com. Best wishes for a great fall season.

                                                           - Jennifer Bell, DDS, Membership Chairperson

   Looking forward to a New Beginning!
                   The North Carolina Academy of
             General Dentistry Mastertrack Program is now
              “Learning the Art and Science of
                 Comprehensive Dentistry”
  In early November we expect to have the dates and times set for our next
                        continuing education week-end.
               We will begin this year with Fixed Prosthodontics.
For applications, forms, locations, and schedules please contact Dr. Ted Rogers
                                at the following:
                                          Dr. Ted Rogers
                                           P Box 599
                                       Clayton, N.C. 27520
                                         (919) 553-3173
    2008 AGD Annual Meeting Report
                                      The 2008 AGD Annual Meeting, held at Disney’s Dolphin Resort July
                                      16-20, was once again an action-packed time with first class continuing
                                      education lecture and participation courses. Delegates for NC were Drs.
                                      John Pruitt, Keith Yount, Glenn Miller, Stan Hardesty, Jason Steinbicker,
                                      Ted Rogers and Michael Weisenfeld. The NCAGD is appreciative of
                                      these dentists giving their time to attend.

       Region 19 Caucus Meeting

The following important issues facing the AGD were the focus of the
2008 House of Delegates:
        •      Access to Care
        •      Insuring that general dentists be able to perform
               sedation w/out dental anesthesiology specialty status
        •      Protection of scope of practice of general dentists
        •      Elimination of two tier payment schedules for specialists
               vs. general dentists for the same procedure code                  2008 AGD House of Delegates
        •      Support of licensed dentists ownership/control of
               dental practices
        •      Resolution to support legislation by states to require dental labs to disclose composition
               of materials used in fabrication of restorations and, if outsourced, to disclose location
        •      Many other issues that can be found at www.AGD.org

                                                     Access to Care is the primary issue facing general den-
                                                     tists today. The Academy is being
                                                     proactive in this legislative arena.
                                                     Please go to the AGD website at
                                                     www.AGD.org and click on the
                                                     Access to Care White Paper to read
                                                     what the House of Delegates ap-
                                                     proved. The Academy’s position
                                                     paper addresses the true issues of
                                                     Access to Care and effective and
                                                     realistic solutions.
           2008 NCAGD Delegates l to r:
Drs. Stan Hardesty, Glenn Miller, Keith Yount, Ted AGD 2009 Baltimore, July 8-12,
Rogers, Jason Steinbicker, John Pruitt                                                       Dr. Paula Jones,
                                                   2009, will be held at hotels adjacent AGD President 2008-2009
to the Convention Center in Baltimore, MD near the harbor, Camden Yards, Aquarium
and many other attractions. As always, AGD Annual Meetings are a great value for quality continuing educa-
tion and fellowship with general dentists from around the nation. An expanded offering of participation
courses will be given at the nearby University of Maryland Dental School.
For more information, please go to www.AGD.org and click AGD2009Baltimore. AGD 2009 Baltimore will
be fun for the whole family. Please join us!!

– Glenn Miller, DDS, FAGD, NCAGD Secretary/Treasurer
The NCAGD would like to thank the sponsors of the 2009 NCAGD Annual Meeting. It is
           their generous support that makes our meeting possible.
     Program Sponsor                          NCAGD Business
     3M                                       Luncheon Sponsor
                                              Delta Dental of North Carolina
     Platinum Level Sponsor
     Henry Schein                             Bronze Level Sponsors
                                              Dentsply Dental
     Gold Level Sponsors                      Drake Lab
     Medical Security                         Fuji
     Sherer                                   Kerr
    Silver Level Sponsors                     Kodak Dental Systems
    Astra Tech Implants                       Sterngold
    Simmer Implants                           Ultradent
    Merrill Lynch                             Friends of the Academy
    Premier Dental Products                   Val Gelo

     DATeS To ReMeMBeR                        Continuing education
 Annual Fall Pig Pickin’ and NCAGD Board of        The AGD Program for Continuing Education
              Directors Meeting                (PACE) is an evaluation of the educational pro-
         Snipes Farm, Carrboro, NC             cesses used in designing, planning and imple-
              November 7, 2008                 menting continuing education. Approval by the
                                               AGD does not imply endorsement of course
        AGD Leadership Conference              content, products or therapies presented, nor
               Chicago, Il                     does this approval imply that a state or provin-
          November 21-22, 2008                 cial board of dentistry will accept courses for
                                               re-licensure. Approved program providers are
    North Carolina Individualized Written      expected to comply with all relevant state and
      Radiation Safety Program for All         federal laws. Continuing education offered by
       North Carolina Dental offices           approved program providers will be accepted
         Due Date January 1, 2009              by the Academy for Fellowship/Mastership
          NCAGD Annual Meeting                 credit and by the NC State Board of Dental
                 Cary, NC                      Examiners for license maintenance.
           February 20-22, 2009                    The NCAGD PACE’s key role is to raise and
                                               maintain the quality of continuing dental educa-
              NCAGD Board of                   tion programs presented within our constituent.
             Directors Meeting                 All program provider approvals, whether for
                  Cary, NC                     new approvals or reapprovals, must complete
             February 20, 2009                 the same application that covers 14 standards
                  1:00 PM                      of quality of continuing education in order to be
                                               eligible to offer FAGD/MAGD and State Board
              NCAGD Board of                   credit hours.
             Directors Meeting                     To acquire an application for your dental
                  Cary, NC                     organization either go to the AGD website or
             February 22, 2009                 contact the national office at 1-888-AGD DENT
                  9:00 AM                      (243-3368) ext 4335. North Carolina, in addi-
                                               tion to the application, requires a $50 fee to
            AGD National Board                 recoup expenses for processing the application.
            of Directors Meeting               Once your application is completed, mail it to
                Asheville, NC                  Dr Cheryl Siegel at 4505 Fair Meadow Lane, STE
             April 10-11, 2009                 209, Raleigh, NC, 27607. If you have any ques-
                                               tions feel free to call me at 919-881-9258.
            AGD Annual Meeting
               Baltimore, MD
              July 8-12, 2009                  – Cheryl Siegel, DDS, FAGD, Ce Chairwoman
Required Individualized Radiation
Safety Programs
As of January 1, 2009 all dental offices in North Carolina will be required to have individual-
ized Radiation Safety Programs in writing and on site. These are much more inclusive than
the old Radiation Safety Programs many offices have in place at this time. My office was
inspected in 2007 and was fine with the old program. This will no longer be adequate. The
state inspectors are being very lenient for the next few months and will help each individual
office with compliance if you contact them. They will not write the manual for you. You must
initiate the contact and have begun the process for them to help you.

This will not be a fill in the blank process and will take time to do. It will read more like your
current OSHA manual when finished. The outline you must use and the required information
you must include are listed at their website, www.ncradiation.net. Go to the website and
click on “Written Safety Program Guide.” The guides you need are listed. The inspectors will
be happy to answer questions if you contact them. Do not wait until they contact you. They
are already inspecting dental offices expecting the new manuals in place as we write this.

There have been a few courses presented by the inspectors thru the Charlotte and Raleigh
AHECs co-sponsored by the NCDS. I attended the course in Charlotte on September 26th.
According to the course description in The Friday Letter, “Attendees must bring their own
laptop computers to this session as they will be used to create an individualized Radiation
Safety Program for each office.” I understood this to mean I would be finished with this re-
quirement after attending the program. THAT WAS NOT THE CASE! We used the laptops only
to access the website and maneuver thru it. I was told what was required and where to find
the information. Questions were answered and people to contact were named. The manual
now has to be written.

The inspectors and the state are not interested in issuing violations at this time. Angry com-
plaints will not be in the interest of anyone. A desire to comply is what is needed. They want
all dental offices to be in compliance with new guidelines as soon as possible. This grace
period will not last forever so begin your manuals now.

– Michael L. Mock, DDS, editor
                   New Delegate’s Experience
                   at the AGD Annual Meeting
        This summer I had the privilege of serving as a delegate at the 2008 Academy of General
Dentistry Annual Meeting. Drs. John Pruitt, Stan Hardesty, Glen Miller, Keith Yount and Ted Rogers also
represented our state in Orlando. Attending this meeting afforded me the unique opportunity to
see what lies at the heart of our organization as well as partake in the amazing fellowship that we are
fortunate to enjoy as members of the AGD. I would like to offer a reflection of my AGD experience
in the sunshine state.
        To jump-start the beginning of the general session we welcomed Captain James Lovell, famed
astronaut and prosperous businessman as the opening speaker. Captain Lovell recounted highlights
of his career in the U.S. space program including his part in the Apollo 11 lunar landing mission and
the Gemini Mission Program. The role Captain Lovell was most known for, however, is that of com-
mander for the famous Apollo 13 flight. Hearing the dramatic story of the trials that Captain Lovell
and his crew encountered following the crippling explosion on the Apollo spacecraft was nothing
short of inspirational. Captain Lovell’s account of these events underscored the importance of per-
severance amidst adversity and in its simplest form, the value of teamwork. This provided an excel-
lent introduction to our meeting.
        In serving as a delegate this year, it was readily apparent how critical both teamwork and
strong leadership are as the AGD continues to grow. One of the truly encouraging parts of the
meeting for me was being able to witness how well these two components were represented in the
House of Delegates where many key decisions regarding our organization are made. As a relatively
recent graduate, it was indeed inspiring to hear the passion that exists for our profession among
peers who have been in practice for some time as they came to debate items on the House floor. It
also provided a salient reminder of the vigilance that the AGD must possess in guarding what is in the
best interest of the general dentist. Continuity of leadership is also very important.
        The AGD has long been synonymous with supporting a commitment to a lifetime of learning
in our chosen profession. Continuing education opportunities in Orlando were plentiful. What was
striking to me, however, was how much there was to be learned from others. Whether it is with
fellow North Carolina delegates or those from other regions of the country, the annual meeting
provided a forum where ideas could be freely exchanged that had tremendous depth and value.
Furthermore, it is evident that therein lies the strength of the AGD. I was able to witness firsthand
how great an impact we can have as an organization when a group of motivated individuals works
together toward a common goal.
        That being said, I am extremely encouraged by the direction the AGD is headed. I feel con-
fident that we will continue growing as the principle voice for general dentists. I hope that this in-
spires you to use your collective talents and get involved with the AGD. I look forward to seeing the
best of what Baltimore has to offer at our annual meeting in 2009.

                                                                         – Jason Stienbicker, DDS
       2008 AGD Mastership &
         Fellowship Awards

Stephanie Ballentine,   Farzaneh Kesmiri-Sanchez,   edward C. Monroe, DDS,   Robert P. Stowe, DDS,   U. Phillip Igbinadolor,
  DDS, MAGD 2008            DDS, FAGD 2008                FAGD 2008              FAGD 2008             DMD, FAGD 2008

                             The following were not available for the photographs:
          Paul R. Barrett, DDS, FAGD 2008; Joseph C. Duncan, DDS, FAGD 2008; Kishore Shetty, DDS,
                              FAGD 2008; and David e. Woolston, DDS, FAGD 2008

                                                                        Burlington, NC 27215
                                                                        537 North Gurney Street
                                                      Academy of General Dentistry
                                                      North Carolina

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