Improve Website Traffic with Social Networking?

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					Improve Website Traffic with Social Networking
Improve website traffic with social networking? Social Networks like Twitter and
Facebook are additionally to their apparent functions, also places where traffic
can be obtained. With Facebook, while a website promotion can be done for free,
it can also be done through the paid advertisement offered by facebook. With
Twitter, I am not aware of a paid and public advertising service. I have personally
used Twitter in is Free form by posting tweets and adding people.

Due to the fact that Facebook is a very popular site, it makes sense that it is place
that marketers may want to exploit. On Facebook, fan pages and groups can be
set up in an attempt to make one’s site more visible. Nonetheless, if there are
neither fans nor group members, these avenues for traffic may not be that useful
to move facebook users to another website.

As far as Facebook is concerned, I have gotten some information regarding the
effectiveness of its advertising network that permits advertisers to present ads to
facebook users. In this network, there is the possibility to target facebook users.
My understanding has been that it was better to direct the facebook users to a
fan page rather than the advertiser’s site at first.

Concerning Paid advertising networks, I think that starting out without
information as to what should be done to succeed can lead to loss of money.

The second social network I would like to briefly talk about is Twitter. Twitter too
receives a lot of visitors. However, Facebook has in my opinion more traffic than
Twitter. I find twitter to be more suitable for people who want to communicate
with the world. It seems to be more open than Facebook where friends might be
those with whom personal information may be shared. The examples of world
events being tweeted a lot are an example of how Facebook and Twitter differ.

My use of twitter as a source of traffic has been done through two major things.
One was to add followers and the second thing was to tweet certain keywords in
an attempt to be ranked in Google. Nonetheless, the section that featured Twitter
updates in Google was not listed anymore sometimes ago. This being, because
Twitter still exist I think that it is still possible to use this platform to try to
generate website visitors.
I have remarked that by adding a lot of followers each day, and tweeting each
day, I could receive some hits. I would like to note though that the number of hits
that I have received seemed to have a low conversion to sale, if it converted to
sales. Nonetheless, I find it easier to write tweets than to write article for Ezine

Concerning the adding of followers, I beleive that there are ways to do this
account without having to sit in front of a computer. However, I don’t know
exactly what the user agreement with Twitter permits.

Twitter and Facebook are not the only social networks. I hope that you have
found this post interesting.

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