2011-2012 UNIVERSITY OF REGINA SENATE by linzhengnd


* ex officio member
   Alexander, Ms Joanna          College of Physicians and Surgeons of Saskatchewan
* Anderson, Dr. Doyle            President, First Nations University of Canada
* Andreychuk, Dr. Raynell        Chancellor Emeritus
   Archambault, Mr. Rene         Assemblée communautaire fransaskoise
   Arnot, Ms Randi               Provincial Council of Women
   Arscott, Ms Michele           The Institute of Chartered Accountants of Saskatchewan
   Barber, Ms Kaytlyn            Student Representative
   Barteski-Hoberg, Ms Marsha    Elected Representative District 7 (Melfort-Wynyard-Davidson)
   Bathgate, Ms Brenda           Saskatchewan Association of Recreation Professionals
* Benedicenti, Dr. Luigi         Associate Vice-President (Academic)
   Blackhurst, Ms Melissa        Student Representative
   Braitman, Mr. Barry G.        Assoc. of Professional Community Planners of Saskatchewan
   Brown, Ms Cindy               Interior Designers of Saskatchewan Inc.
   Brown, Mr. Craig              Association of Saskatchewan Regional Colleges
   Brunskill, Ms Donna           Saskatchewan Registered Nurses Association
* Button, Mr. David              Vice-President (Administration)
   Chamberlin, Ms Megan          Student Representative
* Chamberlin, Dr. Craig          Dean, Faculty of Kinesiology & Health Studies, and Acting Dean,
                                 Faculty of Social Work, University of Regina
*   Chase, Dr. Thomas            Provost and Vice-President (Academic), University of Regina
    Cormier, Dr. Judy            Elected Representative District 11 (Regina)
    Dagenais, Dr. Margaret       U of R Alumni Association Representative
    Dillon, Mr. Mike             Saskatchewan Chamber of Commerce
*   Dorrington, Dr. Peter        Director, Institut français, University of Regina
*   Fiore, Father Benjamin       President, Campion College, University of Regina
*   Fitzpatrick, Dr. Dennis      Vice-President (Research), University of Regina
    Frandsen, Ms Karen           Saskatchewan Registered Music Teachers Association
    French, Mr. Malcolm          Canadian Public Relations Society
    Furneaux, Mr. George         Saskatchewan College of Pharmacists
*   Gregory, Dr. david           Dean, Faculty of Nursing, University of Regina
    Harris, Ms Arlene            Association of Saskatchewan Home Economists
    Harvey, Mr. Graham           Elected Representative District 3 (Assiniboia-Bengough)
*   Hillis, Dr. Bryan            President, Luther College, University of Regina
    Holden, Ms Doreen            Saskatchewan Women’s Institute
*   Isman, Ms Clare              Deputy Minister, Advanced Education, Employment & Immigration
    Keaschuk, Ms Marlyn          Elected Representative District 4 (Swift Current-Gravelbourg)
*   Kelln, Dr. Rod               Dean, Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research, University of
    Kezima, Ms Paige             Student Representative
*   King, Dr. Harvey             Director, Centre for Continuing Education, University of Regina
*   Kleer, Dr. Richard           Dean, Faculty of Arts, University of Regina
    Kleisinger, Mr. Gerald       Saskatchewan Library Trustees’ Association
    Kliman, Ms Elizabeth (Liz)   Saskatchewan Dietitians Association
    Kohl, Mr. Dan                Society of Management Accountants of Saskatchewan
    Kotylak, Ms Janet            Saskatchewan School Boards Association
    Krell, Ms Darlene            Saskatchewan Association of School Councils
    Krismer, Mr. Robert          Elected Representative District 9 (North Battleford-Prince Albert)
    Krogan, Ms Lana              Law Society of Saskatchewan
    Larsen, Chief Dale           Saskatchewan Association of Police Chiefs
    Lauder, Mr. Sandy                Saskatchewan Institute of Agrologists
*   Maguire, Dr. Brien               Dean, Faculty of Science, University of Regina
*   Malloy, Dr. David                Associate Vice-President (Research), University of Regina
    Maze, Mr. Patrick                Elected Representative District 2 (Weyburn-Indian Head) and
                                     Senate Representative to the Board of Governors
*   McCaffrey, Mr. Geordy            Executive Director, Gabriel Dumont Institute of Native Studies
    McCallum, Mr. Don                Saskatchewan Association of Rural Municipalities
*   McCulloch, Dr. Robert            President, Saskatchewan Institute of Applied Science and
                                     Technology (SIAST)
*   McKague, Dr. Terence             Chancellor Emeritus
    McKay, Mr. Rob                   Saskatchewan League of Education Administrators, Directors and
*   McNinch, Dr. James               Dean, Faculty of Education, University of Regina
*   Metcalfe, Dr. John               Registrar, University of Regina
    Millard, Mr. Donald              Elected Representative District 11 (Regina)
    Mougeot, Mr. Laurent             Saskatchewan Urban Municipalities Association
    Neilson, Ms Audrey               Elected Representative District 8 (Dundurn-Delisle)
    Norgan, Ms Ann                   Elected Representative District 1 (Moosomin-Estevan)
*   Norris, The Hon. Rob             Minister, Advanced Education, Employment & Immigration
    Nur, Ms Haanim                   Student Representative
    Opseth, Mr. Art                  Association of Professional Engineers & Geoscientists of Sask.
    Palmarin, Mr. Robert             Athol Murray College of Notre Dame
    Peterson, Mr. Kent               Student Representative
*   Petry, Mrs. Verda                Chancellor Emeritus
*   Petty, Dr. Sheila                Dean, Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Regina
*   Pollock, Ms Barbara              Vice-President (External Relations), University of Regina
*   Ready, Dr. William F.            Chancellor
    Reihl, Dr. Jeff                  Chiropractic Association of Saskatchewan
*   Rennie, Dr. Morina               Acting Dean, Faculty of Business Administration, University of
*   Revet, Ms Annette                University Secretary, University of Regina
    Ross, Dr. James                  Saskatchewan Association of Optometrists
    Saunders, Mr. Brian              Saskatchewan Association of Architects
    Schnell, Ms Sandra               University of Saskatchewan Alumni Association
*   Sgrazzutti, Mr. William (Bill)   University Librarian, University of Regina
    Sherban, Ms Cindy                Registered Psychiatric Nurses Association of Saskatchewan
*   Smith, Mr. John                  Associate Vice-President (Student Affairs)
    Staples, Ms Sandra               Saskatchewan Association of Occupational Therapists
    Stewart, Ms Jacquie              Canadian Federation of University Women
    Stroh, Mr. Peter                 Elected Representative District 12 (Saskatoon)
    Susut, Ms Sonja                  Elected Representative District 10 (Moose Jaw)
    Thomas, Mr. Victor               The Regina and District Chamber of Commerce
*   Timmons, Dr. Vianne              President and Vice-Chancellor, University of Regina
*   Tontiwachwuthikul, Dr. Paitoon   Dean, Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science, University of
*   Wakabayashi, Mr. Arthur          Chancellor Emeritus
    Ward, Dr. Rosemary               Saskatchewan Veterinary Medical Association
    Warnyca, Mr. Orest               Ukrainian Canadian Congress – Saskatchewan Provincial Council
    Weir, Ms Susan                   Psychological Society of Saskatchewan
    Whitehead, Ms Shelley            Saskatchewan Association of Social Workers
Wood, Mr. Walter                Saskatchewan Teachers’ Federation
Xavier, Ms Cindy                Elected Representative District 12 (Saskatoon)
Vacant                          Inter-provincial Association on Native Employment (IANE)
Vacant 2011-2012                Elected Representative, District 5 (Maple Creek-Rosetown-
Vacant 2011-2012                Elected Representative, District 6 (Melville-Yorkton-Hudson Bay)

Senate Representatives to the   Note: the following is not a member of Senate, but represents Senate
Board of Governors              at meetings of the University of Regina Board of Governors
Bourassa, Ms Elaine             Former Elected Representative District 11 (Regina)

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