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Medical Investigations


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									Medical Investigations
Lecture/Project Based Semester Class

Class Instructor: Christine G. Harris

Course Description:
This is course designed to enhance the hospital experience. Eight areas of the hospital
will be discussed and each will be followed up with a group project.

Course Requirements:
      There is no textbook
      Group Work

Areas of Topic:
       Medical Terminology               Pulmonology
       Human Anatomy                     Radiology
       Cardiology                        Pathology
       Lab tests                         Emergency Medicine

Concentrated Areas:

Medical Terminology/Equipment/Diagnostic Tools
        -Students will examine and learn:
                -Standard medical equipment used during all rotations.
                -Departments in a hospital (both the hospital and outreach) – their importance
                -Medical terminology
                -Medical Charting

Clinical/Research Rotations Benchmarks
        -Follow real cases and construct a profile of a typical case.
        -Observe roles and responsibilities of the practitioners being shadowed
        -Gather medical histories, record labs and results of performed tests.

Seminar/Case Studies
       -Describe and explain the physiology of each case presented
       -Discuss the treatment
       -Discuss the history and importance to the findings

Laboratory Investigations
       -Laboratory test routinely performed/why
       -normal values of labs/variations to the norm and possible reasons

      8 to 10 projects                            Presenter participation
      Binder                                      Class work/Participation
      Reflection papers                           Assessments

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