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                                                                      Today’s talk

                                                                      – What is psychology?
                                                                      – Entry requirements and course details
 Psychological Sciences                                               – Psychology content in our degrees
                                                                      – What is psychophysiology?
   Assoc Prof Greg Murray
                                                                      – Forensic Psychology
   Head, Psychological Sciences and Statistics                        – Sports Psychology - NEW
   Faculty of Life & Social Sciences
                                                                      – What will I get out of the course?
                                                                      – Postgraduate options

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                                                                   Psychology is the systematic study of
                                                                     - Mental processes and behaviour
 What is Psychology?                                                 - Views of the self, relationships, psychological
                                                                       development and emotional disorders.

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                                                                      Career opportunities
    Who is interested in psychology?
                                                                      • Psychology graduates are highly sought after by a
                                                                        wide range of organisations to work in human services
    • Many people are attracted by the vocational aspect of             in areas such as:
      the course (half go on to post-graduate study to                  - Community health and community mental health
      become Psychologists)                                             - Clinical psychology in hospitals
                                                                        - Scientific research
    • Psychology is the 3rd most popular VCE subject for
      girls and close for boys (after English and Further               - Counselling & welfare

      Maths)                                                            - Organisational behaviour
                                                                        - Human resource management
                                                                        - Marketing and advertising

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    Career options
                                                                               Career options: Psychophysiology
    – Psychological practitioner (with further study)
      - Clinician, counsellor, educational psychologist,                       – Science career in psychology or psychology
        sports psychologist, child psychologist, forensic                        - Hospital scientist, human factors, medical research,
        psychologist                                                               sleep laboratory, cognitive studies
    – Research career                                                          – Research career
      - Honours and postgraduate studies/research                                - Honours and postgraduate studies/research
        (Master, PhD, D Psych, Brain Sciences Institute)                           (Master, PhD, D Psych, Brain Sciences Institute)
    – Industry                                                                 – Industry
      - Marketing, human resources career, health care                           - Marketing, human resources career, health care

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  What is unique about Swinburne?
                                                                               Psychology at Swinburne
                                                                               • Swinburne attracts V type and E type applicants in
      Long tradition of training      International reputation for               roughly equal numbers.
      professional                    psychological science
      psychologists                   •Emphasis on good quality                • ATAR scores were around 73 in 2011
       E h i           ti l kill
      •Emphasis on practical skills   theory and methodology
                                      th        d   th d l
                                                                               • The student experience at Swinburne is highly rated
      and application                 •Cutting edge technologies
      •Renowned collegiality and      of psychological science                 • In the latest assessment by the Australian Research
      teaching quality                                                           Council, Swinburne Psychology was rated as “world
                                                                                 class for research”

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    Psychology at Swinburne

    – Content draws equally on science and social
    – Incorporates a large component of training in research
      methods and statistics
    – The courses are all professionally accredited via the                       y   q
                                                                              Entry Requirements & Course Details
      Australian Psychological Accreditation Council (APAC)

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Course entry 2011                                                   Psychology at Swinburne
  – For most degrees with a Psychology major the only                 – Offers a broad range of subjects
    prerequisite is English                                           – Strong emphasis on practical skills and critical thinking
  – For the Bachelor of Science (Psychology) and the                  – Ensures knowledge of psychological theories
    Psychophysiology co-major Maths (any) is also
                                                                      – Improves ability to explain human behaviour
                                                                      – Application to real-life situations

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                                                   Swinburne                                                          Swinburne
  Courses that include a Psychology
  major                                                              Interest streams
  – Bachelor of Social Science       Bachelor of Social Science
    (Psychology)                      (Psychology & Forensic          – Forensic Psychology
  – Bachelor of Arts                                                  – Psychophysiology
    (Psychology &                    Bachelor of Social Science
                                                                               Psychology (Ne
                                                                      – Sports Ps cholog (New in 2012)
    Psychophysiology)                Bachelor of Science
  – Bachelor of Science              Bachelor of Arts
    (Psychology &                    Graduate Diploma of
    Psychophysiology)                 Psychology
  – Bachelor of Arts
    (Psychology & Forensic
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                                                                  U i   it f

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  Co-majors & minors in Arts and
  Social Science
– Digital media                  Politics & public policy
– Media                          Sociology                          Psychology Content
– Journalism                     Sustainability management
                                 S    i bili
– Sociology                      Games & Interactivity
– Philosophy/Cultural Inquiry
– Communications

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First year                                       Swinburne   Second year                                          Swinburne

                                                             • Semester units in
  • One statistics unit & two psychology units
                                                               - Developmental Psychology
  • Broad introduction to fundamental principles of
                                                               - Cognition and Human Performance
                                                               - Design and Measurement (two units)
    - Learning
    - Motivation
    - Emotion
    - Consciousness
    - Thinking and problem solving
    - Memory & Language
    - Research methods and ethics

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Third year                                       Swinburne   Generic skills                                       Swinburne

• Semester units in                                          • Understanding of the scientific method
  - Personality                                              • Critical evaluation of scientific work
  - Psychological projects (two units)
                                                             • The ability to report on research using expected
  - Abnormal Psychology
  - Social Psychology
                                                             • The ability to write to a word limit
                                                             • The ability to get reports in on time
                                                             • The ability to work in a team/oral presentations
                                                             • Project management skills

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                                                 Swinburne                                                        Swinburne
                                                               – The study of the relation between brain and behaviour.
                                                               – Covers basic mechanisms of
                                                                 - Attention
                                                                 - Emotion
  y   p y     gy      j
Psychophysiology co-major                                        - Sleep
                                                                 - Psychological disorders

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                                                Swinburne                                                         Swinburne
 Psychophysiology                                               Units of study
 – Many people are attracted to the vocational aspect of        – First year
   the course                                                     - Intro to Physiology
   - Psychology career                                            - Human Physiology
   -   Science career in psychophysiology or psychology           - Technology and Data acquisition
                                                                – Second year
   -   Cogniti e Neuroscience Research career
       Cognitive Ne roscience
                                                                  - Neurophysiology
   -   Industry & Marketing Career                                - Neurological monitoring
                                                                  - Sensory systems
                                                                  - Perception and motor systems

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                                                Swinburne                                                         Swinburne
                                                                Additional workplace skills
 – Third year                                                   – Written presentation skills
   - Sleep and Attention                                          - Essays, reports, critical analysis, reviews
   - Higher Cortical Function                                   – Oral presentations
   - Abnormal Psychophysiology
                                                                – Team work
   - Psychophysiology projects (in psychology major)
                                                                  - Experimental design analysis
                                                                – Project work
                                                                  - Small teams or individual research at third year level

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                                                                Forensic Psychology

                                                                – Is the study of psychological practices, theories and
                                                                  applications within the criminal justice system
                                                                – Graduate attributes include:
                                                                       - Greater knowledge of forensic psychology and
                                                                         the criminal justice system
Forensic Psychology                                                    - A ability to think clearly and creatively about
                                                                         An bilit t thi k l l          d    ti l b t
                                                                         solutions to statistical problems
                                                                       - Develop multifaceted research and problem
                                                                         solving skills
                                                                       - Strong analysis and report writing skills

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Units of study                                Swinburne                                                             Swinburne

 – First year
   - Introduction to Forensic Psychology
   - Introduction to Forensic Science
 – Second year
                                                            Sports Psychology
   - Statistics for Forensics
 – Third year
   - Advanced Topic in Forensic Psychology

 Swinburne University of                             31                                                                   32


                                              Swinburne                                                             Swinburne
 Sports Psychology                                         Units of study
 – Allows students to develop specialist knowledge about     – First year
   the application to psychology to aspects of sports
   psychology                                                   - Introduction to Sports Psychology

 – Graduate attributes include:                              – Second year
    How psychological factors influence involvement            - Sociology of Sport
      and performance in sports                                 - Sports Statistics
    The use of statistical techniques used to evaluate
      and predict sports performance                         – Third year
    The inter interaction of sports and social                 - Advanced Topic in Sport Psychology
    Psychological factors that influence sports and

 Swinburne University of                             33     Swinburne University of Technology                            34


                                              Swinburne    How do we rate?                                          Swinburne

                                                           – Rated the best university in Melbourne
                                                             with more 5-star ratings than any other university:

What do students get out of the
course?                                                                                     Teaching quality
                                                                                            Graduate satisfaction
                                                                                            Staff qualifications
                                                                                            Generic skills

                                                                                            2011 Good Universities Guide



 Example student projects                     Swinburne                                                           Swinburne

 – Brain electrical activity and the senses
                                                               Career options: Psychology
 – Neuroscience of Intelligence
 – Investigations of disorders                                 • Psychology has many career paths and is forecast to
                                                                 have the highest percentage employment growth of all
 – Cognitive Performance
                                                                 occupational groups during the next decade.
 – Measurement of effects of relaxation
                                                               • Many people take up a career related to psychology
 – Brain changes associated with driving                         after completion of a three-year program, about half
 – Biology of Emotional intelligence                             choose to undertake further study in order to work
                                                                 specifically as psychologists.
 – Eye movements of elite athletes
 – Biology of Personality
 – Biology of day dreaming
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                                                                  Postgraduate options at Swinburne
                                                                   • Honours or Post- Graduate Diploma (4th year)
                                                                   • Masters of Psychology in Clinical or Counselling
Postgraduate options                                                 Psychology
                                                                   • Professional Doctorates in Clinical and Counselling
                                                                   • Masters by Research and PhDs in Psychology
                                                                   • Doctor of Philosophy (Clinical Psychology)
                                                                   • Masters & Graduate Diploma in Human Services
                                                                   • Masters & Graduate Diploma in Family Therapy
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 Research opportunities                       Swinburne                                                           Swinburne
                                                                  Some specific staff interests
 • Brain and Psychological Sciences Research Centre
                                                                  • Research and Teaching Staff interests:
 • One of Swinburne’s six Tier One Research Centers
                                                                    - Biological measures of intelligence & personality
 • Conducts high quality research in psychology and                 - Brain electrical activity and simulated driving
   human neuroscience
                                                                    - Effects of mobile telephones on cognitive processes
                                                                    - Altered brain activity in schizophrenia & clinical
                                                                    - fMRI of attention and working memory
                                                                    - Brain mechanisms of dyslexia and ADHD
                                                                    - Neuromarketing
                                                                    - Cognitive & Affective Neuroscience
                                                                    - Substance Effects on Cognition
                                                                    - Process of aging
                                                       41           - Maintaining wellness                               42


   Why Swinburne?                                  Swinburne

   • People oriented, applied approach
   • World class research
   • Small class sizes
   •   Accessible staff, student focused
   • I d t based l
     Industry b        i
                d learning
   • International exchange opportunities
   • Availability of higher degrees
   • Flexible learning
   • Evening classes
   • Easily accessible by public transport

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