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									                                                                                 March - april 2011

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   Building Business . . . Building Leaders

         Word from the Chairman                                               Chairman’s Council Spotlight
                                  The annual Gala was an extraor-
                                  dinary event! My sincere “thanks”
                                  to each of the table sponsors,
                                  especially the VIP supporters:
                                  Dahill, Frost, Security Service
                                  Federal Credit Union, SWBC and          More people seek stroke care from Baptist hospitals
                                  USAA Real Estate Company. Ad-           than any other in San Antonio. Now, THAT’s trust.
                                  ditionally, congratulations to Dr.
                                  Carl Raba for the time and service      Efforts at Baptist Health System to improve stroke care in
                                  he has committed to making a            San Antonio are resulting in recognition for excellence, but
                                  difference in San Antonio and           the real winners are the patients whose lives and health are
                                  beyond. He is certainly deserving       saved. The improvements in stroke care taken by Baptist have
                                  of the San Antonian Award and           earned the health system a number of prestigious honors
                                  our chamber can be assured that         and awards, but more importantly it has earned the trust of
       Cindy Jorgensen
                                  as the recipient of this award, Dr.     patients and their families. In 2010, more patients chose Bap-
                                  Raba will continue to give back to      tist hospitals for stroke care than any other hospital in Bexar
   2011 Chairman of the Board
                                  our great community. I enjoyed          County. In fact, nearly half of all Bexar County stroke patients
                                  your warm welcome at our instal-        -- 47 percent -- were treated at Baptist, with the next hospital
lation banquet, and it is with great pride and anticipation that I        treating about 33 percent.
look forward to this year and to the responsibility of leading this
                                                                               Target: Stroke Honor Roll – Baptist Health System
                                                                          hospitals are the first in Texas to achieve this standard of
     And now, I move on to some of our chamber’s most press-              excellence in stroke care. Awarded by the American Heart
ing business. The Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts, Susan             Association (AHA), Target: Stroke Honor Roll means Baptist
Combs, has released her revenue estimates for the 2012-2013               hospitals get stroke patients the medical treatment they need
biennium. All state funds and revenue sources are estimated to            in under the national goal of 60 minutes, at least 50 percent
generate approximately $15 billion less than what will have been          of the time. Baptist achieves the one-hour goal 75 percent
expended in the 2010-2011 biennium. Very difficult decisions              of the time. The national average is only 27 percent. When
regarding K-12 education and the State Highway Fund 6 will be             Baptist was named to the Target: Stroke Honor Roll, only 32
necessary, and I welcome your input on steps to resolve some of           other hospitals across the country had also achieved this stan-
these tough budget decisions. In fact, at our January board of direc-     dard of excellence. Baptist was the first and only health system
tors meetings, Northeast Independent School District representatives      in Texas to make the list. Bottom line, patients put their trust
informed us that the most realistic way the local school districts will   in Baptist, and we are working to make sure they can have
cut spending will be the implementation of teacher furloughs.             confidence that they are receiving excellent, quality care.
     In addition to our advocacy efforts on your behalf, the North                         Bronze Award for Stroke – given by the
Chamber is also working to provide best-in-class professional                           American Heart Association for exemplary com-
development. We hope you’ll join us on Wednesday, March 9,                              pliance in stroke treatment through the AHA
for the Ninth Annual Employment Law Seminar, which will be                              Get with the Guidelines program.
focused on Healthcare Reform and presented by the law firm of
Haynes and Boone, LLP.                                                                    Primary Stroke Center designation – given
                                                                                        by The Joint Commission. All five Baptist
     Moreover, we have two technology events coming up – the                            hospitals earned this distinction, the first in San
CIO Panel Forum on Thursday, March 3, and the Business Tech-                            Antonio to receive it.
nology Series. Both will provide the opportunity to interact with
tech experts and share best practices.                                                      What You Need to Know – You too can
                                                                          save a life by knowing the signs and symptoms of stroke. It’s
     In closing, I wish each of you a prosperous 2011 – and
                                                                          simple. Just remember the acronym F.A.S.T.
hope you’ll consider doing business with fellow North Cham-
                                                                          F = Face: Is one side of the face drooping down?
ber members as a way to promote growth for all of our member
                                                                          A = Arm: Can the person raise both arms, or is one arm weak?
organizations. Together, we can make a positive impact on our
                                                                          S = Speech: Is speech slurred or confusing?
                                                                          T = Time: Time is critical! Call 9-1-1 immediately!


                      Chairman’s Council Spotlight
                                                       Sodexo Brings
    25th                                               Service Spirit as Well
    Annual                                             as Award-Winning
                                                       Dining Concept to
                                                       Methodist Stone
Golf Tournament                                        Oak Hospital
                  R  ecognizing that the best patient care reflects the understanding
                  that staff, family and visitors all have roles to play in the healing
                  process, Sodexo has brought its award-winning dining concept Fresh
                  Inspirations Café to Methodist Stone Oak Hospital. Recognized
                  by Food Management in 2010 as a Best Concept, the Fresh
                  Inspirations Café offers an oasis in which staff and visitors can find
                  many appealing food choices in a relaxing environment that allows
                  them to restore themselves and refocus their energy without leaving
                  the hospital.
                       “Our staff and patients have really enjoyed the quality of the
                  food and the new selections and choices. I ran into a patient’s family
                  in front of the Café and I told them dinner would be served in 10
                  minutes but we also had vending machines. The woman told me, ‘I
                  hear you all have great food,’ so I will wait,” said Pat Burns, Chief
                  Operating Officer, Methodist Stone Oak Hospital.
                        The newly redecorated café may be the most visible change
                  at Methodist Stone Oak from the partnership with Sodexo, but it
                  certainly is not the only one. Discussions are underway to bring the
                  popular “At Your Request” Room Service Style Dining program to
                  the hospital’s patients. The program is exactly as it sounds – hotel-
                  style room service dining. Medical conditions and limitations may
                  prevent some requests, but otherwise patients are empowered to eat
                  what they want, when they want it. This not only empowers patients
                  at a time when they often feel most vulnerable, it also promotes
                  faster healing as they are more likely to eat the foods that appeal to
                  them, even if it is breakfast for dinner, for example.
                       In more than 900 hospitals across the country, Sodexo provides
                  industry-leading on-site services and innovative solutions that
                  improve the patient experience and outcomes, helping make every
                  day a better day for millions of hospital patients, their loved ones and
                  friends, medical and other hospital staff.

                Member Spotlight

Seventy years ago, Colonel Charles Cheever
opened the doors of Broadway Bank to serve
the financial needs of military personnel and
their families. Today, Broadway Bank’s military
banking legacy continues to increase. Recently the name of the
bank’s military division, Eisenhower Bank, was changed to Broad-
way Bank to enhance awareness of the banks’ interconnectivity and
convenience of banking, both where you live and work.
     Through the years, the bank’s unwavering commitment to
customers, employees and the communities it serves has proven to
be a successful formula for growth. Broadway Bank has now grown
to 38 banking centers in South Central Texas, including locations
on every military installation in San Antonio.
     With this growth came expanded services, from basic banking to
complex wealth management and from private banking to commercial
banking solutions, including specialized military banking services.
     Today, Broadway Bank serves as the largest, independent bank
in the region and according to the nation’s four independent bank
rating services, one of the strongest and best capitalized.
     For additional information, please contact us at (210) 283-6500
or stop by one of our convenient locations.
online at broadwaybank.com

Springing Towards
Health and Wellness
By Linda Hummel

As we think ahead towards spring, this is the perfect time for you
and your employees to take small steps towards a healthier lifestyle.
     There are several wellness initiatives with low or no cost that
can help employees become healthier. The key is to make the
activities simple and accessible for employees to participate, and
the Partnership for Prevention has several recommendations for
   • Stair-case signs: A simple sign that reminds people to use stairs
     instead of the elevator helps employees get more exercise in
     during the day.
   • Wellness breaks: Encourage employees to take time during
     their lunch break for a walk or jog.
   • Walking club: People are more likely to continue exercising if
     they have a buddy depending on them.
   • Gym memberships: Consider subsidizing the cost of this or
     other wellness programs.
You can also talk to your insurance broker about health plans that
include wellness programs. Humana – the Chamber’s health benefits
partner – is one of them. Call the Chamber at (210) 344-4848
for a complete list of member brokers participating in the North
Chamber Members’ Health Plus plan.

                                                            Non Profit Spotlight

We fight to protect one of your greatest assets. Your memory.
Since 1980, the Alzheimer’s Association has been leading the
world in the fight against Alzheimer’s disease. The following are
resources to serve you.                                                    The American Diabetes Association (ADA) is a voluntary health
Nationwide 24-Hour Helpline • Whether you need information                 organization supporting diabetes research, information and advo-
or just want someone to talk to, call 1 (800) 272-3900 24/7.               cacy. Our mission is to prevent and cure diabetes and to improve
Care and Support • We provide assistance for those with the dis-           the lives of all people affected by diabetes. Our special events help
ease, their families and caregivers, through educational programs,         to support our mission and our local residents with and at risk for
workshops, and support groups.                                             diabetes.
                                                                                Our events season kicks-off with our Diabetes Expo, sched-
Alzheimer’s Association TrialMatch™ • A free service that                  uled May 21st from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the Henry B. Gonzales
makes it easy for people with Alzheimer’s, caregivers, families and        Convention Center. The event is free and features informative
physicians to locate clinical trials based on personal criteria (diagno-   speakers, cooking demonstrations, youth activities and diabetes-
sis, stage of disease) and location.                                       focused exhibitors.
Maintain Your Brain® • A national campaign that offers advice                   Tour de Cure, scheduled June 4th-5th, offers a chance to test
on how to keep your brain healthy.                                         your cycling stamina with a 1 or 2 day ride that begins in San An-
                                                                           tonio and ends in Austin. There is a $200 fundraising minimum
Research • As the world’s largest private nonprofit source of fund-
                                                                           with incentive prizes, fun and volunteer support for all riders.
ing for Alzheimer’s research, the Association has invested more
                                                                                Our events season culminates with Step Out: Walk to Stop
than $265 million through our research grants program.
                                                                           Diabetes, scheduled November 5th at 9a.m. at Brackenridge
Donate, Advocate, Get Involved • Support the Alzheimer’s Associa-          Park. Participants recruit others to walk and raise money, and
tion by getting involved in events like Western Gala (May 14, 2011),       incentives are given for various levels of fundraising.
Memory Walk (October 2011) and Educational Conference (June                     For more information, please call (210) 829-1765.
2011). Call (210) 822-6449. online at alz.org/txstar                       online at diabetes.org

                 Brighton Center
                 Supporting Children with Delays or Disabilities

Each April, San Antonio Residents show the world how to                    L  eadership experiences for girls are what make Girl Scouting
“Fiesta!” For most of Fiesta’s history, Northside residents faced          unique, and Girl Scouts has done more than any other organiza-
the long trek downtown to participate in this beloved tradition…           tion to provide leadership opportunities to girls.
until 11 years ago when A Taste of the Northside began.                         On March 12, 2011 Girl Scouts will celebrate its 99th Anni-
      The 12th Annual A Taste of the Northside will be held on             versary. In 1912, there was no path to leadership for women. Girl
Wednesday, April 13, 2011 at The Club At Sonterra. Guests will be          Scout founder, Juliette Gordon Low, knew it would take an orga-
able to taste dishes from their favorite Northside restaurants, sample     nization of all girls to change the world that she saw. Since then,
a variety of beer and wine and enjoy fantastic entertainment.              there’s been only one qualification to be a Girl Scout. You have to
      Proceeds from this unique Fiesta® event benefit Brighton             be a girl. That’s it.
Center. Funding raised at this event is used to serve over 2,400                There are now Girl Scouts in every U.S. zip code, and their
children with developmental delays and disabilities and their fami-        faces, backgrounds, and family incomes are a mirror of America.
lies each year through four distinct initiatives - an inclusive child      Only 10% of girls are Girl Scouts, yet our alumnae are living proof
development center, early childhood intervention, parent educa-            of the impact of the Girl Scout Leadership Experience. Out of
tion and advocacy training. Brighton Center strives to create a            these 10% come two-thirds of our nation’s most accomplished
society where all children are valued and included.                        women in public service, business, science, education, the arts and
      Tickets to this event are $45 in advance and are all-inclu-          philanthropy.
sive. Discounted tickets for Brighton Center’s fellow North Cham-               Were you a Girl Scout? Girl Scouts of Southwest Texas is engag-
ber Members are available at www.BrightonSA.org with the code              ing all former members of the organization in preparation for its
CHAMBER11. Tickets can also be purchased at San Antonio                    100th Anniversary in 2012. online at girlscouts-swtx.org
H-E-B locations.

             Non Profit Spotlight

S  outh Texas Blood & Tissue Center (STBTC) is a not-for profit          State of the City Address
community blood center specializing in quality blood, blood
components, tissue services and specialized testing. Our blood
service area consists of 100 hospitals and clinics in 43 South Texas
counties. We have seven convenient donor rooms in South Texas
and schedule multiple mobile blood drives each week.
     This year, STBTC is bringing healthier choices to over
100,000 donors across South Texas. Donors receive points based
on the type of donation made and redeem these for select health
screening exams at no cost.
     “If every donor took advantage of just one health screening,
that would make quite an impact on the overall goal of making
South Texas more health conscious” says Dr. Kevin Land, ST-
BTC’s President/CEO and Medical Director.
     STBTC hopes to inspire wellness throughout the South
Texas community by helping donors and their families detect or
monitor health concerns.
     As an additional way of expressing gratitude, all presenting
donors in 2011 are entered into a drawing to win a 2012 Toyota
Tundra truck. Every donation increases the chance to win.
online at southtexasblood.org

                                                                                                      Keeping San antonio

                                                    Volunteer Spotlight
                          AMBASSADORS CHAIR                                                          CIO BREAKFAST
                          About the Company: Transnational is                                        SERIES CHAIR
                          full-service agency offering businesses and                                 About the Company: Security Service
                          individuals P&C and commercial insur-                                       Federal Credit Union is a $5.9 billion
                          ance, employee benefits, payroll services,                                  credit union, the largest credit union in
                          HR services, safety services, and online                                    Texas and the eighth largest in the U.S.,
                          enrollment services. With 23 years of                                       with its corporate headquarters located in
                          experience in the insurance business, Kristy                                San Antonio, Texas. It has built a reputa-
                          is a senior benefits advisor, and says she is                               tion of strength, stability and convenience
                          an architect who designs or re-designs a                                    by offering its members financial sound-
 Kristy L. Sommers        company’s employee benefit package to                Todd Renaud            ness, unmatched hours of service and
     ACS AIRC             get the employees better coverage with            Security Service Federal  competitive financial products and services.
  Transnational ASO       lower rates.                                          Credit Union          Todd has over 19 years of technology and
About the Program: The Ambassadors committee is the front line            consulting experience and as Vice-President MIS, is responsible for
service group that supports member businesses by attending grand          ensuring that all application information systems are capable of sup-
opening, relocation, anniversary and other special celebrations. The      porting and enhancing the credit union’s growth and objectives.
Ambassadors committee offers a prime opportunity to position your         About the Program: CIO breakfasts are a knowledge series designed
business within the community while earning personal recognition          exclusively for and by CIOs and is open to technology and IT execu-
and providing good will to member businesses.                             tives. At monthly breakfasts, speakers discuss current and relevant
Personally Speaking: Since 2003, Kristy has served on the Am-             technology issues and local IT leaders share experiences and ideas
bassadors committee and she has given her time to the Health &            with their peers.
Wellness committee. She says the teamwork and camaraderie among           Personally Speaking: Todd has been involved with the North
the Ambassadors is amazing and she’s seen a lot of people grow their      Chamber since his arrival in San Antonio in 2002 and has served on
businesses through chamber participation. “I go to every North            various Technology Council committees. Todd says he recognizes
Chamber event I possibly can to take advantage of the great net-          the importance of a strong business community with capable mem-
working opportunities.”                                                   bers who work together.

                          BUSINESS LEADERS                                                          CIO PANEL CHAIR
                          CIRCLES (BLC) CHAIR                                                       About the Company: Bronwen Scott is
                          About the Company: Frost Bank is the                                      the Managing Director of Technisource
                          largest Texas-based banking organization                                  in San Antonio, Texas, where a wide
                          that operates only in Texas. A Business                                   variety of IT and engineering services are
                          Banker and Small Business Relationship                                    provided to clients ranging from middle-
                          Manager at our location in the Stone                                      market businesses to global Fortune 500
                          Ridge Market on Hwy 281 at Evans Rd.,                                     companies. Bronwen offers over 15 years
                          it is my job to constantly learn more about                               of successful experience in market devel-
                          this market and introduce Frost to North                                  opment, start-up operations and business
     Kate Crosby          Central San Antonio. I have been with               Bronwen Scott         development expertise. She has exceptional
        Frost             Frost for over 16 years.                              Technisource        knowledge of the IT staffing industry and
                                                                                                    is well respected within the industry and
About the Programs: BLC groups provide business owners, general           amongst her peers.
managers, principals or general partners a forum to discuss business
issues and concerns on a number of group topics including General         About the Programs: Learn about technology trends, products
Business, Marketing, Retail, Sales and Sole Proprietorship. Admis-        and services at the annual CIO Panel – San Antonio’s premier
sion into BLC groups is ongoing and an application is required for        technology luncheon event. This informational program is designed
admission.                                                                exclusively for technology executives. The program format features
                                                                          discussion with esteemed local technology executives and the topic
Personally Speaking: Kate has been involved in BLCs for over four         varies per year.
years as a group facilitator and lead facilitator, and has also served
on the ATHENA Award committee. She says the North Chamber                 Personally Speaking: Bronwen Scott has been chairperson of the
is a great business resource for growth, business development and         CIO Panel since May, 2010.
relationship building. “I encourage all business professionals to get
involved and participate in the North Chamber.”

                  Volunteer Spotlight
Michael Wyant
Zukini Creative

About the Company: For 15 years ZUKINI has been specializing
in the conceptualization, design, art direction and production of
materials for branding, retail image, product awareness and event
marketing. Zukini seeks to accomplish your marketing goals through
bold and adventurous thinking and bringing ideas to light from
previously unexplored territory. Combining originality with design
expertise, Zukini delivers full-scale campaigns for television, print
media, direct mail, corporate identity packages, special events and
environmental graphics.
About the Programs: Conversations & Cocktails events are evening
networking receptions that provide chamber members the oppor-
tunity to develop new relationships and promote their companies.
This program offers attendees a networking opportunity in a relaxed
environment at the end of the work day.
Personally Speaking: Michael says that during his 14-year history
with the North Chamber, “I have seen firsthand that no other local
Chamber works harder to keep San Antonio strong.”

                          EMPLOYMENT LAW
                          UPDATE CHAIR
                          About the Company: Haynes and Boone
                          is a full service business law firm with
                          offices throughout Texas, California, and
                          in Mexico City, Washington, DC, New
                          York and Moscow. Lawrence is an at-
                          torney in the Labor and Employment
                          Practice Group and represents employers
                          in all aspects of employment law litigation,
 Lawrence Morales II including employee competition litigation
    Haynes and Boone      and injunction proceedings, employee
                          harassment and discrimination litigation,
wage and hour litigation – including collective actions and appeals
of employment decisions to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth
Circuit and various Texas Courts of Appeal.
About the Program: The Employment Law Update is a one-day
seminar that provides valuable information on current liability trends
and strategies to reduce employers’ exposure. The seminar is pre-
sented by experienced Haynes and Boone attorneys who exclusively
practice labor and employment law and is ideal for human resources
professionals, business owners, managers and executives, as well as
Personally Speaking: Lawrence has been involved with the North
Chamber for three years and was a member of the 2008 Class of
Leadership Lab. He says, “The North Chamber provides a forum
for professionals from different sectors to interact and share best

                                                      Volunteer Spotlight
                             GOLF TOURNAMENT                                                            LEADERSHIP LAB CHAIR
                             CHAIR                                                                      About the Company: Jamie Suriano is
                             About the Company: Golf Logistics                                          a Senior Project Manager (Information
                             coordinates and handles all aspects of                                     Solutions) at H-E-B. She is responsible for
                             organizing a successful golf tournament                                    coordination of Supply Chain initiatives
                             for charities and all types of businesses.                                 across multiple lines of business. For more
                             From tee to green and everything in                                        than 100 Years, H-E-B has been an in-
                             between, Golf Logistics takes away all                                     novative retailer. Known for its fresh food,
                             the worries of tournament management.                                      quality products, convenient services, and
                                                                                                        a commitment to environmental respon-
                            About the Program: The 25th                                                 sibility and sustainability, H-E-B strives to
       Dean Allen                                                              Jamie Suriano
                            Anniversary Golf Tournament combines                                        provide the best customer experience at
Golf Logistics, Tournament                                                        H-E-B
                            networking and entertainment for                                            everyday low prices.
                            businesses and their clients. The day
includes golf, prizes, a silent auction and much more. Various             About the Programs: Leadership Lab is an award-winning program
levels of sponsorships are available and provide an excellent              that fosters and enhances leadership by focusing on a foundation of
marketing opportunity for member businesses.                               relationship building and professional development utilizing new and
                                                                           innovative practices. More than just a nine month experience – the
Personally Speaking: Dean has been a member of the North                   relationships nurtured and the personal development gained from the
Chamber for a few years and says, “The North Chamber is one of             program inspire greatness in personal and organizational leadership.
the most member-conscious organizations of its type in the state of
Texas. The Networking Breakfast and all other special events offer         Personally Speaking: H-E-B is a member of the North Chamber
each member a chance to interact with other members on a level that        since 1987 as part of the Chairman’s Council. A Lab alumna and
far exceeds anything being offered in San Antonio. Golf Logistics is a     2009 Lab Alumni Association Board President, Jamie says, “Grad-
testimony to the power of the Chamber’s networking.”                       uates of the Leadership Lab program assume greater leadership
                                                                           roles within their organizations and seize opportunities for involve-
                                                                           ment in the community. Relationships developed help tear down
                                                                           walls and build bridges to the future for our city.”
                             BREAKFAST CHAIR
                         About the Company: Arms of Hope is
                         a Christian organization that provides                                         SERIES CHAIR
                         innovative programs for disadvantaged                                          About the Company: For the past 60
                         children and single-mother families. Arms                                      years Wittigs has grown to become a leader
                         of Hope’s programs are designed to break                                       in San Antonio supporting office interior
                         the vicious cycles of homelessness, abuse                                      products and services. They attribute their
                         and neglect. In his role as Business Devel-                                    success to a strong business plan and a
                         opment Director – Thrift Division, Walter                                      continuous commitment to their custom-
   Walter Williams       is responsible for obtaining gently-used                                       ers. Wittigs’ growth is based on their
      Arms of Hope       clothing and household items throughout                                        founding principles: Integrity, Service,
                         the state. This division fulfills specific cam-      David Smedley             Value and Environmental Sustainability.
pus needs and helps provide operating expenses for both the Boles            Wittigs Office Interiors   Wittigs is a Preferred Haworth Dealer in
and Medina Children’s Home campuses.                                                                    San Antonio.
About the Program: The Networking Breakfast is one of San Anto-            About the Programs: The Sustainability program is four-part series
nio’s largest networking events. Hosting more than 100 attendees           designed to work with the business community to preserve the fu-
on the second Tuesday of every month, the breakfast promotes               ture by focusing on commercial and practical sustainability programs
networking and member visibility by offering attendees the chance          that can be implemented in your own businesses. Proceeds from this
to introduce themselves and be a featured speaker at an upcoming           series benefit Lead SA, the North Chamber’s 501 (c)(3) organiza-
breakfast.                                                                 tion which serves to promote educational, career and professional
Personally Speaking: Arms of Hope has been a chamber member                development in San Antonio.
since 2006. Walter says membership has led to many new friends and         Personally Speaking: Wittigs Office Interiors has been part of the
supporters. “We are proud to identify with the North Chamber and           North Chamber for almost 11 years and David has been involved in
I look forward to working with many new people this year!”                 BLCs since moving to San Antonio three years ago. He says, “My
                                                                           personal focus on sustainability in business led me to join the Lead SA
                                                                           Sustainability initiative. The North Chamber provides the city exactly
                                                                           what our business community needs for success and growth.”


                                       Announcing the 2011
                                       Leadership Lab Class!
Armando Aguilar                      Meagan Gillette                         Lee Patterson
Structure Tone Southwest             Cox Smith Matthews Incorporated         Frost
Dolores Amador                       Lalo Guerrero                           Barron Perales
TDC Services, Inc.                   Carneiro, Chumney & Co., L.C.           ITEX in San Antonio
Anita Bateman                        Susanna Guzman                          Dan Perry
CPS Energy                           Mundo Verde Irrigation & Landscaping    Alpha Building Corporation
Lucy-Jane Baxley                     Julian Hall                             Kristin Popowich
Accenture                            Security Service Federal Credit Union   Security Service Federal
                                     Jeff Hardwick                           Credit Union
Denise Beneke
Marmon Mok                           North Central Baptist Hospital          Robin Portenier
                                     Kim Harle                               Tero Technologies, Inc.
Peter Benshetler
Gallagher Benefit Services           H-E-B                                   Christy Rhone
                                     Billy Hill                              Raba-Kistner Consultants, Inc.
Luis Berumen
Bartlett Cocke General Contractors   Hill Electric                           Sheila Riggs
                                     Sue Johnson                             Intertech Flooring
Brian Beverley
ATKG, LLP                            Walton Signage                          Anthony Roberts
Gala Burns                           Lynn Kupper                             Structure Tone Southwest
IBTX Risk Services                   Hill & Ford                             Drew Roberts
Erika Butler                         Enrique Lerma                           Whiting-Turner
Hill Country Bakery                                                          Contracting Company
Lee Byrd                             Liz Lovelace                            Clarissa Rodriguez
CPS Energy                                                                   Security Service Federal Credit Union
                                     Mobius Partners
Monica Campos                        Eric Luna                               Ryan Rue
IBTX Risk Services                                                           Capital Group
                                     Beyer Mechanical
Kim Classen                                                                  Companies/American Funds
                                     Greg MacMillin
SWBC                                                                         Stephanie Silva
                                     Security Service Federal Credit Union
Bobby Crawford                                                               Jaster-Quintanilla San Antonio LLP
                                     Karen MacEntee
Beyer Plumbing                                                               Jeremy Sloan
                                     Alpha Building Corporation
Brenda Davis                                                                 Prichard Hawkins McFarland & Young
                                     Diana Martinez
CPS Energy                                                                   Priscilla Soto
Christina Davis                                                              Carneiro, Chumney & Co., L.C.
                                     Liz Martinez
RVK Architects                                                               Chris Thiel
                                     Pape-Dawson Engineers, Inc.
Enrique DeLuna                                                               Alterman
Morningside Ministries               Patrice McElfresh
                                                                             Elena Villasenor
                                     UTSA Small Business
Cat Domian                                                                   Jackson Walker LLP
                                     Development Center
North Central Baptist Hospital                                               John Walvoord
                                     Roman Medina
Matt Duke                            CPS Energy
                                                                             Texas Wilson Office Furniture &
Cox Smith Matthews Incorporated                                              Services, Inc.
                                     Amanda Miller
Joe Dyer                                                                     Phil Weynand
                                     Project Control
                                                                             San Antonio Water System
San Antonio Housing Authority        Christine Nguyen
                                                                             Marty Williams
Travis Farris                        Morningside Ministries
                                                                             Westin La Cantera Resort
Preferred Landscape and Lighting     Cara Nichols
                                                                             Shelley Woitena
Steve Forrest                        Rackspace Hosting
                                                                             Padgett, Stratemann & Co., LLP
SWBC                                 Craig Noto
                                                                             Cassia Ysaguirre
Troy Frail                           SA Quality Fence, Ltd
                                                                             Oppenheimer, Blend, Harrison
Dahill                               Michelle Pair                           and Tate, Inc.
Gordon Garrett                       Broadway Bank
                                                                             Crystal Zamora
                                     Preeya Panketh                          Fisher, Herbst & Kemble, P.C.
Kristina Gillen                      Rackspace Hosting
Baptist Health System

               Leadership Lab Sponsor Spotlight

               Employees donate time and money to the
               2010 Live United Campaign
               Leadership Lab sponsor Security Service Federal Credit Union
               boasted 97 percent participation in its annual “Live United” cam-
               paign benefiting United Way. In all, 1,369 employees donated in
               excess of $235,900 to the cause.
                    “On the surface, it was as simple as offering jeans days. But
               really, behind it all, is a tremendous generosity of spirit deeply
               held by our employees and strengthened through our corporate
               core values and culture,” said Denise Staudt, SSFCU’s human
               resources manager and Leadership Lab graduate. “Senior leader-
               ship support throughout the organization makes a difference, but
               we also find peer to peer communication is a key factor.”
FREE Parking        Each SSFCU business center supports one or more employ-
               ees on a team that helps with planning the campaign, sharing
               information and volunteering at the United Way Days of Caring.
               “These are our champions who then take those experiences and
               pass them on to their colleagues with a passion we couldn’t dupli-
               cate if we only had one person sending out mass emails,” added
               Staudt. “It keeps the campaign real.”

               Focus on Your
               Core Business
               For many small-to-midsize busi-
               nesses, the challenge of managing
               ever-evolving human resource func-
               tions has become increasingly daunting
               and complex. Owners know all too well the frustration of spending
               more time than they want on non-revenue generating activities.
                    SWBC Professional Employer Services (SWBC PEO) special-
               izes in the management of administrative and human resource
               functions for businesses, including:
                       • Human Resource Management
                       • Payroll Services
                       • Employee Benefits
                       • Workers’ Compensation
                       • Risk Management
                    Companies typically think of a PEO as a full-service, offsite
               human resource department. In our model, your company recruits
               and hires employees where they become “shared employees” or
               “co-employees” of your company and SWBC PEO. While you
               continue to provide day-to-day management of the shared employ-
               ees, we take care of the ancillary HR functions and paperwork.
                    No matter your company size or business line, consider engag-
               ing the services of SWBC Professional Employer Services to help
               strengthen your workforce and achieve your business goals.
                    Contact www.swbc.peo.com or call 210.525.1241 for more

                                       Welcome New North Chamber Members!
               The North San Antonio Chamber of Commerce would like to welcome the following new members. We ask that you make this a
                    part of your membership directory and encourage you to use it as a resource when purchasing products or services.

Accountants - Certified Public    Caterers                        Construction - Commercial         Insurance                       RediClinic-HEB Blanco               Signs
Akin Doherty Klein & Feuge, PC    Black Tie Affairs Catering      Texas Curb Cut, LP                Allstate Insurance Company      Ms. Debra Pino                      Walton Signage
Mr. Scott Kopecky                 Mr. Richard Ojeda               Ms. Yesenia Jones                 Ms. Rachel St. Charles          1150 N.W. Loop 1604                 Ms. Sue Johnson
8610 N. New Braunfels, S. 101     1515 Rogers Avenue              17 Indian Meadows                 227 N. Loop 1604 E., Ste. 170   San Antonio, TX 78248-4503          3419 E. Commerce
San Antonio, TX 78217-6359        San Antonio, TX 78208-1935      Round Rock, TX 78664-9516         San Antonio, TX 78232-1260      (210) 492-1435                      San Antonio, TX 78220-1322
(210) 829-1300                    (210) 226-9881                  (512) 447-4477                    (210) 482-4636                  www.rediclinic.com                  (210) 933-1409
fax: (210) 829-4080               fax: (210) 226-9883             Consultants
                                                                                                    fax: (877) 278-1643                                                 www.waltonsignage.com
www.adkf.com                      www.btacatering.com             PACT Consulting                                                   RediClinic-HEB Stone Ridge          Soccer Clubs
Architects                        Clinics - Medical               Mr. Edgar Smith                   IBTX Risk Services              Ms. Debra Pino                      Alamo TotSports
Beaty Palmer Architects           Faith Family Clinic                                               Ms. Gala Burns                  20935 US Hwy 281 North              Dr. Andrea Duke, Ph.D.
                                                                  10010 San Pedro, Ste. 510
Mr. Terry W. Palmer               Mr. Jim Young                                                     5726 Housman Road, Ste. 100     San Antonio, TX 78258-7587
                                                                  San Antonio, TX 78216-3847                                                                            17460 IH 35N, Ste. 160
                                  8711 Village Drive, Suite 310                                     San Antonio, TX 78249-1651      www.rediclinic.com
110 Broadway, Ste. 600                                            (210) 255-1601                                                                                        Schertz, TX 78154-1219
                                  San Antonio, TX 78217-5419                                        (210) 697-2254
San Antonio, TX 78205-1934                                        www.pactconsulting.biz                                            Physicians - Pediatrics             (210) 399-4861
                                                                                                    fax: (210) 694-5109
(210) 212-8022                    (210) 431-7380                  Contractors - Electric                                            ABCD Pediatrics                     www.alamototsports.com
fax: (210) 212-8018               fax: (210) 653-1941             HJD Capital Electric, Inc.                                        Dr. Richard Schlosberg, MD          Speech Language Patholigists
www.beatypalmer.com               www.faithfamilyclinic.org                                         Irrigation Systems & Equpment   19238 Stonehue
                                                                  Ms. Maureen Seigler                                                                                   Audiology Holdings, LLC
                                                                                                    Mundo Verde Irrigation &        San Antonio, TX 78258-3447
Attorneys                                                         5424 W. Highway 90                Landscaping                                                         Ms. Sara Carpenter
Law Office of Jo-Ann De Hoyos     WellMed Medical Manage-         San Antonio, TX 78227-4219                                        (210) 494-2223                      5282 Medical Drive, Ste #150
                                  ment, Inc.                                                        Ms. Susanna Guzman              fax: (210) 494-6516
Ms. JoAnn De Hoyos                                                (210) 681-0954                    6363 Tally Gate                                                     San Antonio, TX 78229-5378
206 E. Locust                     Mr. Dolph Courchaine            fax: (210) 684-0009                                               www.abcdpediatrics.com              (800) 763-2160
                                  5800 NW Parkway, Ste. 125                                         San Antonio, TX 78240-2228
San Antonio, TX 78212-3924                                        www.hjdcapital.com                (210) 389-0615                  Physicians & Surgeons -             fax: (210) 615-6832
(210) 212-6700                    San Antonio, TX 78249-3376                                                                        Dermatology                         www.audiologyonline.com
                                  (210) 877-7500                  Data Communications Equipment     www.mymundoverde.com
fax: (210) 249-0116                                               & Systems                                                         Skin Surgery of San Antonio, P.A.   Storage - Household &
                                  fax: (210) 641-2278                                               Manufacturers                   Dr. Paula S. Vogel, MD
Audio - Visual Equip & Supplies                                  General Datatech                   RESCO Electronics
                                  www.wellmedmedicalgroup.com                                                                       2632 Broadway, Ste. 401N
Total Media Solutions                                            Ms. Wendy Crutchfield                                                                                  Stor Self Storage
                                  Communications Consultants                                        Mr. Ralph Lazarine              San Antonio, TX 78215-1147
Mr. Paul Zamarripa                                               210 E. Rhapsody                    702 South Santa Rosa                                                Mr. Keith Bonney
123 Heimen                        Caruso Media                   San Antonio, TX 78216-3114                                         (210) 226-0040                      17875 Blanco Road
                                  Ms. Cynthia Lee                                                   San Antonio, TX 78204-3113      fax: (210) 226-0050
San Antonio, TX 78205                                            (210) 265-1091                     (210) 226-1559                                                      San Antonio, TX 78232-1008
(210) 731-9200                    11703 Huebner Rd, Ste. 106-210 fax: (210) 254-1094                                                www.skinsgsa.com                    (210) 408-9007
                                  San Antonio, TX 78230-1211 www.gdt.com                            fax: (210) 223-6963
fax: (210) 731-9225                                                                                 www.rescoelectronics.com        Physicians & Surgeons -             fax: (210) 408-9034
www.tmsevents.com                 (210) 386-8148                                                                                    General Practice                    www.storselfstorage.com
                                                                 Dental Mgt & Consulting Svcs
                                  fax: (210) 530-1422                                                                               Cedar Hills Family Practice
Auto Repair & Services- Equip &                                  PINFEX                             M2 Global Technology, Ltd.                                          Tiles - Ceramic - Contractors
                                  www.caruso-media.com                                                                              Ms. Carol Gibbons
Supplies                                                         Mr. Scott Lee                      Ms. Patti Meisetschleager                                           J & R Tile, Inc.
Gus Mann Automotive               Computers - Networking                                            5714 Epsilon Dr                 3103 SE Military Dr., Ste. 105      Ms. Christine Kotara
                                                                 10010 San Pedro, Ste. 510
Mr. Mike Koebke                   SMS Systems Maintenance                                           San Antonio, TX 78249-3407      San Antonio, TX 78223-3802          83 Kinder Drive
                                                                 San Antonio, TX 78216-3847
2202 Fredericksburg Road          Services Inc.                                                     (210) 561-4800                  (210) 295-4711                      San Antonio, TX 78212-1042
                                                                 (210) 231-0106
San Antonio, TX 78201-3704        Mr. Trevor Rogge                                                  fax: (210) 561-4852             fax: (210) 298-4717                 (210) 349-8145
(210) 736-4221                    726 Point Sunset                                                  www.m2global.com                www.cedarhillsfamilypractice.com    fax: (210) 349-0947
fax: (210) 732-3245               San Antonio, TX 78253-5550 Estate Planning                        Marketing Consultants
                                  (651) 226-2321                 Law Office of Lisa C. Smith                                                                            Time Recorders
www.gusmannauto.com                                                                                 Dudley Enterprises, LLC         Aldino At The Vineyard              Accutronics, Inc/Accu-Badge
                                  www.sysmaint.com               Mrs. Lisa C. Smith
                                                                                                    Mr. Charles L. Dudley           Mr. Fara Farahani                   Systems
Barter & Trade Exchanges                                         2632 Broadway, #102S
ITEX in San Antonio               Computers - Online Services                                       1583 Thousand Oaks, St. 111     1203 N. Loop 1604 W.                Ms. Rachelle Gonzalez
                                                                 San Antonio, TX 78215-1138
Mr. Barron Perales                Xeo Software                                                      San Antonio, TX 78232-2300      San Antonio, TX 78258-4599
                                                                 (210) 863-7472                                                                                         1429 W Hildebrand Ave
703 E. Quincy                     Mr. Maurice McIver                                                (210) 402-0793                  (210) 340-0000
                                                                 www.lisasmithlaw.com                                                                                   San Antonio, TX 78201-4134
San Antonio, TX 78215-1449        7110 Bethencourt                                                  fax: (210) 402-0804             fax: (210) 366-1066
                                                                                                                                                                        (210) 736-5300
(210) 281-1111                    San Antonio, TX 78209-3407 Fire Alarm Systems                     Marketing Programs & Services
                                                                                                                                                                        fax: (210) 734-8463
                                  (210) 775-2172                 Fire Alarm Control Systems, Inc.
fax: (210) 281-1113                                                                                 Creative Link                   Shredding Paper                     http://www.accutronicsinc.com
                                  fax: (561) 214-4303            Mr. Duane Hannasch
www.itex.com                                                                                        Mr. Mike Connor                 Ranger Shredding, Inc.
                                  www.xeosoftware.com            12961 Park Central, Ste 1440
Business Consultants                                                                                142 Chula Vista, Suite 200      Mr. Dan Gibbens
                                                                 San Antonio, TX 78216-2073                                         20475 Hwy 46, Ste 180-403
Service Corps of Retired          Computers & Equip - Repair &
                                                                 (210) 344-2901                     San Antonio, TX 78232-3016
Executives (SCORE)                Services                                                          (210) 576-1226                  Spring Branch, TX 78070
                                                                 fax: (210) 349-0419                                                (210) 239-1222
Mr. Dave Palmer                   PACT Hardware & Software                                          fax: (210) 979-8833
                                                                 www.facssa.com                                                     fax: (210) 239-1223
17319 San Pedro, Bldg. 2,         Solutions                                                         www.creativelink.com
                                  Mr. Terry Sanders              Home Repair & Maintenance                                          www.rangershredding.com
Suite 200                                                        Alamo City Foundation Repair       Minor Emergency Retail Clinic
San Antonio, TX 78232-1419        10010 San Pedro, Ste. 510                                         RediClinic-HEB Alon Market
(210) 403-5931                    San Antonio, TX 78216-3847 Mr. Jack Martin                        Ms. Debra Pino
                                  (210) 255-1976                 4302 Hollow Hill
fax: (210) 403-5935                                                                                 8503 NW Military Hwy
                                  www.pacthardware.com           San Antonio, TX 78217-1718
www.sanantonioscore.org                                                                             San Antonio, TX 78230-1841
                                                                 (210) 733-5443
                                                                                                    (210) 492-8200

                                                                                                                                                        2011 Board of
                       Inner Chamber                                                                                                                   Directors & Staff
                                                                                                    Executive Committee
                                                                                                                                             Chuck Calvin                           Chris Scherer
                                                                                                     Cindy Jorgensen                    SpawGlass Contractors, Inc.          Law Office of Chris A. Scherer
                                                                                                           SWBC                              Cesar Cantor
                                                                                                    Chairman of the Board                                                             George Scofield
                                                                                                                                          Omni San Antonio Hotel                 Fulbright & Jaworski, L.L.P.
                                                                                                       Larry Anthis                         at the Colonnade
                                                                                                           Frost                                                                   Michael Setser
                                                                                                                                               Greg Flores                  Spurs Sports and Entertainment
                                                                                                        Chair-Elect                      San Antonio Water System
                                                                                                  Chairman’s Council Chair
                                                                                                                                                                                        Tom Shock
                                                                                                                                        Charles P. “Frosty” Forster
                                                                                                        Wade Cleary                        Forster Engineering                     Baptist Health System
                                                                                               Cleary Zimmermann Engineers
                                                                                               Small Business Council Chair                 Noemi Graham                              David Smedley
                                                                                                                                        USAA Real Estate Company                   Wittigs Office Interiors
                                                                                                          Clay Jett
                             Grand Opening: Holiday Inn                                              Texas Capital Bank                         Jim Heaney                              Ryan Smith
                                North Hill Country                                                  Finance Council Chair                       Sterling Bank                       Cross and Company
                               19280 Redland Road                                                         Rob Killen                         Terry Hookstra                         Matthew Stedman
                                                                                                    Kaufman & Killen, Inc                eEmployers Solutions, Inc.              Gallagher Benefit Services
                                                                                               Business Development Council Chair
                                                                                                                                                Mark Jones                             Donna Watts
                                                                                                        Kirk Kistner                     Structure Tone Southwest                     American Airlines
                                                                                                   Bartlett Cocke General
                                                                                                                                              Shaun Kennedy                         Travis Wiltshire
                                                                                                                                              Broadway Bank
                                                                                                Government Affairs Council Chair                                                  CNG Engineering, PLLC
                                                                                                                                                   Jim Koenig
                                                                                                     Brad Rollins                                                                  North Chamber Staff
                                                                                                 Membership Council Chair                   Alvin Loewenberg                           Duane Wilson
                                                                                                                                           Morningside Ministries                      President/CEO
                                                                                                       Annie Turner
                                                                                                        Wells Fargo                           James Lutz                                Chris Bugg
                                                                                                 Leadership & Professional             Pape-Dawson Engineers, Inc.                 Senior Vice President,
                                                                                                 Development Council Chair                                                              Operations
                                                                                                                                             J. Todd Malaise
                                                                     November                        Chuck Weisbrich
     November Ambassador Team of the Month                        Ambassador of the               New Horizons Computer
                                                                                                                                             Malaise Law Firm                      Yolanda Crittenden
                                                                                                                                                                                Vice President, Leadership
                  Team 2                                              Month                           Learning Center                        Jennifer Martinez
                                                                                                                                                                               Programs & Director Lead SA
                                                                                                  Technology Council Chair                       IBC Bank
                                                                   Marion Lentz                                                                Dick McNary                            Debby Zucker
                                                                                                       Board Members                           Project Control                   Vice President, Finance &
                                                                                                        April Ancira                        James McNeel
                                                                                                      Ancira Enterprises               Oppenheimer, Blend, Harrison                Andrea Barlow
                                                                                                                                             and Tate, Inc.                 Manager, Business Development
                                                                                                       Howard Baker
                                                                                                       Security Service                        Jose Montez                        Wendy Thomas
                                                                                                     Federal Credit Union                      AT&T Mobility                Manager, Business Development
                                                                                                       Kevin Barber                         Stephen Noteboom
                                                                                                  Weaver and Tidwell, L.L.P.                                                        Samantha Fojtik
                                                                                                                                              Mobius Partners
                                                                                                                                                                                 Marketing Representative
                                                                                                        Maria Barrett                          Tobin Olson
                                                                                               Padgett, Stratemann & Co., LLP               Cox Smith Matthews                        Ellen Rankin
                                                                                                                                               Incorporated                      Marketing Representative
                                                                                                      Patricia Burns
                                                                                                Methodist Stone Oak Hospital                    Zandra Pulis                         Marilyn White
                                                                                                                                                CPS Energy                        Administrative Assistant

                                                                                                 The vision of the North Chamber is to be the Chamber of choice for businesses in San Antonio
                                                                                                and Bexar County. Our mission is to strengthen member businesses and the community through
                                                                                                 the delivery of advocacy, recognition and leadership and professional development programs.

                                                                                                                                              2011 Board of Directors
                                                                                                        Officers                 Ray Berend                 Terry Hookstra               Christine Prescott
                                                                                                   Cindy Jorgensen            Padgett, Stratemann         eEmployers Solutions            Corporate Travel
                                                                                                        SWBC                     & Company                                               Planners, Inc. (CTP)
                                                                                                                                                             Rob Killen
                                                                                                       President               Jeanne Douglas            Kaufman & Killen, Inc.             Lisa Schultz
                                                                                                     Larry Anthis               Broadway Bank                                              University of the
                                                                                                                                                              Paul Lampe                   Incarnate Word
                                                                                                         Frost                  David Dunne                   Raba-Kistner
                                                                                                    Vice President           Preferred Landscape             Consultants, Inc.            John Worthington
                                                                                                    Annie Turner                  & Lighting                                               Security Service
                                                                                                                                                              David McGee                Federal Credit Union
                                                                                                     Wells Fargo                Brent Given                   Amegy Bank
                                                                                                    Vice President         The Bank of San Antonio
                                                                                                                                                             Dick McNary
                                                                                                    Duane Wilson               Noemi Graham                  Project Control
                                                                                                   North Chamber             USAA Real Estate Co.
                                                                                                  Secretary/Treasurer                                    Lawrence Morales II
                                                                                                                                    John Harty          Haynes and Boone, LLP
                                                                                                    Pamela Bain                    Sterling Bank
                                                                                                   Bain Medina Bain

                                                                                                Lead SA is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization whose mission is to support and sponsor North Chamber pro-
                                                                                              grams and initiatives promoting educational, leadership, and career and professional development in San Antonio.

The North Chamber publishes in our newsletter/website third party content which is submitted by member organizations. The North Chamber is not responsible for and assumes no liability
    for any of the third party statements, opinions or representations. Third party content is neither endorsed by nor does it necessarily represent the position(s) of the North Chamber.
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san Antonio, Texas 78216                                                        Paid
Phone (210) 344-4848                                                       San Antonio, TX
                                                                           Permit No. 3069
Fax (210) 525-8207

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