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					COLLEGE IMPRESSIONS NEWSLETER                                                            JANUARY, 2010

College Impressions - Publisher: Arthur P. Mullaney -- 64 Shore Dr., Kingston, MA 02364 -- (781) 585-4070

Beloit College’s Mindset List for the class of 2013
Each year the president of Beloit College publishes a list of life encounters which the incoming freshmen bring to their first year of
college. The following is a partial list of attitude influencing events which this years freshman class has or has not experienced.
Members of the class of 2013 won‟t be surprised when they can charge a latte on their cell phone and curl up in the corner to read a
textbook on an electronic screen. The migration of once independent media-radio, TV, videos and CDs- to the computer has never
amazed them. They have grown up in a politically correct universe in which multi-culturalism has been a given. It is a world
organized around globalization, with McDonald‟s everywhere on the planet. Carter and Regan are as distant to them as Truman and
Eisenhower were to their parents. Tattoos, once thought “lower class,” are, to them, quite chic. Everybody knows the news before the
evening news comes on.
The class of 2013 heads off to college as tolerant, global, and technologically hip…and with another host of The Tonight Show.
 The /Beloit College Mindset List (patial) for the Class of 2010
     1. The Green Giant has always been Shrek, and not the big guy picking vegetables
     2. They have never used a card catalog to find a book
     3. Salsa has always outsold ketchup.
     4. Rap Music has always been main stream.
     5. Chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream has always been a flavor choice.
     6. The KBG has never officially existed.
     7. Babies have always had a Social Security Number.
     8. They have never had to “shake down” an oral thermometer.
     9. Bungee jumping has always been socially acceptable.
     10. They have never understood the meaning of R.S.V.P.
     11. American students have always lived anxiously with high-stakes educational testing.
     12. State abbreviations in addresses have never had periods.
     13. The European Union has always existed.
     14. Condoms have always been advertised on Television.
     15. Cable television systems have always offered telephone service and vice versa.
     16. Bobby Cox has always ,managed the Atlanta Braves.
     17. There has always been a Cartoon Network.
     18. They have always been able to read books on an electronic screen.
     19. Women have always outnumbered men in college.
     20. We have always watched wars, coups, and police arrests unfold on Television in real time.
     21. Amateur radio operators have never needed to know Morse code.
     22. Belarus, Moldova, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Armenia, Latvia, Georgia, Lithuania, and Estonia have always been independent
     23. Kevin Costner has always been Dancing with Wolves, especially on cable.
     24. There have always been flat screen televisions.
     25. They have always eaten Berry Berry Kix.
     26. Smokers have never been promoted as an economic force that deserves respect.
     27. Elite American colleges have never been able to fix the price of tuition.
     28. Everyone has always known what the evening news was before the Evening News came on.
     29. Natalie Cole has always been singing with her father.
     30. “Womyn” and “waitperson” have always been in the dictionary.
     31. There has always been a computer in the Oval Office.
     32. CDs have never been sold in cardboard packaging.
     33. Avon has always been “calling” in a catalogue.
     34. Official racial classifications in south Africa have always been outlawed.
     35. Vice presidents of the United States have always had real power.
     36. Conflict in Northern Ireland has always been slowly winding down.
     37. Migration of once independent media like radio, TV, videos and compact discs to the computer has never amazed them.
     38. Congress could never give itself a mid-term raise.
     39. There has always been bluer Jell-O.
Volunteer Opportunity:
The Mass Substance Abuse Info. And Ed. Helpline seeks volunteers, for phone service to persons affected by alcoholism and
substance abuse. The Helpline provides training, supervision, flexible scheduling, in recovery from addiction helpful but not
necessary. For more information to be a volunteer: call (671) 536-0501, ext. 201. Visit their web site at

It is said……
High School Dropout Rates, 2008 - 2009                                  Number of Colleges & Universities, 2008 - 2009
Connecticut    4%        New Hampshire 4%                               Connecticut    50               New Hampshire   29
Maine          5%        New York          5%                           Maine          33               New York       336
Massachusetts 5%         Rhode Island      6%                           Massachusetts 129               Rhode Island    16
Source: The Chronicle of Higher Education, August, 2008

Colleges With the Most Freshman Merit Scholars, 2007 (top 20 in descending order)
College           # of Scholars       # Sponsored by Institution College # of Scholars                    # Sponsored by Institution
                    08 07       06      08    07     06                           08                07       06      08      07      06
Harvard U           285 285 294           0     0      0         Stanford          147              147      164    194         0     0
U.of Florida        146 168 275         234 132 230              New York U.       127              159      145     137     123     95
U. of TX, Austin    281 283 250         232   192 202            UNC,Chapel Hill 142                166      144     127     113 107
Wash.U., St.Louis 228 204 241          154 175 120               Rice U.           169              159       140     95       90 104
U. So. Cal.         254 231 206         195   206 159            U. of Oklahoma     178             175      140     137     174 159
Northwestern U.     239 249 19          186   148 133            M.I.T.             114             138       135      0        0     0
U. of Chicago       222 196 196         186   196 139            Texas A.&M.        161             173      134     134     103 134
Arizona St.         169 150 189         187   159 189            Vanderbilt         147             172      134     116     108 133
Yale U.             213 183 186           0     0      0         Duke                99              90        117      0       0      0
Princeton           175 179 153           0     0      0         Ohio St.           118             115         93     94
Source: Chronicle of Higher Education

From: Florida Institute of Technology, Melbourne, FL
       Earn $500 Travel Grant for making the trip to F.I.T.
       If you make the decision to apply during your visit, and are accepted, a $500 travel grant will be credited to your student
       Account during your first semester of full-time attendance. If you complete an application during your visit, F.I.T. will
       wave the $50 application fee.

Creative Puns For “Educated Minds”
        1. The roundest knight at King Arthur‟s round table was Sir Cumference. He acquired his size from too much pi.
        2. I thought I saw an eye doctor on an Alaskan Island, but it turned out to be an optical Aleutian.
        3. She was only a whisky maker but he loved he still.
        4. A rubber band pistol was confiscated from algebra class because it was a weapon of Math disruption.
        5. The butcher backed into the meat grinder and a little behind in his work.
        6. No matter how much you push the envelope, it‟ll still be stationary.
        7. A dog gave birth to puppies near the road and was cited for littering.
        8. A grenade thrown into a kitchen in France would result in Linoleum Blownapart.
        9. Two silk worms had a race. They ended up in a tie.
        10. Time flies like an arrow. Fruit flies like a banana.
        11. A hole has been found in the nudist camp wall. The police are looking into it.
        12. Atheism is a non-profet organization.
        13. Two hats were hanging on a hat rack in the hallway. One hat said to the other, “You stay here I‟ll go on ahead.”
        14. I wondered why the baseball kept getting bigger. Then it hit me.
        15. A small boy swallowed some coins and was taken to a hospital. When his grandmother telephoned to ask how he was,
            A nurse said, “No change yet.”
        16. A sign on the lawn at a drug rehab center said: “Keep off the Grass.”
        17. A chicken crossing the road is poultry in motion.
        18. The short fortune-teller who escaped from prison was a small medium at large.
        19. The man who survived mustard gas and pepper spray is now a seasoned beteran.
        20. A backward poet writes in reverse.
        21. In democracy it‟s your vote that counts. In feudalism it‟s your count that votes.
        22. When cannibals ate a missionary they got a taste of religion.
College Open House Programs
Suggestion: When responding regarding attendance, confirm the date and time and place of the meeting.
January, 2010        Code OH = Open House Programs
Adelphia U., L.I., NY, Jan. 10 –OH-, 4:30 pm to 7:30 pm, call (800) ADELPHIA
Anna Maria Col., Paxton, MA, Jan. 30 -Saturday Information Session & tour- call (800) 344-486
Art Institute of Boston, Boston, MA, Jan. 29 -Visit Day- call
Bay State Col., Longmeadow, MA Jan. 23 -OH- call (800)
Becker Col., Worcester, MA Jan. 14 -Athletic OH-, Jan 27 –Fin. Aid Sess.- 5 pm to 7 pm, call 877-5-BECKER
Boston Architectural Col., Boston, MA, Jan. 4 -IS- 6 pm to 8 pm, call (877) 385-2000
Briarwood Col., Southington, CT., Jan 27 -OH- 10 am, (Snow Date Jan. 27), call (800) 952-2444
Bridgewater Col., Bridgewater, VA, Jan. 30 -OH- call (800) 759-8328
Carnegie-Mellon U., Pittsburg, PA A series of admissions meetings for specific disciplines. See Carry Over Program Section
Castleton St. Col.,, Castleton, VT Jan 23 -Saturday Information Session- call (800) 639-8521
Case Western Reserve U., Cleveland, OH Jan 30 – Saturday Visit- call (800) 967-8898
Catholic U., Washington D.C., Jan. 24 -OH- 9 am to 3 pm, call (800) 447-3765
Champlain Col., Burlington, VT., Jan. TBA, -OH & Saturday Information sessions- call (800) 570-5858
Culinary Inst. of America, Hyde Park, NY, Jan. 28 & 29–OH for traditional & non traditional students
Daniel Webster Col., Nashua, NY, Jan. 18 -Winter Preview-, Jan. 9 & 30 –Saturday IS-, call (800) 325-6876
Dickenson Col., Carlisle, PA Jan 18 –Dickenson Dimension Day, high school juniors- call (800) 644-1773
Emmanuel Col., Boston, MA, Jan. 16 & 18 -IS- 11 am to 1 pm, call (617) 735-9715
Emerson Col, Boston, MA Jan. –Auditions- See Special Program, Carry Over Section
Fitchburg State Col., Fitchburg, MA, Jan. 23 & 30 -Saturday Information Session- call (978) 665-3144
Florida Institute of Tech., Melbourne, FL Jan. 22 -Exploration Day- call (800) 888-4348
Florida Southern, Lakeland, FL Jan. 15 -Frank Friday- call (800) 274-4131
Framingham State Col., Framingham, MA., Jan. 30 -Saturday Sessions- 10 am, call (508) 626-4500
Franklin Col., Franklin, IN, Jan. 13, -Saturday Info. Day-, Jan. 30 –Ben Franklin Day for Scholars- call (888) 852-6471
Hartwick Col., Oneonta, NY Jan. 16, 23 & 30 –Winter Saturday Programs-, call (888) HARTWICK
Hope Col., Holland, MI, Jan. 18 & 29 -Visitation Day- 9:00 am to 3 pm, call (800) 968-7850
Jonson Sate Col., Johnson, VT, Jan. 23 & 30 -Information Session & tour- call (800) 635-2356
Johnson & Wales U., Providence, RI, Jan. 15 -OH Hospitality- call (800) 342-5598
Lawrence Memorial-Regis Col. Collaborative ASN Program, Medford, MA, Jan. 19 –OH, Radiography- 7 pm to 9 pm,
          Jan. 7 -OH, Nursing- 7 pm, call (781) 396-9250
Loyola U., Baltimore, MD, Jan. 30 -Student Information Days- 11 am to 2 pm, RR, call (800) 221-9107
Lyndon State Col., Lyndon, VT, Jan 30 -Decision Day-, call (802) 626-6413
Mary Baldwin Col., Staunton, VA. Jan. 23, -Multicultural Weekend, Jan 23 –Spring Athletic Day-, call (800) 4682262
Mitchell Col., New London, CT Jan. 16 -Interview Day for applied students-
Mt. St. Mary‟s, Newberg, NY, Jan. 24 -OH-, Jan. 17 & 30 -Saturday Visit Day- call (888) YES-MSMC
Newbury Col., Boston, MA Jan. 23 -Decision Day- call (617) 730-7004
Newbury Col., Boston, MA Jan. 23 -Decision Day- Jan 31 -Athletic OH- call (617) 730-7004
New England Col., Henniker, NH, Jan. 9 -Information Session- 10 am to noon, call (800) 521-7642
New Rochelle Col. of, New Rochelle, NY, Jan. 29 -Café Friday, OH- call (800) 933-5923
Nichols Col., Dudley, MA, Jan 6, 13, 27 –Wed. Decision Days- Jan. 16 –Financial Aid Night & Review of FASFA- call (800) 470-
Norwich U., Northfield, VT, Jan. 29 to 31 -Leadership Challenge Weekend- See Special Programs for details, call (802) 485-2531
Ohio Wesleyan U., Delaware, OH., Jan. 24 -Scholarship Celebration- call (800) 922-8953
                   February TBA, 2010 a Multicultural Weekend call (800) 922-8953 for details
Regis Col., Weston, MA, Jan. 23 -Information Session- call (800) 456-1820
Rollins Col., Winter Park Fl., Jan. 16 -Saturday Visit Day-, call (407) 646-2161
St Joseph Col., West Hartford, CT, Jan. 9 –Discover SJC, OH- 10 am to 1 pm, call (860) 231-5216
St. Michael‟s Col., Colchester, VT, Jan. 16 -Saturday at Smuggler‟s- 10am through 2 pm, call (800) 762-8000
                                      Jan. 18 -Information Session in Hoehl- at 10:45 am
                                         Jan. 30 –Winter Saturday Information Session- 11:30 am, call (800) 762-8000
St. Olaf‟s Col., Northfield, MN, Jan. 18 -Junior Preview Day, OH-, call (800) 800-3025
Simons Rock of Bard Col., Great Barrington, MA, Jan. 18 -Discovery Day, OH- call (800) 235-7186
Stetson U., Deland, FL Jan 23 & 30 -Saturday Visit Day - 9 am, call (800) 688-0101
Spellman Col., Atlanta, GA, Jan. 25 -OH, A Day in the Life of a Spellman Student- , call (800) 982-2411
Suffolk U., Boston, MA Jan. 23 & 30 - Interviews & Tours- call (617) 573-8460
Syracuse U., Syracuse, NY Jan 9, 10,& 11 -Portfolio Reviews- at the Lubin House, NYC, & Music & Drama Days, See Special
                             Program Section, call 315-443-3611
Massachusetts College Goal Sunday January 31, 2010 at 2:00 pm
FAFSA Day in Massachusetts! College goal Sunday is a volunteer-driven effort to provide FREE ASSISTANCE to students and
families, including those who have no tradition of attending college, in competing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid
(FAFSA), the federally required form for students seeking financial aid, including grant, and loan throughout the nation. College Goal
Sunday mobilizes financial aid professionals from MA colleges and universities to help families of college bound students. The 5th
College Goal Sunday will take place on January 31, 2010 at 2 pm in over 20 locations around Massachusetts Areas:
Annual Boston Area -- Boston Public Library, Boston -- Bunker Hill Community College, Charlestown -- ROCA Gym, Chelsea
                 North Shore Community College, Lynn -- Cambridge Ridge & Latin School, Cambridge -- Malden High School --
                 Somerville High School -- Waltham High School --John A Shelburne Community Ctr., Roxbury
Cape Cod -- Cape Cod Community College, Hyannis
South Coastal Area -- Brockton High School -- Bristol Community College, Fall River -- UMass at Dartmouth, New Bedford
Merrimack Valley Area -- Northern Essex Community College, Lawrence -- Middlesex Community College, Lowell
Metro West Area -- Framingham High School
Central Massachusetts Area -- Fitchburg State College -- Quinsigamond Community College, Worcester
Western Massachusetts Area -- Amherst Pelham Reg. High School, Amherst -- Athol Regional High School --
         Holyoke Community College -- Mahar Reg.High Sch., Orange -- Pittsfield Educational Opportunity Center --
         Springfield Technical Community College
Students and their parents should bring completed 2009 IRS tax returns, W2 Statements and other 2009 Income and benefits
information. Current bank statements, untaxed income, records for the previous year (Social Security, Temp. Assist. To Needy
Families, Welfare or Veterans benefit records), drivers license (if any) & alien registration card. 2008 tax returns can also be useful if
2009 is not yet available. This information is helpful but not required.
For greater detail and additional site locations call (877) 4 - CGS – MAS or on line at

National Portfolio Days
January 16, 2010 San Francisco, CA at the San Francisco Art Institute
January 23, 2010 Miami, FL at Miami Dade College            January 24, 2010, Sarasota, FL at The Ringling School of Art

Counselor Programs
Mt. Ida College Success Academy, Newton, MA offers educational programs to guidance counselors in an attempt to promote
student access and success in postsecondary level. All workshops are free and breakfast is provided.
Workshops for Guidance Counselors
Beyond the Classroom: What does it Mean to be College Prepared? January 29, 2010
Education has become a test-out institution. State exams such as MCAS, CAPT, and Regents have forced teachers to shift their focus
from college preparation to exam achievement. Thus, many college bound students are not adequately prepared for the postsecondary
experience. This workshop will allow guidance counselors and amissions professionals to collaboratively examine the concept of
college preparedness.
Counseling First-Generation Students on the College Search. March 5, 2010
Counselors are often faced with a unique set of challenges as they work with students who are the first in their family to attend
college. First-generation students often lack the knowledge, support, and resources of their college-bound peers. This session will
focus on helping guidance co8unselors to effectively meet and serve the needs of these students as they explore their college options.
For more information call (617) 928-4738 or visit Mt. Ida online at

Manhattan College, Riverdale, NY is hosting a two day visit to it‟s Riverdale Campus in April, 2010. (exact date TBA) Participants
will train from Rt. 128 Station in Westwood, MA to the “Big Apple”, stay in a NYC Hotel, have diner and take in a “Broadway
Show”, visit and tour Manhattan College campus on the following day, meet with the admissions staff and train back to Boston. It‟s a
great experience and the hospitality extended by Bill Bissette and his admissions staff is absolutely outstanding. To reserve space call
the Manhattan College Admissions Office (800) 629-9235 or EMail Tom Dunn, New England representative

The Human Relations & Diversity Awareness Committee is seeking nominations and self-initiated applications for the Margaret
Addis Memorial Scholars Program. Scholars receive a free registration to the Annual Conference & Meeting at Western New
England University, Springfield, MA May 25 to 28, 2010, including meals and lodging and a one year membership in NEACAC.
NEACAC‟s Human Relations & Diversity Awareness Committee look to include counselors from “underrepresented” areas, schools
and programs. Contact Danielle Nash at 203-625-8092

NEACAC’s Career Colloquium, In the Planning Stage , 2010
Are you finishing a graduate degree program in counseling? Working as a student in an Admissions Office? Interested in a job in
College Counseling? The Career Colloquium will feature seasoned Admissions and College Counseling professionals discussing
careers in admissions and secondary school college counseling. You will learn practical information about the college counseling
profession, graduate school opportunities, the types of jobs available, how to begin and manage your search, how to market yourself,
on-site resume review for you to receive immediate feedback for experienced hiring managers
For greater detail call Lynn O‟Shaughnessy, NEACAC Regional Director at (603) 367-3292

New England Institute of Addiction Studies -- 2010 Substance Abuse Training Opportunities
The institute offers several educational events per year supporting workforce development and skill building of the professionals and
volunteers who provide services for substance abuse prevention, intervention, treatment and recovery organizations, and for those who
provide related social services.
This year‟s summer programs kick off with the 42th Annual New England School of Addiction Studies, which will take place June 13
– 17, 2010 at St. Michael‟s College, Colchester, VT.. The School is an intensive week-long experience designed for people from all
disciplines who wish to expand their knowledge, skills, and experience in the field of substance abuse services through in-depth
The N.E. Institute of Addiction Studies Summer Training Calendar is as follows:
 41th Annual New England School of Addiction Studies June 13 – 17, 2010 at St.Michael‟s College, Colchester, VT
 10 th Annual New England School of Prevention Studies June 13 – 7, 2010 at St. Michael‟s College, Colchester, VT
 17th Annual New England School of Best Practices in Addiction Treatment, September, 2010, Waterville Valley NH
Preliminary event information is posted on the web site at Complete course catalogs and application for all events
will be posted on the web site in late spring. For further information, or to be put on the mailing list for any of these events, please
contact the N.E. Institute of Addiction Studies (NEIAS) at or call (207) 621-2549
Contact: Denise Adams

Special Programs
The New Actors Workshop, 527 Tremont St., Boston, MA is offering year round programs in film and stage beginning in January,
2010. The skills acquired in acting are transferable to most career and educational situations one will experience in adult life. For
greater detail obtain a brochure by calling the New Actors Workshop at (617) 504-4914

The Culinary Institute of America, Hyde Park, NY has planned a number of Open House Programs during the winter/spring 2010
Programs for Traditional and Non Traditional Students Hyde Pk., NY January 8 & 29 -- February 5 & 19 -- March 12
                                                    St. Helena, CA     January 27 -- February 24
To make an appointment at attend any of these programs call (800) 285-4627

Hobart & William Smith Colleges, Geneva, NY is hosting a number of “Off Campus Interview Programs.” A candidate for
admission must pre registration to obtain an interview at any one of these Interview Sessions. To pre register call the Hobart William
Smith Admissions Office at (800) 852-2256 and speak to Ruth Teague, Assoc. Dir.of Admis.
Connecticut: Jan. TBA, 2010 - Hartford & Fairfield County. CT areas
Massachusetts: Jan. TBA, 2010 - Boston, MA area
New York: Jan. TBA , 2010 in the New York City & Westchester County areas

Norwich University, Northfield, VT will offer two Leadership Challenge Weekends during the winter/spring of 2009 & 2010.
The dates are: December 11 to 13, 2009
                       January 29 to January 31, 2010
                       February 26 to February 28, 2010
                       March 26 to 28, 2010. The Leadership Challenge Weekend is designed to expose the college bound student to a
military college and university life, while providing a worthwhile leadership experience through the development of individual
leadership skills, self-confidence and teamwork. Students participate as members of a team during the course and receive instruction
in leadership and effective communications. Students also participate in a Leadership Recreation Course, physical fitness training,
water survival training and other physical activities. Briefing on how to apply for college, to the Federal Academies and information
on Reserve Officer Training Corps. (ROTC) scholarships and financial aid are part of the 3 day program. Students should only apply
if they are interested in pursuing a college education and have an interest in attending a Federal Academy. There is a $50 application
fee. For greater detail call Norwich University at (802) 485-2531 or consult

Syracuse U. College of Visual & Performing Arts, School of Art & Design, Drama, or School of Music, or the School of
Architecture. Applicants must complete a portfolio review or audition. Visit the Syracuse web site at
to obtain audition and portfolio review deadlines or call 315-443-2769 to make an appointment..
Portfolio Reviews for the School of Art & Design on the Syracuse campus for Art & Drama, Monday now thru Friday thru February 1
Campus Music Days at Syracuse, NY: Jan. 23 & 30 & Feb. 6, 2010
Campus Drama Days at Syracuse, NY Jan. 15, 16, 22, 29, 30, 2010
Portfolio Reviews for School of Architecture in N.Y.C. call for specific dates & times (212)826-0335

15th Annual High School Marine Environmental Symposium -- April TBA, 2010 Early registration is advised.
The Massachusetts Maritime Academy is sponsoring this unique educational event will allow students and teachers to participate in
workshop sessions with top environmental scientists, representing several of our nation‟s most prestigious environmental
organizations. Each participant will be exposed to the most up-to-date information and have the opportunity to interact with the most
state of the art, high tech equipment available to assist in protecting our marine environment. A partial list of organizations that will
be making presentations at the Symposium includes: Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute, Clean Harbors, Cape Cod Commission,

High School Marine Environmental Symposium – Mass Maritime Academy continued…
New England Aquarium, U.S. Coast Guard, Environmental Defense Fund, U.S. Geological Survey, National Marine Life Center,
Coastal Education Association. A registration fee of about $75 (includes overnight accommodations and meals at the Maritime
Academy) which is due as soon as possible in 2007. This program is by invite only (an invitation can be obtained by contacting the
Mass. Maritime Academy Admissions Office.) Reservations will be limited hence early registration is encouraged. Contact High
School Environmental Symposium, The Massachusetts Maritime Academy, 101 Academy Dr., Buzzards Bay, MA 02532. To make a
reservation call (800) 544-3411/ FAX (508) 830-5077 Email This notice will be repeated in February & March.

Carry Over Programs
Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburg, PA will host “Sleeping Bag Weekends” for high school seniors on the following Sunday &
Mondays: January 24 & 25, 2010
The “Sleeping Bag Weekends” will feature presentations from the following academic departments: Engineering, Science, Computer
Science, Humanities & Social Sciences, Information Systems, Business Administration, & Fine Arts. For specific info. consult the
Carnegie Mellon Web site or call admissions at (412) 268-2082
Carnegie-Mellon Diversity Weekend; Jan. 23, to 25, 2010. -- must have filed an application to C.-M. U.

Emerson College, Boston, MA will host auditions for Acting & Musical Theater, Theater Education & Theater Study with emphasis
on performance. Interviews will be conducted on an individual basis.
Early Action Decisions will be conducted on an individual basis on November 21 and December 6, 2009
Regular Auditions will be held on:
             1.) Boston auditions will be held on January 23 & 30 on February 6, 13, 20, 27, 2010
             2.) New York auditions will be held in New York City on January 28 & 29, 2010 at Chelsea Studios, 151 W. 56 th St.
                                    January 30 & 31, 2010 at United Audition, 1601 Broadway
              3.) Los Angles, CA auditions will be held February 6,7,8, 2010 at 54 West Centeron Blvd.
                  San Francisco, CA auditions will be held on February 5, 2010 at a place TBA
Should there be any questions call (617) 824-8780 or Email
An audition form is included in an Emerson Application Package. An audition form can be obtained on the Emerson web site

Northwestern University, Evanston, IL will host Overnight Visits for high school seniors while Northwestern is in session (October
through April). Depending on availability, accommodations will be provided for one night during the week with a student host in a
residence hall, fraternity or sorority. Arrangements should be made at least one month prior to the visit by calling (847) 491-8733

Rhode Island School of Design, Providence, RI. The Admission Department will host a number of Open House & Information
Session type programs during the 2009 – 2010 school year. Each program will consist of a three hour presentation which will
commence at 1:00 pm and consist of a discussion regarding Admissions and the Application Process and a Tour of the facilities.
Especially note that each presentation is designed to be student and family friendly. The Schedule will be as follows:
October, 2009 through January, 2010 Mondays, Wednesdays, & Fridays
February, March, April & May, 2010 Wednesdays and Fridays
RISD will host Saturday Programs: March 20, 2010 and April 17, 2010 & May 1, 8, 2010. The Saturday Programs are subject to change thus
call to check the date/time of any program. These programs are expected to attract more families and applicants than can be accommodated at one
sitting therefore prospective participants are urged to call well ahead (three to four weeks) of the intended program date and secure a reservation. To
make a reservation call the RISD Admissions Office at (800) 364-RISD

Special Career Program
DYNAMY INTERNSHIP Full Year Program Dynamy‟s Internship Year is the nation‟s only residential “gap year” internship
program. It is designed for students who want to explore the world of meaningful adult work before they embark on a college or career
path. This practice is common in the U.K., Europe and other parts of the world, but is catching on fast in the USA. The majority of
interns go on to college after completing their internship experience. Dynamy interns live in apartments as independent adults, get
invaluable on-the-job experience in three consecutive nine-week mentored internships, work with Dynamy advisors on clarifying their
future personal and academic goals, and have the option of taking up to 12 credits from Clark University. Each program begins with
a wilderness challenge. Dynamy has sites in Worcester, MA. and Santa Rosa CA. Dynamy is currently accepting applications for the
2010 Spring Semester and 2010-2011 academic year. Should there be any questions please contact Mr. Brian Hopewell, Dean of
Admissions, at (508) 755-2571 or by email at Please visit the Dynamy web page at
DYNAMY (Mid-Year/Spring ’10) offers a Spring Semester scheduled to begin in mid January, 2010. This would be an appropriate
opportunity for mid-year graduates of students who went off to college in the fall and have decided not to remain enrolled for the
spring. The regular Dynamy program is available; wilderness challenge, advising, internships, community service, independent
apartment life, Clark University credit seminars. Enrollment is possible at either the Worcester MA or Santa Rosa CA site.
Application deadline is 20 December, 2009. Contact Brian Hopewell at (508) 775-2571 or email at
  SciFair 2010, the Mass annual state science fair to be held at M.I.T. April 29 to May 1 , 2010 is awarding a record number of
scholarships. The fair is the culmination of a year-long science project competition starting at the high school level, progressing to the
state-wide fair, presented by Massachusetts State Science Fair, Inc., a non profit corporation.
  The opportunity for students to receive Scholarships, Cash Awards or Experience Awards are excellent as, all public and private
high schools in Massachusetts are each eligible to send one student. In addition, 40 students from each of the six regional fairs are
eligible to go on to the state fair. With over 200 students receiving awards at MIT and with the additional chance of receiving regional
awards this is a great way to help defray college and university costs.
  Science projects are a fun and exciting way to understand inquiry, one of the three strands of the science and technology/engineering
curriculum frameworks. Inquiry represents fully one-third of the reporting categories in the science MCAS tests. Science projects
earn scholarships, cash and awards while helping the student to succeed in the classroom and on the achievement tests.
  Additional information and guidelines can be found at or by calling the state wide office at (508) 224-3265.
Following is just a sample of this year‟s awards with next year‟s promising to be even bigger:
  These awards and many more will be available to high school students in all public and private schools in Massachusetts. Each and
every school can send one student to compete at the state fair in May as well as competing on the regional and local levels for awards
and recognition. The state office phone number is (508) 224-3265 and web site to easily download information is
1.) There are Science Fairs in the other five New England states. Interested students should check with the Science Depts. in their
      high schools for specific information regarding Science Fair opportunities in their state.
2.) The Middle School Mass. Science Fair will be held on June 5, 2010 at Worcester Technical High School, Worcester, MA

Scholarship Potpourri
The University Scholars Program offers a scholarship of up to $10,000 per year to the top two ranking students at every high school
in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. The scholarship is renewable annually for four years provided the student maintains a 3.0
grade point average in at least 12 credits per semester. The top two students can be nominated from each high school. The
nomination deadline is in mid February, 2010.

The Henry David Thoreau College Scholarships:
Massachusetts high school seniors with plans to pursue an interest in the environmental field, may now apply for an undergraduate
scholarship totaling $20,000 spread over a four year period, to the students choice of college. The scholarship also includes a paid
internship for the summer between the student‟s junior and senior year.
Scholarship goals:
  To stimulate increased awareness and incentive for a broad range of Mass high school students to enter the environmental field;
  To broaden student‟s understanding of the issues that impact the environment;
  To forge working relationships between students, faculty, and experts in the field;
  To develop a cadre of bright and committed students with the potential for future leadership in the environmental field.
Deadline to submit an application: February 1, 2010 -- Notification date, no later than April 30, 2010
For specific details call Jane Nalieri, Northeast Educational Services, 265 Medford St., Somerville, MA 02143 or call (617) 666-6900
All application are to be taken off the web page

 The Commonwealth Scholars Program offers a scholarship covering full academic-year tuition, fees, room, board & costs for
students living on campus, or an allowance of up to $2,000 to cover commuting costs and living expenses for off campus students.
Recipients are invited to apply for membership in the Commonwealth Honors College (on the UMASS Amherst campus) or the
campus‟ Honors Program at the Boston, Dartmouth and Lowell campus. Students with a combined SAT score of 1400 and a
minimum cumulative grade point average of 3.75 are eligible for the scholarship. For details consult with your high school guidance
counselor or principal/head master

Massachusetts Restaurant Association Hospitality Institute has $2,000 scholarships available for students interested in pursuing
further education in culinary arts, hospitality, and restaurant/food service management. The MRAHI will distribute $80,000 in
scholarships this year. Call the MRAHI at (800) 852-3042 or (508) 366-4144 or check the web site

Alliance for Young Artists and Writers, 555 Broadway, New York, NY 10012 212-343-6493 High school students may
compete for scholarships in art or photography. Criteria: review of portfolio. Write to above address for details

National Black Nurses Association, 1511 K St., N W Suite 415, Washington, DC 20005 202-393-6870
Scholarships from $100 to 2,000. Criteria: Involvement in community & school activities & membership in National Black Nurses
Association. For details contact the address noted above.
Aero Club of New England, Box 183, East Boston, MA 02129
Scholarship of $2,000 for a New England resident interested in a career in aviation. Criteria: financial need and school record & 160
hours of flight time. For details contact the club at the above address.

Woman’s Jewelry Association, 333-B Highway 46 West, Suite B-201, Fairfield, NJ 07004 973-575-7190
A scholarship ranging from $2,500 to $5,000 a year for a woman planning to prepare for a career in the field of jewelry.
Criteria: financial need and upon the quality of prints or other evidence of their work. For details contact the address above.

Graphic Communication Council, 1899 Preston White Dr., Reston, VA 20191-4367 703-648-1768
Awards: 300 scholarships for students preparing to enter a career in the graphic communication industry.
Criteria: must maintain a 3.0 gpa which in college. Write to the council for it‟s application package.

Boy Scouts of America, Learning for Life Program, P.O. Box 152079, Irving, TX 75015-2079 972-580-2079
Award: $5,000 scholarship to help a young man prepare for a career in education, government, business and science. Need not have
been a Boy Scout but must have an outstanding record. Must apply through a local Boy Scout Council.

Financial Aid Seminars at Stonehill College, Easton, MA designed for South Shore of Boston Parents
All seminars begin in the Martin Institute Auditorium - This meeting will explain the “how to‟s” in applying for Financial Aid
This is a well put together program. Eileen O‟Leary, Director of Financial Aid at Stonehill has designed the most complete Financial
Aid Seminars I have ever attended. For details call (508) 565-1373
January 3, 2010 at 1:00 pm
  Archbishop Williams High School, Boston College high School, Braintree High School, Fontbonne Academy, Holbrook High
  School, Milton High School, Norwood High School, Randolph High School, Sacred heart High School, Woodward School,
  Ursuline Academy, Walpole High School & Xaverian High School
January 5, 2010 at 6:30 pm
  Bridgewater Raynham Regional High School, Brockton High School, Cardinal Spellaman High School, Catholic Memorial High
  School, East Bridgewater High School, Oliver Ames High School, Sharon High School, Stoughton High School

This notice has been included because during this time of the year many colleges and universities provide a similar service.
Our advice is that parents contact a college or university in their area and make an inquiry regarding the hosting of a financial
aid program to help parents through the financial aid maze.

Six signs that a scholarship opportunity may not live up to it‟s promise
         1. “The scholarship is guaranteed or your money back.”
         2. “You can‟t get this information anywhere else.”
         3. “May I have your credit card or bank account numbers to hold this scholarship?”
         4. “We‟ll do all the work.”
         5. “The scholarship will cost you money.” “There is a small handling fee which must accompany the application.”
         6. “You‟ve been selected by a „national foundation‟ to receive a scholarship”, or “You‟re a finalist” in a contest you never

Odds & Ends…
Global Youth Service Day, April 23 – 25, 2010         “Youth Challenging The World”
What is National Youth Service Day?
Millions of youth participated in National youth Service day, the largest service event in the world in April 2007. They tutored young
children, registered new voters, educated their communities about good nutrition, distributed HIV/AIDS prevention materials and met
many more community needs through their service. National Youth Service day supports youth on a life-long path of service and
civic engagement, and educates the public, the media and elected officials about the role of youth as community leaders.
  Youth Service America and the State Farm Companies Foundation are offering 100 grants of $1,000 each to students, teachers and
School based service-learning coordinators. To obtain an application send a serf-addressed, stamped envelope to good Neighbor
Service-Learning Award, c/o Written Request, Youth Service America, Suite 200, 1101 15 th St., N.W., Washington, D.C. 20005 or
go to the Web for more information about National Youth Service Day. The Deadline for application is early
Dec., 2009.           Source: Internet , November, 2007

Oft Repeated ….
Should you be preparing your budget for the school year 2010-11, the College Impressions Newsletter will be $80 per year.
Subscribers to the College Impressions Newsletter are assumed to be continuing their subscription from year to year unless
their intention to cancel their subscription is made known to College Impressions prior to the beginning of the subscription
year. It is very difficult, bordering on the impossible, to contact each subscriber either in the spring or during the summer to complete
a new subscription form.

Note to Guidance Directors --- Post your guidance position openings in the College Impressions Newsletter
Two years ago the College Impressions Newsletter posted a number of guidance openings at secondary schools in Massachusetts. I
know of two instances where candidates did interview because of information received in this publication. Should any readers of the
College Impressions Newsletter want to post guidance openings, by all means, send the information along and it will be published.
There is no fee for this service. C.I.‟s aim is to help our readers stay on top of developments/opportunities in our profession.
College Impressions Listing of College Tours for Guidance & College Counselors -- Spring & Fall, 2009 - 10
New England
BEANS Boston Extended Area Network of Schools
       The following information was taken from the internet and interested counselors are advised to contact an
       Admissions Dept. of one of the participating colleges for specific information, date/time/itinerary, etc.
BEANS College Tour -- Bentley College, Emerson College, Simmons College, Clark University, Worcester Polytechnic
BEANS - Worcester Area - usually hosted in April
      Assumption College, Becker College, Anna Maria College, Clark University, Holy Cross College, Worcester State
      College, Worcester Polytechnic Institute,
BEANS - The Pike Tour - usually hosted in April
      Babson College, Holy Cross College, Emerson College, Worcester Polytechnic Institute

CACO Southern Connecticut College Tour – usually held during the latter part of March - tour of seven colleges Albertus
Magnus College, Fairfield University, Mitchell College, University of new haven, Quinnipiac University, Sacred heart University &
southern Connecticut University. Cost: $100 registration fee plus travel expenses. Contact: Melissa Laskowski at 203-932-7431 or
Email Melissa at

Colleges of the Fenway, Boston, MA., Emmanuel College, Massachusetts College of Pharmacy, Simmons College, Wentworth
Institute of Technology, and Wheelock College will host a tour for college counselors during the middle week of November. The
person to contact in order to register for this tour is Megan Hunter at (617) 632-2729

The Pine Tree Admissions Consortia – Guidance Counselor College Tour Program -- The Pine Tree Admissions Consortia
College Tour will occur during the month of April, 2010. Colleges to be visited are: University of Maine at Farmington, University
of Maine at Orono, the University of Southern Maine at Portland, University of New England (Biddeford), St. Joseph College,
Southern Maine Community College and Bridgeton Academy. For greater detail or to register call Robert Pecchia, Assoc. Director of
Admissions at University of New England (207) 283-0171 X 2297

The Private Colleges of Greater Springfield Tour, Springfield, MA area usually takes place in mid November, 2010. Participating
colleges: Western New England University, Springfield College, American International College, Bay Path College, Elms College.
The contact person is Mark Hudgik, Associate Director of Admissions, Bay Path College in Longmeadow, MA. To receive greater
detail regarding this tour call Sara at 800-782-7284

The Rhode Island Admissions Association Guidance Counselor Tour will take place during the last week of week of April.
Colleges to be visited are: Bryant University, Brown University, University of Rhode Island, Rhode Island College, New England
Institute of Technology, Providence College, Roger Williams University, Salve Regina College and the Rhode Island School of
Design. For greater definition or to register contact Beth Farias, Sr. Asst. Dir. of Admissions at Bryant University at (800) 622-7001

The Consortium of Vermont Colleges is sponsoring its 31st Annual Counselors Bus Tour, usually takes place during the last week
of April. The visit will include 19 campuses and they are: Bennington, Castleton State, Champlain. College of St. Joseph, Goddard,
Green Mountain, Johnson State, Landmark, Lyndon State, Marlboro, Middlebury, New England Culinary Inst., Norwich, St.
Michael‟s, Southern Vermont, Sterling, University of Vermont, and Vermont Technical College. Contact Hanna Watson at So.
Vermont College, 802- 447- 4696 or check Web at for details or to pre register for the program by mid
February, 2009.

New York
The Bridge Tour -- this tour is designed for counselors in metropolitan New York City who work with underrepresented students.
Cornell University, Binghamton College, Syracuse University usually takes place during the Spring. Contact an admissions office or
a participating college/university

College Tour - Colgate, Rensselaer Polytechnical, Union, Skidmore, Syracuse, Hamilton -CRUSSH - This tour is a very
popular tour and at the present time it has a two year waiting list. It will occur in the early fall. Contact Charlotte Tefft, Admissions
Dept, Syracuse University for details and to pre register for the tour at (315) 443-3611

Finger Lakes Tour of Upstate New York Colleges is hosted by Hobart William Smith College, Ithaca College, Syracuse University,
& University of Rochester. This tour will take place in the early fall of 2010. Dates TBA, look for an announcement in the fall or
contact the admissions depts.. at any of the hosting colleges in the spring of 2010.

The Hudson Valley College Tour, -- The participating colleges: Bard College, Marist College, Culinary Institute of America,
SUNY at New Paltz. This tour usually takes place during the month of June. For greater detail and to register for this tour contact
a College Counselor at Maris College (800) 436-5483
Manhattan College, Riverdale, NY will host a visit to it‟s Riverdale campus in mid April, 2010 and in the fall/winter of 2010
Participants will entrain from Rt. 128 Station in Westwood, MA to the “Big Apple”, stay in a NYC hotel, have diner and take in a
“Broadway Show.” Visit and tour Manhattan College campus on the following day, meet with the admissions staff and train back to
Boston. It‟s an outstanding experience and the hospitality extended by Bill Bissette and his admissions staff is absolutely terrific.
Contact Tom Dunn, New England representative Email or call (508) 835-2830 to make a reservation for
the spring 2007 trip. There are usually two trips per year (November or December & March.)

Western New York College Counselor Tour is a spring tour of Western New Your Colleges usually takes place late in April. The
participating colleges are: Alfred State University, University of Buffalo, Buffalo State College, D‟Youville College, Daemen
College, Fredonia College, Canisius College, Medaille College and Niagara University & St. Bonaventure University. To obtain
greater detail or to register for this tour go to Web site or contact Deborah Goodrich, Admissions
Counselor at Alfred State College, at (607) 587-4215

Middle Atlantic
The Blue Ridge Tour will be hosted in late September or early October, 2010. The participating colleges are: Hollins University,
James Madison University, Lynchburg College, Radford University, Roanoke College, Virginia Tech., University of Virginia. The
contact is Mrs. Rebecca LaPlante, Assistant Director of Admissions at the Radford Admissions Office (800) 890-4265

The Lehigh Valley Association of Independent Colleges will offer two tours of its member colleges in late March and mid Apri .
Participating colleges/universities are: Lehigh College, Lafayette College, Muhlenberg College, Cedar Crest College, DeSales
University and Moravian College. Contact Mr. Tom Tenges, Executive Director of the Lehigh Valley Consortia or Mary Ann
Williams, Director of Administrative Services for the Lehigh Valley Consortia at (610) 625-7888 or write to either Tom or Ann at The
Lehigh Valley Consortia, 130 West Greenwich St., Bethlehem, Pa 18018

Maryland College Tour, early April - Colleges: Notre Dame of MD College, Goucher College, Hood College, Johns Hopkins
University, Loyola College, MD. Institute College of Art, McDaniel College, Mt. St. Mary College, Washington College, St. Johns
College, Villa Julie College. Contact: Jake Doll at McDaniel College (800) 638-5005
Note: This tour has a waiting list of 40 people at the time of this publication. Jake Doll has recommended that prospective
participants should contact him during the month of October to be placed on the invitation list for an April, 2009 college tour.

The Pennsylvania College Consortium -- Dickinson, Franklin & Marshall, Gettysburg Colleges will be hosting a guidance
counselor tour during mid April, 2010. This is an excellent college tour and highly recommended by the College Impressions
Newsletter. For greater detail contact Dotty Warner, Dir of conferences & Special Events at 717-245-1900 or Email her at

The Council of Independent Colleges of Virginia (CICV) 23nd Annual Guidance Counselor Tour. The dates have not been
established as of this printing but the tour usually takes place during lagte June.
The tour is organized by the Eastern Group and the Western Group on alternating years. The Western Group hosting the tour in 2010.
And the next Eastern tour will be in 2011.
Western Tour July, 2010
Averett College                      Lynchburg College                Bluefield College                      Mary Baldwin College
College of Health Sciences           Roanoke College                  Emery & Henry College                  Sweet Brair College
Ferrum College                       Virginia Intermont College       Hollins University             Washington & Lee C.
Eastern Tour, July, 2011
Bluefield College, Bridgewater College, Hampden-Sydney College, Hampton University, Marymount University, Randolph-Macon
College, Randolph-Macon Woman‟s College, St. Paul‟s college, Shenandoah University, University of Richmond, Virginia Wesleyan
The tours are sponsored by the Educational Foundation of the Council of Independent Colleges of Virginia (CICV). A $50
registration fee and transportation to and from the points of departure will be the only expenses. Meals and lodging are provided.
After the tour, CIVC will provide each counselor with five application wavers to be used by their students next year.
For greater detail or to register to participate contact: Liv Fedorko, Public Affairs Director for CICV at (540) 586-0606 or

Mid West
The COWS Tour (Counselors Observing Wisconsin Schools) is hosted by: Beloit College, Lawrence University, Marquette
University, University of Wisconsin, and Ripon College. Participants must be invited by one of the five colleges. Each fall the
admissions representatives pool the names of people they have met who they believe would be interested in participating in this tour.
The tour usually occurs in April. Advice: contact a college admissions representative from any of the colleges, invite he/she to visit
your school and that probably will begin a relationship which would be rewarded with an invitation
University of Dayton, Miami University Guidance Tour -- usually hosted in late March -- tour of colleges: Miami University
& University of Dayton. Cost: travel expenses
Contact: Sharon Wright, U. of Dayton, at (800) 837-7433 or via Email at

The Heart of Ohio Tour (HOOT), usually hosted in early April. The Program will tour the following colleges/universities: Ohio
University, Ohio State University, Kent State University, Case Western Reserve University, Otterbein College, John Carroll
University, Marietta College. For greater detail contact: Linda Rhodes at Marietta College 800- 331-7896

The Ohio Counselors Visitation Program is usually hosted in late March through April. The participating colleges are: Denison
College, Kenyon College, Oberlin College, Ohio Wesleyan College, Wittenberg University, College of Wooster. Contact: Ann
Bixel, Associate Director of Admissions, at Wittenberg at (877) 206-0332 or (937) 327-6320 or Email Ann at
for greater detail or to enroll.

College Counselor Tour, Minnesota. Participating colleges are: Carlton College, Macalester College & St. Olaf College in
Minnesota. This tour takes place in the late summer or early fall of the year. To obtain greater detail or to request an invitation
contact: Dean Djiara Meehan, Dean of Admission, Carlton College at (800) 995-CARL

Far West
Montana Counselor Tour, “Big sky”, mid July, 2010 -- Pre Tour July, 2010
Colleges: University of Montana, Carroll College, Montana Tech.
Contact: Shannon Marr at (406) 788-7431 -- Open Registration, 1st come first serve.
South East
The Sunshine Tour of Private Florida Colleges will take place in early February . Colleges usually participating are; Eckerd
College, Embry-Liddle Aeronautical, Flagler College, Florida Institute of Technology, Florida Southern University, University of
Jacksonville, Lynn University, Rollins College, Stetson University, and the University of Tampa. This tour is by invitation and is
being coordinated by Ms. Judi Marino, Dir. of Admiss., Florida Institute of Tech. (800) 888-4348
College Counselors Visit to St. Andrew’s – Is usually hosted during the first week of March. University of St. Andrews, Butts
Wynd, St. Andrews, Fife Ky16 9AJ, Scotland. This program is organized for a small group of interested College Counselors from
American High Schools each spring. Contact Rona E. Mackenzie, Educational Liaison Officer or Miss Dawn Redman at Tel. # 44
1334 463323 or Email for details.

64 Shore Drive
Kingston, MA 02364

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