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FEBRUARY 2007                                                            VOLUME 35, ISSUE 1                                              SPECIAL LIMITED EDITION
                                                                                                                         In this edition you will find news, features,
                                                                                                                         entertainment, and opinion pieces including:

                                                                                                                         •Feel the Burn-Cross Country 3

                                      aider                                                                              •Re s t ro om Hor rors p.4

                                                                                                                         •Homecoming PHOTOS p.8
                                                                                                                         •Why Psychics Don’t Win the Lottery p.6
                                                                                                                         •Real Women have Curves p.11
                                                The Student Voice of Silver Creek High School                            •Fashion Trends p.13
                                                                                                                         •Latest movie ReViews p.15

In the Bay we getting HYPHY                                   Winning was as easy as pi
By Jennilyn Lubrin, Staff Writer

   Has the *Hyphy Movement got you *thizzin’ or
 completely nauseous? Is it *MTV approved for a
 4’9” underweight male to wear an XL *tall tee? Or
 perhaps an emo-punk savage sporting *grillz? Do you
 have your mother’s approval of wearing *flamboast-
 ing clothing? Could you stay calm if some mindless
 kid stepped on your new *kicks? Do you actually pull                                                                        Teacher’s dedication
                                                                                                                             approaches infinity
 your pants up when teachers tell you to do so? Are
 these exaggerations even imaginable? But if you can
 imagine such exaggerations, then you like many other
 blessed complex thinkers, are from the Bay Area.
   As all trends are born, Hyphy starts from the under-
                                                                                                                             By Jesus Hernandez, Staff Writer
 ground and moved up to mainstream.
 has this posted, “It began to emerge in early 2000 as                                                                           Every once in a while, there comes along a teacher
 a response from Bay Area rappers against commercial                                                                       that takes that little extra time out of her day to make
 hip hop for not acknowledging the Bay for setting                                                                         sure her students succeed. In the case of Silver Creek’s
 trends in the hip hop industry. Although the “hyphy                                                                       Leena Guttal, that little extra time is spending until 8
 movement” has just recently seen light in mainstream                                                                      PM every Monday and Tuesday in the library hosting
 America, it has been a long standing and evolving cul-                                                                    tutoring for students with no other motive than to make
 ture in the Bay Area.” According to Bay artists, the                                                                      sure that they succeed.
 Yay territory mainly consists of the 408, 510, 415,                                                                             When asked what the best thing about teaching
 707, 925, 650 and everything in between.                                                                                  is, it is not surprising that Guttal answers, “When the
   Bay artists like: E-40, Keak Da Sneak, The Federa-                                                                      students come back and tell me how much my class
 tion, The Team, Too $hort, Turf Talk, Mistah F.A.B.                                                                       has helped them, that makes it all worth it. Seeing the
 and the late Mac Dre have paved the way for other                                                                         students grow and become doctors and engineers and
 upcoming artists who are using any means necessary                                                                        teachers and getting all the e-mails from them telling
 to get their music heard by selling cds on the streets                                                                    me how much they miss me…that more than anything
                                                              Photo by Puneet Gill
 or by using a music page that honest Tom offers on                                                                        makes me feel the best.”
 Myspace. Not only that, popular local radio stations
 like Wild 94.9, KDON 102.5, and KMEL 106.1 are                 Leena Guttal has been teaching at Silver Creek for ten years now, and taught for three and a half years in India
 playing their songs. If you heard a *slapper, it would       prior to that. In her few years of teaching here, she already has one of the highest A.P. scores in the entire school
 be rigor mortis if you didn’t start nodding your head        district, 98% in Calculus AB and 100% in Calculus BC to be exact.
 with the beats and lip-syncing to their lifestyle packed       So what will she do when she gets that 100% pass rate on the AP test for her A.B Calculus students? “I want to
 lyrics. Hyphy is more than just music, no matter how
                                                              quit teaching calculus…I’ll teach other math. I love geometry…Getting high A.P. scores is stressful. You always
 raunchy and explicit the lyrics are. Real bay rappers
                                                              want it to go higher, so you’re always under a lot of stress.”
 are telling a story whether it’s their relationship situa-
                                                                Guttal’s commitment to her students goes above and beyond what is normally expected of her. She spends
 tions, how they make the club get down or how it goes
                                                              countless hours at after school tutoring sessions for her students and even hosts Saturday classes for her students
 down when violence is involved.
   To be in sync with the unnatural trend, it is a require-   before big tests. Guttal is very passionate about her work and her students.
 ment to have been exposed to the term Hyphy. Exactly           Her family is also a huge part of her life, and the main reason she became a teacher. “…My sisters and uncles
 what is Hyphy? When KTVU Channel 2 News did                  were into teaching. My whole family was into teaching. I had no choice” she manages to say between chuckles.
 a segment on the topic it was found “Hype + Fly =              Calculus isn’t her only strong point. She attended the Indian Institute of Technology in India where she got her
 Hyphy.” Honestly, I do not understand that definition        p.h.D. in math, and minored in physics and statistics. What her students, might not know is that she’s a big fan of
 myself but I do know it’s a verb AND an adjective.           Shakespeare. English is one of her favorite subjects.
 Verb: Imma get hyphy in this joint. Adjective: That            “ I used to teach at a college level, I started in India as a college teacher and taught here at San Jose State, Ever-
 girl was straight up hyphy. Even then it’s not quite         green, and DeAnza part time, but I didn’t enjoy it because you just lecture and there was no interaction. I wanted
 clear especially if a teacher is trying to understand the    to be more involved with the students. It was not fun” Student-teacher relationship is very important to Guttal.
 Movement. Its been noted that the term came from             Her dedication to helping her students succeed is what made her the perfect candidate for teacher of the year, a
 Bay Area rapper Keak da Sneak since his mother often         honor she received in 2006.
 called him hyper do to his behavior as a young boy.
 He would repeat hyper as ‘hyphy’. Take an educated
 guess, hyphy is basically hyper.
   To “get hyphy” just act or dance in an overstated and
 ridiculous manner; go absolutely stupid and dumb.
 Since you’re under age of 21, just how can you achieve
                                                              Foul Language Runs Amuck
 this hyphy safely? You do not need to be intoxicated as      By Will Maldonado, Staff Writer
 some Bay *slaps explain. Getting hyphy comes from
 within you. You can be in class getting hyphy right in         “...skimpy costumes and provocative dances have be-
 your seat, but I wouldn’t suggest that. When you’re
 ‘hyphy’ your current mood is really out there. You’re        come a new trend in the homecoming competition...”
 loud, probably screaming the lyrics of songs and you           In the 2006 Homecoming skit competition (not the overall homecoming competition) the senior class of 2007 tied
 do not give a care.                                          for first with the junior class of 2008. However the seniors could not win the approval of the judges and students
   It’s difficult to explain the act of going dumb to         after the shaky ground upon which their skit was originally performed.
 someone who would never understand it to begin with.           The senior skit began very controversially with girls crawling on the ground pretending to be “cats.” Though
 You can’t just hold your hands up and roll your head         skimpy costumes and provocative dances have become a new trend in the homecoming competition, this year’s
 around yelling ‘Hyphy hyphy hypeeeee.” Oh boo, any           performance by the class of 2007 left many people shaking their heads.
 one can get hyphy even if they’re not from the Bay so
                                                                During the lunchtime performance the senior recording left the audience and the judges in a state of shock with
 let the energy flow through your body and go dumb.
                                                              blatant sexual innuendo recognizable to all. The phrase “ I’m getting wet” used by the villain Poison Ivy, played by
   --------------------- * Terms --------------------
                                                              Elmera Asadipour, caused quite an uproar and a deduction of 50 points for the senior class.
   Hyphy Movement: Do you love it?
 Thizzin: A gorgeous facial expression                          When asked about the phrase, Asadipour said, “Well the way in which I said it and acted it out was more on the
 MTV: That channel that hardly airs music videos              sexual side. My character by nature is seductive and sexual, however that phrase was inappropriate and docking
 Tall Tee: White-tees that go below knees                     points was an acceptable punishment.”
 Grillz: Diamond covered braces                                 However with slight adjustments to their audio recording, (the provocative phrase was removed) the seniors per-
 Flamboasting: A manner of showing off                        formed with a passion at the homecoming non-fire. And with their strong showing in the t-shirt, rally, overhang, and
                                                              ticket sale competitions the senior class was successfully able to uphold the Raider tradition by winning the overall
                                                              Homecoming Competition.
August page 2

Beware of Deadly
Starbuck and His                                                     Return from the
                                                                     By Puneet Gill and Kelly Nguyen, Staff Writers
Sidekick Jamba!
By Raquel Nevarez, Staff Writer
 Walk to your nearest shopping center and you are sure to
find yourself a Jamba Juice or Starbucks, both of which
have sky rocketed in popularity and have strongly become
incorporated in the American diet. The tiny bit of actual
coffee just doesn’t amount up to the velvety whip cream,
calorie loaded caramel and excess sugar in a Starbucks
drink. Then there is Jamba Juice, which is an okay drink to
have if you forget about all the carbohydrates, sugar, and
calories. Boy, are there calories!
  Teens are drawn to Starbucks not only for its taste, but
also for the effect that its caffeine gives them. Young high
school students are more willing to buy caffeine products,
such as Starbucks, on nights when they need to cram for
exams. They think that by drinking the caffeine, they will
be more awake to study. The truth about caffeine is that
it causes fatigue, triggers heart attacks, and it is addicting,
making it all the more worse for our health.
  In addition, the Starbucks drinks are roughly around 500
calories each, which isn’t a nice number if you think about
it. Your body needs 2000 calories a day, and 500 calories
amounts up to one fourth of that!
Jamba Juice:                                                          a. Aaron Barrios: The Errand Boy                                 j. Ibiza Medina & Sabrina Mercado: Supernatural Freaks
  People may agree that Jamba Juice drinks are somewhat               b. Lorena Gamez, Samera Hadi, & Mayra Miranda: The Gossip        k. Raquel Nevarez: “Wait, wait. I have a question!”
healthy because they include at least 3-6 servings of fruits          Trio                                                             l. Kelly Nguyen: The Harsh Critic
and optional boosts (protein, fiber, energy, vita, femme,             c. Puneet Gill: “Go Broncos!”                                    m. Trung Nguyen: The Computer Nerd
immunity). This satisfies the recommendation of taking in 5           d. Jesus Hernandez: “This is how we do it my country.”           n. Veronica Ortiz: “You’re my best friend.”
servings of fruits daily. Jamba Juice drinks contain Vitamin          e. Sara Jaka: The Giver                                          o. Trang Pham: “Milk is bad!”
C, B6 and Foliate and very little saturated fat, cholesterol,         f. Jennilyn Lubrin: “I’m not a spectator, I’m an entertainer.”   p. Anna Ramos: The Corner Desker
sodium and calcium, which is all good and dandy. But                  g, Cynthia Ly: “Yay, bunnies!”                                   q. Janet Vong: “I don’t know...”
the carbohydrates and sugar that are packed into the drinks           h. Will Maldonado: Always on a Mission                           r. Rebecca Zelaya: The Only Normal & Sane One
must not be overlooked. In fact, they are found to be the             i. Ashley Marquez: The Horoscope Major                           s. Laurie Weckesser: The Captain

causes of high blood sugar levels. Not to mention, each
smoothie amounts to 400-650 calories, when the average
snack intake of calories should be around 200!
   Starbucks and Jamba Juice, two of the most leading
beverage retailers, have failed in producing healthy drinks
for its consumers. Both companies sell drinks with loaded                           nd the adventure continues. Two years have passed and not a single
calories, sugar, fat and even caffeine. If their products              word has been spoken about the vanished Raider Review. What happened to it?
continue to be sold, what will become of their consumers?              Where did it go? Why so long? Who is the culprit? Why are we asking these
What will it take for consumers to change their drinking
habits, more caffeine or a trip to the hospital?                       questions? We’re proud to say that we’ve found this vanished figment of the
                                                                         As the previous commander of the Raider Review, Rick Dirck abandoned his
    Starbucks Caramel Frappuccino:
                                                                       crew of buccaneers to pursue the art of Creative Writing, and in addition to
    Blended Coffee, no whipped cream
                                                                       his quest, spent more time with his family. He handed the Raider Review over
    Size: Venti/ 24 oz. (680g)
                                                                       to Greg Louie who later cast off his crew in the premises of Davy Jones’ locker
    Calories: 390
                                                                       to accept a promotion as principal at Santa Teresa High School. The promotion
    Fat (grams): 4
                                                                       ritual, which took place over the summer, was kept secret from most of his
    Carbohydrates: 79g
    Sugar: 67g
                                                                         Two years later, the brave and valiant captain, Laurie Weckesser surrendered
                                                                       The Galleon to Bjorn Berg in order to commandeer the legendary Raider Review.
                                                                       Through many treacherous perils and mind-numbing tasks, she proved victorious
                      Jamba Juice Mango-A_Go-Go:                       in the end. Once again, the Raider Crew will execute its job of plundering and
                      Size: 24 oz. (739g)                              pillaging the minds of the SC gentry. The only word our readers should say is
                      Calories: 500                                    “Parley?”
                      Fat (grams): 2                                       Savvy?
                      Carbohydrates: 117g                                  Okay, we don’t have a Johnny Depp on board, but we do have a hearty crew
                      Sugar: 106g                                      that brings the Review to life.

The “Bratz” Pack Invades Barbie World
Move over Barbie! There are new kids on the block!
By Ashley Marquez, Staff Writer                                      The Bratz girls team up for global domination.
  Sex, drugs, and Rock n’ Roll! Those seem to be the                                                                                      look in response to concerns over her disproportionate
recurrent themes of today’s popular entertainment and we                                                                                  tiny waist and big bust. She even dumped Ken to become
all relish on the uncensored and sexualized media. But did                                                                                a more independent woman to concentrate on her career;
you know that some adult entertainment has even seeped                                                                                    her resume includes: astronaut, doctor, princess, rock star,
into children’s cartoons? Case in point, the Bratz cartoon                                                                                teacher, veterinarian, etc. And despite the rumors, Barbie
aired by 4kids TV. Beware: viewer discretion is advised.                                                                                  is not pregnant because she believes in celibacy before
   The cartoon is revolved around the fashion industry,                                                                                   marriage and does not want to promote teen pregnancy.
which is filled with deep-throat competition and impossible                                                                               My advice to Barbie is: just be yourself and don’t listen
beauty standards. Unhealthy weight, eating disorders, and                                                                                 to them! You don’t have to dress like a that!
its high cut throat approach is mainstream in this business.                                                                              Consider this:
Remember, little kids watch this.                                                                                                          Over the last decades many studies have shown that there
   The characters are extremely ridiculous! These dumb                                                                                    are several ways television can be harmful to the mental
blonde twins wear bandages on their noses, post-rhinoplasty                                                                               and physical health of children. Most of the shows on
surgery. They intern for a Cruella DeVille replica who                                                                                    television, including cartoons, are non-educational. Plus,
takes regular Botox injections. Skimpy outfits, pancake                                                                                   the average child in the United States spends about 25
make-up, plumped up “Angelina Jolie” lips, lifeless hair                                                                                  hours a week in front of the television. In turn, excessive
extentions, and bare midriffs make up the common dress            attack strategy--ouch!                                                  TV viewing is linked with poor school performance and
code. The most ghastly of all is a character who looks just        Speaking of role models, move over Barbie! There are new            decreased scores on standardized tests. In many cases, TV
like Simon Cowell. But he is not a big-time music executive       kids on the block! Because Bratz is not just a cartoon show          programming promotes negative behavior. A significant
but their pimp! Mini porn stars as role models? My deepest        but also a popular doll produced by MGA entertainment.               body of research shows that children learn violent behaviors
sympathy goes out to all the TV-viewing children of the           The Bratz world features a fashion line, outfits, playsets,          from watching violent television programs and violent
world.                                                            DVDs, and video games. And the plague continues to                   adult models through observational learning.
   The Bratz girls don’t only look bad--- they are girls          spread…                                                                 Therefore, monkey see, monkey do. Watch what your
gone wild! They mob each other in rival gangs, they                Poor Barbie, she has definitely felt the pressure. Barbie has       little sister or cousin is watching. And, most of all, keep
are manipulative and conniving, they partake in illegal           gone through a major make-over: widening of the waist,               them away from the Bratz cartoon before they end up like
intoxication and they pull each others’ bra straps as an          slimmer hips, and breast reduction to achieve a more natural         “bratz.” Oh wait, it is already too late.
                                                                                                                                                                      August page 3

                                                                                                                                            The clock tower of
                                                                                                                                            the new science
                                                                                                                                            building takes shape.

                                                                                                                                              The new building features:
                                                                                                                                              •Four science rooms/labs
                                                                                                                                              •6 NEW classrooms on
                                                                                                                                                    the second floor with 1
                                                                                                                                                    multipurpose room on the
                                                                                                                                                    ground floor
                                                                                                                                              • An mini quad with built in
                                                                                                                                              •Fire and burglar alarms
                                                                                                                                              •BRAND NEW bathrooms

                                                                                                                  Photo by Will Maldonado

Silver Creek’s New Face
By Will Maldonado, Staff Writer
  The 14 million dollar, 16,000      every day life for students easier.   right next to the administration     when passing Silver Creek may         begun to get the help that it needs.
square feet streetscape and          Shorter lines for the bathrooms       building along Silver Creek          finally turn their head to look         Mr. Schroeder said, “Finally
classroom project at Silver Creek    and a new area for students to        Road. There are a number of          at the school (hopefully not          our classrooms reflect the
High School is an attempt by the     relax and enjoy their lunch are       reasons for this location. When      to the point where they wreck         quality of teaching and learning
school district to beautify our      two attractions that the campus       asked Christopher Schroeder,         their car) and see an institution     that occurs at Silver Creek.
campus. The new building is set      construction, when completed,         associate principal of Silver        where the appearance and              Whereas when I arrived here
to be the new face of Silver Creek   will    make      Silver    Creek     Creek High School, said, “First      infrastructure match the high         the building did not reflect
High School, as it will be wisely    student’s way of life easier.         off the infrastructure is more       level of learning that occurs.        this. It shows an awareness and
placed on the side of campus           The state of the arts science       readily available to be replaced          The new building, and            acknowledgement by the School
closest to Silver Creek road.        classrooms will finally alleviate     on the street side of campus. As     streetscape project is going          district that Silver Creek needed
        The     changes      being   a major disservice to the science     well we wanted to upgrade the        to mark a momentous change            upgrades, and that we’ve been
implemented are set to be            department. Once the new              look of our campus. Finally its      for the environment of Silver         neglected in my opinion.”
valuable additions that the          building complex is complete          adjacent to the current science      Creek. Adding the new quad,            According to Mr. Schroeder we
campus was in desperate need         every science teacher will have a     buildings, so we keep all the        new bathrooms, four state of          Raiders have been noticed, so
of. The addition of four state of    classroom that has a laboratory.      science classes located together.”   the art science buildings, new        get ready for a highly anticipated
the art science buildings, seven     Currently four science teachers        This location wisely gives Silver   fire and burglar alarms, and the      new face to our campus coming
new classrooms, a new quad,          are holding class in classrooms       Creek what we’ve been lacking        seven other new classrooms will       soon along Silver Creek road.
new fire and burglar alarms, and     that do not have labs.                for quite some time, a face and      improve this campus without a
brand new bathrooms will make         The site for the new building is     entrance to the campus. Drivers      doubt. Silver Creek has finally

                                                              Feel the Burn
                           Witness the
                           determination on Junior
                           Lilian Pham’s face as
                           she runs Montgomery
                           Hill, home meet.                   By Lorena Gamez, Staff Writer

                                                                 In the next three decades, 9 out of 10 American men and 7 out of 10 American
                           I think I can! I think I can!       women will become overweight. I’m sure we can all guess why. One, the delicious,
                           Adriana Rincon, junior,             yet addicting In N Out Burger and two, the couch potatoes and lazy bodies out there
                           climbs a treacherous hill in
                           Crystal Springs.                    (you all know who you are). If you want those strong legs and an all around healthy
                                                               body, I have one word…running.
                                                                  If you are looking for a sport to get you into the best     The cross-country meets are exciting for the runners.
                                                              shape of your life, I strongly recommend cross-country. Senior, Alexandra Cardenas said, “The ending of a race
                                                              Some high school students are quite into sports nowadays, is the most exciting point because that’s when you pass a
                                                              and it just seems like it’s the thing                                              lot of people and just give it all you
                                                              to do, but we wonder why it is
                                                              so hard to make it through the
                                                              baseball or football try-out. Now,
                                                                                                  “     I have the motivation to get
                                                                                                                                                   These athletes put much heart and
                                                                                                                                                 effort into the race. Senior, Peter
                                                              I am a cross-country member through this season because of Hoang loves the competition as well.
                                                              myself, but I also love the sport                                                  “The best part of a race is beating the
                                                              of softball. At the softball try-out my teammates. If they can do                  people that you’ve lost to before.”
                                                              the other day, I couldn’t help but                                                 Silver Creek’s cross-country team is
                                                              notice just how out of breath the
                                                              other girls were. I do not mean to
                                                                                                    it I can do it. ”                            all about doing the best they can in
                                                                                                                                                 the Mt. Hamilton Division.
                                                              brag, but I was neither tired nor                                                     Running is the perfect way to start
                                                              sore the next day. I am proud of it, –Victor Meza ‘08                              off in sports. Coach Chuck Bean,
                                                              and I owe it all to cross-country.                                                 30-year track and cross-country
                                                                  I have to tell you, you have to                                                coach, said, “There’s no time like the
                                                              work your butt off for what you truly want. No one ever present to get started. Don’t wait because you think you’re
                                                              said getting in shape was going to be easy. So if it is that not good enough. Endurance sports are cumulative.”
                                                              flat stomach that you want, you’ll have to go through the       Junior, Victor Meza, first year of cross-country
                                                              effort of training and numerous drills to make it happen. runner is proud to have joined the team. “I have
                                                              In cross-country, you will always have someone there to the motivation to get through this season because
                                                              cheer you on all the way through no matter what because of my teammates. If they can do it I can do it.”
                                                              that is just how supportive our team is.                        The team is definitely hard working but knows how to
                                                                  Starting off will be slow because your body needs the have fun at the same time. Alexandra Cardenas adds, “The
                                                              time to recover, but you can build yourself up to 40-45 miles team is like a second family.” No one gets left behind. I
                                                              a week, probably even more once you dedicate yourself. have come across meeting some wonderful people who
                                                              How many of us can say that they could run 2-3 miles are now very special to me. Joining sports is a great way
                                                              non-stop? Not very many, but after my first cross-country to meet people and make new friends just like I have done.
                                                              season, try 8 miles non-stop. It is an accomplishment that Not only did I develop the strong legs and the flat stomach
Photos by Lorena Gamez                                        feels wonderful. After you have made that commitment, that I was shooting for, but I have the best looking tan ever.
                                                              the competition is on.                                        What have you got to lose...pounds?
September page 4

The elves DID it!
       Are we doomed for the rest of the ‘06 –‘07 school year to deal with restroom horror?
By Puneet Gill, Staff Writer                                                                                                   hygienic. This comment kind of throws the whole thing
   Meet the Silver Creek Toilet. It’s spotless, clean, and                                                                     off. I’d expect high school students to have already learned
odorless. The polished porcelain shimmers in the brightly                                                                      the importance of cleaning after themselves by now. But
lit restroom, where a fused light bulb is a thing of the                                                                       just in case you forgot:
past. It is where the toilet bowls aren’t clogged, the trash
                                                                                                                               How to Keep the Restroom Clean:
cans aren’t overflowing, and the soap dispensers dispense
actual soap. This preppy high school provides a state of the                                                                   •For starters, it doesn't take that many muscles to move
art restroom catered to each individual’s needs.                                                                               the knob on the toilet an inch or two in order to properly
   If only it were true. In reality what we have are filthy,                                                                   flush it. If you’re afraid of having to amputate your hand
repulsive, putrid-smelling restrooms where students                                                                            because you caught a deadly disease from touching the
cautiously enter in fear of what awaits inside the dreaded                                                                     knob, then flush it with your foot.
stalls. The East Side Union High School District does not                                                                      •I’ve heard of toilet papering people’s houses and cars,
seem to be willing to sacrifice more money to the school’s                                                                     but never toilet-papering a toilet. If you have a problem
budget just so we can have nice toilets. The janitors already                                                                  with this school, and can only show it by vandalizing
have enough work on their hands. The teachers don’t have                                                                       the bathrooms, then transfer out. And if you think toilet
to worry –they have their own squeaky clean bathrooms.                                                                         papering is amusing, get a life.
Are we doomed for the rest of the ‘06 –‘07 school year to
deal with restroom horror or is there anything we can do to                                                                    •Ever wondered why a trash can is called a “trash” can?
solve the toilet problem?                                                                                                      Maybe because this thingamajig was made for holding
  It seems reasonable enough to insist that the ones who                                                                       garbage/trash.
make the mess, clean it up. But who makes this mess?                                                                           •And about the soap dispensers, either a.) sign a petition
Hmmm…It doesn’t take the world’s greatest genius to                                                                            for a new dispenser (which will probably never make new
figure that one out.                                                                                                           ones appear ) or b.) bring your own soap/hand sanitizer
  Duh! We are the villains (don’t forget the elves too). From                                                                  (paper soap works best).
early morning to late afternoon, more than twenty three
hundred students use the Silver Creek restrooms. Most of                                                                       Follow these simple guidelines, and we might be a step
the students are either willing to deal with the stench and                                                                    closer to that ideal restroom we dream of... one that is
filthiness of the restrooms, or they must be too lazy to be                                                                    clean and usable.
                                                                                                Photo by Puneet Gill

Got balls?
Boys and girls water polo teams win games                                                                                                                A
                                                                                                                          Left: Varsity ladies on
                                                                                                                          their final volleyball
                                                                                                                          home game of the

                                                                                                                          Below: JV lady Raid-
                                                                                                                          ers swooped down for
                                                                                                                          the ball coming their
                        Photo courtesy of Bjorn Berg
 Tiffany Nguyen (‘07) pushed pass the opposing

 players open for a shot at the goal!

By Sabrina Mercado, Staff Writer
  On Wednesday, September 27th, the boys and girls water
polo teams faced off in their third game of the season
against Sobrato High School. The boys played first,
scoring the first goal less than two minutes into the game.
At the end of the first half, the boys were leading with a
score of 6-1, but they didn’t stop there. The boys continued
playing hard and making smart decisions, and in the end,
they pulled out their second win of the season, with a
                                                                 Photos courtesy of Bjorn Berg
final score of 10-3. Their first win a week earlier had been
against Independence with a score of 8-7, their first victory
in over seven years.                                             By Will Maldonado, Staff Writer
                                The girls’ team didn’t get off
                                                                 It was an up and down season for the Silver Creek VOLLEYBALL TEAM. A
 “  Their
                              to such an optimistic start. At
                              the end of the first half, they
  matching wins were trailing Sobrato by four                    year which began with league champion and CCS aspirations, ended short of
  against Sobrato points.give up, and continued
                                       But the Lady Raiders      those goals.
  made history,               to fight hard. After a few
                                                                   However, the year did not end without many exciting         for 4th place.
                                                                 games, thrilling victories, gut-wrenching losses, and           Perhaps the biggest disappointment of the season
  as the first time encouraging words from head                  a senior night with a raucous crowd propelling the            was that the varsity lady raiders walked away with the
                              coach Mike Abrigo, the girls
  both teams                  were back in the game. Within
                                                                 Raiders to a three set sweep of Andrew Hill.                  feeling that they could beat any one they faced (all of
  won on the                  the first few moments of the
                                                                  Middle Blocker Monica Erezo, class of 2008, reflected        their games ended extremely close) and proved this by
  same day.     ”             second half, they outsmarted
                              the Sobrato defense, and
                                                                 on the season by saying, “The greatest moment of the
                                                                 season was when we beat Lincoln and Andrew Hill, it
                                                                                                                               winning one game against many of their opponents but
                                                                                                                               losing the other time they faced that opponent. This
                                                                 showed our greatest abilities as a team and were wins to      unfortunate event resulted in the 6-8-league record and
scored, making the score 5-2.
                                                                 be proud of.” These two signature wins were indicative        left the lady raiders wondering what could have been.
  They started making smart passes and “driving ball side”
                                                                 of the excitement and the tenacity of the lady raiders,         Yet hope remains for the lady raiders, as this year’s
in attempts to get open. Their efforts paid off, and by the
                                                                 since even though they were not in contention for the         team contained a lot of youth with eight players who
fourth quarter the score was tied. The Lady Raiders played
                                                                 league title they were able to beat two of the teams          were not seniors. With a talented group of sophomores,
smart defense, and managed to keep Sobrato from scoring.
                                                                 competing for the league championship.                        including Junior varsity captains Michelle Dizon and
Thanks to their hard work, the ladies won their first victory
                                                                   However the successes against Lincoln and on                Betty Tran as well as a host of others, arriving next there
of the season with a final score of 8-5.
                                                                 senior night against Andrew Hill were not sustained           will be fierce competition for starting spots and spots
  “When we work as a team, and not as individuals, we are
                                                                 throughout the season as the Lady Raiders suffered            on the roster. Erezo said “Next year I think we will do
successful.” said Coach Abrigo, in regards to both the boys
                                                                 some losses that were quite unexpected, and some wins         really well, because we have a lot of young players on
and girls teams.
                                                                 that were also quite unexpected. It was a season of ups       varsity that have lots of potential, and a good upcoming
  Their matching wins against Sobrato made history as the
                                                                 and downs and the Lady Raiders could never seem to            group from junior varsity.” So while this season fell
first time both teams won on the same day. Both teams
                                                                 maintain consistent strong play. This reflected in both       short of the league championship aspirations at the
credit hard work and determination as a factor to their
                                                                 varsity and junior varsity’s records as varsity finished      start of the year, next year’s returning players gained
success. There is no doubt to how far both teams have
                                                                 9-10 overall (6-8 league) in a tie for 5th place and junior   valuable experience, and will lead the lady raiders on
come, and Raiders can be sure to look forward to many
                                                                 varsity finished with a record of 7-7 in league in a tie      their quest to become league champions next year.
more victories in the future.
                                                                                                                                             September page 5 September

Freshmen elect new officers
By Trung Nguyen, Staff Writer                                                                                                School PRIDE
    After an exhausting week of campaigning and
competition, Kathrina Delacruz was crowned
                                                                                                                           effects MORE than
Class President of 2010. Joining in office are: Vice
President Kristine Jose, Secretary Gerika Garcia,
                                                                                                                           class competitions
Treasurer Rea Soriano, and Spirit Leaders Nia
Concepcion, CatherineTruong, and Bianca Raynes.
    Voter turnout was approximately 23% for the
Class of 2010. “Better than last year,” said Bjorn
Berg, Activities Director. When confronted with
these seemingly low statistics, the officers had a
concise answer for their class.
    “They were confused.” Garcia said.
     The seven girls campaigned as a group,
despite the potentially gritty nature of
high school politics. However, they came
                                                                                               Photo by Trang Pham
up with a hasty solution to the problem.
“We made a pact.” Delacruz said. “We know how to handle each other when we’re mad.” She added.
  With 14 different candidates vying for office, the highest number of candidates in recent years, the odds were against
this tight-knit group of friends.
    “I had doubts.” Concepcion said.
    However, winning was no big surprise to this energetic bunch.
    “We felt the energy. We were more spirited.” Garcia said, to which her fellow officers agreed.
    More surprising was the support they were shown by their classmates.
    “People actually listened to us. They came to us and wanted us to win.” Delacruz said.
  With voter turnout as well as number of candidates going up, the future seems bright for the Class of 2010. “This year
is gonna be Cheetahlicious,” said Delacruz.

  Inside the heads of our                                        new teachers                                                           Photo courtesy of Victoria Nguyen
                                                                                                                           By Trang Pham, Staff Writer

                                                                                                                             For years, many have been describing Silver Creek
                                                                                                                           as “ghetto.”
                                                                                                                             “The only bad thing people say is that our school
                                                                                                                           is ghetto.” (Junior Jennilyn Lubrin) This provocative
                                                                                                                           term has soaked into our minds with a strong negative
                                                                                                                           connotation and turned us all into more biased Raiders
                                                                                                                           of Silver Creek. What about “diverse” though?
                                                                                                                           Silver Creek has been described as “diverse” as
                                                                                                                           well. Nevertheless, it is easier to find ourselves using
                                                                                                                           “ghetto” as the more common association with the
                                                                                                                           school. As if these comments are gaining power on
                                                                                                                           campus, it seems, that for the past few years, Silver
            Cynthia Cohen                              Huong Tran                         Daniel Imbessi                   Creek Raiders’ pride in themselves and their school
              (French)                                 (Forensics)                     (American Government)               have been diminishing.
                                                                                                                            Although it’s hard to notice, school pride encompasses
                                                                                                                           aspects beyond just school spirit activities such as
  by Rebecca Zelaya, Staff Writer                                                                                          F.A.N.T.A.S.T.I.C.S. and Homecoming. It takes pride
By Rebecca Zelaya, Staff Writer
   When Silver Creek lost a number of teachers to retirement or other plans last year, our administration                  in your school to go out there to join sports, actually
  kept a lookout for new teachers to fill in the empty spots. This past June, teachers from all different                  WANTING to win and succeed. To live the best of
  departments retired, such as Mrs. Stewart (Science), Mr. Okuda (Science), Mr. Bell (Science), Mrs. Chang                 your high school career, it’s important to take pride in
  (Math), Ms. O’Neill (Business), Mrs. Metoyer-Jones (English), Ms. Chen (English), and Mr. Rodriguez                      where you will spend for four years and actually get
  (Social Science). We also have Mr. Flores (Math) who transferred to Mt. Pleasant, Mr. Kilkenny (Science)                 involved. Imagine living with something that you do
  who went to the district office, and Mrs. Torkelson (Business) who moved, and Mr. Dawson (Math) who                      not take any pride in. It’s hard to live, hard to enjoy!
  became a state representative in the CTA.                                                                                    Current Associate Student Body Spirit Leader,
    But just as new kids around the school have first impressions about the school they’re entering, new                   Jennilyn Lubrin, defines school pride as “believing in
  teachers have them too. Students must not forget that teachers are humans as well. This is why I’ve                      your school and the students that go to the school.”
  decided to pick the new teachers’ brains a bit to give you an insight as to why they’re here at Silver Creek.            Often, it’s this belief that strives many of our students
  While we all think that teachers like to do nothing but drown us with homework, Huong Tran (Forensics),                  beyond the expected limit.
  Cynthia Cohen (French), and Daniel Imbessi (American Government) beg to differ:                                            One of the easiest measurements of school pride is
                                                                                                                           how involved and visible the students are with extra
  1. Why did you come to Silver Creek?                        -Tran: “I wanted to be a doctor, but I found it wasn’t       curricular activities--beyond the six period academic
                                                             for me. I feel sad being around sick people. I also           expectations. Certainly, Silver Creek students are
      -Cohen: “Well I heard it was a good school. I          wanted to be a photographer, but you make no                  involved in many ways, but dances are one of the more
  talked to Mademoiselle Mortine and I came here.            money.”                                                       popular and easier forms of involvement. “At dances,
  And I wanted to come back to high school because                                                                         I would estimate a couple of hundred [students],’ Mr.
  I’ve been teaching in Middle School all these               -Imbessi: “Geez, I’m not really sure. Actually, I            Bjorn Berg, Silver Creek Alumni, once Associate
  years.”                                                    wanted to paint and draw.”                                    Student Body President and current activities director
                                                                                                                           began, ‘at most 600 attendees, but that’s including
   -Tran: “I graduated here in 2001, so it felt                 4. What activities do you do on your free                  guests. And for a school with 2400 students, that’s not
  comfortable.”                                              time?                                                         a very large percent.”
                                                                                                                             Last August, state reports showed that the school’s
    -Imbessi: “I was a student teacher here last year           -Cohen: “I walk my dog, spend time with my                 API score went down, partly due to poor STAR
  and I felt welcomed, so I tried to get a job here          husband, go to the movies, and for vacation, I go             test results. Strangely, this same test was the reason
  because I liked the students.”                             to Mexico.”                                                   Silver Creek’s API score went up for the 2005 API.
                                                                                                                           What happened there? Many see the decrease as a
    2.What were your first impressions of the                 -Tran: “I go to the beach, take pictures, go to the          direct result of students not taking the test seriously.
  school when you began teaching here?                       movies, hangout with friends- I have a life too you           “Talk to the other not serious students. WE took the
                                                             know.”                                                        test seriously. WE tried our hardest.” (Senior Elaine
    -Cohen: “I had an excellent impression. I was                                                                          Trinh) Where is the pride to motiviate us to do better
  impressed by how polite, friendly, and helpful               -Imbessi: “Play music. I play the guitar, try to play       and let our school shine? There are students with
  everyone was. Both the students and the faculty.”          the drums, and paint.”                                        soaring scores on the Advanced Placement exams, who
                                                                                                                           scored lower than Basic on the STAR test. No doubt,
    -Tran: “It was strange being back here. Because           5. What’s the one thing you do to wind down                  these bright students can score higher than “Basic.”
  now all of my old teachers are my colleagues.”             when you’re stressed out?                                     Although many students consider the exam tedious,
                                                                                                                           and know it has no direct impact on them individually,
    -Imbessi: “Visually, it was a little scary, but once I    -Cohen: “Call friends.” -Mrs. Cohen                          this test affects the school and communityas a whole.
  got to know the students, I felt comfortable.”                                                                           Looking at the bigger picture, this drop in test scores is
                                                              -Tran: “I lay on the couch or go out for drinks.             one of the many examples of school pride decreasing.
   3. Other than teaching, what did you want to              Sometimes I just go outside to watch the people go            If students were more proud of their school, with the
  do?                                                        by. It’s relaxing.”                                           recognition of how crucial the API scores are for the
                                                                                                                           rest of the student body, Silver Creek’s API scores
   -Cohen: “I wanted to be a translator.”                     -Imbessi: “I play music. Actually, I play the drums.”        should only sore.
October page 6
   Raider spirit is alive and well at Silver Creek on Halloween!

   Silver Creek’s staff including teachers from all departments, administration, counselors, and classified staff show off their swashbuckling Raider spirit in the
   quad during a Halloween Rally.

Why Psychics Don’t Win the Lottery
By Ibiza Medina & Sabrina Mercado, Staff Writers
“If this lady was really a psychic, wouldn’t she know we were coming?”
  Psychics have supposedly been around           The question of whether or not psychic      Laboratory, the average person only uses        week, we went to a psychic named Lola
since before we can remember. We all           abilities actually exist is open to debate.   about 10% of his or her brain. This makes       (name changed). To our surprise, we had to
know about people who claim to have sixth      There is no scientific evidence supporting    it possible for a “psychic” to be more tuned    make an appointment. (If this lady was re-
senses, but in reality, they probably don’t.   people having psychic abilities, but many     in to the other 90% of their brains than oth-   ally a psychic, wouldn’t she know we were
With so manyfrauds out there, how are we       scientists do admit that it may be a pos-     ers, allowing for their “sixth sense.”          coming?)
supposed to distinguish what’s reality, and    sibility. According to a report done by the      We decided to find out for ourselves           Regardless, this is what happened:
what’s fake?                                   Dormant Brain Research and Development        whether or not psychics were frauds. Last

Psychic: Hello, my name’s Lola.                                                              *Actually, I have a B.*
Sabrina: I’m Sabrina.                                                                        Sabrina: Gee, thanks.
Lola: First, do you have anything that you carry with you all the time, something            Lola: Your grades will improve with time and effort.
that you’re really attached to? Like a watch, or a cell phone?                               Sabrina: I guess you can say that about anything, though. Anyway, what
Sabrina: ...why?                                                                             about my fourth question. Will I be successful?
Lola: It helps to hold on to something while I’m reading.                                    Lola: You will get a good grade on your next journalism article.
Sabrina: I have my earrings. Does that count?                                                Sabrina: Whoa...okay. Cool.
*hand’s Lola earrings*                                                                       Lola: I have to ask, how is your love life?
Lola: Now ask me four questions that are really important to you.                            v: Umm...fine?
Sabrina: Will my sister be okay? What will happen to my great-grandfather                    Lola: You like somebody, don’t you? And he likes you back?
Sam? Will I ever get an A in AP World History? Will I be successful?                         Sabrina: Really?
Lola: Okay, the first thing I see for you is medication.                                     Lola: He used to be your boyfriend.
Sabrina: What?!                                                                              Sabrina: Ohhhhh! Yeah... right! Of course!
Lola: Sometime in the near future, you will go on medication prescribed by a                 *What is this lady talking about?*
doctor. But you don’t have to worry, because after that you will live a long and             Lola: What’s his name?
healthy life.                                                                                Sabrina: Oh....uh...Jensen Ackles!!
Sabrina: What kind of medication?                                                            *Note: Jensen Ackles is an A-list celebrity & star of CW’s “Supernatural.”*
Lola: I can’t tell.                                                                          Lola: He still loves you.
Sabrina: Oh. Great.                                                                          Sabrina: Wow...really?!
Lola: The next thing I see is a very mean person. There is someone who you                   Lola: You two are going to get back together someday.
calls you their friend, but when you turn your back, this person is mean to you.             Sabrina: That’s wonderful news!
Sabrina: So...                                                                               Lola: Just be patient.
Lola: This person is a girl. You need to beware of this girl, because she will try           Sabrina: Will do.
and hurt you. She is very jealous of you.                                                    Lola: Do you have any other questions for me?
Sabrina: Do you know who this person is?                                                     Sabrina: Well, actually, I was curious if being a psychic is just your day
Lola: No, but you will find out who she is very soon.                                        job, or if you do this full time?
      Now, what was your first question?                                                     Lola: This is my job, and that’s it. So yes, I do this full time.
Sabrina: Will my sister be okay?                                                             Sabrina: Are you licensed?
Lola: She has cancer, right?                                                                 Lola: Yes.
Sabrina: Well...yeah...                                                                      Sabrina: So...did you know we were coming?
Lola: She will be fine. You don’t have to worry about her. After she finishes her            Lola: No.
chemo, she will live a long and healthy life.                                                Sabrina: Oh. Well, do you happen to know this week’s lottery numbers?
Sabrina: That’s good.                                                                        Lola: I can’t predict things like that. Just like I can’t read my own future, or the
Lola: What was your second question?                                                         future of my family members.
Sabrina: What will happen to my great-grandfather, Sam?                                      Sabrina: Oh...that sucks.
*Note: I really don’t have a great-grandfather named Sam. This was a test                    Lola: Is that all?
question, to see if our Psychic friend could tell. She couldn’t.*                            Sabrina: I guess so.
Lola: What’s wrong with him?                                                                 Lola: Okay then. The last thing is you can’t say anything to anybody about what
Sabrina: He’s very sick, and doesn’t remember us anymore. He’s losing                        I’ve told you today, at least for nine days. After nine days, you can say anything
his mind. I was just curious if he was going to make it to his 98th birthday.                you like. But until then, you have to keep it to yourself.
*Another test.*                                                                              Sabrina: Why??
Lola: He’ll make it through his birthday, but I’m not sure if he’ll make it to Christ-       Lola: Because it gives everything time to become set. If you say anything before
mas. Only time can tell.                                                                     the nine days is over, your whole life will change for the negative. I can promise
Sabrina: Okay. My third question was whether or not I’d get an A in AP                       you, everything will get worse.
World History.                                                                               Sabrina: Uh oh...
Lola: Are you having trouble in school?                                                      Lola: Have a nice day!
Sabrina: Well, I don’t know...                                                               *One minute later*
Lola: You have a bad grade in math.                                                          Sabrina: Ibiza!! Guess what the psychic said...

  So as it turns out, it seemed as if the psychic knew about a few things that without us saying anything. For example, Sabrina’s sister having cancer, or the fact that Sabrina had
journalism. Although those are weird coincidences, there is too much evidence showing that Lola was a fraud. Much of the information she gave was vague, and could be guessed by
anybody. Things like dating A-list celebrities and having a great grandfather named Sam were way off the mark. Seeing a psychic is fun for a few laughs, however, the outrageously
priced session of $50 for a grand total of 20 minutes to talk to a phony seems a little unreasonable. Cheaper alternatives include fortune cookies, twenty-five cent fortune telling
machines, and the completely free method of just waiting for the future to happen instead of wasting your money trying to predict it.
                                                                                                                                                                      October page 7

Horror movie remakes To eat meat, or to not
Hollywood Does it Again…and Again eat meat?
                                                                                               By Janet Vong, Staff Writer
                                                                                                When people hear the word, vegetarian,        religious immoral to eat meat.
                                                                                              they often react with, “Wow!” or, “No              One argument against vegetarian diets
                                                                                              wonder you are so skinny!”                      is that it does not provide enough protein.
                                                                                                  Asking Leilani Dunton ’09 on her            Nowadays, with so much information
                                                                                              thoughts of vegetarianism, she said, “I         about recipes and diets, eating a variety of
                                                                                              feel guilty at times when I read about          fruits, vegetables, grains, and legumes will
                                                                                              animal cruelty, but I get over it and eat       resolve the low protein issue.
                                                                                              them afterwards.” This is a statement felt        Even though vegetarians are a minority
                                                                                              by many meat eaters.                            in the Silver Creek High School
                                                                                              According to the UCS (Union of Concerned        population, there should be vegetarian
                                                                                              Scientist), a group of American scientists      meals in the lunch menu so that existing
By Ashley Marquez, Staff Writer                                                               who are concerned about the misuse of           vegetarians have a choice. One of the
   The horror began on February 2006. A scary commercial appears with newcomer                science and technology, farm animals are        issues of “Animal in Print,” an online
Camilla Belle alone in a huge, dark house. And the phone rings. “When a Stranger Calls”       being fed repulsive trash legally instead       newsletter, said, “In the year 2003, it has
is based on the urban legend of a babysitter who is terrorized by a heavy-breathing prank     of the nice green grass and grains that we      been estimated that 25 million Americans
caller--- another pointless movie remake.                                                     imagined in our minds. The farm animals         became vegetarians.” Ann Nguyen ’08
  A new trailer begins with sirens blaring to a vintage clip of nuclear bombs and mutant      are being fed their own species’ meat,          says, “I believe that I am doing something
babies in jars. It looks like a documentary but actually a remake of Wes Craven’s cult        diseased animals, feathers, hair, skin,         good in life by helping the animals, and
classic The Hills Have Eyes. It is about the Carters, an American family headed to            hooves, blood, manure and other animal          I feel happy and healthier than ever!”
California when their car breaks down in the middle of the southwestern desert. But they      waste, plastics, drugs and chemicals, and
are not alone. Hidden in the hills above them lives a cannibalistic family who pays them      unhealthy amounts of grain.
an unwelcome and grisly visit.                                                                  Since the crowded animal factories are         Different types of vegetarianism:
 June 6, 2006, 06:06:06, (666, the Mark of the Beast) was the release date of The Omen, a     finding ways to save money, they are risking     •Vegan-do not eat animal flesh, and
remake of the ‘76 film about the antichrist reincarnated as 5-year-old Damien. The Omen       both the animal’s and the consumer’s             avoids all animal food and products of
holds the highest opening Tuesday box office gross in the U.S., earning $12,633,666.          health. Eating animal proteins can lead          the animal origin
Notice 666 as the last three digits of its earnings. Coincidence?                             to many health problems such as heart            •Lacto-do not eat animal flesh, but eats
   Currently in theatres is The Wicker Man, starring and produced by Nicholas Cage.           or kidney disease, colon and lung cancer,        dairy products
Although is appears new, it is based on Anthony Shaffer’s 1974 screenplay about an            osteoporosis, diabetes, hypotension,             •Ovo – do not eat animal flesh, but eats
officer searching for a missing girl amidst a strange society of Summersisle.                 obesity, and Mad Cow Disease.                    eggs
 This latest Hollywood trend of remaking horror classics of the ‘70s is bewildering. Why        People become vegetarians for health,          •Lacto-ovo –Do not eat animal flesh,
is this happening? Which rendition is better? So I tried an experiment. I watched all the     ethical, and religious reasons. Some             but eats dairy products and eggs
new remakes first (to be bias-free) and then watched the originals. I want to say that the    doctors recommend this diet for their            •*(Pesco)-Eats fish, eggs, and dairy
remakes are better but the originals were certainly phenomenal and inspiring. Usually         patient’s health or to prevent deadly            products
low budget with few known actors and a small film crew, the originals were revered by         diseases that might occur in the future,         *Pesco is not considered a true
audiences and critics alike, making their mark in film history. However, the remakes          while other people become vegetarians            vegetarian because they eat fish, which
achieve one thing: imitation is the best form of flattery.                                    because they can’t stand the thought of          is considered animal flesh to most
Go to web for detailed comparison of original versus remakes.                                 killing animals for food. For others, it is a    vegetarians.

 School Shootings                                                “It’s good that we leave the past in the past, but now what?”
  By Rebecca Zelaya, Staff Writer
   Just in the past three months there have been four         shooting will start. Though what’s known is that those          that we leave the past in the past, but now what? Does
 school shootings, three in America and one in Canada.        who start it usually do it out of anger or revenge. In high     anything dramatically change within us? Are we more
 Even worse, each was only less than fourteen days apart:     schools, students have to deal with peer pressure, bullying,    cautious, anxious, afraid, or friendly to others? If not,
 August 24, in Essex, Vt., September 13, in Montreal,         and cliques. These can get to students in a negative way.       will it take a school shooting for us to really start to
 Canada, September 26, in Bailey, Co., September 29,          They might feel left out by the cliques or angry with those     change? Most think that it will never happen to them,
 in Cazenovia, Wis., and October 3, in Nickel Mines,          that tease them. While most of us know that killing another     but a shooting in Pennsylvania took place in an Amish
 Pa. Many of us were shocked when we heard about              is wrong, some make it their goal before they die. This is      town, which proves that it can happen anywhere.
 the “high school massacre” at Columbine High School          how a shooting usually ends: the murderer kills themselves        Perhaps there is no exact way to stop this. We cannot
 back in ‘99, but has anything changed since then? Yes        when they are finished and before the police can reach them.    change the minds of every human being and tell them
 there are high school counselors and security cameras,        When we hear such stories on the news we think, “That’s        right from wrong. New security equipment could be
 but can we depend on these with a problem like this.         horrible” and move on with our lives. We feel sad for the       brought in, or psychologists could speak directly to
    There aren’t specific signs that can tell us when a       moment and then continue with our business. It’s good           students, but would this really help? Maybe.

Haunted or Not?                                                      “There is no hard evidence that anyone has ever died in or around
                                                                      the theatre... or is there?”
                                              By Sabrina Mercado and Ibiza Medina, Staff Writers
                                                 You hear about myths surrounding the Us: Is anyone there?                                    Amy: Yes
                                              theater all the time. There are stories about 5 minutes later                                   Us: Is anyone else there?
                                              girls who’ve committed suicide in the back Ouija board (Amy): Yes                               Amy: Zoe
                                              stage bathroom, people who’ve drowned Us: What’s your name?                                     Us: Can we talk to Zoe?
                                              in the danger pit, or fell off the ladder in Ouija board (Amy): A-M-Y                           Zoe: Hello
                                              the electrical room. Students report hearing Us: Amy?                                           Us: Is this Zoe?
                                              sounds coming from the electrical room, Amy: Yes                                                Zoe: Yes
                                              and seeing strange orbs in pictures taken in Us: What year did you die?                         Us: Did you die in the theatre, too?
                                              the theatre. According to theshadowlands. Amy: 1-9-7-8                                          Zoe: No
                                              net, a girl named Amy died in the theatre Us: How did you die?                                  Us: When did you die?
                                              years ago and now haunts it.                  Amy: J                                            Zoe: 1-9-5-3
                                                  However, all these things can be Us: J for jumper?                                          Us: Silver Creek wasn’t even around in
                                              explained. The banging in the back room Amy: Yes                                                1953. Are you supposed to be here?
                                              is actually electrical currents sending a Us: Creepy.                                           Zoe: No
                                              signal twice every two minutes. The orbs Amy: G3                                                Us: What was here in 1953?
                                              in the pictures could just be a trick of the Us: What’s G3? Is that a classroom?                Zoe: M-E. Good-bye.
                                              light, or a reflection of the flash bouncing Amy: Yes                                           Us: AAGGHH!
                                              off the object in the picture. And as for the Us: There’s no G3
                                              ghosts?                                       Amy: Yes                                          ...And then we ran out screaming.
                                                “When I first came to work here six years Us: Uh...okay.
                                              ago, I was told the theatre was haunted. So                                                       In order to verify that this conversation
                                              one day, I brought a leaf blower into the      At this point we went to double check if         was real, we went to the Martin Luther
                                              theatre and blew the ghosts away.” Said there was a G3. After asking around, we                 King Jr. Library. We discovered no one
                                              Janitor Osvald.                               discovered that G building was actually           named Amy existed at all in 1978, let alone
                                                There is no hard evidence that anyone has the theatre. From the stage G3 was the far          died on campus. As for Zoe’s responses,
                                              ever died in or around the theatre... or is right section of the audience. After getting        before the school was built the land was
                                              there?                                        creeped out, we decided to go back to the         just orchards and grape vines. It’s highly
                                                We decided to go into the theatre with an theatre and ask “Amy” more questions.               improbable that someone might have died
                                              ouija board to prove nothing was in there.                                                      there. This proves that our little ouija board
Photo by Sabrina Mercado/Ibiza Medina
                                              To make a long story short, there was. We Us: Is anyone there?                                  conversation, yes, guessed it, is most likely
“Staircase of Death” or just a dirty          interviewed the spirits, and they had a very Amy: Yes                                           our imaginations running away with us.
walkway?                                      interesting response.                         Us: Is this Amy?
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           Homecoming 2006

 Villains of Gotham City, Penguin, Poison Ivy, Mr.
 Freeze, Two Face, Joker and Cat Woman seek to
 brainwash the world. When the devious cat woman
 stole jewelry for her own personal pleasure, Mr. Freeze
 and Two Face pulled her into their evil plot of world
 brainwashing. Poison Ivy’s altoidious plant was the
 final piece of the scheme. In every heroic scenario,
 Batman and his two partners, Robin and Batgirl, stop
 the villains from brain washing the world!

                                                                    Spiderman is his name and defeating crime is his
                                                              game! His spidey senses come into action as the mali-
                                                            cious and delicious Doctor Octavius along with his part-
                                                               ners in crime, Green-Goblin, Hobgoblin and Kingpin,
                                                              plot an evil scheme to steal a precious diamond, which
                                                              is the key to total world domination. When Spiderman
                                                             spoils Doctor Octavious’ conspiracy, Doc. Oct. decides
                                                                to capture the love of Spiderman’s life- the beautiful
                                                                Mary Jane. Will Doc. Oct. come out victorious in the
                                                               search of his diamond? Will Spiderman save the day?
                                                                                                        ...Yes, he will.

   Upon landing on earth, the alien
  Starfire rushes to the bathroom. How-
  ever after she returns to her space ship,
  Starfire discovers that her alien friends
  have taken the space ship and left
  her stranded on Earth. Starfire is then
  discovered by the Teen Titans, Robin,
  Cyborg, Beast Boy, and Raven, who
  immediately welcome her into their

                                                                        Five friends: Susan, Ben, Johnny, Victor, and
                                                                  Reed, venture into space to find the cure for acne!
                                                                       On the journe, their spaceship is attacked by a
                                                                   flaming meteor which gives them powers like no
                                                                  other. Reed was in love with Susan, and before he
                                                                     could express his admiration, the Fantastic Four
                                                                 were pulled into a great battle resulting in the death
                                                                 of Victor, also known as Dr. Doom. It was not until
                                                                     the Fantastic Four survived all the life-threaten-
                                                                    ing experiences did Susan finally came back and
                                                                                  confess her love to the heroic Reed.
December’s winter fun!
                                                                                Winter fun page 9

                                                              Winter Concert
                                                              At the annual Winter Concert, 170
                                                              students including all 3 choir groups
                                                              along with the 45 piece band, played
                                                              to a standing room only crowd.

                                                              (below) Students showing off their
                                                              talents in music, dancing, singing, and
                                                              even juggling at this exciting annual
                                                              event in Silver Creek’s main gym.

        Winter Wonderland
        (below) Different clubs decorated trees for the 1st annual Winter Wonderland put on by the
        freshman class. The afternoon activity on December 15 included tree judging, face painting
        visitis with Santa, music by the SC band, as well as food.
November page 10

                                                                                                                            Dumb Americans
                                                                                                                            Are teens in the dark about
                                                                                                                            By Samera Hadi & Mayra Miranda, Staff Writers
                                                                                                                             With so much diversity in the United States everyone
                                                                                                                            should know about the different cultures, religions,
                                                                                                                            and leaders that impact the headlines
                                                                                                                               In order to check a
                                                                                                                            teenager’s degree of
                                                                                                                            awareness on different
                                                                                                                            backgrounds other than
                                                                                                                            their own, we conducted
                                                                                                                            a short quiz asking
                                                                                                                            a series of questions
                                                                                                                            regarding histories of
                                                                                                                            cultures. We also have
                                                                                                                            questions that have no
                                                                                                                            affiliation to politics
                                                                                                                            or countries, just pure
                                                                                                                            recreational questions, Photo Courtesy of Wiki. Commons
                                                                                                                            to test teens on what Guevara was an Argen-
                                                                                                                            they know best. We want tine revolutionary
                                                                                                                            to prove that the youth’s
                                                                                                                            knowledge consists more of useless facts rather than
                                                                                                                            essential information.
                                                                                                                             As we went along interrogating teenagers, we found
                                                                                                   Photo by Lorena Gamez    that our experiment was proving itself wrong. Out of
                                                                                                                            25 people interviewed, 95% failed the history portion.
   Catching and chasing a live pig for Thanksgiving dinner has been a longstanding tradition in the                          The questions that stumped everyone were, “What
   Gamez family, having started around the 1950’s.                                                                          did Mahatma Gandhi fight for?” and “Who is Che

   Turkey or pig?                                                                                                            It angers us to notice that as younger generations age,
                                                                                                                            they tend lose their sense of knowledge. How can we
                                                                                                                            send out voters when they start caring more about why
                                                                                                                            Britney and Kevin split up rather than the genocide in
   By Lorena Gamez, Staff Writer
      When you hear the word turkey, usually the first thing to come to mind is Thanksgiving. But I think of                  Our nation is looked upon as a role model for other
   Thanksgiving when I hear the word pig. Thanksgiving is a time of coming together with family and friends to              countries and if the younger generations can’t hold
   feast and give thanks.                                                                                                   that responsibility, what will our world become?
     For some people, Thanksgiving is one of the best holidays because of the delicious food. With turkey, mashed               Are you in the dark about diversity? Visit:
   potatoes and gravy, stuffing, ham, corn bread, biscuits, and pumpkin pie no one can complain. However, in some 
   families, like mine, Thanksgiving is not all about the turkey.                                                           Raider+Review for the questions and answers.
    Since around the 1950’s, killing a pig has been the Thanksgiving tradition in my family. Sure we have a turkey,
   but watching my cousins tackle a 250 pound pig in a pig pin each year is much more amusing.
    Once it is tackled and tied up really tight, the pig is then brought back to the Ranch. Each year, someone new is
   chosen to kill the pig. (I killed my first pig when I was just 13 years old.) On Thanksgiving morning my cousins
   place the pig onto the same old wooden table and about three to four of them hold the pig steady.                       The Trevor Hotline:
    As soon as we’re ready, the knife is handed to whoever is chosen and the poor pig is then stabbed in the throat
   pointing towards the heart. And of course all the little ones are running around screaming and crying along with
   the squealing of the pig.
                                                                                                                           You are not alone
    When the pig is completely dead, it is untied and boiling water is poured onto it to make it easier for us to shave.   By Raquel Nevarez, Staff Writer
   After about a good hour or so passes, all the insides are removed, and the pig is chopped into pieces. By then, it
   begins to look a lot like the meat we buy at grocery stores. The only difference is the delicious taste because it’s     November marked the start of Suicide Prevention Month,
   so fresh.                                                                                                               dedicated to raising awareness about issues regarding sui-
    I would definitely have to say that Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays because of the food. And when I        cide. One of the cornerstones of the month is the Trevor
   say food, I’m not talking about the turkey. It’s nice to switch it up a bit on Thanksgiving. The whole idea of being    Project. When this event returns next year, be prepared.
   together and giving thanks will never be different with my family, just the food will.                                   Peer recognition is an important component in teen lives.
                                                                                                                           To see others being treated respectfully will encourage
                                                                                                                           others to respect their own peers, whether they are part of
                                                                                                                           the gay community or not.
Fence falters in face of desperation                                                                                         In order to give teen peers respect, people need to know
                                                                                                                           more about them, includ-
                                                                                                                           ing the gay, bisexual and       • Teenage suicide has
By Jesus Hernandez, Staff Writer                                                                                           lesbian crowd. But before       risen by more than
                                                                                                                           focusing on an individual       200% since 1960.
Fear, hunger, and fierce determination are emotions people. It almost seems as if people think this is just a              group and eventually a          • Gay teens are three
common amongst all undocumented immigrants who harmless border that will protect us against terrorists and                 larger group, people need       times more likely to
come to this country.                                       undocumented immigrants. When that “harmless” fence            to comprehend the big-          attempt suicide than
                                                                                                                           ger scope of things. This       their heterosexual
    These immigrants give up the little shelter, food and becomes the cause of thousands of deaths instead of the
                                                                                                                           is why checking out the         counterparts.
pride they have for a chance to obtain a better life for solution, we may have to redefine the word harmless.              Trevor Project, the Trevor
themselves and their families. Some                                                     Immigrants will try to build       Helpline and the Trevor

travel hundreds of miles looking for                                            tunnels under, cut through, and even       website is a great start.
the promise of employment and instead                                           climb the barrier if they have to.
                                                The Mexican
                                                                                                                             The Trevor Project is an organization that focuses their
find labor intensive, low-income jobs.                                          They may even take the desperate           efforts to help troubled teens and discourage suicides.
Now, Mexican immigrants are not              Government is urging               risk of trying to cross through the        Although the organization is primarily aimed at support-
only separated by the mentality of the                                          desert, which can add to the casualties    ing the gay, lesbian and bisexual community, it welcomes
U.S. people, but by a 700-foot wall          the U.S. to reconsider,            due to dehydration and exhaustion.         any youth that needs guidance. Their website offers many
that might as well have a sign hung on       but the response remains Apart from that, a fence would also                  sources of information and includes a toll-free hotline that
                                                                                                                           is available 24/7.
it that reads “Go back home, you’re                                             encourage those who do get across to
not worth helping.”                          the same: the fence,               take a permanent residence instead of
                                                                                                                             Suicide prevention is an important matter, especially for
                                                                                                                           gay or questioning teens. They are three times more likely
   Congress recently approved a plan         dubbed by its critics              coming and going.                          to attempt suicide than straight teens. In 1994, a short film
to spend an estimated 1.2 billion                                                 This issue is going to affect the U.S.
dollars on a state-of-the-art fence to       as The New Berlin                  and Mexico relationship together in a
                                                                                                                           was released called “ Trevor.” It is the story of a 13-year
                                                                                                                           old boy who is rejected by his friends and peers because
                                             Wall, will continue
cut the surge of illegal immigrants. If                                         potentially negative way, as already       of his sexual preference, so he tries to end his life.
congress believes a fence is going to                                           seen with Mexico’s consideration to
                                                                                                                              When the movie debuted in 1998 on HBO, the Trevor
make immigrants say, “Oh well, let’s                                            bring the matter to the U.N. Homeland                                          Helpline was estab-
go back to our poverty and misery”                                              security is a huge topic right now for        • For every kid that             lished and put into ef-
then maybe they should leave their                                              the U.S., but building a barrier between      takes his or her life,           fect. It became the first
comfy desks and spend some time in foreign countries. itself and its nearest ally could be a mistake in the long run.         there are twenty more            and only toll free sui-
Starvation, disease, and corrupt officials are all part of It’s a very risky move because it could essentially sever          who try.                         cide prevention hot-
                                                                                                                              • Suicide is one of the          line aimed at gay and
daily life for citizens of third world countries.           one of its economic trade partners.
                                                                                                                              top three causes of              questioning teens in
 This fence isn’t going to reduce the number of immigrants,  There’s one thing for certain: nothing the U.S can build or                                       the U.S.
                                                                                                                              death for people ages
just raise the number of deaths. No matter how high or do will halt the flow of immigration. That’s up to Mexico                                               Whether you’re having
technologically advance this fence is, it’s not going to itself. If they are to become a steady nation, they need to                                           trouble yourself, you
keep the immigrants from trying to cross. The Mexican supply a steady flow of jobs for its people to stop the flow                                             know someone who is
Government is urging the U.S. to reconsider but the of illegal immigration.                                                having trouble, or you’re just interested in knowing more,
response remains the same: the fence, dubbed by its critics    It’s easier said than done, but until that happens,         the Trevor Project website is a great source.
as “The New Berlin Wall”, will continue construction.       immigrants are going to find a way to feed their families,     Visit:
  The thing that bothers me most is the mindset of the state-of-the-art fence or not.
                                                                                                                                                                    November page 11

America’s morals going downhill?                                                                                                                          Passage in Senate
                                                                                                                                                            Party	 Yes	 No	           Ab.
                                                                                                                                    However,         it
Commentary on the Tribunal Bill                                                                                                   may be less               Rep. 53          1        1
By Raquel Nevarez, Staff Writer
                                                                                                                                  about the “war on         Dem. 12          32       0
                                                                                                                                  terror” and more
  On October 17th, 2006, the Tribunal Bill was signed by                                                                          on the “war in
                                                                                                                                                            Ind.	 0          1        0
President Bush. Its purpose: to allow the U.S. to interrogate                                                                     Congress”.                Total 65         34       1
and prosecute possible terrorists. This legislation only                                                                            T h o u g h
applies to detainees specifically selected by the American                                                                        Republicans               Passage in House
military. For the other 14,000 prisoners that are held in                                                                         know that the
U.S. custody, the bill doesn’t apply.                                                                                             bill is far from
                                                                                                                                                            Party Yes        No       Ab.
  So what if the terrorists aren’t really “terrorists”? Is this                                                                   perfect, they still       Rep. 218         7        5
bill really sufficient enough to halt the war on terror? These                                                                    voted for it to cast      Dem. 32          162      7
are the sorts of questions that Democratic Congressmen                                                                            the Democrats in          Ind. 0           1        0
must have had in mind when they tried to veto this bill.                                                                          a dark light: to          Total 250        170      12
Their opposition to this bill is completely reasonable.                                                                           seem like they
                                                                                            Photo Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons
                                                                                                                                  aren’t       strong
  The Geneva Convention states that possible “terrorists”,           Camp Delta is one of many containment facilities at          willed to do what
including American citizens themselves, held captive by              Guantanamo Bay. The sign reads, “Honor Bound to              is “right” for the country. With the primary elections
the military are protected from torture and permanent                Defend Freedom.”                                             coming up, this may or may not be the death knell for the
detention.                                                                                                                        Democrats.
  However, the Tribunal Bill        completely throws out           According to American judicial law and morals,                  What people don’t understand are that the flaws of this
guidelines the Geneva Convention has established,                 everyone is innocent until proven guilty. Republicans are       bill interfere with traditional and just American ways.
prohibiting detainees from receiving legal aid in the case        flushing American values down the toilet by having this         The government would like to think that it is doing the
of torture or indefinite detainment                               bill passed.                                                    American people a service by passing this bill, but in
  After detainment, the ultimate decision as to whether or          The Democrats aren’t being “soft” on the so-called            reality, the bill only confuses and misleads the public.
not the prisoners will be tried comes from the President.         terrorists, as the Republicans put it. They are simply trying     America is struggling to defend itself against those who
Only 70 of the 325 prisoners at Guantanamo Bay have               to protect what they believe in: the rights of the people.      make threats, but we must also continue to struggle with
been tried, interrogated and transferred to military custody         “It must be done,” Senator Hilary Rodham Clinton, NY         how to preserve the morals of its people.
with permission from the President, leaving 255 prisoners         Democrat, said, “But in a process that keeps strong hold of         As of now, the Tribunal Bill does not seem to be the
to be held indefinitely.                                          American values, so as not to shame the country.”               answer.

                                                                                                    Real women have
                                                                                                                                                               c u rv e

                                                                                                    By Samera Hadi, Staff Writer

                                                                                                       The ideal image for young American girls has been constantly
                                                                                                     changing throughout the years. We came from the 50’s and
                                                                                                     60’s when curves and full figured bodies were in and Marilyn
                                                                                                     Monroe, size 14, was the girl to look like. However, times have
                                                                                                     changed and the “look” now is her rail thin opposite.
                                                                                                      Skinny, rail-thin girls are
                                                                                                    being showcased as the image
                                                                                                    to duplicate. Influential, ultra
                                                    Photo Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons             thin, celebrities, such as:
Teens are a primary target for military recruiters as recruitment is at a high                      Paris Hilton, Kiera Knightly,
with the Iraq War in full blaze.                                                                    Nicole Richie, and many

Army recruits teens                                                                                 more, play a major role in
                                                                                                    young girls self-esteem and
                                                                                                    attitudes towards themselves.
By Aaron Barrios, Staff Writer
                                                                                            , a website
  Military recruiters are becoming an all too common sight on high school campuses                  created     by     two     Ohio
across the nation. Many kids see these recruiters roaming around campus at lunch or                 University students, posted
break on a weekly basis. Although they may appear to be offering people an alternative to           a shocking statistic: an
college or jobs after high school, their offer is not always what it appears to be. Much of         average American model is
their offer only focuses on the benefits and not the problems of joining the military.              thinner than ninety percent of
  The No Child Left Behind Act, signed in 2001 by President George W. Bush, was                     American women.
designed to improve the existing education system of our nation. It indeed has a positive              One would think the media
face to it, but it also includes an important part that was not openly discussed.                   would show models that young
                                                                                                    girls can relate to, rather than
   In one section of the 670-page Act, it mentions that public secondary schools are                a false interpretation of how
required to provide                                                 military recruiters             a girl should look like. To
not only to access         “Schools are obligated to                to     educational              have images of young girls
facilities, but also                                                with        contact             that don’t look like the norm,
information       from    provide this information                  all students. If                girls feel bad about their                        Photo Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons
any school denies                                                   the military this               body and a self-hatred cycle
request, they could       and grant access to                       face a cut off of               emerges every time girls look A curvy body figure was the ideal up until the mid
all federal funding.                                                So schools are                  at a magazine.                     20th century with advent of fashion modeling.
obligated to provide      recruiters, even if it may be             this information                     Women in general are
and grant access to                                                 recruiters, even if             self-conscious about their                   younger sisters. Young girls who are
it may be against their   against their will, in order              will, in order to be            appearance, but as a young girl being developing an unhealthy addiction to
properly funded. Kids                                               are then contacted              influenced by the media, you develop into their looks will, by the time they become
by phone, at school,      to be properly funded.”                   and some cases                  that self-conscious woman. The media teenagers, develop dangerous behaviors
even the internet.                                                                                  doesn’t help when they portray “beauty” like anorexia or bulimia.
  Recruiters may mention high paying jobs that will provide crucial training that will be           as one standard: Skinny, tall, and white.        Nowadays we see more curvy ladies
useful in the future. The truth is that most of these jobs with fancy sounding titles often         Fashion magazines have always shown who don’t fit the standard of “beauty”
require no skills and are non-technical. Many soldiers have reported that they have spend           more models that are Caucasian. Sending from before. As the media tries to shift its
hours doing nothing, just waiting for the sound of gunshots or a bomb to go off.                    the message to girls, who look completely view point on “beauty”, young girls still
                                                                                                    opposite, that they’re not beautiful.        need to realize that no one can categorize
  Another thing that recruiters don’t usually mention is that the military’s money for                 We live in a society where looks are “beauty”. It comes in all different kinds of
education plan is not as easy as it sounds. It is only after you leave the military that you find   everything. With that mentality going shapes and sizes with all different kinds
our whether you’ve met all of the requirements for aquiring the money for education.                through the young girls today, it’s messing of colors.
  If you or someone you know is planning on enlisting in the military, you should keep a            up their main goals in life. A Glamour          The next time you see a magazine with
couple of things in mind.                                                                           survey asked women if they could achieve a model or celebrity in the cover and you
  One, never sign any papers until you have read them over carefully.                               any possible goal what would it be. Their start to get all depressed because you don’t
  Two, be sure to get all promises in writing, as spoken promises mean nothing.                     answers were weight loss.                    look like that, remember that the picture
  Finally, if you think that it will be difficult for you to attend college or find a job and you       These women, mothers or sisters, who was airbrushed and altered.
think the military is the only alternative, stop and consider other options.                        have weight loss as their major goal, are       In the end no one is truly more beautiful
  Once you are in the military, it is very difficult to get out if you change your mind.            sending that message to their daughters or than anyone else.
December page 12

Common Knowledge?
“How much do you really know about HIV and AIDS?”
By Kelly Nguyen, Staffer
  Today teens are informed about AIDS and HIV through the use of billboards, television, the radio and magazine ads. When we see
messages like these everywhere, it is often typical for us to place aside its importance. It is kind of like the phrase, “Eat your vegetables,”
a command that is too commonly given and therefore ignored. The question then becomes: how much do teenagers really know?
  As a teenager, I am entitled to answer the question myself. The majority of us know very little about the how, why, when and what
about anything concerning AIDS and HIV. Of course it is well known that the disease can be spread through sexual intercourse, the
contact of blood, and needles, how millions of people in Africa are suffering from it and the fact that it can eventually lead to death.
Therefore, the knowledge that an average teen may know about AIDS and HIV can only be done through a non-biased and reliable
questionnaire.                                                                                                                                    Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons
  The Review talked with three students about their understanding of AIDS and HIV.

What is AIDS and what does it stand for?                                                         How is HIV passed on from one person to another? What body fluids?
Student #1: The sickness with the white blood cells where it can’t fight off germs or            Student #1: Blood....orgasm? Ejaculations?
something like that... And you get it by being stupid and having sex...well you can... It        Student #2: Sex, blood and that’s probably it. Maybe kissing?
stands for something deficiency syndrome.                                                        Student #3: Fluid contact.
Student #2: It’s a disease. It stands for something syndrome. That’s all I know.                 Fact: Body fluid that has high concentration of HIV includes semen, blood, vaginal
Student #3: AIDS is the full attack of the HIV virus.                                            fluid and breast milk. For health care workers, the following may also spread HIV:
Fact: AIDS stand for Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome. It is a viral                           fluids surrounding brain, spinal cord, bone joints and newborn babies.
infection that gradually destroys the human immune system.
What is HIV and how does it relate to AIDS?                                                      How can one prevent HIV/AIDS? (Sexually active people? Drug users?)
Student #1: I’m not sure. Something virus? The person gets the virus and it causes               Student #1: Stop having sex excessively! As for drug users just say no!
damage with the T-cells or something like that, which causes a person to get sick; which         Student #2: Don’t have sex, if you must then use protection. I didn’t know drug users can
leads to AIDS?                                                                                   get AIDS, maybe if they exchange blood or something.
Student #2: HIV is like a bacteria and it eventually causes AIDS.                                Student #3: Safe sex and no sharing needles.
Student #3: HIV causes AIDS.                                                                     Fact: Sexually active people should consider using latex condoms for protection.
Fact: HIV, a virus caused through blood-to-blood contact or sexual contact                       However, it is also a must to know if you partner is HIV positive. Drug users should
can develop AIDS if not treated quickly.                                                         never share needles with their co-users or come into any blood-to-blood contact.
Where does HIV come from?                                                                        Where can one get tested for HIV?
Student #1: Monkeys?                                                                             Student #1: You can get tested at the doctor.
Student #2: Bacteria; probably when someone has unprotective sex.                                Student #2: At the hospital, Planned Parent Hood, etc.
Student #3: Fluid or blood contact.                                                              Student #3: A clinic.
Fact: For many years, most scientists believed that HIV originated in other primates.            Fact: One can get tested for HIV through local health departments, clinics, private
Then in 1999, a team of researchers reported that they had discovered the origins of             offices, and HIV support centers. There are also home-testing kits for HIV, but the
HIV-1, and that it originated from a subspecies of chimpanzees native to West Africa             reliability is questionable.
which had been identified as the original source of the virus. Researchers believe
that HIV-1 was brought into the human population when hunters became exposed to                  What age group, race, country are most likely to have AIDS or infected with
infected blood.                                                                                  HIV?
How does someone with HIV/AIDS look like? What are its symptoms?                                 Student #1: Whites? Europeans and teens through mid-adulthood?
Physical symptoms?                                                                               Student #2: I think they’re mostly teenagers, around thirteen to twenty.
Student #1: You get more moody and tired? I just kind of always pictured pale skin and           Africa has a high rate right?
baldness, but that’s kind of just my prototype image of them. I wouldn’t really know.            Student #3: All groups can have it.
Then again, they might be kind of normal looking.                                                Fact: As of 2004 and in the United States, people infected with AIDS are between the
Student #2: Don’t they look like normal people?                                                  ages of 20-40, race includes mostly African Americans or whites.
Student #3: Mainly in the later stages they look sick.
Fact: Some symptoms of an HIV infection include rapid weight loss, reoccurring                   What percentage of the United States is affected by it?
fevers, night sweats, swollen lymph glands in the armpits, groin, or neck, white spots           Student #1: Just to throw a number in, 58%.
or unusual blemishes on the tongue, in the mouth, or in the throat, memory loss,                 Student #2: 10 to 20%?
depression, and other neurological disorders. Most of the time, physical appearances             Student #3: 7%.
may seem normal.                                                                                 Fact: As of 2004, 42,514 people in the United States are infected with AIDS.

   Las Posadas – a treat from Mexico
                                                                                                                                                   Jack Emery Drive
                                                                                                                                                   By Jennilyn Lubrin, Staff Writer

    “...when you enter the room the fresh cooked scent of tamales, posole, and buñuelos                                                              The month of November marks the
                                                                                                                                                   beginning of wind, rain and the nasty
    take over your nostrils like a big fat moco.”                                                                                                  cold. This month also holds the day we
                                                                                                                                                   eat tummy-loving foods as we kick back
    By Mayra Miranda, Staff Writer
                                                                                                                                                   with our family and friends. You and I
     Growing up in a traditional Mexican          half of the people stay outside to sing.       and Caridad, Charity. With the piñata             will stay fat and cozy, but what of the
   family has fortunately allowed me to              I always remember the fourth house.         hanging above heads, people watch                 safe-home deprived people of San Jose
   experience the customs and celebrations        I don’t know if it’s because of the            towards los cielos (sky or heaven) longing        alone holds? I just wonder, where and
   of Mexico. With Christmas just                 illuminous, bright lights hanging from         and waiting for the prize. The stick for          how do they cope with a Thanksgiving
   around the corner, I decided it was            the roof, or because when you enter the        breaking the piñata symbolizes virtue,            day that requires them only to be alive?
   time for me to share at least one of the       room of fresh cooked tamales, posole,          as only good can overcome evil. Once              Thankfully, people and families are not
   customs with all of you. One of the            and buñuelos, they take over your nostrils     broken, the candies and fruits represent          going to have a cold night.
   customs would be, “Las Posadas.”               like a big fat moco. Whatever it is, it        the just reward for keeping faith.                  There are so many volunteer services
     Las Posadas is a religious and social        never lets me forget the fourth house.         With its eventual breaking, everyone
                                                                                                                                                   in the Bay Area alone. Every year, the
   celebration commemorating Mary and             Once the owners of the house accept            shares in the divine blessings and gifts.
                                                                                                                                                   junior class officers are automatically
   Joseph’s cold and difficult journey            the peregrinos (pilgrims), everyone                The blindfolded person represents
                                                                                                                                                   handed the burden of collecting canned
   from Nazareth to Bethlehem in search           goes into the house to celebrate. I’m          the leading force in defying evil, ‘Fe’,
                                                                                                                                                   foods. Did the class of 2008 crumble
   for shelter. Posadas usually begin on          talking about a real celebration, with         faith, which must be blind. People
   December 16 and end on December 24.            loads of foods and drinks such as              gather near the person and spin him/her           about taking care of the community?
   On each one of these evenings, a Posada        tamales, posole, buñuelos, pan dulce,          around to confuse his/her sense of space.         Not even! Asking the support of every
   is held in a home in the neighborhood.         atole, ponch and chocolatito. But,             Sometimes the turns number thirty three           5th period class to donate as many
    Posadas start off when everyone gathers       that’s not the best part. Once everyone        which represent the memory of the life            cans in exchange for a pizza party and
   at the designated house of the day. Once       is done stuffing their faces, all the kids     of Christ. The moral of the piñata are all        donuts. All of the food donated, will
   there, a girl and a boy are chosen to dress    gather around the Nacimiento(nativity          justified through faith. Nowadays, the            be given right back to people who are
   up as Mary and Joseph. A kid dressed up        scene), where the adults explain the           piñata has lost its religious symbolism and       in need of it. The Jack Emery Food
   as an angel holding a light leads the way,     story of the Nativity scene and then           most participate in the game only for fun.        Drive gives SC bins to hold all the
   then Mary and Joseph, followed by kids         allow the kids to ask any questions              After the piñata is broken, bolos (bag          cans. Their people will pick up the bins
   carrying figures of Joseph and Mary,              After this portion, the finale of the       full of goodies) are given out to the             and distribute to people who need it the
   and finally the musicians and adults.          Posada is the breaking of the piñata. This     children to avoid any hurt feelings of not        most.
   Once everything is set, the angel leads        is my favorite part. The most traditional      receiving any candy. With that, everyone            November 27th through December
   the way while everyone else sings to           style piñata for posadas are the stars with    says their farewells and return to their          8 were the days the class tallied the

   the musician’s melodious songs. When           seven points. The seven points represent       homes. Since I was a kid I loved going            cans. Thanks to all the contributed
   they reach a house they pedir posada           the seven deadly sins, pecados - greed,        to posadas. It allows the kids to have fun        to the cause scrounging through their
   (ask for shelter).Unfortunately, they          gluttony, sloth, pride, envy, wrath and        while at the same time it educates them           cabinets, give and be loved. By January,
   get rejected the first three times. When       lust. Candies and fruits inside represent      on the real meaning of Christmas. It also         all of the cans were accounted for and
   they reach the fourth house (which is          the cantaros (temptations) of wealth           allows everyone to reconcile and come             the results are as followed: Mr. Zellner
   the starting house), half of the people        and material pleasures. The piñata also        together in the season where family               winning a pizza party and Mr. Taylor
   go into the house to sing inside, while        serves as a symbol of Esperanza, Hope          means everything.                                 getting a well earned donut party.
                                                                                                                                                            December page 13

Fashion For Life                                                                               Give Yourself A Spa Day
“Can a tank top change the world? This one can.”                                               “Revealing much more smoother glowing skin with a
By Ashley Marquez, Staff Writer                                                                feeling of satisfaction”
                                                                                               By Anna Ramos, Staff Writer
Trend watch: the fashion industry tries to alleviate                                             It is never too late to pamper yourself. Both boys and girls deserve some
                                                                                               time to focuses on themselves and not just on school, work, or other
its superficial stigma by creating fashion for a good                                          worries.
                                                                                                 One of the main things necessary for a time of relaxation is a nice warm
cause--another example of celebrity altruism!                                                  bath, Before it actually comes down to relaxing in the tub, take the time
                                                                                               to mix these ingredients (which you can find at any local grocery store)
  From August to October, Macy’s Northwest joined Macy’s stores nationwide to                  together that will in fact help relieve you from stress and detoxify your
support the LIFEbeat challenge. To enter the LIFEbeat contest, high school and college
students must create the most imaginative fundraising idea to support the HIV/AIDS                Bath Water
                                       Prevention and Education. The grand prize                        • 4 cups of water
                                        includes a private show by singer Teddy Geiger!                 • 2 cups of milk
                                        The winner of the LIFEbeat challenge was                        • 1 tsp of olive oil
                                        announced on World AIDS DAY, December 1st.                      • 4 tbsp of honey
                                           To promote the campaign, Macy’s designed               To make this sweet bath water you will have to boil the 4 cups of water,
                                        the LIFEbeat T-shirt under its American Rag             when the water boils put it into a bowl where you then mix in the rest of the
                                        clothing label. The tees are sold in select Macy’s      ingredients and stir the water, you could just let it sit until its bath time.
                                        departments and online, retailing for $19 each and
                                        ten dollars from each sale will benefit LIFEbeat.         Sweet Sugar Scrub
                                                                                                        • 1/3 cup of natural cane sugar or the regular white sugar
                                        Designers look to Africa for inspiration. This
                                                                                                        • 1/4 cup of your favorite body lotion
                                         fall, the (Product) Red was introduced in the            In a plastic container, mix in the sugar and body lotion; make sure not to
                                         United States. The line is lead by Bobby Shriver       leave this mixture sitting for a long time since the sugar will dissolve.
                                         and U2’s lead singer Bono. Oprah Winfrey
                                         has also joined the bandwagon by promoting               Cocoa Mud Mask
                                         the project on her popular television show. Its               • 3 tbsp cocoa powder mix
                                         purpose: companies unite and produce goods                    • 3 tbsp whole milk
                                         sold to the general public and a share of the                 • 1 tsp honey
                                         proceeds will go to the Global Fund to Fight                  Mix in all ingredients until you get a nice pasty mixture.
        Photo courtesy of AIDS, created in 2002. Its slogan: “Do the
                                       (Red) thing.”Just five months after debuting               Before you actually get into the tub, shower off excess dirt on your skin
                                                                                                and if you were planning to wash your hair go ahead and shampoo it, apply
in England, the Red project has raised $10 million for the cause.
                                                                                                your conditioner, but don’t rinse it out just yet. Once you get out of the
 The Gap is a proud partner of Product (RED).                                                   shower pat your skin dry with a towel and make sure that your hair (with the
Its motto asks, “Can a tank top change the                                                      conditioner still in it) is up and out of your way.
world? This one can.” The Gap have created                                                        First, you will get the Cocoa Mud Mask and apply the pasty mixture all over
a complete (RED) clothing line--T-shirts,                                                       your face as a face mask, which should stay on for at least 10 minutes.
hoodies, jeans, and jackets. Half the profits                                                     Next, get the Sweet Sugar Scrub and massage it all over your body
will go to the Global Fund to help women and                                                    making sure to scrub those rough areas like your elbows and knees. This
children affected by HIV/AIDS. Singer Mary                                                      is going to feel very sticky as you move around, but that’s fine.
J. Blige and model Christy Turlington appear                                                      What the Sweet Sugar scrub will do is scrub away dead skin cells on the
in the Gap Product (RED) advertisements.                                                        surface of your skin as the lotion moisturizes. The Cocoa Mud Mask works
    Giorgio Armani have also joined the                                                         to make your face fresh, smoother and makes pores appear smaller.
                                                                                                  As you still have the mixtures on your skin, you should prepare your tub.
cause by creating an entire line of (RED)
                                                                                                Make sure to run warm water, which will relax your muscles, and as soon
apparel under his Emporio Armani label.                                                         as the tub is full, throw in the Sweet Bath Water you made earlier, When it
His (RED) line sashayed on the catwalks                                                         has been 10 minutes with the Cocoa Mud Mask and Sweet Sugar Scrub on
during London fashion week last September.                                                      your skin, you could now get into the tub and relax for a while as you soak
Forty percent of his clothing gross sales will                                                  up and wash off the ingredients. When you are done drain out the water
be donated to Global Fund for five years.                                                       and turn the shower back on so you can get rid of excess ingredients on
   So, for all you avid fashionistas out there,                                                 your body and wash off the conditioner in your hair.
here’s your excuse to splurge on your next                                                        By the time you are done you will notice the difference, revealing much
shopping spree. Don’t feel guilty. It’s for a                                                   more smoother glowing skin with a feeling of satisfaction after that nice
good cause!                                                                                     warm bath.
                                                        Photo courtesy of

 Unique? What is that?                                                                       Tights Are Tight!
 “Although you may know it’s wrong, you laugh anyways,
 just to fit in.”                                                                            “Why not try out something new,
   By Aaron Barrios, Staff Writer
                                                                                             a recent trend, and make it better!”
      While walking around the mall or the      decisions, acting on personal instinct,      By Anna Ramos, Staff Writer
  schoolyard you may notice that many           and exercising our own individual
  people are wearing the same type of           opinions, but nevertheless this pattern         Fall is here! And winter just around the corner!
  shoes or have the same hairstyle. Later       of “following the crowd” is a persisting      Its that time to shop for nice warm clothes again
  you turn on your television and see a         factor in teens today.                        that will keep you nice and cozy! So why not try
  popular singer or actor wearing the exact       Although the ill effects of “following      out something new, a recent trend, and make it
  same thing. It’s not a conspiracy, it’s       the crowd” are not openly discussed,          better!
  what we call a trend, fad, or “what’s in”.    they constantly show up in different
                                                                                                Leggings have been a top fashion trend lately,
  We all take part in trends at one point or    forms of mindless remarks or actions
  another, but do we truly realize what’s       taken by individuals. For example, you        but aren’t you tired of seeing everyone everyday
  going on? The truth is that most of us do     are standing in a group and you hear a        with the same basic black ones? Those are so
  not.                                          crude remark about someone you know           hackneyed, but luckily in the latest fall fashion
     Trends exist in fashion, slang, and        and everyone laughs. Although you may         shows, many designers have show-cased tights in
  even personalities. The common reason         know it’s wrong, you laugh anyways just      the perfect way!
  why some teens follow them is simple-         to fit in. Though many people might not        In her fall 2006 collection, Anna Sui presented many looks with a variety of eclectic
  Teenagers are going through a time in         see a problem in laughing at something       tights with different patterns and colors, with all her models wearing tights. There
  their lives when they feel the pressure       like that, it doesn’t mean that a problem    where tights with side prints on them, solid colors, polka dots, lace, and cheetahish!
  of needing to belong to something or to       doesn’t exist.
                                                                                             Colors included where: navy blue, black, white, and red. In Anna Sui’s collection there
  fit in somewhere. So many of us just do         Next time you find yourself acting a
  what everyone else is doing, because it       certain way or doing something that you      is a fun way of putting an outfit together and making it look distinctively cool with
  is easy and it provides a certain sense of    feel is wrong, stop and ask yourself, “Am    different types of tights!
  security.                                     I doing this because I really want to, or      Other designers like Marc Jacobs and Betsey Johnson presented tight too, but they
       The truth is that everyone longs for     am I doing it just to fit in?” With that     stayed with basic black ones, though the clothes that went with them where very nice,
  acceptance and belonging, and giving          simple question you may find yourself        Marc Jacobs presented great layering, with colors that are not bright, but simple ones.
  into a trend kills these two birds with one   understanding your own behavioral            And Betsey Johnson with dresses and different clothing iteams that where bright and
  stone. But this does not come without         patterns and making better personal          also looked great.
  conditions. Sometimes we may find             choices. Remember you’re the one in            Tights are perfect to keeping your legs warmer, as opposed to wearing nothing, and
  ourselves sacrificing our individuality,      control of your own actions not the          are great on clothes that aren’t used much when its cold like skirts, dresses and even
  morals, or personality just to fit in. Yes,   media, your friends, or anyone for that      shorts! Remember its how you wear it that counts, so raider fashionistas go out there
  this deprives us of making conscious          matter.
                                                                                             and take advantage and have fun with fashion!
ReView Counterpoints page 14

                     The Milk Showdown
Milk in all Aspects                                                                            Where’s your Milk Mustache?
By Trang Pham, Staff Writer                                                                    By Puneet Gill, Staff Writer

    Drinking milk is a tradition in this society. Many drink milk be-                             There’s nothing like a tall glass of cold milk after a long, hard
cause of the belief in milk as healthy. Others drink milk, if not from                         day in school. Nor anything like a hot, steaming mug of cocoa on a
persuasion, out of habit. “When I was a child, my parents told me to                           winter night in front of the fireplace. And what could be said about
drink one cup of milk each day before school. It’s supposed to help                            our dear friends ice cream and milk chocolate?! Mmm…milk galore.
you grow and build stronger bones,” said Senior Steven Chau. A                                 What’s more, all of this milk is an important part of our diet ‘cuz
similar scenario occurs in the Pham household as well, where the                               Granny said so. Who says it’s bad? (Ahem…TRANG)What’s the
eight-year old Anna Pham gulps down a glass of milk almost every                               secret ingredient?
day, claiming confidently “my teacher says it’s good for me.”                                       Milk. It has hook-ups with everyone ranging from top celebs like Santa to toddlers
                                                                                               around the world. Mommies love it too because it contains all the necessary nutrients
     Milk has been, besides a
                                                                                                                                                        needed for a balanced diet. “It’s
child’s teddy bear and soft blanket,
                                                                                                                                                        true that most of the nutrients in
a second best friend—a delightful
                                                                                                                                                        milk can be gotten easily from
mixture of comfort, always in the
                                                                                                                                                        other sources like seafood, len-
refrigerator, or Mom is always
                                                                                                                                                        tils, and vegetables, but milk puts
ready to go buy more. Such ideas,
                                                                                                                                                        them all together in a convenient
developed since infancy, are nur-
                                                                                                                                                        little package”(Dr. Sappier, Stan-
tured in many minds, and often,
when reaching adulthood, these
                                                                                                                                                              Milk is rich in minerals:
same thoughts, which bring us
                                                                                                                                                        •Calcium and Vitamins D and K:
back to our childhoods, influence
                                                                                                                                                        for strong and healthy bones
the tradition of milk consumption
                                                                                                                                                        •Iodine: essential for thyroid
From Medical and Biological Ap-
                                                                                                                                                        •Vitamin B12 and Riboflavin:
     A cow naturally produces, on
                                                                                                                                                        healthy for your heart and a
average, 2,000 pounds of milk a
                                                                                                                                                        source of energy production
year. Today, because of the tre-
                                                                                                                                                        •Vitamin A: for immune function
mendous demands for milk, pro-
                                                                                                                                                        •Biotin and Pantothenic Acid: for
ducers manipulatively extract up
                                                                                                                                                        energy production
to 50,000 pounds of milk per cow
                                                                                                                                                        •Potassium and Magnesium: for
a year! This illustrates that within
                                                                                                                                                        cardiovascular health
the daily amount of milk Ameri-
                                                                                                                                                        •Selenium: a cancer-preventive
cans consume, they may also re-
                                                                                                                                                        trace mineral
ceive a portion of antibiotics or
                                                                                                                                                        •Thiamine: a B-vitamin especial-
injections that producers have in-
                                                                                                                                                        ly important for memory
jected into cows for more massive
                                                                                                                                                        •Conjugated Linoleic Acid:
production. (Robert Kradjian)
                                                                                                                                                        known to kill some cancer cells
     One of the current injections
                                                                                                                                                              According to recent research
is “Bovine Growth Hormone” or
                                                                                                                                                        studies, including low-fat dairy
BGH, which genetically stimu-
                                                                                                                                                        products in your diet helps you
lates milk production. The more
                                                                                                                                                        lose some of that blubber hang-
drastic results of excessive con-
                                                                                                                                                        ing from your tummy.
sumption of BGH injected organ-
                                                                                                                                                        Milk and Prejudice
isms are that males may grow
                                                                                                                                                              False media is slander-
breasts or females starting their
                                                                                                                                                        ing milk with prejudice. Here’s
menstrual stage earlier than com-
                                                                                                                                                        a helpful list to get your facts
mon. Of course BGH is already
been injected into other animals
                                                                                                                                                        •“Milk contains Bovine Growth
such as chickens, but injections
                                                                                                                                                        Hormone (BGH).”- If you’re
into cows have been the very rel-
                                                                                                                                                        freaked out about any hormones,
evant as illustrated in the drastic
                                                                                                                                                        buy organic milk. If other food
increase in cow’s milk develop-
                                                                                                                                                        products contain BGH, how can
ment these past years.
                                                                                                                                                        someone blame milk for causing
     Did you know that “when
                                                                                                                                                        all the side-effects of BGH? Is the
a cow receives penicillin, the penicillin appears in the milk for from 4 to 7 milking?”
                                                                                               BGH from the Chicken McNuggets you’re eating harmful or from the milk shake you’re
(Kradijan) The shock is that if a woman drinks milk carrying these drugs, the viruses may
also spread to the breast, which then may transfer to the infant through breast feeding, or
                                                                                               •“Milk contains viruses.”- According to virology, most animal viruses are only specific
assist in the development of breast cancer.
                                                                                               to animals. So, even if there was an animal virus in the milk, it wouldn’t infect humans.
                                                                                               If you’re worried about catching a virus through consuming milk, think about viruses in
     There are cases that have shown direct correlations between ovarian cancers (tumor
                                                                                               the meat you eat, or even the vegetables (like spinach) you eat. NOTHING is 100% safe
damage) and the amount of milk consumed. The Roswell Park Memorial Institution in
                                                                                               (yup, not even soy milk).
Buffalo, New York and the Harvard Medical School recognized that drinking more than
                                                                                               •“You can get cancer from drinking milk.”- Some cancers are genetically inherited. How
one glass of whole milk daily is a factor for ovarian cancer.
                                                                                               can someone blame one variable? Cancer is usually stimulated by various factors and
     Drinking milk is also connected with the developments of lung cancers. For years,
                                                                                               health habits. Vegans also develop cancer –so how can that happen if milk is the culprit?
Americans have blamed development of lung cancers on tobacco and second hand smoke.
                                                                                               •“Milk causes lung cancer.”- The MAJOR cause of lung caner is SMOKING; not drinking
Nevertheless, a great question arose as to why Japanese men, who smoke far more than
                                                                                               milk. Duh. “87% of lung cancer cases are caused by smoking.” (American Lung Ass.)
Americans or Europeans, did not develop as stringent lung cancers.
                                                                                               •“My glass of milk is contaminated. I see tiny microscopic thingies floating in it.”- The
     The fact is that milk DOES CONTAIN CALCIUM. The concern now is whether the
                                                                                               milk industry works with the U.S. Department of Agriculture and the Food and Drug
calcium extracted from the cows is actually healthy for the human bodies.
                                                                                               Administration to guarantee that its consumers receive a safe and high-quality product. If
     When claiming that milk is bad, 7 of 7 people asked have responded with some-
                                                                                               the milk contains harmful pathogens, it won’t be found in your fridge.
thing similar to this: “where will you get your calcium?” The milk industries have cer-
                                                                                               •“Milk contains calcium. Calcium isn’t healthy for me.”- Don’t give up on calcium! It is
tainly caught people’s attention and maintained the belief that milk is crucial part to bone
                                                                                               needed for healthier and stronger bones. Doctors promote little kids to drink milk so that
growth and vital source of calcium. (For one thing, how about considering soy milk?)
                                                                                               their bones can grow stronger in their early stage of cartilage development.
     There was a study conducted on 81 women of ages 12-18 (the stage of strong bone
                                                                                               •“I still think you’re wrong Puneet. Too much milk is dangerous.”- Note the keyword
development). Researchers paid close attention to the amount of calcium these girls took
                                                                                               “too much.” There is a limit to how much milk you should drink. Taking too much of
and discovered that “the girls with ‘low’ calcium intake did not have any different bone
                                                                                               ANYTHING can be harmful. But milk in the right proportions is actually HEALTHY.
development than girls with high calcium intake.” (Nelson Jeff, “Sorting through the
                                                                                               Aim for three glasses a day!
Calcium Myths”)
                                                                                               Milk is Good: You Get My Point
     In another experiment on women, Kradjian reported, “Excessive amounts of dairy
                                                                                                    Almost everyone loves milk: babies, parents, celebs, athletes, and even the aliens in
products actually interfere with calcium absorption. A study in the United States actually
                                                                                               recent Got Milk? commercials. Milk is a reliable source of nutrition. Plus, it’s yummy in
showed a worsening in calcium balance in post-menopausal women given three 8-ounce
                                                                                               my tummy too! Besides, what will Santa drink with his cookies on Christmas Eve…soy-
glasses of cows’ milk per day.”
                                                                                                                                                          Review’s ReViews page 15

          Following the                                          Timberlake headlines HP Pavilion
         Traveling Pants                                         By Samera Hadi, Staff Writer
                                                                      On Thursday January 11th, Justin Timberlake came to        came down all around what seemed to be Timbalands
                                                                 the HP Pavilion in San Jose. Having Justin Timberlake’s         back, and showed a mixture of scary movies and pictures
                                                                 concert be my first one, it was a spectacular experience.       of celebrities, including a tribute to Aaliyah, as a D.J is
                                                                 I’ve been a fan of his since his Nysnc days, but never re-      mixed music. The intermission lasted about ten minutes
                                                                 ally got the chance to see him live in concert. So when         and the show went on. Justin came out with his known
                                                                 my friend, Mayra, offered me a ticket how could I have          sweater vest suit and kicks and brang more energy then
                                                                 refused?                                                        before. He sang “Damn Girl”; the title speaks for itself,
                                                                      Waiting outside in the freezing, cold weather and lis-     and danced with half naked girls, which probably made
                                                                 tening to a crazed man talk about the “sins” on earth was       every girl jealous of them. He sang the only meaning-
                                                                 worth every second Justin sung. Surprisingly, Pink was          ful song on his album, which is also one of my favorites,
                                                                 his opening act. Initially, I was skeptical about her open-     “Losing My Way,”, not with a real life choir , but a image
By Anna Ramos, Staff Writer                                      ing for Justin Timberlake, and I still would have chosen        of a choir on the projector screens, while he sang in the
                                                                 someone different. However,                                                                 middle of the stage.
  Sure you might have seen the movie “The Sisterhood             the crowd seemed pleased                                                                        The long awaited “Sexy
of The Traveling Pants” last summer, But the book is one         with her performance, and she                                                               Back” finally arrived and had
I will never forget, it contains an unforgettable story of a     did get the crowd hyped up.                                                                 everyone standing up. From
friendship very strong and exciting events happening to               Her last song was the hit                                                              the beginning to the end of this
the four best friends, and the traveling pants.                  “Coming Out” and she went                                                                   song every person, young and
  Ann Brashares has written 3 Sisterhood books: The Sis-         the whole nine yards with this                                                              old, was dancing and singing
terhood Of The Traveling Pants, The Second Summer Of             one. Despite the fact that she                                                              the simple words “I’m bringing
The Sisterhood, Girls In Pants and the latest book coming        was singing, while doing Aer-                                                               sexy back (yeah)…” He end-
soon to stores Forever In Blue.                                  ialist moves in the air. People                                                             ed that song with every light
  The first summer, The Sisterhood Of The Traveling              cheered anxiously for her to                                                                through out the whole show
Pants, is filled up with juicy details on how four best          end and Justin to begin.                                                                    blasting everyone and every-
friends spend their first summer apart. Carmen is a Puerto            The arena went dark, and                                                               where while the band was strik-
Rican girl living with her single mother. Lena is the beauti-    the fans, including me, went                                                                ing their instruments indicating
ful Greek artistic girl of the sisterhood, Bridget is a soccer   crazy. Red lights glimmered                                                                 their finale, so we thought.
star! She is the independent blond girl everyone loves, she      everywhere, while two large                                                                     As people started to exit,
is not afraid to express herself, and then we have Tibby,        projector screens slowly ap-                                                                the arena, a piano and stool so
who loves filming and editing movies.                            peared from the sky. Then a                                                                 happens to appear from below
  The “magical” pants first came in contact with Carmen,         familiar beat starts to echo                                                                causing unison chant for Justin.
who bought the pants at a thrift shop, but soon Carmen puts      through out the arena. It so                                                                He came out with a different
the pants away in her closet until one day Tibby stopped         happens to be the self titled                                                               change of clothes, more casual,
Carmen from throwing them away. The girls take a look at         album/tour: Future Sex/ Love Sounds. After that, it was         with a yellow t-shirt and pants and sat down. He starts off
the pants and like them, then Lena had the idea for them         two hours of Heaven.                                            thanking his fans for their support and if it weren’t for us
to all try them on. The four friends, despite their different         He brought it back with songs from his first solo CD       he wouldn’t be whom he is, (like we didn’t know that).
shapes and sizes, fit into the “magical” pants. They real-       “Justified”, including the top charted “Cry Me a River”.        Mayra and I started to scream for the last time until we
ize that although they will spend their summer apart, the        Justin Timberlake took it upon himself to try to play his       felt our throats burning with fire. Justin then says, “San
magic of the pants will keep them together.                      own instruments, when he wasn’t breaking a sweat on             Jose you’re too good to me,” and that causes a frenzy of
  These Sisterhood books are great for teenage girls, they       the dance floor. It set the mood of dedication to his fans.     screams, then he opens his mouth and lets out an intimate
are fun and have just the right sense of humor. I like how       He slowed things down with his song “Until the End of           voice for his last song “(Another Song) All Over Again”
Ann Brashares gets into the mind of these teenage girls          Time”, and made sure he was facing everyone as he was           acapillo with just his piano.
with the little thoughts we all get in our heads. With The       sitting on a rotating circle with his piano and stool.               He finishes his last verse, waits, at this point girls all
Sisterhood Of The Traveling Pants we travel to Greece                 After the relaxing, slow songs Justin busted out with      around me including Mayra are going crazy, gives a cute
with Lena, South Carolina with Carmen and to Baja Cali-          his southern, inspired hip-hop song “Chop Me Up” and            little smirk, and finishes the song. Justin waves to the
fornia with Bridget we get to experience all their fun and       surprised the whole arena by introducing his partner in         crowd introducing his band and dancers and then leaves.
adventure, plus the cute guys Bridget and Lena meet along        rhyme, Timbaland. The whole arena was shocked with              Mayra and I sit there while everyone is leaving and smil-
the way.                                                         excitement. After one hour of crazy choreography and            ing with exhaustion. We took our last picture in the HP
  These books are great they make you laugh and cry with         amazing performances, intermission started.                     Pavilion and left with a newfound love and appreciation
heart breaking events. They are perfect for any girl to read          Intermission usually means the lights turn on and          for Justin Timberlake. This concert was the best way to
because these four friends are just normal girls with nor-       people go get something to eat or go use the bathroom,          start off my future concert goings; it sure sets a high stan-
mal problems in our normal lives.                                but not this intermission. The two large projector screens      dard for artists to achieve, well, in my eyes.

Deciphering the babble of Babel
By Trung Nguyen, Staff Writer

   An informative, but concise, lesson in       film seemed to be.                              kept sitting at the edge of their seats, hun-
Biblical history: according to the book of          As alluded to by the movie’s title, Ba-     gry for the next impactful line.
Genesis, Chapter 11, the “Tower of Babel”       bel is a contemporary twist on the old Bi-
began construction by a supposed united         ble story: a film which centralizes on the         That line never came.
humanity--sometime in our obscure past-         themes of disunity and miscommunication
-in order to reach the heavens. God, be-        between human beings. Expected of the               The political appeal of the movie faded
ing the testy figure he was, was unpleased      Iñárritu and Arriaga duo, who were also         away quickly with the storylines digress-
by this action and proceeded to halt their      known for their previous collaborations         ing from international conflicts to intra-
work by confusing their languages so that       on Amores Perros and 21 Grams, the film         personal demons. The music began, the
the builders would be unable to under-          unifies four perplexing plotlines bound by      credits rolled, and most left with feeling
stand the foremen and thus they would be        cruel twist of fate and a single tragic acci-   almost cheated, hoping to find a reason to
unable to continue on with the ambitious        dent. Considering the context of the name       deem it worth the hype.
project. Taking their new tongues and           of the film as well as its diverse filming          Was the 21st century as cynical as the
disheartened spirits with them, humanity        locations—Morocco, Mexico, the United           film presented? This seemed accurate to
dispersed to all different corners of the       States, and Japan—I expected a revealing        an extent. Was there hope for these peo-
globe.                                          exposé on the implications of life in the       ple to regain and rebuild their lives? The      saster. The actors were moving with artful
   The purpose of the story was simple          political 21st century.                         ending which was offered seemed to hint         expression, character developments and
and explicit: to account for all of the dif-        The movie began anxiously enough            it. Did I gain a lesson that I expected re-     their dynamics were believably crafted,
ferent races and peoples of the world.          with a glimpse of the impoverished life of      ceive? No. Not at all. Far from it, actually.   and the soundtrack was appropriately
   Not surprisingly, the same can be said       a Moroccan family living on the fringes         Well, was the lesson I did get in exchange      complimentary to the psychology of each
about the film Babel.                           of their third world country. Living sea-       for viewing the film worth the departure        individual scene. The plot was not devoid
   Debuting to rave reviews by Ebert,           son to season, one herd of goat to another,     from my expectations?                           of high moments, but those high moments
commendations by Cannes, and the af-            they were the archetype of the modern                                                           were few and far in between.
fected parroting of trendy New Yorkers          family in a third world country. The plot          Not really.                                     If I had seen Iñárritu and Arriaga’s pre-
and Los Angelites, Babel is actually little     then switched gears to another narrative,                                                       vious films (Amores Perros, 21 Grams),
more than confusing film-snob hype.             where we witness the quiet shooting of an           Truly, Babel was a two-hour “bab-           I may have been better prepared to han-
   Manned by the powerful twosome of            American tourist through the window of a        bling mess”: confusing, off the mark, and       dle this film and the themes it presents.
director Alejandro González Iñárritu and        passing bus.                                    overall miscommunicated. One of those           However. to the casual viewer, it’s caveat
screenwriter Guillermo Arriaga, the film            The scene triggered a gasp from the         films requires a second viewing in order        emptor: buyers beware. If you expect a
boasted an A-list cast which comprised          audience. I gasped along with them. The         to extract some sort of feeling of comple-      challenging political thriller, you’ll be
of Brad Pitt, Cate Blanchett, Gael García       audience braced themselves for what             tion, the ending left the watcher feeling so    bamboozled by the drawn-out two hour
Bernal,, and Koji Yakusho. With names           seemed like the beginning of an enlight-        completely exhausted that it really isn’t       and 22 minute film about the babbling
like these, it wasn’t wrong to have high        ening political thriller in vein of recent      worth the extra nine dollars.                   implications of language and social psy-
expectations of the film; what was really       hits Syriana and V for Vendetta. As with            However, the film did have its redeem-      chology, which requires at least a second
violating was how ambiguous the entire          all movie beginnings, the audience was          ing factors to avoid being a complete di-       viewing to truly appreciate, anyway.
Raider Review page 16

  In Memory of
                                                                                                        A Letter from Principal Boac
                                                                                                         Dear Silver Creek Community,

  Mr. Larry Johnson
                                                                                                           It is a great honor to be a part of this,
                                                                                                        the momentous return of the Raider
                                                                                                        Review. With this first printing of our
                                                                                                        renewed paper, we see the fruition of
                                                                                                        many hours of dedication on the part of
                                                                                                        both our staff and our students, seeking to
                                                                                                        let you know of all the wonderful things
                                                                                                        happening on our campus. Our intention
                                                                                                        is to keep you fully informed of all that is
                                                                                                        Silver Creek, the good and bad, and open
                                                                                                        channels of discussion about our current
                                                                                                        state of being and the heights to which
                                                                                                        we are taking this school. Knowing that
                                                                                                        this newspaper will bring us closer as a
                                                                                                        community, warms my heart.
                                                                                                         Communication to help fostering a
                                                                                                      sense of community has been one of
                                                                                                      my goals at Silver Creek. Our passive
                                                                     communication methods, our website and marquee, have served us well
                                                                     despite the occasionally technical difficulty. Tools such as Teleparent
                                                                     and Schoolloop have helped us contact individual students and parents
                                                                     and keep them better informed of current events. However, a tool such
                                                                     as a newspaper opens new channels, giving our students an active voice
                                                                     in the matters that face them daily. The early articles for this paper
                                                                     posted to our website have been well written and poignant, reflecting our
                                                                     diverse student body. I look forward to regularly hearing the voices of
                                                                     our students, reading their thoughts on important matters, and watching
                                                                     the paper grow as a vehicle for expressing their unique perspectives and
                                                                       In the time that I have spent at Silver Creek, I have seen the many
  On Saturday, January 13, 2007, our renowned advisor Larry          wonderful things on this campus, but also become aware of other things
  Johnson passed away of a heart attack. After serving as a Viet-    that still need improvement. We have a wonderful caring culture,
  nam War soldier, he dedicated himself to being an educator.        academic prowess, and amazing events. These gems on the Silver Creek
  During his span of teaching he was a history teacher and later a   campus deserve highlighting. We are nearing the completion of our
                                                                     first phase of campus construction, our PTSA is growing as a means
  student advisor. He touched the lives of many students as well
                                                                     of community involvement through the efforts of some very dedicated
  as staff members with his sincere and good-natured manner.         individuals, and our staff development is nearing the end of our first year.
  Many students remember him as the last-minute savior who           I hope that you will find the Raider Review as wonderful as I do, knowing
  would thoughtfully give them lifts on his golf cart when they      that each time this paper arrives at your door you are given a wonderful
  were running late for class.                                       insight into the lives of our dynamic students.
                    He will never be forgotten.                                                                 Sincerely,
                                                                                                                       Mrs. Boac

     Half a year left...and what will we do? Check out these dates:
           February 19-23: Winter Break                                                 May 5: Senior Ball
           March 5-6: WASC visitation                                                   May 7-18: AP Testing
           March 9: 4th grade period ends                                               May 17-18: Spring Dance Concert
           March 13: Spring Concert                                                     May 25: Creekstock & Last Dance
           March 17: FANTASTICS                                                         May 28: Memorial Day, No School
           March 31: Junior Prom                                                        June 1: Senior Picnic
           April 9-13: Spring Break                                                     June 5-6: Senior Finals
           April 17: 5th grade period ends                                              June 14: Senior Graduation &
           May 1-3: STAR Testing                                                                 the Last Day of School

 F.A.N.T.A.S.T.I.C.S.                                                                               Check out the online version of the
 March is approaching quickly, and all you spirit nerds know what that means: Silver Creek
 is putting on F.A.N.T.A.S.T.I.C.S. This year, the classes will battle it out in the fantas-               Raider Review
 mic land of Bedtime Stories. Will the Seniors uphold the SC tradition of being crowned
 king? Or will the Juniors, with a narrow loss at Homecoming, achieve an upset victory?
 Can the Sophomore outmuscle the upper classmen? Or will they be eating Freshmen dust?
                                                                                               Entertainment: ReVIEWs of: Alpha Dog, The Black
                   FANTASTICS 2007 – MARCH 17 6:30pm                                           Dahlia, Borat, Gridiron Gang, Happy Feet, Lemony
                  AT THE SAN JOSE CIVIC AUDITORIUM                                             Snicket, Marie Antoinette, Saw 3, The Science of Sleep,
                                                                                               Stranger Than Fiction, Ugly Betty, Cinemayaat, Poor
                            DON’T MISS IT!                                                     House Bistro, Lupe Fiasco, horror films
      Seniors                    Juniors                Sophomores         Freshmen            Sports: Softball, Beckham in the US.
                                                                                               News: Mrs. Boac’s visit to the Filipino Global Network-
                                                                                               ing Convention in Hawaii, Freshmen Fears, WASC
                                                                                               Health: Are ipods too loud, Acne home remedies,
                                                                                               Diabetes–Not for me!
                                                                                               Opinions: Gender bias in school sports, Survivor
                                                                                               morals, Teens’ like news light, Border fence, Prop 87,
                                                                                               SC needs more than one new building to improve the
                                                                                               Features: It’s a Small World, Las Posadas, How to Sur-
                                                                                               vive AP, Babies’ cries mean something and more!

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