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									Da Town Researchers
 Findings and Recommendations
                    June 2007
Table of Contents
   Purpose
   Research Question and Why
   Methodology
   Findings
   Supporting Data
   Recommendations
   What We Learned and Next Steps
   Student Bios
   Nine student leaders representing most of the
    big high schools in the OUSD got together
    and tried to make a change in the leadership
    classes in the OUSD.
Research Question & Why
How do we improve and ensure equality in
student leadership in the OUSD?

We came up with this question because as
students we felt that we needed more
opportunities for students to lead and make
change and that those opportunities should be
equally available at every high school.
   Used activities to identify core issues impacting
    OUSD high school students and develop our overall
    research question.
   Examined the 2005-2006 Use Your Voice survey
   Analyzed the Use Your Voice survey data, to come
    up with questions for student focus groups.
   Conducted four student-led focus groups with high
    school students from across the district.
   Analyzed data for findings.
   Made recommendations and final reports.
Meaningful Youth Participation/ Student Leadership

 1. More student-led activities would increase
    youth participation.

 2. Students would be more willing to participate
    if they had more school adult support.

 3. More effective communication and
    motivation from student groups would
    improve youth participation.
Meaningful Youth Participation/ Student Leadership
Supporting Data – Use Your Voice Survey 05-06
   Student response to the item, “Students      Only 53% of students
   have opportunities to participate at
                                                 strongly agree or agree
                                                 that there are
        14%                                      opportunities for them
                                                 to participate at school.
                                                 This shows a lack of
33%                                              opportunities and/or an
                                                 inequality in availability
       Strongly Agree/Agree                      across schools.
       Disagree/Strongly Disagree
Meaningful Youth Participation/ Student Leadership
Supporting Data – Focus Groups
 ―I would be more active in school if we have more student groups
 and activities.‖

 ―Teachers and principals can work together to support leadership by
 having more communication and be open to approving students‘
 ideas. Also teachers and principals can give money and resources
 to support leadership and leadership groups.‖

 ―I think for students to help themselves to improve student
 leadership in Oakland high schools, we would need to plan more
 peer education and extra curricular activities and to inform each
 other about what‘s going on. Many students don‘t know what‘s
 going on so we could teach each other.‖
Meaningful Youth Participation/ Student Leadership
 1. Every high school should have a collaborative decision-making
    body made up of representatives from all student clubs and
    groups (i.e., La Raza Club, Black Student Union, Asian Students

 2. Teachers could organize more activities and give encouragement
    to increase student participation and motivation.

 3. Student government and other student organizations should be
    more representative of all students.

 4. Student leaders should receive training to learn to be more
    effective collaborators and communicators.
Clean and Safe Learning Environment
1. Many students feel unsafe at school.

2. A safer environment will allow students to
   focus more on learning.

3. A clean environment is important to students‘
   education and ability to learn.
Clean and Safe Learning Environment
Supporting Data -                                Use Your Voice Survey 05-06
 Student response to, ―Everyone works together to
 keep bathroom clean.‖
                                                            Only 21% of students
                                                             agree or strongly agree
                                                             that the bathrooms are
              Strongly Agree/Agree                           clean.
              Disagree/Strongly Disagree

Student response to, ―Students feel physically safe at
                                                            Only 38% of students
                                           38%               report feeling physically
                                                             safe at school.
             Strongly Agree/Agree
             Disagree/Strongly Disagree
Clean and Safe Learning Environment
Supporting Data – Focus Groups

 ―We need Conflict Management that reaches out more
 and is effective. Right now we still have fights and
 many people don‘t know about conflict management.‖

 ―My school environment is very important to my
 education because the way something looks affects
 how I think.‖

 ―Cleanliness affects me because if I can‘t use the
 bathroom, then that‘s all I focus on.‖
Clean and Safe Learning Environment
 1.   Conflict Mediators can reduce violence and conflict
      by improving their services.

 2.   Teachers can intervene and create a safer learning
      environment for all students.

 3.   Security Guards could enforce rules more
      consistently with all students.

 4.   A cleaner environment would communicate respect
      to students and allow students to focus more on
Caring and Supportive Environment
1.   Students feel that they need more caring

2.   Students could be more supportive and
     understanding of each other.
Caring and Supportive Environment
Supporting Data-                   Use Your Voice Survey 05-06

 Student response to, ―Faculty, staff,      Only 39% of students
 and students work together to
 create a caring and supportive              strongly agree or agree
 environment.”                               that the students,
   22%                                       faculty, and staff work
                                             together to maintain a
                                             caring and supportive

     Strongly Agree/Agree
     Disagree/Strongly Disagree
Caring and Supportive Environment
Supporting Data-Focus Groups
 ―It‘s the teachers, too, because sometimes you have this teacher that makes you
 feel so stupid. Some teachers make you feel like you don‘t know anything. Like one
 of my teachers—because I don‘t talk in her class she makes comments that make
 me feel stupid. Because I don‘t answer questions or participate in class discussions,
 she just tries to put me on blast. Then I feel stupid and it pushes me away and
 makes me not want to go to class.‖

 ―Teachers need to listen more. They can share their points of view but also they
 could let us share our point of view.‖

 ―I want my friends to see that they have opportunities to create a better future.‖

 ―In the past year the senior class and student leadership have stepped up and been
 a role model.‖
Caring and Supportive Environment
 1. Teachers could more fully implement their open-
    door policies by developing supportive spaces and
    relationships with all students, regardless of past
    history with students.

 2. There could be 100% placement of highly-qualified
    teachers (both credentialed and effective teachers)
    in place before school starts.

 3. Students need more opportunities to build
    relationships with students who are different from
    them in order to feel safer and more supported.
What We Learned
   If the project had started earlier in the school year, it
    would have given us more time to accomplish more.
   The information from the focus groups was
    interesting to learn more about how issues at school
    personally affect a person. We could continue to
    learn more about students‘ perspectives in the
   Many students feel that their teachers and other
    adult staff don‘t necessarily show caring and support
    in the ways that students want them to.
   A lot of high school students in the OUSD actually
    care about their education and safety at school.
       I am Alicia Childress. I was born on April 15, 1990.
       I am in the 11th grade currently attending
       Architecture Academy at Fremont. My favorite color
       is green. In my spare time I enjoy braiding hair and
       watching my niece.

       My name is La’Shay Fountain I go to Leadership
       Preparatory High School at Castlemont High and I
       am in my freshman year. My favorite color is green
       for some reason. I like to swim, cheerlead, play
       basketball and football, write poetry. (I like
       BIOLOGY everybody.) The reason why I joined this
       program is because I thought it would be fun…and it
       was. Also, I wanted to improve the OUSD in a way.
       Hi, I‘m Sara Gonzalez. I was born in East Oakland
       April 19, 1992. Yes, I‘m young, but I work my butt
       off. I‘m in the 9th grade going to 10th. Yay, I‘m so
       excited. I love to read and write--it‘s fun. I go to
       Castlemont High School, so the Castle rules! I
       joined the project for three things: 1) I thought it
       would be fun; 2) I did it to help the high schools of
       the OUSD; 3) I did it for college because it‘ll look
       great on my college application.

       Student Director Christina Jiang is a senior at
       Skyline High School. After moving to Oakland in the
       beginning of her junior year, she got involved with
       organizations in the school, school district and city
       to ensure equal education opportunities, to reduce
       violence and drug use, and to convince young
       people not to give up their dreams when things are
       tough or do not make sense She believes each
       individual has the potential to be a functioning
       member of the society.
       My name is Janelle Johnson and I am in my senior
       year at Oakland Technical High School. In the fall of
       2007, I will be attending SF State, majoring in
       Psychology with a minor in Spanish. My career
       objective in life is to be a child/adolescent
       psychiatrist. My ultimate goal in life is to be
       successful in whatever career I choose. I enjoy
       writing poetry, reading books, spending time with
       family and friends, and also challenging myself to
       make me better.

       Ta’Darrell Randolph is a senior at Skyline High
       I am Tony Robinson. I currently attend Fremont High.
       I am 16 years old and enjoy playing sports, writing
       poetry, and giving my opinion. I am in the 11th grade.
       Family is important to me and was a strong part of the
       reason why I participated in this project and wanted to
       make a change.

       My name is Cindy Ruan and I am currently a junior
       attending Oak High, class of ‗08. I joined this project
       because I love to take on challenges and overcome
       them. The ability to learn about how to do research and
       analysis interested me and made me strive to do
       better. Also knowing that I am contributing to making
       my peers and my education become better and more
       equitable fills me up with pride.
       I am Sedrrick Strothers. I am in the 12th grade at
       Oakland Tech. My birthday is April 3, 1989 and I am
       an Aries. My favorite saying is ―Sedrrick n‘ da
       buildin.‖ The most important thing to me is F.O.A. –
       Fam Ova Anythang. I‘m in this project so I can gain
       more leadership skills.

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