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                                             C ongregation Olam Tikvah
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1 Cheshvan 5771                                                  Issue 10
                                                     Volume 46 ✡ I                                                November 1, 2010

                  Torah Readers Receive Yad Award
Contemporary Editor                                                      Hebrew, Jewish history and modern Israel, and
                                                                         leads middle-school minyan. Ari has just com-
     The Yad Award was established in 2001, to recognize the             pleted her seventh summer at Camp Ramah in the
accomplishments of our post-B’nai Mitzvah Torah readers. In order        Berkshires. She has been able to explore and
to receive the award, one must read Torah 18 times. Immediately          deepen her sense of Jewish identity through her
after the eighteenth reading, the honoree receives a wooden yad,         day school, camp and synagogue experience. She
handcrafted by Joseph Samuels, our resident wood carver. Begin-          is proud to be counted in a minyan and to be able
ning in 2008, an anonymous donor added a gift of an individual           to fully participate in a synagogue service. This
Tikkun, to facilitate lifelong reading.                                  privilege has motivated her towards achieving the
                              During Shabbat morning services on         Yad award. Ari likes to share her learning and love
                         May 15, David Engelberg was recognized for      of Judaism with others. For two years she has led the OT Shabbat-
                         this accomplishment. David received an          morning Shorashim program for K-2nd grade students for two years.
                         Advanced Studies Diploma from W.T.              Ari also has a tremendous love of Israel. Her first experience visiting
                         Woodson High School, and he is now a            Israel was to spend Pesach there with her sister Racheli and then to
                         freshman at Johnson and Wales University in     embark on her own adventures on her 8th-grade Gesher Jewish Day
                         Charlotte, NC. David continued reading Torah    School trip. This summer she will attend Ramah Seminar in Israel, and
                         after graduation from OT Religious School. In   in her senior year, following CESJDS graduation, she will return to
                         addition, he has been active in Jewish          Israel with her school.
                         activities through the local chapter of BBYO.        David’s and Arielle’s names are being added to the plaque in the
     During Sukkot services on October 1, Arielle Schoenburg             lobby. Sarah Tamburrino, Jessica Finkel, Joseph Kristol, Helen
received her Yad award. She is a proud alumna of Gesher Jewish           Taubman, Michael Sushner, Sam Gross, Racheli Schoenburg, Joseph
Day School, where she began learning Torah trop. A junior at             Muldoon, Joel Taubman, Toby Loewenstein, Ryan Benson, Aryeh
Charles E. Smith Jewish Day School (CESJDS), Ari studies Tanakh,         Kalender, Ben Pafe, Ethan Mendelson and Marnie Kremer are past
                                                                         award recipients.
Honoring Our Veterans
Men’s Club Social Action Chair                                                                       Israel Trip 2011
    The Men’s Club will undertake a new social action focus:                                                   August
                                                                                                     July 25 - August 4
honoring and supporting Jewish American veterans and active-
duty military personnel. They’ve done so much to protect our
freedoms and keep us safe; we should do what we can to show our
                                                                                                    Informational Meeting
appreciation for their service that continues today.                                                      at the Kalenders
    That shared sacrifice across generations was movingly                                                   Coffee, Cake
captured several weeks ago at Shabbat services. OT member and                                           and Israel Trip Details
Marine infantry officer Joe Kristol was honored with an aliyah
before deploying to Afghanistan. As he returned to his seat, OT
member Jerry Massey, a World War II veteran whose unit was in
                                                                                Sunday, November 21, 11:00am
Dachau two days after its liberation, grasped Joe’s hand and
emotionally wished him, “God bless you.” We should never forget                         RSVP:
                                                  See VETERANS , p. 8

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                                                                                                          tion and the subsequent mortgage have been voluntary. Our
   your generosity.                                                                                       equally for the expansion. All contributions to support the construc-
   We—and I am sure I speak for all our members—deeply appreciate                                         mandatory building fund that would obligate all members to pay
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   full membership.                                                                                       money?
   support, we can continue to say that financial need is no barrier to                                   more liabilities than we can afford. So why do we keep asking for
   continues to be, economically difficult for many. Thanks to your                                            The answer is—in all caps, definitely, NO: we have not incurred
        We also appreciate the needs of our members. It has been, and                                     ourselves with the new mortgage and new overhead expenses?
   plow our parking lot in response to the “Hundred Years’ Snow.”                                         gation Olam Tikvah’s financial well-being? Have we overextended
   expenses. Last winter, for example, we had the funds—$10,000—to                                             Has the Board of Directors failed its responsibility for Congre-
   have even managed to set aside some money against unexpected                                           can see some eyes rolling.
   us to successfully operate in the black each year. Most years, we                                      Kol Nidre Appeal. And now I’m asking for your continued support. I
   expenses. And our financially conservative leadership has allowed                                      Capital Campaign. Every fall, we ask for your contributions to the
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                                    WHAT’S INSIDE
                                                                                                                  PRESIDENT’S MESSAGE
Page 2                                                                                                                                                         November 2010
Page 3                                                                                                                      November 2010

                                              FROM THE RABBI’S STUD Y

                                    Counting Our Blessings
By RABBI ITA PASKIND                                                        recitation of the Sh’ma each morning and
     The number 100 is not very common in Judaism, but it is                evening.
associated with two specific practices in our tradition. Not long ago,         Blessings of Enjoyment
we stood in awe of 100 shofar blasts on each morning of Rosh                     A second category of blessing, known as
Hashanah, every one of which carried the potential for awakening            Birchot Hanehenin, the blessings of enjoy-
and repentance. Additionally, the rabbis maintained that we ought to        ment, contains the shortest, but perhaps most
strive to recite 100 blessings each day. Before we dismiss this             intuitive prayers—those we recite before
directive out of hand as something the rabbis did (meaning:                 eating food—wine, bread, produce from trees,
something we wouldn’t think about doing), we must consider two              produce from the earth, non-bread grains and
things: 1) What is a blessing? and 2) Is this practice even achiev-         all other foods—as well as those we recite
able?                                                                       when we encounter stunning elements of
                                                                                                                                Photo by Susan Coren

                   What is a Blessing?                                      nature—including rainbows, thunder or
     Technically speaking, a blessing is a statement of appreciation        lightning, a large body of water, or a particularly beautiful human
that begins with the words:                                                 being. (These are found in the weekday Siddur Sim Shalom, pages
                                                                            222-225.) The Torah does not command us to recite these blessings,
Blessed are You, Adonai our God, Sovereign of the Universe. The             but the rabbis sensed that it wouldn’t be proper for Jews to experi-
purpose of a blessing is at least twofold: It heightens our awareness       ence the bounty and beauty in the world and not recognize God’s
of a particular moment or action, and it reciprocates God’s enabling        role in it.
the world to provide human beings with sustenance and beauty.                                         A Challenge
                 Blessings over Mitzvot                                          Can all of these blessings add up to 100 in a day? It’s challeng-
     Some blessings are recited over a particular mitzvah, and the          ing, but it’s possible. If one recites all of the blessings in three
blessing formula refers to that mitzvah: “Blessed are You, Adonai           weekday services, that’s already 83 blessings. Toss in a few meals
our God, Sovereign of the Universe, who has sanctified us through           with blessings before and after, and that’s at least 90. That leaves
the mitzvot and commanded us to light Shabbat candles, wrap                 around 10 blessings to allocate for unique opportunities.
ourselves in the tzitzit, sit in the Sukkah, shake the lulav, eat matzoh,        Imagine the wonder of going through life focused on the
immerse in the mikveh, count the Omer, etc.” These blessings are            blessings—in both the literal and figurative senses. Such a practice
straightforward, in that we know about these mitzvot, and it makes          requires self-discipline, but one is rewarded with the constant
sense to acknowledge God as we fulfill them.                                awareness of what the earth has to offer.
     Other, longer blessings are found in the siddur as part of every            While reciting 100 blessings may not be achievable every day,
Amidah, Birkat Hamazon (recited after meals), and surrounding our           take the 100-Blessing Challenge. Choose one day—choose Thanks-
                                                                            giving Day—and try it.
                                                                            wall, Lighting the Way, but
Chair, Fine Arts Committee
                                                                            also donated the hand-carved
    The architects and builders have recently moved on to other             glass plaque for our niche.
projects, and we have the joy of occupying our new space.Now that           The English on the plaque,
he dust has settled, we can fill these rooms with furnishings and           Sing to Adonai a new song,
artwork. We have grand ideas and big wishes, but the budget is              for God has worked wonders,
meager to nonexistent for less essential items. It is therefore my          translates the Hebrew
honor to thank two donors who have stepped up to help decorate              engraving (a phrase from
and enhance our bride’s room and our new foyer.                             Psalm 98).
                                           First, a big thank you to             I know I will have more
                                      Gary and Linda Bergman, who           members to thank in upcom-                      Photos by Susan Coren
                                      donated two beautiful chairs for      ing Contemporarys. The furniture,
                                      the Bride’s Room. The bride can       the finishing touches and the details will make our new space our
                                      now sit comfortably while she         new home are the fun part! Please join in on the fun!
                                      awaits her grand entrance!                                             See OT CHANUKAH WISH LIST, p. 9
                                           And secondly, a big thank
                                      you to Ed and Alice Marion, who                                 The Contemporary
                                      not only donated the beautiful                              Congregation Olam Tikvah
                                      bronze letters that title our donor                           3800 Glenbrook Road
                                                                                                  Fairfax, Virginia 22031-3199
November 2010                                                                                                                                          Page 4

                                                          SISTERHOOD NEWS
                                           Sisterhood Voice Mail, (703) 425–1880 x243
                   For individual members’ phone numbers and e-mail addresses, please use the OT Directory.

CALENDAR                                                                           JUDAICA SHOP NEWS
Thursday, November 4         9:00am                    NSO Trip                    JOANNE STRYER,
Monday, November 8           N/A    November Challah Order Due                     Judaica Shop Coordinator
Sunday, November 14          9:00am             Chanukah Bazaar                         Our new Judaica Shop is now officially open, and we have some
Sunday, November 14          9:30am        Sisterhood Book Club                    beautiful new items. There are talitot for men, women and b’nai
Sunday, November 21          9:30am               Board Meeting                    mitzvah students, all handmade by Gabrieli and Silver Bijoux. There
Monday, December 6           N/A    December Challah Order Due                     are unusual kiddush cups, wedding glasses, baby gifts, tablecloths
December 12-15               TBD Women’s League Convention 2010                    for your holiday tables and coffee table books about Israel, as well
Sunday, December 19          9:30am               Board Meeting                    as new bar and bat mitzvah gifts, plus much, much more.
Monday, January 3            N/A      January Challah Order Due                         The shop is open during Religious School hours, or call Joanne
Sunday, January 23           9:30am               Board Meeting                    Stryer to make an appointment. Remember: all profits benefit
                                                                                   Sisterhood and Olam Tikvah.

     Mishnah study with Rabbi Kalender meets on Wednesdays,                          Menorahs and Candles and
November 3, 10 & 24, at 9:15am. Enjoy exploring the foundations of
Jewish ethics, ritual and theology. Everyone is welcome. Your desire to              Gelt*….Oy Veh!
learn and share ideas is the only prerequisite. No prior experience or
attendance is necessary!
                                                                                                           So much to shop for
                                                                                                           to get ready for Chanukah!
MITZVAH CORPS                                                                                              Your Judaica shop is here to help you
By DIANE FERTMAN                                                                                           with one-stop shopping.
                 A family in mourning needs comfort
             and understanding at the time of their loss.
                  The Mitzvah Corps tries to help
             by providing a fully cooked meal, delivered                               ANNUAL CHANUKAH BAZAAR
                      during the time of Shiva.                                             Sunday, November 14, 9:00am-1:00pm
                  Sis-Sis- Sisterhood Mitzvah Corps                                                                       *We will have nut-free and pareve gelt.
                   Preparing a Kosher meal so well
                 of mandarin chicken, kugel and peas,
                  a fresh challah, and even dessert—
                    A complete meal, sure to please.                               CHALLAH FOR SHABBAT
                                                                                        Upcoming ordering deadlines are Monday, December 6 and
                 Sis-Sis- Sisterhood Mitzvah Corps
                                                                                   Monday, January 3. For more information, contact Deb Gould, (703)
                  Preparing a Kosher meal so well
                      is looking for extra hands
                                                                                        Please mail the order coupon below and your check to OT
                 to help in the kitchen on occasion.
                                                                                   Sisterhood (Attn: Challah Orders), 3800 Glenbrook Road, Fairfax VA
             Or we gratefully accept monetary donations.
                                                                                   22031, or leave it in the Challah Mailbox outside the OT Office. If You
                                                                                   may also e-mail your order ( Deb will record
                                                                                   the order and then you can drop off or mail a check to the office.
             Personalized candelabra
   can be rented for candle lighting at your
          b’nai mitzvah celebration.
                                                                                     Name: ___________________________________________
          Contact Lisa Shankman, (703) 207-9756,                                     Phone number: ____________ E-mail: __________________
          or the Office, (703) 425-1880, for details.                                _______# of braided challah pairs @ $7.50 per pair $ ____
                                                                                     Total ____________________________________________
      Proceeds benefit Sisterhood. Thanks for your support.                          Make checks payable to OT Sisterhood, and write the number of
                                                                                     challah pairs on the check.
Page 5                                                                                                                   November 2010

                                                    SISTERHOOD NEWS

FALL BOOK CLUB MEETING                                                    ISRAELI AFFAIRS
               Sunday, November 14 at 9:30am                                                 Ice Hockey in Israel
                                                                          By CAROL ANN COHEN
     We are reading If a Tree Falls: A Family’s Quest to Hear and              Ice hockey in the desert! Where water in any form is so scarce?
Be Heard, by Jennifer Rosner, sister-in-law to our own Nancy                   Somehow, more than 500 ice hockey fans sweep across the ice in
Malina. Jennifer will be with us that day to facilitate our discussion.   400-member senior and junior league teams and a 140-member
The book can be purchased through Borders on the OT web site.*            recreational league at Israel’s only regulation-size ice rink. Located
     Rosner’s memoir explores family, silence and what it means to        near the Lebanon border, the Canadian Center recreation complex in
be heard. After her daughters are born deaf, Rosner is stunned to         Metulla, Israel, is the home of Israeli ice hockey
discover a hidden history of deafness in her family, going back to             This northernmost Jewish village in Israel is at the bottom of
the Jewish enclaves of Eastern Europe. She imagines her silent            scenic Mt. Hermon, just west of the River Iyyon. The sports center
relatives and shares her journey into the modern world of deafness        includes two ice rinks, one Olympic-sized, a swimming pool and a
and the controversial decisions she and her husband have made             basketball court and was the site of eight “Skate Israel” international
about hearing aids, cochlear implants and sign language. The story        figure skating competitions. The Jewish Agency and the Jewish
of her daughters’ deafness is at heart a story of whether she—a           communities of Canada assisted the Metulla local council with the
mother with perfect hearing—will hear her children.                       sports center project.
     If a Tree Falls is a poignant meditation on life’s most unpredict-        “Canada” and the proximity of Lebanon seem natural compan-
able moments, as well as the delights and triumphs hidden within          ions for frosty ice sports. Many of the Israeli hockey players made
them. For more information, you can log on to Jennifer’s web site, at     aliyah from Canada and Russia. Please RSVP by November 5 to Gerri Sterling,             Some ice enthusiasts drive three to four hours to experience the
using the e-mail address in the OT Directory.                             ice and competition. According to Paul Shindman, founder of the
                                                                          Israel Ice Hockey Federation, the ice draws players and fans from as
TORAH FUND                                                                far as Beersheba.
                                                                               A former Canadian, Schindman is on the Israel Recreational
By JANE BEHRMANN AND BARBARA FINKEL                                       Hockey Association Board. He told told ISRAEL21c reporter Abigail
     Kehillah Kedoshah: Celebrating Community                             Klein Leichman that he came to Israel in 1987 and worked for the
Woman to Woman is the theme for the 5771 Torah                            company that built the first ice rink in Israel in Kiryat Motzkin and a
Fund Campaign and is depicted in the pin design                           smaller one in Bat Yam near Tel Aviv. Both rinks are gone, but the
pictured here—a hamsa shape with images reflect-                          Israel Ice Hockey Federation was born in Bat Yam.
ing women in celebration, dancing and praising. A                              Former North Americans, Belgians and Russians, plus two sets
common term for Jewish community in Eastern                               of ice hockey gear gave the organization its start in 1989. From three
Europe, Kehillah Kedoshah also implies a commu-                           teams, the league grew to four, with more players showing interest.
nity bound together by similar values and beliefs. The hamsa is a         Shindman reported that students and adults joined, Jewish and non-
Middle Eastern symbol, dating back to ancient times. It is particu-       Jewish. In 1990, the federation held an exhibition competing with
larly popular among Sephardic Jews, who sometimes call it the             players from the Canadian peacekeeping troops. The Canadians won
“hand of Miriam.”                                                         20-2, but the event led to opportunities to play in world championship
     Torah Fund supports the Jewish Theological Seminary, the             tournaments. Seven years later, Israeli ice hockey became part of the
Ziegler School of Rabbinic Studies, Schechter Institute of Jewish         International Maccabiah Games.
Studies and Seminario Rabinico Latinoamericano, strengthening and              In February 2011, teams from Canada, the United States and
perpetuating Conservative/Masorti Judaism throughout the world.           Israel will meet in Israel for the Jewish state’s fifth annual interna-
Contributions at all levels are welcome. Become a contributor at the      tional tournament.
Benefactor ($180) or Guardian ($300) levels, and you will receive the
pin with the inscription Kehillah kedoshah in recognition and
appreciation of your generous support.
Torah Fund Major Gifts
• Scholarship to Secure our Future           • Goldsmith Hall
• Keter Kavod (Crown of Honor)               • JTS Quad
• Women’s League Seminary Synagogue • Library Bookshelves
• Mathilde Schechter Residence Hall
• Schechter Institute of Jewish Studies garden
• Residence Hall at the University of Judaism
     Please contact Jane Behrmann ( or Barbara
Finkel ( if you have questions.
November 2010                                                                                                     Page 6


Thank you to everyone who supported our High Holy Day Floral Fund.
       Laura Adler                Shula Friedman                 Rita Mayer
      Shelley Adler              Yvonne Fujimoto                Linda Meyer
    Sylvia Ambaruch                 Judy Gabel                 Arlyne Meyers
       Shirley Baer               Sandra Gabriel             Marcia Michaels
        Sheryl Bass              Ilana Gamerman               Rebecca Miller
     Jane Behrmann                  Hemda Gold                 Rhoda Miller
     Melissa Benson                Bev Goldberg                Rona Moshell
     Barbara Berger             Rochelle Goldberg                Jane Myers                        Rho Silberglitt
    Simone Bielsker              Sandra Goldfarb              Rachelle Palley                   Miriam Silverman
      Zenia Bielsker              Rebecca Goldin                Evelyn Paul                        Beverly Sleph
      Cheryl Bloom               Tobey Greenberg               Lynn Phillips                      Rosalind Sloan
       Susan Bloom               Andrea Joy Gross               Ruth Plotkin                      Deborah Spitzer
    Gloria Brissman               Sara Heimowitz              Elana Plotnick                        Sharyn Stahl
       Dale Citron                  Ellen Hilert                Martha Pohl                      Patricia C. Stein
   Barbara S. Cohen             Melissa Hochberg               Sara Pollack                       Cecelia Sterling
        Beth Cohen              Louise Klein Hodin            Beverly Polmar                       Bernice Stern
      Tammy Cohen                Birgitta Hoffman               Karen Rabin                        Joanne Stryer
       Susan Cohn             Joan Isenberg-Samuels              Beth Reisig                     Stephanie Sussan
     Laura Conover                 Allyson Jacob              Madeleine Rich                    Deborah Swichkow
       Susan Coren                Talya Kalender             Ronnie Rodriguez                   Claire Tanenbaum
       Ruth Diener                 Stacie Kaplan               Beverly Rosen                       Leanne Tankel
    Anita Dienstfrey                 Ellen Katz               Jane Rosenthal                      Marie Taubman
      Judy Dietrick              Bernice Kaufman            Melinda Gray Roth                       Kitty Timmes
    Bobbie Dizenfeld           Karen Kessel-Sultan           Rachel Rothberg                         Elaine Tolk
     Andi Dorlester               Brenda Klemow                Joan Sacarob                        Merle Toobin
       Lynne Dubin              Constance Kreuter           Jody Klein Saffran                       Amy Tursky
     Deedy Eisenson                Susan Kristol                  Lois Schiff                     Leslie Varkonyi
      Sarah Elpern                Jennifer Kugler              Neil Schlussel                   Barbara Villarruel
   Sandra Esterowitz              Arlene Lebowitz           Ingrid Schoenburg                    Ilese Vorcheimer
     Tamara Faggen                 Mira Leckner               Melissa Schott                     Caroline Warren
   Marilyn Feldman                  Mimi Levine               Carol Schuffler                      Debbie Weber
     Barbara Finkel                Natalie Levine               Layne Seelig                      Brittanie Werbel
      Meredith Finn                Phyllis Lustig             Carol Shaman                        Laura Williams
      Wendy Fischer               Elizabeth Maer              Sharon Sherry                       Fraida Zusman
     Heidi Freeman              Deborah Malafsky              Andrea Shoham
      Amy Friedman               Aurora Malakoff               Leona Shoon
     Ellen Friedman                Nancy Malina
   Harriet Friedman             Randee Markowitz
                                                                          Upcoming Events

                                                      WOMEN’S LEAGUE CONVENTION 2010
            PLEASE SIGN UP                                                    December 12-15
          FOR THE OT LISTSERV!                             Registration is now open for the Women’s League Convention
                                                      2010, which will be held at the Marriott Waterfront in Baltimore.
    Send an e-mail to:,       Every two years, hundreds of women from across North America,
               using the account                      Israel, Mexico and Europe meet for four exhilarating days; many
      where you wish to receive information.          also take advantage of a pre-convention Shabbaton. Each conven-
                                                      tion incorporates dynamic speakers and impressive study, exciting
     On the subject line, type Join OT Listserv.      programming, a focus on growing successful sisterhoods, public
             In the body of the e-mail,               policy resolutions, unique Women’s League training services,
          type your first and last names.             fabulous camaraderie and stirring t’filot (religious services). Please
                                                      see the Sisterhood page of the OT web site for more information, or
Page 7                                                                                                                       November 2010

                                                              MEN’S CL UB
                                                Men’s Club Voice Mail (703) 425–1880 x245


                                           Off to a Great Start
Men’s Club President                                                            this without you.
     On September 26, nearly 200 people attended the first Men’s                     Many members of Men’s Club, and
Club Brunch of 5771, where we were captivated by Rabbi Paskind’s                some who are not members (including
journey to becoming a rabbi. We thank her for sharing it with us.               wives), work together to make all of our
What a great way to start the year!                                             events happen for the good of the youth
     I would like to thank all the volunteers who made that morning             of Olam Tikvah and for the synagogue in
possible. Most important is our awesome mashgi’ach, AnnEllen                    general. I know that some of you reading
Feltcorn. She and Josh Yungshten, assisted by a hard-working crew               this have not yet become members of
(also volunteers), put together a delicious brunch. Other volunteers            Men’s Club for the current year. If you are
included Al Spitzer, Ira Gold, Elliott Dubin, Mark Weber, Ed Feltcorn,          in that group, please join soon. If you
Marvin Kon, Bob Dorosin, Greg Krasovsky, Julian Levine, Mark                    need another Membership Form, we can
Roth, Bruce Gordon, Eric Rothberg, and Bob Watts. Some were                     send you one via email, or you can download one from the Men’s
involved in the planning, while others set up and arranged tables,              Club page on the OT web site.
bought some of the food, made phone calls, sent e-mails, took                        As I mentioned, this is a volunteer organization. As such, we
                                pictures, greeted you as you arrived,           provide plenty of opportunities for you to volunteer to make our
                                sold raffle tickets and, after you left,        endeavors successful. If you can spare some time to help us, please
                                cleaned up. Behind the scenes, of               let us know.
                                course, we had invaluable advice and                 Much of the work performed by Men’s Club members, and by
                                support from Shelly Palley and Leona            members of all other organizations in Olam Tikvah, is not necessarily
                                Shoon in the main office. My thanks             obvious to others. Nevertheless, such work goes on, not because we
                                to all of you; we could not have done           expect to be recognized for doing the work (although that is always
                                                                                appreciated), but because it has to be done. That is an important
                                     Rabbi Kalender and Rabbi Paskind           aspect of the service we perform on a regular basis. I am proud that
                                                speaking at the Brunch          Men’s Club works together with those other groups for the benefit
                                                     Photos by Ira Gold                                                      See GREAT START, p. 8
November 2010                                                                                                                        Page 8

                                                          MEN’S CL UB

GREAT START, Continued from page 7                                     VETERANS, Continued from page 1
of all. We assist other Olam Tikvah organizations, and they work       that more than 10,000 Jewish Americans serve on active duty today
with us, in various ways. Each group possesses distinct knowl-         and protect us from the terrorist threat.
edge, skills, and abilities, and we always get more done when we            We offer three ways to show our support:
combine our efforts. It is also a good way to meet other members of    1. We will visit a nursing home in Northern Virginia on Veteran’s Day,
the Olam Tikvah community.                                             Thursday, November 11, during the day for a few hours.
     For example, Boy Scouts from Troop 1818 earned community          2. We will organize the delivery of Chanukah care packages and cards
service hours by helping us put up the Sukkah outside the Social       to our Jewish troops overseas. Often there are only a few Jewish men
Hall on September 21.                                                  or women serving in a combat unit or on a ship, so such deliveries are
     At our September Brunch, we provided the Cub Scouts of            particularly appreciated in December.
Pack 1818 with an opportunity to sell popcorn as a fundraiser, and     3. We will support the JWB Jewish Chaplains Council, which provides
it was very successful. Also, AnnEllen Feltcorn spoke about the        for the religious, education, and morale needs of Jewish military
OT Blood Drive, and Rachel Rothberg explained Sisterhood’s part        personnel and is sponsoring the “Torah for Our Troops” program.
in promoting the Women’s League program to buy books for               Fort Belvoir Congregation has commissioned a sofer to travel to this
Baltimore City schoolchildren.                                         area to write a small travel Torah for the troops in Afghanistan and
     On Tuesday night, September 28, the OT Chorale joined the         Iraq.
Men’s Club for the BBQ in the Sukkah. About 100 people ate hot              You can donate to this project on the JWB web site,
dogs and hamburgers while enjoying their music.              , or send a check payable to JWB to JWB Jewish
     Working together, with mutual respect for each other’s efforts,   Chaplains Council, 520 Eighth Avenue, Fourth Floor, New York, NY
strengthens our shul and our community. Thank you and Yasher           10018. Note that it’s for the Fort Belvoir Torah Project. There will be a
Koach.                                                                 kosher dinner for this project on Sunday, November 14, at 5:00pm.
                                                                       Please contact Men’s Club Social Action chairman Eric Rothberg,
                                                              or (703) 425-8120, to get more details on
                                                                       how to help.

                                                                                    READ the contemporar y online!
                                                                                      Just go to
                                                                                        and click on “Publications.”
    Sukkah helpers                                                          If you do not have Adobe Reader on your computer,
  Photo by Ira Gold                                                                    you can download a free copy
Page 9                                                                                                                                                            November 2010

                                                           AROUND OL AM TIKV AH

      While we often think of Chanukah as a time for giving gifts to children, it is more importantly a holiday
        of rededication, of strengthening our ties to the Jewish community. We hope you will find a way to
       support Olam Tikvah’s Chanukah Wish List. Your continued commitment to Congregation Olam
                                Tikvah helps us sustain Jewish life and connections.

    One Shabbat Basic Kiddush Lunch (when there is no b’nai mitzvah) ....................................................................... $1,500
    One 2011 Holiday Program (S’lichot, Simchat Torah, Purim, Tikkun Leil Shavuot) .............................................. $1,000

    One Issue of Contemporary ................................................................................................................................................. $1,750
    Utilities for a Day/Week/Month ............................................................................................................ $180/$1,260/$5,400
    Lobby Furnishings (couches, chairs and tables) in each of three lobbies .................................................................. $5,000
    Bridal Room Furnishings ................................................................................................................................................... $3,000
    Cherry Picker/Scissor Lift for indoor use ...................................................................................................................... $5,000

    One Month of Shabbat Babysitting & Tot Shabbat ..................................................................................................... $1,500
    School/Youth Celebration
    (Kabbalat Siddur, Holiday Celebration, Chanukah, Purim, Lag B’Omer) ................................................................ $1,000
    Wide Screen Television for Youth Lounge ..................................................................................................................... $2,500

    We welcome partial sponsorships or group or chavurah sponsorships, as well as
    full sponsorship by a member or family for any item on our list. All gifts will be
    used during the current fiscal year or for the holidays immediately following.

    To sponsor a Wish List item or for further information, please contact Rachelle
    Palley at or (703) 425-1880. Sponsorships will be rec-
    ognized in the Contemporary and, when possible, on relevant handouts. Donor
    acknowledgment cards will be sent if sponsorship is in honor or memory of
November 2010                                                                                                                          Page 10

                                                      AROUND OL AM TIKV AH
         (703) 425–1880 x105;

                    Director’s Chair                                                             Welcome New Members!
                                                                            By DEBBIE WEBER and KITTY TIMMES
                                                                                 Being part of a Jewish community is
Synagogue Administrator
                                                                            important to Sheila & Steve Klein, and it’s
               High Holy Days Revisited                                     why they chose to join Olam Tikvah. Sheila
     As you know, with any thank you one can unintentionally leave          grew up in Scranton, Pennsylvania and
out some names. I would like to thank Al Fuchsman, Al Gabriel and           graduated from Robert Morris University. She
Rich Silberglitt being Head Ushers. Special thanks to Jerry Vitner,         moved to Northern Virginia from Pittsburgh in
who filled in as requested by Mark Weber. Thank you all for helping         1976. Steve grew up in Bridgeport, Connecti-
make everyone’s High Holy Day experience more meaningful.                   cut, and Glendale, Wisconsin, and attended
                                                                            the University of Wisconsin-Madison. In
                           Lost & Found                                     1995, he moved from Lansing, Michigan to
     Are you missing an outer coat? Please check the coat closet to         Northern Virginia, to work for USA Today.
see if any of the coats belong to you. We will donate anything left in      The Kleins met in Northern Virginia, and were married in 1996.
the closet at the end of December.                                          Currently, Steve is in his eighth year coordinating the Journalism
                                                                            concentration in the Communication Department at George Mason
A HOLIDAY MITZVAH                                                           University. Sheila is the office manager of the House Energy &
     On Monday, September 13, Emily                                         Commerce Committee and executive assistant to the staff director. She
Belkowitz and Rabbi Paskind visited                                         has been working on Capital Hill since 1979. Steve has two adult sons
Renaissance Gardens at Greenspring                                          who live out of the area. But their four-year-old cat, Sabrina, rules the
Village for a Rosh Hashanah gather-                                         roost! Steve enjoys cycling and watching hockey, especially the
ing with residents. The event                                               Detroit Red Wings (!), while Sheila enjoys reading and walking. Look
included song, prayer and, of course,                                       for the Kleins at services, as well as Men’s Club, Sisterhood Adult
apples and honey. Rabbi Paskind and                                         Education and social events. Steve would love to cycle with OT
Emily make a formidable shofar-                                             members and would like to apply his cross-platform journalism skills.
blowing team!                                                                                          See WELCOME NEW MEMBERS! next page
     Emily is a regular volunteer at
Greenspring Village, where she visits and spends time with residents
in the nursing care facility. She also designed and implemented a
bulletin board in the facility about volunteering at Greenspring                         OT Chanukah Celebration
Village and in our community at large.                                                      Friday Night Fried
HAZAK                                                                                             Friday, December 3
   Lunch in the Sukkah with the Rabbis                                         Celebrate Shabbat Chanukah with family and friends:
By DEEDY EISENSON                                                              • Shabbat service at 6:15pm,
                                               During Sukkot, about 30         • Dairy Chanukah dinner,* including Chanukah fried
                                          Hazak members met in the             foods—latkes & soofganiot (jelly doughnuts),
                                          Sukkah to enjoy a delicious          • Chocolate gelt for all & dreidels to spin, and
                                          lunch, prepared by Leona             • Plenty of your favorite Chanukah songs to sing.
                                          Shoon, and study with Rabbi
                                                                                                   * Not all the food will be fried or dairy
                                          Kalender. An interesting
                                          discussion followed.
                                               A Hazak theater trip to
                                                                                                LATKA TASTING
                                                                               Have a favorite latka recipe?
                                          see The Chosen is being
                                                                               Willing to cook for the dinner?
                                          planned for March 27. A
                                                                               We will supply the ingredients for you to pre-
                                          limited number of tickets will
                                                                               pare in OT’s kitchen the week of December 3, to
                                          be available. Watch the
                                                                               be served at the dinner.
announcements for further information.
     Hazak is once again sponsoring a week-long camp, for ages 55
and up, in the Poconos from June 29 to July 6. It is an opportunity to       Contact Leona Shoon, (703) 425-1880 or
study with well known educators,                                             Adults and kids over 18, $18; Kids under 13, $8; Kids under 5, free
     eat excellent meals, participate in many different kinds of social
and physical activities and just have a good time. For more informa-
tion contact Deedy.
Page 11                                                                                                    November 2010

                                      AROUND OL AM TIKV AH

            Please update your Directory!                   WELCOME NEW MEMBERS! Continued from previous page
                                                                  Joining Olam Tikvah was
                                                             an easy decision for Shari &
                                                             Graeme (Gray) Boyett, as they
                                                             were attracted by the warm,
                                                             welcoming feeling from
                                                             congregants, our excellent Tot
 Membership information may be found in the print            Shabbat program and, of
 edition of the Contemporary.                                course, our beautiful building
                                                             in beautiful surroundings.
                                                             Shari grew up overseas
                                                             (Africa, Peru, The Philippines)
                                                             as well as in Northern Virginia; Gray grew up in Sacramento, CA. They
                                                             met when Gray was stationed here with the Army. The Boyetts lived in
                                                             NC, Heidelberg, Germany, and Georgia before returning here in 2009.
                                                             Gray works as a Department of the Army civilian, while Shari is a busy
                                                             homemaker and former government analyst. They have three children:
                                                             Jacob, 6 ½, who attends OTRS; Lauren, 4 ½; and Katelyn, 2 ½. As a
                                                             family, the Boyetts enjoy traveling, reading, listening to music,
                                                             cheering each other on at sporting events, dancing, and spending
                                                             time with family and friends. The Boyetts look forward to being a part
                                                             of the OT family!

                                                                                         Attend the Wednesday morning minyan and
                                                                                                    celebrate your birthday with us!
                                                                                                             Photo by Herman Stein

                               Discover the Kirkpatrick’s Construction difference today!
November 2010                                                                                                                         Page 12

                                               AROUND OL AM TIKV AH


Rabbi Kalender’s Annual Christmas Outreach
By CLARE VOGEL BACHNER,                                                       making food for the residents, please contact event coordinator
Chair, Social Action Committee                                                Mimi Krauss, (703) 426-8195.
      For the past few years, Olam Tikvah has reached out to the                          Bailey’s Crossroads Shelter
Christian community, enabling them to spend time with their families on            Bailey’s Crossroads Shelter is always in need of brown-bag
Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. This year, however, Christmas Eve            breakfasts and lunches. They serve approximately 50 people at each
falls on Friday night and Christmas on Saturday. Therefore we will            meal. Food can be prepared by individual congregants, a group of
volunteer on the days preceding Christmas.                                    people or a chavurah. Please contact me if you would like to
     To volunteer for any of these opportunities, call or e-mail Clare        participate in providing meals during the Christmas week and
Bachner, (703) 978-5722 or                                 delivering the prepared food to the shelter.
             Facets Hypothermia Project                                                         Shoeboxes for SOME
   Prince of Peace Lutheran Church in Springfield will be housing                                  (So Others Might Eat)
homeless persons during the week of December 19-26. Our volun-                     This particular activity can be done by anyone at any time! We
teers are needed for the evening of Thursday, December 23.                    will provide Christmas “gifts” to homeless persons. During the
Volunteer activities include preparing and serving a meal, making             Christmas holidays, SOME will deliver decorated shoebox gifts
sandwiches for the following day, entertainment and staying overnight.        containing urgently needed items
In addition, volunteers are needed to make and serve breakfast on the              Please label each box Man, Woman or Child (Boy or Girl), and
following day , Friday, December 24.                                          wrap it in Christmas paper .
     If you are interested in volunteering to stay overnight, please               MEN’s and WOMEN”S BOXES: Hat, scarf, pair of gloves, pair of
contact Eric Rothberg at .                          socks, large or extra-large underwear, deodorant, razor, soap, sham-
                      Family Shelters                                         poo, lotion, toothbrush and toothpaste.
    This year, we will prepare food in advance and bring it to the                 CHILD’S BOX: A toy or game, a hat, scarf, pair of gloves, socks,
Katherine Handley Family Shelter on Friday, December 24. They will            and a pair of underwear.
serve it to the residents on Christmas Day. If you are interested in             All shoeboxes must be brought to OT by Sunday,
                                                                              December 13 in order to be delivered to SOME by Christ-
                 SUPPORT OUR VETERANS                                         mas.
  Social Action committee volunteers will join Men’s Club as                      Please e-mail me at if you donate a shoebox.
 they honor Veterans in November. Please see the Men’s Club                   Also, please put your name on the sign-in sheet, so that we can be
       article, pages 1 and 8, for further information.                       aware of all those who participate in this wonderful project.

                                                Charles and Robyn Krauthammer Present

                        Pro Musica Hebraica
    War and Exile: The Music of Berman, Braunfels, and Ben-Haim
                                            The ARC Ensemble of Toronto
                 Thursday, November 18, 7:30pm, Terrace Theater, Kennedy Center
    Karel Berman’s (1919-1995) stunning 1944 song cycle “Poupata” was composed and premiered while he was in-
   terned at Theresienstadt. Walter Braunfels’ (1882-1954) String Quintet is one of the great unheralded works in the
  chamber music tradition, presented here in its U.S. premiere. German-born Paul Ben-Haim (1897-1984) created the
  new sound of Jewish music in British Palestine. His “Melodies from the East” and Clarinet Quintet are proud Jewish
                       celebrations of the ancient folkloric heritage renewed in the land of Israel.
                    Tickets available at the Kennedy Center Box Office, or charge by phone, (202) 467-4600.
      Order online at For more information, please visit our website,
Page 13                                                                                                                                   November 2010

                                                AROUND OL AM TIKV AH

OT CHORALE                                                                 ABBA INVITES YOU
              Jewish Folk Arts Festival                                                                 What is ABBA?
                     To Feature OT Chorale                                      ABBA, which means "father" in Hebrew, is a group for fathers
By CAROL BOYD LEON                                                         of young children who want to socialize with other fathers and
Director, Olam Tikvah Chorale                                              participate in wide-ranging Jewish activities.
     The Jewish Folk Arts Festival has returned and will feature               Upcoming ABBA Functions and Dates
numerous musical performances as well as artwork, dance, food,             2010
Judaic gifts, and workshops for adults and children.                       Saturday, November 27 . 7:00pm ............. Scotch, Study & Havdalah
     The Sunday festival will take place November 21, from noon till       (Contact: David Goldberg)
6:00pm at the Jewish Community Center of Greater Washington, 6125          Friday, December 10 ...... 6:00pm .................... Family Shabbat Dinner
Montrose Road, Rockville, MD.                                              2011
     The OT Chorale will join with the Kol NoVa Youth Choir to             Sunday, January 9 ......... 7:00pm ................................. Bowling Night
perform “Generations Join In Song.” We hope you’ll come hear us as         February ........................ TBD .................................. GMU Basketball
well as the other performers including Flory Jagoda, Fabrangen             Saturday, March 12 ....... 7:00pm ..................................... Poker Night
Fiddlers, Klezcentricity, Mark Novak and Renee Brachfeld, Jon Simon        April .............................. TBD ........................................ Movie Night
and others.                                                                Sunday, May 15 ............ 6:00pm ................................... Steak & TBD
     In addition, I will be performing for young children a “Gan Shirim,   June ............................... TBD ........................... Kickball & Highballs
A Garden of Songs” concert along with the Kol NoVa singers.                July ............................... TBD ....................................... Pool & Darts
     The Jewish Folk Arts Festival celebrates the talent and diversity
of Jewish performing and visual arts in the Greater Washington DC/
Baltimore region. All performers and workshop presenters donate                                            The Editor thanks
their time to the festival.                                                                  Betsy MacCarthy for reading galleys,
     General admission is $10; for seniors and students, $5. There is                    Andrea Gross for prepublication consultation,
no charge for preschoolers.                                                                 and Debbie Weber for assistant editing.
     Information can be found at
November 2010                                                                                                                       Page 14

                                                AROUND OL AM TIKV AH
Saturday, November 6                            Parashah Toldot           Dorothy & Charles Kon of Montreal and Elaine & Mel Garber of
                                                                          Florida, and friends and family from all over the US and Canada.
Avi Jacob Silberman,
son of Jacqueline (Jackie) & Jon, is a Gesher                             Saturday, November 20                    Parashah Vayishlach
Jewish Day School seventh grader. His favorite                            Samuel Ross Shankman,
subject is mathematics, and he loves athletics. He                                           son of Lisa & Gary, is a Frost Middle School
plays basketball on the Burke Basketball travel                                              seventh grader. Sam enjoys sports, listening to
team and basketball and soccer on the Gesher                                                 music and just hanging out. He has been seen
middle school teams. This summer, Avi attended                                               roaming the halls of Olam Tikvah since he could
both Capital Camps and Coach Wootten’s                                                       walk. Sam looks forward to sharing his Bar Mitzvah
Basketball Camp. He also enjoys playing guitar, riding bikes with his                        with his parents, brother Jacob, both sets of
friends and playing with his cats, Teddy and Dart.                                           grandparents, Lottie & Seymore Shankman and
     Avi looks forward to celebrating his bar mitzvah with his parents,                      Ellen & Herb Lebovits, and the too-many-to-name
sister Yael, grandparents Phyllis & Benno Silberman, godparents                              aunts, uncles and cousins from both near and far.
Judy & Vic Tynes, and his many loving aunts, uncles and cousins           Saturday, November 27                       Parashah Vayeshev
from Florida and California. His tzedakah project is to help animals
help people, by supporting the Search and Rescue Dog Foundation.          Benjamin Louis Eisen,
Saturday, November 13                         Parashah Vayetze            son of Melanie & Jon, is a seventh-grade honors
                                                                          student at Robinson Middle School. Ben enjoys
Abigail Jo Kon,                                                           reading, sports, Camp Nebagamon, the beach,
daughter of Elissa & Marvin, sister of Julia and                          spending time with friends, special trips with his
Joseph, is a Frost Middle School GT Center                                grandparents and, most recently, birding. He is a
seventh grader. An avid soccer player, Abby plays                         proud fan of the New Orleans Saints.
for the BRYC Elite travel club. She also enjoys                                For his Bar Mitzvah project, Ben has decided
skiing, running, fashion, music and spending                              to support the National Audubon Society,
summers at the Bronfman Y Country Camp north                              because of its dedication to preserving wildlife, especially on the Gulf
of Montreal.                                                              Coast. He has participated in Audubon Society events and looks
     For her mitzvah project, Abby is collecting                          forward to the time he can lead birding trips.
and donating needed food items to SOME, So Others Might Eat. She               Ben will celebrate with his parents, his brother Jason, and friends
is excited to be celebrating this simcha with her grandparents,           and family from the U.S. and Canada. Proud grandparents Shirley &
                                                                                                                  See B’NAI MITZVAH, next page
Page 15                                                                                                                         November 2010

                                                  AROUND OL AM TIKV AH

EDUCATION AND YOUTH                      32109876543212109876543210987654321098765432121098765432109876543210987654321
                                             School office, (703) 425-3237;
                                             OT Youth Groups Off and Running
Director of Education and Youth Activities                                      members to help us plan our programming.
                                                                                     Our USY chapter is proud to welcome Josh
     I have long-since forgotten many, many things I learned as a
                                                                                Sisskind as our new advisor. He comes to us
teenager. But I can still sing the entire HaNegev Regional Song from
                                                                                after serving two years as advisor for Congrega-
my USY days. I remember the excitement of my first regional conven-
                                                                                tion Ohav Shalom’s USY chapter in Albany, NY.
tion, from the seemingly endless bus ride to the Craig Taubman
                                                                                Josh brings years of USY experience to Olam
concert. The Christmas Day I spent with my chapter serving meals at
                                                                                Tikvah. He spent 8 years in Tzafon USY, four as
Camillus House, a homeless shelter in downtown Miami, was my first
                                                                                a USYer (Temple Adath Yeshuran;
experience doing real hands-on community service. And the Jewish                                                                  Photo by Susan Coren
                                                                                Syracuse, NY), two as a chapter advisor
friends I made during those years of singing silly songs, traveling and
                                                                                (Congregation Ohav Shalom, above), and
tzedakah are still a part of my life today.
                                                                                two as a regional fieldworker, where his main task was planning
     It’s an exciting time to be a part of the three Jewish youth groups
                                                                                regional conventions. Josh also participated in USY on Wheels in
here at Olam Tikvah. Here’s a look at what we have to offer:
                                                                                2001 and has attended USY International Convention, most recently
     For our 4th and 5th graders, Machar activities harness their
                                                                                in Washington, DC in 2008. Josh and his wife, Kimi, have been living
energy and creativity, while allowing them to socialize and get to
                                                                                in Fairfax since 2009 and are looking forward to getting involved in
know one another. Dan Noble is our Machar advisor, and we’re
                                                                                the Northern Virginia Jewish Community.
looking for a few parents to lend a hand as well. Events will be held
                                                                                                                         See PRE-COLLEGE CLASS p. 19
once a month, kicking off with Pizza and Pottery Painting that was              TOT SHABBAT
held here at OT at the end of October.
     Kadima is already off to a great start, with their first event, a          By MORAH NECHAMA RETTING AND MORAH ELIZABETH WEINER,
Make-Your-Own-Pizza Extravaganza, under their belt and a large                  Teachers
number of our 6th-8th grade members just back from Kadima Kallah at                  Can you believe it is November
                                                  Capital Camps. Dan            already! Chanukah is right around the
                                                  Noble is also leading         corner!! Tot Shabbat is growing and
                                                  this group, and he            expanding each week. We have so many
                                                  brings tremendous             children who really love coming to our
                                                  enthusiasm to the             services. Baruch Hashem! We have new
                                                  program. In the coming        guests most weeks, and we love to teach
                                                  months, as our chapter        the children about the mitzvah of
                                                  continues to flourish,        Hachnasat Orchim—making our guests feel welcome! So, if you
                                                  we’ll be electing a board     haven’t tried Tot Shabbat, come and join us! We love seeing new
                                                  and calling upon the          faces mixing with our “Shabbat regulars”!
                                                            See next column          During the weeks when there is no Shorashim, we always
                           Photo by Dan Noble
                                                                                welcome our Tot Shabbat “graduates” to join us. It is our pleasure to
B’NAI MITZVAH, Continued from previous page                                     have some older role models come and help us out. Parents, please be
Frank Entis and Ann & Robert Eisen can’t wait to celebrate with him.            aware of our policy: if your child(ren) come to Tot Shabbat, they must
Ben feels lucky and thankful to be celebrating Thanksgiving with the            remain with us until the end of the service or until you come and get
Montreal Habs and Drew Brees and the Who Dat Nation.                            them. We cannot allow the children to come and go, as it is our
                                                                                responsibility to care for them and keep them safe.
                                                                                     We would also really appreciate your keeping an eye on your
                                                                                children when they are not in programming, so they are not getting
                                                                                into trouble in the preschool, Religious School wing, Social Hall, coat
                                                                                closet or outside unsupervised. We all understand how difficult it is
                                                                                when you want to daven, but it is also hard on fellow congregants to
                                                                                have to reprimand your unsupervised children. Thank you for
                                                                                understanding! We are a community working together!!
                                                                                     We have Tot Shabbat most Saturdays, with babysitting starting
                                                                                at 10:30am and child-friendly services beginning at 11:00am. Hope to
                                                                                see you there!! Snacks are included!!
                                                                                Morah Nechama and Morah Elizabeth
November 2010                                                                                                       Page 16

                                                       YA H R Z E I T S

                            During November, we observe the Yahrzeiten of our loved ones:
          11/1                       11/7                     11/13                    11/19                      11/25
    Fantine Finberg              Fay Faggen              Dorothy Hecht            Harold Owrutzky            Alvin Bergman
    Alfred L. Frahm             Sadie Staiman             Robert Leshan            Samuel Weiss              Mark Goldfarb
      Doris Haber              Charles Yedwab             Elaine Rudow                                      Arthur Holzman
    Joseph Katzman                                       Nathan Spivack                  11/20                 Paul Laban
       Eric Roth                     11/8                                     Hyman Nathanson Brown      Sylvia Markuson Yelen
                                 Lena Block                    11/14               Frances Kovner              Eva Shostak
          11/2              John Carl Christoffers       Bernard Gidding            Leah Newman               Julius Walder
     William Birner              Jerry Israel           Rebecca Grossman           Estelle Orringer
  Sylvia C. Budiansky            Rella Katz                 Lee Kogan                 Efim Reznik                  11/26
     Eva Dizenfeld             Velvel Katzman              Bertha Scher            Ruth Silberglitt           Sandra Bolton
 Phyllis Rebecca Fort            Leon Korn             Sara Schwartz Colef       Esther Plait Thomas        Beverly Schindler
  Philip Israel Hauser           Jose Pinto             Dorothy Steelman           Richard Toobin       Gertrude Mautner Schwab
      Iuda Hersch                David Safer                                                                 Charlotte Vogel
       Frank Love               Sam Weisman                    11/15                     11/21                 Rose Weinick
   Samuel Malakoff                                        Sally Feldman            Morris Feldman        Elaine Silverman Weiss
    Sidney Phillips                   11/9                  Mary Kane             Joseph Haim Fort             Rose Wimmer
 Gabriel Sochaczewski        Bernard Budiansky         Paula Iris Malinick      Abraham Goldenberg
                               Julius Goldstein           Molly Mappen          Frances R. Grauman                 11/27
           11/3                 Irving Kaplan        Meme Charlotte Newman           Gussie Shaw            Anna (Nutzi) Blau
     David Arnstein                Vera Katz         Mary E. Conover Sherman       Joseph Shoham              Abraham Glick
     Maxine Echols           Benjamin Schrager                                                                Ethel Kierstein
        Leo Falek             Lillian Sontheimer               11/16                     11/22                Mollie Koonin
     Arthur Hutkin           Samuel Max Wenger             Frances Kay        Aaron Heumann Gurian             Rose Kronish
     Nathan Schofer            Elaine Westreich          Samuel Lampert            Joel J. Hochman          Samuel H. Levine
Dr. William Jacob Shriber                                 Jacques Pinto           Beatrice Kolberg        Jonathan Maultasch
                                    11/10                 Annette Rieger          Harry Krantzman          Herbert Nussbaum
         11/4                     Abe Barth              Samuel Shapiro                 Hy Paul                Meyer Rosen
    Ian Dusenberry          Sharyn Bass Crockett         Harry Silverman         Gertrude Steinberg         Pearle Rosenblum
     Morris Miller               Selma Klein            Anna Meltzer Wolf                                      Sophie Solon
      Lily Rosen                Sylvia Plotkin                                           11/23                George Tannen
     Esther Seigal             Ida Wolf Polmar                 11/17               Anna H. Caplan              George White
 Stephen Ross Seltman       Robert C. Tannenbaum          Henry Finberg              Irving Levine
    Raphael Stravitz                                   Freida Paris Leshan        Charlotte Muller                 11/28
                                    11/11              Sara Jacobs Patent       Sally Swiss Perlberg         Isidore Horowitz
          11/5               Rabbi C. David Matt         Sari R. Talenfeld          Lisel Rosenthal            Anna Kaplan
     Rosalyn Boros            Robert Shimanski            Sandor Weiner                                     Raymond Lazarus
     Manfred Gale           Mary Brownell Sievers                                        11/24                Nathan Plotkin
      Jack Hodin              Evelyn Signorelli                11/18                Louis Chernoff
      Clara Mayer                                        Lillian Bielsker           Harry Gabriel                  11/29
     Phyllis Mincis                 11/12                  Louis Gelfeld             Henry Masin             Marvin Shanker
    Carl Reichbart             Belle Behrmann          Florence Goldstein    Mildred Elizabeth Ognibene    Ruth Wachtenheim
    Fannie Weisman             Alan Budiansky             Olga Guttmann               Leo Pajgin                Betty Walter
                                Hyman Erman               Meyer Halpern         Elizabeth Prozument
          11/6                 Solomon Levine          Ethel Lederhandler                                          11/30
     Anne C. Brown           Thelma Schoenburg             Max Rutzick                                     Milton Blumenthal
     Carolyn Nash             Emilia Schrubba            Phyllis Schwartz                                 Beatrice Rabinowitz
    Morris Orringer            Helen Zabinsky             Bernice Siegel
    Muriel Schuffler                                      Louis L. Snyder
      Steve Stone                                         Esther Spivack
    Isaias Teichberg                                        Reva Weiss
    Morris L. Yellen
Page 17                                                                                                                 November 2010

                                               AROUND OL AM TIKV AH

                                                                         connection with our homeland. We even have on our staff an Israel
OT Preschool Director
                                                                         Specialist, a teacher who has participated in the “Israel in Our Hearts,
     The Olam Tikvah Preschool mission is to “instill Jewish values      in Our Souls and in Our Gans” program sponsored by the Partner-
in families by providing rich, meaningful and authentic Jewish           ship for Jewish Life and Learning (PJLL).
educational experiences for children and their families in safe,              At OT Preschool, we believe that early childhood education
nurturing, and sacred environments,” as Ilene Vogelstein suggests        programs like ours hold the greatest potential for creating the
in her article, “A Universal Mission for Early Childhood Jewish          immediate (parents) and future (our students) generation of commit-
Education Programs.” In order to accomplish this goal, we ensure         ted and knowledgeable American Jews. To learn more about our
that the preschool faculty is knowledgeable about child develop-         outstanding program, please contact Preschool Director Sharon
ment and Jewish education and that they participate in professional      Sherry, (703) 425-1886 or
development opportunities. OTPS Board of Directors also provides             Our new and exciting “Baby and Me” program is now
educational, social and Jewish experiential opportunities for school     under way! This class is for children ages 0-2 and
parents and families.                                                    their caregivers. We meet twice a month for music,
     Our teachers adhere to our mission statement by fostering a         snack, crafts and discussions on important parenting
love of learning, creativity and wonder—not only about Jewish            issues. For more information please contact Sharon
topics but also about the world around us. They provide each child       Sherry, (703) 425-1886 or
a variety of opportunities to grow at his or her own pace. They
present each topic through song, crafts, stories, cooking, explora-
tion and more. For example, we may study the fall season by going
                                                                              Rocknoceros to Rock the Preschool
on a nature walk, creating a collage using fall colors from materials                 Sunday, November 21, 4:00-7:00pm
the children select themselves, singing “Gray Squirrel” and reading                                       The world-famous kid band,
stories about the changing leaves.                                                                        Rocknoceros, will play at OT’s
     Additionally, our teachers instill a love of Israel in their                                         Family Fun Day. This amazing, day
students. Throughout the year we have maps of Israel on the                                               will also feature crafts, games
floors, units devoted to the study of Israeli artists, school-wide Yom                                    vendors, food and more. Contact
Ha’Atzmaut programming, Israeli dance classes and more. Our hope                                
is that OTPS students and families will begin to forge a lifelong
November 2010                                                                                                                   Page 18

          A R O U N D T H E B E LT W A Y
                                LT AY                                               KIDDUSH SPONSORS

FJS EVENTS                                                                          Tov
                                                                              Mazal Tov to everyone who donated to sustain
                                                                                 our Kiddush Fund, in honor of their
      Northern Virginia Lunch & Learn                                                             anniversaries.
                                                                                       November anniversaries.
                Presented jointly with the JCCNV
      Meets Tuesdays, 12:00-1:30pm, in the library                                                November 1-4
     at JCCNV, 8900 Little River Turnpike, Fairfax,                                         Jill & Cary Schwartzbach
       John Rybicki teaches on Tuesdays, November 2, 9 & 23, on
                                                                                              November 5-11
“Jewish Philosophers and Philosophies.”
     John Rybicki is a noted lecturer at various locations in and
                                                                               Esther & Pablo Elliott, Shula & Jacob Friedman,
around Virginia.                                                                 Anna & Irwin Jacobs, Beth & Barry Reisig,
     Key philosophers and philosophies in the development of                  Marilynne & Steven Specht, Fraida & Alan Zusman
modern Jewish thought: Baruch Spinoza (17th Century), Moses
                                                                                             November 12-18
Mendelssohn (18th Century) and Abraham Heschel (20th Century).
Topics will include the nature and attributes of God, scripture,
                                                                              Traci & Eliot Goldberg, Barbra & Arnold Golub,
wisdom and the impact of the Enlightenment.                                      Laura & Seth Herz, Miriam & Albert Pinto,
     Lunch is scheduled at 12:00pm (hot beverages provided), and           Beverly & Norman Polmar, Miriam & Ronald Silverman,
study 12:10-1:30pm. Bring a brown-bag pareve or dairy lunch.                Amy & David Starr, Daphna Scharf & Mitchell Tobias
     Information may be found on our web site,
     Inclement Weather Policy: When the JCC is closed or opens
                                                                                              November 19-25
late due to weather conditions, class is cancelled.                             Vicki & Simon Fishman, Jill & Samuel Kastner,
                                                                                Shelly & Fred Kerman, Joan & Donald Sacarob,
GESHER JEWISH DAY SCHOOL EVENT                                                          Shana Weiss & Coleman Sachs

                 Dinner with a Twist®                                                       November 26-30
                                                                             Brenda & Marvin Klemow, Claudette & Evan Kraus,
               Saturday evening, November 13
     You can dine with Mara Liasson of NPR and Fox News, Bonnie
                                                                                         Elizabeth & Peter Maer
Benwick of The Washington Post Food Section, Mark Plotkin of                 Thanks to AnnEllen Feltcorn, Deb Malafsky and
WTOP or one of several other special guests at the home of a                               Clare Tanenbaum,
community member. This evening offers the opportunity for fabulous
fare and sparkling conversation with some remarkable guests.
                                                                                who made this month’s anniversary calls.
     Proceeds benefit Gesher's scholarship fund. For more informa-               NEW RECRUITS ARE NEEDED TO MAKE
tion, visit and click on the Dinner with a Twist                 ANNIVERSARY PHONE CALLS.
logo on the home page, or contact Rochelle Goldberg, Gesher’s Vice                  Please call Barbara Holleb, (703) 569-3095,
President of Fundraising, (703) 962-9150 or dinnerwithatwist@gesher-              if you are able to make 20 calls once a year!
                                                                       Continued from previous column

JCCNV JEWISH BOOK FESTIVAL                                             SEEKERS, SEARCHERS, AND SELLERS
    A Celebration of Jewish Writings and                                      Thursday, November 18, 7:00-9:00pm, at OT
                                                                            A speed networking evening for those seeking employment,
               Jewish Authors                                          searching for employees, and selling products. Help others while
               Sunday-Sunday, November 7-14                            helping yourself. Bring with you a one-minute speech regarding
     The JCCNV is pleased to take you on a literary journey with       what you are looking for and a resume, application or business card,
leading authors from across the country. Throughout the week,          so others can get back to you.
outstanding author lectures and programs will satisfy every literary        Please RSVP with contact information, what your networking
taste. Be sure to peruse our comprehensive selection of books on       goal is and how many will attend, to Neal Sereboff at (571) 449-6246
sale for children and adults. We’ll even wrap your books up for        or
Chanukah gift giving!
     Events to look forward to: the popular Afternoon Tea with a               SISTERHOOD’S SIMCHA CATERING
renowned author, Book Club & Book Lover’s Night, Light Lunch &
                                                                                  For All Your Special Occasions at Olam Tikvah
Author Lecture, Israel Night and more!
     For program details, check our web site often at
                                                                        Oneg or Kiddush following your
,or contact Laurie Albert at (703) 537-3064 or       Bar or Bat Mitzvah, Naming or Aufruf
                                          See SEEKERS, next column       For information, call Leona Shoon, (703) 425-1880
Page 19                                                                                                               November 2010

              FROM OUR HEAR TS                                                                     DA
                                                                                             T Z E DA K A H
                                                                      We gratefully acknowledge the following donations of
MAZAL TOV                                                             machzorim, which were received by October 11, 2010.
We wish a hearty mazal tov to...
Rachel & Elliott Abrams, on the marriage of their daughter,               EMANUEL PASSAMANECK PRAYER BOOK/TALLIT (MACHZOR)
                                                                     In appreciation of Michael Toobin, by Ruth Ungerleider
      Sarah, to Joshua Beraha                                        In honor of Daniel Matt and in memory of Rabbi Hershel Matt, by Beulah &
Jane & Bill Behrmann, on the birth of their grandson,                    Marvin Bleiberg
      Bailey August Behrmann Rubin                                   In honor of our parents Fay & Edward Felber and in memory of our
Livia & Harold Jacob, on the engagement of their daughter,               parents, Alicia & Sidney Green, by Bette Ann & Melvin Felber
                                                                     In memory of my wife, Micki Rosenfeld, and with appreciation to the OT
      Debra, to Randy Karl                                               community for their support, by Myer Rosenfeld
R’FUAH SH’LAYMAH                                                     In honor of Robert Schuffler and in memory of Muriel Schuffler, by Carol
Al Gabriel                                                           IN HONOR OF
                                                                     40th wedding anniversary of Maddy & Rich Cassell, by Ellen & Jack
CONDOLENCE                                                               Finberg; Leona Shoon
                                                                     Adam Starr’s Bar Mitzvah, by Amy & David Starr
We extend our deepest sympathy on the loss of...                     Barbara Holleb, by Aimee Holleb and Jason Holleb
Dr. Michael Billinson, father of George Billinson                    B’nai Mitzvah Class of 2010, by Michelle & Paul Nash
Jerry Diener, brother of Edward Diener                               Chana and Zahavah Bielsker Rolfe, by Bubbe & Zayde
                                                                     Claire & Harry Weber, by Debbie & Mark Weber
Sidney Fuchs, father of Glenn Fuchs                                  Diane & John Rothberg, on their 50th wedding anniversary, by Eric, Rachel,
Louise Gabel, mother of Jon Gabel                                        Hannah and Nathan Rothberg
Ashley Phalen, daughter of Joan & Paul Blumstein                     Dottie & Henry Snider, by Rebecca & Tim Miller
Ruth Pohl, mother of Mark Pohl                                       Edwin Baer, for his service in Afghanistan, by Shirley & John Baer
                                                                     Esther & Kenneth Tuchman, by Paula & Mitchell Weiss
Harry Weber, father of Mark Weber                                    Felsen Family, by Shelia & Lonny Felsen
                                                                     Friendship, by the Cohen, Cohn, Dorosin, Klevan, Leshan, Segal, Shapiro,
TREE OF LIFE                                                             Sherwin and Zusman Families
                                                                     Hallie & Ben Malina, by Nancy & Joel Malina
A leaf has recently been mounted for…
                                                                     Helen & Charles Alexander, on their 50th wedding anniversary, by Eric,
Dotty Fuchsman, on your special birthday, by Loving Friends              Rachel, Hannah and Nathan Rothberg
With gratitude for our wonderful family and the past 60 years,       Howard Newman’s birthday, by Debbie & Al Spitzer; Karen Newman
      Bernice & Ed Stern                                             Joan Isenberg, by Michelle, Dave, Jacob and Sara Pearlstein
                                                                     Mr. & Mrs. Harold Herz, by Laura, Seth, Max and Kate Herz
THANK YOU, VOLUNTEERS                                                My Family, by Neil Schlussel
                                                                     Neil Schlussel’s special birthday on June 26, by Elizabeth & Peter Maer
The office staff would like to thank our faithful volunteers—we      Olam Tikvah, by Bernice & Alvin Kaufman; Sharon & Lance Sherry; the
could not get along without them.                                        Hone Family; Heidi, Ben, Ahava and Devorah Freeman
Andrea Fabian, Edith Krantzman                                       OT Office Staff, by Andrea Fabian
                                                                     OT’s Founding Families, by Florence & Alvin Bernstein
    Please keep the office informed of your life-cycle events        Our children—Adam, Arielle, Zev and Max—by Michelle & Steven Stravitz
                                                                     Our children and grandchildren, by Dr. & Mrs. Alan Moshell
           and let us know when you need our help.                   Our children, Emily and Carl, by Susan & David Schwartz
                                                                     Our children, Emmett and Daniel Dorlester, by Andrea & Brian Dorlester
PRE-COLLEGE CLASS, Continued from page 15                            Our children, Rachel, Sam, Lisa and Mia, by Andrea & Jerry Gross
                                                                     Our children, Zachary and Jordan, by Rebecca & Tim Miller
                                                                     Our daughter, Sandra Fay Bloom, by Cheryl Tuchman Bloom & Murray
                 CALLING ALL                                         Our first grandchild, Allegra Dorine Zusman, born May 13, 2010, by Fraida
       HIGH SCHOOL JUNIORS AND SENIORS!                                  & Alan Zusman
                                                                     Our grandchildren, by Karen & Howard Newman
                It’s not too late to join the                        Our grandchildren, Charlotte & Sam Wenk, by Alice & Edward Marion
                                                                     Our grandchildren, Molly, Nathan and Jacob Goldberg, by Linda & Walter
                 OT Pre-College Program!                                 Meyer
                                                                     Reuben Ambaruch’s 2nd Bar Mitzvah, by Sylvia Ambaruch
      We meet once a month on Sundays. The program will enable       Rhoda Ritzenberg, by Ken Heitner
 you to apply your many years of Jewish education to a variety of    The Cohn Grandchildren, by Sue & Ken Cohn
 experiences, both inside OT and outside. As a subset of the OT      The Olam Tikvah Community, by Carol & Paul Shaman
 community, we’ll socialize and learn… and eat. We’ll also think     The Oshry Family, by Susanne & Stacy Oshry
                                                                     The Sereboff Family, by Joanne & Tom Stryer
 about important issues that you will encounter on the college       Faith Hemmerdinger, by Karen & Barry Hemmerdinger
 campus.                                                             Jacob Hemmerdinger, by Karen & Barry Hemmerdinger
 Go to to download the      Karen Hemmerdinger’s Bat Mitzvah, by Karen & Barry Hemmerdinger
 registration form, and return the completed form to Rabbi Paskind   Our daughters, Andrea and Tamara, by Deedy & Ed Eisenson
                                                                     Our High Holiday honors—2010, by Deedy & Ed Eisenson
 (                                          Reuben Hemmerdinger, by Karen & Barry Hemmerdinger
                                                                                                                  See MACHZORIM, page 21
November 2010                                                                                                                          Page 20

                                                                 T Z E DA K A H

          We gratefully acknowledge the following contributions, which were received by September 28, 2010.

                      CAPITAL IMPROVEMENT FUND                                                    EMANUEL PASSAMANECK
     The Capital Improvement Fund enables us to provide funds for                                 PRAYER BOOK/TALIT FUND
                                                                             IN HONOR OF
major, unbudgeted capital improvements to the current facility. We           Dotty Fuchsman’s special birthday, by Your Loving Friends
ask congregants to keep the Capital Improvement Fund in mind when            IN MEMORY OF
making contributions to Olam Tikvah, whether to honor someone’s              David Loewenstein, by Shelley Adler, Toby and Matt Loewenstein
memory or a simcha.                                                          Edward Robert Pohl, by Martha & Mark Pohl
                                                                             Zosimo Camargo Aylas, by Martha & Mark Pohl
     Please do not confuse this fund with the Capital Campaign,              Ian Pablo Dusenberry, by Martha & Mark Pohl
which is solely for the Olam Tikvah expansion project.                       Lillian Toobin, mother of Michael, by the Toobin Family
                                                                             Livia Varkonyi, by Leslie & Irv Varkonyi
                                                                             Sadie Spector, by Leslie & Irv Varkonyi
Birth of Elijah Morris Sereboff, son of Terry & Neal, grandson of Joanne &                     GERALD BRISSMAN/LYLE MILLER
     Tom Stryer, by Bonnie & Jeff Siegell                                                        COLLEGE OUTREACH FUND
Birth of Maya Joli Howard, granddaughter of Barbara & Carl Villarruel, by    IN HONOR OF
     Florence & Al Bernstein                                                 40th wedding anniversary of Rona & Alan Moshell, by Debbie & Mark
Marriage of Aaron Shoon to Heather Lasche, by Lynn Phillips                       Weber
Marriage of Jennifer Finberg to Jeremy Kahn, by Leona Shoon                  Bat Mitzvah of Zoe Diamond-Tapper, by Debbie & Mark Weber
Marriage of Renee Leshan to Steven Hill, by Ellen & Jack Finberg; Lynn       Birth of Ariana Miriam, granddaughter of Bernice & Sam Eisen, daughter
     Phillips                                                                     of Judith & Jacob Cabelli, by Gloria Brissman
My aliyah, by Leona Shoon                                                    Birth of Maya Joli Howard, granddaughter of Barbara & Carl Villarruel,
Susan Coren, by Michelle Pearlstein                                               by Debbie & Mark Weber
IN MEMORY OF                                                                 Birth of Anna & Irv Jacobs’s grandson, by Sue & Ken Cohn
Harold Wesley, by Leona Shoon; Michelle Pearlstein; Pearl & Steve Raikin,    Marriage of Aaron Shoon to Heather Lasche, by Debbie & Mark Weber
     Devora & Brian, Ivan, Ethan and Aria                                    Marriage of Renee Leshan to Steven Hill, by Debbie & Mark Weber
Ilse Stahl, by Ruth & Mayer Smith                                            IN MEMORY OF
Fred Shoon, by Leona Shoon                                                   Harold Wesley, by Cheri & Harold Belkowitz; Debbie & Mark Weber;
FOR THE R’FUAH SH’LAYMAH OF                                                       Eileen & Norman Leshan; Mimi & Len Levine; Sue & Ken Cohn
Amy Driessen, by Cheryl & Murray Bloom                                       Morton Weiss, by Debbie & Mark Weber
Debbie Friedman, by Leona Shoon                                              Rabbi Bernard Ducoff, by Cheri & Harold Belkowitz; Debbie & Mark
Howard Nachman, by Leona Shoon                                                    Weber
Noah Seiler, by Gloria & Ira Seiler                                          FOR THE R’FUAH SH’LAYMAH OF
Roberta Wulf, by Bonnie & Jeff Siegell                                       Adam Toobin, by Sue & Ken Cohn
                                                                             Barbara Cohen, by Debbie & Mark Weber
                  COMFORT AND CONDOLENCE FUND                                Dave Pearlstein, by Debbie & Mark Weber
IN MEMORY OF                                                                 Debbie Friedman, by Debbie & Mark Weber
Dora Levine, by Neil Schlussel                                               Janice Hiller, by Mimi & Len Levine

         DOROTHY EDISON AND ALEXANDER LEVIN LIBRARY FUND                                            HAROLD T. RIB TORAH
In appreciation of David Goldberg, Scott, Jacob and Jenna Gould and Jack                         & RELIGIOUS ARTICLES FUND
     Klevan, for helping to raise our Sukkah, by Elizabeth & Peter Maer      IN MEMORY OF
IN HONOR OF                                                                  Wolf Merel, by Judy & Noah Engelberg and Family
Andrea Fabian—Yasher Koach on your Rosh Hashanah aliyah, by Joanne &
     Tom Stryer                                                                                          ISRAEL QUEST FUND
Birth of Maya Joli Howard, granddaughter of Barbara & Carl Villarruel, by    IN HONOR OF
     Randee & Jerry Markowitz                                                Shelly & Joel Palley’s special birthdays, by Jane & Bill Behrmann
Helen Taubman’s new job, by Elizabeth & Peter Maer                           IN MEMORY OF
Jerry’s High Holy Day aliyah, by Randee & Jerry Markowitz                    Ilse Stahl, by Jane & Bill Behrmann
Marriage of Jennifer Finberg to Jeremy Kahn, by Joanne & Tom Stryer          Morton Weiss, by Jane & Bill Behrmann
My High Holy Day aliyah, by Andrea Fabian                                    FOR THE R’FUAH SH’LAYMAH OF
IN MEMORY OF                                                                 Barbara Cohen, by Jane & Bill Behrmann
Dorothy Edison Levin, by Erika Schuster & Clay Biberdorf
Harold Wesley, by Joanne & Tom Stryer; Randee & Jerry Markowitz;                                     JERRY WERBEL
     Stephanie & Ilan Sussan                                                                    MEMORIAL LANDSCAPE FUND
Ilse Stahl, by Randee & Jerry Markowitz                                      IN HONOR OF
FOR THE R’FUAH SH’LAYMAH OF                                                  Marriage of Renee Leshan and Steven Hill, by Eileen & Norman Leshan
Bernice Stern, by Joanne & Tom Stryer                                        IN MEMORY OF
Debbie Friedman, by Joanne & Tom Stryer                                      Harold Wesley, by the Toobin Family
Roberta Wulf, by Joanne & Tom Stryer
Page 21                                                                                                                         November 2010

                                                                 T Z E DA K A H
 RABBI ITZHAQ M. KLIRS MEMORIAL ADULT                                TZEDAKAH FUND                     MACHZORIM, Continued from page 19
             EDUCATION FUND                           Shana Tova, by Martin Pontell                    IN MEMORY OF
                                                      IN MEMORY OF                                     Abe “Papa” Barth, by Melissa, Steve, Max, Eli and
    Contributions to help support the Olam            Abraham Friedman, by Jacob Friedman                  Noah Hochberg
Tikvah Chorale may be so designated on                Anita Levine, by Bruce C. Levine                 Adela & William Gotkin, by Kitty Timmes
your check. They are held in the Adult                Anna Dubchansky, by Judith Anderson              Anne & Harry Miller, by Bobbie Ebert, Joseph Ebert
                                                      Arlene Epstein, by Murray Bloom                      and Andrea Ebert Matlaw
Education Fund for the sole benefit of the            Benjamin Nattboy, by Rochelle Salzman            Aunt Sarah Smith, by Bobbie Ebert, Joseph Ebert and
OT Chorale and are noted below as (OTC).              Bernard Berner, by Todd Berner                       Andrea Ebert Matlaw
                                                      Bernard Spitzer, by Alvin Spitzer                Al & Ruth Rosenfeld, grandparents of Stephanie
IN HONOR OF                                           David Werber, by Elaine Tolk                         Sussan, by Stephanie, Ilan, Alexa, Lia and Noa
60th wedding anniversary of Bernice & Ed              Dr. Joseph Argoff, by David Argoff                   Sussan
    Stern, by Carol & Paul Shaman                     Ellen Follick, by Michael Witlin                 Alan Gray, father of Melinda, by Melinda & Mark Roth
IN MEMORY OF                                          Harold Wesley, by Lynne & Elliott Dubin          Alex Schlakman, by Marilyn & David Friedman
Tess Levy, by Judy & Stan Schretter                   Harry Stein, by Betsy & John MacCarthy           Aliza Kolker, by Ken Heitner
Grace Griffenberg, by Florence & Al Bernstein         Janyce Pearlstein, by Michelle & David           Anna H. Caplan, grandmother of Betsy MacCarthy, by
    (OTC)                                                  Pearlstein                                      Betsy & John MacCarthy
Jeannine Nataf, by Michelle Rendelman (OTC)           Joseph Dienstfrey, by Stephen Dienstfrey         Anne & Harry Stein, by Debra & Herman Stein
Joseph Nataf, by Michelle Rendelman (OTC)             Joyce G. Zarkin, by Jeffrey Zarkin               Arlene Bloom Epstein, sister of Murray Bloom, by
FOR THE R’FUAH SH’LAYMAH OF                           Judith Gomperts, by Jane Rosenthal                   Cheryl Tuchman Bloom & Murray Bloom
Ruth Plotkin, by Michelle Rendelman (OT               Leonard Vorcheimer, by Roger Vorcheimer          Arnold Kaplan, husband of Bunny, by Bunny Kaplan
                                                      Madelyn Wolson, by Bernice & Ed Stern            Aylin Schlussel, by Neil Schlussel
         RABBI’S DISCRETIONARY FUND                   Max Frahm, by Irene F. Smith                     Belle & Sol Levine, parents of Julian, by Natalie &
In gratitude for Erma Kimmel’s recovery, by           May Schwartz, by Rhonda Brown                        Julian Levine
     Susan Stone                                      Milton L. Cobert, by Tamara & Edward             Benjamin Kaplan, by Doris Kaplan
With thanks to Rabbi Kalender for officiating at           Faggen                                      Bertha & Oscar Rozansky, parents of Beverly, by
     our wedding, by Brie & Jay Fahrer                Mitchell Shankman, by Gary Shankman                  Beverly Rosen
IN HONOR OF                                           Mordechai Zelig, by Irene F. Smith               Betty & Martin Hirschon, by Barbara Berger
Dr. Stuart Katz—in gratitude for Erma Kimmel’s        Pearl Heller, by Joan & Steve Heller             Betty Miller, by Rhoda & Mark Miller
     recovery, by Susan Stone and Erma’s entire       Reuben Chesler, by Bernice & Ed Stern            Beverly & Harry Chapel, by Anita & Steve Dienstfrey
     family                                           Rivka Katzman, by Bill Behrmann                  Captain Harry M. Krantzman, USN, by Edith Krantzman
Rabbi Ita Paskind, by Judie Singer                    Rose Hilert, by Michael Hilert                   Celia & Barney Weiner, parents of Roberta, by
IN MEMORY OF                                          Ruth Koss, by Marvin Kon                             Roberta & Henry Wulf
Harold Wesley, by Beverly & Norman Polmar             Sally Goldberg, by Jill Schwartzbach             Clara & Louis Barnett, grandparents of Stephanie, by
Ilse Stahl, by Sarah Elpern & Bruce Waxman            Samuel Fruchter, by Helen Fruchter                   Stephanie, Ilan, Alexa, Lia and Noa Sussan
Regina Eder, by Lilly & Stuart Eder                   Thelma Elpern, by Sarah Elpern                   Dorothy & Leroy Wallen, by your loving son, David
FOR THE R’FUAH SH’LAYMAH OF                           Uncle Ira Brown, by Mona Poyta                   Dr. & Mrs. Louis C. Tonken, grandparents of Ilan, by
David Pearlstein, by Barbara S. & Robert L.           William Friedman, by Peter Friedman                  Stephanie, Ilan, Alexa, Lia and Noa Sussan
     Cohen                                            William Gotkin, by Kitty Timmes                  Elsie & Joe Dienstfrey, by Anita & Steve Dienstfrey
                                                                                                       Emanuel Stern, father of Edward, by Bernice & Ed
                  ROBERT NATKIN                        WALTER HAUSFELD PLAYGROUND FUND                     Stern
           RELIGIOUS SCHOOL FUND                      IN HONOR OF                                      Enid Levitz, by Arlene & Allen Lebowitz
In appreciation and thanks to OT Sisterhood for       Birth of Aryeh Elliott, son of Esther & Pablo,   Eric Frank Kammer, by Traci, Eliot, Samuel and Jaren
    the meal and for everyone’s support after              by Jennifer & Jay Kugler                        Goldberg
    the death of my father, by Linda Glasman          Birth of our granddaughter, Ilana Lillian        Fania & Jacob Berger, by Barbara Berger
IN HONOR OF                                                Feldman, on August 14, 2010, by             Florence Guise Tuchman, mother of Cheryl, by Cheryl
Debra Beland and Beth Felsen—in appreciation               Marilyn & Irwin Feldman                         Tuchman Bloom & Murray Bloom
    of their tireless efforts and dedication to our                                                    Florence Schlakman, by Marilyn & David Friedman
    children, by Michelle Pearlstein                                                                   Frances Friedman, by Marilyn & David Friedman
                                                                                                       Frances Leventhal, by Lynne & Elliott Dubin and
                                                                                                       Frances Stein, grandmother of Betsy, by Betsy & John
      CELEBRATING a birthday, anniversary                                                              Fred Schoenburg, by the Schoenburg Family
                                                                                                       Fred Shoon, by Ellen & Jack Finberg; Leona Shoon
      or life-cycle event?                                                                             Frieda & Raymond Lubing, by Lael Lubing
                                                                                                       Gertrude & Julius Cohen, by Mimi & Len Levine
      HONOR THE EVENT by making a contribution                                                         Gertrude & Samuel Wulf, parents of Henry, by
                                                                                                           Roberta & Henry Wulf
      to one of the many Olam Tikvah funds!                                                            Harold Wesley, by Melinda & Mark Roth; Barbara
                                                                                                           Holleb; Lynne & Stuart Stein
      TO MAKE A DONATION:                                                                              Harriet Miller, by Rhoda & Mark Miller
      Call the office: (703) 425-1880; E-mail:                                  Harry Stein, grandfather of Betsy MacCarthy, by
                                                                                                           Betsy & John MacCarthy
      Web site:                                                                     Helen & Abe Eisenson, by Deedy & Ed Eisenson
      Snail mail: 3800 Glenbrook Road, Fairfax, VA 22031                                               Helen Heitner, by Ken Heitner
                                                                                                       Henry Tobin, by Jim Tobin
                                                                                                                             See MACHZORIM, page 22
November 2010                                                                                                                  Page 22
MACHZORIM, Continued from page 21
Hyman N. Caplan, grandfather of Betsy, by Betsy & John MacCar-
Hyman Toobin, by the Toobin Family
                                                                           S ANCTUARY S CHEDULES
Ida & Harry Sacarob, by Joan & Don Sacarob                           Shabbat Services
Ida Gelfand, by Estelle Brothers and Norman Gelfand
Ilse & Rudy Stahl, parents of Richard, by Sharyn, Richard, Ronit,    Friday   6:15pm, November 5, 12, 19 & 26
      Danielle and Jonathan Stahl                                    Saturday 9:30am, November 6, 13, 20 & 27
Irene & Jerry Walder, by Joan & Don Sacarob                          Mincha 5:30pm, November 20
Isadore Levine, by Rosalind Sloan & Arthur Levine
Isadore Miller, by Ellen, Steve, Jennifer and Kenny Rubenstein
Israel Weiss, by Paula & Mitchell Weiss
Itshag Drory, by Tammy & Jeff Cohen                                  Saturday, November 6          Parashah     Toldot
Jakob Seelig, by Layne Seelig                                        Saturday, November 13         Parashah     Vayetze
Jeremy R. Goldberg, by Traci, Eliot, Samuel and Jaren Goldberg
Jerry Werbel, by Brittanie, Dan, Jonah and Brandon Werbel            Saturday, November 20         Parashah     Vayishlach
Joel Rosen, brother of Bob, by Bob Rosen                             Saturday, November 27         Parashah     Vayeshev
Joseph Heitner, by Ken Heitner
Joseph Myron Moskowitz, uncle of Marie, by Marie Taubman             Tot Shabbat
Joseph Rose, father of Marie, by Marie Taubman
Judith & Ernest Chernoff, by Deedy & Ed Eisenson                     11:00am, Shabbat mornings, November 6, 13, 20 & 27
Julius Leventhal, by Lynne & Elliott Dubin and Family                Babysitting
Lawrence S. Gross, by Andrea & Jerry Gross
Libbey & Philip Sussan, grandparents of Ilan, by Stephanie, Ilan,    10:30am-12:15pm, every Shabbat morning
      Alexa, Lia and Noa Sussan
Lila Fleischman and Julia Tursky, by the Tursky Family               Other Services
Lillian & Nathan Hoffman, by Birgitta & Marshall Hoffman             Sunday, 9:00am & 8:00pm
Lillian Toobin, by the Toobin Family
Louis Bloom, father of Murray, by Cheryl Tuchman Bloom & Murray      Monday-Thursday, 8:00pm
      Bloom                                                          Wednesdays, 7:00am
Louise & Ward Hartzell, by Susanne & Stacy Oshry                     Thursday, November 25, Shacharit, 9:00am
Lydia & Sam Rosen, parents of Bob Rosen, by Bob Rosen
Marilyn Elaine Schwartz, by Stefanie Schwartz
Martin & Joel Neifeld, by Tamara & Rich Neifeld
Mary Kozak Shore and Michael Shore, by Ilka Shore-Cooper
                                                                    MACHZORIM, Continued from previous column
Mervin Dizenfeld, by Bobbie Dizenfeld and sons Howard and           Rose & Louis Gelfeld, by Debbie & Mark Weber
      Chuck                                                         Sadie Chesler, mother of Bernice, by Bernice & Ed Stern
Minnie & Louis J. Golden, by Lindsay & Chris Belmonte               Sander Gerald Brissman, by Gloria Brissman
Minnie & Morris Edelman, by Debra & Herman Stein                    Sandra Tuchman Bolton, sister of Cheryl, by Cheryl Tuchman Bloom &
Miriam & Philip Walman, parents of Sharyn, by Sharyn, Richard,            Murray Bloom
      Ronit, Danielle and Jonathan Stahl                            Sandy Sushner, by Sarah Elpern & Bruce Waxman
Morris Finkel, father of Jim, by Barbara & Jim Finkel               Sarah Stern, mother of Edward, by Bernice & Ed Stern
Morris Friedman, by Marilyn & David Friedman                        Sid Feldman, by Marilyn Feldman Krug & John Krug
Morris Gelfand, by His Loving Children                              Sidney Spurgeon, by Dale & Albert Citron
Morris Robert Rose, grandfather of Marie, by Marie Taubman          Stephanie & Ivan Sacks, by Debra & Herman Stein
My father, Nathan Kahn, by Lynn Phillips                            Steven Kaplan, son of Bunny, by Bunny Kaplan
My mother, Beatrice Kahn, by Lynn Phillips                          Sylvia & Morton Rubin, parents of Natalie, by Natalie & Julian Levine
My parents, Norma & Philip Lustig, by Jack Lustig                   Sylvia Lederhandler, by the Toobin Family
My parents, Pearle & Raymond Swartz, by Phyllis Lustig              Sylvia Schlakman, by Marilyn & David Friedman
Nathaniel Miller, by Rhoda & Mark Miller                            Thomas Muller, by Sharon Muller and Family
Nathaniel S. Tuchman, father of Cheryl, by Cheryl Tuchman Bloom     Tillie & Samuel Levine, by Mimi & Len Levine
      & Murray Bloom                                                Victor Lederhandler, by the Toobin Family
Our parents, by Dr. & Mrs. Alan Moshell                             Zdenka Wurmser, by the Wurmser Family
Our parents, by Judy & Stan Schretter                               Dorothy Edison Levin, by Chavurah Maskelim
Our parents: Theresa & Harry Shnipper and Florence & Edward         Alice Adelson, by Lorin Schiff & Leonard Adelson
      Markowitz, by Randee & Jerry Markowitz                        Alison Schiff, by Lorin Schiff & Leonard Adelson
Pamela Zaban Skweres, cousin, by Cheryl Tuchman Bloom &             Arthur Adelson, by Lorin Schiff & Leonard Adelson
      Murray Bloom                                                  Claire & Bernard Masters, aunt and uncle of Elaine, by Elaine Tolk
Paul Sloan, by Rosalind Sloan & Arthur Levine                       Dorothy & David Werber, parents of Elaine, by Elaine Tolk
Rabbi Bernard Ducoff, by Melinda & Mark Roth                        Lionel Schiff, by Lorin Schiff & Leonard Adelson
Rebecca & Josef Zeller, parents of Margo, by Margo & Pat            Lisel & Siegfried Rosenthal, parents of Ralph, by Sandra & Ralph
      Tamburrino                                                          Rosenthal
Reuben M. Chesler, father of Bernice, by Bernice & Ed Stern         My late, beloved husband, Harris Bob Stone, by Ray Stone
Reva & Bert Weiss, by Karen Tovey & Edward Weiss                    Rabbi Klirs, by Irene & Gabriel Gluck
Richard Berger, by Barbara Berger                                   Rosanne & Samuel Goldgell, parents of Marsha, by Marsha Goldgell
Richard Toobin, by the Toobin Family                                      Petchik & Carl Petchik
                                      See MACHZORIM, next column    Sara & Isadore Baron, parents of Sandra, by Sandra & Ralph Rosenthal
                                                                    Sylvia & William Kapelmaster, aunt and uncle of Elaine, by Elaine Tolk
Page 23                                                                                      November 2010

                                          Shabbat Youth Activities
                  Tot Shabbat, 11:00am, November 6, 13, 20 & 27
                  Jr. Cong, Shorashim, November 13 & 27

      Please check, the listserv and the weekly announcements for calendar updates.
(703) 280-1261                  (703) 395-6179         (703) 425-5423             (703) 385-3712               (703) 503-5549
Glenn Taubman                   Debbie Swichkow        Herman Stein               Richard Stahl                Jerry Markowitz
D. Felsen                       L. Esterowitz          S. Eder                    S. Dienstfrey                S. Cohen
D. Feller                       M. Epstein             M. Eder                    E. Diener                    R. Cohen
A. Feldner                      J. Engler              R. Ebert                   A. Diamond-Tapper            Jocelyn Cohen
S. Feldman                      N. Engelberg           D. Dubin-Kritzer           W. Diamond                   Jeffrey Cohen
M. Feldman                      S. Engel               E. Dubin                   A. Dallas                    D. Cohen
Melvin Felber                   S. Endick              P. Driessen                M. Cury                      C. Cohen
Matt Felber                     R. Ellis               S. Douglass                F. Cooper                    A. Citron
M. Falck                        P. Elliott             J. Douglas                 L. Conover                   A. Chmara
E. Faggen                       M. Eisenberg           R. Dorosin                 L. Connor                    A. Chickinsky
J. Fahrer                       J. Eisen               A. Dorlester               K. Cohn                      B. Castel
A. Fabian                       S. Eisen               R. Dizenfeld               W. Cohen-Brown               J. Buxbaum
J. Estryn                       P. Eggan               J. Dietrick                W. Cohen                     M. Busman
November 28-December 2          November 21-25         November 14-18             November 7-11                October 31-November 4
 age, can participate. Please call the Ritual Committee coordinator in charge if you cannot participate.
 MINYAN is held on Sundays, 9:00am & 8:00pm, and Monday-Thursday at 8:00pm. Any male or female Jewish adult, above B’nai Mitzvah
                   (703) 912-3946      (703) 978-5722           (703) 945-9594                       (703) 425-2097
                   Fred Cooper         Clare Bachner            Scott Benson                         Rob Yunich
                   B. Gordon           M. Goldstein             M. Goldey                            D. Goldberg
                   G. Gondos           G. Goldstein             A. Goldblatt                         I. Gold
                   M. Golub            J. Goldstein             W. Goldberg                          A. Gol
                   A. Golub            A. Goldshteyn            R. Goldberg                          E. Glynn
                   K. Goldwasser       M. Goldfarb              J. Goldberg                          G. Gluck
                   A. Goltsman         D. Goldfarb              E. Goldberg                          J. Gluck
                   November 27         November 20              November 13                          November 6
                                        Please call the Board member in charge if you cannot participate.
                                        USHERING is for every Saturday morning. Please arrive 15 minutes before services (9:15am).
 PLEASE DELIVER PROMPTLY                                                                            DATED MATERIAL
                                                                                             Monday, November 1, 11:00am
                                                                                             NEXT DEADLINE:
                                                                  Leona Shoon, Advertising ........
                                                                  Melissa Benson, Membership
                                                                  Lisa Friedman, Editor .................
                                                                  Debra Beland, Ed/Youth .........
                                                                  Rachelle Palley, Administrator ...
                                                                  Andrea Gross, President ...
                                                                  Ita Paskind, Asst. Rabbi .........
                                                                  David Kalender, Rabbi .........
                                                                                 Web Page .....................
                                                                               (703) 425-1886                Preschool ......................
                                                                               (703) 425-3237                Religious School .............
                                                                               (703) 425-0835                Fax ...............................
                                                                               (703) 425-1880                Business Office ..............
                                                                    Affiliated with United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism
     22116                                                      98765432109876543212109876543210987654321098765432121098765432109876543210987654321
                                                                                                                      Founded in 1964
  Merrifield, VA                                                98765432109876543212109876543210987654321098765432121098765432109876543210987654321
   Permit #72
                                                                                                        Fairfax, Virginia 22031-3199
                                                                                                        3800 Glenbrook Road
  U.S. Postage
  Organization                                                                                          Congregation Olam Tikvah
   Non-Profit                                                   98765432109876543212109876543210987654321098765432121098765432109876543210987654321
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