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					                             Sigma-Byte Manarah Information Technology L.L.C.
                                    P. O. Box : 26663, Abu Dhabi – U.A.E.
                                           Phone : + 971-2-4472721
                                            Fax : + 971-2-4472723

SIGMA-BYTE COMPUTERS FZC                                         BRANCH OFFICES
Sharjah - U.A.E., Phone : +971-6-5579510, Fax: +971-6-5579501    Bangalore : +9180 411442497, 41130131, 132
SIGMA-BYTE COMPUTERS (S) PTE.LTD - Singapore                     Hyderabad : +9140 40038224, 4038225
SIGMA-BYTE COMPUTERS PVT. LTD - India                            New Delhi : +9111 42481734
Tel: +91-22-40274747 Fax: +91-22-24938930                        Pune : +9120 3294660
                                                                 Chennai : +9144-4550 8223, 4550 8224
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                                                                 Ahmadabad : +9179 – 40324747, 40324749
                                                                      w w w. s i g m a m a n a r a h . c o m

                                                                      With the burgeoning growth of network-centric systems, the highest communications performance and lowest
                                                                      possible downtime are two vital elements for today's businesses across the world. Sigma-Byte Manarah is
                                                                      always there to bridge the gap between spiraling demand for the better solutions and supply of competent
                                                                      services. The repertoire of Sigma-Byte Manarah expert solution covers virtually every aspect of your IT
                                                                      Infrastructure . Sigma Byte's total network solution blends proven technology with engineering expertise that
                                                                      enables you to successfully manage your project resources. The wide spectrum of our solutions include

                                                                             Information Transport Systems or State of the Art Intelligent Cabling Solutions
                                                                             High Caliber AV Solutions for Clear Communications
                                                                             Extremely Reliable Security & Surveillance Solutions
                                                                             Modern Age Data Center Design and Installation
                                                                             Networking and Enterprise Computing Services
                                                                             Project Management, IT Skills Outsourcing and Facility Management

                                                                      Already on the fast-track growth, Sigma-Byte Manarah has acquired the reputation for being a dependable
                                                                      technology partner and a provider of high quality cost-effective network services delivered on schedule, every
                                                                      time. This committed approach has been the key component of our genetic code map as the domain leader and
                                                                      made us win unwavering trust from our valued clientele as well as accolades from the industry. Sigma-Byte's
                                                                      350+ strong offsite & onsite cabling professionals are credited for having successfully implemented some of
                                                                      the largest projects in India & the Middle East.
The highest communications performance and lowest possible downtime
are two vital elements for today's businesses.
Helping you achieve this is our expertise.

                                                                                                                                                U.A.E. - SINGAPORE - INDIA
                                                                w w w. s i g m a m a n a r a h . c o m

                                                                Sigma-Byte has 1400 person years of experience in Network Cabling having installed 150,000 core km of fiber
Information Transport Systems or State of the Art Intelligent   optics and 1, 500,000 copper outlets. The highly experienced world-class workforce of Sigma-Byte Manarah
Cabling Solutions                                               brings to every project a high degree of design skills coupled with the best of implementation and test
                                                                processes. The company's strengths lie in its focused approach and dedication to become the best Network
                                                                Cabling Integrator in the region. Its people, project management processes and network documentation
                                                                services have led some of the largest global customers to work with Sigma-Byte.

                                                                We are a BICSI Corporate member having the best workforce and some of the largest installations in the
                                                                country to our credit. We have the largest band of termination & testing equipments and some of the best
                                                                design, installation & testing procedures to execute every project as per international quality standards.

                                                                Sigma-Byte is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company having numerous other quality certifications,
                                                                accreditation and awards for consistently reliable performance and exponential growth in IT infrastructure.
                                                                Thanks to the formidable track-record across consultative, design and installation expertise in Connectivity
                                                                Solutions, Sigma-Byte has won reputation as the most preferred technology partner in System Integration &
                                                                Structured Cabling.

                                                                Our cabling group provides professional installation complete with certification results, documentation and
                                                                training. Our installers undergo rigorous in-house trainings and follow all TIA/EIA, ANSI, NEC and IEEE
                                                                standards. Installation services include

                                                                       Network and Telecommunications Engineering and Design
                                                                       Cat 6a 10 Gigabit Cabling, Intelligent Cabling, ISP & OSP FO Installations and Certification
                                                                       Corporate Data Center Design and Installation
                                                                       Complete Cabling Audit Solutions
                                                                       24/7 Customer Support Center
                                                                       Complete Documentation of All Projects
                                                                       Cabling Facility Maintenance Contracts

                                                                                                                                        U.A.E. - SINGAPORE - INDIA
                                                      w w w. s i g m a m a n a r a h . c o m

                                                      Sigma-Byte Manarah AV solutions provide Design, supply, installation, testing and commissioning, support
High-caliber AV Solutions for Clear Communications.   and maintenance of audio visual systems. Sigma-Byte AV Solutions is having strong environment and
New age technology that eliminate space barriers.     experience in designing and implementing the AV Solutions for Network operating centers (NOC), Command
                                                      Centers, Conference rooms, Video Conference rooms, Boardrooms, Training Rooms, Meeting Rooms,
                                                      Multipurpose Halls, Auditoriums, Convention centers, Education Institutes etc.

                                                      Our formidable expertise in connectivity solutions enable us to achieve the highest standard of quality
                                                      installation when it comes to creating an AV environment which finally help you collaborate with your
                                                      counterparts across the world swiftly and efficiently by creating the perfect telepresence experience.

                                                      Our audio-video capabilities include
                                                             Integrated high-quality audio Solutions
                                                             High-definition video Solutions
                                                             Multi-display Solutions
                                                             High-end projector Systems

                                                      So you can look forward to an experience as close to reality, merely at the press of a button. What is even more
                                                      of an advantage to you is the fact that we plan and design the layout and aesthetics, keeping in view lighting
                                                      and acoustics. We handle the project comprehensively, from conceptualizing and execution to training your
                                                      staff and servicing the site annually.

                                                                                                                                 U.A.E. - SINGAPORE - INDIA
                                                      w w w. s i g m a m a n a r a h . c o m

                                                      In delivering connectivity in every which way, Sigma-Byte Manarah have expanded our horizons to present to
Extremely Reliable Security & Surveillance Solution   you a sophisticated range of security and surveillance systems.
Ultimate assurance through advanced vigilance.
                                                      Our selection and systemization of cameras and allied products enable you to closely monitor locations that are
                                                      critical to you. It helps you store and view video data at your convenience, thereby ensuring that you are in
                                                      tune with what’s happening around you at all times.

                                                      Physical Security Systems include

                                                             Internal Security
                                                             Property-related Security
                                                             External and Premise Security
                                                             Security Check-ins

                                                      Our selection and systemization of cameras and allied products enable you to closely monitor locations that are
                                                      critical to you. It helps you store and view video data at your convenience, thereby ensuring that you are in
                                                      tune with what’s happening around you at all times.

                                                      Sigma-Byte Manarah has the vision to maintain leadership position in the industry by providing best in class
                                                      solution and services through total loyalty and dedication to customer interests, Deployment of state of the art
                                                      equipments, competent, qualified & motivated human resources and the company would always establish,
                                                      Implement & continually improve our quality management system and continue to adopt fast changing
                                                      technology trends in the CCTV, Access Control System and Intruder Alarm Systems.

                                                                                                                                 U.A.E. - SINGAPORE - INDIA
                                               w w w. s i g m a m a n a r a h . c o m

Networking and Enterprise Computing Services

                                               Sigma-Byte Manarah has an ever growing team of pre sales and support staff focuses on understanding our
                                               clients' requirements from four key perspectives; availability, adaptability, manageability and security.

                                               We offer a full range of products ranging from PCs, notebooks and workstations to server and storage
                                               infrastructure to security and connectivity. Our solutions include Network Security Solutions, Convergence
                                               Networks, Server Consolidation, Storage Consolidation, Disaster Recovery, WAN acceleration and Application
                                               Software Development.

                                               If your Company is are looking for IT Infrastructure & Desktop Management support professionals who have
                                               the breadth and depth of experience in the IT services industry, you can call on Sigma-Byte Manarah to support
                                               you on this and act as your company's extension services. With a large team of support engineers who are
                                               manufacturer trained, and a full range of support services and packages, Sigma-Byte Manarah ensures your
                                               organizations success by providing the precise support to keep your day to day operations running smoothly.

                                               Sigma-Byte Manarah's Services Facility Management teams Services provides comprehensive support for
                                               enterprises of all sizes and environments of all types. Our Team offers high level design consulting services
                                               from the point of assessment through selection of product and technology until the implementation and rollout
                                               of the solution.

                                               We also have authorized access to our manufacturers, permitting us to utilize their technical support services.
                                               Our services department stocks a large amount of spares on various product offerings which enables us to
                                               provide a round the clock support needed by our clients.

                                                                                                                         U.A.E. - SINGAPORE - INDIA
Service Excellence through Technological Innovation                                                               FACILITY MANAGEMENT
Take a closer look at what lies beneath the rapidly flourishing industries and blooming businesses across the     For organizations who would like to outsource non critical activities such as cable management in their facilities
world, and you will find an invisible force of technological innovation that is keeping things connected and      or just Desktop Application support Sigma-Byte Manarah can provide you deployed resources in your
moving at the same time. We, at Sigma-Byte Manarah have mastered the art of converging multiple strengths         organization to provide these services. We have a large no. of these deployed technicians & engineers
to innovate a future that is by any standard the most reliable. Adding impetus to the productivity cycles of      deployed across a large no. of Fortune 500 companies that we work with. Sigma-Byte Manarah has long
organizations across many sectors are our products, applications and technologies which reflect our strict        enjoyed successful relationships with some of the most reputed names globally. We have been delivering a
adherence to quality.                                                                                             robust integrated communication environment with consistent performance and high quality to many Fortune
                                                                                                                  500 companies across the world. By combining a committed approach with focused performance, we have
                                                                                                                  been pro-actively building market share particularly within the multi-national companies segment both within
Project Management, IT Skills Outsourcing and Facility Management                                                 the nation and the world.
                                                                                                                  Ever since its inception, Sigma-Byte has remained a qualified partner for both its clientele and a clutch of
Sigma-Byte Manarah's Consultancy & Project Management team helps you stay on top of your organization's           technology providers. Not only we have successfully served a large number of clients providing them with the
growth and assist your timely project implementation to meet your organizations growth plans. Our project         best ITS services and solutions but also allied with a number of technology companies as their certified
management team has over 20 years experience in managing and integrating complex IT infrastructure and            technology partners.
data centre projects. Our project managers act as a single point of contact in large projects ensuring that
projects are delivered on time, every time.                                                                       Some of our large customer installations include Fortune 500 names like:

                                                                                                                    Accenture                  Citibank              Etisalat                J P Morgan Chase     Northern Trust Bank
Our post-sales installation and support teams consist of 180 professionals who are regularly certified to
                                                                                                                    Avaya Communications       Deloitte              Halliburton ( KBR )     Llyods TSB           Oracle
provide support for key brands including Juniper, Cisco, Avaya, Microsoft, Hewlett Packard, Bosch and Extreme
Networks. Many of our clients request comprehensive maintenance contracts with Alpha Data to ensure that            ANZ IT                     Deutsche Bank         Hewlett Packard         Morgan Stanley       Reliance Industries LTD

their critical networks (hardware or software) are supported. These contracts range from traditional warranty       Barclays Bank              DU                    Honeywell Systems       Navteq               Reliance Infocomm
support, to maintenance during office hours, to 24X7 critical support.
                                                                                                                    Bloomberg                  Edeilwess             Intel                   Nestle               Tata Consultancy Services

IT SKILLS OUTSOURCING                                                                                               Cap Gemini                 Emaar Properties      ITI Trimax              Nomura

Sigma-Byte Manarah provides outsourcing of IT personnel is a strategic option for companies that do not want
the expense of recruiting, training and retaining in-house IT specialists. Sigma-Byte Manarah can provide the     Sigma-Byte has won recognition for its commitment to excellence. While it is gratifying to win awards, what
required personnel to carry out functions of Basic Desktop support to complex tasks on a client's behalf whilst   drives us further is satisfying your needs and requirements to the last detail. Today, Sigma-Byte proudly work
reducing staffing and administration costs. Sigma-Byte identifies qualified candidates from its pool of           towards raising the bar of performance that has already attracted many awards and rewards from clientele,
resources whose skills match the specific disciplines required by our clients.                                    technology partners and the world at large.

                                                                                                                                                                                                U.A.E. - SINGAPORE - INDIA

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