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Vol. 32, Issue 7
                   Fleet Readiness Center East, MCAS Cherry Point, North Carolina August 2011
                          Department of Defense Vertical Lift Center of Excellence

                                                                           Family Day
                                                                            page 10
Readiness Reader

                                                        From the
                                                            Commanding Officer
                                                        Col. Mitchell A. Bauman
  “Unsurpassed Service to the
   Fleet and Relentless Focus
   on Quality, Environment,                             Team,
                                                           When I became your commanding offi-
 and Occupational Health and                            cer, I sent out the 10 Axioms of the Depot
             Safety”                                    to help you to always remember what is
                                                        important to us as we better our organiza-
                                                        tion. In 1954, a dedication pamphlet from
                                                        the Overhaul and Repair Department, fore-
                                                        runner of the FRC East, contained a page
  Commanding Officer
                                                        entitled “Our Creed.” These wise folks
  Col. Mitchell A. Bauman , USMC
                                                        wrote 13 maxims that are timeless.
  Executive Officer
  Col. Blayne H. Spratlin, USMC                           Practice safety at all times.
  Editor                                                  Keep an orderly operation.
  Dave Marriott                                           Effect good relations and teamwork.
                                                          Give our experience to others.
                                                          Be fair in thoughts and actions.
                                                          Analyze our shop efficiency.
  Readiness Reader is a publication of the                Eliminate unnecessary operations.              some bad behavior. The results of this bad
  Fleet Readiness Center East, Marine Corps               Foster a feeling of belonging.                 behavior will always come back to haunt
  Air Station, Cherry Point, N.C. The editorial           Be aggressive in thought and action.           us in the form of safety, quality, and cost
  content of this newsletter is prepared, edited          Produce our share of the workload.             issues. I want to give you the tools and the
  and provided by the FRC East Command                    Maintain a balance between personnel           approach to break this mind-set. Recently, I
  Communication Department. This newsletter
  is an authorized publication for members of           and workload.                                    sent 120 of our employees through the cru-
  the Department of Defense. Contents of                  Accurately report labor expenditure.           cible (severe test) of the simulated work-
  the Readiness Reader are not necessarily                Integrity above all!                           place with the Pendaran group where they
  the official views, or endorsed by, the U.S.                                                           learned that teamwork in solving problems
  Government, the Department of Defense or                 Some things never change. A maxim             will overcome the challenges of safety,
  the U.S. Navy. The editor reserves the right
                                                        is a rule of conduct that we should all be       quality, schedule, and cost. This training
  to edit submissions to conform to editorial
  policy and Associated Press style guide.              striving to achieve. I truly believe that the    will continue as we strive to permeate the
  The editorial office is located in building           challenges we face in turning this organiza-     culture of teamwork and problem solving
  159. For more information, call 464-7028.             tion around lie in winning your hearts and       throughout our organization.
  Submissions are due the 10th of each month            minds. Every change we have exercised is            Lastly, this year, we stand at the cross-
  prior to publication.                                 aimed at making the business better for our      roads in the life of this facility. Each and
                                                        customer the warfighter and the longevity        every one of you must decide that the sta-
  FRONT COVER: Two boys get a close
                                                        of the organization. Readiness at all cost is    tus quo and mediocre performance of the
  look at a UH-1N Huey during Teammate
  Appreciation Month Family Day, Aug.                   not the way forward in supporting the warf-      past is unacceptable. Only then will we all
  19. (Photo by Dave Marriott)                          ighter. Over the past five years the Navy/       move forward together to chase excellence
                                                        Marine Corps aviation leadership has been        and we will become a winner. The old tim-
                                                        on the mission to break this thought pattern     ers knew this. They believed in their max-
                                                        throughout our enterprise. The other day, I      ims and lived by them.
                                                        heard leaders in the FRC East talking about
       Readiness Reader is printed on recycled paper.
                                                        “King TAT (turnaround time)” being the                           Semper Fi
                                                        metric of the past that drove lines to perform                     CO

                                                                                                                           August 2011

Depot hosts individuals with disabilities
          leet Readiness Center East hosted     candidates,” Bennett said. “This event was their disabilities,” Bennett said.
          its annual Individuals With Dis-      an effort to ensure we extend equal oppor-       The command began soliciting appli-
          abilities Meet and Greet event        tunity for employment consideration to in- cations June 1, through such venues as
at the Havelock Tourist Center, Aug. 24.        dividuals with disabilities.”                 the Wounded Warrior Battalion at Camp
This year's event drew 19 candidates.               The Meet and Greet was a “by invitation Lejeune, Americans with Disability Act
   According to Reasonable Accommoda-           only” event. After a preliminary review coordinators at colleges and universities,
                                                                    of qualifications by the various disability advocacy groups, re-
                                                                    command’s        Staffing gional vocational rehabilitation organiza-
                                                                    Office, applicant re- tions, the local media and the NAVAIR
                                                                    sumes were referred to Careers Web site. Although the majority
                                                                    hiring managers, who of resumes received were from North Caro-
                                                                    matched current and lina, people from South Carolina, Georgia,
                                                                    anticipated vacancies Virginia, and Maryland also applied.
                                                                    to abilities and qualifi-    Applicants with disabilities must pro-
                                                                    cations. Competencies vide proof of disability that meets Sched-
                                                                    were looking for appli- ule A hiring authority requirements and
                                                                    cants with administra- job readiness certification from a licensed
                                                                    tive, information tech- medical professional, a licensed vocation-
                                                                    nology,      engineering, al rehabilitation specialist, or a federal or
                                                                    trades, production sup- state agency that issues or provides disabil-
                                                                    port, and other skills. ity benefits per Schedule A hiring authority
                                                                    Invitations and pre- guidelines. Disabled veterans must provide
                                                                    scheduled interviews a DD214 and Veterans Administration let-
Machinist Supervisor Mark Gillikin talks with applicant Jerry Kelly were issued based on      ter documenting their disability.
during the IWD Meet and Greet, Aug. 24. (Photo by Dave Marriott)    the hiring manager           For more information on FRC East’s
                                                                    recommendations.          IWD Recruitment Program, call Bennett at
tion and Diversity Specialist Anthony B.            "The focus of events like the Meet and (252) 464-8213.
Bennett, results of the event are still un- Greet is on the candidates’ abilities, not
folding, but based on hiring manager feed-
back, there is strong interest in eight of the
candidates for potential hires.
    "One offer has already been made and
accepted and we are working closely with
hiring managers to progress on the others,"
Bennett said. "All candidate resumes will
be retained on file in a database for con-
sideration for future vacancies and needs.
Some candidates may also be referred
to other competency hiring managers or
    The yearly event is part of FRC East’s
continuing effort to enhance recruitment of
qualified, job-ready, individuals with dis-
abilities, while simultaneously supporting
its focus on becoming a “preferred employ-
er.” It was also in line with the executive
order mandating the federal government
become a model for the employment of in-
dividuals with disabilities.
    “FRC East strives to maintain a diverse Machinist Ben Johnson hosts two hearing impaired participants during the IWD Meet and
and inclusive civilian workforce that re- Greet in the Havelock Tourist Center. (Photo by Dave Marriott)
flects the nation’s available talent pool,
while ensuring we hire the best qualified

Readiness Reader

Application Area BRAVO bronzed
           pplication  Area    BRAVO               East safety journey, particularly within         gar, numerous production support and back
           achieved Voluntary Protection           several critical production shops that pro-      shops, plus the office areas supporting the
           Program bronze status, Aug.             vide daily support to the warfighter.            commanding officer, the Business Office,
5. The achievement marked a significant               BRAVO is one of FRC East's eight appli-       and the Safety Office. BRAVO leadership
milestone in the Fleet Readiness Center            cation areas, and consists of the H-46 han-      changed during May, and the emphasis on
                                                                                                    ‘taking care of our people’ shifted into high
                                                                                                    gear. BRAVO’s 11 safe site leads began
                                                                                                    meeting regularly to discuss safety issues
     T    he 2011 Combined Federal Campaign kicks off Sept. 16 and runs through
          Oct. 28.
                                   This annual drive affords every FRC East civil-
                                                                                                    and improvements. From the beginning,
                                                                                                    these meetings focused on requirements
                                 ian employee and military member the opportunity                   to sustain any safety improvements within
                                 to voluntarily contribute to the health, service, and              BRAVO.
                                 welfare charity organizations of their choice.                        BRAVO's safe site leads all agreed the
                                    The command’s goal is 100 percent contact, so ev-               key components of sustainment include: a
                                 ery employee and Marine has the chance to donate.                  clear understanding of our local Voluntary
                                    As in the past, contributions may be cash, check,               Protection Program handbook; sharing of
                                 or payroll deduction. Employees decide the amount                  information and best practices across safe
  and the recipient. Donations made by military allotment or payroll deduction will                 sites; and constant communication – up
  begin in January.                                                                                 and down – between BRAVO leadership
    CFC is the only fund-raiser allowed in federal workspaces, and continues to be                  and BRAVO employees. Follow-on ac-
  one of the world’s most successful workplace fund-raising models.                                 tions have involved asking union leaders to
    In 2010, federal military and civilian employees raised millions of dollars for                 become an integral part of the safety focus,
  charity. FRC East itself raised more than $90,000.                                                including participation in the 11 safe site
    CFC has no quotas or assessments and contributing is a personal decision.                       bronze assessments. BRAVO employees
    Point of contact is Yolanda Moore, CFC coordinator, at 464-7029.                                received personal visits from the BRAVO
                                                                                                    leadership team, who encouraged them to
                                                                                                    report safety concerns on white boards and
                                                                                                    empowered them to tell coworkers – in a
                                                                                                    professional manner –when they were op-
  Application Area Charlie certified Bronze                                                         erating in an unsafe manner.
                                                                                                       After three months of reenergized em-
                                                                                                    phasis, BRAVO experienced a 33-day pe-
                                                                                                    riod without injuries – an achievement the
                                                                                                    BRAVO area hadn't witnessed in a long
                                                                                                    time. Simultaneously, 72 percent of safety
                                                                                                    concerns were addressed and long-stand-
                                                                                                    ing facility issues began to show progress.
                                                                                                    BRAVO employees were provided the
                                                                                                    first quarterly BRAVO newsletter, which
                                                                                                    highlighted the four major components of
                                                                                                    a robust VPP program (hazard prevention/
                                                                                                    control, work site analysis, training, and
                                                                                                    management commitment/worker involve-
                                                                                                    ment), and more importantly, encouraged
                                                                                                    to continue their vigilance against rush-
                                                                                                    ing and complacency, and to constantly
  Application Area Champion Robynn Hebert approved bronze certification for the 12 Charlie          demonstrate they care about their BRAVO
  safe sites, June 28. Hard work and dedication on the part of safe site members and leads
  enabled Charlie to reach the certification. The Plating Shop (Building 4035), Safe Site C-4, is   teammates.
  pictured after their bronze coin presentation. (Left to right) Front row: Larry Sherrer, Chris       It is the firm belief of BRAVO Applica-
  Kraszeski, Tim Phillips, Jesse Garman, Lindsey Sugg, Gary Liverman; second row: Erica Pam-        tion Area Champion Melissa Drummond,
  Reed, James Moore, Lonnie Tyndall, George Jones, Kevin Ahern, Robynn Hebert; third row:
  Willie Smallwood, Albert George, Horace Patillo, Mike Carter, Harvey Pegram, Wendy Ellis;         that this ‘caring attitude’ will help sustain
  back row: Robert Collina, Mike Nuckols, Steven Blount. (Photo by David Hooks)
                                                                                                                         See BRAVO page 9

                                                                                                                           August 2011

Fleet Readiness Center East Commanding Officer Col. Mitchell A. Bauman signs an updated Labor-Management Forum Agreement between
the management and unions at FRC East. Also party to the agreement are (left to right) International Association of Machinist and Aerospace
Workers Local 2297 President Theodore McNeal, Executive Officer Col. Blayne Spratlin, Industrial Execution Department Head Mark Bastyr,
Quality and Compliance Management Director Leanna Radford, and President, American Federation of Government Employees Local 451 Car-
los Kowalczewski. (Photo by David Hooks)

Labor-management partnership charter renewed
           leet Readiness Center East and      Pierce, and National Association of Aero-      as such,” she added.
           local union leadership joined       nautical Examiners Local 2 President John         Corporate Operations Group Head Me-
           forces to revise and re-sign a      "Mac" Steen are the voting members of the      lissa Drummond cited an addition to this
labor-management partnership agreement,        Labor-Management Partnership Council           revised charter pertaining to the definition
Aug. 1.                                        and party to the agreement.                    of pre-decisional information. “The oppor-
   Command Officer Col. Mitchell A.                “This agreement gives everyone owner-      tunity for management and labor to share
Bauman, Executive Officer Col. Blayne          ship – it gives the unions an opportunity to   pre-decisional information is essential to
Spratlin, Industrial Execution Department      work with management on issues or con-         the command’s implementation of Presi-
Head Mark Bastyr, Quality Department           cerns that are germane to the command,”        dent Obama’s Executive Order on labor-
Head Debra Bautista, Corporate Opera-          said Kim George, supervisor, Labor and         management forums."
tions Group Head Melissa Drummond, Fu-         Employee Relations Department. “The               George said the agreement is a docu-
ture Business Operations Department Head       council is a way for the parties to identify   ment that has been updated in accordance
Mary Beth Fennell, Quality and Compli-         problems or concerns and find solutions for    with Executive Order 13522 and includes
ance Management Director Leanna Rad-           those problems. The council meets every        the parties' agreement on pre-decisional in-
ford, American Federation of Government        other month, and agenda items are solicited    volvement. It is not a document that was
Employees Local 2065 President Sylvia          before each meeting to allow any of the        started from scratch; the document and the
Burris, AFGE Local 451 President Car-          parties to identify concerns or issues that    partnership has been around for years and
los Kowalczewski, International Associa-       are in the forefront and need to be brought    has been extremely successful.
tion of Machinist and Aerospace Workers        to the table, discussed, and resolved.            “Ultimately, action items that have been
Local 2297 President Theodore McNeal,             “This is not a forum where grievances       identified and presented to the partnership
IAM&AW Local 1859 President John               are discussed, and should not be construed     have been resolved,” she said.

Readiness Reader

 CODE            H    -46/T-58 Business
                      Financial Manager
                                                ing programs and customers receive world-
                                                class financial management services.
                                                                                             the AIR-6.8 offsite at Cherry Point. The
                                                                                             LOA was in recognition of the noteworthy

              Kris Laspada has been se-                                                      performance Barrow gave in briefing the
              lected as the first recipi-                                                    Chief of Naval Operations Agile Informa-
              ent of the AIR-7.8 Award
                                                   S   tephen Barrow was
                                                                                   AIR       tion Technology Sub Committee.

              for Excellence in Financial              presented a framed                        Also, Joel Keefer has been selected to
              Management Service (Non-          Letter of Appreciation and                   fill the Fleet Readiness Center East In-
              Supervisory). The award is        a NAVAIR coin from Vice                      dustrial Logistics Lead position, effective
              representative of the dedica-     Adm. Dave Architzel by                       Aug. 15, and Wounded Warrior Cpl. Jason
              tion and commitment that          NAVAIR Aviation Readi-                       (Jay) Leaman came on board with the 6.8.4
the 7.8 organization brings to the work         ness and Resource Analysis                   Division this month for temporary duty
place each and every day, tirelessly ensur-     Director Dan Nega during                     working with the Workload Management
                                                                                             System team.

                                                                                                Effective Sept. 30, the option to have
                                                                                             your Leave and Earning Statement mailed
                                                                                             to your home will no longer be available.
                                                                                             Due to DoD budget cutting efforts, DFAS
                                                                                             has been directed to stop mailing the LES
                                                                                                            to employees. Employees
                                                                                               CODE will now be required to ac-

                                                                                                            cess the DoD MyPay web-
                                                                                                            site to access their state-
                                                                                                            ments. Any employee who
                                                                                                            currently does not have ac-
                                                                                                            cess to MyPay will need to
                                                                                                            get access prior to this date.
                                                                                                            There will be no other op-
                                                                                             tions available after Sept. 30. Code 7.3 has
                                                                                             provided several sessions to assist employ-
   AIR-4.3 Engineering Summer STEP student Holly Tucker (standing), briefs (left to right)
                                                                                             ees in requesting a password for MyPay.
   AIR- Support Equipment Technical Team Supervisor Elton Fairless, AIR-4.4 De-
   partment Head Lance Tucker, AIR-4.3/4.4 Engineering Summer STEP student Dakota            Employees still requiring assistance may
   Daniels, and AIR-4.4 Engineering Summer STEP student Lucas Dunbar, July 28. (Photo        contact Cheri Anthony at 464-7226. Initial
   by Dave Marriott)                                                                         instructions for employees:
                                                                                             ● Establish a personal email account.
     A     IR-4.0 hosted 14 Student Tem-        Student Temporary Em-           AIR          ● Complete the employee information

           porary Employment Program            ployment Program.                            portion of the “Request a MyPay Password”
  and three Science, Mathematics and
  Research for Transformation summer               Interns may reapply                                               See 7.3 next page
  interns this year.                            each year and be re-hired
                                                based on workload, prior
     The students came from colleges and        performance, and current
  universities such as Georgia Tech, Vil-       grade point average. Not                     Wanted:
  lanova, the Colorado School of Mines,         all previous hires are se-                   Employee submitted topics for
  Duke, North Carolina State University,        lected to return.                            future Brown Bag Luncheons.
  and the University of North Carolina                                                       Submit ideas to Renee Mor-
  Charlotte, and were hired as engineer-          AIR-4.0 has hosted about 300 engi-
  ing interns for up to 120 days under the
                                                                                             ton at or
                                                neering interns over the past 10 years.
  Naval Air Systems Command’s 2011                                                           464-5404.

                                                                                                                             August 2011

7.3 from previous page                          sation Program Administrator, June 20.
                                                   The ICPA certification was developed
                                                                                               Beating the Dirty Dozen
                                                by the Civilian Personnel Management                        by Edward Childs
(Employee Information Final 080911 (2).         Service to measure and test the skills need-
doc) document.                                  ed to perform tasks associated with admin-
● Copy Government ID Card on to the
“Request a MyPay Password” document.
                                                istering a Federal Employees Compensa-
                                                tion Act program. The ICPA certifications
                                                                                                  A     t the dawn of aviation (1903, only
                                                                                                        80 miles northeast of here), ma-
                                                                                               chinery problems were by far the most
● Fax the “Request a MyPay Password”            are open to all DoD personnel assigned to      common root cause of aviation problems.
sheet to 216-367-3549.                          FECA duties.                                   In our time, human causes have replaced
● Wait 2-3 days then follow the instructions       Archer said the tests were challenging      machinery as the largest contributor. As
on the bottom of the “Request a MyPay           but provided valuable information that         an aviation enterprise, all depot employees
Password” form.                                 she’ll be able to use while working within     must be constantly vigilant against factors
   “Request a MyPay Password” forms are         the FRC East Workers’ Compensation Pro-        that can degrade our work product. If we
available from your supervisor.                 gram. She looks forward to achieving a         look into the root causes of quality prob-
   Jennifer Archer (Code 7.3.1) became the      Level III certification once it becomes        lems at the depot, we can identify 12 root
first DoD certified Level II Injury Compen-     available.                                     causes for the majority of problems: The
                                                                                               Dirty Dozen are:
                                                                                                  - Lack of communication
                                                                                                  - Lack of resources
                                                                                                  - Lack of awareness
                                                                                                  - Complacency
                                                                                                  - Fatigue
                                                                                                  - Pressure
                                                                                                  - Lack of knowledge
                                                                                                  - Lack of teamwork
                                                                                                  - Distraction
                                                                                                  - Lack of assertiveness
                                                                                                  - Norms
                                                                                                  - Stress
                                                                                                  But take heart, there are ways to conquer
                                                                                               the Dirty Dozen. The following 12 solu-
                                                                                               tions may help you:
                                                                                                  - Measure before you start.
                                                                                                  - Measure twice, cut once.
                                                                            Submitted photo
                                                                                                  - Check the calibration of your tools.
  Wayne (back row, baseball hat) and Leanne Booth (front row holding son Brandon) with
  donated sign and volunteers at Craven-Cherry Point Child Development Center.                    - Focus on the job.
                                                                                                  - Take your job seriously.
  FRC East employees buy sign                                                                     - Don’t rush, take your time.
                                                                                                  - Don’t think you know, know for sure.
                                                                                                  - Pay attention to detail!
     T    wo FRC East employees re-
          placed the sign at a Havelock
  day care center, recently.
                                                afford to hire maintenance and lawn
                                                care providers, so they rely on the time
                                                and energy of local volunteers,” Leanne
                                                                                                  - Swallow your pride and ask questions!
                                                                                                  - Use technical directives, not your
     Wayne (Code 7.3) and Leanne (AIR-          said. “Approximately once a quarter,              - If you don’t know or aren’t sure, ask
  4.8) Booth had a sign made for the Cra-       we hold a work day for general clean-up        questions.
  ven-Cherry Point Child Development            and maintenance, like fixing leaky fau-           - Read the manual, don’t just look at the
  Center.                                       cets, repairing fences, raking pine straw      pictures.
     “The previous sign was hand-painted        and removing yard debris.”                        It seems pretty easy, but it’s not; it takes
  on a sheet of plywood by center employ-          Wayne said volunteer turnout is             constant vigilance and practice. But there
  ees several years ago and really needed       usually pretty good and added the last         is always help; seek it. Ask questions be-
  replacement,” Leanne said.                    work day included Marine, Knights of           fore it’s too late. It’s not your fault until
     The Booths also volunteer their time       Columbus, Rotary Club, and Liberty             you make the first wrong cut or change.
  to serve on the center’s board of direc-      Church volunteers.                             Remember “Nobody is smarter than all of
  tors, and to participate in periodic work        The non-profit day care center serves       us!”
  days.                                         20 normally developing and special
     “As a non-profit center, the staff can’t   needs children.                                  Childs is a quality engineer in the In-
                                                                                               dustrial Quality Department.

Readiness Reader

 FRC EAST HOTLINE                           Federal judge upholds
    To report allegations of
 fraud, waste, abuse, misman-               employee’s removal
 agement, or ethical violations

                                                        U.S. Merit Systems Protection         ed from tools left in aircraft during mainte-
 within Fleet Readi-                                    Board administrative judge in         nance … Any artisan who cannot maintain
 ness Center East,                                      Washington, D.C., in a March          strict control over their tools represents a
 use your chain of                          2011 decision in the case of James L. Re-         high risk to the safety Naval Aviation,”
                                            vette, Jr. versus Department of the Navy,            Revette, in the action that led to his
 command first. If
                                            recently upheld the Fleet Readiness Center        removal, had failed to return a 90 degree
 not satisfied call                         East’s decision to remove Revette, even           buckeye drill that he was temporarily is-
 the FRC East Ho-                           after his more than 19 years of federal ser-      sued from the tool room. Also, Revette
 tline at 464-7208.                         vice, for tool control violations.                failed to properly inventory his tool box
 If still not satisfied,                        Revette, who was an aircraft sheet metal      at the end of his shift, failed to ensure that
                                            mechanic, had been previously warned and          the 90 degree buckeye drill was properly
 you can call the NAVAIR Ho-
                                            disciplined for other tool control violations.    secured at the end of his shift, and failed to
 tline at DSN 757-1168 COMM                 In appealing his removal, Revette insisted        sign his Daily Tool Inventory Logsheet at
 (301) 757-1168, the Depart-                that a less severe penalty would have been        the end of his shift.
 ment of Navy Hotline at (800)              more appropriate under the circumstances.            During the current fiscal year 2011, nine
 522-3451, or the Department                The administrative judge disagreed, cit-          other artisans have been disciplined for tool
                                            ing to and agreeing with Deciding Official        control violations – five have been suspend-
 of Defense Hotline at (800)
                                            Dennis West’s explanation that “tool con-         ed, two have received letters of reprimand,
 424-9098.                                  trol is the cornerstone of aviation safety;       and two have received letters of caution.
                                            many Naval Aviation mishaps have result-

       For Your Information ...
  The following actions were effected/issued from June 1 to June        (Code 6.2.1)
  30, 2011.                                                            ▪ Reprimand: Conduct Unbecoming a Federal Employee
                                                                       ▪ Reprimand: Inappropriate Conduct (Code
                    Disciplinary Action

  ▪ 14-Day Suspension: Failure to Comply with Letter of Re-
                                                                                             Adverse Actions
  quirement (Code 6.4)
  ▪ Nine- Day Suspension: Failure to Follow Proper Procedures
  (Code 6.2.1)                                                         ▪ Removal: Negligent Performance of a Duty/Conduct
  ▪ Nine-Day Suspension: Careless Workmanship/Lack of                  Unbecoming a Federal Employee (Code 6.2.1)
  Candor (Code 6.2.2)                                                  ▪ Removal: Negligent Performance of a Duty/Conduct
  ▪ Seven-Day Suspension: Careless Workmanship (Code 6.2.2)            Unbecoming a Federal Employee (Code 6.2.5)
  ▪ Seven-Day Suspension: Disrespectful Conduct/Failure to             ▪ Removal: Conduct Unbecoming a Federal Employee/
  Follow Instructions/Wasting Time (AIR-4.3.5)                         Misuse of Government Property (Code 6.2.5)
  ▪ Reprimand: Failure to Carry Out a Work Assignment (Code            ▪ Removal: Negligent Performance of a Duty/Conduct
  7.2.6)                                                               Unbecoming a Federal Employee (Code 6.3.2)
  ▪ Reprimand: Misuse of Government Travel Card (Code                  ▪ Removal Held In Abeyance: Last Chance Agreement:
  6.5.1)                                                               Unlawful Use of Drugs On or Off Duty (Code 6.2.3)
  ▪ Reprimand: Violation of Safety Regulations Causing Injury          ▪ Removal Held In Abeyance: Last Chance Agreement:
  to Self (Code 6.3.3)                                                 Unlawful Use of Drugs On or Off Duty (Code
  ▪ Reprimand: Disregard for Authority (AIR-
  ▪ Reprimand: Inattention to Detail (Code                                 Submitted by Officer, Labor and
  ▪ Reprimand: Failure to Follow Tool Control Policy                                 Employee Relations Division

                                                                                                                             August 2011

FRC East offers first Journey
Leadership Development Program

           leet Readiness Center East hosted its first Journey Lead-                               We Salute
           ership Development Program orientation, June 20.
               According to Dwayne Oglesby, JLDP site coordina-            Ken Davis, Glenn Coleman, David Knapp, Denver Lamb,
tor, the program proved immediately popular, with more than 120            Sheila Parish, Sonny Rose, Ruby Rozenblad, Horace
depot employees signing on to attend.                                      Sessoms, Randy Turner, and Tonya Willis who all were
   "The JLDP recognizes the value and potential of our employ-             members of the AIR-7.4 team which was selected as this
ees and offers an opportunity for them to develop skills that will         year’s recipient of the 2011 Commander’s Award for
better equip them to communicate and lead effectively," Oglesby            Business Operations.
said. "Classes have already begun, and the feedback has been very
positive."                                                                 Bill Althizer, Tim Reaves, and Mark Sapp on their selection
    The NAVAIR-funded program is open to GS-09 through GS-                 to the NAVAIR Fellows Program. Selection is reserved to
13 and their wage grade equivalents. It offers selected government         less than three percent of the engineering and scientific staff
employees a curriculum that includes classroom training at Craven          in NAVAIR and is in recognition for their technical expertise
Community College, computer-based courses, job shadowing and               and support to the Warfighter. This is no easy achievement
interviews assignments with senior leaders. Participants are re-           for anyone, but especially rare for ISSC employees.
quired to have a mentor, and most of the training is accomplished
during off-duty hours.                                                                        Length of Service
   Oglesby said the Executive Leadership Committee will evalu-             45
ate the success of the program and determine if it will be offered         David A. Jones.
in the future.
   For more information, view the JLDP Fact Sheet on CPWEB,                40
or contact Oglesby at 464-9282.                                            Matthew L. Jones, Thomas Lawrence, David C. Lazo,
BRAVO from page 4                                                          Kenneth Matthews, Needham R. Parks, and Jatuporn
these safety improvements beyond BRAVO’s next milestones of
silver and gold status.                                                    35
   “I am proud of the BRAVO team for achievement of bronze,”               George Q. Acfalle, James E. Brown, Dean A. Crabtree,
Drummond said, “and am encouraged by the level of effort that              Reginald D. Fisher, Paul C. Hamlin, James M. Keller,
has been placed on documenting job hazard analyses, engaging               Caroline B. Mclean, Andrew P. Meza, Andrew L. Moorer,
employees in solving problems, and fully implementing 5S.                  and Joseph J. Owens.
   "I also believe that BRAVO employees know I care about their
safety and that I, in turn, expect them to care about each other,”         30
she added. “If BRAVO co-workers continually operate in a safe              Hector F. Aguilar, Alan W. Banton, John M. Bradley,
manner at work and at home, it should ensure a culture change in           Aaron M. Bullock, Robert P. Cook, Sandra B. Danak,
BRAVO’s overall safety posture.                                            Steven S. Demers, Marion G. Dixon, Jeff A. Emerick,
   "Congratulations to BRAVO for a job well done, and to all the           Margaret M. Ferretti, Robert J. Fudala, Tony M. Gatlin,
Application Areas who have met bronze status!"                             James Gethers, Cecil G. Gillikin, Robbie J. Girard, Michael
                                                                           C. Grudowsk, Judy A. Harris, Ricky L. Holm, Eric L.
                                                                           Jackson, Robert D. Jones, John M. Karam, David R. Lee,
                                                                           Mark E. Lewis, Bruce W. Metts, Thomas A. Mills, Timothy
                                         National                          E. Murray, Robert L. Parham, Glenn T. Pope, Jeffrey C.
                                                                           Salter, Anna R. Sanders, Richard S. Simpson, Mark S.
                                         POW/MIA                           Stoll, Robert C. Talob, Ray K. Toler, John L. Trudo, Jerry
                                         Recognition                       F. Truelove, Mark H. Tuten, Tyrone Walker, Bridget D.
                                         Day                               Wilkins, Barbara J. Williams, and Roland A. Willis.

                                         Sept. 16                          Henry L. Beakes, Michael L. Dahl, Lori K. Glass, John S.
                                                                           Hamilton, Clarence D. Hargett, Steven S. McCurdy, Mary
                                                                           J. Norman, John A. Potter, James W. Sanders, and Jannis
                                                                           F. Tolvert.

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