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London Development Agency by pengxiang


									     Part 2, Item 7.2, Appendix 1

London Development Agency
Mid Year Assessment

  LDA Mid Year Assessment 2005-6    1 of 16
  060104 V5
       Part 2, Item 7.2, Appendix 1

Executive Summary _______________________________________________________ 2
Milestones ______________________________________________________________ 3
Progress against Key priorities in the Corporate Plan ____________________________ 3
Organisational performance ________________________________________________ 11
Progress against delivery of efficiency savings__________________________________ 12
Progress against achievement of mandatory core outputs and other outputs agreed
with the GLA ____________________________________________________________ 13
Financial report __________________________________________________________ 14
Staffing figures ___________________________________________________________ 14
Publications and research __________________________________________________ 15
Appendices ______________________________________________________________ 16

Executive Summary
The main LDA achievement for the first half of this year is clearly the success of the
London 2012 Olympics bid, something the LDA is proud to have played a significant
role in.
Following the announcement the LDA has moved quickly to take key decisions such
as the awarding of the power-line contact and board approvals for compulsory
purchase orders.
We have also provided significant support to the establishment of the Olympics
Delivery Agency (ODA) and provided physical space, HR, IT, Legal and Financial
systems support during the crucial few months.
We have established our own distinct team to undertake LDA‟s ongoing work in land
assembly and business relocation for the Olympics and are in the process of aligning
our management structure.
The successful bid will have a significant impact on the LDA‟s work over the coming
years and we are undertaking a full review of our pipeline of projects to ensure we
have sufficient flexibility to meet the funding pressures that arise.
We have continued to make good progress in other areas of our corporate plan, over
the first half as shown below against objectives

Quarter    Total           With            Of which       Partially      Not applicable,
           objectives      milestones      achieved       achieved       not achieved or
                           set                                           rescheduled
One        310             263             84 (32%)       102 (38%)      77
Two        327             261             113 (43%)      115 (44%)      33

   LDA Mid Year Assessment 2005-6                           2 of 16
   060104 V5
       Part 2, Item 7.2, Appendix 1

Milestones ____________________________________________
In this year the LDA are reporting primarily on our business plan objectives and
quarterly milestones.
These are attached in MS Excel format in appendix 1, and scored on the basis of:
   0. Not applicable – no milestone for this quarter
   1. Achieved
   2. Partially achieved or rescheduled
   3. Not achieved

Progress against Key priorities in the Corporate Plan _________
Investment in Places and Infrastructure
          London 2012 Olympic bid successful
          Powerlines contract let
          We are still negotiating with the landowner at Beckton on what is now an
           Olympic relocation site
          Offer submitted in respect of the Sutherland Road property at Blackhorse
          A planning application has been submitted for Thames Gateway South:
           Royal Arsenal
          Draft master plan developed for Thames Barrier Park East residential
          In September 2005 there was a launch event at the New London
           Architecture Centre for the 3rd Phase of the Mayor`s 100 spaces initiative.
           The exhibition tracked the progress of the first two phases and launched
           the third and was opened by Lord Rogers of Riverside. The LDA provided
           financial assistance (£5000) towards the cost of staging and launching the
           exhibition and works with the GLA on many 100 spaces projects with
           LDA involvement.
          The LDA continues to work in partnership with the GLA Architecture and
           Urbanism Unit (AUU) in the ongoing roll out of this important initiative
           that promotes and brings forward high quality public realm and open space
          Reports have been considered as a basis for developing a draft design
          The sustainable design and construction toolkit has been completed which
           sets out guidance, supporting documents and decision making tools to
           assist key LDA delivery decision-makers to:
           o Understand, identify and embed appropriate essential and/or
             preferred SDC (Mayoral) targets into development activity.
   LDA Mid Year Assessment 2005-6                          3 of 16
   060104 V5
   Part 2, Item 7.2, Appendix 1

       o Incorporate SDC objectives into LDA project development, appraisal
         and procurement processes.
      Associated with the toolkit are indicative cost models which can assist
       Development/Project Managers in making decisions on which measures
       are appropriate for each scheme. It is anticipated that the toolkit will lead
       to raised awareness on SDC and broader sustainability issues, improved
       performance and a consistent application of SDC targets across LDA
       developments. The toolkit will be trialled in LDA developments in
      A potential large occupier for Beam Reach has been identified and work
       undertaken by the regeneration team to develop plans for the Royal Docks
      The business case for the London Muslim Center has been produced and
       was approved by the Senior Management Team meeting on 1st
       November. In July 2005 the London Development Agency (LDA)
       appointed Tank Consulting Ltd to assist the London Muslim Centre
       (LMC) in the development of a training and employment business plan.
       The LDA had agreed a budget of £500,000 over a 2 year period for the
       provision of services at the LMC that would lead to the delivery of training
       and employment outputs. In order to meet the outputs targets set the
       project needs to have a wide-ranging impact rather than concentrating on
       the delivery of vocational training in one sector to a limited client group.
       The project therefore needs to meet a range of needs for a diverse client
       group, as well as complimenting the services that are already available in
       the local borough and
      A draft development framework for Crystal Palace park was submitted
      Master planning on a number of key sites such as Chequers Corner and
       Couriers Road is ongoing
      The Old Laban Centre project is on track and OJEU notices have been
       drafted for preliminary / enabling contracts
      Planning applications for Lewisham Gateway have been delayed as the
       development agreement is not yet final

LDA Mid Year Assessment 2005-6                            4 of 16
060104 V5
     Part 2, Item 7.2, Appendix 1

Investment in People
        We have agreed LDA investment for Southwark Worklessness and
         Lambeth Worklessness proposals The LDA along with the partners
         ODPM, Jobcentre Plus, LSC, and the Local authorities invested in a pilot
         programme focusing on specific estates in areas of high deprivation such as
         the Aylesbury Estate in Southwark. Targeting those on incapacity benefit,
         refugees, and lone parents providing them with a package multi-agency
         support in a one stop shop. The main worklessness proposals are:
         o to provide employment, pre-employment training and support to
           disadvantaged groups in the borough who are currently economically
         o to further develop relationships between employers and those
           providing job-search, recruitment and training advice and services –
           especially for those at a disadvantage in the workplace.
         o to further develop employment and training opportunities within the
           public sector particularly for disadvantaged groups with little or no
           previous work experience.
        A cross directorate project team for Kings Cross to support the
         regeneration teams in skills development has been established
        We have approved funding for projects identified to target mainly women
         and BME groups through the RSP budget these are detailed below:
         o Management & Development training for BME and Disabled women
           in VCS: Increase the number of VCS successfully delivering public
           contracts. To increase the skill of key target groups.
         o Global Grants To Increase the employment rates of disadvantaged
           groups: to support activities that will help encourage the most
           disadvantaged groups to „move nearer to the labour market‟.
         o Refugees and Asylum Seekers Coordination Unit (LORECA): To
           coordinate refugee and asylum seeker organisations so they provide
           mere efficient and effective services to their beneficiaries. To ensure all
           Refugees and Asylum seekers receive appropriate support to move into
           employment swiftly. To Increase the employment rates of those
           granted asylum status.
         o Supporting RAS into Employment: To Increase the employment rates
           of disadvantaged groups. To support activities that will help encourage
           the most disadvantaged groups to „move nearer to the labour market‟.
         o Basic Skills and Skills for Life training for the socially excluded: To
           increase the employment rates of key target groups in London
         o Improving opportunities for young people from disadvantaged
           communities: to increase the number of young people from the targeted
           groups staying in education, training or moving into meaningful and
           sustainable employment.

  LDA Mid Year Assessment 2005-6                           5 of 16
  060104 V5
   Part 2, Item 7.2, Appendix 1

       o Training London's Basic Skills Teachers: To increase the number of
         Skills for Life teachers across London. To increase the employment
         opportunities within this field for key target groups in London.
       o People into jobs - customised training for individuals:    To increase
         the employment opportunities of key target groups in London. To
         reduce the percentage of businesses reporting a lack of appropriately
         skilled employees as a significant problem over the economic cycle.
       o People into jobs - job brokerage: To increase the employment
         opportunities of key target groups in London. To reduce the
         percentage of businesses reporting a lack of appropriately skilled
         employees as a significant problem over the economic cycle.
       o Accreditation for Job Brokerage: To increase the skills of those
         employed in job brokerage. To reduce the percentage of job brokerage
         organisations reporting a lack of appropriately skilled employees as a
         significant problem over the economic cycle.
       o Support for Adult Learning: to increase employer‟s and individual's
         investment in training. To increase participation rates in learning for
         the key target groups.
       o Organisational Development for Voluntary, Community Organisations
         and Social Enterprises: to increase the skills of those in employment in
         VCS training organisations and build the capacity if those
         organisations to deliver services more effectively.
       o Embedding basic skills in London's Local Authorities: to reduce the
         percentage of Public sector organisations reporting skills gaps within
         their workforce over the economic cycle. To increase the employment
         opportunities of those working in the Local Authorities.
      Final changes are being made to the specification for the Stephen Lawrence
       center prior to commissioning
      We are continuing to develop the London Skills Commission prospectus
       and action plan
      We are drafting Global Grants contracts for delivery to commence in
      The 18 hospitality, Leisure, Travel and Tourism projects have completed
       Q2 and the Wine and Spirit Education Trust is up and running
      Delivery partners have been identified for the STEM network
      An LDA / LSC away day was held
      ESoL plan for London draft 3 year action plan developed
      Regional skills for Life consultant appointed

LDA Mid Year Assessment 2005-6                         6 of 16
060104 V5
     Part 2, Item 7.2, Appendix 1

Investment in Enterprise
        Olympic impacts action plan produced for GLA consideration
        The pan- London creative fund has been launched as planned
        Our financial readiness scheme is heavily over-subscribed
        Equity funds were launched in June and there are a number of proposals
         under negotiation
        We have completed the draft business support review and released the
         2004 London Annual Business Survey
        An options paper on the LDA policy on support of BIDS has been
        We have led the LDA‟s work on establishing a Green Office Green. This
         Group agreed a core set of indicators and put in place a monitoring system
         in Q2, to enable us to set targets on issues including recycling, energy
         efficiency, green procurement by April 2006. In addition, we launched an
         intranet site
        Work is continuing on Imperial, LBIC and Queen Mary incubators
        Life sciences advisors recruitment is on-going
        Draft knowledge transfer programme developed in response to DTI
         Lambert Review actions
        The manufacturing advisory service continues to exceed its outputs targets
         delivering over 900 business information sessions and 70 business advice
         sessions against targets of 50 and 35 respectively. The Lean Learning
         Academy is also up and running
        A new innovation strategy and action plan has been developed with new
         strategic themes and priorities

  LDA Mid Year Assessment 2005-6                          7 of 16
  060104 V5
     Part 2, Item 7.2, Appendix 1

Investment in Marketing and Promotion
        All qualitative and quantitative targets for the Think London business plan
         have been achieved
        An office has been identified and provisionally secured in China
        Visit London quarterly review completed and issues are being worked
        The feasibility report for the London International Convention Centre has
         been published
        The direction of the Tourism Information Strategy has been established

Implementing the Economic Development Strategy
        The Centre of Excellence in Regeneration has been employed to carry out
         a review of SRB. The first part of the evaluative review covers all rounds
         of SRB in London, with a particular focus on rounds 5&6, as an example of
         the utilisation of area-based approaches in London. The second area is
         looking at the extent and quality of the evaluation of SRB. The aim of the
         study is to make recommendations for the development, implementation
         and evaluation of future area based initiatives in London. The first part of
         the review will be completed for early February and the second part
         (depending on the availability of final evaluations) will be completed for
         early March 2006.
        Work has continued on the Creating Opportunities fund and the first
         round of funding was launched with a November closing date
        We are continuing to produce regular EDS snapshot reports

  LDA Mid Year Assessment 2005-6                          8 of 16
  060104 V5
      Part 2, Item 7.2, Appendix 1

Progress against cross cutting themes in the Corporate Plan
          Round two of the Diversity Events programme was completed supporting
           6 events
          The RES consultation has been completed and approved by the board. The
           faith strategy has been drafted and ready to go out for consultation in Q3.
          The evidence for level five of the Local Government Equality Standard is
           being prepared.
          The open for business brochure has been produced and is being distributed.
          An internal equality newsletter has been disbanded and we are using
           London Unlocked instead.
          The LDA has provided expertise and leadership to the RDA equality
           group, to revise the RDA RES and to establish a common EqIA process.
          The draft disability equality scheme has been produced and sent for
           internal consultation and consideration by EMERG. We have also
           convened an independent disability group.
          Disability equality training has been piloted in the equalities, HR and
           Regeneration teams. FM is the lead officer for this and will feedback before
           part two of the training takes place. Equality training for project managers
           is taking place in a series of performance training days.
          The faith strategy has been drafted and is ready for consultation
          Evidence of level 5 of the equality standard is being prepared for
          Information has been supplied on our intranet on inclusive design and
           accessibility and we are working on guidelines and training

          Funding has been agreed for 4 pilot projects for environmental business, to
           establish sector-specific evidence to support the business case for
           environmental management. The pilots will take place with
           o an industrial estate in East London
           o a serviced office in Hammersmith
           o Food companies on Green Lanes, Haringey
           o Retail outlets in Bankside
          Brook Lyndhurst has been procured to develop, project manage and deliver
           the pilots and has identified local delivery partners who will be working
           with the participating companies to improve their environmental
           performance. The delivery partners include Business Eco (based in
           Sutton), London Environment Centre (central), Groundwork West
           London (West) and the Centre for Safety and Environmental Management
   LDA Mid Year Assessment 2005-6                           9 of 16
   060104 V5
     Part 2, Item 7.2, Appendix 1

         (North). The participating companies have been identified through
         existing relationships with mainstream providers who are currently
         delivering LDA-funded projects.
         In addition, Brook Lyndhurst are conducting some research into the
         independent hotel sector, to ascertain environmental activity in this area (if
         any) and to establish what type of support might be appropriate for this
         sector. In addition, Brook Lyndhurst will also be looking into the business
         case for engaging hotels, with a view
        Work on the Mayors wider waste strategy continues
        The Enhance programme with London Remade continues to over-perform
         on most outputs

        Recruitment is underway to key health and sustainability posts

  LDA Mid Year Assessment 2005-6                           10 of 16
  060104 V5
     Part 2, Item 7.2, Appendix 1

Progress against areas set out in the Mayoral budget guidance
        As listed above under Investment in People

Affordable housing
        There were 119 housing completions in quarter one of which 20 were
         affordable and 64 completions in quarter two of which none were
        Total housing completions are therefore 183 and the affordable housing
         proportion of units is presently 11%

Green issues
        As detailed above under sustainability

Organisational performance ______________________________
        Corporately the LDA has been significantly impacted by both the
         Olympics decision and the events of 7th July. As a result some planned
         corporate projects and activity have been delayed over the summer
        However an all staff event was held and a significant performance and
         management development programme developed and rolled out
        A revised intranet strategy has been initialized and signed off by our
         Information Systems steering group
        Top-line results of our staff survey, Management summary and
         Directorate based reports have been produced looking across the agency
         and at any discrepancies between demographics within the agency. The
         results have highlighted some key priorities which need to be taken
         forward. Eight areas of focus have been chosen which are; Utilising skills
         & abilities, team working, Career Development, Empowerment, Flexible
         working, work related pressures, dealing with poor performance and pride
         in agency.
        All staff survey reports were signed off in September and were
         communicated with all staff at the staff awayday on 6 October
        The first phase of quantitative stakeholder research was conducted
         between June 23rd – August 11th 2005. The findings are based on a total
         of 45 in-depth interviews with key stakeholders who responded very
         positively to the research: many commented on their delight in being asked
         to participate, be it by telephone or face-to-face. In summary there is
         strong awareness of the LDA‟s tangible objectives and a strong
         recognition of its role in promoting and coordinating large capital
         developments, as well as its funding activities in relation to these.
         Interestingly it also appears to be associated with the financing of smaller
         businesses. The LDA is regarded as being good at „grand
  LDA Mid Year Assessment 2005-6                          11 of 16
  060104 V5
     Part 2, Item 7.2, Appendix 1

         projects/strategic initiatives‟. It also appears to be developing a reputation
         for successfully bringing together disparate or diverse London based
         communities/organisations and engaging them in initiatives/forum.
        We have continued to embed our stakeholder care policy
        A project management toolkit has been developed and roll out processes
         are being agreed
        Our new pay and performance framework has been implemented and staff
         moved to new pay scales
        HR service level agreements have been drafted
        A number of corporate contracts have been reviewed such as catering
        We have continued to roll out improvements in our information systems
         and knowledge management as part of our ISKM strategy

Progress against delivery of efficiency savings
        The LDA has identified four main areas for efficiency savings and detailed
         reviews of each of these have been carried out
        The LDA reports efficiency savings as part of the RDA network and our
         report for Q2 is contained in appendix 2
        An implementation plan has been completed and is in the process of
         approval, there has been some delay in this as it has been adapted to reflect
         our changed structure
        Workshops are taking place in November and December to further develop
         efficiency plans and integrate them with structural changes
        We are currently ahead of our mid-year savings targets for support
         services and legal, consultancy, research and marketing costs from our core
         programme support budgets
        However we are behind target for legal, consultancy, research and
         marketing costs against programme budgets. We are currently reviewing
         the figures to ensure we have fully removed costs attributable to non-LDA
         Olympics activity
        Mid-year projections are based on a straight line projection as actual
         savings were not forecast quarterly so this may not be an accurate
         reflection of the likely year-end outturn
        We have not yet costed our programme duplication savings as we are
         working on the methodology for this. Some of these savings will be
         attibuted to cashable savings once they have been calculated

  LDA Mid Year Assessment 2005-6                           12 of 16
  060104 V5
     Part 2, Item 7.2, Appendix 1

Progress against achievement of mandatory core outputs and
other outputs agreed with the GLA
        Cumulative outputs are attached in the appendix 3
        Outputs to date reflect similar patterns in previous years and also the
         introduction of new outputs
        Brownfield land, housing units, childcare units and private investment, are
         all slow to show returns as has been the case in previous years.
         Collaboration shows a similar pattern as a new output
        The housing outputs achieved to date relate to the Woolwich Arsenal
         Development. 119 units were completed in Q1 and a further 64 were
         completed in Q2. Of the total, 20 units were affordable all of which were
         completed in Q1. This represents 11% of the current total. It should be
         noted that decisions relating to tenure mix would have taken place some
         years previously which is one reason for the relatively low proportion of
         affordable housing in this instance. Also delivery of affordable or market
         housing will not necessarily follow any given timeframe and may be high
         in one quarter, and low in others.
        The Agency was anticipating housing outputs from the Kidbrooke
         Regeneration project in South Greenwich but have been advised that these
         are unlikely to be delivered this financial year. The Agency anticipates that
         these will probably slip to 2007/08.
        A number of business and skills outputs are behind the level you might
         expect for this time of year but are expected to achieve their year end
         results. The only exception to this is business support which looks likely
         to overachieve.
        BME targets are continuing to improve and showing particularly strong
         performance in skills and employment support.
        Businesses attracted has now passed the target level and other business
         indicators are improving
        Disabled indicators are also improving and a number are exceeding target
        Women skills indicators are behind the targets but business support and
         business creation are exceeding the targets for women.
        Overall our equality indicators are starting to show some improvement
         and we hope to build on this over the year
        We are providing a breakdown of BME categories for BME actual where
         available for the first time. As can be seen while some figures are starting
         to come through a large number are recording as “not stated”
        LDA project managers are doing follow up work with projects to ensure
         they are aware of the requirement and to support them in collation

  LDA Mid Year Assessment 2005-6                          13 of 16
  060104 V5
       Part 2, Item 7.2, Appendix 1

Financial report ________________________________________
           Cumulative finance is attached in the appendix 4
           Financial figures again reflect patterns in previous years with actual spend
            slightly behind forecasts though less so than the same quarter last year
           Our performance management work is continuing to improve our financial
            and output forecasting

Staffing figures ________________________________________
Staff Black & Ethnic Minority            114                29.72%
Staff Female                             208                54.31%
Staff Disabled                           11                 2.87%
Senior Staff Black & Ethnic Minority     6                  32% (of top 5% earners)
Senior Staff Female                      9                  47% (of top 5% earners)
Total Number of Staff                    383
Vacancies                                72
Of those staff above:
Permanent                                268                69.97%
Fixed Term Contract                      46                 12.01%
Consultants                              5                  1.31%
Agency Staff                             46                 12.01%
Work Placement/Student/Secondee          18                 4.7%
Grand Total                              383

   LDA Mid Year Assessment 2005-6                              14 of 16
   060104 V5
     Part 2, Item 7.2, Appendix 1

Publications and research ________________________________
        The Tourism Unit within the LDA has commissioned research to complete
         an Economic Impact Assessment. This work has been carried out in
         consultation with GLA Economics and consultants were selected via the
         OJEU process with GLA Economics.
        The Race Equality Scheme was approved by EMERG on 7th June and
         published for consultation on the 21st June.
        The Faith Communities Engagement Strategy has completed it‟s
         consultation phase and an initial draft has been approved by EMERG.
         However internal consultation requested improvements and a revised draft
         has been prepared for internal consultation.
        Production Industries Action Plan – a colour coded action plan posted on
         the LDA website and distributed to our PI panel members. This sets out
         proposed progress on all projects set out in the PI action plan and is
         updated monthly.
        Production Industries in London Briefing Note – a brief newsletter
         intended to update partners and manufacturers on matters of relevance to
         the PI strategy. The first note was published in May. Subsequent copies
         will be due out bi-monthly.
        London Innovation – Summer 2005 (Issue 10) Newsletter distributed to
         120,000 business contacts.
        Innovation booklet – “The four questions you must answer”
        London Childcare Portal feasibility report and G and T NNI report –
         Employability and Childcare
        SME Family Friendly good practice guide spec – Employability and
         Childcare - commissioned
        „How To‟ guide on major events drafted
        OECD Report on Local Integration of Immigrants into the Labour
         Market: UK Case Study - The Case of Refugees in London (mid-October)
        Competitive Advantage of Diversity Mid- Term Findings
        EDS Snapshot (July)
        EDS Snapshot PLUS (July)
        Global scan of creative industries policy and practice
        Draft London Food Strategy, plus summary and questionnaire
        The Race Equality Scheme was approved by the board and is awaiting
        The Faith Communities Engagement Strategy has completed it‟s
         consultation phase and an initial draft has been approved by EMERG.

  LDA Mid Year Assessment 2005-6                          15 of 16
  060104 V5
     Part 2, Item 7.2, Appendix 1

         A revised draft has been prepared for internal consultation of the Sector

Appendices ___________________________________________
        Appendix 1 – milestones
        Appendix 2 – efficiencies
        Appendix 3 – Outputs
        Appendix 3a – Outputs census breakdown
        Appendix 4 – Finance

  LDA Mid Year Assessment 2005-6                          16 of 16
  060104 V5

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