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Live, Learn and Thrive
                     Arrowhead Center is a New Mexico State University (NMSU) organization
                     that accelerates economic development in New Mexico through research,
                      technology development, entrepreneurship, and industry partnerships.

       ABOUT ARROWHEAD CENTER                                                            3
                3 Arrowhead Center’s five business units
                4 Messages from the President and CEO
                5 2010 Year in Review
       EDUCATION AND OUTREACH                                                             6
                6 Innoventure competition emphasizes social entrepreneurship
                6 Summer camp trains student entrepreneurs
                7 Arrowhead Center’s students learn by doing
       OFFICE OF POLICY ANALYSIS                                                          8
                8 PROSPER project examines New Mexico’s energy future
                9 SunZia Southwest Transmission project
                9 Counting New Mexico’s green jobs
                9 Arrowhead Center serves on Governor’s Efficiency Task Force
       ARROWHEAD BUSINESS AND RESEARCH PARK                                              10
                10 Strategic initiatives guide Park development
                11 Arrowhead Center opens Payne Street extension
                11 Construction begins on new facility
       INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY COMMERCIALIZATION                                           12
                12 Arrowhead Center helps launch nanotechnology company
                13 NMSU researchers develop new water purification technology
       TECHSTART INCUBATOR                                                               14
                14 Incubator program and management awarded certifications
                15 Incubator client highlights
                15 NMSU demonstrates and validates national security technologies
       ENTREPRENEURSHIP INSTITUTE                                                        16
                16 Arrowhead Center helps artist penetrate the market
                16 Building New Mexico’s entrepreneurial network
                17 Community resources for entrepreneurs
       FINANCIAL REPORT                                                                  18
       ARROWHEAD CENTER BOARD OF DIRECTORS                                               18
       ARROWHEAD CENTER’S STAFF                                                          19
       ARROWHEAD CENTER’S CONSTRIBUTORS                                           BACK COVER

    Visit us online at: arrowheadcenter.nmsu.edu
                          Arrowhead Center’s five strategic business units fit together to provide a
                        continuum of resources that accelerate sustainable economic development in
                                                        New Mexico.
                                                                    Mission: Arrowhead Center promotes prosperity and public
                                                                                welfare in New Mexico through economic development.

 Goals: 1: Enhance student learning experiences
          2: Promote sustainable development in New Mexico
         3: Diversify funding for NMSU

The Office of Policy Analysis conducts high-quality, relevant, and accurate economic, public policy, and workforce research
in New Mexico. The research identifies trends, analyzes indicators, and informs policy-makers and the public about critical issues to
promote effective public policy decisions.

Intellectual Property Commercialization office assists faculty, staff, and students in maneuvering through the
technology transfer process. The office manages, protects, and commercializes inventions arising out of NMSU.

Arrowhead Business and Research Park is a public-private land development partnership, covering 224 acres at the
south end of NMSU, located at the crossroads of interstate highways 10 and 25. The Park provides office space and build-to-suit
opportunities for New Mexico firms and companies seeking to locate in New Mexico. The Arrowhead Business and Research Park is also
home to the Arrowhead TECHSTART Incubator.

TECHSTART is Arrowhead Center’s technology incubator program, offering specialized business assistance and office and laboratory
space to start-up and expanding businesses with a focus on Commercial Space and Aerospace, Digital Media, Biosciences, Energy, and
 Information Systems.

The Entrepreneurship Institute provides business assistance to aspiring entrepreneurs, business expansions, and non-profit
organizations. These services are provided through Graduate Student Innovation Teams that work closely with their clients to complete
projects specific to their needs. Arrowhead Center also provides traditional and virtual entrepreneurship networking opportunities. Visit
the New Mexico Entrepreneurship Alliance at http://www.nme-alliance.com to connect with entrepreneurs across New Mexico.

               Message from the President
Dear Reader,

    It is with great pride and enthusiasm that I present to you the FY2010 Annual Report for New Mexico State University’s Arrowhead
Center. We continue to make great strides in accelerating sustainable economic development across New Mexico. We are providing a
unique and comprehensive resource for technology development, entrepreneurship, and relevant policy research and analysis.
    Our highlighted successes include the Office of Policy Analysis’ participation on New Mexico’s Task Force on Government Efficiency
appointed by Governor Bill Richardson. Translating research outcomes to the marketplace continues to play an important role in
generating further innovations. Arrowhead Center continues to remove barriers and serve as an entrepreneurial gateway for those
embarking or continuing on their entrepreneurial journey. Providing support and resources to students to transition from classroom
instruction to experiential exercises remains one of the core elements of our mission. Identifying and preparing talent for
entrepreneurial companies as they grow and thrive in New Mexico is crucial for innovation to succeed.
    On behalf of the Board of Directors of the Arrowhead Center, we extend our thanks to the University administration and New
Mexico’s elected officials for their continued support of the Arrowhead Center. Participation from the State, the community, and
industry is vital to attract and retain world-class talent to the region. Our collective efforts to develop our state into the premier
location for doing business in the 21st Century is laying the foundation for long-term economic development. We look forward to
carrying this mission forward in the coming year.

Garrey Carruthers
President, Arrowhead Center
Vice President for Economic Development, NMSU

    Message from the Chief Executive Officer

Dear Reader,

   Arrowhead Center has built a reputation for its resourceful and comprehensive approach to economic growth. By focusing on
innovation and entrepreneurism, we are accelerating New Mexico’s position as a center of commerce known for the quality of its
workforce, successful businesses, and excellent lifestyle.
   To realize such lasting impacts, we rely on the expertise and proven ability of our Board of Directors and Advisory Boards to be agile in
response to challenges presented by intricate difficulties arising in the global economy. Our success is predicated on the ability to pursue
those activities which will ensure New Mexico’s development is sustainable, withstanding the test of time.
   This year, Arrowhead Center’s researchers and staff have made well over 50 public presentations and media appearances and published
or were cited in more than 100 articles providing feedback on key economic and policy issues throughout the State. Arrowhead Center’s
research was a focus of major stories in numerous newspapers and professional journals including the El Paso Times, the Las Cruces Sun-
news, and the New Mexico Business Outlook. Arrowhead Center completed more than 20 business assistance projects, welcomed 6
technology businesses incubation clients, and employed over 40 students. These efforts provide New Mexico’s economy an opportunity
to grow and stabilize, rewarding the community with strong companies and a world-class workforce.
   I invite you to take a few moments to read over this report and reflect on this year’s accomplishments and our continued efforts to
conceive of future possibilities.

Kevin Boberg
CEO, Arrowhead Center

                                       YEAR            IN       REVIEW
July 2009                                            August 2009                                 September 2009
  Arrowhead Center co-sponsored                        Representatives of the Office of Policy   Office of Policy Analysis Co-Director,
   the 2009 Business Owners and                          Analysis made presentations at the       Jim Peach presented a paper on the
     Entrepreneurs Symposium:                           Albuquerque Chamber of Commerce          need for a national energy plan at the
   The Small Business Challenge.                          Economic Forum on The National            inaugural Re-Energize America
                                                         Economy, the State Economy, and             Conference in Las Cruces, NM.
           See Page 17                                         Financial Markets.

                 October 2009                        November 2009                               December 2009
                 Arrowhead Center co-sponsored the       Representatives of the Arrowhead         Representatives of the Arrowhead
                    opening VIP reception for the       Business and Research Park and the          Center Office of Policy Analysis
                    International Symposium for        TECHSTART Incubator completed the         attended the Government Efficiency
                   Personal and Commercial Space          NBIA ‘s Incubator Management           Task Force meeting in Santa Fe, NM.
                              (ISPCS) .                        Certificate Program.
                                                                                                              See Page 9
                                                                     See Page 14

January 2010                          March 2010                                                         March 2010
   The Director of the Arrowhead       NSTI hosted the 2nd Annual                                           Blake Mycoskie of Tom’s
Business and Research Park attended   National Security Technology                                        Shoes was keynote speaker
    the Association of University     Conference: The Business of                                         for the annual Innoventure
   Research Park’s Southwestern           National Security in                                            competition hosted by the
  Regional Meeting in Tucson, AZ .          Las Cruces, NM.                                               Entrepreneurship Institute.
            See Page 10
                                              See Page 15                                                          See Page 6

April 2010                April 2010
    Opened the newly
                                                                                         SE DAT posium
 constructed Payne Street   Business owners
                                                                                SAVE T usiness Sym
extension and held Ribbon   networked at the
    Cutting Ceremony.     Entrepreneurs’ Mixer
                          hosted by Arrowhead                                               B
       See Page 11        Center in Las Cruces,                                    8/13/10                 ating
                                                                                            0 VC  Speed D
                                                                                    10/20/1               eurs’ M
June 2010
                                                                                     10/2 0/10 En
   Arrowhead Center’s PROPSER                                                                NS TI Conf
 project co-hosted the 2nd Annual                                                     3/2/11
Re-Energize America Conference in
          Las Cruces, NM.

            See Page 8

    2 010 I n n ov e n t u r e C o m p e t i t i o n
Annual youth competition emphasizes social entrepreneurship
    Arrowhead Center’s Entrepreneurship Institute hosted the 2010             Social entrepreneur and philanthropist
Innoventure competition on Thursday, March 11, 2010, at the Hotel         Blake Mycoskie, founder and Chief Shoe Giver
Encanto de Las Cruces. The competition incorporates science and           of TOMS Shoes, was the keynote speaker at the
engineering to teach and promote entrepreneurship and develop             final competition. Mycoskie told the dynamic story of TOMS Shoes,
practical skills such as problem solving, business writing, teamwork,     which has become a national phenomenon with its one-for-one
meeting deadlines, and effective communication.                           business model. TOMS Shoes donates one pair of shoes to a child in
    Students were challenged to make self-contained kits for              need for every pair purchased. Since its inception, TOMS has given
children their age or younger who live in “extreme circumstances,”        away over 400,000 pairs of shoes to children in need throughout
broadly encompassing war, homelessness, and natural disaster areas        the world.
to foster care. “We want to show students that you can develop a
profitable, sustainable business while still being socially conscious”,
said Marie Borchert, Educational Specialist for Arrowhead Center.
    The students worked from September to March to develop                                          Tony Hillerman
business plans, create a product prototype, and materialize their                                   Middle School
innovative concepts. Each student team was then judged at the                                            (left)
final competition on various components, including the business
plan, marketing component, and oral presentation. Nearly 70 teams                                   East Mountain
of students from across New Mexico competed with 17 middle                                           High School
schools and 19 high schools in the final competition.                                                   (right)

C a m p I n n o v e n t u re
Summer camp trains student entrepreneurs
    Camp Innoventure was held June 14-19, 2010, at New Mexico       competition. Borchert said the camp is
State University. Students participating in the inaugural camp put designed to help students understand the
together a business plan, made a product, and then sold it at the   process of developing products from the idea
Las Cruces Farmer’s Market on the last day of the camp. The camp    phase to production. Students practiced the skills of problem
curriculum is based on the “Buzz on Biz” textbook from the NxLevel solving, business writing, teamwork, meeting deadlines, and
entrepreneurial training program.                                   communication.
    Students entering grades fifth through eighth participating in
this exciting week took home project materials, a workbook to
continue their business endeavors, and a camp backpack. “Students
were able to get a true idea of starting a business, as well as
producing and marketing a product on a very small scale,” said
Marie Borchert, an educational specialist for Arrowhead Center. “We
want this camp to inspire students to understand more about
innovation, entrepreneurship, and the marketplace.”
                                                       Arrowhead Center Engages Students in Social Networking
    Camp Innoventure is modeled after the yearly Innoventure

                            Innoventure students, Arrowhead Center Graduate Assistants, and
                            Arrowhead Center Alumni stay connected through virtual social
                            media platforms. Students complete projects, communicate with
                            colleagues, participate in blog discussions, and learn about current
                            Arrowhead Center activities. “It really demonstrates the benefits of
                            technology and the power of networking to make connections,”
                            said Sara Pirayesh Sanders, Entrepreneurship Director for
                            Arrowhead Center.

Visit us on facebook: NMSU Arrowhead Alumni
                                                                                         FY2010 GRADUATE ASSISTANTS
Students Learn by Doing                                                             Rodolfo Acosta
                                                                                    Hector Aguirre
                                                                                                          Steve Lutha
                                                                                                          Thomas Lux
     One of Arrowhead Center's primary scheduled workshops and guest                 Mina Alinejad        Ryan Mason
goals is to provide students with       speakers. Topics include project              Rene Barba        Albert Mays III
directed learning experiences. These    management, business ethics, public
experiences build a bridge from the     speaking and business communication,
                                                                                      Lee Baldwin          Kelly Mohr
classroom to their chosen career or     workplace culture, creative problem        Deanna Bonjione     Ashleigh Pirayesh
entrepreneurial future. Each year       solving, and personal development.         Brian Buffington   Roman Stoisavljevic
Arrowhead Center offers internships,    Students also attend networking events      Danielle Carver      Manuel Reyes
undergraduate employment                to begin to establish long-term               Erika Dunn       Griselda Martinez
opportunities, and                                         professional networks.
graduate research                                             Each year, students
                                                                                  Okukayode Ransome    Miki Mohammed
assistantships.                                            gain a great deal of         Egunjobi        Omar Montoya
     Whether by                                            experience and insight   Beckie Graham    Crescent Muhammad
collecting data for                                        beyond their academic    Megan Hansen         Hien Nguyen
economic impact studies                                    studies. As a result,     Zeljka Juricek     Tiffanie Phillips
for the Office of Policy                                   graduating students
                                                                                    Rodolfo Kiyama       Zetdi Runyan
Analysis, providing much                                   move on to find
-needed support to                                         employment with           Jason Koenig        Jianxiong Sun
TECHSTART Incubator clients, or working government agencies such as the                 Chi Lam           Avan Talaat
with the Entrepreneurship Institute to  Bureau of Labor Statistics, Federal       Bryan Lindenberger     Mortaza Zare
provide client-driven business              Exchange and Regulatory Commission,
assistance, our students are gaining        and National Nuclear Security
experience and forming relationships.       Administration, and private finance,
    In 2009-2010 approximately 40           accounting, and business consulting
student participants, representing nearly   firms. Still others step out and test the
every NMSU academic college, became         entrepreneurial waters.
involved in economic development
efforts for New Mexico through their
work with the Arrowhead Center.
    Arrowhead Center supplements the
students’ standard course material and
professional experience with regularly

Arrowhead Center Student Spotlight                                                          “Arrowhead Center exposed me to
                                                                                                the business of economic
                                              RUDOLFO ACOSTA                                         development.”

                                      Rodolfo Acosta is an              where he completed business and technical research projects.
                               international graduate student from      Rodolfo is most proud of his work on the business plan for the New
                               Mexico working as a graduate             Mexico Spaceport (www.spaceportamerica.com). Rodolfo worked
                               assistant at Arrowhead Center.           with a team to ensure the project’s successful completion by
                               Rodolfo is one of Arrowhead Center’s     demonstrating hard work, a strong focus, and leadership abilities
                               superior students with an outstanding    that his co-workers and supervisors both admired and respected.
                               record of achievement.                       “The experience I’ve gained from working in both the public and
                                      An extraordinary young man,       private sectors has been invaluable,” Rodolfo said, “But my work
                               Rodolfo holds a Bachelor’s degree in     with the Arrowhead Center exposed me to the business of economic
Industrial Engineering from Chihuahua Tech, a Master’s degree in        development.” After completing the DED program, Rodolfo would
Business Administration from NMSU, and is currently enrolled in         like to enhance his professional skills while working for a bi-
NMSU’s Doctorate in Economic Development (DED) program.                 national or worldwide economic development agency. He would
Rodolfo has professional experience in both the public and private      ultimately like to start an economic development consulting firm in
sector and in both the United States and Mexico.                        Mexico.
    Prior to his current assignment with the TECHSTART Incubator,
Rodolfo worked with Arrowhead Center’s Entrepreneurship Institute

    O f f i c e o f Po l i c y A n a l y s i s
Researching New Mexico’s Energy Future
                       Policy analysis researchers continue work on the PROSPER energy project, examining the linkages between
                       economic development, the fossil fuel industry, and water issues in New Mexico. The three year, $1.2 Million
                       PROSPER project grant, from the Department of Energy (DOE), was awarded to the Arrowhead Center in October
                       2008. The Office of Policy Analysis has conducted extensive, leading-edge research to provide solid, relevant data
                       for policy makers to foster long-term prosperity in New Mexico and the southwest. To date, the office has
                       completed five technical reports:

−   The Economic Impact of Coal Mining in New Mexico
−   The Economic Impact of Oil and Gas Extraction in New Mexico
−   The Fossil Fuel Industry in New Mexico: A Comprehensive Impact Analysis
−   The Economic Impact of U.S. Department of Energy Expenditures in New Mexico
−   Oil and Gas Production Growth in New Mexico
                                   The technical reports are available on the PROSPER project Web site:

                                                                      Major findings of PROSPER reports:
                                                                             (figures are reported annually as of 2008)

                                                          ■ New Mexico’s fossil fuel energy sectors contributed $16.0 billion or 20.1
                                                             percent of state GDP.
                                                          ■ Total employment generated by fossil fuel energy sectors was 65,164 or 7.9
                                                            percent of the state total.
                                                          ■ Federal expenditures in New Mexico totaled $23.85 billion and constitute
                                                             an important part of the New Mexico economy with GDP of $79.9 billion.
                                                          ■ DOE expenditures of $4.85 billion generated $578.5 million in state tax
                                                             revenue and generated with labor income per worker of $89,768 –more
                                                              than twice the state average.

Short-term Plan for Long-term Energy Independence
    The Re-Energize America conference, hosted June 3rd and 4th, 2010, at the New Mexico Farm and Ranch
Heritage Museum in Las Cruces, focused on domestic solutions to challenges to America’s energy future. The two-
day conference offered a solid agenda of speakers, panel discussions, networking, and unveiling of the New Mexico
Plan for Biofuels Leadership. Attendees actively engaged leaders in government, industry, and academia about
issues key to America's energy future, specifically in jobs and technology.
    Speakers included Matt Rogers from U.S. Senator Jeff Bingaman’s office; Barbara Couture, NMSU President; Jim
Ford, Vice President for Federal Government Affairs at ConocoPhillips; Jason Pyle, CEO of Sapphire Energy; and
Congressman Harry Teague who also served as Honorary Chairman.
    The conference was co-sponsored by the Arrowhead Center PROSPER Project, NMSU College of Engineering's
Institute for Energy & the Environment in collaboration with the International Relations Institute, Water Resources
Research Institute, and College of Arts and Sciences.
                                                                                                                      Congressman Teague, NMSU
                                                                                                                      President Couture, and 2010
                                                                                                                      Re-Energize Conference
                                                                                                                      Steering Committee.
Keeping the Public Informed
Arrowhead Center strives to make the high quality research that we produce readily available to all. The
Office’s researchers made numerous public presentations and media appearances providing feedback on key
economic issues throughout the state and across the Country. Presentations included:
“The National Economy, the State Economy, and Financial Markets” at local and statewide economic forums
hosted by Las Cruces Chamber of Commerce, Bank of the West, and the Albuquerque Chamber of Commerce.             Dr. Jim Peach, Co-director of the
                                                                                                                 Office of Policy Analysis (left)
Testimony on the potential economic impact of the National Solar Observatory before the Economic and             presents to the Las Cruces
Rural Development Committee of the New Mexico Legislature.                                                       Chamber of Commerce economic
                                                                                                                 forum, televised on KRWG-TV.
PROSPER project findings to the National Energy Technology Laboratory Peer Review Panel in Pittsburgh, PA,
at 24th Annual Regional Economic Models, Inc. Modeling Conference in Portland, OR and at the 52nd Annual Conference of the Western
Social Science Association in Reno, NV.
“The Aging of the Border Population” at the annual conference, Border Institute IX, in Rio Rico, AZ, sponsored by the Southwest Center
for Environmental Research and Policy and funded by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

                                             NEW PROJECTS
SunZia Southwest Transmission Project                                        Counting New Mexico’s Green Jobs
    The Office of Policy Analysis began research in 2010 to                                               The Arrowhead Center at New
conduct an economic impact analysis of the construction and                                           Mexico State University, in
operation of a proposed 460 mile high capacity 500 kilovolt (kV)                                      cooperation with the Economic
transmission line across New Mexico and Arizona. Dubbed the                                           Research and Analysis Bureau at the
SunZia Southwest Transmission Project, the project would                                              New Mexico Department of
potentially allow future development of power from renewable                                          Workforce Solutions (NM DWS), is
energy sources, such as geothermal, wind, and solar, to be                                            collecting industry and occupational
transported to the Arizona and New Mexico regional transmission                                       information to shed light on the
systems.                                                                                              number of businesses engaged in
    The project proponent, SunZia Transmission, LLC, is proposing      environmentally driven activities.
to carry as much as 3,000 megawatts of renewable energy from              This Labor Market Information (LMI) project is new for the
                                         southern New Mexico to        Office of Policy Analysis and is expected to run until March 2011.
                                         an electric distribution      The reports generated by the Office of Policy Analysis will help
                                         point near Tucson, Arizona.   establish a baseline measure of green businesses and the current
                                         Once there, it would          number of workers in the green economy in New Mexico. The
                                         connect to a larger grid      analysis will complement NM DWS’s 10-year projections for
                                         powering metropolitan         industry and employment growth.
                                         areas like Phoenix and Los       An additional focus of this project is the implementation of
                                         Angeles.                      “Green Recovery Workstations” that will be created at various
                                            The SunZia Southwest       public access places, such as libraries, malls, schools, and job
Transmission project economic analysis research will be completed      placement office. These work stations will allow job seekers,
in collaboration with the Economic and Business Research Center        displaced workers, and employers to access the available
at the University of Arizona to examine the effects of the             information (green jobs, training programs, etc.) on the New
proposed project on the regional economy.                              Mexico green economy.

Arrowhead Center serves on the Governor’s Efficiency Task Force
Could save NM over $120M
    The Task Force on Government Efficiency was appointed by New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson at the end of 2009. The Task Force
was created in an effort to identify ways to reduce state government expenditures. The committee was chaired by former Governor
Garrey Carruthers, NMSU’s Vice President for Economic Development, and staffed by various state secretaries.
    In a relatively short time frame, the Office of Policy Analysis was not only asked to analyze various aspects of state government
functions but also to identify “the low hanging fruit” which could quickly and efficiently reduce state expenditures.
    Working with the Task force, the Office of Policy Analysis identified and compared New Mexico state government employment to that
of the states of Arizona, California, Colorado, Oklahoma, Texas, and Utah. The recommendations made in the final report to Governor Bill
Richardson would potentially save the State of New Mexico an estimated $129,082,900.

      A r r o w h e a d B u s i n e s s a n d R e s e a r c h Pa r k
Development of the Arrowhead Business and Research Park is a critical component of Arrowhead Center’s
  comprehensive and forward thinking economic development plan to diversify the local and regional
  economy. In FY2010, the Arrowhead Center completed a long-term financial planning initiative that
                  includes budget and revenue projections for a period of ten years.

Early College High School Included in Master Development Agreement
    The Master Development Agreement for the Arrowhead Business and Research Park was amended in August 2009 to include
approximately 7 acres in the northern portion of the Park for construction of the Early College High School (ECHS).
    Architectural programming for the ECHS is well underway with an expected construction completion date of August 2011. The facility
will be built on the eastern end of Arrowhead Park to house southern New Mexico’s first early college high school.
    The high school will introduce entrepreneurial skills and encourage technology development by allowing high school students to take
college-level courses with a technical career STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) focus. The dual credit program will allow
a student to not only complete a high school curriculum, but also permit that student to graduate with over 30 college credits and in
some cases even qualify for an Associates degree from Doña Ana Community College.

In the News                                     Association of University Research Parks
NASA Awards Park Tenant $642.2 Million Contract Learning from the rest, Striving to be the best
    General Dynamics C4 Systems, a business unit of General               Director of the Arrowhead
Dynamics, has been awarded a seven-year contract by the National       Business and Research Park, Pam
Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) Goddard Space Flight       Wood, attended the Association
Center for the Space Network Ground Segment Sustainment (SGSS)         of University Research Park’s
project.                                                               Southwestern Regional Meeting
    The company will modernize the ground system and network for       in Tucson, Arizona in January of
NASA’s Tracking Data and Relay Satellite (TDRS) constellation. The     2010.
contract has a total potential value of approximately $642.2              The meetings focused on
million. The contract performance period is from June 21, 2010,        research park best practices,
through June 20, 2017.                                                 presentations on the Nebraska
    General Dynamics will staff the SGSS project from its              Innovation Campus and SkySong: Arizona State University’s
headquarters in Scottsdale, Arizona and at its SpacePlex facility at   Platform for Innovation and Entrepreneurship, and a tour of the
the Arrowhead Business and Research Park in Las Cruces, New            University of Arizona Science and Technology Park. Arrowhead
Mexico.                                                                Center maintains an active membership with the Association of
                                                                       University Research Parks and also with the New Mexico Science &
                                                                       Technology Park Alliance (NMS&TPA).

Project represents nearly $2 million in Investment
    The new mile-long extension stretches south, from the intersection of Payne
and Wells, through the Arrowhead Business and Research Park, and out to Sam
Steel Way. The road, and its accompanying underground utilities, will allow for the
Park’s continued growth and better connect it with the rest of campus.
    “This road lays the infrastructure necessary to help us attract the kinds of
companies that hire our students, offer internships, and create jobs in the region”
said Garrey Carruthers, dean of the NMSU College of Business and Vice President
                                        for Economic Development.
                                            “Academically, the research park is a
           “This road lays the          place where our students will eventually be
      infrastructure necessary to       engaged in hands-on applications, working
      help us attract the kinds of      with companies in search of solutions that
        companies that hire our         they have identified in the classroom,” said
    students, offer internships and Kevin Boberg, CEO of Arrowhead Center.
                                            “Economically, it’s estimated that once
                                        fully developed, the entire research park
could contain more than two million gross square feet of office and lab space
where 5,000 to 6,000 people would work. This road enables us to realize those
    The road project represents nearly $2 million in investments that includes a
$900,000 grant from the U.S. Department of Commerce, Economic Development
Administration. Matching funds for the project were provided by the State of New
Mexico legislative appropriation, New Mexico State Transportation Department,
local government road funds, and New Mexico State University.

        ON TO THE NEXT ONE...                                   Arrowhead Business and Research Park Advisory Board

                                                                Kevin Boberg, Chair              Nikki MacDonald
                                                                Arrowhead Center, Inc            First American Bank
                                                                Brenda Alvarez                   Kari Mitchell
                                                                EMI Technologies                 Las Cruces Machine Manufacturing &
                                                                                                 Engineering, Inc.
                                                                Jim Berry
                                                                Greater Las Cruces               Steve Montano
                                                                Chamber of Commerce              New Mexico Economic Development
                                                                Mickey Clute
                                                                Arrowhead Development Company,   Jackie Kerby Moore
    Construction is underway on a new 8,333 square              LLC                              Sandia Science & Technology Park
foot facility, pictured right. The building is being built in
                                                                Dolores Connor                   Ken Osborne
five 1,700 square foot pods. Two of the pods are under
                                                                Las Cruces City Council          General Dynamics
final leasing negotiations. The new building is being
constructed near the General Dynamics SpacePlex 2               Christine Logan                  Fred Shepherd
facility shown below.                                           City of Las Cruces               Mesilla Valley Economic Development
   Stay in the know about improvements to Arrowhead                                              Alliance
Business and Research Park through the newly created            Jerry Lundeen
                                                                Lundeen & Associates             Pam Wood
Arrowhead Development Company Web site at :
                                                                                                 Arrowhead Business and Research
        http://www.arrowhead-development.com                                                     Park
 Office of Intellectual Property Commercialization
The Arrowhead Center transfers novel ideas and technologies from NMSU
laboratories to the marketplace. It is a circular process involving world-class
research, investment in intellectual property, identification of commercial
pathways, negotiation of licenses, and the formation of new companies—
which create jobs and revenues that cycle back to the community. University
research has helped create whole new industries and creates billions of dollars                             Left to Right: Berdie Derouen, Records
                                                                                                            Specialist; Rene Barba, Graduate Assistant;
of direct benefits to the U.S. economy every year.                                                          and Maureen Camunez, Director of
                                                                                                            Intellectual Property Commercialization

Bringing Innovations in Solar Nano-Technology to Market
    Groundbreaking new solar cell technology developed by                    NMSU owns a small equity share of the startup company.
researchers at New Mexico State University and Wake Forest               “NMSU and Wake Forest are joint owners of the patent on the solar
University will be turned into products for the commercial               cell technology developed by researchers,” said Maureen Camunez,
marketplace by a new startup company located in North Carolina.          NMSU’s Director of Intellectual Property Commercialization. The
    The company, Fiber Cell, plans to develop the next generation of     universities will share royalties from licensing the technology.
solar cells based on a novel architecture that utilizes                      “This is an exiting example of the potential for commercializing
nanotechnology and optical fibers to dramatically boost efficiency.      intellectual property developed at the University,” said Kevin
    The technology stems from research conducted by faculty              Boberg, Associate Dean of Business and CEO of Arrowhead Center.
member Seamus Curran and graduate student James Dewald of                Technology development is one of Arrowhead Center’s mechanisms
                           NMSU’s physics department in                  of accelerating economic development in New Mexico.
                           collaboration with researchers at Wake            “The University invested in the creation of new technology that
                           Forest University’s Center for                will soon make it to market,” Boberg said. “This stimulates
                           Nanotechnology and Molecular Materials.       economic development, it created funding for the University and its
                           Curran recently accepted a faculty            research activities, and it creates opportunities for faculty members
                           position at the University of Houston.        and students.”
                           The collaborative research lays the               FiberCell has received startup funding from Wake Forest and
                           groundwork for examining new ways of          Connecticut based Nano-holdings, which specializes in building
designing nanostructures expected to lead to greater solar cell          early stage nanotechnology companies around exclusive licenses
efficiencies in the future. “This is a fundamental start in the          from leading research universities.
research of novel architectures that we will continue for the next
few years and I’m sure will result in further significant intellectual
property development in both devices and materials,” Curran said.

  FiberCell is a radically new "hybrid" solar energy collection technology
 designed for power generation under non-ideal conditions. Its compact,
 conformal, form factor can be easily integrated into existing structures,
           mobile platforms, or large power generation systems.

                                  Arrowhead Center’s Director of Intellectual Property Commercialization, Maureen Camunez, attended the
                              annual meeting of the Association of University Technology Managers (AUTM) March 18-20, 2010 in New
                              Orleans. The AUTM is a nonprofit organization promoting, supporting, and enhancing the global academic
                              technology transfer profession. This year’s meeting focused on building a stronger global community of
                              technology transfer professionals, researchers, and other intellectual property experts. The three-day
                              educational conference featured 12 educational tracks and 60 interactive workshops developed for seasoned
                              technology transfer professionals and newcomers to the field.


Accelerates New Water Purification Technology Developed by NMSU Researchers
    Arrowhead Center, Inc. and Sterling         panel. The process has been modified to       explained.
Water, LLC concluded license agreement          incorporate a thermal energy storage device       Raising the temperature of the water in
negotiations in February 2010, to accelerate    that allows the system to operate around-     the headspace over the saline column
a break-through low-cost water desalination     the-clock, using stored energy at night.      slightly more than that of the freshwater
system developed by a team of New Mexico            Kevin Boberg, Arrowhead Center CEO,       column causes the flow to go in the other
State University researchers led by Dr.         traces the origins of the technology to a     direction, so that pure, distilled water
Nirmala Khandan in the College of               process developed by researchers in Florida   collects on one side and the brine
Engineering.                                    that makes distillation of saline water       concentrate is left behind in a separate
    The zero-emission technology uses the       possible at relatively low temperatures – 45  container. A temperature increase of only 10
natural effects of gravity and atmospheric      to 50 °C (113 to 122 °F) rather than the 60   to 15 degrees is needed.
pressure to create a vacuum in which water      to 100 °C (140 to 212 °F) required by most        The system is configured to adapt to
can evaporate and condense at lower             distillation processes.                       various existing heat sources. The system is
temperatures than normal for distillation.           The vacuum is created from the           able to use low-grade heat like solar energy
The innovation truly represents a major step    barometric pressure between two 10 m          or waste heat from a diesel engine,
in the sustainable desalination industry.       vertical tubes, rising respectively from a tank
                                                                                              refrigerator, or air conditioner. This
    Sterling Water, LLC, which incubates and                                                  represents an advancement in desalination
commercializes ideas to clean, desalinate,          “When you aggregate the entire zero-      technology beyond the constraints of
and treat the world's water, intends to bring      emission process from end-to-end, the      conventional infrastructure.
the commercial model into full                    overall cost to convert salt-water to pure      "When you aggregate the entire process
manufacturing in the coming year at one of              drinking water becomes almost         from end-to-end, the overall cost of
its primary offices in the water scarce                  insignificant which opens the        desalination by this process becomes almost
country of Qatar.                                 possibilities in uses never before thought insignificant which opens the possibilities in
    "What better place to roll out a                                possible.”                uses never before thought possible. We
desalination innovation than the Arabian                                                      believe this changes the game for our
Gulf region. Few other places in the world                                                    planet..." Forbes said.
have such an abundance of sun, salty water,     of saline water and a tank of pure water,         Sterling Water intends to address
and demand for fresh water." said George        that are connected by a horizontal tube.      disposal of the brine concentrate by-product
Forbes, Managing Director of Sterling Water.    Evaporation from the pure-water side will     and the unit’s height in the commercial
    A successful proof-of-concept produced      travel to the saline side and condense as the version.
over 200 gallons of pure water per day or       system seeks equilibrium.
enough water for about 15 people. The 30-           "The contrasting fresh and salty water
foot-tall prototype developed last year by      pools will seek to be the same at normal
Khandan and his research assistant, civil       temperatures. The trick is to drive
engineering doctoral student Veera              the reaction to our desired outcome –
Gnaneswar Gude, is powered by a solar           Nature will always seek equilibrium", Forbes

                                                Fresh water is scarce in many parts of the world. With zero-emission
                                                  technology, brackish water could be tapped and purified without
                                                    consuming significant amounts of energy or requiring power
                                                                       generation infrastructure.

                                                                 B USINESS I NCUBATION
IDENTIFY...                  The Arrowhead Center TECHSTART Incubator fosters the creation and
                             enhancement of technology-based entrepreneurial activities. Our business
INCUBATE...                  incubator offers below market rate facilities, business services, and assistance in
ACCELERATE!                  seeking investment capital services. We know what it takes to move technology
                             from imagination, through incubation, and on to demonstration.
                                                                TECHSTART, with its flagship National Security Technology
                                                                  Incubator program, focuses on these technology areas:

                                                                           ■ Information systems
                                                                           ■ Digital media
                                                                           ■ Space & aerospace
                                                                           ■ Biosciences
                                                                           ■ Energy

Sustainability Plan Aims to Continue Efforts
    The Arrowhead Center implemented several components of the incubator’s sustainability plan to enhance our long-term ability to
assist clients. Formerly the Arrowhead Technology Incubator, TECHSTART emerged with its new name in May 2010 and began
implementation of fee-for-service contracts in January 2010. To date, the team has executed 4 contracts with several in negotiation. The
contracts allow incubator staff to secure even more funding for clients, provide additional direct services, and business assistance to

One of Only Six in the State                                                            PRACTICES
                                                                                                           Business Incubation Specialist for
                                                                                                       TECHSTART, Dawn Hommer, and
                                                                                                       Arrowhead Business and Research
                                                                                                       Park Director, Pam Wood completed
                                                                                                       the NBIA‘s Incubator Management
                                                                                                       Certificate Program in November
                                                                                                       2009. NBIA’s Incubator Management
                                                                       Certificate Program is a comprehensive and practical overview of
                                                                       the tasks and responsibilities of incubator management. Developed
                                                                       with input from experienced industry professionals, the program
                                                                       provides a real-world view into the best practices of incubator
                                                                       management. Participants develop skills and gather tools to
    Arrowhead Center’s Technology Incubator received                   enhance the success of their programs.
certification to become a state recognized business incubator.
The application process with the New Mexico Economic
Development Department (NMEDD) was completed in July 2009.
The Incubator received formal notification of acceptance to be
certified as the sixth incubator in the state. The cabinet secretary
presented the actual certificate to CEO, Kevin Boberg in August
    The certification demonstrates the Incubator’s ability to assist
clients that are often at the forefront of developing new and
innovative technologies – creating products and services that
improve the quality of life in communities across New Mexico.

    2ND ANNUAL NSTI                     The NSTI has accepted twelve clients into the incubator program and
                                           is working to identify new opportunities to recruit clients and
      CONFERENCE                                            advance client technologies.
       The Business of National
        Security Technologies                                  NSTI CLIENT HIGHLIGHTS
                                             AgVentures, LLC                         Game Production Services (GPS)
       The NSTC 2010 Conference:
                                        AgVentures, LLC, has                                GPS creates serious games and immersive
        The Business of National
                                        developed an ozone gas                              mixed-reality environments. GPS recently
     Security Technologies was held
                                        delivery system - the Dairy                         developed a forty foot dome to be utilized in
      March 2-4, 2010 at the Hotel
                                        Ozone Delivery System                               Stinger training at Fort Sill, Oklahoma. The
         Encanto de Las Cruces.
                                        (DODS) for dairies that has                         company has been approached to build three
      Speakers from various federal
                                        successfully replaced the use                       similar domes to be to be used in training the
       agencies and several prime
                                        of copper sulfate and pre-dip                       war fighter. GPS was also a finalist for this
      contractors presented to the
                                        iodine. The DODS can also be                        year’s TechEx Awards presented by The New
     approximately 125 guests and
                                        used for decontaminating the    Mexico Technology Council. Companies from across New Mexico
       10 exhibitors in attendance.
                                        war fighter when exposed to     took part in the competition, which awards successful
                                        pathogens. AgVentures is in     implementation of technology produced by New Mexico-based
                                        the process of negotiating      companies.
                                        the terms for Venture Capital
                                        investment and is the first
                                        client admitted to the                     Stolar Research Corporation (Stolar)
                                        NMSBA program this
                                        summer.                         Stolar Research Corporation, an advanced radio geophysics
                                                                        company, has created a family of
                                                                        sensing devices used in subsurface
                                                                        investigations for both energy and
                                                                        defense-based industries. Stolar has
                                                                        successfully secured three SBIR’s
                                                                        with the assistance of NSTI and will
                                                                        be relocating into office space at
                                                                        the TECHSTART incubator facility.

                                        NEW MEXICO SMALL BUSINESS ASSISTANCE PROGRAM (NMSBA)
            S DATE
     AVE THI al
                                        Arrowhead Center’s TECHSTART helps facilitate faster, smarter startup and growth of emerging
    S       u                           technology-based businesses in New Mexico. Building valuable partnerships to expose our clients
        3rd Annerence                   to resources and programs across New Mexico is key. The NMSBA program helps small businesses
      N ST I C o                        facing technical or business challenges to access the unique expertise and capabilities at Los
                  2, 2011
                                        Alamos and Sandia National Laboratories. The technical assistance projects are provided at no
        March                           cost, but the small businesses must apply in a highly competitive process. TECHSTART has
                                        successfully placed two clients in the NMSBA program at Sandia National Laboratories. .

                              The purpose of            NMSU has taken on the task of
                                                                                                                   IS          DATE
                              Technology            demonstrating and validating the most promising
                                                                                                            SAVE TH
                              Demonstration and     national security related technologies and                            ating
                              Validation, or        products in the region.                                    VC Speed Dets capital
                                                                                                                      gy   M
                              DEMVAL, is to             DEMVAL provides an opportunity for                   Technolo
                              demonstrate new,      companies to have an unbiased, third party
                                                                                                                         0, 201       0
                              innovative, and       validation of the performance and capabilities of           October 2
potentially game changing technologies which        their national security technologies. DEMVAL
support or advance the national security goals of   clients include Tigris Tactical Systems, Game
the National Nuclear Security Administration and    Production Services, MKey Technologies, and
other government agencies. It is not possible for   Aerovironment with several others in the pipeline
these agencies to test and evaluate the             for 2010.
overwhelming number of new products and
technologies that are available.
     Entrepreneurship Institute
  The past year has been filled with entrepreneurial successes and positive directed learning experiences
  for graduate students. The Entrepreneurship Institute has been able to send over 20 well researched,
  professionally written, and unbiased projects into the community rich with recommendations, business
  strategies, and action items for success. In addition, the Entrepreneurship Institute added two business
  assistance resources, The Entrepreneurship Laboratory and the New Mexico Entrepreneurship Alliance
  Web site, that will continue to help New Mexico business owners.
Artwork by Arrowhead Center Client, Virginia Romero Now Available in NMSU Bookstore
                                 Virginia Maria Romero, “La Santera” (a “saint-       computer formatting for their business, have created
                              maker”), is an award winning artist, who has been       tiles for the City of Las Cruces as well as the Las
                              nationally recognized for her images of Christ, the     Cruces Convention and Visitor’s Center.
                              Virgin Mary, saints, and nature. Romero’s business,         Romero attributes part of her success to the
                              Arte de Romero, was formed several years ago            business research conducted by Arrowhead Center.
                              when Virginia Maria Romero and a business partner       “The project gave me new ideas and also reinforced
                              began to market her artwork and images on               my ideas that I already had,” Romero said. “It gave
                              ceramic tiles.                                          me added confidence to move forward in new
                                  Arte de Romero tiles were first seen on NMSU’s      directions with the business. As a result of the
                              campus at the Arrowhead Center in 2007.                 project with the Arrowhead Center, there has been
                              Arrowhead Center’s project was to assess the            good networking opportunities for me and my
                              viability of the business and determine if the artist   company,” Romero said.
                              could make a full-time dedication to her craft.
                              Business research students conducted a market
                                                                                      Arte de Romero personalized a tile for the Arrowhead
                              analysis and provided Romero with a marketing           Center (bottom left) and the NMSU College of Business
                              plan to gain better product identification and cover    (top). The tiles are used as gifts for Arrowhead Center and
                              a larger market.                                        College of Business visitors from around the globe.
                                  As of February 2010, the tiles became available
                              for purchase at the NMSU Bookstore in the Corbett
                              Center Student Union. Arte de Romero tiles are
                              now sold in various locations in Las Cruces and
                              around the country. The tiles have found their way
                              to Italy, Ireland, Amsterdam, and the Vatican
                              through private collectors. Arte de Romero tiles
                              have been be customized for the University’s
                              different colleges and departments on campus and
                              other area businesses.
                                  Romero and her partner, who does the

www.nme-alliance.com Join Today!
    The online community connects aspiring entrepreneurs, business owners,
the financing community, and interested citizens to provide support to
business endeavors across New Mexico.
                                                                                               SAVE THIS rs Mixer
    Since its launch in January 2010, the NME-Alliance has rapidly grown to                             eu
over 50 members. These entrepreneurial minded New Mexicans are                               The Ent    ely Follo
networking, exchanging ideas, ways to finance new ventures, and                                   Immedia d Dating
communicating about issues that affect business. Members are improving their                        VC Spee
personal and professional development while building a state-wide business                                    0, 201           0
network in New Mexico.                                                                               October 2
    The site, NME-Alliance.com, is accessible through the Arrowhead Center
homepage, the NSMU Arrowhead Alumni Facebook Page, and through many
existing New Mexico business groups on Linked In.

                                                         Entrepreneurship Events and Community Resources
   The Entrepreneurship Institute hosted the 2009 Business Owners and Entrepreneurs
Symposium: “The Small Business Challenge,” on Friday, July 17, 2009, at Days Inn
Columbus Conference Center in Las Cruces.
                                                                                                              IS DATE
   Co-sponsored by the Dona Ana Community College Small Business Development
Center, and the New Mexico Family Business Alliance, the highly successful event
welcomed area business owners, aspiring entrepreneurs, and students for an informative
                                                                                                       SAVE TH usiness Owners
                                                                                                           mall B         ymposiu
day-long symposium.                                                                                 2010 S        neurs S
                                                                                                           trepre               ext?”
                                                                                                   1and En
   Several speakers helped introduce over 100 attendees to the field of entrepreneurship
                                                                                                                        hat’s N
                       and shared practical ideas for maintaining a healthy business.
                                                                                                      “Small               10
                       Topics covered included: Types of Small Business Capital and
                       Where to Find It, Valuation of Your Business, New Mexico Business                      August 13, 20
                       and Economic Forecast, Government Contracting, Managing
                       Business Relationships, Organizational Behavior in Family and
                       Small Businesses, and Succession Planning.

NXLEVEL TRAINING                                    Free Hands-on Entrepreneurship Help for the Community
Education Meets Entrepreneurship
                                                                                           ENTREPRENEURSHIP LABORATORY
  NxLeveL® Education is helping Arrowhead               The Entrepreneurship Institute at the Arrowhead Center held a grand opening for its
Center build an entrepreneur training network       Entrepreneurship Laboratory on December 4, 2009. The Laboratory is housed in NMSU’s
to strengthen small businesses and promote          Academic Research Building A, located on the south end of campus. The facility includes
economic development.                               an entrepreneurship library, computers equipped with business simulation software, a
  Six of Arrowhead Center’s staff members           printing and fax station, and a step-by-step workbook written for New Mexico’s aspiring
completed the NxLeveL® instructor certification     entrepreneurs.
training, which is considered one of the premier        The Library consists of several hundred books, current and archived magazines, and
entrepreneurial training programs in the United     industry-specific journals classified by subject area. Patrons can check out materials via
States. This certification enables instructors to   NMSU or state issued identification cards. Library membership is not required for use.
effectively teach any NxLeveL® curricula            Computers in the Laboratory are equipped with the Vanguard Business Analytics Suite of
designed to share best practices for small          software with includes Vanguard Studio, Decision Tree Analysis, Forecasting, Monte
businesses.                                         Carlo Simulation, Optimization, and Web Development modules. This software offers
  Six teachers from the Las Cruces Public           additional capabilities to clients that complement Arrowhead Center’s business
School District and the Loving, NM school           development services. Graduate students are on hand to provide assistance.
district also received certification. These             The Arrowhead Center Entrepreneurship Workbook is user-friendly and provides a
teachers will work with Arrowhead Center to         wealth of information, sample problems, questionnaires, and templates to save New
offer entrepreneurship to high school students.     Mexico entrepreneurs time, energy, and resources.
                                                        The Entrepreneurship Laboratory is free and open to the general public, and several
                                                    parking spaces are available for vehicles without an NMSU parking permit. The hours of
                                                    operation are 8am-5pm, Monday through Friday.

    Arrowhead Center welcomed more than 30 members of
New Mexico’s business community, including entrepreneurs,           Dr. David O’Brien
business students, and financiers to its business networking            The Arrowhead Center has an incredible volunteer in Dr. David
event dubbed, The Entrepreneurs’ Mixer. The event was               O’Brien. Dr. O’Brien has a Ph.D. in Library Science and has recently
hosted April 29, 2010 at The Mix Pacific Rim Cuisine in Las         served as the Manager of Scholarly Technology in the College of
Cruces.                                                             Agricultural, Consumer, and Environmental Sciences at New Mexico
    “Networking really helps small businesses build a support       State University. Dr. O’Brien has been immensely supportive and
system,” said Crescent Muhammad, Program Development                provided hands-on direction while implementing the integrated library
Specialist for the Arrowhead Center. “This was a great way to       management software for the Entrepreneurship Laboratory’s Business
meet new people, make contacts, and exchange ideas.”                Library. He also proved invaluable when organizing and shelving items
    Arrowhead Center seeks to expand existing networks to           for efficient retrieval.
create an entrepreneurial ecosystem across New Mexico.

                                              FISCAL YEAR 2010
    Arrowhead Center, Inc. ended Fiscal Year 2010 in a strong financial position. Unaudited operating revenue of $460,000 exceeded
unaudited operating expenses of $295,000 resulting in an unaudited ending positive net asset position of $867,000. An unaudited ending
cash balance of $756,000 constitutes the majority of the corporation’s net assets. Unaudited operating revenue and expense posted
aggregate 25.8% and 24.6% increases, respectively, in the Arrowhead SBUs over FY2009 operating revenue and expense, mainly due to
increased leasing and intellectual property activities. Financial results from the fiscal year ending June 30, 2010, demonstrated steady
growth in public funding and continuing improvement in operating margins, which was consistent with Arrowhead Center’s strategies
throughout the fiscal year.

Arrowhead Center maintains effective internal control over cash receipts, expenditures, and financial reporting. As a blended component
of New Mexico State University, successful systems are in place to administer the fiscal components of contracts and leasing operations
and Arrowhead Center has a strong cadre of individuals with excellent track records in management. The organization’s reporting policies
and procedures are designed to provide reasonable assurance regarding the reliability of financial reporting and the preparation of
financial statements for external purposes in accordance with accounting principles generally accepted in the United States of America

The Board of Directors annually contracts with an independent Certified Public Accountant (CPA) to perform an independent examination
and audit of the accounts and books of the Corporation. This audit includes receipts, disbursements, contracts, leases, investments, and any
other records and papers relating to Arrowhead Center, Inc.’s financial standing. The CPA determines whether the Corporation has
complied with the provisions of the University Research Park and Economic Development Act. The CPA performing the audit furnishes
copies of the audit report to the Regents of New Mexico State University as well as the State Corporation Commission where the reports
are filed and made available for inspection by the general public. The FY2010 audit is underway.

Garrey Carruthers, President                   Michael Cheney                                 Sherman McCorkle
NMSU Dean of the College of Business,          Regional Bank President, Southern NM, Wells President and CEO, Technology
Vice President for Economic                    Fargo Bank                                  Ventures Corporation
                                               Barbara Couture                                Roy Miller
Vimal Chaitanya, Vice President                NMSU President                                 State Director of the New Mexico Small
NMSU Vice President for Research                                                              Business Development Centers
                                               Blake Curtis
Jennifer Taylor, Treasurer                     NMSU Regent                                    Fred Mondragon
NMSU Senior Vice President for Business,                                                      Cabinet Secretary, New Mexico
Finance, and Human Resources                   Greg Fant                                      Economic Development Department
                                               NMSU Interim Dean of the College of Arts
Tilahun Adera, Secretary                       and Sciences                                   Michael Morehead
NMSU Dean of the College of Health and                                                        NMSU Dean of the College of
Social Services                                Jay Jordan                                     Education
                                               NMSU Interim Provost, Director of Physical
Kevin Boberg, Chief Executive Officer          Science Laboratory                             Van Romero
NMSU Associate Dean for Research,                                                             Vice President of Research,
College of Business                            Ricardo Jacquez                                New Mexico Institute of Mining and
                                               NMSU Dean of the College of                    Technology
Chris Anaya                                    Engineering
NMSU Regent                                                                                   Ben Woods
                                               Bruce Kite                                     NMSU Senior Vice President for
Lowell Catlett                                 NMSU General Counsel (Ex-Officio)              Planning, Physical Resources, and
NMSU Dean of the College of Agriculture,                                                      University Relations
Consumer, and Environmental Sciences           James Manatt, Jr.
                                               President, Providence Technologies

   Arrowhead Center’s expertise stems from its experienced staff committed to providing the highest-
   quality research and timely reporting, outstanding client service, and reliability. With extensive
   experience in economic development, entrepreneurship, business and policy analysis, education and
   training, and commercialization of technology, we are constantly striving to bring the latest
   techniques, programs and advancements to our clients.. Each piece of research is led by one or more
A D M I N I S T R AT I O N                                                 O FFICE      OF    P O L I C Y A N A LY S I S
Kevin Boberg                      Yvonne Mendoza                           Jim Peach                          Leo Delgado
Chief Executive Officer           Administrative Secretary                 Co-Director                        Policy Analyst
575-646-1334                      575-646-7132                             575-646-3113                       575-646-7827
kboberg@nmsu.edu                  ymendoza@nmsu.edu                        jpeach@nmsu.edu                    leodelga@nmsu.edu

Kathy Hansen                      Marisella Reyes                          Tony Popp
Chief Operating Officer           Assistant to the Director                Co-Director
575-646-5406, 575-646-7969        575-646-7415                             575-646-2113
hansen@nmsu.edu                   mmreyes@ad.nmsu.edu                      apopp@nmsu.edu

TECHSTART                                                                  ENTREPRENEURSHIP INSTITUTE
Dawn Hommer                       Chris Keintz                             Sara Pirayesh                     Marie Borchert
Business Incubation Specialist    Director of Technology                   Director                          Education Specialist
575-646-5213                      Innovation                               575-646-7036                      575-646-7839
dhommer@nmsu.edu                  575-646-2596                             npirayes@ad.nmsu.edu              mhaaland@ad.nmsu.edu

O FFICE OF I NTELLECTUAL                                                   A RROWHEAD RESEARCH                     AND
P R O P E R T Y C O M M E R C I A L I Z AT I O N                           B USINESS P ARK
Maureen Camunez                   Berdie Derouen                           Clara Marquez                      Pam Wood
Director                          Records Specialist                       Account Technician                 Director
575-646-5398                      575-646-4185                             575-646-6120                       575-646-7039
mcamunez@nmsu.edu                 bderouen@nmsu.edu                        clmarque@nmsu.edu                  pmwood@nmsu.edu

                                                                                           STAFF HIGHLIGTS
Retirement Snags a Department of Economics’ Great                                                 Business Development Director
                      Dr. Tony Popp retired this year from his                                    Certified
                      position as head of the Department of                                    Vickie Galindo received nationally
                      Economics and International Business at                                  recognized grant writing certification
                      NMSU where he worked with students as                                    from the American Grant Writer’s
                      an instructor, advisor, and mentor for more                              Association (AGWA). AGWA’s mission is
                      than 29 years. Dr. Popp will continue to                                 to enhance the community of
                      work with the Office of Policy Analysis at                               grantseekers' professional standards and
                      the Arrowhead Center.                       ethical practices through education, certification, networking and
                                                                  professional growth.

                                                              Incubation Specialist Lends a Hand
                                                              Dawn Hommer was one of several judges invited to participate in the Camino
                                                              Real Ventures Business Plan Competition (CRVC) hosted by the Bi-National
                                                              Sustainability Laboratory in Santa Teresa, NM. The CRVC’s primary purpose is
                                                              to provide a venue for young entrepreneurs to develop a business concept
                                                              from planning stage, to launch, and hopefully to product commercialization.
                                                              Dawn was also asked to serve on the National Business Incubator Association
                                                              (NBIA) Partner Review Panel to perform due diligence on potential service
                                                              providers for the organization and its members.
                          THANKS TO OUR GENEROUS SUPPORTERS
All of us at Arrowhead Center offer our sincerest thanks to those who support our mission to promote
prosperity and public welfare in New Mexico through economic development. We rely on the
commitment of our Board of Directors, volunteers and community members, businesses, organizations,
and government agencies like those listed below to help create sustainable economic development in New
                                           City of Las Cruces
                                    Congressman Ben Ray Lujan
                                     Congressman Harry Teague
                                   Congressman Martin Heinrich
                                           Karen Lieberman
                                       Katherine T. Carruthers
                                  Los Alamos National Laboratory
                               Mesilla Valley Economic Development
                             New Mexico Department of Transportation
                           New Mexico Department of Workforce Solutions
                           New Mexico Economic Development Department
                               New Mexico Family Business Alliance
                          New Mexico Small Business Development Centers
                                        New Mexico Spaceport
                                             NM MESA, Inc
                                    Sandia National Laboratories
                                  State of New Mexico Legislature
                                   The Barham Family Foundation
                                     The Mix Pacific Rim Cuisine
                U.S. Department of Commerce, Economic Development Administration
                                      U.S. Department of Energy
                                     U.S. Senator Jeff Bingaman
                              U.S. Senator Pete V. Domenici, (Retired)
                                        U.S. Senator Tom Udall

             MSC 700
             PO Box 30001
             Las Cruces, NM             Visit us online at: arrowheadcenter.nmsu.edu
             (575) 646-1434

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