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					Job Opening: Research Associates                                     

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           Job Opening: Research Associates
                                                 Research Associates (2)

           The nonpartisan Public Campaign Action Fund's Campaign Money Watch (CMW) is looking for two
           smart and dedicated Research Associates to help implement an ambitious plan to educate voters
           about political money, corruption, and scandals in the 2008 elections. CMW runs the pre-eminent
           anti-corruption and pro-reform voter education campaigns in the country, having played leadership
           roles in former House Majority Leader Tom DeLay's downfall, Ralph Reed's failed bid for elective
           office, and several other efforts over the past five years. Based on the experience of the 2006
           elections and voters' continued anger over corruption, CMW will utilize sophisticated paid and
           earned media and organizing strategies to raise the issue in key races around the country, connecting
           the dots between campaign fundraising and politicians' positions on important issues.

           Job Description

           The Research Associates will work closely with the Director, Deputy Director, and Research
           Director to standardize and analyze campaign finance data on as many as twenty elected officials and
           candidates for public office. The Research Associates will develop and manage databases, conduct
           investigative research on searchable public sources including newspapers, and produce fact sheets
           and talking points, often working on tight deadlines for use in the current news cycle. Research staff
           will be responsible for fact-checking documents, and will be central to the communications effort by
           supporting outreach to reporters, bloggers, organizational partners, and others.


           The Research Associates shall possess:

                  At least two years of experience working in a campaign, journalistic, and/or organizational

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Job Opening: Research Associates                                   

                  Strong familiarity with databases, preferably with MS Access;
                  Attention to detail;
                  Ability to juggle multiple tasks without factual errors;
                  Solid written and verbal communication skills; and
                  Willingness to work long hours and a desire to seeing something through to completion.


           $30,000 to 40,000 per year, with competitive benefits.

           To Apply

           Send resume, cover letter, and three references immediately to David Donnelly, Director, Campaign
           Money Watch, ddonnelly [AT] campaignmoney [DOT] org, or fax to 609-371-0086.

           Public Campaign Action Fund's Campaign Money Watch is an equal opportunity employer.
           People of color, ethnic minorities, women, LGBT people, and others encouraged to apply.

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