NORTHEAST REGION
           Proudly serving Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont,
                Massachusetts, New York, Connecticut,
            New Jersey, Rhode Island, Europe, Puerto Rico,
                      and the U.S. Virgin Islands

Volume 5                          Issue 12               August 2010
                                                     Regional Manager’s Message

                                                     I seem to be saying, ―There‘s a lot going on
                                                     around the Region‖ a lot lately…and I‘m
                                                     delighted that it is true!

                                                     We welcomed three new members to the
                                                     Regional Board between late July and early
                                                     August. They are Cathy Fletcher (Greater
                                                     Boston Chapter) as Persons with Disabilities
       Dawn Nester, Regional Manager                 Chair; Lisamarie Rykowski (Brookhaven
           PH: (603) 433-0560 (desk)                 Chapter) as Policy and Procedures Chair; and
             Fax: (603) 433-0780                     Valerie Howell (Fort Monmouth Chapter) as
           PH: (603) 978-8361 (cell)
                                                     Congressional Relations Chair. Welcome to the
        he-mail:                Regional Board, Cathy, Lisamarie, and Valerie!
   Are you a member of the T.E.A.M.?
                   ———————                           In addition, plans are moving forward to order a
What’s Inside?                                       new stand-up, pull-up 6‘ high banner for the
 Chapter Updates, pg 2                              Region to take to women‘s conferences and our
 Membership Report, pg 3
 Autumn RTP Update, pg 4                            Regional Training Programs to showcase our
 National FEW News, pg 5                            Region. A huge note of appreciation goes out to
 Diversity Corner, pg 6
 Legislative Report, pg 7
                                                     Jayne Cousins (Greater Merrimack Valley
 Training Report, pg 7                              Chapter), Regional Training Chair, for leading
 ―Around the Training Table,‖ pg 8                  the effort on this. Also being recognized for
 Compliance Report, pg 9
 FEW Education and Training Foundation, pg 10       their work on the committee are April Etter
 Management Tip, pg 11                              (Greater Merrimack Valley Chapter), Regional
 Regional Board Vacancy Description of Duties, pg   Secretary; Lisamarie Rykowski (Brookhaven
 FEW Foundation and Partners …            Chapter, Policy and Procedures Chair; and
  FEW Members Benefit!, pg 15                        Kristina Tiedke (Greater Merrimack Valley
 FEW Foundation fundraiser, pg 16
                                                     Chapter). Your teamwork has resulted in a
                 ———————                             brand new product to showcase our region being
              Northeast Region (FEW)                 ordered for first use in time for the Autumn RTP!
                   P. O. Box 444                     Way to go, everyone!
            Farmington, NH 03835-0444
                                                     Last, but certainly not least, the Region‘s
                                                     Awards window opened on August 16 and closes
                                                     September 3rd. Chapters are encouraged to
                                                     submit as many award nominations as they
                                                     think appropriate, one nomination per package.
                                                     As they are preparing the nomination package,
                                                     Chapter Presidents are also polling members for
                                                     interest in serving on the ad hoc Awards
                                                     Committee. If this is something you‘d like to be
                                                     involved in, contact your Chapter President!
                         Chapter Updates by Presidents

Big Apple Chapter                          Foundation‘s website at
                                           It is strongly recommended that visitors
The Big Apple Chapter celebrated           download the presentation from their home
Women‘s Equality Day on August 26,         computer as agencies are tightening security
2010, with a presentation by Barbara       restrictions about downloading large files from
Berg from the National Women‘s History     outside sites.
                                           Greater Merrimack Valley Chapter
Brookhaven Chapter
                                           Plans are moving forward for a joint Installation
Several members of our chapter are         of Officers ceremony on September 3, 2010, at
working on the Regional Training           Jackson‘s Restaurant, Methuen, MA. The
Planning Committee. Thanks go out to       ceremony will be held in conjunction with
Patricia Pells, Logistics Chair, and       installing the Northeast Region officers.
Lisamarie Rykowski, Publicity Chair.       Congresswoman Nikki Tsongas (D-MA) has been
                                           invited to be the installing official but have not
Diane Arrigo has been approved by the      heard back from her office as yet.
Chapter Board to be Treasurer. Chapter
Office Training was conducted by Dawn      Chapter Officer Training will be conducted by
Nester on August 31, 2010.                 Dawn Nester on September 12, at the Olive
                                           Garden in Methuen, MA.
Fort Monmouth Chapter
                                           Efforts are almost complete in transitioning the
Congratulations to Valerie Howell for      bank account to reflect the new officers. Efforts
volunteering to represent the Chapter on   continue to fill Chapter committee offices.
the Region‘s Regional Training Program
Planning Committee and being appointed     Western New York Chapter
as the Region‘s Congressional Relations
Chair!                                     Members cruised on the Miss Buffalo Cruise on
                                           July 30th. The cruise included dancing. A good
Lillian Rosario-Dunning was appointed as   time was had by all. Photos will be shared.
Chapter Treasurer this month. Anyone
interested in serving as Chapter Vice      Members also enjoyed going to a minor league
President or Chapter Secretary should      baseball game on August 20th!
contact Roberta Simpkin, President, at or Dawn          The next meeting of the Western New York
Nester, Regional Manager, at               Chapter was held on August 26 at 5:30 p.m., to discuss          We met at Alex‘s Restaurant in Batavia, NY.
duties and responsibilities.

Greater Boston Chapter

Valerie Foxx, President, presented an
Audio ―Herstory‖ about Harriet Tubman
for the FEW Foundation as part of their
monthly webinar series. She
participated in a practice session on
August 16th, prior to the actual
presentation on August 19th at noon
(ET). If you missed the presentation,
you can download it from the FEW

                        Membership Report by Kelly Badzo

The Region is pleased to welcome these      Updated information about FEW‘s annual contest
new members:                                will be coming out soon. Here is what is known
                                            now. The 2010-2011 Membership Contest will
Brookhaven Chapter (100 members):           begin soon. Liz Perry, Vice President for
 No new members this month                 Membership and Chapter Organization, will be
                                            announcing the criteria and prizes in the
Fort Monmouth Chapter (18 members):
                                            foreseeable future. In the meantime, keep
 Joanna Belbey (private industry)
 Julie Petrova (Long Island University)
                                            recruiting and asking your potential members to
 Natalya Vladyko (not provided)            add your name as the ―Referred by:‖ person!

Greater Boston Chapter (28 members)         Invite everyone you know to become a…
 Marcia Metzger (National Park Service)

Greater Merrimack Valley Chapter (33
 No new members this month

Western New York Chapter (28 members)
 Cheryl Cornwell (IRS)
 Darlene Rias (IRS)
 Deirdre Steele (IRS)

Welcome to FEW, everyone! All of us
look forward to meeting and working
with you in our chapters!

While you are talking to friends, family,
and co-workers about FEW, be sure your
membership is current. If you are due
to renew this month, please be sure you
go to FEW‘s secure web site
( to renew on-line.
Or, if you are uncomfortable with paying
by credit card, simply write a check for
$45, made payable to FEW, add your
membership number and chapter name
on the memo line, and mail it to:

     Federally Employed Women
           P. O. Box 75551
     Baltimore, MD 21275-5551

IMPORTANT NOTE: The address on
your envelope must appear exactly as
shown above. Otherwise, the payment
will be returned as undeliverable. DO
NOT send your payment to any other
address listed for FEW.

                    Autumn Regional Training Program
                                 by Dawn Nester

The Autumn 2010 RTP planning is under      by electronic funds transfer); and the Meet-and-
way! The committee members are:            Greet flyer, also post-able and ready for
   Christine Cantine and Danielle
    Harrington, Big Apple Chapter;         The Meet-and-Greet will be at Applebee‘s at
   Lesly Galloway, Patricia Pells, and    1811 N. Ocean Avenue in Farmingville, NY.
    Lisamarie Rykowski, Brookhaven         We‘re going to meet there to networking and
    Chapter;                               socialize from 6:00-8:00 p.m. Come when you
   Valerie Howell and Roberta Simpkin,    can! New this year, we will have themed raffle
    Fort Monmouth Chapter;                 baskets available at the Meet-and-Greet.
   Jennifer Hinderliter and Kim           Tickets for the raffle baskets will be 1-for-$1 or
    McLaughlin, Western New York           6-for-$5. Come check ‗em out!
   Jayne Cousins, Regional Training       Monies raised from the raffle baskets will
    Chair; and,                            support the Region‘s Scholarship Fund. Our
   Dawn Nester, Regional Manager          goal again this year is to raise enough money
                                           throughout the year to send a member fully-
So far, we have confirmed some key         funded to the FEW National Training Program in
information for your planning purposes.    Philadelphia, PA, in July 2011. The Regional
                                           Board was delighted to be able to send a
Date: October 22, 2010                     member of the Greater Merrimack Valley
Location: TBD                              Chapter to the NTP in New Orleans fully-funded
Presenters:                                this past July. We want to do it again…but we
 Clara Anderson, Vice President for       need everyone‘s participation in the region-wide
    Training (CONFIRMED);                  fundraisers.
 Georgia Thomas, Vice President for
    Diversity (CONFIRMED);                 In addition, we are pleased to recognize two
 Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney (D-        new RTP sponsors, starting with the Autumn
    NY) (INVITED);                         RTP. has already
 Valerie Foxx, President, Greater         provided conference bag inserts and made a
    Boston Chapter, presenting ―Goal       contribution to the Scholarship Fund. Letitia
    Setting;‖ and,                         Agada Service has also pledged a contribution to
 Sheree Galpert, Dynamic Results,         the Scholarship fund. Their support, along with
    presenting an interactive, fun         our continuing sponsors of Blue Cross Blue
    communications workshop                Shield, Long Term Care Partners, DCG
Registration: Opened on August 1,          Technology Learning, FEW and the FEW
2010.                                      Foundation, make it possible to sponsor the
Fees: $35 for members; $50 for non-        high-quality RTPs the members in this region
members – this is an EXCELLENT value       enjoy. Thank you all for your support!
for a one-day training with high quality
presenters that includes breakfast and     Keep watching this column and the Region‘s
lunch.                                     website for information about the RTP as it is
                                           confirmed. It‘s going to be good one…Don‘t
Go to the Northeast Region‘s website       Miss It!
( and click on the
Regional Training Program link to
download the ―Save the Date!‖ flyer for
posting where allowed and sharing with
friends and co-workers; the Registration
form (checks made payable to NER FEW
or, new this year, agencies by fund you

                                National FEW News
At the National Training Program in New        designated (i.e., $12.50 to each chapter
Orleans, a new FEW ―publication‖ was           designated). This is a great opportunity for
unveiled. It is an e-book on the FEW           chapters to effortlessly earn money for chapter
NTP‘s for the past 40 years. Lindsay           scholarship funds.
Mitchell and Jayne Cousins from the
Northeast Region worked on this project        There are only 100 cabins available, so hurry and
along with others from around the              sign up today! Don‘t miss the ship as we sail from
country under the leadership and               Miami on Carnival‘s Destiny to Grand Turk and the
guidance of Patt Franc. You can find the       Bahamas from August 22-27, 2011. An initial
e-book on FEW‘s website under the              deposit is due on or before October 1, 2010, with
Newsroom tab or by clicking on FEW's           final payment due June 1, 2011; however, a
National Training Program: Celebrating a       payment plan can be established in the
History of Training Excellence                 intervening months. Call Nancy Ploener, FEW‘s
                                               travel agent for this trip, at 404-483-1979 or
The eBook is entitled, "Federally              leave a message at 866-214-7447, ext. 26. Or,
Employed Women National Training               you may e-mail queries to
Program Celebrating A History of     
Training Excellence." What you will read
is a tribute to the spirit and dedication of
Federally Employed Women (FEW)
members everywhere.


By now, you should have begun to
receive information about an exciting
new adventure for FEW. We‘re going on                           Carnival‘s Destiny
a cruise! The FEW 2011 CRUISE IS                           Doesn’t that water look
NOW OPEN FOR BOOKINGS - see                                       inviting?
information below
             Carnival Destiny
            Registration Form                  There are new e-mail addresses to use when
                                               contacting the Vice President for Membership and
When you sign up for a cabin, indicate         Chapter Organization or reporting membership
your chapter. Chapters have an                 concerns.
opportunity to earn $25 per member
who signs up for and completes the             VPMCO =
cruise when the member identifies the          Membership Concerns =
chapter. This is also open to your family
and friends. Just ask them to identify         Please begin using these e-mail addresses
your chapter when they make and                effective immediately.
complete their cruise with you!

It should be noted, however, that if you
choose to be cabin-mates with a
member from a different chapter, the
$25 will be split between the chapters

                                   Diversity Corner

                                              Future Cyber Exhibits include:

                                               September       Hispanic Heritage
                                                October       Disability Awareness
                                               November               Native
                                                             Native Heritage Month
                                               December        To be determined
              Georgia Thomas
         Vice President for Diversity

I am very excited about coming to
Holtsville, NY, to participate in your
region‘s Autumn Regional Training
Program. I appreciate the Planning
Committee‘s invitation to participate! My
workshop is entitled, ―What is Your
Diversity Proficiency?‖

As I settle into my new role as the Vice
President for Diversity, I am developing
training materials, working with other
members of the Board on diversity issues,
and working with the National
Communications Committee as they
develop cyber exhibits for the FEW website
on a variety of diversity related topics. I
hope to develop material for a FEW
Foundation webinar about diversity in the
coming months. I understand the FEW
Foundation‘s webinar schedule is booked
from now until January 2011, so look for
something from me after January.

If you or your chapter members have
questions about Diversity issues, please
don‘t hesitate to contact me. I can be
reached at, or by phone at

                                Legislative Report
                                 Training Report

                                                                          (photo currently
                                                                           Clara Anderson
        (photo currently unavailable)                                Vice President for Training
                                            Learning is happening!
               Matthew Fogg
             Vice President for
          Congressional Relations           I was delighted when the Planning Committee
                                            issued the invitation for me to present a
Did you know that there are resources for   workshop. The RTP Planning Committee told
Chapter Presidents and Chapter Legislative me they were looking for a career-related
Chairs on the FEW website in the Members‘ topic, so I am presenting a networking
Only area? There are. You can access        workshop I developed after attending the
FEW‘s publication, ―Legislative Programs,‖  Women‘s Executive Leadership Program. I
and ―Voter Registration Guide.‖ With        look forward to networking with each of you!
many states holding primaries and
elections to fill Senate and House offices,
now is the time to be talking to members
about organizing a Voter Registration
Drive. The ―Voter Registration Guide‖ is a
good tool to help you with the process.
Invite a representative from the League of
Women Voter‘s to come speak to your
members about organizing a Voter
Registration Drive and provide bi-partisan
information on local issues.

Please let me know if I can assist you in
any way as you are planning for the
coming months. I can be reached at or by phone at (240)

                           “Around the Training Table”
                      by Jayne Cousins, Regional Training Chair

                                             Do not assume that the interviewer knows
          It’s Not A Nightmare
           It’s Not A Nightmare              what you put in your MPQ. You need to
              If You Prepare!
               If You Prepare!               emphasize and highlight the appropriate
                                             competencies as they relate to the interview

                                             Your abilities and skills

                                             Managers or selecting officials aim to identify
                                             a number of general ―transferable‖ skills that
                                             form the building blocks of effectiveness in
                                             the workplace. Your ability to communicate is
                                             one of the most important criteria used and is
Since I‘m currently in the process of        a vital factor for success in the business world
preparing to interview for a new             (as well as in your interview).
position, I thought it would be a great
subject for this month‘s regional training   Managers also assess your work experience,
article. If at all possible, have a mock     whether it is voluntary or paid, so remember
interview to prepare for the actual          to highlight your FEW leadership experiences.
interview. Your manager or organization      At the 2008 NTP, Past National FEW President
or even fellow FEW members should be         Rhonda Trent shared that her leadership
able to assist you with this.                experience with FEW impressed her
                                             interviewers and helped her land her position
PREPARING FOR AN INTERVIEW:                  with the Department of Homeland Security.

Know where you want to go                    Tips for making your mark

Figure out exactly what you want to do.      Generally, the better prepared you are for
Be specific; make a list of what you want    interviews, the better you are able to market
and what you don't want. If you're           yourself. Here are some ways you can
having trouble, deciding on a direction      maximize the impression you make.
look at your past for clues: education,
jobs, hobbies, clubs... all these can         Be sure to have an accurate detailed application
suggest possibilities.                         so that the interviewer can get as much
                                               information as possible.
Know all you can about the                    Show enthusiasm for the position you are after,
organization                                   and do not be too modest to let them know what
                                               you have to offer.
First of all business units will be           Be prepared for probing questions and give
impressed if you show some basic               honest, complete answers.
knowledge about the organization and          Have some knowledge of the
mission statement. The more you know           Organization/Business Unit and show interest by
the more you will have to talk about in        asking relevant questions.
an interview, and the more you can            Get a copy of the position description and the
                                               critical elements of the job for which you are
connect your own skills with that
business unit‘s specific needs.


Make sure the interviewer will know
all about you

                               Compliance Report

                                            including educating the public—disabled
                                            people, other employees and employers
                                            alike—about the law‘s provisions in meetings,
                                            publications, and on its website; investigating
                                            charges of disability discrimination; mediating
                                            to resolve complaints informally; and majority
                                            of disability discrimination charges are
           Michelle Crockett                resolved at the administrative level and never
     Vice President for Compliance          get to federal court.

As you know, I monitor the         The growing need for this law can be seen in
website and other sources for               these statistics:
information that may be of interest to
you. I thought this article from               1993: 15,274 charges of discrimination might be of interest.               filed with EEOC, which obtained
                                                $15,496,811 in relief for 1,851 people
                  ~~~                           though its administrative process;
                                               2009: 21,451 charges of discrimination
Celebrating the Americans with                  filed, roughly a 30% increase. EEOC got
Disabilities Act: Looking Back, Moving          $67,826,112 in relief for 3,238 people;
Forward                                        From 1993 to 2009, ADA charges rose
                                                from 17.4% of all charges filed with the
Twenty years ago, the Americans with            EEOC to 23% of all charges filed as ADA
Disabilities Act (ADA) became law. This         charges became a greater part of the
landmark civil rights law prohibits             EEOC‘s workload;
discrimination on the basis of disability      During the same period, the EEOC filed
in employment, and other areas such as          874 lawsuits claiming violations of the
access to public places. Since then, the        ADA, collecting a total of $86,633,804 for
ADA has helped people with disabilities         victims of disability discrimination.
fulfill the American vision of equal
opportunity for all.                        Because some courts took a narrow view of
                                            the ADA‘s provisions, especially who could be
One way the ADA achieves equality in        considered as disabled under the law,
employment for people with disabilities     Congress responded in 2008 by passing the
is by requiring employers to offer          Americans with Disabilities Act Amendments
―reasonable accommodations‖ when            Act (ADAAA). This law made clear that courts
necessary for them to perform the           needed to focus their attention on the illegal
essential functions of the job. These can   discrimination – not on whether the victim
be as simple as a ramp to enter a           was disabled within the meaning of the law.
building, a computer program to convert     With the new tools of the ADAAA, the EEOC
written words into speech, or a quick       will continue its rigorous enforcement of these
work break to monitor blood sugar or        important laws, ensuring that employment be
take medicine. Of course, the usual         based on abilities, not denied due to
anti-discrimination provisions—no           disabilities.
harassment on the basis of disability, no
refusing to hire or promote someone due
to disability—apply as well.

The EEOC takes a multi-pronged
approach to combating employment
discrimination because of disability,
litigating cases in federal court. The

                   FEW Foundation for Education and Training
                           Linda Fresh, Vice President

Pepsi UPDATE:           The next webinar will be September 16th,
                                              featuring Deborah Owens, an author and
Despite a FEW Foundation Board                financial coach, presenting, ―It‘s Your Purse:
member getting up at midnight on              7 Wealthy Habits of Successful Women.‖ Visit
August 1st to enter our proposal onto the     the website and click on the Webinar Schedule
Pepsi website,          link to register.
we were still blocked out by the 1,000
other entries for August. However, we         Good News! FEW members, family, friends,
learned from this experience. The             and co-workers can still sign up through
proposal is all set, ready to go. All our to receive substantial
Board member has to do at midnight on         discounts on on-line courses. There are
September 1st is press the ―submit‖           currently 300 courses available for just $99 a
button and, hopefully, this time, the         course and more are being added all the time.
FEW Foundation‘s proposal will be one of      Several employees from the Brookhaven IRS
the 1,000 proposals accepted in               recently signed up for courses through the
September!                                    agency. Ask your manager if you can, too!
                                              Visit the FEW Foundation website for more
Remember, though, even if the FEW             information. A portion of the course fee is
Foundation‘s proposal is accepted, we         remitted back to the FEW Foundation in
will need every vote we can get from          support of our continuing effort to provide
members all across the country, their         members with access to educational
family members, friends, co-workers…          opportunities. When you take an
everyone you know! … to vote – up to 6 course, you are helping us
times. If the FEW Foundation is not           help you! It‘s a great win-win situation. See
successful in this bid for funding, it will   the flyer at the end of this newsletter for
not be possible to offer a FEW                details.
Leadership Boot Camp.
                                              As a friendly reminder, please also see our
We‘ll keep you posted via e-mail and the      Currents On-Line fundraiser flyer at the end of
FEW Foundation‘s website on the               this newsletter. With kids going back to
progress of our proposal submission.          school soon, can the holidays be far behind?
                                              Now is the time to think about shopping to
                                              maximize your holiday budget! In addition,
                                              your continued purchases through the
                                              Currents fundraiser also help us offer
                                              educational services to you, FEW‘s members.

                                              It‘s another win-win situation.
The FEW Foundation continues to offer
                                              Thank you for your support!
free webinars to members and their
guests. In July, Kathryn Troutman, a
leader in federal resume writing,
provided a webinar on ―Federal Resumes
and S. 736.‖ If you were not able to
participate in this highly informative
session, please visit the FEW
Foundation‘s website to download the        
audio/video presentation. Click on the
Webinar Recordings link.

                                 Management Tip

Overcoming a Lack of Qualifications          [or within FEW at the Chapter, Region, or National
                                             level] will open up in the next few months.
Gaining the skills you need                  You've always wanted to work in manage-
                                             ment, and you'd like to apply for the job as
Imagine this scenario: You're doing a        soon as the vacancy is advertised. But you
great job in your current role, but you've   currently have no management experience.
recently become interested in a              What can you do?
completely different line of work. This is
something you feel passionate about,         Well, you can show initiative, and keep an eye
and it could advance your career to          out for opportunities that arise in your
exciting new levels.                         organization - they may be advertised on a
                                             bulletin board or company intranet - even if
The only problem is that this new type of    they are not directly related to your current
work requires qualifications or              job. What about joining an employee relations
experience that you currently don't          committee? Or how about a planning commit-
have. Sure, you've got some useful           tee that's organizing a major company event?
skills, and you're so inspired by the new    Why not volunteer to run it? Taking on new
role that you know you would quickly         duties will involve more work (and, as a
gain the necessary knowledge. But you        volunteer, you won't get paid for it). But it's
fear you may not get the opportunity.        also an opportunity to be involved with
So you ask yourself: Do you really have      managing a group of people. When it's time to
the time or desire to quit your current      apply for that management position, you'll be
job to pursue that advanced degree you       able to show that you have experience
need? Can you afford to spend the            successfully running a team.
money or vacation time on executive-
level coaching courses? While gaining        As well as learning new skills, volunteering for
formal qualifications is the best way of     extra jobs or projects can also help you prove
advancing your career, for many people,      to your boss that you can handle increased
it's not always realistic or practical to    responsibilities. Although you may not see
obtain those qualifications.                 immediate results, don't dismiss the long-
                                             term value of the knowledge you'll gain, and
So, what are some alternative ways of        the good impression you'll make.
learning the skills you need, without
spending too much time and money?            If you can't identify opportunities within your
The good news is that there are several      company, then consider volunteering for
ways to overcome your lack of                community organizations. Many non-profits -
qualifications. In this article, we offer    such as [FEW!] school boards and youth work
strategies for gaining the skills            programs - look for people to do accounting,
necessary to help you secure the job of      marketing, fundraising, project management,
your dreams.                                 writing, budgeting, and more. These skills are
                                             highly valued in the business world, and you
Volunteer                                    can add them to your résumé when you apply
                                             for a promotion or new job.
This may come as a surprise, but
volunteering isn't just about doing          Start at a Lower Level
charity work: it's also a great way to
acquire new skills that would be hard to     This may not seem to make sense at first.
learn elsewhere.                             Why would you apply for a position further
                                             down the ladder from the one you want?
Let's say you've heard a rumor that a
management position at your company

                              Management Tip (cont.)

Here's the reason: If you have no             However, do bear in mind that certain
qualifications or experience for a specific   occupations require specific
role, then applying for a related position,   qualifications and experience. For
with fewer responsibilities and fewer         example, if you want to become a
requirements, can at least lead you one       medical doctor, then just helping out on
step closer to the job you really want.       a hospital ward will not be enough to
[This applies to FEW, too. If there is a      secure the job of your dreams. Several
position at the Region or National level      years of rigorous medical training is
you’re interested in but don’t know much      essential here - something you would
about, volunteer for the corresponding        have to consider on a practical level
position at the chapter level. Find out as
                                              before making such a commitment.
much as you can at the Chapter level and
apply what you’ve learned as you move up
to Region and National positions. Read on
                                              Take Advantage of Distance Learning
for Regional vacancies!]
                                              Distance learning (Internet-based
Imagine that you'd like to start a career     classes) allows you to gain additional
as a journalist. You're a good writer, but    qualifications while working full time.
you have no experience writing feature        This is because it's often more efficient
stories or working in a newspaper             than going to classes on campus.
environment. Well, chances are pretty         With distance learning, you attend class
high that you won't get a writing             at the time and place of your choice - on
position without a portfolio.                 your lunch hour, in the evenings, or on
                                              weekends. You don't have to waste time
But if you take a job as a receptionist at    driving to and from campus. And,
a media organization, you'll soon gain        because you work on your own (instead
detailed knowledge of how a newspaper         of at the pace of an entire class), you
works. You can write a few articles in        can often complete a qualification in less
your spare time, and ask your new             time - and at a much lower cost - than a
journalist colleagues for feedback. You       traditional school.
can even offer to help out with some of
the smaller articles. The important thing     Perhaps the biggest benefit to distance
is to see your name in print, and to build    learning is that, because it's so common
up your portfolio. You'll then be in an       now (compared to even a few years
ideal position if there's a job opening for   ago), you can become certified or earn a
a writer. Eventually, you could make the      degree in almost any area.
transition to full-time journalist.           Skills like project management,
                                              personnel development, marketing,
Applying 'downward' may not seem              business management, accounting and
appealing in the short term. However, in      finance, and leadership are just a few
the long term, if you really want to make     subjects you could study in a distance-
a career change, it may be worth              learning program.
exploring this option if it helps you reach
your ultimate goal.                           Take Executive-level Workshops

And, depending on the new company or          Executive-level courses can help you
position, you might be able to learn the      gain qualifications in a specific area.
skills you need for your ideal job during     These are usually intense training
your regular work day. The company            sessions that last anywhere from one
might offer training seminars, or             day to a week or more. [Sign up for
reimburse you for outside classes.            Regional Training Programs, download FEW
                                              Foundation webinars from the website…]
Failing to consider a lower-level position
might mean you would miss out on
these opportunities.

                              Management Tip (cont.)

Executive workshops often use several         Key Points
different approaches to teach upper-
level managers important new skills that      Although it can be disappointing to
will help them advance their careers. For     realize that you lack the qualifications
example, a traditional campus class is        for the job you want, you don't
usually taught by one professor.              necessarily have to give up your dream.
Executive-level workshops, however,           Where possible, work towards obtaining
often use lectures from several different     the formal qualifications you need to get
experts - plus group exercises and one-       ahead. If that's not practical, then take
to-one coaching.                              proactive steps to investigate other ways
                                              of learning the skills you need. You may
Imagine that you decide to take an            not only impress your company with
executive workshop on relationship            your ambition and enthusiasm, but
building, so you'll have a better chance      prove to them that you really do care
at a career in upper management.              about the job.
Instead of a traditional management
class, which may have only one lecture        Consider accepting a lower-level position
on building relationships, workshops          to gain experience in a new field, or
might offer several different lectures,       invest the time in distance-learning
each exploring a different area of            classes. This will strengthen your
relationship building. You could attend       qualifications, and give you a chance to
lectures on topics such as Barriers to        examine whether you really want the
Relationship Building, Asking Questions       new job enough to work hard for it. This
and Telling Stories, The Cost of Building     can often be as enlightening as the
and Maintaining Relationships, and so         knowledge you acquire along the way.
                                               Apply This to Your Life
Executive-level workshops can be
expensive, but they're terrific ways to        Consider where your next career move
learn some specific skills to add to your      will be. If you're still not sure, our
résumé. [Download the Federal Resume           article on Finding Career Direction
webinar from the FEW Foundation’s website      could help.
for key information as a federal employee.]
                                               Is your dream job a logical next step
If you attend a longer workshop (lasting       from where you are now? Assess
a week, for example), you may have to          whether you need to acquire new skills
use your vacation time. This is an             and/or qualifications to help you make
admirable demonstration of your                that leap.
commitment to excel in your career, but
make sure you still have enough                If you can gain those new skills within
remaining days off to take a real              your organization, volunteer for
vacation during the year. It's never a         projects that will add those 'must-
good idea to wear yourself out in the          have' attributes to your résumé.
race to get ahead.
                                               If you need professional qualifications
It's worth checking with your company          to secure your ideal job, find out
when you register for a workshop. It           whether courses are available for
might be willing to reimburse part of the      study by distance learning.
expense, especially if you can prove that
the skills you'll learn will be useful for    Source:
future projects or tasks.

                            Regional Board Vacancy Descriptions

It pleases me to announce that three of the vacancies on the Regional Board have
recently been filled.

   Cathy Fletcher, Greater Boston Chapter, was appointed to fill the Persons with
    Disabilities position;
   Lisamarie Rykowski, Brookhaven Chapter, was appointed to fill the Policies and
    Procedures position; and,
   Valerie Howell, Fort Monmouth Chapter, was appointed to fill the Congressional
    Relations position.

Welcome, Cathy, Lisamarie, and Valerie! All of us on the Regional Board look
forward to working with you!

That leaves the following three positions to be filled. Please give serious
consideration to taking on one of these roles at the Regional level. If one of these
positions sounds like something you would like to do, please call or e-mail Dawn
Nester, Regional Manager, as soon as possible. She can be reached at or or by phone at (603) 433-0560
or (603) 978-8361 (cell, any time).

Regional Representative – The Regional Representative works closely with the
Regional Manager to administer the day-to-day responsibilities of the Region,
including responding to queries from persons interested in membership and/or
starting chapters at their agency or within their area; assisting with the details
needed to ensure a smooth visit from a National Board of Director; conducting
agency visits to agencies without chapters within their commuting distance (and
sometimes farther afield, if needed); and representing the Northeast Region at FEW
National Board of Directors meetings (twice a year) in the absence of the Regional
Manager. The Regional Representative holds one vote on the Regional Board.

Newsletter Editor – The Newsletter Editor works closely with the Regional
Manager to gather and layout information for the Region‘s monthly newsletter,
―Around the Table.‖ Articles are presented monthly from the Regional Manager,
National FEW, the Chapters within the Region, the four focus area Vice Presidents,
FEW Foundation for Education and Training, Regional Training Program Updates,
Management Tips, and special announcements. Once the newsletter is approved
for distribution, the newsletter is sent out electronically to the Chapter Presidents
for distribution throughout their chapters. In addition, newsletter is put in .pdf
format and posted to the region‘s website1. The Newsletter Editor holds one vote
on the Regional Board.

Parliamentarian – The Parliamentarian serves as the governing voice for Regional
Board meetings, ensuring the Regional Board conducts business by approved
parliamentary procedure (as defined by the current version of Roberts Rules of
Order). The Parliamentarian will be provided a copy of the current version of
Roberts Rules of Order to maintain for the Region and have readily available during
meetings to resolve questions of procedure. The book is turned over to successive
Regional Parliamentarians. The Parliamentarian holds one vote on the Regional

Training is available for anyone who is interested in serving in any of these Regional

  Dawn Nester is the Region’s webmaster and handles the conversion to .pdf formatting and posting on
the region’s website.                                                                               14
                  FEW MEMBERS BENEFIT!

 Enhance your professional and personal growth through on-line courses
  – anywhere, any time!
 Course possibilities include project management, accounting,
  communication skills, computer and IT management, and a whole lot
 Over 300 topics available, most at $99.00 per course! More are being
 Study at your own pace, combined with enough structure and support to
  complete the course.
 New sessions of each course run every month; sessions last 6 weeks,
  with 2 new lessons introduced each week (total of 12 lessons); include
  comprehensive study, quizzes, and assignments.
 A dedicated professional instructor facilities every course to pace the
  lessons, answer questions, give feedback, and facilitate discussion.
 Need more information to sign up? Contact Jack Kenner, FEW
  Foundation, at 443-364-9134 or via e-mail at
 Ready to sign up? Great! Go to to get started
  right away!

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