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									                      Robert C. Casto
                      Course Syllabus
                Driver Education/Physical Education 10

Driver Education

This course will teach students the fundamental of driving and will foster responsible attitudes and
driving behaviors. The students will learn to use knowledge, processes, and skills in conjunction with
guided practice from parents/Guardians to become competent users of the Highway Transportation


    1- The student will learn traffic laws, traffic safety rules, regulations and apply them to driver
    2- The student will utilize critical thinking skills to operate the vehicle and perform basic
    3- The student will be able to define risk assessment, driver information processing and relate
       assessments/processes to the driving task.
    4- The student will learn to appraise weather conditions and learn to predict vehicular and driver
    5- The student will learn to gather information about the vehicle systems and relate the
       information to safety when using the Highway Transportation System.

    Course Modules (each module consists of 10-14 day of study)

    Module 1    Administrative Rules, Organ Donation, Signs and Signals, Work Zones
    Module 2    Driver Responsibilities, Operation of a Motor Vehicle
    Module 3    Basic Maneuvering Tasks- Low Risk Environment
    Module 4    Basic Maneuvering Tasks- Moderate Risk Environment
    Module 5    Information Processing- Moderate Risk Environment
    Module 6    Information Processing- Complex Risk Environment
    Module 7    Alcohol, Drugs, Fatigue and Aggressive Driving
    Module 8    Reduced Visibility and Safety Restraints
    Module 9    Driving in Adverse Weather Conditions
    Module 10   Insurance, Trip Planning, Vehicle Purchase
Grading Scale: Driver Ed. And Physical Education

A+ 100-99       B+ 93-92         C+ 85-84         D+ 77-76         F 69 Below
A 98-96         B 91-88          C 83-80          D 75-72
A 95-94         B-87-86          C- 79-78         D- 71-70

The following factors are used to determine your driver education grade for each six weeks.

    1- 50% Classwork/Homework/Projects
    2- 50% Test and Quiz Grades

 Make-up Work after Absence

Students are expected to make up all work within three days of their return to school. Extensions to this
limit may be granted by the teacher, principal or his designee in cases of extended excused absences or
unforeseen circumstances. The student is responsible for requesting, arranging and completing make-up

  Physical Education
This course will help students learn skills necessary for performing a variety of physical activities and
understand the benefits of achieving and maintaining a physically active lifestyle.


    1- The students will demonstrate a proficiency in fundamental skills
    2- Students will be able to apply movement principles and concepts to learning and developing
       motor skills
    3- Students will achieve and maintain a health-enhancing level of personal fitness.
    4- Demonstrate responsible personal and social behaviors in physical activity settings
    5- Demonstrate a physically active lifestyle, including activity within and outside the physical
       education setting.

Physical Education Grading

12 points –A+ 11 points -A       10 points -A-    9 points -B+     8 points -B      7 points- B-
6 points- C+  5 points- C        4 points- C-     3 points- D+     2 points- D      1 point- D-
0 points- F
    1- All grades are based on 12 point totals:
    2- 50%- Dressing out for Physical Education. In proper uniform-Red Shirt and gray shorts or sweat
       pants.( 6 point) Students not dressing out for class will receive a grade of zero. Three zero
       during a six week period will result in a Failing grade for the Physical Education portion of the
       class and could result in the student being removed from the class.
    3- 50%- Participation (6 points)
    4- Incompletes “I”- Refer to Augusta County Policy

Course Units

Weight training (BFS Program)                                   Volleyball
Jump Rope Activities                                            Floor Hockey
Fitness activities (Box Hop, Dot Drills, Hurdles, Cones)        Basketball
Physical Fitness Activities                                     Tennis
Scooter Games (Basketball, Soccer, Kickball)                    Physical Fitness Testing
Scooter Pulling                                                 Scooter Pulling

    General Class Rules
    1- Be on time each day for class and for all activities
    2- Dress out in proper physical education uniform. (Red Shirt, Gray Shorts or Sweat Pants)
    3- Be Respectful of other, their property and of school property at all times.
    4- Be courteous to others at all times.
    5- Secure your belonging (School lock only). Keep all items in a locked locker

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