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									                    Microsoft have claimed that Windows is an operating system that is
designed to suit the tastes of users who want a computer that is simple and convenient, but can
work quickly, light, not bothered,few clicks, easy to use and not complicated. The following 9
Windows excellence 7 claimed by the Microsoft replacement new boss Bill Gates, Steve
Ballmer :
1. Finding Files Fast

      To find the file is not too difficult and time consuming. Do I just click on the Start menu
       and type in the search box what will be searched. Once open, select what you want and
       quickly be realized.

2. Viewing All Window With Easy

      At a time when many windows open, sometimes we confused the name or contents.
       Windows 7 helps you see him easily with just a peek of the taskbar. The trick with flying-
       layankan cursor over an icon from an open window. 'd Seen the name of the icon and the
       program. Hover over the preview again to see the whole screen. Click to link deangan
       window that you want to see.

3. Stealth Peek at Your Desktop

      Many times we have to close the window one by one to see the desktop. This feature
       helps you peek Peek Aero desktop without touching the window. How to cast your cursor
       over a square box on the bottom right corner. Click above to minimize all open windows.
       When the desktop screen opens, Nagi click to show again.

4. Finding What Desired With Very Easy

      Jump List pada Windows 7 help you find the file, lagu, image, or other documents in the
       desktop quickly. This reduces the wasted time you find documents that yesterday
       operated. This feature is no start menu and taskbar. With 1 Click, you can view websites
       that are often used in internet explorer 8. You can attract and remove a file from the Jump

5. Compare 2 Jendela Satu same Act

      Snap Feature to help us look back at the window with better and easier to compare 2
       documented tale of the same legal. Carannya by dragging the window to one side of the
       screen. When the mouse pointer to the other side, window will snap half of the screen. To
       expand vertically, drag the border to the edge of the screen. When the mouse pointer on
       the edge, window will snap to the full vertical.
6. One Click Can All

      With pin feature, you can access the taskbar with one click. Hover the cursor over your
       favorite program and drag it to the taskbar. Or right click on it and select "pin" in the
       Taskbar. The program currently running jadi pin. To open it, click Taskbar icon falls.
       You can open the pin with another program on time.

7. Set-up Wireless Easy

      With Windows 7 wireless set-up much easier. You can add another, including network
       printers and digital media player. You do this by launching the wizard "Add a Device"
       and then type the location of the pins on mobile devices.

8. Surf the Internet with Fast, Mudah Aman from

      Internet Explorer 8 make use of the Internet so much faster, from my mudah. Melalui
       web slices, you can keep track of specific information. It's easier to follow than an
       auction on eBay or the latest news from ESPN. With instant contact search on the internet
       explorer, results can be followed in real time. The search results are also equipped with
       the SmartScreen, the filter that protects you from spam, virus than lainnya. While
       InPrivate help you explore the virtual world of privacy after closing the browser.


      With Windows 7, You are not too hard to make the computer more personal. You do this
       by right click on desktop then click personalize to choose from many themes of interest
       or turn the desktop back into the slide show your favorite photos. Click on Gadgets to add
       information that is often needed on the desktop.

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