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Interpreter's Role


									   Interpreter’s Role and Responsibilities
           Mrs. Grace Villalba
           School Interpreter

    Bridging the Language Gap
Montclair Elementary School
   Ms. Kathy L. Wells, Principal
 A Premier DeKalb County School
      PowerPoint Presentation Created by Ms. Sophia Lindo
  Title III and Title VI
  Interpreters must be provided
School districts were directed to take steps to
help limited-English proficient students
overcome language barriers and to ensure that
they can participate meaningfully in the district’s
educational programs
States that persons of Limited English
Proficiency (LEP) are not discriminatorily denied
equal access to or an equal opportunity to
benefit from health and social services programs
on the basis of national origin.
 Overall Role of Interpreter:
The basic purpose of the interpreter is to
facilitate understanding in communication
between people who are speaking
different languages
Please note differences:
          Interpreter – spoken words
          Translator – written words

            CULTURE BROKER



Specific Role of the Interpreter
Interpret everything that is said,
exactly as it is said: add nothing,
 omit nothing, change nothing

     This is the “default” role of the
     interpreter which is to adopt unless
     he/she perceives a clear potential for
     Interpret what is said faithfully
        but in such a way that the
    listener can understand; check
            for understanding
In this role, the interpreter adjusts, registers, makes word
pictures of terms that have no linguistic equivalent (or
whose linguistic equivalent will not be understood by the
parent/student) and checks for understanding.
Interpreter Pre-Session
1) I will be speaking in 1st person
2) Pause often so that I can interpret
3)   Everything will remain confidential
4)   Every word spoken will be interpreted
5)   Speak directly to the staff/parent
6)   Stop me if you have any questions
       Protocol ofpreferred for :
         Email request is

                   Phone calls
Please include
   •    Student’s Name
   •    Parent’s Name
   •    Phone Numbers and
   •    Purpose of Call
         For example:
          Behavior Issues, No Homework,
          No Class work, and/or Attendance, etc.

        ***Reminder: Emails also serve as documentation
                     for staff between school and home

 Please include date and time with
  request with at least 1 – 2 days notice of
  scheduled meeting to verify availability
 Unscheduled meetings should be
  notified to interpreter either in person or
  via phone call
Please email file and give at
  least 24-48 hours notice,
depending on size of material
       and/or deadline
    Please refrain from using internet
   translations. They often convey the
        message inappropriately
For after hour interpretations and/or
        additional interpreters:
     Please contact administrative
     team to authorize and make
            request to the
         International Center
Contact Information


         PHONE EXTENSION:       47333
We are all part of Montclair’s Team!

Never doubt that a small group of
thoughtful committed people can
change the world. Indeed, it is the
only thing that ever has.

               Margaret Mead

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