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The Fine Foundation
Cathy R. Cohen
Marion Damick
Robin Elson
Lynne Garfinkel
Ruth Garfinkel
Laurie Gottlieb
Susan Foreman Jordan
Lynette R. Lederman
Barbara Shapira
Barbara Shear               Not for a fancy party...
Mona Strassburger         National Council of Jewish Women
Joan Lumelsky Weinbaum              Stay-At-Home Ball 2007
National Council of Jewish Women
                Pittsburgh Section                                                        Be a positive force for change

Dear NCJW Member,

The little boy on the cover is Darnell. You probably never met him, unless you’ve worked in the Children’s Playrooms
at the Courts this past year.

Before the playrooms, children like Darnell would be found scattered throughout the hallways and the courtrooms,
waiting for hours at a time, and listening to things no child should ever have to hear. NCJW opened our first
playroom in Family Court in 1980; and now operates Children’s Playrooms in Family, Criminal and Municipal Courts,
with another to be opened in the Family Justice Center to be constructed in McKeesport. More than 5,000 children
visit the Playrooms each year.

This photo was taken the third time Darnell and his mom were back at the court. This time, Darnell’s mom was
seeking a protection from abuse (PFA) order against his father.

I used to volunteer in the Children’s Playroom. Each week, after finishing my morning in the Playroom, I was
reminded of how lucky I was — that I had my home, my husband and my life circumstances waiting for me.

And I was so grateful that I was in a position to take even a small burden off the shoulders of these mothers, who
knew that we would keep their children engaged and safe while they attended to court matters. And to be able to
make these children’s worlds better, for even a short time, through our care and support.

For more than a century, NCJW has been championing the needs of women, children and families through projects
like the Children’s Playrooms. Through projects like Pic-A-Bag, we provide duffle bags filled with necessities and
comfort items for children removed suddenly from their homes by the courts; and through the Silent Witness
Initiative, we strive to eliminate domestic violence through education, outreach and advocacy.
Each of you is a valued member of NCJW Pittsburgh Section, and many of you are active in our education, advocacy
and community projects. For that, I thank you.

But we also need your financial support.

I’m not asking you to buy a ticket to a gala, or bid on any number of terrific auction items. In the tradition of the
annual Stay-at-Home Ball, I’m asking you to consider taking the money you’d spend on such an event and make a
generous gift to the annual campaign.

You and I — we are lucky that we are in a position to make the world a better place for women, children and
families who are less fortunate. With your help, we can continue to be a positive force for change.


Laurie S. Gottlieb
Chair, 2007 Stay-At-Home Ball
P.S. We’ve included a bookmark of NCJW programs. May it serve as a reminder of the active part you’ve taken in
determining what kind of world ours will be.

                             1 6 2 0 M u r r Ay A v E N u E , P I T T s B u r g h P A 1 5 2 17 • 4 1 2 ∙ 4 2 1 ∙ 6 11 8 • W W W . N C J W P g h . o r g
NCJW 2007-2008 Board of Directors               NCJW Past Presidents        NCJW Life Board Members
Lynne Garfinkel, President                      Judy Greenwald Cohen        Sandra Chernew
Susan Nitzberg, Executive Vice President        Gene Dickman                Estelle Kruman
Cathy Cohen, VP Fund Development                Elyse B. Eichner            Eileen Lane
Robin Elson, VP Finance                         Barbara Felman              Martha Rosen
Lynn Farber, VP Membership                      Elizabeth Finegold          Janet Spear
Jamie Feldstein, Co-VP Community Service        Marcia Frumerman
Jennifer Finkelstein, Co-VP Community Service   Patty Hourvitz              Stay at Home Ball Committee
Paula Garret, VP Org Dev & Planning             Lynne S. Jacobson
Laurie Gottlieb, VP Communications              Judi Kasdan                 Laurie Gottlieb, Chair
Susan Jordan, VP Administration                 Mina Kavaler                Cathy Cohen
Laurel Rosenberg, Co-VP Social Action           Carolyn Lebovitz            Susan Nitzberg
Christine Stone, Co-VP Social Action            Lynette Lederman            Barbara Siegel
Roxanne Wolk, VP Retail Operations              Margaret Libson             Merrille Weisman
                                                Ruth Lieber
Joan Ettinger, Recording Secretary
                                                Elaine London
Randi Shaw, Assistant Recording Secretary
                                                Merrille Weissman
Dorothy Grinberg, Corresponding Secretary
                                                Carol Williams
Dana Himmel, Treasurer
Sharon Weisberg, Assistant Treasurer
                                                NCJW Special Appointments
                                                to the Board
                                                Phyllis Cohen
Dena Chottiner
                                                Marion Damick
Karen Egorin
                                                Amy Himmel
Ruth Garfinkel
                                                Nancy Israel
Andrea Glickman
                                                Joan Levy
Leslie Grodin
                                                Nancy Recht
Stefani Pashman
                                                Twyla Sable
Barbara Siegel
                                                Dr. Barbara Shore
Jamie Stern
                                                Lynne Siegel
Joan Weinbaum
                                                Hilary Spatz
Melanie Weisbord
                                                Mona Strassburger
Cynthia Busis, Executive Director               Judy Vernick                     Cover photo courtesy of

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