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					                        Evergreen Newcomers Club
                        N e w s l e t t e r fo r N e w a n d L o n g t i m e R e s i d e n t s

                                              Club Established 1961 – Newsletter Since 1986

Issue No. 210                                                                                  October 2009
                                                               EARL CLARK
 Alpine Skiing           Seasonal              10th MOUNTAIN DIVISION LEADER PRESENTATION
 Astrology               October 13                       AND HIMALAYAN DINNER
 Book Groups
                                                            Tuesday, October 27
   #1                    October   12
   #2                    October   19
   #3                    October   28         Make your reservations now for this exciting evening as
 Bowling                 October   1          WW II veteran Earl Clark shares the history of the 10th
 Bridge                                       Mountain Division and his colorful experiences during a
   Daytime               October   8, 22      fascinating and informative slide show.
   Evening               October   16
 Bunco                   October   28         Dinner 5 – 6:45 p.m. at the Himalayan Restaurant in
 Casual Gourmet          October   3          Bergen Village Center (across from Le Peep). Cash bar.
 4x4                     October   3; 16-21   Buffet dinner. Come early to meet our guest speaker.
 4x4 – Easy Riders       TBA                  Please time your dinner to be finished by 6:45.
 Gen-Xers                TBA
 Hiking                                       Presentation 7 p.m. at the Evergreen Fire and Rescue
   Tuesday               Tuesdays             Administration Building Auditorium at 1803 Bergen
   Wednesday             Wednesdays           Parkway.
   Friday                Fridays
 Ladies 9-Hole Golf      Wednesdays           Reservations due no later than October 22. Cost:
 Jewelry Making          Various              $25/person. 80-person limit. You must be a member or a
 Needlework              October 6            guest of a member for this event. Call 303-679-8404 to
 Potluck                 October 10           join ($30/year/family). Mail-in reservations accepted in the
 Serendipity             October 10, 23       order of the postmark on your envelope – no exceptions.
                                              No special form. Write names of people in your group with
 Wine Tasting Groups                          the phone number and email address of the person
  Group 5                October   17         making the reservation. Send your check in the amount of
  Group 6                October   17         $25/person to PO Box 2197, Evergreen, CO 80437. State
  Fun and Festivities    October   17         on the envelope “Earl Clark - Himalayan Event”.
  Out of Our Vines       October   17
  The Wine Guzzlers      October   17                                       What’s Inside
  The Winos              October   17
  Uno Vino               October   17          Featured Photographer – p. 2           President’s Message – p. 5
                                               Social Calendar – p. 3                 Community Outreach – p. 6
                                               Board Members – p. 4                   Activity Groups – p. 7 -11

 Next Board Meeting            October 5
 Creekside Cellars Lunch       October 14
 Earl Clark Dinner Program     October 27
Evergreen Newcomers Club                                                 October 2009

        FEATURE D PHOTOGRAPHER – Jan Roberts
        Jan and her husband moved here from Michigan six years ago and Jan
        started to play with photography. She joined the Evergreen Camera Club and
        feels that was the perfect place for her as a beginner and that Colorado is
        the perfect place for a photographer. Jan has one married son in Conifer and
        another in Michigan, plus three grandchildren (very photogenic too!). The
        Roberts hope to be in Evergreen for a long time to come.


        OLD COLORADO MINE                               READY
                                                GETTING READY FOR WINTER

        BEAR MOUNTAIN BUTTS                     DAYS OF FALL                                                  Page 2
Evergreen Newcomers Club                                                                 October 2009



 October 27     *HIMALAYAN CUISINE DINNER             October 14             CREEKSIDE CELLARS
 Plus 10th MOUNTAIN DIVISION LEADER EARL              Wednesday 11:00     LUNCH at EVERGREEN’S
 CLARK -- excellent speaking presentation             WINE CELLAR on an AUTUMN DAY
 5:00 dinner               7:00 presentation
                                                      December 14 *BROWN PALACE “HIGH TEA” and
 November 9                         CHART HOUSE       HISTORICAL TOUR of the BROWN PALACE
 Monday 5:00-7:00                    HAPPY HOUR       Monday 1:00
 Perfect place to see the city lights come alive      This is Denver’s magical place for the holidays!
                                                      $27/person. Details in November newsletter.
 November TBA                 MEN’S POKER NIGHT
 Request for “MEN’S ONLY” evening event               *This event requires membership plus check with
 See website for details of time & location           reservation mailed by deadline to ENC

 December 5             *HOLIDAY DINNER DANCE
 Saturday 6:30 HIWAN GOLF CLUB…live music
 Start the holiday spirit with friends this night
                                                      Complete details with location, full event
                                                      information plus reservation forms and cost when
 *These events require membership unless
                                                      required are available for all social events and
 attending as a guest of a member
                                                      activities at our website:

 ALL social evening events are for singles and
 couples (excluding the Men’s Poker Night).
 We have many activity and interest groups. New
                                                      Please call 303.679.8404 with questions concerning
 activity groups start as members’ interests create
                                                      social events or membership. Evergreen, Colorado
 them. This is a wonderful way to meet new
                                                      is an awesome place to live. ENC is a club that
 Evergreen area people.
                                                      makes YOU feel welcome.

 Evergreen Newcomers Club welcomes new and            Jean Ann Wheeler, Programs & Social
 not-so-new Evergreen area residents as ENC           Chair

         Membership: $30/year/family

                                        SAVE THESE DATES!!!                                                                  Page 3
  Evergreen Newcomers Club                                                                             October 2009

                 Title                Name                      Phone         E-mail Address

                 President            Anna Marie Nelson      303 - 679-8763

                 1st Vice President   Linda Smith            303 - 670-8894

                 2nd Vice President   Hazel Long             720 - 319-3170

         2       Secretary            Charlotte Bornhouser   303 - 904-8966
         0       Treasurer            Ed Mihelich            303 - 679-3324
                 Activities and       Sara Lang              303 - 670-8617
         9       Interests            Nancy Oakley           303 - 674-4698
         2       Community Outreach   Jane Stewart           303 - 953-8271
         0                            Sharon Kazel           303 - 670-0866
                                      Melody Lenocker        303 - 674-0102
         0       Hospitality
                                      Bob Lenocker           303 - 670-6894

         B       Membership           Bill Schenk            303 - 674-6367
                                      Richard Purdy          303 - 670-9566
                 Newsletter Editor    Lois Hartley           303 - 670-0223
         R       Nominating           Betty Reel             303 - 670-2688
                 Programs & Social    Jean Ann Wheeler       303 - 679-8404

                 Publicity            Peg Solomon            303 - 674-3733

                 Webmaster            Tom Hushen             303 - 679-8942

                                       Your 2009-2010 Board of Directors
              Top row left to right – Bill Schenk, Jean Ann Wheeler, Tom Hushen, Bob Lenocker
Bottom row – Sharon Kazel, Nancy Oakley, Linda Smith, Mel Lenocker, Lois Hartley, Anna Marie Nelson, Charlotte
                                             Bornhouser, Ed Michelich
            Absent – Sara Lang, Hazel Long, Richard Purdy, Betty Reel, Peg Solomon, Jane Stewart

  Club Participation - Paid Club membership is required for participation in Evergreen Newcomers Activity
  and Interest Groups. Please verify with your Activity Leader(s) that you have been recorded as paying your
  $30 membership dues for the 2009-2010 year.

  Changes to Your E-mail, Phone or Address? Contact Bill Schenk, Membership Co-chair, at 303 - 674-
  6367 or IMPORTANT: Changes to your directory listing, as well as dues
  payment, must be made by October 31st to be included in the new directory.                                                                              Page 4
   Evergreen Newcomers Club                                                                                  October 2009

                                                   ARE YOU COVERED?

The Evergreen Newcomers Club Board purchases liability insurance. It should be noted that this
covers the Club and its members only against claims from non-members or businesses and is limited
in scope and liability. The Club liability insurance does NOT cover members against claims by other
Club members. All members are therefore encouraged to look to their personal insurance coverage
first for coverage related to their attendance or participation in Club activities, programs and events.
The Club policy is not in effect if alcohol is involved (in the home, a Club event or a vehicle driven
to/from an event). While we make no recommendation as to what kind of riders are necessary, those of you
who regularly host groups in your homes may want to revisit your individual policies to make sure you have the
coverage you need. There are one- and two-million-dollar riders that meet most people’s liability needs (at
nominal cost).

For questions or input about this subject, please contact President Anna Marie Nelson at 303-679-8763 or

                                             Visit our website to see what Tom
                                             Hushen and Jean Ann Wheeler are
                                             creating. Interactive features,
                                             photo slideshow and more….

            !!!oot ,egap koobecaF wen sremocweN tuo kcehc…dna..…………

                                                           ::egasseM s’tnediserP
                                                             egasseM s’tnediserP
   Intermittent dustings of snow on Mt. Evans…….the gently evolving color of golden aspens...bugling, rutting Elk
   crossing roadways and frolicking in the lake….all signal the start of another wonderful, adventure- filled year with
   Evergreen Newcomers! We offer the promise of meeting new friends, solidifying friendships, trying new activities and
   forming new interest groups.

   Your Evergreen Newcomers Board has set these ambitious goals for the coming year:

      Bill Schenk and Richard Purdy, Membership Co-Chairs, aim to increase our membership to 300. For the past
   several years our membership has hovered around 225 wonderful members. This year we would like to add to our
   traditional base and also include Evergreen residents of all ages and status, i.e. young families and singles of all ages.
   The new GenXers group for 30- and 40-year-olds under Alayna Bloom is off to a great start.

   We will be reaching out to many different groups in a variety of ways. There is no doubt about it….word of mouth and
   personal recommendation are the best ways to attract new members of all ages. We need your help in recruiting
   friends and neighbors to ENC. The benefits to them and to all of us are tremendous! REMEMBER OUR NEW

     Tom Hushen, Webmaster, and Jean Ann Wheeler, Program and Social Chair, are “spiffing up” our web site with
   more interactive features and a photo slideshow. The evolution is already underway, so visit our website as the
   changes take place.

     Lois Hartley, Newsletter Editor, is enlivening our newsletter with more photographs, some important cosmetic
   changes and features on our members.

   As always, we welcome your comments and suggestions. This is your club!

   Anna Marie Nelson
   <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>                                                                                    Page 5
Evergreen Newcomers Club                                                                       October 2009


 Please check the Newcomers' website for a long list of volunteer opportunities listed under Community
 Outreach. If you have trouble contacting any of the nonprofits listed or would like to add a nonprofit to the
 list, please let us know.

                                          Seasonal Opportunities

 Habitat for Humanity: To participate in a second Newcomers' Habitat for Humanity workday this Fall,
 please call or e-mail one of us soon so we can choose a day based on your availability.

 We will be sending e-mails occasionally with updates on seasonal volunteer opportunities.

 Newcomers Publicity Chair Peg Solomon has accepted the responsibility of volunteer coordinator for the
 Humphrey Memorial Park and Museum. To help with any of the myriad indoor or outdoor projects at the
 museum, contact Peg at 303-674-3733 or

 Over the years, Newcomers members have spent many hours volunteering for a number of non-profit
 organizations and contributing a great deal to our community. For example, 16 members took part in
 "Newcomers for Habitat" workdays, helping to build and paint the project house for Blue Spruce Habitat
 for Humanity in Evergreen. In future newsletters you will learn more about our members'

 Community Outreach Co-Chairs
 Jane Stewart - 303-953-8271
 Sharon Kazel - 303-670-0866

                                                        Newcomers members Terry Oakley (left) and Barry
                                                        Solomon stirred up some serious Texas Smokey Red
                                                        Chili from Barry’s special recipe at the Chili Cookoff
                                                        last month. This was Newcomers’ first venture into
                                                        the annual competition and, although no prizes
                                                        were won, hard work and fun were shared in equal
                                                        measure by all who participated.


New Club Directory coming in early November. Sincere thanks to Dr.Thomas Pond for his
           generous underwriting of this annual publication for many years.                                                                        Page 6
    Evergreen Newcomers Club                                                                          October 2009

                                            Activity Groups - Quick Glance

    ACTIVITY                   LEADER(S)              PHONE            E-MAIL ADDRESS
    Alpine Skiing              Fred Simon             303 - 670-3120     Wednesdays
    Astrology                  Iris K. Barratt        303 - 847-0786     Second Tuesday

    Book Groups -
    Primary Contact            Nancy Oakley           303 - 674-4698
      Book Group #1            Janet Wilson           303 – 679-6326    Second Monday
      Book Group #2            Nancy Oakley           303 - 674-4698            Third Monday
      Book Group #3            Genie Enders           303 - 679-8341         Fourth Wednesday

                               Richard Purdy          303 - 670-9566
    Bowling                                                                                        First Thursday
                               Bill Schenk            303 - 674-6367
                               Marjorie Foster        303 - 232-0889   (no email)                  Second & Fourth
                               Renee Kilmer           303 - 679-4907          Thursday
    Bunco                      Cheryl Glover          303 - 955-0707     Fourth Wednesday
    Casual Gourmet             Diane Graboski         303 - 670-7130   First Saturday
    Evening Bridge             Kathleen Traynor       303 - 670-0867          Third Friday
    4x4                        Bob Ogden              303 - 670-9014      Various Saturdays
                               Colette Lambert        303 - 670-6835
    4x4 Easy Riders            Jim and Lyn Barrie     303 - 674-1421           Dates/times vary
    GenXErs                    Alayna Bloom           303 - 330-0728    Dates/times vary
    Hiking - Tuesdays          Clare Karsteadt        303 - 719-9800    Tuesdays
    Hiking - Wednesdays        Alix Ferranti          303 - 674-8513        Wednesdays
    Hiking- Fridays            Lois Hartley           303 – 670-0223         Fridays
    Jewelry Making             Mary Ellen Nelson      303 - 679-1407    Dates/times vary
    Ladies 9-Hole Golf         Annie Hubbard          303 – 834-2444        Wednesdays
    Needlework                 Sheri Matz             303 - 679-3278         First Tuesday
    Potluck                    Darla Schwartz         303 - 670-5552    Second Saturday
    Serendipity                Darla Schwartz         303 - 670-5552    Dates/times vary
    Wine Tasting Groups -
    Primary Contact            Anne and Jim White     303 - 679-6224

    Wine Group 5               Ingrid Davis           303 - 674-4837
                               Bette Anne Mayberry    303 - 697-6498

    Wine Group 6               Bill Slaughter         303 - 670-8396
                               Jim White              303 - 679-6224
                                                                                                   All groups meet
    Fun and Festivities        Margie Shapiro         303 - 679-2542           monthly on the third
    Out of Our Vines           Gigi Robinson          303 - 674-4444

    The Wine Guzzlers          Claudia Peterson       720 - 479-8784
                               Margie Sterlin         303 - 670-9039

    The Winos                  Colette Lambert        303 - 670-6835

    Uno Vino                   Dianne Campbell        303 - 679-1844

**IMPORTANT: Activity Leaders, please notify the Newsletter Editor and Activities Co-Chairs of changes to this list.
We encourage you to send your club-related digital photos to as a JPEG file. Be
sure to include the group name, member names, location, and date                                                                           Page 7
         Evergreen Newcomers Club                                                                         October 2009

                                              ACTIVITY GROUPS

                Alpine Skiing                                 670-
                                            Fred Simon /303 - 670-3120 /
The Alpine Ski group meets weekly during snow season. Think snow!

                 Astrology                  Barrett         847-
                                    Iris K. Barrett / 303 - 847- 0786/

The group will meet the 2nd Tuesday of October from 10 a.m. to noon as usual! Please call Iris if you would like to join
this interesting group! We welcome new members!

                Book Groups                                                one,
                                       To join a book group or start a new one, contact
                                      Nancy Oakley at 303-674-4698 or

Book Group #1 - Janet Wilson / 303 - 679-6326 /
This month we will be reading Team of Rivals by Doris Kerns Goodwin. Mary Ann Ogden will lead the discussion. The
meeting will be held on October 12th at 9:30 a.m. at the home of Joyce Rasbach, 408 Aspen Place . Directions will be
Book Group #2 - Nancy Oakley / 303 - 674-4698 /
At our September meeting we picked our book reads for the next six months. We continue to meet at Center Stage
the third Monday of the month at 10 a.m. New members and guests are always welcome.

Book Group #3 - Genie Enders / 303 - 679-8341 /
Our October meeting with be at 10 a.m. on the 28 at Rocky Mountain Village Estates, in the second building We'll
decide on our November book (as well as books for later months) after press time. Questions? Call or e-mail me.

                   Bowling                                   670-
                                        Richard Purdy /303 - 670-9566/
                                        Bill Schenk /303 - 674-6367/
The bowling group meets on the first Thursday of the month at the Lucky Strike Lanes in Belmar in Lakewood. You
can be any skill from beginner to a good bowler and you are always welcome. Just let either Bill Schenk or Richard
Purdy know you are coming and meet us there at 6:30 p.m.

          Bridge Groups
                                 232-0889/(no                               679-
Daytime - Marjorie Foster/ 303 - 232-0889/(no email) or Renee Kilmer/ 303 - 679-4907/
Daytime Newcomers Bridge meets the 2nd and 4th Thursdays of the month at Mt. Vernon Country Club. Play begins at
10 a.m. and ends between 2 and 2:30 p.m. We break at noon for lunch at the Club. Many people enjoy ordering
from the buffet, which is reasonably priced. Level of play ranges from intermediate to advanced.

Evening - Kathleen Traynor/ 303 - 670-0867/
Evening Bridge meets the third Friday of each month. Peg Solomon hosted August bridge and Rich and Kathleen Traynor
had three tables in September. October's host will be announced in the monthly email to the evening bridge group.
                                                                          Page 8
         Evergreen Newcomers Club                                                                              October 2009

                                 Bunco - Cheryl                    955-
                                                    Glover / 303 – 955-0707/
                                 Bunco is a great easy game of dice and a wonderful opportunity to get to know other
                                 ladies in the community. We play on the fourth Wednesday of the month year-round
                                 with the hosts changing each month. The cost is $5. 00. This is a fun group of ladies
                                 who always look forward to seeing each other and welcoming new members. If you are
                                 interested in more information, please contact Cheryl Glover at

                                                                    Glover         955-
                                                             Cheryl Glover / 303 - 955- 0707/
                                                             Diane Graboski / 303 - 670-7130/

October’s dinner featuring an Eastern European Sampler with many familiar and not-so familiar tastes welcomes
several new couples to our group. You don’t have to be a great cook to belong to Casual Gourmet, keeping in mind
that gourmet also means enjoyment -- food, wine and friends. Casual Gourmet meets the first Saturday of each
month. For additional information, call Diane Graboski (303) 670-7130 or Cheryl Glover (303) 955-0707.

                                                             Colette Lambert / 303 - 670-6835 /
                                 4x4                                             670-
                                                             Bob Ogden / 303 - 670-9014 /

September found us in Vail for a three-day weekend of great trails, colorful aspen, and terrific dinners in select Vail

October ends our season with Wheeler Lake on 10/3 and our annual Moab trek 10/16-21. Moab should be better than
ever with five days of trails, hikes to the Joint Trail and Confluence Overlook, and two nights of camping in the Needles
District (gourmet meals and fine wines under the stars, beside the campfire)!

                                 4 X 4 Easy Riders                                303-674-
                                                             Jim and Lyn Barrie / 303-674-1421 /

Like the backwoods roads, but don't have equipment to tackle "difficult" trails? We’ll tackle easy/moderate trips. A
vehicle that can withstand high spots, rocks and narrow roads is a must. Most cars/trucks with a low/high range
transfer case should be fine on the trails we select. We’ll plan to go mostly on weekdays. We’ll e-mail you with more
particulars when known. E-mail us to sign up.

                Gen-Xers                              330-
                                 Alayna Bloom / 303 - 330-0728 /

Gen-Xers is a group for those in their thirties and forties. Contact Bryce or Alayna at or
303-330-0728 for more information.

                                                                               Page 9
         Evergreen Newcomers Club                                                                          October 2009

                       Tuesdays - Clare Karsteadt / 303 –719-9800 /
                       If you enjoy easy/moderate hikes for 1-½ to 2 hours, then this group is for you. We meet at 10
                       a.m. every Tuesday at different Jeffco Open Space Parks. Your leashed dog is welcome to join
                       the group! Call or e-mail me for more information and to get on my e-mail list. We meet every
                       Tuesday September through June. Detailed e-mails are sent out weekly.

                       Wednesdays - Alix Ferranti / 303 - 674-8513 /
                       Fall is here and it's a great time to get out, get some exercise, and enjoy our beautiful Colorado
                       mountains. Get out your comfortable hiking boots, dress in layers, and bring water and a snack. We
                       hike each Wednesday at 8:30 a.m. to carpool to a different trailhead. Check your email for
                       schedule and details. Email Alix if you would like to sign up for our group.

                       Fridays – Lois Hartley / 303 - 670-0223 /
                       The Friday hiking group offers an alternate and/or additional hiking day. We will strive for
                       interesting new hikes of varying lengths and difficulty (no 14ers!). Emphasis will be on seasonal
                       beauty – Fall colors and snowshoe jaunts as the weather changes. If you would like to be
                       added to the email list, please contact me.

           Jewelry Making               - Mary Ellen Nelson / 303-679-1407 /
The Jewelry group is off to a great start with not one but two meetings.....starter coffee and a field trip to Denver,
then a creative session at my home in Cragmont Estates to get projects begun prior to the Holiday gift season! Well
attended, and lots of new "BLING!"!!

                       Ladies 9-Hole Golf - Annie                        834-     /
                                                          Hubbard /303 – 834-2444 /

The Evergreen Newcomers Ladies 9-Hole Golf group plays at the Evergreen Golf Course from early Spring to late Fall.
This is a great group of ladies who play at the advanced beginner and beyond level. Tee times start at 8:10 a.m. We
will wrap up our 2009 season at the end of October. There are still a few weeks left to join in and enjoy the fun golf
and beautiful Fall in Evergreen. The 2010 season will begin next April. If interested in joining, please contact Annie
Hubbard at

          Needlework - Sheri                     679-
                                    Matz / 303 - 679-3278 /

Autumn leaves fall and the elk bugle as we bring out our needlework and progress on our own individual creations. On
October 6th we will meet at Dawn Faloon’s home from 10 a.m. to noon. Please RSVP to Dawn at 303-679-9947 or if you plan to attend.

                       Potluck - Darla                     670-
                                          Schwartz / 303 - 670-5552 /
                       A great big thank-you to Carol and Norman Weldon for hosting a great big group of people in
                       September. If you would like to join a friendly group of people and enjoy some delicious food,
                       contact me to make your reservation for Potluck on October 10th at the home of Joyce and Jim
                       Rasbach. Couples and singles welcome.

                                                                           Page 10
         Evergreen Newcomers Club                                                                           October 2009

          Serendipity - Darla                        670-
                                    Schwartz / 303 - 670-5552 /

October will be a busy month for Serendipity as we try to squeeze in lots of good stuff before the weather becomes
unpredictable. October 10th - Dim Sum Brunch in Denver. October 23rd - Poker Nite at the home of Karen and Bill Schenk.
More plans are in the works. Contact me if you want to attend these events or wish to be put on my email notification list.

                                           To join a Wine Tasting group or start a new one, contact Jim or Anne White
      Wine Tasting Groups                           679-
                                           at 303 - 679-6224 or

Group 5                                                     674-
                                       Ingrid Davis / 303 - 674-4837 /
                                       Bette Anne Mayberry / 303 - 697-6498 /
Wine Group 5 had a delightful evening at Joan and Jerry Shrimpton’s home. Always, delicious food and tasty wines.
Next month on October 17, we'll meet at the home of Harriet and Mike Abrahm.

Group 6                                                        670-
                                        Bill Slaughter / 303 - 670-8396 /
                                        Jim White / 303 - 679-6224 /
Wine Group 6 enjoyed our September event with a terrific tasting at the beautiful home of Carol and Norm Weldon.
Not only did we have the opportunity to taste several unique wines, but we also enjoyed a wonderful dinner. Our
October event will be at the home of Gladys and Arie Pilz.

Fun and Festivities                                                  679-
                                           Margie Shapiro / 303 - 679-2542 /
A fabulous dinner was had by all at Cheryl and Dale Glover's home in September. Lamb chops and shrimp on the barbie
were accompanied by Australian wines with funny labels. Carolyn and Gordon Steere will host our wine tasting party
on October 17th. Details to follow via email in a few weeks. Please contact me or Carolyn if you are in our group and do not
receive an email about the party.

Out of Our Vines                                                   674-
                                            Gigi Robinson / 303 - 674-4444 /
September brought us to the home of Sheila and Rob Southey. A fabulous Italian meal was served along with an
assortment of Italian wines. October will take us to the home of the Karsteadt's. Thanks again to the husbands for such a
wonderful meal last month.

The Wine Guzzlers                                                   479-
                                          Claudia Peterson / 720 - 479-8784 /
                                          Margie Sterlin/ 303 - 670-9039/
The September dinner and wine tasting event was hosted by Claudia Peterson at her home on Brook Forest Rd. We
were treated to an elk roast along with the wines of choice on her patio by the creek - good food, good wine and good
friendships. Our October gathering will be a wine tasting and dinner at the charming home of Sheri and Roger Matz
on Buffalo Park Rd. Entertainment will be furnished by Miss Holly. We are looking forward to a very enjoyable

The Winos                                                          670-
                                           Colette Lambert / 303 - 670-6835 /

Thank you, Betty and Tex Reel, for a wonderful "harvest" evening tin September. This month is Suzan and George
Koren's turn to entertain our crew at their home on the 18th. Look for details to follow by e-mail. Until then, happy
tastings to all.

Uno Vino                                                     303- 679-
                                           Dianne Campbell / 303- 679-1844 /

Our group meets the third Saturday of each month.

                                                                            Page 11
Evergreen Newcomers Club                                                                                            October 2009

        Evergreen Newcomers Club                                                                                    PRSRT STD
                                                                                                                   U.S. POSTAGE
P.O. Box 2197                                                                                                     EVERGREEN, CO
Evergreen, CO 80437                                                                                               PERMIT NO. 95

Return Service Requested

                                                   Evergreen Newcomers Club
                                               Membership Enrollment Form
 Membership is per household per year and is open to everyone at any time. Membership is renewable every August 31st. Half year
                                                  dues are good March - August

                                        Printable enrollment form on

                                             Make $30 check payable and mail to:
                                                       Evergreen Newcomers Club
                                                  P.O. Box 2197, Evergreen, CO, 80437
(Print Clearly)

Membership Type: ______New ______Renewal                                                     Date

Your Name

Spouse’s Name (if applicable)

Street Address

City                                               Zip Code                                  Phone

E-mail Address(es)

1. How long have you lived in the Evergreen area? ____Less than 1 year ____1-3 years ____3-10 years ____10+ years
2. What is your age group? ____20-30     ____30-40 ____40-50 ____50-60 ____60+
3. How did you hear about Evergreen Newcomers Club? ___________________________________________________________________

_____ $30 yearly dues - Includes a hard copy of the Club’s newsletter via U.S. mail. Newsletters published August through May

                      Recycle this newsletter – pass it along to a friend or neighbor!                                                                                              Page 12

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