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					Cursillo Newsletter
November, 2010
429 East Grandview Boulevard
P.O. Box 10397
Erie, PA 16514-0397
Phone: 814-824-1118
Fax: 814-824-1128
E-mail: office@
Web site:
Men’s Cursillo #214 will begin on Thursday, November 18, 2010 at 8:00 PM at Our Lady of Mercy
Church, 837 Bartlett Road, in Harborcreek, PA. Msgr. Dan Arnold (St. Andrew), Fr. Phil Oriole (St.
Lawrence, the Martyr) and Deacon Ralph DeCecco (St. Andrew) will join Rector Chuck Faytak (Sacred
Heart of Jesus) and his assistant, Herb Palmer (St. John the Evangelist), and their team: Chief Warden
Mike Rowe (St. Hedwig), Wardens Gordon Walk (Cascade United Methodist), Norm Wall (Sacred Heart
of Jesus), Mike Fuhrman (St. Boniface), Warden/Troubadour Rob Gibson (St. George), as well as
Auxiliaries Josh Lemmon (St. Francis Xavier), Paul McCoy (Our Lady of Peace), John Matson (Sacred
Heart of Jesus) and Kelly Kightlinger (St. Mark the Evangelist).
The Holy Hour to support this Cursillo will happen on Saturday, November 20, 2010, 9:00 p.m. at Our
Lady of Mercy Church with Fr. Bill Sutherland presiding. Other Holy Hours are scheduled throughout the
diocese. Please check your area newsletters or contact your area coordinator.
Palanca must be dropped off by Friday, November 19, 2010 at the following sites: 1) The Teacher’s
Apple Basket, 9 West Main Street, North East, PA 16428, Mon., 10 AM – 5 PM, Tues. – Thurs.,
10:00 A.M. – 8:00 PM. St. Mark Church, 695 Smithson Ave. in Lawrence Park, Mon. – Thurs. 9:00 AM
– 3:30 PM, Friday before 10:00 AM, 2) Al’s Awning Shop, 1721 West 26th St. in Erie, Mon. – Thurs.
only between 8:00 AM – 4:00 PM, 3) Kelly’s Sewing Corner, 3330 West 26th St. in Erie, Village West,
Mon. – Thurs. only between 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM, 4) For Art’s Sake, 7547 West Ridge Rd., Rt. 20,
Fairview, Tues. – Thurs. 10:00 AM – 4:00 PM, Fridays 8:30 AM – 10:00 AM, 5) Hofmann’s Church and
Religious Goods, 420 East 26th St. in Erie, between 9:00 AM – 5:30 PM, Mon. – Thurs., Fri. before
10:00 AM, 6) The Cursillo Office, 429 East Grandview Boulevard in Erie, Mon. – Thurs. 10:00 AM –
2:00 PM. After 10:00 AM on Friday, Palanca should be taken directly to the Cursillo site.
The set up will be Wednesday, November 17, 2010 at 6:00 PM. The Thursday Night Snack is the
responsibility of the assigned committee. The Friday Morning Breakfast (be there at 7:00 AM) is the
responsibility of St. Mark, Mt. Calvary & St. James Parishes. Friday Luncheon (be there at 12:30 PM)
is the responsibility of St. Gregory (North East), St. Boniface, Holy Rosary, St. John the Baptist and St.
Patrick Parishes. Friday Supper (be there at 6:15 PM) is the responsibility of Our Lady of Mercy, St.
George, St. Paul, St. Julia Parishes. Saturday Morning (be there at 7:00 AM) is the responsibility of St.
Joseph, St. Peter, Mt. Carmel, Sacred Heart, and Holy Trinity parishes. Saturday Luncheon (be there
at 12:45 PM) is the responsibility of Blessed Sacrament, Our Lady of the Lake, All Saints and St. Jude
parishes. Saturday Supper (be there at 6:45 PM) is the responsibility of Holy Cross, Our Lady of
Peace, St. Andrew, St. John (Girard) and St. Lawrence (Albion) Parishes. Please remember that we
need as many of you as possible to stay and help clean up after serving the meals. Sunday meals
(be there at 7:00 AM and 11:30 AM) are the responsibility of Erie Counties.

The parishes assigned to the Closing Luncheon this month will be Our Mother of Sorrows (St.
Ann/St. Casmir/Holy Rosary), St. Joseph, Bread of Life, St. Julia, St. Luke and St. Paul. Parish
Coordinators are reminded of their responsibility to inform their parishioners of this duty. You
are asked to bring these casseroles or desserts in disposable containers right to the kitchen.
Thank You!
For directions, times, and general information concerning this weekend, call Denise McCaleb
Brown at 814-454-5801, the Cursillo office at 814-824-1118 or check the web site (bulletin board),
which is updated regularly.
The emergency phone number at this Cursillo is 814-898-3306.
The next Erie Ultreya is set for November 5, 2010 at 7:00 p.m. at Our Lady of Peace Parish, 2401
West 38th Street, Erie, PA 16506. The regular program of the Celebration of Eucharist, our sharing
program and our closing social period will be observed. Babysitting will be available at this site.
Check the dates and times of other Ultreyas in the diocese in your area newsletters.

           Prayers Department: (If you know of someone who has passed away or is ill, please be
             sure to notify the office.) Our deepest sympathy and prayers go out to the loved ones
              and friends of Fr. John Fischer’s brother, Nick Mariotti, Marietta Johnson, Janet
             McNerney, Robert Swinderman, Joseph Corso, Janet Orlop, Joan Johnson, Lisa
            Filipski’s mother, Mark McCamman’s mother, Rick Hedderick’s sister, Jane Gabriel’s
          sister, Bob Schoenfeldt’s aunt, as well as all those of whom we are unaware. On our sick
          and recovering from sickness list we find Fr. Steve Anderson, Fr. Joseph R. Roth, Sr.
            Claudia Dombrowski, S.S.J., Dorothy Anderson, Mary Beth Hoag, Joan Crowley, Ruth
            Mercier, Al Borkovec, Jeff O’Hara, Helen Selker, Linda Summerville, along with her
mother and sister, Buz Allegretto’s mother, Deacon Jerry and Joan Peterson’s son, Mary Ellen
Stumpf’s, nephew, Mary Duncan’s sister-in-law, along with all those of whom we are unaware.
Congratulations to Darin and Christie Sutton on the birth of their daughter, Emma Olivia Ruth Sutton.
As always keep our seminarians, women and men religious candidates, as well as our deacon
candidates and their wives in your prayers.
For the Good of the Movement: 1) The Men’s Cursillo Choir will be joining in the Celebration of
the Eucharist at Sacred Heart of Jesus Church, 816 West 26th Street, Erie, PA at their 4:30 p.m. Mass
on November 27, 2010. Practice will be at 3:30 p.m. Mass will be followed by a lasagna dinner in the
basement of the church. 2) The Men’s Choir will also be traveling to St. John the Evangelist Church,
101 Olin Avenue in Girard on Saturday, January 29, 2011 to welcome our new president, Dave
Jackson, at their 5:15 p.m. mass. Rehearsal will be at 4:15 p.m. in the basement and dinner will be
held at the Parish Center on Route 20. Cursillistas are requested to bring a dessert. 3) The
Community Outreach Group will hold their annual Gigantic Clothing Give-Away on Saturday,
December 4, 2010 from 10:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m. at Cauley Auditorium (4th and Holland Streets). This
massive clothing distribution party was originally started by a G.R. from Cursillo. Volunteers should
try to be there by 8:30 a.m. and wear red. If you care to help set up, come Wednesday and/or
Thursday, December 1st and 2nd from 5:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m. or Friday, December 3rd, from 9:00 a.m. –
1:00 p.m. Come for the entire time or just part of the time. For more information, please visit Outreach Group or email or call 814-899-
4314. 4) Reminder: Banners and palanca must be picked up after each Cursillo. The office cannot
be responsible for keeping and holding on to these things. If anyone has knowledge of where the
Holy Rosary banner is, please call the office and let them know. Thank you. 5) If you or anyone you
know has had a change of address, phone number or e-mail address, please contact the office at
814-824-1118 or and give Eileen the new information. 6) Everyone get ready
for our Annual Kiss Dance brought to you by none other than our Great Has-Beens, the Past
Presidents. Please watch for more details in the February Newsletter. 7) This is a reminder to
everyone attending our Erie County Cursillo closings. Please plan on bringing a dish to share,
even if your parish has not been assigned to the Closing Luncheon. We have become complacent
and are relying on Jerry Bukowski to make up the shortage of food not being brought by some of the
parishes. Therefore, it has been decided that no additional food will be prepared for Cursillistas
coming to the closing – only for our New Babe Chicks. 8) Just a reminder: the next Marriage
Encounter Weekend is scheduled for November 12-14, 2010 at the Lake Chautauqua Retreat
Center in Bemus Point, NY. For more information, call 814-823-4600. 9) Following are the
Upcoming 2011 Cursillo Dates that you have all been waiting for. They are as follows: February
17-20, 2011 (W), March 10-17, 2011 (M), April 7-10, 2011 (W), May 19-22 (M) and all of these will
be held at Our Lady of Mercy in Harborcreek; June 18-21, 2011 (W) at Our Lady of Lourdes in
Cochranton; July 21-24, 2011 (M) at Kennedy Catholic High School in Hermitage; August 18-21,
2011 (W) at Queen of the World Parish in St. Marys; October 20-23, 2011 (M) and November 17-20,
2011, both at Our Lady of Mercy in Harborcreek.

Heard at the Last Closing:
     I wanted to learn God’s unconditional love and how to hug people!
     A little rain fell on my desert!
     This is the first time I actually felt love from God!
     They even give prisoners an hour a day outside!
     Sometimes we need to stop and let God speak to us!
     I’ve never experienced unconditional love in my life but, that palanca, WOW!
Candidates for Men’s Cursillo #214:
1. Paul Barko, Our Lady of Mercy – Harborcreek (Robert J. Dalton, Jr.)
2. Richard “Ritchie” Bayne, Our Lady of Peace – Erie (Fr. Ted Marconi)
3. James “Jim” Betta, St. Joseph – Forbes (Fr. Tom Tyler)
4. Gregg Butala, St. Francis Xavier – McKean (Beth Dever)
5. Jerry “De” DeBerry, No Parish Affiliation – Erie, (Chris Yeckley)
6. Scott Dibble, St. Luke – Erie (Kurt Haibach)
7. Joseph “Joe” Gaeta, Sacred Heart of Jesus – Erie (Michael McGrath)
8. Joshua “Josh” Gunther, St. Joseph, Bread of Life – Erie (Jim Scarpitti)
9. Tim Green, Maria House Projects – Spartansburg (Joe Tarquinio)
10. Richard “Dick” Hasbrouck, St. Teresa of Avila – Union City (Elaine Hasbrouck)
11. John Hauck, Free Christian Worship – Erie (Mike Monroe)
12. John Hepinger, St. Andrew – Erie (Dan and Barbara Parker)
13. James Hickey, Maria House Projects – Spartansburg (Joe Tarquinio)
14. Gary Holder, Maria House Projects – Spartansburg (Joe Tarquinio)
15. Cody Husted, Maria House Projects – Spartansburg (Joe Tarquinio)
16. Thomas “Tom” Kurpiewski, St. Hedwig – Erie (Tom Zielinski)
17. John Lombardi, St. George – Erie (Art and Phyllis Lombardi)
18. Robert “Bob” Matthews, St. John the Evangelist – Girard (Shirley Macklenar)
19. Ross Morealli, Our Lady of Mercy – Harborcreek (Greg and Chris Morealli)
20. Peter “Pete” Naud, Our Lady of Peace – Erie (Paul Groszkiewicz)
21. Dan Pitts, Maria House Projects – Spartansburg (Joe Tarquinio)
22. Gary Quinn, Holy Rosary – Erie (Greg Morealli)
23. David “Pop” Sabol, St. Teresa of Avila – Union City (Bill and Judy Flynn)
24. Roy Sambuchino, St. Paul – Erie (Kathie Iarussi and St. Paul Cursillistas)
25. Louis “Lou” Serafini, Sacred Heart of Jesus – Erie (Fr. John Detisch)
26. Daniel “Danny” Servidio, No Parish Affiliiation – Erie (Ed Niebauer)
27. Keith Weber, St. Andrew – Erie (Joseph Wilczynski)
28. Joseph “Joe” Yochim, Jr., Our Lady of Peace – Erie (Joseph Yochim, Sr.)

Father Bill’s Comments: Greetings and an early happy Thanksgiving to you all. It is with
thanksgiving in mind that I write these thoughts. I give thanks to God for all of you who do so much
and give so much to the Cursillo movement and to God. Many of you give in so many ways, however
today I want to center on one, our Annual Appeal. Last year was only our second year. As we began
the drive we put forth five primary goals.
     1. To keep the weekend suggested donations low while allowing us to cover weekend expenses
        for those who would be unable to attend otherwise. Through your generosity, we have
        accomplished this goal.
     2. Purchase new special beds. Because of your gifts, we were able to purchase 15 new bed
        frames and 15 new mattresses and will soon purchase an additional 5 mattresses for frames
        we currently own that are still in good shape.
     3. Purchase permanent window blinds in the rooms set up for Chapel Visits at Our Lady of
        Mercy Parish in Harborcreek. We are currently working with Msgr. Ritchie to complete this
     4. Assist with many of our ongoing expenses. We have most certainly accomplished this.
     5. Give a little more to the parishes and schools generously hosting weekends. While this has
        yet to happen, I guarantee it will. Remember that I am a pastor as well as Co-Spiritual
        Director of Cursillo. I know the gift these institutions are giving Cursillo. We will do what we
        can to say thank you.
In addition we have purchased new dishes and silverware for Erie County’s six weekends each year
as well as other necessary kitchen utensils.
Below you will find a full report on the campaign, however for now, I along with Fr. Dan, stand in awe
of you and join Saint Paul as he said in his first letter to the Thessalonians:
        We give thanks to God always for all of you, remembering you in our prayers,
        unceasingly calling to mind your work of faith and labor of love and endurance in
        hope of our Lord Jesus Christ, before our God and Father, knowing, brothers loved by
        God, how you were chosen. For our gospel did not come to you in word alone, but
        also in power and in the Holy Spirit and (with) much conviction. You know what sort
        of people we were (among) you for your sake. 1 Thess 1:2-5.
                                                                                     De Colores,

We would like to thank the 730 Cursillistas Families for their contributions to the 2009-10 Annual Fund. Your
generosity helps to keep the Diocese of Erie Cursillo Movement thriving.
Michael & Maureen Adams                Sam & Wendy Aquillano                   Vince & Emma Balinski
Lucille Albaugh                        Gene Aravich                            Mike & Kathy Ballish
Buz & Diane Allegretto                 Tom & Brenda Aravich                    Ann Baloga
Msgr. Bruce Allison                    Carl Arent                              Jason & Andrea Balogh
John & Judith Anderson                 Clara Aristizabal                       James & Mickey Bancroft
John & Mary Ann Anderson               Bruce & Kathleen Arkwright              Dorothy Baressi
Fr. Stephen Anderson                   Norbert & Grace Arnold                  Richard Bargielski
Michael & Rita Anderton                Msgr. Dan Arnold                        Tim & Mary Barrett
Joseph & Sue Angelo                    Gary & Pam Baker                        Sally Barrett
Fred & Maureen Anthony                 Loretta Balch                           Charles & Madeline Barry
Tony & Jean Barry           Florentino & Audrey Cesa        Joann Djakovich
Fr Jack Barwin              Tom & Georgia Chalmers          George & Theresa Dobson
Rita Bateman                Catherine Chamberlain           Anne Dombrowski
Francis Bauer               Jonathan Chase                  Tom Donegan
Jim & Louise Bauer          Phil Chenard                    Karen Dorich
Paul & Theresa Baumgratz    Lee & Laura Chew                Vincent Dougherty
George & Betty Beaulieu     Emil Chimenti                   Bart & Mary Downing
Warren & Christine Beaver   Ed & Genevieve Chizewick        Robert Ducato
Kathy Becker                Cary & Georgia Chludzinski      Florence Duchnowski
Todd Beckes                 Joseph & Charlene Chmielewski   Allen & Kathleen Duda
Michael & Ann Bednar        Margaret Chrymko                Ed Dudek
Walter Beh                  James Chuzie                    Gary & Cathy Dudenhoefer
George & Marlene Beisler    Roland Ciacchini                Duane Duffy
Greg Bender                 Deacon Joe & Betti Cicero       Dave Dush
Kenneth & Marianne Bender   Stephen & Margaret Cieslak      Tom & Norma Duska
Chuck Benedict              James & Karen Cipalla           Margaret Dwyer
Frank Benek                 Frances Clark                   Mike & Becky Dzurik
Theodore & Maxine Bennett   Len & Ann Clark                 Frank & Kathleen Eberle
Arthur & Barbara Bessetti   Denis & Mary Coan               Ronald Eldridge
Dorothy Biel                Edith Coccarelli                Barb Englert
Dan & Beth Biletnikoff      Vincenza Cocco                  Steve Erdman
Joseph & Mary Ann Biro      Sam & Kathy Collovecchio        Sr. Jerome Eustace
Jerome Blakeslee            Martha Connelly                 David & Mary Evan
Rodney Blanchard            Ann Conti                       Robert E Evans
Thomas & Sue Blecki         Skip& Barbara Cook              Doug Faber
Ken & Jean Bleil            Mike Cooklis                    Mary Ann Facetti
John Bliley                 Robert & Patricia Cooney        John Farrell
Msgr. Joe Bobal             Greg & Michelle Coppola         John & Mary Lee Fay
John Bobango                David & Lisa Crago              Mary Ann Fedus
Bob & Nancy Boorum          Sr. Joanne Crawford             Dave Ferko
Jack Bowers                 Randy & Jeanne Crays            R. Edward & Clara Ferraro
John & Elaine Brady         Terry & Charlotte Crissey       R. Leo & Mary Ann Ferraro
Thomas Braeger              Richard & Margaret Crosby       Margie Ferrick
Tom Brandenstein            Mike & Barb Cross               Ray & Ruth Feura
Eileen Brennen              Joseph & Lana Crotty            John & Cindy Fink
John & Kathi Brophy         Fred & Joan Crowley             Charles & Alice Fischer
Doug & Fran Brougham        Kathy Culbertson                Leona Fitzgerald
Fr. Tom Brown               Julianne Cullen                 Mark & Caroline Flacinski
Mike & Chris Brown          Bill & Patricia Cunningham      Douglas & Judith Fleming
William & Sandra Brown      Jean Curly                      Kenneth & Darlene Flick
Msgr. Robert Brugger        John & Mary Jo Curtin           Bill & Judy Flynn
Frank & Dorothy Bryer       Timothy & Beth Cyphert          Dan & Ellen Ford
Deena Buccigrossi           Joseph & Florence Cyterski      Robert Forish
Jim & Lorraine Bucklin      Norbert Cyterski                Francis Fornelli
Joseph & Marie Buczynski    Jerry & Agnes Dahlkemper        Joseph R & Dolores Frey
Henry & Dorothy Bujalski    Ted Daigneault                  Josephine Frisin
Joe Burns                   Madelaine Damico                Norb & Deanna Fromknecht
Donald Buseck               Richard & Alice Davis           Doug & Judith Fronzaglia
Charles Byerly              Flora Dayton                    Ed Fry
Kathy Byers                 David & Trudy DeCarolis         Andrew Frydrych
Diane Byrne                 Leo & Mary Defabio              Alice Fuhrman
Deacon Larry Caggeso        Roy & Julia Defranco            Jon & Mary Fuhrman
Michael & Barb Caggeso      Veronica Delano                 Frank & Teresa Fusco
Renee Calabrese             Jan DelleCurti                  Guy & Heidi Fustine
Debbie Caldwell             Mark & Brenda Delmaramo         Fr. Leo Gallina
Terrence Camp               Dale Demarco                    Dennis & Jari Lee Galvin
Frank & Mary Cano           John Derosa                     John Gangloff
David & Mary Louise Capan   Fr. John Detisch                James & Dolores Garvey
Rosemary Carnovale          Kevin & Laura Dibacco           John & Eva Gasbarre
Lester & Marge Carr         Frank DiClaudio                 James & Carmella Gennocro
Mike & Sally Carrig         David & Judy Diehl              Ken & Jan Gervasi
Fr. Ted Carter              Patrice Dinger                  Mike & Karen Giannamore
David & Deborah Carter      Vincent & Phyllis DiNicola      Stanley & Frances Giewant
Gary & Cheryl Carver        Bill & Judy Dinsmore            Andy & Monica Gilmore
Gay Catania                 Michael & Laura DiPanfile       Gerald Gleisner
Patricia Glogowski             Mary Hyland                  Steve & Carol Lanzel
Bob & Mary Alice Glowacki      Frank & BettyLou Italiani    Eugene Lawrie
Bernard & Helen Gluvna         Robert & Jeanne Izbicki      David & Marge Lefaiver
Michael & Sue Gluvna           David & Brenda Jackson       Terry & Gail Lemke
Greg & Valerie Godmaire        Barb Jacquel                 Midge Lenze
Thomas Golab                   Fr. John Jacquel             William & Shirley Lichtinger
Nancy Goodman                  Norma Jafko                  Thomas & Kathi Lieb
Joshua & Allison Gordon        Edward & Judy Jaglowski      William & Susanne Liebel
Katherine Goreczny             Joseph Jakubowski            Sr. Elisabeth Lintsen
Valerie Gorniak                Steve & Mary James           Ron & Delores Litke
Sue Gorski                     Ted Jastromb                 Carl & Christine Loeffler
Benjamin & Sally Gradler       John & Roseanne Jaworski     Tom Loftus
Donald & Kathleen Graeca       George R & Sharon Jerko      Carl Longnecker
Leonard & Betty Grasso         Robert & Amelia Johnson      Gerald & Emily Longo
E. John & Frances Greathouse   John & Carole Jones          Ronald Lord
Douglas & Roseanne Green       Tom & Mary Rose Jones        Frank & Tia Luciani
Fr. Joe Gregorek               Dan Joslin                   Charles & Louise Luddy
Rodger & Pat Gregorich         Christine Jovenitti          Kathy Luschini
Rosemarie Gregory              Kenneth Kaczmorski           Art & Barbara Lynch
John & Kathy Griffith          Fred & Kay Kaeberlein        Timothy & Norma Lynch
John & Stacy Gromacki          Robert & Pat Kaleida         Thomas & Nancy Lynn
Tom & Gerrie Gromacki          Vic & Toni Kaliszak          Shirley Macklenar
Joe & Irene Groszkiewicz       Michelle Kaliszewski         Grace Madonia
Paul & Cindy Groszkiewicz      Thomas & Mary Kalkhof        Linda Major
Erin Grover                    Carol Lee Kall               John & Peg Mallin
Richard Guierrini              Daniel & Martha Karg         Roy & Paula Maloney
Tim & Eileen Gunter            Msgr. Max Karg               Margaret Maly
Fr. James Gutting              Henry Karpinski              Irene Mando
John & Janine Guzolik          George & Jane Kaufman        Carmella Manno
Eileen Haas                    Larry Kelso                  Edwin Maras
Gary & Connie Haibach          Chet & Phyllis Kempinski     David & Deb Marino
Dorson Hamilton                John & Shirley Kenehan       Virginia Marino
Scott Hamilton                 Thomas Kennedy               Nick & Marge Mariotti
Colleen Hammon                 Kathy Kern                   Sam & Lois Markert
Dale & Maryann Hannah          Normand & Judith Kessler     Richard & Pat Marshall
Jim & Margaret Hansley         Jennifer King                John Martin
Jeanne Haraczy                 Ernest Kisiel                Keith & Virginia Martin
Andrew & Rosalie Harayda       Jeanette Kitch               David Martin
Rodney & Rita Hartle           Jeff Kittka                  Fr. Denny Martin
William Hathaway               Karen Kleck                  Art Martinucci
Rene Hayes                     Renee Kloecker               John Masterson
Jeffrey & Cindy Heberlein      Gilbert Knepper              Pat & Judy Mastrian
Dave & Bev Heinlein            Diane Knight                 Patricia Matczak
Robert & Tamara Heinlein       Joseph Kohler                Gilda Mateo
Bill & Mary Ann Heintz         Margaret Kolbrich            Andrew & Margoth Matteo
John & Jean Heintzel           Ed & Sadie Konkol            Joseph Mattera
Teresa Henry                   David & Rose Konsel          John & Sandi Matts
Millie Herrmann                Mary Lou Krantz              Lawrence Mattson
Edward J & Judith Hess         Gerald Kraus                 Arthur & Rita May
Frank Hetrick                  Daniel & Monica Kress        Stephanie May
Bill & Martha Hilbert          Mark & Sharon Kresse         Thomas & Pam McAraw
Sr. Phyllis Hilbert            Sylvester Kronenwetter       Rae McCaleb
Victoria Hilbert               Elizabeth Kubeja             John McClellan
Bob & Jean Hirsh               Robert Kubeja                Joseph & Rene' McCoy
Mel & Cheryl Hirst             Howard & Joanne Kubinski     Geoff & Sue McCreary
Joe & Mary Beth Hoag           Steve & Linda Kuhn           Donald & Margaret McCurdy
Edward & Sandy Hodas           Ron & Charlotte Kujawinski   James McDonnell
Edward Hoffman                 Brian Kwitowski              Kevin & Letha McElhinny
William & Jo Holtz             Susan Laber                  Barbara McGill
Bianchi Honda                  Stan & Lois LaFuria          Mike & Ginny McGrath
Charles Hoover                 Ralph & Eileen Landefeld     Deacon Jim & Patricia Mcguinness
Thomas & Kenda Hoovler         Donald & Jackie Landfried    John & Jan McInchak
Ed & Diane Horneman            Gary Lang                    Thomas McIntire
Owen & Deborah Hosler          Stephen Lanza                Mark & Ellen McNerney
Henry Hus                      Bud & Mary Ann Lanzel        Janet Mehall
Doug & Leann Mehok               Daniel & Christy Partin           Margaret Scalise
Carolyn Melby                    Marti & Martha Pastore            Betty Scalzitti
Robert Mellon                    Lenore Pearson                    Peter & Peggy Schaaf
Steven & Pamela Mennen           Richard & Alice Pedersen          Beverly Schatz
Greg & Dominique Metcalfe        Thomas Pektas                     Robert & Carolyn Schenker
Ed & Marlene Meyer               Robert & Virginia Perrotti        John & Connie Schillinger
Richard T & Wilma Micholas       Thomas & Laurene Peterman         Mike & Dotty Schloss
Lawrence & Gertrude Milkowski    Rich Peterman                     Barbara Ann Schmitt
Joe Millan                       James & Fran Peters               Dick & Frannie Schneider
Mary Ann Miller                  Deacon Jerome & Joanie Peterson   Rosalyn Schneider
Mary Miller                      Tom & Jean Peterson               Charlie & Charlene Schroeck
Larry Mineweaser                 Sam & Marsha Petrillo             Ronald Schultz
Michael Minnaugh                 David Pfadt                       Mary Lou Schutz
Carl & Marlene Minzenberger      Joe Piazza                        Jeff & Linda (Sue) Schutz
Forrest Mischler                 Lynda Pike                        Donald & Jane Schwab
Tony & Barb Mitcho               Joseph & Carol Pillitteri         Elizabeth Schweller
Anthony Molinari                 Matt Pisano                       Lew Sciamanda
Thomas & Sandy Moraski           James Piscitelli                  Jacob & Shirley Scotch
Scott & Jean Morocco             Evelyn Pizzella                   Dennis & Marygrace Scully
Ron & Marty Morris               Leonard & Florence Pleban         Andrew & Frances Segal
Ronald & Kathy Mosbacher         Patty Poff                        Jerry & Sharen Seiple
John Mrofchak                    John Pontoriero                   Mike Sergi
Jerome E & Charlotte Muroski     Louis Porreco                     Daniel & Sue Sexauer
Don & Cynthia Murosky            Mario & Norma Portaro             Dave Shaffer
Ron Murosky                      Deacon Dave & Judy Pratt          Chip & Teresa Shamburg
Marjorie Murphy                  Gerald & Patricia Prechtl         Hal & Char Sheldon
Noel Murphy                      Deacon Frank Pregler              Edward & Sharon Shoemaker
Julie Myler                      Mike & Sally Prezioso             Eleanor Sigler
John & Judy Nadzar               Carol Prizinsky                   Willis Bill & Lucy Simon
Dave & Gerry Nawrocki            Walter & Rosemary Ptaskiewicz     Ben & Mary Sitek
Alice Nellis                     Harris & Arlene Publicover        Fred & Lucille Sitzler
Felcia Nelson                    Dana & Barbara Pulice             Kent & Kathleen Sivillo
William E & Rose Marie Nesbitt   Andrew Puskus                     James & Cynthia Skarzenski
Vincent & Mary Jo Newara         Dorothy Pytlarz                   John & Janice Skendall
Nathan & Heidi Nicklas           Wayne & Helen Quimby              Shirley Skiff
Ed Niebauer                      Stephen Radack                    Rick & Mary Skladanowski
Jeanne Niedzielski               Vince & Brenda Ragosta            Kathleen Slattery
Sara Nissel                      George & Mary Reilly              Frank & Rebecca Smeraglia
Lew & Nancy Nordin               Kenneth Reisenweber               Herman Smith
Louis & Janet Norman             William & Carol Renner            Leatha Smith
Charles Norris                   Dusty & Joanne Rhoades            Michael Smith
Rose Nosbo                       Les Rickard                       Patrick & Debra Smith
Kathleen Nowak                   Terra Riordan                     Todd & Wanda Smith
David Nowakowski                 James & Mary Roach                Msgr. Bob Smith
Tim & Eileen Nowakowski          Joseph Rodgers                    Quentin Smith
Lou Ann Nowosielski              Tim & Lori Rohrbach               Ed & Connie Smorey
Robert & Bernadette Oatman       David Romanowicz                  Blair & Pam Smoulder
James & Eileen O'Brien           Anne Marie Ropelewski             Jack & Anita Snyder
Fr. Bill O'Brien                 Robert & Helen Rosage             Stephen Snyder
Sr. Maria O'Connor               Dean & Rose Marie Rose            Todd Sommers
William & Nancy O'Donnel         Mike & Brenda Royer               Ronald Songer
Rosemary Oehmler                 Jamie & Joann Rupp                Paul & Cindy Spaniol
David & Darcie Oliver            Robert & Marilyn Ruscitti         Mark & Cindy Srnka
Edith Olson                      Gene Ruscitto                     Norman & Monica Stanford
Stan & Jennifer Orbanich         Sr. Betty Ruza                    John & Patricia Stano
Janet Orlop                      Jeff & Brenda Rzepka              JoAnne Starr
Josie Osiecki                    William Saborsky                  Ed & Patricia Stebick
Gene & Odette Pacsi              Harriet Ann Sala                  Bill Steger
Anthony & Rhonda Paglia          Nick & Lori Sala                  Maggie Steigerwald
Dennis & Barbara Palaski         Brad & Melissa Salisbury          Stephanie Stepnowski
Thomas & Barbara Palisin         Joseph & Anita Salvia             Margie Stevenson
Herb & Connie Palmer             Marcia Samick                     Frances Stiftinger
Nick Palombi                     Kristin Sapio                     Raymond & Linda Stiglitz
Carol Palombi                    Steven & Caroline Sawin           Louis & Ruth Stiles
Mary Ann Parson                  Mary Eileen Saylor                Patricia Straub
Cindy Strausser                 Rita Valentine                Don & Margaret Williams
Bill Stumpf                     Vince & Elva Vargo            Shane & Jamie Williams
William & Mary Ellen Stumpf     Jerry & Sue Verga             Thomas & Carole Wingerter
John & Tracy Styborski          Steve & Judith Viera          Stephen & Dolores Winiarczyk
Msgr. Richard Sullivan          Richard & Patricia Villella   Diane Witherup
M/M Richard Suminski            Mike & Kathy Vincent          Gratia Wittmann
Rudy & Carol Surovick           Ron & Diane Voelker           Frank Wodarski
Mildred Sweeney                 Fr. Brian Vossler             Kerry Wolbert
Donald & Anne Swift             Linda Wagner                  Carl & Anne Wolf
Thomas & Pam Szewczyic          Tom & Georgia Wagner          Don Wolfe
Carolyn Szewczykowski           Larry Wagner                  Alvin & Alberta Wolfe
Charles & Janet Szewczykowski   Carol Wahlen                  Ken & Marge Worley
Edward Sznajder                 Gail Waldinger                Martha Wozniak
John & Grace Szware             Gordon Walk                   Jim & Lynette Wozniak
Chub & Joyce Tarr               Bob & Eleanor Walker          Gale Wurster
Geraldine Taylor                Dick Walsh                    James & Rose Ann Yadeski
Mary Teed                       Penny Warmbrod                Ron & Carolyn Yaple
Daniel & Mary Ann Tempestini    Leroy & Gail Warren           Doug Yarbenet
Gregg & Chris Theiss            Luther & Rosalie Watt         Al & Jaqualine Yezzi
David & Cris Thomas             Elaine Watters                Lisa Yochim
Rosemary Thomas                 Robert & Elizabeth Way        Jack & Maryann Young
Shelly Thompson                 Patricia Weber                Nancy Young
Wendell & Kathy Thornton        Rose Weber                    Raymond Yurcak
Mary Thorwart                   Ann Weiss                     Jean Yurkovic
Jack & Mary Tirak               Steve Weiss                   Phyllis Zack
John & Ramona Tirpak            Don & Joan Welsh              Vernon & Ruth Zaksheske
Fr. Rocco Tito                  Pauline Welz                  John & Jean Zameroski
Peter & Linda Tolhurst          Harold Wesmiller              Theresa Zameroski
Daniel Tomko                    Vic & Kristine Wheeler        Joe & Kay Zastawa
James & Mary Ann Toohey         Paul & Joyce Wickles          Kathy Zboyovski
Dolores Toth                    John Wieczorek                John & Mary Beth Zdarko
Margaret Tracy                  Rudy & Sharon Wiesner         Tom & Sharon Zielinski
Rex & Joyce Tresler             Joe & Pat Wilczynski          Steve & Ceil Zielonka
Fr. Tom Tyler                   Patrick & Teresa Wilczynski   Richard Zimmerman
Agatha Tyzinski                 Geraldine Wildfire            Dan & Irene Zuba
Tim & Sheny Tyzinski            David & Darlene Wilkinson     Frank Zurn
Stephen & Jean Urash            Mark Wilkosz                  Paul Zurovc
Herman & Margaret Utter         Marion Will
Gerald & Janice Uzarski         Bonnie Williams
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