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Physical Education
Associate of Science Degree

Transfer Program                                                           Areas of Emphasis
NIC’s Physical Education Department provides students                      Athletic Training/Exercise Science
with the competence, confidence, and motivation neces-                     BIOL-228     Human Anatomy and Physiology II with
sary to ensure health, fitness, and life-long learning. This                            Cadaver                                     4
program is for students interested in pursuing careers in                  CAOT-179     Medical Terminology                         2
teaching, coaching, athletic training, recreation, fitness,                CHEM-101     Introduction to Essentials of General
and health promotion fields. Areas of instruction include                               Chemistry I                                 4
human movement studies, motivation studies, rules and                      CHEM-111     Principles of General Chemistry I           5
practice of specific sports, exercise/fitness principles and               PE-248       Care and Prevention of Athletic Injuries    3
techniques, basic athletic injury prevention/treatment,                    PE-250       Clinical Athletic Training                  3
and organizing/leading fitness and recreation programs.
The suggested coursework normally fulfills the first half
of baccalaureate degree requirements for physical educa-
tion.                                                                      Coaching

Program Requirements                                                       PE-248       Care and Prevention of Athletic Injuries    3

General Education Requirements (see pages 52-53)
Area of Study                                             Credits
                                                                           SOC-155      Drug Abuse: Fact, Fiction, and Future       3
Arts and Humanities (2 disciplines)                           6            PE-241B      Coaching Methods: Volleyball                2
Communication                                                 3            PE-241C      Coaching Methods: Soccer                    2
English Composition                                           6            PE-241D      Coaching Methods: Softball/Baseball         2
Laboratory Science 1                                          4            PE-241E      Coaching Methods: Basketball                2
Mathematics                                                 3-5            PE-241F      Coaching Methods: Wrestling                 2
Physical Education Activity and Dance                         2
Social Science (2 disciplines)                                6            K-12 Education
Social Science and Arts and Humanities                        3            EDUC-201     Introduction to Teaching                     3
                                                                           PE-110/111   Individual and Team Sport Courses          1-7
Program Requirements
                                                                           PE-243       Play and Game Theory                         2
Course No.      Title                                     Credits
Choose 16 credits from the following:                        16
PE-160       Foundations of Physical Education
PE-220       Sports Ethics
PE-221       Fitness Activities and Concepts                               Outdoor Recreation
PE-222       Wellness Lifestyles                                           PE-237A      Wilderness Backpacking                      3
PE-223       Exercise Physiology                                           PE-237B      Wilderness Survival                         3
PE-225       Sport Psychology                                              PE-237C      Whitewater Guide                            3
PE-288       First Aid                                                     PE-237D      Mountaineering                              3
                                                                           PE-237E      Outdoor Programming and Leadership          3
Choose one course from the following:                 3                    PE-237F      Outdoor Navigation                          3
BIOL-207    Concepts in Human Nutrition
PE-224      Nutrition for Health, Fitness, & Exercise

Choose one course from the following:                            4
BIOL-175    Human Biology
BIOL-227    Human Anatomy and Physiology I
            with Cadaver

Elective Requirements
Courses 100-level or higher 2                               6-8
                                 Total Credits (minimum) 64
    This General Education Requirement is partially met by the
    Program Requirements.
    Recommend choosing courses from the Areas of Emphasis
    according to transfer institution requirements.

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