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From the Desk of the Editor

                                               The world media was a buzz about the soon to be release iPhone 5. The launch felt
                                               a bit of a flop as it was the new iPhone 4S that was released instead. It was a bit of a
                                               PR disaster for Apple that they could have easily avoided by announcing in advance
                                               that it wasn’t going to be the iPhone 5. Apparently its part of their normal product
                                               lifecycle where they want iPhone 3 users who have just finished their 24 months plans
                                               to upgrade to the iPhone 4S and then the iPhone 5 will get released at the time when
                                               iPhone 4 customers are just at the end of their 24 month product lifecycle. It’s all
                                               designed to sell more devices.

                                               Artificial Intelligence goes Main Stream with Siri
                                               Siri is an Artificial Intelligence personal application for IOS5 on the iPhone 4S.

                                               Siri on iPhone 4S lets you use your voice to send messages, schedule meetings, place
                                               phone calls, and more. Ask Siri to do things just by talking the way you talk.
The Internet is the fastest changing           Siri understands what you say, knows what you mean, and even talks back.
communications media in the history of
mankind. It’s very hard to keep track of all   The Internet Marketing Magazine team tested Siri as soon as it was released. We found
this stuff yourself. In this section we will   that it works well for simple things like asking it to make a call for you. It may be perfect
keep you up to date with the very latest       for the travelling salesman whose office is the car. It seems like it can do some cool stuff
of what is happening online from the big       so it’s really down to the individual figure out what it can and can’t do and test it.
players in the marketplace. You will notice
a lot of Apple News this issue, as they have   It’s called Artificial Intelligence in that allegedly it will learn and change it’s behaviour over
been the big player with the most major        time based on your preferences.
news, changes and releases.

Steve Jobs Passing                             Here is Apples video demonstration of how Siri works.
It goes without saying that Steve Jobs, the
Co-Creator of Apple had a major effect on
the Internet and the devices it’s served on.
October 5, 2011, around 3:00 p.m., Jobs
died at his home in Palo Alto, California,
aged 56, six weeks after resigning as
CEO of Apple. His legacy will live on for
decades to come and he will be sorely
missed. We have a feature article later this
issue with more on Steve and his effect on
the world and in particular his business
and marketing lessons.

Apple unveils new ‘iPhone 4S’ not
iPhone 5
Mobile Internet is on the rise thanks
largely to the success of the iPhone, as
an ever growing percentage of the world
population has a browser and internet
connection in their pocket at all times.

NOVEMBER /DECEMBER 2011                                                                     INtERNEt MaRkEtINg Magazine                        1
Apple IOS 5 Unleashed
For Business Owners and Marketers here
are 3 key features to consider:
	    •	 Newsstand
	    •	 Twitter	Integration
	    •	 iCloud

Newsstand is a custom newsstand for
all your subscriptions. It’s a great place to
subscribe to publications that you read
like magazines and newspapers. It has
a subscription feature built into it so as
new issues become available; Newsstand           Twitter is now integrated right into iOS 5 and each of the apps. This will surely help
automatically updates them in the                the popularity of the twitter service which many business owners were not seeing as
background for you.                              relevant anymore with the rise and rise of Facebook.

If you are a publisher of content you            iCloud stores your music, photos, documents and more and wirelessly pushes them to
should also consider trying to deliver your      all your apple devices. iCloud is seamlessly integrated into your apps, so you can access
content via newsstand as it makes good           your content on all your devices. This is the next evolution of Cloud Computing from
sense to have your content where the             Apple and is designed to replace the failed MobileMe service, which didn’t live up
people are.                                      to expectations.

                                                 with simpler needs, like: reading books,         moved onto precious metals, then coins
                                                 watching TV and movies. I personally             and notes, followed closely by credit cards.
                                                 think it’s too small at 7” (iPad is 10”) for     The next evolution is using your smart
                                                 reading magazines comfortably.                   phone as your wallet (credit card).

                                                 Price Point changing Online                      Google has recently launched ‘Google
                                                 It is no real secret that it is getting harder   Wallet’ - an app that makes your phone
                                                 to sell big price point digital products         your wallet—with Citi, MasterCard, Sprint
                                                 online without a Product Launch.                 and First Data. With Google Wallet, you
Amazons iPad Killer?                             The amount of free content available             can tap, pay and save using your phone
AMAZON is out to burn Apple with the             online as well as the advent of low price        and near field communication (NFC).
recent release of it full colour tablet called   stores like the Apple iTunes Store result
‘Kindle Fire’ that’s less than half the price    in users habits changing to lower
of the iPad.                                     priced purchasers.

The Kindle Fire runs on Google’s Android         This doesn’t mean that there isn’t a
software and costs only $US199 - the             fortune to be made in low priced apps.
cheapest iPads retail at $US499 - and will       Some of the biggest apps in the iTunes           If you don’t have a Citi MasterCard and
let users download books, magazines,             App Store are allegedly doing over $80k          you want to use Google Wallet you can
newspapers, videos and music.                    worth of sales every day. That’s a lot of        use the Google Prepaid Card. The Google
                                                 buck transactions.                               Prepaid Card is a virtual card that you can
It will have access to apps through                                                               fund with any of your existing credit cards.
Amazon’s Android store and it backs up its       IOS users download on average between
contents wirelessly on Amazon’s servers.         10 and 60 apps for their devices meaning         The business implications of this
                                                 that they are making multiple purchases.         technology are far reaching too:
Will it beat the Apple iPad? Unlikely. It’s      With the value delivered by these low
smaller in size, has access to far fewer         price apps I believe that App Sales will         Gift cards: Google Wallet can store gift
apps, can’t scale up on storage and isn’t        eclipse Song Sales over time.                    cards for participating merchants. When
intended to capture and manipulate                                                                you tap to pay at a merchant, Google
                                                                                                  Wallet transmits your gift card information
personal media. But it could be viewed           Make Your Phone Your Wallet
as the best iPad alternative for those                                                            to the terminal. This is very clever.
                                                 We started with the barter system, then

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card will never be the same again.
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NOVEMBER /DECEMBER 2011                       INtERNEt MaRkEtINg Magazine   4
A failed English student, Brett McFall eventually became one of Australia’s best direct response advertising writers. Over the
past 21 years, he has written over 10,000 adverts, sales letters and websites for 153 different industries.

Today he’s known more for his internet marketing businesses and his ability to teach internet marketing in an easy-to-
understand way. Brett has many simple Internet businesses that generate over $750,000 a year from home.

GREG: Today I’m very honored to have                       this and that’s when I really got a lot of interest and launched my
with me expert Internet marketer,                            own website.
copywriter and also event promoter Brett
McFall. Welcome to the call, Brett.                          But before I even launched my own website, I’ve been writing
                                                              a newsletter. I’ve been giving away tips to business owners on
BRETT: It’s my pleasure to be here Greg.                             how to improve their marketing. And it came to a point
I’ve been interested in what you’ve been                                where they would just say “You seem to be so good at
doing and I really want to be able to see                                what you’re doing, can you just write the advertising for
if I can help you give the viewer, the                                    us?” and that’s when I started my income on the side.
listener, the reader get awesome value                                     These dudes were putting their $5,000 to $10,000 in
from this interview.                                                        my account because I was really producing amazing
                                                                            results for them. I was the first copywriter to actually
GREG: Bret, you’ve been successful                                          have a money back guarantee in Australia and that
online for many years, and are also                                         was ground breaking at the time. So it wasn’t a hard
very well known in the Copywriting                                          transition to go from working for a company to
area. Can you tell us a bit about your                                      working on my own in the copywriting field, I’d always
story and how you ended up where                                           had the idea, but it took for at least 5 years to have the
you are now?                                                              guts to do it.

BRETT: It’s not a path I’ve ever                                        So I was just there watching the internet while doing my
envisioned. I never thought I would                                   stuff writing for clients, I got my own website up and people
actually end up like this but as                                      started to subscribe to my newsletter, I was getting top 10
I was working at an advertising                                       rankings on Google, it was easy as anything to get rankings
agency on the 90’s, I knew I wanted                                   back then. In Yahoo, I was number one with everything
something else and that’s when                                       and then Google, I went to number one. It was so easy
the internet happens to come in. I                                  basically cause there was no competition. As I started to get
was daydreaming during lunch time                                   good results people start to say, “Well how are you doing it,
seeking out what this internet thing                                 can you show us?” and that’s how I developed. Until I met
was and I saw some genius there and                                  an American who was running seminars about Internet
I thought “Wow if I could pop my own                                 Marketing and I said, “We should bring that concept to
website up, I wonder if I could have my                                Australia,” and we liked it and it just went nuts. We were
own business online.” The ideas began                                  the first people to bring internet marketing seminars to
to dwell while I was working for another                               Australia. It was simply a revolution that happened early
agency and I could see other people                                     2000 that changed the industry forever.
in America who were actually offering
Copywriting and I then realized you                                   Then I started to sell online and people started to buy my
can actually hire someone from here in                                DVDs & manuals.
Australia directly from America
over the Internet directly.                                           GREG: Bret, you have a good reputation in the
I could see a lot of genius in                                        Copywriting and Ad Writing space. What were some of the

NOVEMBER /DECEMBER 2011                                                          INtERNEt MaRkEtINg Magazine                     5
                                                                                                   hair dressers, all wonder, “How can I do it
                                                   The marketing of any business can be so         online? Do I really need a website?” 48%
                                                   much easier if the people follow that one       businesses in Australia still don’t have a
                                                   simple rule.                                    website. It’s crazy, they need a website.

                                                   GREG: I’ve seen you teach a concept             How do you do that? Simply educate
                                                   before about 4 MMO’s. Or in other words         your market. Give away your best secrets.
                                                   the 4 fundamental ways to ‘Make Money           Create a website and that allows you
                                                   Online’. Can you explain what you mean          then to contact people if they join your
                                                   by that for our readers and listeners?          database and give you their name and
real gems of knowledge that if you could                                                           email. You can contact them with special
start over again in this space you wished          BRETT: The first way to make money              offers or about coming in to your store. If
you’d known earlier?                               online is to remember, your website is          you don’t want to sell things from yourself,
                                                   just like a traditional business. Your          you can sell other people’s stuff. You can
BRETT: I have really one core answer to            shop front is simply a website, that’s it.      recommend other people’s stuff and take
that cause it covers absolutely everything.        So the first thing you can sell is physical     a commission. So selling your services is
It is this one principle; it is the reason why I   products. And so they don’t have to be          totally doable online and very very cool.
am here now. Give away your best secrets.          anything special, just cameras, books,          The last way is simply to recommend
                                                   you name it, anything that people want.         other people’s products. You simply
If you go to business school, they will            Physical products can all be sold from a        make a business by recommending
teach you to compete, and they teach you           website. They can be your products or           other people’s products. You don’t have a
to give your customers a little upfront and        somebody else’s.                                business; you don’t really have anything
then give them everything else only when                                                           other than good recommendation. You
they’re paid, it’s the general lesson you’ll       Secondly, you can sell digital products.        can recommend someone else’s software,
get taught by conventional schools and             They are products you can download,             like I have software and if you recommend
systems. But I say, do the total opposite          like software, e-books, audio files, and        someone to buy that software, you get 50
of what others are doing, and you’ll do            videos. Digital product is just anotherway      cents for every dollar I make. There’s no
better, because what most people are               for you to get information or solution.         reason you can’t set up a deal where you
doing is wrong.                                    It can be your own digital products as          send people along to their site and if they
                                                   you create them yourself, or you can buy        turn to a customer they give you 10-25% of
Whatever gives your customer the best              somebody else’s digital products and sell       the sale which can be a grand at least. It’s
value, give it away. If you truly do give          those from your site. Either way, you have      called Affiliate Marketing; you may have
away your information, your answers,               options. And people often said, “How can        heard of it, it’s really awesome :)
your solutions, suddenly now you have              I possibly sell products online, I don’t have
a relationship with your customers. It is          and I don’t have any product idea?” That’s      GREG: What traffic strategies do you find
one thing to tell your customer how to             okay, you can find other products which         yourself implementing on a new site
do something or give them more than                have licenses that are allowable and you        when testing if it’s going to be successful
everybody else, but tell them how to apply         can buy the licenses and you can sell the       and then when rolling it out on a
it and for them to want to know all the            product at your site, it’s a great way          big scale?
other things that you know as well. It’s           to start.
really creating that relationship. No matter                                                       BRETT: I’ll give you two ways that will
what field you’re in, give your answers            GREG: The good thing about digital              bring you this. If I’m going to start a brand
away that help your customers.                     products is the margins can be great, as        new product or someone else’s product to
                                                   you have got very low costs. It can be a        go to an affiliate marketing arrangement,
Your customer suddenly feels, “Wow this            great way of getting ahead.                     it’s still a brand new site. The first question
is someone I actually like dealing with                                                            I ask is, “Can I get it ranked? Can I get that
cause there’s no pressure here.” There’s           BRETT: Awesome, Greg. The thing is there        website ranked on its’ own?” I’ve got a
no pressure to buy in order to get what            are so many tools nowadays to enjoy             way of doing that. I’ve got one technique
they really need, now they wanted to do            digital product; we have iPads, iPhones         right here. That if I can do this technique
business with you even more now that               etc. Therefore it’s a fabulous area to          it means, that site is self-sufficient and
they can relax. Instead of you having to           get into.                                       then I’ll tell you where I can take it after
sell yourself to them, they now want to                                                            that. I’ll give you a strategy to get you
become your customer. It’s a completely            The third way to get yourself online is to      something ranked.
different way of doing things.                     sell your services. Solicitors, dentists,

NOVEMBER /DECEMBER 2011                                                                       INtERNEt MaRkEtINg Magazine                     6
There’s this technique called, Expired           or email, or buy. Otherwise, you’re not           actually exhausted the first course. What’s
Domain Names. I can actually buy expired         going to get a business long term or you          happening is, people have what they
domain names which previously were               won’t be able to get it off to the ground.        shelved at home which are at least 2-3
a website but for whatever reason, that                                                            courses, maybe more. They are all good,
website has gone down, the person                GREG: What advice would you have                  they are perfectly round furry tennis
doesn’t run the website from it anymore          for those of our readers and listeners            balls but if somebody in that course
so the domain name which used to be              who have bought every course and                  offered you webinars, seminars, DVDs,
that website is now available for sale. So       implemented a heap of stuff and are just          CDs, teleconferences, personal coaching,
if you go along buy some expired domain          not making money online?                          more live seminars, that’s like 12 tennis
names, often these domain names have                                                               balls being thrown at you. There’s not a
back links, sometimes hundreds of back           BRETT: Buying courses, doesn’t make               chance you’ll be able to implement them
links, which means they can still get            successful, it just gives you extra               thoroughly. You have to dedicate yourself
ranked, even if there’s nothing there on         knowledge. It all comes down to                   to mastery. Implementing is really where
the website. These backlinks are brilliant       implementation. I often demonstrate this          it’s at.
for Google because as soon as you put a          on stage, I actually call somebody up on
webpage back underneath these domain             stage and I’ll have a tennis ball and ask         If you’re not making money and you’re
names, the web pages are instantly                                                                 implementing all these strategies,
getting ranked on Google and Yahoo, so                                                             there’s one of two things wrong, either
in a matter of days, you can start getting                                                         the strategy simply doesn’t work or you
traffic. That’s one method I use for getting                                                       haven’t implemented it properly- and
instant free traffic.                                                                              that’s where I find a lot of people messing
                                                                                                   up. It’s hard to get an average person
And here’s one little tip here. You have got                                                       go to a website, download the software
to start now offering fresh content on the                                                         they have just purchased and install that
site - that is the absolute principle of the                                                       software on their computer. That’s a three
Internet; you have to have fresh content.                                                          step process, and it’s extremely hard
Buy the domain name, put a page, start                                                             to have an average person to complete
adding content, particularly fresh content.                                                        all these steps. They don’t read all the
That is how you respect Google and Yahoo                                                           instructions, they think they know what
because that’s exactly what they’re                                                                they are doing and it complicates the
looking for.                                     them, “Can you catch a tennis ball?”, and         process. If the average person struggles
                                                 they will say, “Absolutely, I can!” then I will   with this downloading some software
The second question I ask is, “Can               tossed them the tennis ball on stage, and         to their computer, how can we possibly
I get people to stay?” I have contact            they catch it. But then I’ll say, “Hold on a      think they are not going to struggle when
with hundreds of really good Internet            second, let me do this. I have 12 tennis ball     they to go and implement a pretty cool
marketers but I don’t find many who              here in a jar,” and now I toss those all at       internet marketing strategy or a social
actually pay attention to getting focused        once at the person who agreed to catch            media strategy or a traffic strategy that
on getting them to stay on the site. They        the tennis ball, and they do their best to        usually has a lot more steps to it than
get so excited on how much traffic they          catch the 12 tennis balls. The most that          that and involves a bit more brainwork
can run and bring to the website. But how        anybody has caught is 4 out of the 12, it’s       than that.
can we get people to stay, if they don’t         because it’s an extremely hard thing to do.
stay, you basically have a lame duck, and                                                          You only have 2-4 weeks to actually
it’s not going to work long term. I have         What it really shows is the limit of our          take an action before you lose the
techniques where I can keep people on            brains. It’s physically not impossible to         whole momentum. In the first week, if
the website maybe 5 minutes, 10 minutes,         catch the 12 balls, if you were a super           something doesn’t work, you need to
15 minutes and in the end, they are still        genius, super quick it could be done. But         realize is it me, or is the strategy? You have
on it spending money. So the sales process       the point is our brain just can’t deal with       to be honest with yourself. If it’s you, get
can be another subject of a whole another        too many thingsat once.                           someone else to make it happen. If it’s not
interview. Now if you can’t answer those                                                           you, then you take it up with that person
two questions, then there’s no point in          What I’m trying to teach is to do things          who teaches you and get them to do
actually getting traffic to your site. You got   step by step, one at a time. If you’re            whatever they can to make sure that they
to be able to get them to stay, and when         going to buy a course, buy one course,            show you or you get your money back. So
they stay, have them take an action of           hold on to it, implement it then don’t            don’t sweat things, just get your money
some sort: either they give you their name       bother on the next course until you’ve            back or make it work.

NOVEMBER /DECEMBER 2011                                                                     INtERNEt MaRkEtINg Magazine                      7
GREG: I found at certain times you might       for you to find the niche and test the          ordinary job. Prepare to gamble, prepare
have everything in place, but if you don’t     niche, create a product, test the product,      to risk them, prepare yourself that it might
give it enough energy, then it’s not going     improve the product, that can be done,          just not work.
to get there. If you don’t give it enough      should be done and should give you a
focus, enough love and attention, what I       process to you will follow for the next 10      Here’s the last thing I want to say, that
call ‘Energy Units’ then it’s not going        years anyway. That is a good business.          the internet is the cheapest place to fail.
to work.                                       But if you’re actually getting started really   You cannot lose your house by starting an
                                               quickly and make money now, where               internet business. You can start a business
BRETT: …and it’s not a hobby Greg. It’s        can you go piggy back on somebody               for a few hundred bucks and that’s a
not a hobby. A business online is not a        else’s success where there’s already a          worthwhile investment. If you can devote
hobby, which means this has got to fit in.     market, already money being spent or            100% of your time to your business,
It has to fit in with the rest of your life,   already a trend?                                it works.
which probably have to do with your
family, children, maybe outside, maybe         For example, Facebook is a massive              GREG: How best can the Internet
do sport, maybe just do whatever, but it       trend right now; it is one of the number 1      Marketing Magazine community find you
has to have priority. And if doesn’t have      places on the Internet. Everybody seems         online and find out more info about your
priority then it is just a hobby to you and    to have their own Facebook account,             events?
don’t expect it to be a business in terms      if they don’t they at least have heard of
of results.                                    Facebook and know what it’s all about.          BRETT: They can simply go to BrettMcFall.
                                               So what can I do that could piggyback on        com. When they go there, there’s a free
GREG: That’s an important point                Facebook’s success? What tools do users         newsletter. Of course, if they don’t want to
you’re raising. It’s a business not            need that are currently not available?          sign up, there’s free information in there.
just a hobby. It has to have the same          What can I possibly do to make Facebook         Like reports that I’ve done, insights that
business fundamentals that apply in            easier, quicker or more profitable, more        I’ve done, interviews that I’ve done and
the offline world as well, as far as supply    resourceful, more whatever and I would          all the stuff that I’ve said, that in this place
and demand. I could really love green          do that.                                        they’re going to have for free. It’s all there
triangles and I’m going to do everything                                                       in the site. There’s also stuff you can learn
possible about promoting green                 Let me push the example even further,           from courses and programs, whatever that
triangles online but if you’re not really      that could mean you could just go and           suits you, it’s all there. You’re all welcome
interested in buying green triangles           interview 10 people who are experts in          to go there and just enjoy it and I wish you
or even reading about green triangles          Facebook. They’ve got more ‘likes’ than         all the best.
and no one else is, then it doesn’t really     anybody else, more friends than anybody
matter, does it?                               else, How do you get it? What did you do                                   EDITORS NOTE:
                                               then? How did you do this? Just interview                                  The full audio
BRETT: Agreed, great point. Here’s             them and just come up with a product                                       interview is now
another question to ask is, “Who is            which then you can sell to who wants                                       available for you
actually is offering green triangles and       to get online and have a business using                                    in the
how much time are they investing in the        Facebook. Suddenly you got a product                                       new members
business compared to you?” If it’s more        which knows a trend. You’re talking about                                  area. If you are
than you, then they’re going to kick           thousands of people who would love to                                      already a member
your butt.                                     have a product like that.                                                  you will have
                                                                                                                          been emailed a
GREG: If you had to start all over again       So for your average person, that’s what I                                  link to it.
is there anything that you would do            would do if I have to start all over again.
differently? How would you make a go           It’s one way, but it’s not the only way.
of it from scratch if you didn’t have a
reputation or big list?                        There are hundreds of ways to make
                                               money on the internet. So no matter who
BRETT: The rules now have completely           you are, if you want to start a business
changed from how I started. What I             or be good at business on the Internet,
would do these days, the smarter way to        you’ve got to be able to do have a gamble.
do things is not to try and reinvent the       You have to be able to gamble at some
wheel. What I mean to that is, we already      stage, but you need to calculate your
know that if you are starting today and        gambles. That’s the difference between
you wanted to start to make some money,        an entrepreneur and someone with an

NOVEMBER /DECEMBER 2011                                                                  INtERNEt MaRkEtINg Magazine                       8
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                                                   Facebook Marketing’ Today!

MARKETING!                                                     By John Dwyer, Principal of the Institute of Wow

If you’re reading this article, chances are
that the “Seinfeld headline” contributed to
you deciding to at least scan the story.

When asked to contribute to this issue
of the magazine, it was requested that
I provide my thoughts on “online wow
factor marketing”.

But the truth is that there is virtually
no difference in “wow factoring” one’s
online communications versus offline
communications – wow factor thinking
is an indisputable marketing game
changer, no matter what your channels of
communication are.

You’ll note I’ve decided to use the name
“Seinfeld” in the headline of this article.
                                               And in the age of “self-serve”, perhaps that     12 – meaning that McDonald’s made quite
Why? Because it has wow factor in spades!      was a reasonable USP   .                         a bit of money from me through their
                                                                                                Happy Meal wow factor product!
And because it’s relevant – as you will see.   However, Woolies quickly realised that
                                               they needed to do more than just this            I reckon I probably spent millions of
Let’s face it, any headline with the name      and subsequently developed what I call           dollars on Happy Meals over many years
Seinfeld is bound to attract more attention    “a magnetic wow factor”, in their case, 4        and yet couldn’t tell you what a Happy
than just about anything else – and the        cents per litre petrol discount when you         Meal actually costs!
purpose of me using such a title for this      spend $30 or more.
article is to demonstrate that business                                                         (I am prone to exaggeration, but trust me,
owners have to look for “the Seinfeld type     McDonalds developed their evergreen              we bought a lot of Happy Meals!)
wow” in all of their communications if         wow factor more than 20 years ago, with          Macca’s cleverly took our eye off the price
they want to rise above the clutter.           the introduction of its famous Happy             because of the free wow factor bonus of
                                               Meal product with the free toy!                  the Disney toy!
(I work with Jerry Seinfeld – but more
about that later.)                             And of course, Dominos dined out for             Just one Wow Factor Idea can
                                               many years on its wow factor offer of            revolutionise your sales overnight!
A USP (Unique Selling Proposition) is no       “pizzas delivered in 30 minutes or it’s free”.
longer sufficient.                                                                              One of my clients is the Greater Building
                                               Notice these wow factor offers are               Society, which operates in Australia in New
Once upon a time, Woolworths                   designed to take your eyes off the price?        South Wales and Southern Queensland.
Supermarkets distinguished themselves
from competitors by offering the bonus of      I have six children aged from 13 to 25 and       Whilst it is a $4.5 billion business, it is by
packing your bags for you.                     at one stage; we had six children under          no means a large bank when you compare

NOVEMBER /DECEMBER 2011                                                                  INtERNEt MaRkEtINg Magazine                   10
it to the likes of the Commonwealth,            back for more through devising a               and devised a plan to score one of the
Westpac or NAB financial institutions.          repetitive trade stimulus.                     biggest entertainers in the world for a
I’ve been providing wow factor marketing                                                       small Australian banking institution.
advice to this financial institution for over   So why did I pick Seinfeld as part of my
a decade and many years ago developed           headline? Because two years ago, I was         The rest, as they say, is history and Jerry
a home loan incentive, which catapulted         able to score none other than Jerry Seinfeld   signed on for a multi-year advertising deal
their loan portfolio to new heights.            as the spokesman for the Greater Building      – and the building society has laughed all
                                                Society, the client I previously mentioned     the way to the bank!
The marketing concept was “Get A Home           in relation to the Free Holiday offer.
Loan and Get A Free Holiday”.                                                                  (Excuse the pun!)
Yep, that simple!
                                                                                                                    Now this wasn’t a
The society was using                                                                                               free holiday, petrol
a “1% Honeymoon                                                                                                     discount or buy 2
Discount for the first 12                                                                                           and get 1 free offer.
months” as its acquisition
scheme previously and I                                                                                             This was a wow
recommended they cease                                                                                              factor of a totally
doing that and use the                                                                                              different dimension,
same investment to provide                                                                                          one which attracted
consumers with an instant                                                                                           massive attention
wow factor gratification of a                                                                                       and maintained that
“Free Holiday”.                                                                                                     magnetic appeal
Their home loans doubled                                                                                            every single day.
almost instantly and for 9
years, they were the only                                                                                           And how did
financial institution in the                                                                                        we exploit this
world never to advertise                                                                                            online? Easy. When
an interest rate with their                                                                                         the advertising
home loans.                                                                                                         campaign launched
                                                                                                                    in July 2009, I
Can you believe that? Never did they            Yes, the real Jerry Seinfeld. The society      organised a YouTube video that featured
advertise a price for 9 long years!             wanted to lift its brand persona and brand     the “behind the scenes” secrets of our
How would you like to be in the position        awareness and gave me the challenge to         New York television commercial shoot.
of doing that?                                  do so.
                                                When I asked if they wanted wild or mild,      Let’s face it, everyone wants to see
So where does the Seinfeld part come in?        fortunately those choose wild!                 “behind the scenes”, particularly when
                                                                                               it involves a
Now if you have read this far, I’m guessing     (I think they knew that I didn’t do “mild”     big celebrity.
that my “wow factor Seinfeld headline”          very well – ha!)
pretty much did its job.                                                                       A huge publicity campaign was launched,
                                                I won’t bore you with the details, but         heralding the return of Jerry Seinfeld to
It attracted your attention and hopefully       I proposed the wow of all wows to the          the small screen.
my content thereafter has kept you from         building society’s management, namely
straying to another article.                    to use a big celebrity spokesperson such       Press Releases were distributed to both
And that’s what you should do when              asJerry Seinfeld.                              offline and online media, with the result
designing some form of wow factor idea                                                         being massive coverage throughout
for your product or services.                   After they had fallen around the floor         Australia and overseas.
                                                laughing and sharing exclamations such         An independent assessment of the offline
Hook them with the “Elvis Found                 as “JD, you’re kidding yourself ” or “JD,      exposure in the first 3 days of the launch
headline” and then keep them coming             you’re dreaming!” – I jumped on my bike        was $2.5 million worth of free publicity.

NOVEMBER /DECEMBER 2011                                                                  INtERNEt MaRkEtINg Magazine                11
The YouTube “behind the scenes” footage         whether than person be a chiropractor,         I always cringe when I visit a business
became the 24th most watched YouTube            lawyer, accountant, surveyor, landscaper       website and see a lack of “wow” on the
video that week in Australia.                   or hairdresser.                                Home Page before the fold.

News of the marketing coup went viral –         So if you believe you’re the best in           Your Home Page (particularly before the
like crazy!                                     town at what you do, make sure this            fold) is as important to you as the front
                                                is communicated through all of your            page of the Woman’s Weekly is to
The Greater Building Society went from          marketing efforts by positioning yourself      its publisher.
having around 100 Google results to over        as “the expert”.
5 million during just the first week of the                                                    So don’t waste it. Make sure you have a
campaign, courtesy of its brand name            And what do experts do? They giveaway          compelling wow factor offer, together
being associated with Jerry Seinfeld!           lots of free stuff!                            with a Free Report, which provides
                                                                                               extraordinary value to your prospects.
Before I knew it, I was fielding journalists’   Think of the likes of Steve Irwin, Don
interview requests from the UK, the US          Burke, Gordon Ramsay and the various           I won’t go on about backlinks, Ezine
and Japan!                                      MasterChef personalities – they all            articles, Facebook and Google Adwords
                                                giveaway free advice and free reports!         advertising here, as I’m sure this has been
Two years later and the Jerry Seinfeld                                                         covered by dozens of other contributors
campaign with the Greater continues to          And the great thing is that such giveaways     to this magazine. However, may I say that
go gangbusters, all because of “wow factor      can cost you virtually nothing these days,     it is immeasurably easier to gain results
thinking” when it came to marketing.            as you can provide free downloads of           from all of these traffic stimulus channels
                                                reports or videos from your website or a       if you have a “wow factor offer” for your
The Greater went from being reasonably          Landing Page.                                  products or services.
well known in one state of Australia,
namely New South Wales – to a household         So for example, let’s say you’re a pest        We are all attracted to attractive things,
name virtually overnight.                       control business. Why not give a “wow” to      hence it should be no surprise that petrol
                                                your website visitors by giving them a Free    discounts at the supermarkets capture our
Would this have happened if the Greater         Report titled “The 7 vital things your pest    attention as well as Macca’s free toys with
decided to drastically reduce its home          control operator needs to do when spraying     their children’s meals.
loan interest rate for a short while?           your home for bugs and white ants!”
                                                                                               Just recently I was able to instantly triple
No way. And that’s why if you own a             Or if you’re a car dealer, why not give a      sales for one of my clients whose target
business, you need to tap into “wow factor      “wow” via a free report on “The 5 scary        audience was landscapers.
thinking” rather than price discounting.        mistakes that most people make when
                                                buying a car – and most car dealers don’t      How? We simply offered the landscapers
And preferably “wow factor thinking” that       want you to know about!”                       a free carton of Crown Lager Premium
has both short and long-term benefits                                                          Beer as a bonus for a certain
for you.                                        By providing such free advice, you are         spending requirement.
                                                creating an image of being the “go-to guy”
(ie: Instant sales with an ongoing              whenever someone has a problem in your         And surprise, surprise – landscapers came
repetitive sales stimulus.)                     area of expertise.                             out of the woodwork to snap-up the
                                                                                               offer and leave my client scrambling for
Be the “expert” both online and offline!        I call this technique “magnetic wow            more stock!
                                                factor marketing”, because you become a
Another hugely powerful “wow factor” for        magnet to prospects.                           (A nice problem to have mind you!)
business owners is to be seen as is “the
expert in your industry”. And this expertise    Whether you’re a lawyer, personal trainer,     We simply emailed a Landing Page Link
needs to be demonstrated both online            florist or car mechanic - position yourself    to our landscaping prospects, inviting
and offline. Let’s face it, we all want to      as the expert and watch new clients            them to click through to watch a video
deal with the person who is seen to be          gravitate to you. It’s a “wow” that keeps on   presented by an attractive young lady,
the foremost exponent of their industry,        delivering returns to you.                     explaining the Free Beer Giveaway.

NOVEMBER /DECEMBER 2011                                                                  INtERNEt MaRkEtINg Magazine                 12
Within hours of launching the                client asked about the price! That’s what “wow factor marketing” does – it takes the eyes
e-marketing campaign, my client’s phone      off the price and onto the bonus!
was ringing off the hook with some clients
ordering 10 and 20 units of the product,     All the best with marketing your business. Just remember that if your offer doesn’t have
in order to enjoy 20 or 30 free cartons of   “wow”, take a deep breath and start all over again!
Crown Lager! And guess what? Not one

                                             John Dwyer is Owner and Principal of The Institute Of Wow and can be contacted at

                                             The Institute of Wow provides Coaching Programs to business owners who want to
                                             distinguish their products and services from competitors in a dramatic, unique and
                                             effective way.

NOVEMBER /DECEMBER 2011                                                              INtERNEt MaRkEtINg Magazine               13
By John Fancher

One of Dan Kennedy’s golden rules of           hyper-responsive 20%, 4% and 0.8%, you won’t maximize the revenue you could be
marketing is “The money is in the list”.       pulling from them.
The money is not in innovation. It’s not in
products. It’s not in services.                So, what’s the profitable middle ground?

The money is in the relationship you have      Put Your Readers Through “The Maze” to Maximize Revenue
with your list. No list = no money.
                                               Build auto-responder sequences that automatically identify your more responsive
So, every internet marketer worth his          readers. Once those readers have been identified, you send them more frequent, more
salt knows the importance of building          direct, more intimate messages...while leaving the non-responsive ones alone.
an email list of prospects, followers
and buyers.                                    The result? The readers on your list who like you, relate to you and want to buy from
                                               you get more from you. The glassy-eyed, bored, tire kickers don’t.
But then what? Well, most of us treat
everybody on the list the same. We send        What else happens? By speaking more directly and frequently and intimately with your
the same messages out to the whole list        best prospects, you are able to create higher-ticket offers (products, services, coaching
as if everyone on the list had the same        programs, etc.) that pull more revenue from your list.
degree of interest and responsiveness to
our offering.                                  A Peak Inside a Perry Marshall Maze

                                               Perry offers an email series called “9 Lies of Sales & Marketing”. That series sends out 9
  BIG MISTAKE.                                 messages in 9 days. Then it tapers off to maybe one message every 2 weeks, then once a
                                               month and so on.
Because the 80/20 Principle tells us that
20% of your list will be responsible for       But within that series, Perry describes how writing white papers and free reports can
80% of your revenue. And (if the list is big   help you generate leads. So, shortly after the 9 messages are completed, Perry offers
enough and your offers are appropriately       them another email series on “How to Write a White Paper”.
priced), 0.8% of your list will be
responsible for 51% of your revenue!           Readers who click the link for the white paper series are then sent several daily
Less than 1% of your list will give you        messages on that topic. And that series offers “gateways” into other series. If they don’t
HALF of your revenue!                          click on those gateways, the frequency of the messages decreases.

So, if you’re talking to everyone on your      What’s happening here? Readers are deciding whether they want to hear more from
list in the same way, that’s a big mistake.    Perry or not. Those that decide they want more are getting more frequent, more direct
                                               and more intimate communication from Perry.
Why Speaking to the “Average” is
Marketing Suicide                              But something far more crucial is occurring.

First, a big chunk of your list will never     Perry is learning who his best buyers are....and they are telling him what they want him
buy anything. If you send them frequent,       to sell!
direct messages, they’ll get turned off and
click “spam”.                                  When Perry first offered the white paper course he wasn’t sure how many people on the
                                               list would respond to it. What if only a handful of people had responded? Well, he would
Second, if you don’t communicate               have sent them a few email messages and that would be that.
frequently and directly enough with your

NOVEMBER /DECEMBER 2011                                                                 INtERNEt MaRkEtINg Magazine                14
But instead, many people opted in for that white paper series.                        John Fancher lives in the Chicago area and
So, Perry knew “I need to create a white paper product.” So                           works as a copywriter, songwriter, band
he did - Two in fact. That’s revenue that he never would have                         leader and Perry Marshall’s right hand man
known about had he not constructed a maze that allowed him                            for their Autoresponder Bootcamp program.
to identify his hyper-responsive readers, segment them into                           John has sold everything from insurance
separate lists and speak to them in an entirely different way                         and copy machines door-to-door and is the
that he speaks to everyone else on his list.                                          author of “99 Questions to Jumpstart Your AR
                                                                                      Brain” which you can download for
Cheap market research. Found money.                                                   free, here.

But John, Isn’t This Complex to Set Up and Execute?                                   Perry Marshall and John Fancher guarantee
                                                                   to increase your conversions by 30% in 90 days using the power of
With email programs like Infusionsoft it couldn’t be simpler.      an Autoresponder Maze. You can contact John directly at john@
All it requires is placing a link within the email message. When
they click the link they are automatically added to the other
sequence. No landing page required. It’s a one step process!

So, when constructing your email sequences, be sure to include
“gateways” or calls-to action that allow your readers to raise
their hand and say “I’m different! I want more of you!”

There is no higher-leverage activity you can engage in as
an entrepreneur.

NOVEMBER /DECEMBER 2011                                                            INtERNEt MaRkEtINg Magazine               15
   7.  Always provide an affiliate program for any product or
       service you sell online. Without affiliates and JV
       (higher paid affiliates), I wouldn’t be where I am today.

                                                             ”      We care
                                                                   your roI
                                                  Building Websites that Capture Leads & Sell!

                                                         Providing ‘Done For You’ Targeted Traffic
                                                                     Solutions with Every Website
   Internet Marketing
   Done For You
        * Need a new website built… a website that sells?
        * Need more traffic… from multiple traffic sources?
        * Want cost effective leads?
        * Need Facebook Marketing?
        * Need Pro Google Adwords Campaign Design and Management?
        * Want a Marketing Funnel designed like the millionaire marketers?

        ‘Internet Marketing Done For You’ is the direct response marketing agency which is the
        secret weapon of many of the biggest marketers online

        Speak to the team at today

   aDVERtISEMENt                                                         INtERNEt MaRkEtINg Magazine   16
Curiosity May Have Killed the Cat but It’s Also an Often Overlooked Key to Sales Success...
How to Write Bullets Which Teases Your Prospects and Leads them to the Sale

Here’s a secret to selling, which is often     Here are Some of Mel’s classics...
overlooked, but if you master it, it could     •	 What	never...	ever to eat on an airplane
pay handsome dividends.                        •	 Where	to	hide	valuables	in	a	hotel	room
                                               •	 How	to	buy	a	house	with	no	down	payment
No, it’s not about inventing a                 •	 Sexual	side	effects	–	good	and	bad	–	of	everyday	medicines
better mousetrap.                              •	 The	smartest	time	to	file	a	tax	return	if	you	want	to	avoid	an	audit
                                               •	 Two	famous	cold	remedies	that	can	make	you	sicker	if	taken	together
Of course you have to have a good
product or service but as you know this        See... don’t you just want the “answers” to each of these? Don’t they get you thinking?
isn’t enough.
                                               GOOD NEWS: there is a formula Mel used to become so good and help Boardroom sell
Nor is it enough to be able to convey the      so many books.
features and benefits of your product.
It takes more, especially considering          What he did was combine two aspects of direct response marketing (get their
the increasingly savvy and even cynical        attention and build desire through curiosity) and add a third ingredient... instant
outlook present in some markets.               gratification.

So what do you need to do?                     To sum up, here’s the formula: specific benefit of product + instant gratification it gives
                                               your prospect + intense curiosity.
Tease your way to the sale... make them
curious... get them hot for what you got.      Go back and re-read Mel’s fascinations above and look for the formula.

Always remember, people buy based on           Note the success or failure of bullets is really determined by how specific you are about
emotion not logic. So it follows you should    the benefit AND the emotional words you use.
be doing everything to infuse your copy
with emotion, doesn’t it?                      To help, here’s a rundown of 5 main bullet types:

Here’s how: fascinate them!                    The “How to” bullet

And the way to do this is by writing           Always remember, humans are curious beings and we all want to know “how to” do
“killer” bullets. No, not ordinary or boring   things we can’t; probably why there is something like 7,000 book titles which begin with
bullets... but carefully constructed, well     How to...
thought-out bullets.
Quick marketing history lesson: back in        •	   How	to	lose	5	kilos	in	7	days	without	sweating	it	out	in	the	gym	or	starving	yourself
the 70s a gun copywriter by the name of             on rabbit food!
Mel Martin helped propel Boardroom             •	   How	to	find	the	best	insurance	policy	to	protect	you	and	your	family	
Books to a $100 million a year company.
Mel’s particular genius was what he            The Warning Bullet
termed “fascinations”, better known today
as bullets.                                    Great for grabbing attention and pushing the fear button! Can be a very powerful way
                                               of getting an important point noticed and getting people to take action. I like to put the
So powerful were Mel’s “fascinations” some     word warning in capitals for added impact.
ads were almost entirely made up of bullets.

NOVEMBER /DECEMBER 2011                                                                 INtERNEt MaRkEtINg Magazine                   17
     Eg                                          •	   All	bullets	are	basically	the	same,	right?	WRONG!	Discover	the	proven	formula	for
•	   WARNING:	What	you	must	never	eat                 writing bullets which virtually guarantees increased conversions
     if you want to lose weight!
•	   WARNING:	Errors	almost	97%	of               Strongly recommend you practise writing bullets because when done well they really
     dieters make and what you can do to         can make a huge difference to your success. Start with Mel Martin’s formula and then
     avoid them NOW                              apply to the bullet types listed above.
                                                 Last thing... cosmetics rules. Here are the rules I generally follow because they have
The Why Bullet                                   proven to be most successful:

A very powerful way to get them curious...       •	   No	full	stops	at	end	of	bullets	(full	stop	signifies	an	end...	you	want	them	to
After all we all want to know why                     keep reading)
something is the way it is!                      •	   Use	bold, underlines, BLOCK CAPITALS, italics, different fonts to make it
                                                      interesting (but don’t overdo it!)
     Eg:                                         •	   The	little	black	dot	is	usually	most	effective	but	by	all	means	test	other	types
•	   Why	you	should	ignore	the	advice                 of bullets
     given by 99% of diet “gurus” and            •	   Begin	each	new	bullet	with	a	capital	letter
     follow this all-natural method for
     losing weight and keeping it off            Good luck and happy bulleting!
•	   Why	renovating	and	upselling	is	up	to
     9 times more profitable than building                              Steve Plummer
     and renting                                                        Copywriter and Marketing Strategist

The Secret Bullet                                                       Steve Plummer is one of Australia’s highest paid and in-demand
                                                                        copywriters and is the personal copywriter for Australia’s
Everyone loves a secret... We’ve been                                   “Millionaire Maker” Mal Emery. Steve’s marketing and writing
brought up on them (remember the                                        savvy have resulted in hundreds of thousands of dollars in
“Chinese Whispers” game for example?).                                  extra sales for many happy clients. Follow Steve’s blog at
What we love even more is finding                             
out the contents of the secret and
getting something new we didn’t know
about! Holding secrets is also good for
positioning you as the expert because it
gives you “power” and makes others want
what you have. Eg:

•	   The	SECRET	to	negotiating	deals
     real estate agents never reveal... You’ll
     be kicking yourself when you see how
     they do it!
•	   5	Secret	Strategies	Revealed	for
     adding value to your home with
     minimal upfront costs

The Right/Wrong Bullet

Good credibility builder again because it
clears up common misconceptions. Eg:

•	   All	diets	must	be	supplemented	by
     exercise, right? WRONG! Now you can
     lose weight without sweating it out in
     the gym all day!

NOVEMBER /DECEMBER 2011                                                                   INtERNEt MaRkEtINg Magazine                    18
CROONER REVIEW by David Jenyns
                                               accounts for those sites. You can schedule your article posting so your links will be
                                               drip fed for up to twelve months from submission for a natural link building pattern.

                                               For every article you publish you get hundreds of backlinks. Once you submit your
                                               article to Content Crooner, it is published in as short a time as two days. As new sites are
                                               added to the network, previously published articles will automatically get distributed to
                                               these new sites.

                                               Every article is reviewed by the computer and by a live reviewer. If they find any issues
                                               that might prevent the article getting published, they get in touch with you and help
                                               you resolve the issue. This ensures the quality of all articles and increases posting rate.
Content Crooner is one of the services we
use to distribute our articles. Read below     You can submit as many articles as you like, there is no limit. You simply pay a monthly
to find out why this is part of our            membership fee and this covers everything.
SEO Method.
                                               You are also able to monitor your campaign’s results with their article distribution
Are you looking for an easy way to get         and exposure reports. Trying to track hundreds or thousands of articles would be
plenty of backlinks to multiple sites to       almost impossible, but Content Crooner does this automatically for you in one central
increase your exposure and rankings? If        interface. This allows you to easily track your articles in the major search engines so you
so, Content Crooner may be the answer          can further boost the articles that are ranking well and uncover easy to rank for long tail
for you.                                       keywords.

Content Crooner is an article distribution     To get started and to try out the service, you could test it on a few of your sites and see
service that boasts having the most            if your rankings are positively affected. If you are disappointed with the results, they do
comprehensive article distribution             offer a thirty day money back guarantee.
list around. Their automatic article
distribution gives you wide distribution,      We have used Content Crooner to great effect here at Melbourne SEO Services and have
many links and more traffic than you ever      been pleasantly surprised with the boost in rankings we have been able to achieve,
had before.                                    especially for low to medium competition long tail keywords. Some of our articles have
                                               sticking power and have been at the top of the search engines for over a year. Give this
Your article will be distributed, amongst      service a try and find out the many benefits for yourself.
other places, to Google, Bing, GoArticles,
Ezine Articles and will even be linked to
social media like Facebook and Twitter.                                                      David Jenyns (
This service is a way to bypass the                                                          has many stories to share, from selling the
tedium of manual article submissions                                                         Melbourne Cricket Ground for $24.95 to
forever. They even provide personalized                                                      setting up a chain of punk rock clothing
coaching and advice from their free article                                                  franchise stores, he is more than just another
review process.                                                                              Internet Marketer – he’s a business builder.
                                                                                             Most recently, David has started the almost
All you have to do is write a unique article                                                 overnight success, Melbourne SEO Services –
and submit it into the system and Content                                                    one of Australia’s leading online marketing
Crooner will take care of the rest for you.                                                  companies. Now he’s looking to help you,
They will post the article to hundreds of                                                    small and medium sized business owners,
sites and article directories without you      grow to the next level. Discover how he can help you:
having to even worry about setting up

NOVEMBER /DECEMBER 2011                                                                 INtERNEt MaRkEtINg Magazine                  19
NOVEMBER /DECEMBER 2011   INtERNEt MaRkEtINg Magazine   20
An Interview with Mike Koenigs by Andres Quijano

Because of how it engages, persuades          customers in video content have shifted      and with only a few minutes of your
and motivates like no other marketing         many businesses’ approach in ensuring        time. Many have found the service to
tool, Video Marketing is and will             their brand visibility and getting quicker   be very convenient and effective in
continue to be one of the most effective      product promotion results.                   SEO campaigns and in promoting their
ways to achieve your business goals.                                                       businesses online. Mike, can you tell us a
With websites like YouTube and MetaCafe       Andres Quijano of ANQ Solutions              bit about your story and how you got to
increasingly becoming popular among           interviews Mike Koenigs of Traffic Geyser    be where you are today?
web users for searching video content,        and talks about their experiences with
such is seen as a golden opportunity          video marketing and why they would           MIKE: I started programming when
by web marketers and online business          recommend it to businesses, regardless its   I was about 14 years old. My goal in
promotion experts. Today, it is among the     size and nature.                             life then was to race, and write video
most popular medium utilized to promote                                                    games. But life change after I watched a
products and services, generate traffic and   ANDRES: Mike Koenigs has been in             friend of mine built his record company,
leads and eventually make a sale.             the video industry for over 30 years. He     creating products and selling them with
                                              created Traffic Geyser: a service that       distribution. I saw him built a pretty
The immense popularity of video               allows you to broadcast your videos to       amazing company that was worth
marketing and the growing interest of         multiple sites with no expertise required    millions of dollars in a short period of

NOVEMBER /DECEMBER 2011                                                                INtERNEt MaRkEtINg Magazine             21
time. Another friend of mine, also started    support. And ultimately if you help your      want to buy your product? What must
producing music and artwork and selling       customer help themselves by teaching          your video have for you to be able to
them online, and he built himself about a     them, train them effectively - that’s going   actually convert them into sales?
half-a-million dollar business just working   to ultimately benefit your business.
out of his house. So I really saw the power                                                 MIKE: What I’m going to do is I’m going
of online.                                    ANDRES: Mike, from your personal              basically to tell you the formula. I’ll use
                                              opinion, being in the video industry for      product ‘Traffic Geyser’ in the example.
That’s when I got introduced to the idea      a very long time, what makes a video so
of creating a software service, and so        effective over other forms of marketing?      So the first thing you want to do in every
came Traffic Geyser and later on Instant                                                    video is open up hope (1st step). Every
Customer; and also creating information       MIKE: The best way to sell a product is       small business seller around wants to
products - the first which was ‘Infomercial   by painting a picture and creating a story    import traffic and they need to get more
Tool Kit’. The second one was called          with pictures and audio and being able to     leads. If you can make a simple video and
‘Everything you should know’. But since       connect and involve someone and be able       press a button and distribute it all over
then, my company has been able                to demonstrate that the thing actually        the internet and be able to get top Google
to produce several multi-million              produces results.                             rankings and get to all the search engines,
dollar launches.                                                                            all the social media and all networks in
                                                                                                  just a click of a button, how do you
ANDRES: Some business owners                                                                      want that? Of course there isn’t a
believe that the Internet might not                                                               business owner around that doesn’t
be for them. Do you think that is the                                                             want more traffic and show up in the
case? Is there actually an industry                                                               search engines – so that’s number
that cannot take advantage of this                                                                one – it’s the hope.
huge Tool that is the Internet?
                                                                                                Now, the next (2nd) thing is what
MIKE: One of my great mentors is                                                                we call the inspiration phase.
Gary Halbert. He said, “Every single                                                            So what you want to do is inspire
problem in the business world can                                                               someone to pay attention, to listen
be solved with a sales letter.” And                                                             and desire that ultimate thing. The
I often now say that every single                                                               inspiration phase usually comes
problem can be solved with a video                                                              from demonstrating the product and
- whether it’s a sales video or a training    So when you see a television infomercial      showing the results.
video. There are many ways you could be       for example the Blue Block sunglasses
educating your prospects, your customers      commercial which is famous even to this       The next (3rd) phase is the motivation.
and your users using videos.                  day, basically what they did is they went     So what I’m going to do with you right
                                              out in Venice Beach in CA and started         now is I’m going to show you how it works
I believe that every problem can be solved    handing out sunglasses to people and          and I’m going to show you how you can
with a story, ideally told with a video. So   they put them on and the first thing they     try the system out for as little as a dollar
to put that in general practice, I would      say is ‘wow - I can’t believe how great       and see what kind of results we can get for
argue that every single business needs to     everything looks’ – because they were         you. So beyond that there is no contract,
be online. Also, every business should be     polarized sunglasses, and this is some        you can leave at any time, you’ve got no
able to prepare and educate a customer        of the first glasses of their kind and it     worries here. And what’s even better is
to either use or consume your product or      blocked out of the blue which basically       you’re going to see people just like you
help themselves as they have challenges       caused the eyes to see a lot more contrast.   use the system and get results and they
or support questions.                         Everything looked more vivid and sharp.       get free videos video marketing training.
                                              But what they’re doing is capturing the       I’ll show you how to sell a video; I’ll show
What video allows you is to educate a         reaction shot of a person and you can just    you how you can set up your own little
prospect so they’re ready to become a         tell it wasn’t a setup - it wasn’t fake.      video studio for as little as $200 to shoot
customer and you can shorten the sale                                                       and edit videos that would be broadcast
cycle, you can decrease your cost in          ANDRES: What is the secret on your            online and get you qualified traffic. Ok?
delivery and marketing and training and       videos that actually will make people         So the whole idea is I’m motivating you to

NOVEMBER /DECEMBER 2011                                                                INtERNEt MaRkEtINg Magazine                22
take some action. And ultimately click the   videos that I put together that actually        something that is too well produced. If it
button below and try out the system.         went viral a little bit - is a created a free   looks like the speakers are actors, people
                                             course on how to speed read and it’s at the     aren’t going to trust it.
Ideally what you’re going to do              domain
next is you’re going to show some            for example. So I made this video – it got      There are some basic principles, which
transformation (4th step). So you’re         picked up and people started distributing       you want to adhere to - have good audio
going to show physical proof that there      it and it’s literally a half-hour free course   and decent lighting – so people can
are people just like you who have seen       on how to speed read, and there is a book,      actually see what’s going on. The big but
results. These are before and after shots.   an eBook as well. Now I could have sold it      is you’re better off just being authentic
Sometimes you’ll show a screenshot of        – but instead I gave it away. Why? Because      and real –they’re really going to respond
traffic that a website got from basically    it generates leads and it generates             to someone who is just like an ordinary
no traffic to seeing maybe showing a         visibility that introduces people to me and     person – just like them. Ordinary people
thousand visitors a day. Now if you’re       they are like ‘Hey this guy likes to teach      will outsell actors. They are also going to
selling your own products or service…        and give this stuff away - What else might      respond to something that looks real.
what you’re going to do is show a before     he have?’
and after. Show someone using your                                                           ANDRES: What are the practical things
product and getting results.                 So the other thing you’ll do is create short    to observe when shooting a video?
                                             educational videos and training videos. I
Now this fifth step, which is really,        created videos on how to market online          MIKE: Never shoot video where there
really important here is what we call        only to give them away and those in turn        is light behind you because you’ll just
the transcendence (5th). And what            drive more people to my businesses              look like a silhouette. The second thing
ideally happens in every business is         that signed up and eventually buy our           you should have for every shoot is use
where you get customers who actually         products and services. So the key is            an external microphone. When shooting
become your ambassadors - and start          instead of focusing on how to make a viral      videos, oftentimes they pick up outside
sharing the results that they’ve got that    video that will be seen a hundred million       noise interference and people will notice
actually generating more customers           of times - that’s an accident. Focus on         that you have bad sound – they’ll think
and more clients for you. They’re just       making hundreds of thousands of videos          your video is bad. If you have a good
there spreading the word – basically         and one of them gets picked up.                 sound, even with a cheap camera,
your business goes viral. They actually                                                      they’ll think it’s a good video. Audio
actively engaged in teaching, training or    ANDRES: As not everyone has the skills          makes a huge difference in the perception
promoting and marketing your product.        to shoot really professional videos or own      of quality.
That’s what every business wants.            highly technical recording equipment,
                                             video marketing might come across as an         Back lighting is the other one. Never
ANDRES: Some videos get passed around        expensive and tedious approach to begin         shoot with someone against the window.
quickly in social media and from one         with. Not really. When done correctly, no       Always have the video on the subject and
person to the other because it catches a     matter how amateur and inexpensive              you’ll be your back would be facing the
huge amount of interest to viewers, who      these videos are, it can help you drive         light. There are many other tools that will
in turn, want their friends to experience    tons of traffic to your pages and convert       help one, even with little experience with
the same entertainment from it. Thus,        these visits into sales. What do you think      video marketing, to be able to come up
a video goes viral. Is there a rule of the   it takes to come up with good videos, or        with a successful campaign and get the
thumb when it comes to determining           what is a good video?                           results he want.
which videos might click to the viewers
or which will not?                           MIKE: You can make a really, really nice        ANDRES: Can you tell us about
                                             professional video with an iPhone or a, a foundation
MIKE: I’ve seen very, very few people        $200 webcam or whatever it is. And what         you and your family, along with your
have ever been able to purposely create      people are going to react to or respond         company have been supporting?
a viral video. Unfortunately if something    to is human interest - they’re going to
goes viral like it’s hundreds of millions    respond to a story. They’re going to love       MIKE: Our business’ vision or goal is
of views are usually funny, or they’re       to see the before and after. They want to       to create a million entrepreneurs. My
accidents, or it’s a musician or some form   know what kind of results they will get         business partner and I do truly believe
of entertainment. One of my very popular     and in fact, people are less likely to trust    that the fastest way to help the economy

NOVEMBER /DECEMBER 2011                                                                INtERNEt MaRkEtINg Magazine                 23
(world economy or local economy) is in every country is to help create entrepreneurs and marketers and sellers and
also create jobs. My child, who has been working in Africa for the past 5 years, has raised over 2 million dollars now for
the foundation since it began. And my wife, she has built schools, right now 6 schools that have been constructed, 4
hospitals with an operating room and at the same time sending young boys and young girls to school to be educated.
People in this community of 600 thousand get AIDS treatments, malaria treatments and dental care.

Everyone is being treated to a sustainable business, to a sustainable way to take care of themselves. The whole idea
is it’s a holistic treatment, a holistic program. So with our business Traffic Geyser and Instant Customer, we donate a
significant amount of money to the cause, to the foundation every year.

                               Mike Koenigs is best known as the guy who created the Web 2.0 syndication service,
                               Traffic Geyser that distributes over a million videos per week and generates top ranking,
                               web traffic and leads in minutes by sending video content to over 70 video sites, social
                               bookmarking, social media, blog and podcasting directories. He’s credited for making
                               “Infomercial Toolkit” and inventing the “Internet Infomercial” for marketing and selling
                               products or services with video on the web. Meet Mike and visit Digital Café at

                               Andres Quijano is CEO and web developer of ANQ Solutions dedicated to providing
                               competitive rates for quality online solutions to businesses across Australia. To know
                               more, visit ANQ Solutions website at

NOVEMBER /DECEMBER 2011                                                                INtERNEt MaRkEtINg Magazine           24
By Janet Beckers

You’ve probably heard the phrase “The            This is where quality beats quantity every    who join your mailing list after seeing
money’s in the list”, even read it in this       time. A small list created by attracting      your present on stage (this can be
issue of Internet Marketing Magazine. But        subscribers from a high quality source        a small local business group or
how much money and how big does the              will out-perform a larger list sourced from   a large multi-speaker event) will
list need to be? To find the answer to this      less effective methods. So in this case       be subscribed to your email list and
question, I interviewed some of the most         “Size really DOESN”T matter”. So let’s look   be added to your Internet Marketing
successful business people in the world          at the list                                   strategies. Without fail, people who
and grilled them on how much money                                                             have seen you present have greater
they make from their lists, what size your                                                     trust in you and a better
list needs to be and what list building                                                        understanding of the solutions you
methods get the best results.                                                                  provide. They will usually become
                                                                                                 your best customers.
The people I interviewed had very
different businesses and styles. Some                                                                2. Being Interviewed on a
were known for their rapid list building                                                              Teleseminar: I love this method
techniques while others were known                                                                    and every person I interviewed
for creating smaller targeted lists with                                                              mentioned this as a powerful
high conversion rates. Some built                                                                     list building technique. You are
their lists using mainly “offline”                                                                    seen as the expert because you
methods, others used paid                                                                            are being interviewed, you are
advertising and others used                                                                         endorsed by the interviewer who
social media. Despite their                                                                       has invited their own subscribers to
differences, every one of them                                                                 listen to the interview and you have
agreed on 2 things:                                                                                 often a whole hour to develop
                                                                                                        trust and respect from the
1.   You can only make                                                                                   listeners. This has all the
     impressive money from                                                                              benefits of presenting to a
     your list if you have                                                                           group in person except you don’t
     created a strong suite of                                                                   have to dress up, travel and pay
     products and services                                                                         for accommodation.
     with increasing price
     points. This is sometimes                                                                        3. Referrals from other list
     called “the Backend”, or “Ascension                                                            owners: People who are referred to
     Model”. In other words, you are not         building methods that attract the highest      you by someone they already trust
     going to get rich by selling a $20          quality subscribers to your list. By high      and respect will transfer some of
     eBook if all you have to offer your         quality, I mean people who are much            the trust and respect to you.
     customers is that book. However, you        more likely to join your list in the first     This means they are much more
     will get rich if you can offer the buyers   place and then far more likely to purchase     likely to buy from you (and join your
     of your $20 book other products that        the products and services you have to          list in the first place) because they
     solve their problems, ranging from          offer. So let’s look at the top 4.             figure you must be great as someone
     $20 to $500 to $2000 to $20,000 and                                                        they trust said they endorse you.
     beyond. The other thing they all            1.   Presenting in person to a group:          The lesson from this? Spend a lot of
     agreed on was:                                   OK I know what you’re thinking.           your time nurturing relationships
                                                      This is a magazine about Internet         with potential Joint Venture Partners.
2.   Not all traffic (places you find your            Business so why am I recommending         They will help you grow your
     ideal customer) are created equal.               a method that is the exact opposite       business faster than you can ever do
                                                      to hiding behind your computer            on your own.
Not All Traffic is Created Equal                      screen? That’s because the people

NOVEMBER /DECEMBER 2011                                                                  INtERNEt MaRkEtINg Magazine            25
                   4. Social Media: Surprised? A high quality list is created from people who trust you. Social media,
                   especially Facebook, Linked In and Google + that allow people to have extended dialogue with you
                   (or at least read your dialogue with others) allows people to quickly judge if you are trust-worthy and
                   know your stuff. Using social media effectively to grow your list is not an area you can afford to ignore.
                   Done correctly, you will have an excellent and long-term return on your investment.

                   This is just 4 of dozens of different methods you can use to build your subscriber list to grow your
                   business. I cover a lot more of these in the interviews I am gifting you plus some very clever strategies
                   to increase the loyalty of your new subscribers (loyalty = profit by the way). If you try and use every list
                   building method at once you will spread yourself too thin and get poor results so choose 4 methods at
                   first; master them and then add more to your repertoire. If you focus on the 4 listed above you will be
                   well on your way to creating a large and responsive list that will be the foundation of your business.
                   Good luck and let me know how you go. I’d love to share the story of your action and success with my
                   community too.

                   Janet Beckers, a.k.a.”The Wonderful Web Woman” is the founder of a successful and dynamic online
                   community. She is an international speaker, best-selling author and mentor and has helped &
                   inspired thousands to create their own success on-line. She is a multi-award winner, including most
                   recently, Australian Marketer of The Year. She is passionate about helping YOU use the Internet to
                   create a passionate and profitable business that is uniquely “you” A business that allows you to
                   “Shine Online” attract the perfect customers easily and make a difference - while having fun.
                   You can access the entire series of interviews “Does (List) Size Really Matter” for a limited time at

NOVEMBER /DECEMBER 2011                                                     INtERNEt MaRkEtINg Magazine                  26
By Greg Cassar

Steve Jobs, Co-Founder of Apple, was a        Apple re-defined the MP3 player market         standard of computer generated movies
unique visionary and his influence, as a      with the iPod and the iTunes Music store       for years to come.
technology innovator will be                  set the standard for digital distribution of
sorely missed.                                music and content.                             Jobs list of accomplishments are many
                                                                                             and far reaching. So what business
World leaders, tech giants, and countless     The iPhone not only raised, but really         and marketing lessons can we take
ordinary people have paid tribute to Steve    smashed the Smartphone bar and                 from them:
Jobs after his death, marvelling at how the   changed the mobile device world forever
Apple visionary made modern life more         with the now-ubiquitous touch screen           11 Business and Marketing Lessons from
user-friendly.                                and shot down the idea that technical          Steve Jobs
                                              specifications were all consumers
US President Barack Obama said Jobs,          cared about. Rather, ease                      1. Design trumps function
who died from cancer on the 5th of            of use and an                                  All the devices Apple made had one
October, had “transformed our lives,                                                         crucial thing in common: people fell in
redefined entire industries, and achieved                                                    love with them. They felt passionately
one of the rarest feats in human                                                               about them, in a way the world had
history: he changed the                                                                          never seen before.
way each of us sees
the world.”                                                                                        Design, as he explained in 2000,
                                                                                                     wasn’t about how it looked. It was
Mark Zuckerberg,                                                                                      about how it worked. “In most
Facebook Founder and CEO                                                                                people’s vocabularies, design
posted on Facebook “Steve,                                                                               means veneer. It’s interior
thank you for being a mentor                                                                               decorating. It’s the fabric of
and a friend. Thanks for                                                                                   the curtains and the sofa.
showing that what you build                                                                               But to me, nothing could be
can change the world. I will                                                                           further from the meaning of
miss you.”                                                                                   design. Design is the fundamental soul
                                                                                             of a man-made creation that ends up
After founding Apple in 1976 with                                                            expressing itself in successive outer layers
Steve Wozniak, he was eventually                                                             of the product or service.”
ousted by the very CEO he had
hired to run the company. Without             integrated user experience                     Apple products are just plain cool. They’re
him, Apple struggled and flirted with         trumped everything else.                       sleek, attractive, enticing and they work
bankruptcy. With him, Apple flourished                                                       well. While other products may work just
and will always be recognised as the          The newest market that is still unfolding      as well, people want something that looks
greatest turnaround in corporate history,     under Apple’s influence is the tablet          good too. Steve Jobs was well aware of the
as Apple has become the largest company       market, whose standards have been set          importance of good-looking designs
in the world by market cap.                   incredibly high by the iPad and now the
                                              iPad 2.                                        2. Turn Your Customers into Raving Fans
Apple’s Mac Computer range have                                                              Apple has become a popular culture icon
unparalleled industrial design while          During his absence from Apple, jobs also       and adored by its customers on a level
proving that computers can be irresistible    acquired and created Pixar. Starting with      that most other brands can only
as their users ultimately become              the original Toy Story they redefined the      dream of.
raving fans.

NOVEMBER /DECEMBER 2011                                                                 INtERNEt MaRkEtINg Magazine                27
They have done this with their sleek cool     media, but those who have worked under          card details once and then store it and all
design and by creating insanely great         him describe a hard man obsessed with           your details with your unique ‘Apple ID’
brand experiences. They have turned their     perfection. As well as thinking big, Jobs       so that next time you are ready to buy you
customers into Raving Fans.                   liked to be across the detail too.              can buy with just one click. Having 200 to
                                                                                              300 million customers setup to buy with 1
Most people are either Windows People         “My job is not to be easy on people,” he once   click buy has no doubt largely helped the
of Mac People. From my experience once        stated. “My job is to make them better.”        profitability of Apple in recent years.
someone has changed from the dark side
over to the light side and embraced the       7. Work Hard                                    11. Do What You Love
Mac there is no going back :). They even      Steve worked at what he loved. He worked        Steve Jobs said: “The only way to do great
become evangelists to try and get others      really hard. Every day. He was never            work is to love what you do. If you haven’t
to try it too.                                embarrassed about working hard, even if         found it yet, keep looking. Don’t settle. As
                                              the results were failures.                      with all matters of the heart, you’ll know
3.   Be a visionary leader, not a follower                                                    when you find it.”
     of the Pack                              8. Turn a problem into an opportunity.
Visionaries are always called crazy in        Jobs got fired from the company he built,       Do what you love. Seek out a business that
the beginning. Be confident. You might        but came back to build the most valuable        gives you a sense of meaning, direction
be right, even though nobody listens to       technology company in the world. “I             and satisfaction in life. Having a sense of
you. Jobs showed the world that thinking      didn’t see it then, but it turned out that      purpose and striving towards goals gives
differently is acceptable. Do not be afraid   getting fired from Apple was the best thing     life meaning, direction and satisfaction.
to implement your ideas.                      that could have ever happened to me. The        It not only contributes to health and
                                              heaviness of being successful was replaced      longevity, but also makes you feel better in
4.  Improve on what is Currently              by the lightness of being a beginner again,     hard times.
    Offered in the Market Place               less sure about everything. It freed me
Apple is known as a highly innovative         to enter one of the most creative periods       Lets finish with Jobs’s parting advice to
company that has completely                   of my life.” Do not give up when facing         the Stanford graduates of 2005 in his
transformed the way we think about            obstacles. It might just be another hurdle      Commencement Speech - “Stay hungry,”
entertainment and communication.              you need to clear before arriving at            he said. “Stay foolish.”
                                              your destination.
But in reality, the business has built its
success on improving what went before.        9. Simplicity
It made the MP3 player better with the        One of the largest and most widespread
iPod. The mobile phone was improved           early arguments for switching to Macs
with the iPhone.                              was that they’re easy to use. People raved
                                              about how simple Mac computers were
The story goes that the iPhone came           and felt no sympathy for whiny PC users
about after Apple execs complained to         who couldn’t find the files they stored or
each other about what irritated them          the ‘print’ command in Word. Bringing
about their mobiles. Jobs focused on what     things down to a consumer level can be
wasn’t working in current trends and          hard to do, but Jobs made the computer
overhauled it.                                accessible for everyone.

5. Keep a Strict Focus                        The same can be said for Apple’s other          Greg Cassar is the leading Internet
Jobs once said: “Apple is a $30 billion       devices as we have a 3-year-old son who         Marketing Strategist behind the
company, yet we’ve got less than 30 major     can work the iPhone and iPad to play            scenes of many of the biggest Internet
products. I don’t know if that’s ever been    Angry Birds. The same could not be said for     marketers in Australia and abroad
done before… it means saying no to the        many if any other mobile device brands.         (
hundred other good ideas that there are.                                                      You can follow Greg’s latest updates
You have to pick carefully.”                  10. Make it Easy to Buy                         by subscribing to Internet Marketing
                                              iTunes is the most perfect ecommerce            Magazine at
6. Demand the Best                            store online. It has an incredibly smart        for the new members area and the latest
Jobs may have a favourable image in the       design where they capture your credit           issue updates.

NOVEMBER /DECEMBER 2011                                                                  INtERNEt MaRkEtINg Magazine                28
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