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					Mrs. Amfahr’s
      Welcome to third grade! I hope that you and your child enjoy
his/her school year. I have lots of fun and interesting activities
planned. Third grade is another step towards independence and
responsibility of the child. Please feel free to call me at school
between 7:30 and 4:00, e-mail me, or jot a note in the planner.
Communication between parents and teachers help make it a successful
year for all of us.
      Now, a little about me, this will be my seventh year at Carlisle
Elementary. I taught fourth grade previously at Martensdale-St.
Marys. I enjoy spending time with family and friends. I love the
outdoors, reading, scrapbooking, stamping, and baking. My husband and
I enjoy watching our children explore the world around them. Katelyn
will be in fourth grade this year. She loves reading, crafts, playing with
her stuffed animals, and the outdoors. William will be in first grade.
He loves to read, ride his bike, play baseball and soccer, hike in the
mountains, and play with his sisters. Carolyn will be in preschool. As
always, it is a thrill to watch a little one explore the world around them.
She enjoys reading, carrying around her purse, continually reorganizing
her purse, playing with her horses, and polly pockets. We also have a
Boston Terrier, Sammy. All of this keeps us very busy, but happy.
      I am looking forward to working with you and your child. Let’s have
a great year!
Mrs. Amfahr’s Third Grade Class
      Katelynn Armstrong
          Alex Byford
          Cassidy Clark
          Ryan Coates
           Tyler Crall
         Joey Donovan
        Alyssa Enderton
        Mackenzie Frost
          Kane Futrelle
         Ashlee Howard
       Kameron Johnston
      Jonathon Kamerick
        Maisie Laughlin
          Willy Loewen
          Zacary Lugo
        Alexandra Mavin
        Nick McCaughey
          Sarah Mumm
         Trenton Noble
          Nate Norton
          Lainey Olsen
      Samantha Slaughter
         Hunter Snyder
        Reyanna Spratt
         Amanda Urban

I believe that in order for each child to be able to perform their best in school,
he/she needs to be able to feel safe and be part of an environment that is
conducive to learning. Each child needs to do his/her part in order to create an
environment that is safe and where learning can take place. We will be following
the Pillars of Character: Fairness, Trustworthiness, Caring, Citizenship, Respect,
and Responsibility.

Pillar Sticks: In order to be as consistent as possible, all 3rd grade teachers will
be using the same classroom behavior system this year, a system that aligns with
the district Character Counts program. Students will receive 6 “Pillar Sticks”
(popsicle sticks) at the beginning of the week. If a student does something that
violates one of the 6 pillars of character (respect, caring, responsibility,
trustworthiness, citizenship, and fairness) or breaks a classroom rule the teacher
will ask the student to give them a Pillar Stick. The first stick lost is a warning.
Each Pillar Stick after the first one represents 5 minutes of “Wow Time” on
Fridays, a 25 minute period in which students are allowed to play games, draw, etc.
For example if a student loses 3 of their Pillar Sticks in a week they will miss 10
minutes of Wow Time that Friday. If a student loses all of their Pillar Sticks
they will lose the entire Wow Time. Time paid during Wow Time is spent catching
up on assignments or sitting quietly at your desk. All work for the week must be
completed before they are allowed to participate in “Wow Time”, even if they
have not lost any sticks.

Parents will be kept informed of the amount of Pillar Sticks their child has lost
daily by a form kept in students’ Take Home folders. Students will be responsible
for filling out this form each time they lose a stick, including a reflection on why
they lost the Pillar Stick. Also, if a student loses all 6 Pillar Sticks before Friday
a paper will be sent home to inform the parent that this has occurred and the
child, with their parent(s), will need to come up with a plan to not lose sticks the
following week. This paper will need to be signed and returned to school the
following day. If a student loses all 6 sticks before Friday it is obvious the
student is having a major problem with their behavior that week and they will be
sent to the principal’s office. We know that everyone can make good choices so
we can have a safe and constructive learning environment. On the other hand, if a
child is able to keep all the sticks for the week, they will receive a punch on their
“Character Counts Gold Card!” After they have obtained 5 punches, they are able
to eat lunch with a friend, the teacher, or help a kindergarten teacher for about
20 minutes.

                    THE NUMBER SYSTEM
I will be using a number system to help organize paperwork quickly. Each child will
be assigned a number. I will have the students put their number on their papers
with their name so that I can keep track of my paper work easier and get grades
entered into the grade book quickly. Numbers will also be used on the Pillar

Your child will have a planner this year. I will be putting the assignments and
topics covered during the day on the board for your child to copy into their
planner. Your child is to highlight or circle the subjects that are homework.
Please look at, discuss the planner with your child, and sign your child’s planner
every night. I will jot short notes in the planner on occasion. You are welcome to
jot quick notes about after school transport changes or upcoming absences and
so forth there as well. Please remind your child to show me any notes first thing
in the morning as I might not check planners immediately. Thank you.
                      TAKE-HOME FOLDER
Your child will be bringing home a Take-Home Folder each day. In addition to the
planner, please check the folder daily. One side will have notes, completed work,
papers from specials, calendars, etc. The other side will be work that needs to be
completed or material to be studied and returned the next day. You will find your
child’s spelling list, weekly math, and reading calendar in this folder. Be sure
the spelling and math papers are return to school on Friday or the last day of
the week and that the reading calendar is returned each month. Thank you
for your cooperation!

Every Friday or last day of the week will be the spelling test. This year we will be
doing an individualized spelling program, so some of the words will be the same and
some will be different from classmates’ words. On Monday, a form will be coming
home of your child’s words. I would appreciate it if you would go over your child’s
words Monday night and double check that the words are correct. I do my best,
but sometimes things slip past me or a child forgets to show me their list. Please
complete the rest of the form throughout the week. Return the completed form
on Friday. Your child can do this on his/her own.

Each week there is a weekly assignment that the students will receive on Monday.
They have time each day to work on this during the day. This assignment is due on
Thursday morning. If your child is not done Wednesday and they don’t think that
they can finish in the few minutes we have Thursday they are to take it home and
finish it and return it on Thursday.
In our elementary this year we are going to work really hard on fluency. Fluency
in reading is needed so that the brain can be free to think about the
comprehension of what is being read. Please encourage your child to read 100
minutes or more each week, sign the reading log, and have your child return it
each day for me to check. You will be amazed to see your child’s growth
throughout the year when they practice daily at home and at school.
They can read to themselves, to a sibling, to you, or a pet. You can read with them
or to them as well, so they can hear how a fluent reader sounds. Just like sports,
dance, or piano, reading needs to be practiced daily to continue to grow as a

There will be a math paper coming home on Mondays. It will have a variety of
concepts on it. Please have your child complete both sides and return by Friday.
Most of the problems will be review; however, a few might be new concepts.
Please help your child as needed, but encourage independence. Do feel free to
check their work and have them correct any that they missed. Just mark the
ones that were missed so that I can see what types of problems they are missing.
If a student misses too many on this page, I have them correct it with me, but
unfortunately it is usually during recess time. This review will help your child
when it is time for their basic skills tests.

Once the year gets underway, I will be having the students bring their Writer’s
Workshop notebooks home each day. I would like for them to write in their
notebooks each night as much as they want. Try to write for at least 10 minutes.
I know some nights are busier than others, so try to write more on other days or
the weekend. They can make up stories, poems, songs, lists, or write about stuff
that they have seen or experiences they’ve had. This is not meant to be a daily
journal of stuff they do each day. Please remind them to date each piece. They
are welcome to work on old pieces as well.
                              SNACK TIME
We will be eating lunch at 12:05. Because of the late time, we will have a snack
time in the morning. If you wish, you may send a healthy snack with your child
each day. Students have brought granola bars, fruit, yogurt, cheese and crackers,
goldfish, raisins, pretzels, etc. I would appreciate it if you would not send any
items that contain nuts of any kind.

A child’s birthday is always a celebration! If you would like for your child to have
his/her birthday celebrated in the classroom, feel free to send birthday treats.
We will celebrate your child’s special day even if you choose not to send treats.
We will have the birthday celebrations at 2:50. Please have the treats to school
in plenty of time. If you do not wish for your child’s birthday to be celebrated in
the classroom, please let me know as soon as possible. We also ask as a district
that you do not pass out birthday invitations during any time during the school
day. We don’t want any hurt feelings. Again, please send items without nuts of
any kind.
                         LUNCH VISITORS
You are welcome to come have lunch with your third grader any time! Please make
sure to send a note or e-mail in advance as there might be a change in schedule
that day and also to notify the kitchen with the correct number of hot lunches.
Also, please remember to check in at the office to sign in. The secretary will
buzz our room to tell us you are here. Lunch will be at 12:05. Please try to come
as close to that time as possible as it can be distracting to the students when a
visitor arrives. Everyone always wants to say “hi” and work doesn’t get finished.

                         MYSTERY READER
I would like to invite parents, grandparents, aunts or uncles to come read to our
class as a “Mystery Reader.” Please e-mail me or write a note in a sealed envelope
which month you would like to read, and I’ll get some dates to you. I like to do
this on Thursdays. The time will be at 11:45 so that you can join your child for
lunch as well. This is a “mystery” to the students so it is to be a secret until your
arrival. I will ask that you send 5 clues about yourself that I can read to the
students. I begin with the first clue and read one a day so make the first ones
more difficult and get easier by Thursday. If you would like to combine it with
Star of the Week, you are welcome to.
Star of the Week
  September 13-17     Alex B.
   September 20-24     Sarah
  Sept. 27-Oct. 1     Hunter
 October 4-8         Samantha
  October 11-15       Reyanna
    October 18-22       Joey
  November 1-5         Maisie
 November 8-12       Jonathon
    November 15-19      Kane
Nov. 29-Dec. 3       Mackenzie
   December 6-10        Nate
   January 17-21       Lainey
    January 24-28       Nick
 January 31-Feb. 4   Katelynn
    February 7-11       Ryan
 February 21-25      Kameron
February 28-Mar.4      Trenton
   March 21-25         Cassie
   March 28- April 1  Ashlee
   April 4-8           Tyler
   April 11-15       Amanda
   April 18-22          Willy
April 25- April 29     Alyssa
  May 2-6             Alex M.
   May 9-13           Zacary
                      STAR OF THE WEEK
Every child is special and unique! To celebrate these differences, discover
commonalities, and learn more about one another in our classroom community, I
will be having a student celebrated each week. The schedule of events is as

     Monday:        Students will bring photographs, drawings, or clippings that
                    tell about them and their interests.
     Tuesday:       Bring a favorite book to read or have the teacher read to the
     Wednesday:     Create a poster about your child using or provide
                    words and phrases and I will create the chart. Have your
                    child bring it on Wednesday and we will share it with the
     Thursday:      The class will create a wordle about the Star of the Week.
     Friday:        Lunch Buddy…invite a parent, special relative, or third grade
                    friend to eat lunch with you.

                             FINAL NOTE
Please go over this handbook with your child. It is important to have everyone on
the same page. Education must be made a priority. I want every child to succeed
to the best of their ability. In order for this to happen, the teacher, parent, and
child need to be doing their part in the classroom and out of the classroom. Let’s
have a great year!
8:00-8:30         Announcements, Lunch count, Pledge of Allegiance,
                  Character Counts Pledge, D.O.L.

8:30-10:10        Reader’s Workshop (comprehension strategies,
                  fluency practice, spelling, vocabulary, word work)

10:10-10:25       Oral Reading and Snack Time

10:25-11:05       Specials

11:15-11:45       Wildcat Time

11:45-12:00       Fluency Time

12:05-1:00        Lunch/Recess

1:05-2:00         Math Workshop

2:00-2:40         Writer’s Workshop

2:40-3:10         Science/Social Studies

3:10-3:20         Planners and Dismissal

On Friday, we will also have a studyhall time and a WOW Time!

              Please note that this schedule may change.
                       Let’s have a great year!!!!!
                Thanks for sharing your child with me!

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