• Arizona’s most professional and complete
  beverage program.                                            Gary A. Spadafore CWE
• Over 400 industry professionals in Arizona                             Certified Wine Educator
  are certified in Professional Beverage Sales
  by Alliance Beverage Distributing Company.
• Course consists of 9 three-hour classes on the
  beverages of the world, followed by a final
• Each class is concluded with a representative
  tasting of 10 products tasted blind.
• Classes are taught by a Certified Wine Educator.
• State-of-the-art multimedia presentations.

                                                                       Director of Education
                                                             Alliance Beverage Distributing Company
                                                                  For over 25 years, Gary Spadafore has been
                                                             active in the fine wine trade, both on a business and
                                                             personal level. He has traveled extensively to the
                                                             wine regions of Europe, New Zealand and North
                                                             America to enhance his knowledge of fine wine.
                                                                  Spadafore joined Alliance Beverage in 1981
                                                             (Arizona Distributing), performing many different duties
 “Gary Spadafore is one of the finest wine educators in
 the industry. His integrity and balance between product     relating to the fine wine trade. As Director of Education,
 knowledge, business applications and ability to focus on    he is responsible for increasing the knowledge and
 the actual needs and concerns of the consumer, not          appreciation of beverages for the consumer, retailer,
 simply the blind promotion of wine for wine’s sake, puts    restaurateur and Alliance Beverage associates.
 him at the top of my list for quality wine education.”
                                                                  Spadafore’s passion for wine is evidenced by his
Tim Hanni MW                                                 involvement in the Society of Wine Educators. A 20+                                              year member, he passed the difficult certification
 “Gary Spadafore is a teacher plain and simple. Whether      examination on his first attempt to earn his Certified
 it’s the simple explanation of the growing regions in       Wine Educator (CWE) title. There are fewer than 150
 California or it’s the complicated German Wine system
 Gary makes it easy and fun. We are running all of our       active CWE’s in the world. Spadafore is a member of
 full time floor staff through his Program.”                 the Board of Directors whose responsibilities are to
Michael Fine, Owner                                          guide the future direction of the Society.
FINE’S CELLAR, Scottsdale, Arizona                                Spadafore is a member of the National Training
 “Gary Spadafore’s passion for the wine industry was         Council, a group of educators that are responsible
 apparent in each session. I found the regional approach     for all the education and training programs for the
 to the course particularly effective-learning how the       Charmer Sunbelt Group. These programs reach over
 geography, culture and history influenced the varieties     2500 associates across the country.
 and styles of wines in different parts of the world.”
                                                                  Spadafore is also an International Bordeaux
Brad Baer, General Manager                                   Educator accredited by the L’Ecole du Vin de Bordeaux
Radisson Poco Diablo Resort, Sedona, Arizona                 (Bordeaux Wine School) and has graduated from
 “Gary Spadafore’s enthusiasm and knowledge for the          the Napa Valley Wine Educators Academy at the
 wine industry is unmatched. His course covers a broad       Culinary Institute of America in Napa Valley.
 range of topics; wine regions of the world, spirits, and
 an in-depth study of the wine making process make this           Spadafore received his undergraduate degree
 program a must for all levels of industry professionals …   from Northern Michigan University, having held a
 Servers and Bar Managers alike.”                            teaching certificate from both Michigan and Arizona.
Beth Cochran, Operating Partner
P.F. Chang’s China Bistro, Scottsdale Waterfront
                                  PROFESSIONAL                                                                                               ADVANCED PROFESSIONAL

                                                                                                                                                                                                                       D E S C R I P T I O N
                                 BEVERAGE SALES                                   Who should sign up for                                        BEVERAGE SALES
                                      Course Description
                                                                                  Professional Beverage Sales?                               Certified Specialist of Wine Program
                                                                                                                                                                Course Description
                        Beverage 101                                               1. Serious, dedicated professionals in
                          An intro-style class designed to bring students up          the beverage industry
                          to speed with a brief history of wine, viticulture                                                                 Alliance Beverage Distributing Company
                          (growing wine grapes), vinification (winemaking),        2. Food and beverage directors                                is proud to offer the Advanced Professional
                          laws and regulations, how to evaluate wine                                                                             Beverage Sales wine classes. These classes build on
                          professionally.                                          3. Beverage managers                                          the knowledge gained in the Professional Beverage
                                                                                   4. Restaurant managers                                        Sales classes and is designed to prepare the
                        Wines of France                                                                                                          student for the Certified Specialist of Wine
                          Focus on the regions of Burgundy, Bordeaux,              5. Sommeliers                                                 exam offered by the Society of Wine Educators.
                          Loire Valley, Rhône, Alsace and Vin de Pays              6. Captains                                               The Certified Specialist of Wine
                          system. Label regulations, AOC laws and brief                                                                          is the first level of certification offered by the
                          history will also be covered.                            7. Servers                                                    Society of Wine Educators. It recognizes a high
                        Wines of California and The Northwest                      8. Retail owners                                              standard of academic wine knowledge and the
                          Focus on the main growing regions, varietals,                                                                          mastery of key elements within the world of
                          laws, regulations, and AVAs.
                                                                                   9. Retail managers                                            wine and vine as determined by a team of wine
                                                                                  10. Retail clerks                                              industry educators.
                        Wines of Italy                                                                                                       Benefits of Certification
                          Focus on main regions and grape varietals.
                          DOC/DOCG regulations and a brief history.                                                                              • Many people recognize the need for an
                                                                                  Benefits of Professional Beverage Sales:                         independent and objective organization to

                        Wines of the Southern Hemisphere                                                                                           validate their employee's wine proficiency as
                          A look at the regions, grapes and wines of               1. Recognized as Arizona’s premier beverage                     measured against industry standards. The
                          Australia, New Zealand, Chile, Argentina and                certification course.                                        international reach of the SWE fulfills this role.
                          South Africa. Laws and regulations.                                                                                    • SWE credentials are career-enhancing and
                                                                                   2. In-depth knowledge of the world’s wines, spirits and         resume building tools for dedicated wine
                        Champagne and Sparkling Wines                                 beers including Sensory Evaluation.                          professionals and represent the only wine
                          An in-depth seminar on the production                                                                                    knowledge-based exams approved by a
                          techniques for Methode Champenoise wine.                 3. Frameable Certificate of Achievement upon                    professional U.S. wine society.
                          A comparison between the sparkling wines of                 successful completion.                                 The Cost
                          California, Spain and France.
                                                                                   4. Resume addition.                                           • $1000; $500 for Alliance customers – Includes:
                        The Alliance Beverage Distributing                         5. Beverage Professionals are in demand.
                                                                                                                                                    • Eight Lecture/Study Sessions
                                                                                                                                                    • SWE Handbook
                        Company Wine and Food Program                              6. Knowledgeable beverage professionals are better               • Online Wine Academy (SWE members)
                          A unique look at wine with food. Also a                                                                                   • Instruction by Gary Spadafore CWE
                          progressive way to format a wine list that sells            able to compete in the highly competitive                     • Society of Wine Educators CSW Final Exam
                          more wine, eases staff training and is user friendly.       beverage industry.                                     The Exam

                                                                                                                                                                                                                       C O U R S E
                        The Great Dessert Wines of the World                       7. Increased product knowledge and self-confidence.           • 100 multiple choice questions
                          Production techniques and brief history of Port,                                                                       • Passing score is 75%
                          Sherry, Madeira and the great Botrytis wines of          8. Enhanced credibility.                                      • Exam retake: • SWE Member = $160
                          France and the rest of the world.                        9. Higher salary potential and job satisfaction.                                 • Non-Member = $235
                        A Spirits and Beer Primer                                                                                            The Schedule: (Numbers represent specific chapters in SWE handbook)
                          A review of fermentation and distillation. The                                                                         • Class 1 - Viticulture and Grape Varieties (1, 2, 3)
                          differences and production techniques of all the        How to register for                                            • Class 2 - Vinification - Still, Sparkling and Fortified (4, 5, 6)
                          major spirit types. Also a review of beer production                                                                   • Class 3 - Sensory Evaluation - Wine Composition /
                          and a look at the many types and styles.                Professional Beverage Sales:                                               Chemistry, Tasting, Faults (20, 21, 22)
                                                                                   1. Contact Gary Spadafore CWE at 602-760-5507.                • Class 4 - France (11)
                        Final Exam and Microbrew Tour                                                                                            • Class 5 - USA (19)
                          Students will be tested on elements from each            2. Request a schedule/application by email,                   • Class 6 - Italy (14)
                          class. All students who pass will receive an Alliance
                          Beverage Distributing Company Certificate of                                                • Class 7 - Regions of the World (7,8,9,10,12,13,15,16,17,18)
                                                                                                                                                 • Class 8 - Health, Etiquette, Service and Review (23, 24)
                          Achievement. Following final, class will receive         3. Request information from your Alliance Beverage            • Class 9 - Society of Wine Educators CSW Exam
                          a tour and tasting at a local microbrewery.                 Distributing Company sales associate.                                    For more information contact
                                       For more information contact                                                                           Gary Spadafore CWE - 602-760-5507;
                        Gary Spadafore CWE - 602-760-5507;                                                                 Society of Wine Educators:
                             Class schedule and fees are subject to change                                                                          Class schedule and fees are subject to change

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