Newsletter2 by xiaopangnv


									Service                              Fellowship
40th Ethnic Studies Conference       Pizookie Making
        October 5 – 8 (Campus)               October 13
Fleet Week                           Total Body Fellowship
        October 9 and 11 (Country)           October 14
Memory Walk                          Where the Wild Things Are
        October 10 (Country)                 October 16
Goblin Jamboree                      Pier 39/Cable Car Riding
        October 17 (Community)               October 17
Nike Woman’s Marathon                Yoga
        October 18 (Country)                 October 19
Leukemia Society Light the Night     Karaoke/Dinner
        October 22                           October 22
Edgewood Hope Ball                   Fright Fest @ Great America
        October 24 (Community)               October 23
                                     Slide Day
                                             October 25
                                     Ghost Hunt
Membership                                   October 30

Rock Family Event
Toy Story 1 & 2 3D special           Pledge
        October 9
                                     Pledge Excursion
Membership Excursion                         October 10
     To Be Announced
                                     APO LEADS: Launch Workshop
                                            October 31

October Birthdays
Shervey Kong : October 3             September Birthdays
Noel Borbon: October 5
Frances Valbuena: October 8          Nikko Cartano: September 8
Venus Ho : October 9                 Christina Tran: September 13
Jessica Lee: October 10              Melissa Dagdagan: September 23
Anna Lei: October 11                 Sunny Wen: September 25
Rey Arcilla: October 11              Dennis Kuet: September 25
Karina Jong: October 25              Phil Zabat: September 26
Richard Hom: October 29              Justin Yu: September 28
                                     Kenneth Cornejo: September 29

     West Fest
            October 24
I am the kind of person who does not like           something and yet you have to wait for the
being in big crowds, so I do not usually get        longest time to find out, well it felt like a really
involved in organizations as huge as Alpha Phi      long time. Oh the anticipation was killing me!
Omega; however, I have had such a blast with        Each day during clue week made me closer to
the last several weeks of pledging. My friends      my big in some way. Have you ever felt that
had told me so many stories about the many          you had a connection someone, and you barely
new people they had met, the projects they          know him or her? How the littlest things can
had been involved in, the new social lives they     bring you together. When Sunday, October 4th,
                         had been long awaiting     2009 came, I was super excited and I couldn’t
                         for, and encouraged me     wait to find out who my big was! When I got to
                         to join. I remember        the park where the revealing was held, I was
                         walking into the room      freezing, but I was too excited to even care.
                         on Info Night and as the   Well, I did care just a little, but I couldn’t wait
                         members of Alpha Phi       to find out who my big was! I saw on people’s
                         Omega did their            faces that they wanted to know who their big
                         presentations to           was, faces where they were sure who their big
                         prospective pledges, I     was, faces where they were confused, or faces
                         thought, “This sounds      where that just can’t wait! I saw all these gifts
                         like a lot of fun, and     that people’s Bigs got
                         these people seem          them. Inside I was saying
                         pretty nice. I need fun    to myself, wow they must
                         and I need to meet new     really love their little’s,
people”, so it only made sense for me to try it     lucky ducky! But, it’s
out.                                                okay, it’s the thought that
         At my first pledge meeting as the          counts anyways! When it
Pledgemasters were going over what seemed           was time to eat I couldn’t
like the never-ending list of requirements, I       eat that much because I
was completely overwhelmed and thought,             was just way too excited.
“What have I gotten myself into?!”, and not         First we found out what
only was I worried about all these things I had     family we were in. That
to accomplish in 10 weeks, but I did not know       was fun. First we had a
a single person in my pledge class. I was really    clue, Nikko’s voice was
starting to freak out; however, as time has         kind of creepy, it gave me
passed and I do everything in increments, I         nightmares. It was pretty cool how we had
realized that it is manageable. Not only that, I    glow sticks to determine what family we are
am having tons of fun meeting new people,           in. I got… PAPER!!!!!! In your mouth! Best
going to fellowships, doing service projects I      family ever, along with the others!  I was
probably would not do if I had not pledged,         excited to be in that family there are really
and learning about myself while improving           cool people in the family and also most of the
myself as a person. Although this pledging          pledge class is in PAPER! Papers dominate
process seems like a class in itself, I actually    baby! We did other activities, I guess just to kill
have something to look forward to when I go         time. Once it got really dark to see everyone it
to school now and I enjoy it.                       was time to find out who our big was. I was all
         -Angelica Young                            excited! When it was my turn to find out who
                                                    my big was I was pretty confused because I
               Who’s my BIG?!                       didn’t know who my big was, I was sure of
         I wondered myself who was my big is.       who it was. When I find turned around who
It’s funny how you can be so excited about          my big was it was false!!!!! They tricked me!
When Michelle Blanco said “I’m your big” I           form study groups and help each other out! I
thought she was joking but then she wasn’t, so       don’t mind lending a helping hand as well, just
I was all happy and jumped up and down               ask me k? Oh and if you guys need my
screaming. Cute huh? Well, I was happy               signature or interview it’s best to call, text or
everyone seemed to like his or her bigs,             facebook me to set up an appointment. I’ve
because I sure did. All that waiting was worth       been running around campus and haven’t had
it. I love my big! She is awesome and we have        a lot of time lately, so it’s best that you let me
things in common so that sure is amazing. I          know so I can make time to meet with you. I
hope we become not just only big and little          really love the JAM pledge class; you’re all so
just in the fraternity but outside of it and         much fun to be around!
become sisters!  I will make her and                         Lastly, to all my G-RO’s out there…I
everyone else proud and try my best and cross        miss you! If you read this and you haven’t
over!                                                been around, come back and visit! I love you
          -Christina Tran                            all. <3
                                                              -Michelle Paz
            “Oh Little My Little”
          And so passed my very first Clue                    HELLLOOO EVERYONNEE!! =] My name
Week! Man, I can only say that that week was         is Jackie, I am a pledge, and I am ½ of your
one of the longest and most tiring ones I’ve         Pebble head pair. =] Where to start I don’t
had in a while. Well except for the following        really know. Perhaps I should start with my
week with the fundraisers and early prepping,        pledging experience so far. So far it hasn’t
but I digress.                                       been TOO bad; just trying to get everything
It was so                                            done I s the worst part. There’s a lot of stuff
funny talking                                        to remember and do; interviews, fellowships,
to you about                                         service project hours, signatures, and so on. At
who you                                              first I was so overwhelmed with everything
thought your                                         that had to be done. With that being said I
big might be.                                        have the BEST pledge parents, Big, and pledge
You seriously                                        class ever to help me through this.
had no clue it                                       When I first decided to pledge for Alpha Phi
was me! It was cute that you couldn’t decide if      Omega I didn’t really know what to expect. I
I was a guy or a girl, although I did put 1 trick    decided to pledge because my roomie Trang
clue in there lol. I must say that buying and        Do didn’t want to do it alone. I am SOOO glad I
making your clues was more difficult than I          decided to do it with her because I have met
thought it was going to be. You know I spent         some of the nicest, coolest, and dedicated
over 2 hours in 1 store picking out stuff for        people I will
you? See that’s how much I love you little! You      probably ever meet.
know you should really talk to your grand and        Alpha Phi Omega is
my twin more. Let’s all hang out and have a          like a family away
line dinner! By the way little we need to sit        from home for me.
down and have a study session because I want         I just hope that in the
you to pass everything with flying colors! ^_^       end, all the hard
         Now I’d like to address all the pledges.    work that I put in will
I hope your experience with AphiO is going           pay off like everyone
well. It definitely looks like you guys are having   else has been telling
tons of fun, but don’t forget that there’s a lot     me it will.
of work to do! Your pledge midterm is right                   This is part of
around the corner. So I suggest that you all
a poem that I found that kind of explains what      their families was really cool. Then after all the
I found in Alpha Phi Omega.                         suspense and festivities, it was time for the big
 “I wasn't looking for it, but somehow it came,     reveal. I didn’t want to just be automatically
                      and found me.                 revealed to my Little, so I had friends and
  Before I had a chance to react, it wrapped it's   people in my line help. So, after all that slight
                  warmth around me.                 deception, my Little Michael Wang finally met
 Like a thief in the night, it has come and gone.   me, his Biggie!
 I have nothing, but that vision to reflect upon.            I loved the fact that Mike didn’t
   …It has a name, I think they call it a friend.   suspect or know that I was his Big at all, and
       Because existence can become severe          that he thought it was going to be Anna. (I
                        in one day,                 guess it’s because we’re so alike – shout out to
            just sense me and I'll be there.        the A of my ASK girls!) Now that everyone is
                    In the mind’s eye,              matched with their littles, it’s time to get down
                  I'm not so far away.              to business and have some quality bonding
              If you hold out your hand,            time! So, Little if you’re reading this, be ready
     Between the miles-                               for lots of food and laughing because that’s
       if you need me.                                what you get with me! LOL. Also, you
    If you need a friend.                             already know that I’m here if you need
  Let me be the friend, I                             anything – study time, help in general,
         want to be.”                                 whatever, just call and it’s biggie to the
In FLS <3,                                            rescue.
           -Jackie Miguel                                       -Sharon Lee

    I <3 my Little!                                      “The Most Confusing Minute of My
         Last Sunday was                                              Life”
finally revealing and all                                       Last week was revealing week.
the Bigs were unveiled                                 Pledges were given a new clue each day as
to their Littles. I’ve been                            to who their Bigs are. Some clues were more
so anxious to get a Little                             obvious than others, but my clues were a
this semester and had                                  little more ambiguous. The first two clues
tons of fun making all the clues for Clue Week.     made me think that my big is male. The third
It was kind of crazy getting things for the         clue, I thought could have been from a girl, and
different clues and then figuring out what to       the fourth could have gone either way. I didn’t
actually put in/on them as well. I had the most     mind though, I liked the ambiguity. I had said
fun making the Collage Board and the Box for        from the beginning that I didn’t really want to
the last two clues. Those really showed what I      figure out who my Big is from the clues,
like and I got to put more heart into them          because I wanted to be surprised on Revealing
because they had more of my creativeness in         Day.
them.                                                         Then came Revealing Day on Sunday.
         For the big event on Sunday, it was        The day was full of fun and games and I didn’t
loads of fun; despite the freezing cold weather     think much of trying to figure out who my Big
we had. I was filled with anticipation to just      could be. I figured that when the time came, I
get to the finale and finally be revealed to my     would know. Boy, was I wrong. After we were
Little. But I really enjoyed watching all the       placed into our families and played a few
pledges play all the different games and events     family games (Which, might I add, both games
that were planned. I especially thought that        were won by the Scissors. Go Scissors!), it was
the Sorting Hat game to get the pledges into        finally time for revealing. I watched as pledge
after pledge was paired up with their Big. I       Anna Lei. With that, the most confusing
stood there patiently wondering who would          minute of my life was finally over.
try to trick me and if I would know who was               -Karina Tin
truly my Big when they stood before me.
         Finally, it was my turn. I was full of             Hey everyone of Alpha Phi Omega- Mu
anticipation. I slowly turned around, only to be   Zeta! It's Lil Diana here, if you don't know.
immediately attacked by                               Really, I have absolutely no idea what to
Thomas Li. Now, I knew                                write about for my article. SOOO.. I guess I'll
that Thomas Li was not                                talk about clue week (surprise, surprise). My
my Big because I had                                  Monday started out down, I had a bad
heard that your Big                                   morning, but the start of clue week and
would not be someone                                  hanging out with the pledge brothers made
that you knew before                                  me feel so much better. Hooray for clue
pledging. Thomas and I                                week. I was excited for it before, but as each
met in Hong Kong while                                day passes I get more and more excited! At
we were studying                                      that point I had no clue as to who it is, but I
abroad, and we also                                   was thinking it was probably a guy and I had
spent the summer                                      an idea who. So far, I had to say I had to say,
studying at the University of Seoul. A             my biggie has good taste in music. I love the
combination of knowing that he wasn’t my Big       shirt they made me, even thought the screen
and the initial shock of being so abruptly         print wouldn't completely stick on. I don't care
attacked, left me stunned. I just stood there      if it's messed up; I'll just call it unique and say
not knowing what to do. After that it was a bit    that I love it =P AND.. I love the collage they
of a blur. I vaguely remember Sharon being         made me. It was so colorful and thoughtful but
next to jokingly say that she was my Big then      very confusing, LOL.. My last clue that I got on
possibly one other person. It all happened so      Friday was amazing. My big got me so many
fast; my memory of those 20 seconds is a bit       art supplies and put them in such a cool
fuzzy.                                             creative box. I was pretty much speechless
         Next was, most likely, the most           when I got it. I love all of my clues so much, it's
awkward 30 seconds of my life. I just                                      insane that someone
stood there. I was waiting for someone                                     would get me so much. So,
new to come up to me claiming to be                                        after this crazy confusing
my Big, but it never happened. I just                                      week, I still had no idea
stood there, confused. Then I heard                                        who my big was based on
someone telling me to turn around.                                         the clues alone. Revealing
Behind me stood Nikko with a big                                           day was a trip! It was so
picture frame. She said, “I’m your Big!”                                   much fun and so amazing!
When I questioned her she replied, “I’m                                    (The food was great too).
your Pledge Mom, would I lie to you?”                                      Finding out my family was
With that, I believed her. I scurried over                                 also a lot of fun because of
to give her a hug. I believed that she                                     the way we did it. The
was my Big. As I began to walk away, I                                     glow sticks was a cool
noticed something bouncing around behind           idea, my mompops are geniuses. I had a
me. I turned to my right. It bounced to the        feeling I was going to be in the Paper family
other side. I turned my head around to the         and it actually happened. The best part was
left, and again it bounced back to the right.      the Big revealing part, since we'd been kept in
Man, this person was fast! Finally I caught her,   suspense all week. In the end, my initial guess
my Big. Finally, I was united with my true Big,    was correct, so the whole week I'd been over-
thinking and just confusing myself. My biggie           kick the ball so hard he’d knock over the net,
ended up being Jan, and he was my first guess           which I’d later have to run up and fix. All in all I
at the start of the week. I feel honored since          had a really great time volunteering for the
I'm his first lil that is a girl, so I hope they're     festival, which was an experience that I hope
ready for my craziness. Thank you Big for               I’ll never forget.
everything throughout the week! It was so                        -Scott Lavares
much and I'm completely speechless when it
comes to everything that I have gotten and                  To Alpha Phi Omega, Thank You for
with this new family I'm a part of. I love it. The
                                                                       Saving Me
whole pledging process so far has been quite a
                                                         To those who don’t know my story, they see
trip, I'm loving all the new people I've been
                                                                    me in a different light
meeting and getting close to my pledge
                                                        For who I really am, I’m less than being alright
fambam as well. By the way... Nikko and
Kingsley, my mompops, are the coolest
                                                         Many times I’ve given up, not wanting to live
parents ever, no lie. WOOT WOOT. I hope ya'll
                                                                         much longer
are ready for the Jack Pack, cuz we're ready for
                                                         But Alpha Phi Omega, has already made me
                                             <3 Diana
                                                             For years I’ve struggled to accept my
                                                            reflection, and now you’ve come along
                                      Sunset            Teaching me to be a friend, a leader, of service,
                                    Community                     and the brother toast song
                                   festival 9/29
                                         Fun,            There’s a moose named Brownie, a mascot
                                 affordable, and a                        they are
                                 great way to           “Pin Check! Pin Check” see Shane eyeing from
                                 spend a beautiful                          afar
afternoon with the whole family, the Sunset
Community Festival celebrates its 15th annual            The gavel, the moose, the mug, careful not to
celebration at the Sunset Recreation Center in                                stray
San Francisco, which features spotlight                  In danger thou are,
entertainment, exhibits, and activities for the         thieves will steal you
whole family to enjoy. Every year, volunteers                   away
gather from around the neighborhood and
participate in the festival by supporting others          Brothers, simply
in activities. This year, they put me in charge of      brothers, I’ve never
one of the many games and activities that                        had
surrounded the playground area, SOCCER! The              Don’t have to be of
goal was to kick the ball into the net in which         blood, just as long as
the person playing would have three tries to               I’m never sad
score a goal. After your three tries were up and
having scored however many goals, you would              Hello hello, it’s all
win a prize of your choice. I’d have to say,                             you have to say
there were a lot of kids that day. It felt really        Goodbye goodbye, is only at the end of each
nice to see all the different smiles, whether                                  day
they be from watching that little kid score a
goal, or just watching that slightly bigger kid
  Pledge mom, pledge dad, so young and so              our bigs are putting into these surprises. And
                   smart                               then seeing that these clues, really have a
 Thanks for showing me you care, and giving            representation of us because they have some
              me all your heart                        common interest with our big and ourselves.
                                                       It's awesome, I adore you Big (: you're
To Alpha Phi Omega, thank you for saving me            awesome. By the time you probably read this
You’ll be my fraternity, always and eternally.         I'll already know who you are! Thank you to all
       -Trang Do                                       the biggies who are making the Pledges smile,
                                                       and I'm sure everyone likes their big (:
                                                                 -Trang Nguyen
          Brownies for the Biggies (:
         It is revealing week, and every one of                        Revealing Day
the pledges are overwhelmed with excitement                      Noon time. I just left the pledge
including me! So far, the pledging process has         committee meeting holding an envelope of
                      been so hectic, with all the     whom my potential little might be. I had no
                      service event that we have       idea who it could’ve been. I got into my car,
                      to sign up for. Also, the        still staring at the envelope. I gently unsealed
                      requirements we have to          the flap of the cover and unfolded the piece of
                      meet in order to become a        paper. It was Scott!!! I threw my hands up in
                      member seems a lot, but I        exhilaration and did a corny dance in the car. I
                      can’t wait to tackle all these   remembered him during the Shakespeare in
                      babies down! It will be an       the park fellowship where he was wearing a
                      accomplishment that I will       jacket that had the name “Bill” on it. I heard
                      definitely be proud of once      someone asking him, “Why does it say “Bill”
                      all of these things are done     on your jacket?” in which he replied, “Don’t
                      and we are finally members.      worry about it!” in a Napoleon Dynamite-
                      The process itself is passing    esque voice. I just laughed. After realizing my
                      by pretty quickly, and           little was Scott, two things came to my mind—
                      meeting everyone has been        to be the most awesome big there ever was,
                      a great experience. Meeting      and to spoil the Hell out of him.
                      majority of the members in                 I wasn’t
                      Alpha Phi Omega has              going to be easy
opened up a new line of friendship that will           when it came to
hopefully last a long time and cherished. As           my clues, so I
for revealing week it has brought all the hectic       produced hella
requirements to an ease because of the                 codes. Hella. It
surprises and clues that we're receiving. Not          was fun hearing if
only that but it’s been such a fun experience so       he cracked the
far in the pledging process. Each clue has made        code or not. It usually was some other person
me smile or given me butterflies because of            that figured it out. I even figured one out. I
our sweet and wonderful biggies brightening            tried really hard acting as if I didn’t know how I
our day with these wonderful creative clues in         did one of the codes, but I believe that was
which I am overly excited and eager to receive         when he figured that I was his big. (Isn’t my
this whole week. It's such an exciting and             little smart?)
wonderful feeling to wake up in the morning                      Afternoon-ish. Revealing day. I just
and know that you're about to receive a                saw my potential little being sorted into the
surprise! Especially with the time and effort          best family ever (paper) and it seemed like he
                                                       was enjoying it. All the pledges really did dress
up for Harry Potter. I was sad that I didn’t even   because my grand & little are studying abroad.
try. As soon as Kingsley and Nikko began the        Dude I’m hungry… Today is Thursday, October
actual revealing process, I got my gift ready       8th, 2009… As much as my little who doesn’t
and stood behind my little, with Glenn,             want me to get another little I need to…I
Sharon, and Phillip right in between. When          MUST… for sure next semester ! Sorry my one
Kingsley and Nikko asked who his big was, I         & only… for now! I must expand our line & our
was shocked that I didn’t try to be as              traditions!!! Mwuahaha! GO ROCKS!!!
mysterious as I thought I was, since he             SCISSORS SUCK IT!!! PAPERS YOU ARE OK
automatically said Edward. He turned around,        BECAUSE WE HAVE AN ALLIANCE!
and I exclaimed, “Sorry that I made you do all              Pledges, enjoy the pledging process
those codes!” But it seemed like no apology         while you can because honestly it’s going to be
was necessary, because in the end, it seemed        the best time of your life! (= I hope to see you
like my little liked his big after all.             ALL on the other side! & become active for at
         -Edward Mendoza                            least ONE semester… if not MORE! And also
                                                    experience holding an excomm position!!! Hey
         Why helloooo ! Waves* BIG WELCOME          HEY go to our pledge MySpace…
TO ALL THE NEW PLEDGES !!! (=              !
         Um, so I thought about copying &                   -Karen Wong
pasting what I wrote in last semester’s
brownie onto here, but that would be cheating                The anticipation had been building up
plus I wasn’t able to find it! Kekeke ! But then    the days before revealing. “Is my big a girl…or
again, I wonder who is                              a guy?” was a question that kept running
actually going to read my                           through my head. Everyone seemed to have a
article… Anyways, on                                clue about who their big could be except for
Saturday October 3rd, 2009 I                        me. Finally the big day came, and boy, was I in
volunteered at the Love                             for a surprise. The day consisted of so much
Evolution & let me tell you I                       fun and excitement that now I understand why
did NOT enjoy it! It was                            one would say revealing day is the most
hella graphic, hella crazy                          memorable experience you’ll have during the
people, hella crowded, hella                        pledging process. This particular evening
windy, hella loud & hella                           consisted of two important events: the
people were bombarding                              revealing of our family and the revealing of our
Maxine & I at the gate!                             Big. The way we were put into our family
Don’t worry we kept those people in check!          imitated how the way people in Harry Potter
Those people are grown adults who need to           were assigned to their family. It was any Harry
learn how to put on their own wristband &           Potter’s fan’s dream come
follow directions…SECURITY!!! On a positive         true. There was the hat and
note, I guess… at least I can tell people that I    everything. I was placed
experienced going to Love Evolution…but             into the scissor family and
NEVER AGAIN! I rather work an eight hour shift      couldn’t be a happier. (Go
at a Giants’ game or something!!! (=                scissors!) We played games
         I guess I’ll introduce myself here… My     with our families that
name is Karen Wong & I pledged Fall 2008!           involved jumping on
Dub Kay! My one & only big is Andrew Chi, my        someone else’s back. We
one & only grand big is Cicily Chan, & my little    also competed with other
is Frandel Lladoc! They are all goobers & we        families to earn some clues
are the SPOILED LINE!!! Unfortunately the           about our Big that included
spoiled line is on hold till next semester          sticking our hands in a pumpkin filled with
miscellaneous items. When it came time              I love my pledgebros too~ we’re the best!
towards the end of the event, one by one,           We’re so great that Kevin Lee wishes he’s a
each pledge found out who their big was. I was      Jx3... Too bad Kevin, you should’ve pledged
the second to last one to find out and the wait     Spr 07~ Jx3!! (dynasty!!) :)
was killing me. As each pledge, received their               ~Shella Liman
big, I was able to rule out possibilities for my
potential big…but I still kept wondering who in              Being a new member to Aphio, I was
the world my big was. My turn came and I            so excited to find out that I got a Little! I
Kingsley asked, “Who do think you’re big is?”       wanted my own Little to take care of and to
and I answered, “I have no idea, but I’m going      mentor just like my Big, Venus, did for me.
to guess it’s a girl.” I was wrong. Turns out my    When I found out who my Little was, I was
Big is Ryan. He sure fooled me when he              happy and couldn’t wait to buy her things and
claimed that he was not going to have a little.     make clues. Even though making the clues was
In any case, I couldn’t have asked for a better     very time consuming and costly, I still had a lot
Big. Revealing was an amazing experience that       of fun because I was able to tell her a little
I’m sure I’ll never forget.                         about myself
         -Maggie Tsai                               without
                                                    completely giving
             Why I love APhiO                       everything away.
       When I first came to SF, I had no one to     Because my Big
hang out with other than my sister, brother,        made everything
and their friends. Then I pledged APhiO and         special for me
met some really great people. They always got       during Clue Week
my back and are always there when I needed          and Revealing, I
                    them. I can just write a sad    wanted to do the same for my Little.
                    face on my status and                    So, WHO is Kathy’s Little? She is the
                    people would ask me what’s      one and only Trang Nguyen!! I found out that
                    wrong. How great are            she loves chocolate, pasta, baking, and sushi,
                    they?? I am so glad I met       which are things that I love too! Even though it
                    them; they make it possible     was her moment during Revealing, she still
                    for me to get through my        took the time to shower me with gifts, which
                    emo- phases. Like just now      was really touching because I was not
                    before I started writing this   expecting it at all. I already love her to death! I
                    article, Andrew, Darshika,      cannot wait to help her complete her pledging
                    Dianne and Gerry all asked      process, as well as get to know her more and
                    me why I have a sad face on     develop a close friendship. I am definitely here
my AIM. (thanks!) Being in APhiO is not only to     to help her in any way, especially when it
make new friends, it’s to do service and have       comes to studying and requirements!! We
new experiences too. The first time I               definitely have a lot of adventures to come!
“worked”, Fundraiser for APhiO. First time i        She is a great addition to the Royal Line and
hammered my thumb, volunteering with                Paper Family!
APhiO for Habitat. First time I serve food for               Your Biggie LOVES you, Trang
other people, volunteering with APhiO at Glide      Nguyen!!!
Memorial. There’s a whole bunch of firsts with               -Kathy Lee
APhiO, and I am so glad that I pledged! Oh and
Dear Brownie,
         I am having serious withdrawl issues from being ridiculously active all my
years in Aphio. Am I weird? Or do I have some strange unspoken addiction to
this fraternity? =P I really wanna sign up to do everything, but I know I
should share the spots with everyone else and let others get their
requirements completed too.
- Aphio Overachiever

Dear Aphio Overachiever.
        ...Kingsley? Just kidding!! I just wanted to give him a shout-out. Like many others before you,
AphiO has taken over your life. It's not a bad thing to be so dedicated to service. It's very admirable
actually... But, don't be a jerk. Remember to "be a Friend" and let your fellow brothers complete
their *ahem* "obligations" too.

Yours Truly,

Dear Brownie,
        How do I keep people from stealing the little nicknames I make for others? I
started calling my "almost" that since Spring 2008 so she'd have a special
name from me. =(
-the o.g. Almost

Dear The O.G. Almost,
         Trademark the name. Then every time you hear someone use it you can be like "gimme five
dollars, yo!" You will make a fortune.


Dear Brownie,
Could you make us brownies sometime? Or could you host a brownie-making
fellowship event? You know, to celebrate your wonderfully sweet & delicious
-Brownie lover

Dear Brownie lover,
        Do I look like I know how to bake?! I suggest you ask your fellowship VPs to hook a brother
up with some brownies. And, I'm glad you like my name, but you sound like you want to eat me.
Please don't. I don't taste good.

              Find the Greek Alphabet!

   Alpha                                   Nu
   Beta                                    Xi
   Gamma                                   Omicron
   Delta                                   Phi
   Epsilon                                 Rho
   Zeta                                    Sigma
   Eta                                     Tau
   Theta                                   Upsilon
   Iota                                    Phi
   Kappa                                   Chi
   Lambda                                  Psi
   Mu                                      Omega
                                         Comic Corner
                                           Scott Lavares and Diana Toy

                           Big And Lil’ Match UP
                   Draw a line connecting which little goes to which big!

         LITTLES                                                        BIGS
Angelica                                                                               Phil
Lisa                                                                                   May
Trang N.                                                                            Sharon
Noel                                                                               Raenan
Nate                                                                            Katrina S.
Judy                                                                                 Shane
Maggie                                                                                Anna
Ricki                                                                            Jonathan
Nicolo                                                                            Darshika
Scott                                                                          Michelle P.
Kenneth                                                                        Michelle B.
Trang D.                                                                            Jessica
Hayley                                                                              Krystle
Long                                                                                 Emilia
Roy                                                                                Thomas
Kristen                                                                               Ryan
Christina                                                                            Kathy
Karina                                                                             Edward
Viktoriya                                                                         Jennifer
Diana                                                                              Melissa
Edell                                                                             Rochelle
Vivian                                                                                  Jan
Mike                                                                                  Thuy
Jackie                                                                          Katrina H.

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