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					                Future of Inulin in China

China's inulin industry has seen a fast growth after it achieved commercialization in large-scale in
2001. However, during 2008 to 2010, Chinese inulin industry has witnessed a slightly decrease due to
the impact of 2008 global financial crisis and the decreased output of inulin. Some producers have
been washed out due to profit deficit, blaming the rise in the price of raw material. While some have
expanded production capacity of inulin. In this report, you can find out the latest production situation
in China.

 With 13 active producers nationwide, China's total output of inulin reaches 2,997 tonnes in 2010.
Among them, Qinghai Weda Biotechnology Co., Ltd., Shanxi Probiotics Yuan Biological Technology Co.,
Ltd., Zhangye Yunpeng Biotechnology Co., Ltd. are big producers. Meanwhile, dairy products, health
products and pharmaceuticals are the top three consumption fields in China.

 Additionally, another focus in this report is the latest trade situation, raw material supply, key
influencing factors and future forecast of inulin industry in China. The report combines with CCM's
expertise on market research to illustrate the latest situation of inulin industry.

Key sections of this report:
- Introduction to capacity and output
- Production situation in China
- Production cost
- Import and export situation in China
- Detailed description on consumption patterns and various application fields
- Forecast on supply and demand of in China by three different scenarios

Table of Contents :
Executive summary
Introduction and methodology
I Overview of inulin industry in China
I-1 Brief introduction to inulin
I-2 Global status of China’s inulin industry
I-3 Policies influencing inulin industry in China
II Production situation of inulin in China
II-1 Current production situation of inulin in China
II-1.1 Production situation of inulin, 2006-2010
II-1.2 Major producers
II-2 Price
II-3 Raw materials supply
II-4 Technology and production cost
II-4.1 Production pathway
II-4.2 Production cost
III Consumption of inulin in China
III-1 Overview
III-2 Inulin consumption in various industries
III-2.1 Dairy products
III-2.2 Health care products
III-2.3 Pharmaceuticals
III-2.4 Others
IV Import and export situation of inulin in China in recent years (mainly 2010)
IV-1 Import and export situation in 2010
IV-2 Export situation in recent years
V Forecast on inulin in China in the next five years
V-1 Influencing factors
V-1.1 Drivers
V-1.2 Barriers
V-2 Forecast on supply and demand
VI Conclusion
VII Profiles
VII-1 Qinghai Weda Biotechology Co., Ltd.
VII-10 Anshan Zhongxing Bio-technology Co., Ltd.


Table   I-3.1 Regulations on inulin industry in China since 2009
Table   II-1.2.1 Inulin production distribution by producer number in China, 2010
Table   II-1.2.2 Inulin producers' production situation in China, 2010-2011
Table   II-2.1 Quotations of inulin producers in China, May 2011
Table   II-2.4.1 Manufacturing cost structure of inulin production in Gansu Province, May 2011
Table   II-2.4.2 Production cost structure of inulin production in Gansu Province, May 2011
Table   III-1.1 Major consumption fields of inulin in China, 2010

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