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									                                                     Uniform Shop 2011

                              P&C Association Uniform Shop
                                King Street Clontarf, QLD, 4019
                                  Convenor: Mrs M Agnew
                                        Ph: 3480 4739

                                         Uniform Shop Times
                      Mondays 8.00am – 1.00pm and Thursday 8.00am – 1.00pm.
                           (Always open Tuesday after a Public Holiday).

          Boys Uniform                      Price                 Girls Uniform                Price
Grey shirt with Green Trim                  $30.00         Girls striped blouse                $46.00
Sizes                                                      Sizes
12 – 28                                                    6 - 28
Grey Tab Shorts (wash and wear)             $32.00         Green Skirt                         $46.00
All sizes                                                  Sizes 6 – 28
Grey      Tailored  (Long)    Trousers      $45.00         Polo Top with Embroidered           $40.00
(Optional)                                                 badge
College greys available from LOWES                         Sizes
New Green Shirt                             $32.00         12 & 14
                                                           S, M, L, XL
                                                           XXL - XXXXL
Sports Shorts                               $32.00         Green Sports Shorts                 $32.00
Green sports shorts
Polo Top with Embroidered Badge             $40.00         Sports Socks with Green Stripe      $8.00
Sizes                                                      Sizes
12 & 14                                                    2–8
S, M, L, XL                                                8 – 11 and Kingsize
Grey Socks with Green and Gold Trim         $10.00         School Jacket                       $38.00
Sizes                                                      Sizes
2–8                                                        12, 14, XS, S, M, L, XL
8 – 11                                                     XXL – XXXL
11 – 14
14 – 16
Sports Socks with Green Stripe               $8.00         Track Suit                          $85.00
Sizes                                                                                       (sold as a set)
8 – 11 and Kingsize
School Jacket                               $38.00         Ties - Year 12 only                 $20.00
12, 14, XS, S, M, L, XL
Tracksuits                                  $85.00         Girls Tues – Cross over             $16.00
                                         (sold as a set)
Ties - Year 12 only                         $20.00         Hats and Caps                       $8.00
It is a condition of enrolment at Clontarf Beach State High that students wear
appropriate uniform without variation while at school. The co-operation of parents is
requested in this regard.
The Clontarf Beach State High Dress Code reflects our community’s standards and
consists of a “formal” and a “sport” uniform that students wear when:
       Attending school
       Travelling to and from school
       Representing the school and/or engaging in school activities out of school hours
The Dress Code establishes a uniform that aims to contribute to a safe and positive
teaching and learning environment through:
       Stipulating the wearing of items, or removal of items, to meet Workplace Health
        and Safety requirements (e.g. the wearing of leather shoes and the removal of
       Ready identification of students and non-students at the school
       Fostering a sense of belonging and pride in the school community.

                        GIRLS                                       BOYS
    Dress Uniform                                Dress Uniform
       Regulation style green skirt                Grey tab walk shorts or long college
       Green and white striped blouse               greys
       Black leather, lace-up shoes and ankle      Grey shirt with green trim or green shirt
        length white socks or black opaque          Black leather, lace-up shoes and long
        stockings during Terms 2 & 3 only.           grey socks with gold and green stripes
    Winter Addition                              Winter Addition
       Green jacket with badge                     College grey tailored trousers (optional)
       Blazer (optional - by order only)           Green jacket with badge
                                                    Blazer (optional - by order only)
    Sport                                        Sport
       Green sports shorts                         Green sports shorts
       Gold and Green sports top                   Gold and green sports top
       Sports shoes and white sports socks         Sports shoes and white sports socks
       School Track Suit                           School Track Suit

             *The uniform items are available only from the school uniform shop.
Formal Uniform Day
    Formal uniform must ALWAYS be worn on Mondays. There are no exceptions to this
Students may wear sports uniform on days when they have sport, dance or HPE,
otherwise formal uniform should be worn.
A green jacket with the school’s crest (available from the Uniform Shop) is the only
acceptable school jumper. The school tracksuit, also available from the Uniform Shop,
may only be worn as a complete outfit and on Tuesday through to Friday when the
student has Dance, Sport or HPE.
Clothing requirements for school excursions will be determined according to the type of
trip. Parents will be advised in the permission letter sent home. Students must comply
with the requirements to be allowed to attend.
If any part of the uniform cannot be worn at any time, a note of explanation should be
sent to the Student Welfare Manager with the student. In most circumstances, a short-
term loan of correct uniform will be arranged. Students out of uniform without excuse
are normally issued with a Uniform Detention.
Not Permitted
Students are not permitted to wear:
      Grossly oversize uniforms.
      Nail polish, eye liner, visible make-up
      Black or coloured socks
      Black or coloured t-shirts under boys’ shirts ( white or light grey are acceptable)
      Visible coloured bands under girls’ blouses
      Tights
      Leg-ins
      Beanies

 Parts of the Clontarf Beach uniform are not to be worn with casual clothes at any time.

Students are expected to be neat and tidy in their appearance as it befits a place of
learning and work. It is necessary that hairstyles are neat and conservative. Extreme hair
colours and styles are not acceptable. Hair accessories must be of the school colours.
The only jewellery items permitted are a wristwatch, signet ring and one ear stud or
plain earring in each ear. Necklaces or wristbands of ‘religious significance’ must not be
visible, or must be justified as being compulsory for that religion by a letter from a
recognised minister of religion. One facial piercing, only, of a clear plastic stud is
 Formal style, lace up black leather or vinyl school shoes are the only acceptable school
 shoe at Clontarf Beach State High. These shoes are an essential item of formal school
 uniform. Closed in shoes are compulsory to satisfy Workplace Health and Safety
 Buckle over and ballet style shoes are not acceptable.
 Joggers must be predominately white with non–black soles. They may only be worn for
 HPE lessons and sport. Students may wear sports uniform on days when they have
 sport, dance or HPE, otherwise formal uniform should be worn. Casual, canvas shoes
 are not acceptable.

Acceptable Shoes with Formal Uniform                      Shoes NOT acceptable
                   YES                                            X NO

         Acceptable Sport Shoes                           Shoes NOT acceptable
                  YES                                           X NO

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