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									                            Meeting Minutes
                S:\BBR\BBRS\AGENDA\2010 Agenda\06_June\BBRS Minutes June 8, 2010
A meeting of the Board of Building Regulations and Standards (BBRS) was held at 9:00 a.m., Tuesday, June 8,
2010 @ the Wellesley Armory, Wellesley, MA.
Alexander (Sandy) MacLeod (SM), Chairman - Registered Architect
Gary Moccia (GM), Vice-Chairman - Registered Professional Engineer (Structural)
Rob Anderson (RA) -Chief of Inspections- Buildings
Timothee Rodrique (TR) – Designee for Steven Coan, State Fire Marshal, DFS
Brian Gale (BG) – Building Official from a town
Douglas Semple (DS) -Building Official from a City
Stanley Shuman (SS) -General Contractor of Commercial/Industrial Buildings
Harry Smith (HS) -One- and Two-Family Homebuilders
Jerry Ludwig (JL) -Registered Professional Engineer (Mechanical)
William Middlemiss (WM) -Head of a Local Fire Department
Membership Vacant -Representative of Building Trades

Tom Riley (TMR), Don Finocchio (DF), and Mike Guigli (MSG) and Todd Grossman from DPS were present as
well as others as indicated on the attendance sheet, which is on file at the Board. A table of acronyms is found
below. These minutes contain some record of discussion but essentially just motions, seconds, votes, and

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                       Subject                                                                     Action Item

                                                 Old Business
31.11 suspend prohibition of temp overnight shelters between Jun 15 and Sep 15 for both the 7th and
8th editions of 780 CMR by emergency amendment; DS (motion)/HS (second)/All (approval by all                             9:36
Eliminate the 7 consecutive days and replace with 14 days for the summer until Sep 30 2010.
Staff to organize a working group on temp use BG/HA/All                                                                  9:40

Emergency amend to revert back to 7 consecutive days after Sep 30 2010 TR/HS/All                                         9:41

Approve May 2010 BBRS minutes DS/HS/All                                                                                  9:42
Approval of agenda items 3b to 3g as shown below BG/HS/All
  b.34.08, EQ fit-out/rehab (final vote on emergency language.)
  c.110 R5, CSL continuing ed. (new amendment).
  d. 110 R7, BO energy training (make emerg. amend. permanent).                                                          10:01
  e. 120 AA, Stretch Code local adoption (make emerg. amend. permanent).
  f. 120 X, State bldg. permit fee to ANF, (renew emerg.)
  g.Advisory indicating only the 2009 IECC is in effect as of July 1, 2010.
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                        Subject                                                                    Action Item

The following minutes old business items (unless otherwise noted) pertain to review and approval
                                of the 8th edition 780 CMR base code.
Amend note 5 of Chapter 9 section 901 concerning authority to read ‘building official in consultation
with the fire official’ BG/DS/Approved with TR and RA against. (0:59)
901.5 Approve language of ‘building official and/or fire official’; BG/DS/All (1:07)                                     10:32
903.1.1 Add an amendment to 903.1.1 with approval language to read ‘building official and fire
official’; BG/TR/All (1:12)
901.6.3 and 909.20.6.3 Approve language of ‘building official and/or fire official’; BG/DS/All (1:16)                    10:41
907.2.3, Group E mass notification. BBRS to look to FPFP to make a recommendation to the BBRS on
how to proceed on this issue. ; TR/RA/All (1:20)
907.2.6 Retain amendment with language ‘building official and fire official’; BG/TR/All (1:22)                           10:47

909.20.5.1 Delete this amendment; DS/BG/Approved with TR and RA against and SS abstain. (1:40)                           11:05

915.2, Exception 1 Approval by ‘fire official’; TR/BG/All (1:45)                                                         11:10

Approval of Chapter 9 with changes made today; BG/DS/ Approved with TR, SS, and RA against.                              11:16

Staff to send email to FPFP with a note of thanks on behalf of the BBRS; TR/DS/All                                       11:17

Chapter 8 approval as presented; DS/HS/All (TR absent for vote)                                                          11:18

Chapter 13 approval as presented; DS/BG/All                                                                              11:26

Chapter 16 approval as presented; DS/BG/All                                                                              11:31

Chapter 17 approval as presented; BG/HS/All                                                                              11:34

Chapter 18 approval as presented; HS/BG/All                                                                              11:36

Chapter 19 modify 50 cy of concrete to 10 cy of concrete; BG/DS/Approved with TR opposed                                 11:47

Chapter 19 approval with changes made today; DS/BG/All                                                                   11:49

Chapter 21 approval as presented; DS/HS/All                                                                              11:50

Chapter 22 approval as presented; TR/DS/All                                                                              11:51

Chapter 23 approval as presented; BG/HS/All                                                                              11:52

Chapter 33 (with 3309.2) approval with changes made today; TR/BG/All                                                     11:53

Chapter 34 approval of insertion in ‘in accordance with 107.2.1’; TR/BG/All                                    11:57

Chapter 34 approval of insertion in 705.4.4 ‘required entrance and exit doors’; TR/HS/All                                (2:43)

Chapter 34 action to add house museum inspections and place in Table 110                                                 (2:48)
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                       Subject                                                                     Action Item

Chapter 34 1103.12 b. strike the language and instead refer to Chapter 9                                                 (2:49)
Chapter 34 approval to adopt IEBC 2009 and appendices (as necessary) with changes made today;
DS/HS/All (2:52)
Chapter 35 approval to adopt with changes made today; BG/HS/All (2:58)                                                   12:23
Appendix G approval to adopt with permission for staff to make administrative changes; DS/HS/All
Regulation 7 approve conditional appointment (R7.1.7.4) item 7. ‘Any individual conditionally
appointed as an inspector of buildings/building commissioner shall first be certified as a local                         1:11
inspector.’; DS/BG/Approved with GM and SS opposed. (3:41)
Chapter 10 1102.1 Disapprove insertion of ‘lobby’ definition and rely instead on FAQ to clarify exit
discharge if IBC commentary does not address; BG/DS/ Approved with TR opposed. (3:50)
Motion to confirm that all chapters of the 8th edition have been approved for promulgation and to
direct staff to expeditiously proceed with the intent to formally submit the 8th edition to the SOS on                   1:17
June 25th for issuance in the Mass Register on July 9, 2010. DS/HS/ Approved with TR opposed (3:53)
Motion to amend 780 CMR 110, the existing Special Regulations, by deleting the entire chapter and
replacing it with the updated approved 8th edition version, understanding that this new 780 CMR 110
will apply to the 7th and 8th edition code volumes, with the exception that R5 cont. ed. requirements
become effective January 1, 2011. BG/HS/ Approved with TR opposed (3:58)
Motion to incorporate the 8th edition 2009 IBC appendices A to K as 780 CMR 115, understanding that
780 CMR 120 (the current 7th edition appendices A to Z) will remain in effect for the 7th edition                        1:26
volumes until they sunset, DS/BG/ All (4:02)
Motion to sunset appendix X of 780 CMR 120 upon ANF’s acceptance of all building code fees.
DS/BG/ All
Motion for the 7th and 8th concurrency period and for staff to issue an advisory that the 7th edition
base code will remain in effect concurrently with the 8th edition for a period of six months DS/HS/
Approved with TR opposed. Motion for staff to update the private swimming pool language if
required of the 7th edition.BG/DS/ All
8th Edition one and two family code Motion to move the IRC 2009 with MA front end amendments to
the November public hearing as the 8th edition one and two family code volume with the intent of it
becoming effective January 1, 2011. DS/BG/ Approved with TR opposed. GM suggests that sprinklers
be a local option, and DS suggestion that sprinklers be required for building larger than 7500 sq ft.
BBRS motion to allow staff to make administrative changes as we move forward with promulgation of
the 8th edition base volume. BG/HS/All
Motion to confer with DPS legal counsel to ensure that all changes made today do not require another
public hearing. DS/HS/All
                                                  New Business
Item #1. Approval of New Construction Supervisor
Licenses Total = 134 between May 7, 2010 and June 3,         TR     GM Yes                          MSG                  1:42
2010. (4:17)
Item #2. John Capone approved for CSL reinstatement                                 Forward CSL
                                                             BG     GM Yes                          MSG                  1:43
due to medical reasons.                                                             renewal form
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                        Subject                                                                                Action Item

Item #4. ‘Special’ Qualifications for BBRS
Consideration in Sitting for the CSL Exam
•Kevin Rainey recommended to sit for the unrestricted
                                                                                                               MSG to issue
    CSL exam.                                         DS    HS    Yes                                                         MSG     1:44
 Cheryl Kirkman and Matthew Trumbull recommended
    to sit for the restricted One & Two Family CSL
Item #6 BBRS Chairperson (SM) approved FPFP membership at 1:45 p.m.
Motion to approve Steve Kennealy to represent the BBRS on writing of 527 CMR 12. DS/HS/All at 1:46 p.m.
TR and GM volunteered to participate in the construction control review committee.
Prior to adjournment Curtis Meskus was recognized for his in depth work on deck loading. Meeting was
adjourned. (4:32)
           Minutes by MSG and time stamp indicates approximate EST or location on recording if in ().
                                                        Table of Acronyms

   BCCC                 Building Code Coordinating Council which is responsible for identifying conflict or duplication of CMRs
  BOWM                                                    Building Officials of Western MA
   CMR                                 Code of Massachusetts Regulation (780 CMR is the State Building Code)
    CSL                                                    Construction Supervisor License
    CTL                                                       Concrete Test Laboratory
    DPL                                                   Division of Professional Licensure
    DPS                                                      Department of Public Safety
    EEA                                                  Energy and Environmental Affairs
    ESR                                            Evaluation Service Report (issued by the ICC)
    HIC                                                    Home Improvement Contractor
    IBC                                                      International Building Code
   IECC                                               International Energy Conservation Code
    ISD                                                   Inspectional Services Department
    LAC                                                      Loads Advisory Committee
  MBCIA                                  Massachusetts Building Commissioners and Inspectors Association
   MGL                                                            MA General Law
  NFPA                                                  National Fire Protection Association
  OCABR                                         Office of Consumer Affairs and Business Regulation
 OTFRSC                                         One & Two Family Residential Sprinkler Committee
 SEBANE                                          Solar Energy Business Association of New England
 SEMBOA                                           Southeastern MA Building Officials Association

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