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                ChaiONE, iPhone App Development Agency Sponsors Entrepre
                Houston user-generated community event

                08.21.2009 – Entrepreneur Camp was a barcamp, or community-driven event in
                which the user-generated conference's attendees chose what and how content                    Twitter Pitc
                would be presented. The event was held at the Houston Technology Center on                    Entrepreneur
                                                                                                              individuals to
                Friday, August 7th. Its purpose was to bring together entrepreneurs, investors, VC's,
                                                                                                              explore opport
                business leaders, and individuals interested in starting a business to network,
                share ideas, and explore opportunities. The Business Makers radio crew came to                News Facts
                oversee the elevator pitch segment of the camp as 11 start ups competed for a                     Entrepreneu
                chance to receive a free consulting session from a panel of experts (as well as a                 together indi
                giftcard for office supplies). The event was sponsored by several Houston area                    ideas, and e
                companies including ChaiONE, a digital agency providing Strategy, Web, iPhone                     A variety of

                and Social Media development services. The company was founded in 2005 and                        event, inclu
                                                                                                                  11 start ups
                has quickly become a leading development firm in Houston with clients such as
                                                                                                                  receive a fr
                Microsoft, Intel, Hearst, Nestle and many more. This type of event signifies yet
                                                                                                                  a panel of e
                another step in the user-generated movement sweeping America.
                                                                                                                  The ChaiON
                                                                                                                  extending br
                ChaiONE's CEO, Gaurav Khandelwal and Marketing Manager, Chris Pitre, held an                      technology
                information session on iphone and Facebook app development to help                                The most va
                entrepreneurs interested in extending their brands through mobile technology and                  importance
                social media tools. Questions asked during the session included:
                                                                                                              Resource Li

                l   What is the process flow of building an app? It involves work flow screens,
                approval, coding and then submission.

                l   Can you target your audience via an app? Yes. The audience can be educated via
                the website and app store description sections to attract the core users .

                l   How long is the approval process of an app at Apple? Currently the timeframe is
                about 3 weeks.

                l   Can Facebook app be designed to generate biz? Yes. 1800 Flowers is a great
                example that is now selling their entire inventory on the app.

                The quality and amount of information shared at the event was astounding. Among
                the valuable lessons encrypted into my memory were:

                l   How to be a millionaire: How to build an iphone app and publish it to the Apple

                l   Everything you need to know about intellectual property: Incorporating laws and

                l   Sales: is not just a profession, it is a skill set. You have to develop your ability to
influence and persuade.

l   Speed dating 101: You must be able to describe what you do and engage others
in three minutes.

l   The art of pitching: You must be able to present your company's value in less
than three minutes in a way that is simple enough for the audience to embrace and

l   Relationships are key: the importance of relationships over technology.

Start ups from a variety of industries attended, as well as a dynamic group of people
from all ethnicities and ages. The most valuable insight reinforced was the
importance of relationships. Tech fads come and go, but their innovators do not.
People want to work with others who listen, understand and care. Your ability to
communicate with others will undoubtedly determine the success of your business.

If you are a Houston area business professional or recent grad interested in
innovation and connecting with top notch professionals, we encourage you to attend
barcamp-style community gatherings--this is your opportunity to network with brilliant
minds and sharpen your ideas.

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About ChaiONE Inc.
ChaiONE is a development agency in Houston, Texas, focusing on iPhone app,
Facebook, and custom web development. Founded in 2005, ChaiONE has quickly
become a leading development firm in Houston with such clients as Microsoft, Intel,
Hearst, New Balance, and many more. Working with large and small companies,
ChaiONE has the expertise and capabilities to handle custom development work
ranging in complexity.

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