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									   4 Great Places to Get the Latest
   SEO and Internet Marketing Tips

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Are you someone who is trying to take advantage of the opportunity to attract
organic traffic but are worried about being able to stay up to date on SEO and the
best online strategies for traffic and relationship building? You’re right to be
concerned as the world of the internet is continually changing Getting solid SEO
tips regularly could help you advance in the competitive online marketplace. Being
an early adopter of new tools or new ways to get found by prospective customers
(or that help you stay better connected with existing customers) will give you a
competitive edge. Conversely, wasting your time, effort, energy, and marketing
budget on outdated advice could mean that you’re taking the wrong approach at
SEO. Here are five places to get good SEO tips:

#1: Search Engines

Believe it or not, Google does believe in SEO.
Good SEO strategies aren’t out to trick Google
or pull the wool over its googly eyes. Good SEO
strategies are designed to make it easy for the
Google web spiders to crawl the web and to see
what your site pages are about so that they
have the ability to send you the right sort of
traffic. Matt Cutts, Google’s SEO quality guy has
a blog where he frequently talks about Google and SEO. Check it out at
http://www.mattcutts.com/blog/type/googleseo/. Yahoo also publishes information
at      http://styleguide.yahoo.com/resources/optimize-search-engines/seo-basics.
Hearing things from the horse’s mouth could definitely dispel many SEO myths and
help you avoid SEO mistakes.

#2: Google News & Alerts

Google News, at http://google.com.au/news will give you the Australian edition of
an online news search on any topic you choose and will help you find recent news

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information related to a topic. If you want news and information about SEO, you
can also set up a Google Alert at http://google.com/alerts and your specified terms
can be set so that when new info is indexed with that phrase or word, you’ll get an
email notification. When something new is happening in the search engine
optimisation community, the word tends to get out quick. Regularly reading news
will keep you aware of things that you need to take action on.

#3: Your RSS Feed

As you learn about SEO resources, you can add them to your RSS feed so that
you can regularly check for new information. You could also subscribe to these
resources so that you are emailed new content directly, such as from your SEO
company’s blog. You’ll find a number of great news sources online that can help
you stay abreast of online strategies and SEO news.

#4: Your SEO Company

If you’ve partnered with a solid SEO company that makes staying abreast of SEO
news a priority, you’ll know that they are on the constant lookout for anything
relevant to your online business that could help you or that could hamper you. If
you’ve got the right SEO company working for you, you won’t have to worry about
staying abreast of news and resources, and changes for the world of optimising for
search engines. It never hurts to stay “in the know” on your own but if you’ve got
the right company on your side, they will be well aware of tools, resources, and
changes that are out there so that they can make sure you’re ahead of the trends
and that your website is able to weather any potential storms.

Oracle Digital is a Perth search engine optimisation company who works hard for
our customers to make sure that we help them succeed at SEO. Call us and let us
worry about SEO so it doesn’t have to worry you so much.

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