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									10. Costing an evaluation

10.1   Identifying cost items
10.2   Establishing a budget

10.1 Identifying cost items

There are various dollar costs associated with carrying out an evaluation. These can

      salaries of external consultant(s) and/or internal staff (if not funded from
      wages for casuals employed for data collection, entry or analysis
      training/staff development costs associated with data collection and analysis
       methods and overall evaluation strategies
      data collection costs:
           o costs of developing or purchasing evaluation instruments
           o costs of printing (of questionnaires etc.)
           o other costs involved in carrying out the collection (e.g. hiring of
               recording equipment, facilities, distribution and collection of surveys
      travel and accommodation costs
      data processing and analysis costs (e.g. for keyboard input of data, optical
       scanning, purchase of statistical software packages)
      costs of printing reports
      miscellaneous office costs – telephone, fax, administrative support.

10.2 Establishing a budget

A common 'rule of thumb' is to allocate around 10% of the total project budget to
evaluation costs. The cost percentage may be higher for complex evaluations using a
raft of data collection techniques and with a heavy reliance on outside consultants.
Alternatively, the cost percentage may be lower than 10% if the evaluation is quite
modest, with only internal staff involved, and if some of the overhead costs are born
by the school/faculty.


You can download a Budget/Costings Worksheet (Word) for calculating your
estimated costs.

University of Tasmania

Last updated: 16/1/03Budget/costings worksheet

               Budget/cost item                      Cost estimate        Likely cost

    External consultant(s)
    Internal staff
          o Project leader
          o Project manager
          o Other staff
    Casuals

Training & staff development
    Workshop facilities
    Materials
    Other

Data collection
    Evaluation tools
           o Purchases/development
           o Printing
           o Distribution & collection
    Other collection costs
           o Hire of equipment/facilities

Travel & accommodation
    University car hire
    Accommodation
    Meals etc.
    Other

Data processing & analysis
    Hire/use of equipment/facilities
    Purchase of software
    Other

Printing of reports
    Printing
    Mail out

Miscellaneous office costs
    Telephone, fax
    Meeting room hire
    Stationery


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