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									Artifact: Sociology of Education Reflective Assignment

Date: October 2010

This artifact is placed in the awareness of self outcomes section because it helps reminds me of
how I fit in society and how I take things for granted. I wrote this assignment on the basis to
uncover hidden privileges I as well as others, receive by being who they are. Reminding myself
of privileges everyone receives, many unknowingly and subtle, can help me relate to the students
I will teach.

PGT: To reflect monthly to ensure I am treating all my students appropriately.
Artifact: Professional Development Certificate for Yoga

Date: February, 2011

I included this artifact because I had never participated in yoga before this time. This session
opened my eyes to the variety of benefits of yoga in everyday life. I am also more aware of how
to incorporate yoga in the classroom.

PGT: To find more resources on yoga related activities for classroom and physical
education classes.
Artifact: MAX Program Service Learning Certificate

Date: March, 2010

I learned a lot about different disabilities but most of all, that every person is different even if
they have the same form of disability because they fall on a spectrum. I also learned procedures
and guidelines for working with individuals with disabilities.

PGT: To find resources and personal help for students with disabilities in my classes.
Artifact: An Individual with a Disability Learning Goals Report

Date: March, 2010

I included this artifact because I believe every student needs to understand their strengths and
areas where they can improve. This also allows me to aid them in setting new personal goals.

PGT: To provide opportunities, with myself, for students to create short or long-term
Artifact: WHMIS Certification

Date: February, 2011

This certificate is important to me because I believe all students need to understand the
significance of safety in labs.

PGT: To recertify my WHMIS eligibility every year.
Artifact: Biology 12 Lesson Plan

Date: November, 2010

I have included this artifact because this particular lesson went extremely well for my class. I
fortunately got through nearly all of the material and the students enjoyed themselves while
covering curriculum outcomes.

PGT: To improve time management skills in the classroom.
Artifact: Science Year Plan

Date: October, 2010

This year plan was a part of a class to help prioritize curriculum materials and understand what
takes the most time. I feel like this is important to undergo to have long term planning.

PGT: To make a year plan/ long term planning for each course I will teach.
Artifact: Biology Farm Visit for Service Learning

Date: October, 2010

I believe this field trip experience is extremely valuable for any class. I hope to institute a similar
experience in my classes to promote outside classroom learning.

PGT: To engage students at least once in an outside of school activity related to the
curriculum each year.
Artifact: Get Active Program

Date: October, 2010

I believe programs such as this are important as a teacher because you get to truly “see” the
students you are working with. Different aspects of students lives become open outside of the
classroom so you can get to know them better.

PGT: To volunteer at a current similar project in a school.
Artifact: Positive Space Training Certificate

Date: November, 2010

Positive space training is crucial to getting to feel comfortable with all students. I have learned
much from this program and it largely helped me break misconceptions about the LGBTQ.

PGT: To put a positive space stick on my door in the classroom.
Artifact: Afterschool Programs

Date: October, 2010

This session influenced my resourcefulness to be able to create an afterschool program. I believe
these types of programs are essential to extra-curricular learning that can alter student’s
behaviors and beliefs.

PGT: To one day, create an afterschool program that can be self-sustaining.
                                Certified Member

Artifact: Certified Professional Trainers Network Symbol

Date: Current

As an upcoming physical educator, I believe it is important to stay up to date on emerging
techniques and tried and true principles. Being a certified personal trainer has helped me work
with individuals of diverse needs and become competent in helping these individuals reach their

PGT: To offer assistance to any student working on individual goals and needs.
Artifact: Canadian Red Cross Standard First Aid/CPR

Date: Current

I believe this is important because this is a stepping stone in my personal development. Having
the capacity of being able to help those in dire need of medical help is an ethical responsibility I

PGT: To obtain certification as a First Aid Instructor.
Artifact: Science Fair Judge Appreciation Certificate.

Date: March, 2011

Science fairs are a critical component of research and discovery in the science curriculum. By
judging these fairs, students have the opportunity to show new knowledge and display the
scientific method.

PGT: To annually help at least one science fair by judging.
Artifact: Sharing the Leadership Experience

Date: February, 2011

This workshop helps individuals with community building activities and information on an
annual leadership experience hosted in Ontario. This experience helps motivate and teach leaders
useful information.

PGT: To attend the Leadership Experience conference next year.
Artifact: Fit 4 Life Service Learning Certificate

Date: March, 2010

Fit 4 Life was an afterschool program which I volunteered for and aided in the directing and
planning of several days. This program had students be physically active and to learn more about
overall health, and how to improve it.

PGT: To provide an opportunity for my students to participate in or help create a similar
program at my school.
Artifact: Crystal Cliffs Community Building

Date: September, 2010

This experience has led me to share community-building activities with my students. These types
of activities are important to create a safe learning environment and to create a common respect
amongst all students.

PGT: To start each school year with community building activities for my students.
      Jason White’s Personal Teaching Text
Table of Contents
Awareness of Self…………………………...……..Personal Teaching Text Outcome 1
  - Analysis of Self
  - Resume
  - Sociology of Education Reflective Assignment
  - Professional Development Certificate for Yoga
Awareness of Principles…………...………………Personal Teaching Text Outcome 2
  - Analysis of Principles
  - MAX Program through Service Learning
  - Individualized Report Card through MAX
  - WHMIS Certification
Awareness of Practices…………………………..Personal Teaching Text Outcome 3
  - Analysis of Practices
  - Biology 12 Lesson Plan
  - Science Year Plan
  - Biology Farm Visit through Service Learning
Awareness of Pedagogy…………………………..Personal Teaching Text Outcome 4
  - Analysis of Pedagogy
  - Get Active Program Certificate
  - Positive Space Training Certificate
  - Afterschool Programs Certificate
Awareness of Moral Professionalism……………Personal Teaching Text Outcome 5
  - Analysis of Moral Professionalism
  - Certified Professional Trainers Network Symbol
  - Canadian Red Cross Standard First Aid/CPR
  - Science Fair Judge Appreciation Certificate
Awareness of School Context……………………..Personal Teaching Text Outcome 6
  -   Analysis of School Content
  -   Sharing the Leadership Experience Certificate
  -   Fit for Life Program through Service Learning
  -   Crystal Cliffs Community Building Certificate
    Jason White’s
Personal Teaching Text

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